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2.2 Preview and Interview - Gul Gaming

Friday August 26, 2016


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Endor Aftermath

Tuesday August 23, 2016

We're doing a significant overhaul to all of the Galactic Conquest scenarios in 2.2; some completely new ones, some redundant ones removed, some significantly reworked and some formerly single-scenario setups split into multiple scenarios because of how much they cover. Part of the goal in this is to add in more story where it's appropriate, but we'll get to that later once the project is closer to finished.For now, here's the layout of the Endor Aftermath GC. This GC is the primary Warlord-focused GC in 2.2, with all Imperial groups plus the New Republic, immediately after the Empire's fracturing. We'll have a news post soon where we break it down a bit more. ...

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Make Maldrood Great Again

Saturday August 06, 2016


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The 2.2 Manifesto

Tuesday August 02, 2016

Information has been a little bit sparse on 2.2 and what it actually consists of, and I apologize for that. This is because we typically wait until features are 100% complete before announcing or discussing them too much, which in this case has been a little problematic. There are plenty of things which are progressing well, but which aren't quite finished. Most of them will also probably finish all at once, so instead of waiting to discuss different changes, here's a giant overview of most of what we've got on our plates for Imperial Civil War at the moment, finished or not, in no particular order. I won't cover the three new playable Warlord factions here, since they're getting their own posts.Regime Change - FinishedInstead of having to go on annoying suicide runs, we've given Imperial players a new way to get through the era. You can see it in action and the reasons for doing so in this video.Particle Changes - FinishedProjectiles can sometimes be a bit overwhelming on screen, especially from larger ships. This is no longer a problem; lasers are considerably smaller and travel faster, meaning less clutter on screen. Depending on resource, we'd also ideally like to move towards getting some death clones and damage particles back ingame.Era Progression vs Tech Progression - In ProgressOne of the most common (and frankly, annoying) misconceptions about the mod is that era progression and technological progression necessarily mean the same thing, resulting in people saying "why should I have to kill my heroes to get better tech" when the only faction which gives up their heroes to progress chronologically is also the faction which tends to get hurt the most by doing so, the Remnant. There will be an even further divide between technological progression and era progression in the mod in 2.2. Instead of automatically getting ships when you progress eras, eras will be one factor among several. For example, upon reaching Era 3, the New Republic will have to complete tech upgrades to start constructing its new class ships, including the Sacheen, Nebula and, making its potentially-regrettable return, the Republic-class Star Destroyer. Research like this will be constrained to the Empire of the Hand, New Republic and Imperial Remnant for hardcoded reasons. This also gives the Remnant a greater incentive to stay within certain eras where it has invested money in upgrading its arsenal, and losing your leader now becomes an even greater setback.For other factions, being the Pentastar Alignment, Greater Maldrood, Warlord Zsinj, and Eriadu Authority, there will be other prerequisites in place to give a feeling of progression even within single-era GCs. There will be some heroes available for recruitment only on certain planets, for example bounty hunters like Dengar and Bossk for most Imperial groups, or Rei'kas and Krassis Trelix for the Pentastar Alignment (more on that later). We've yet to say much about Maldrood, but a significant portion of their roster will be based on their pirate connections, including some unique units which will be both familiar and potentially unwelcome to some players.Diplomatic Influence - FinishedSmallpox has mostly finished the Diplomatic influence system for GC. Here is basically how it works, in his words. Keep in mind there may be significant differences for this as it goes through testing.The galaxy map is divided into sectors. Each planet gets assigned a value that represents your current influence on that planet. -If you lose a planet in a sector you lose influence on all other planets owned by you in the same sector. If you conquer a planet you gain influence on all other planets owned by you in that sector. You gain a little influence every day on each planet you own. If your influence on a planet drops to 0 you lose that planet (affiliation changes to neutral if no enemy diplomat or fleet is present). Every faction gets a diplomat unit with a build limit of one at a time. Diplomats have galactic stealth. If a diplomat is in orbit of a planet owned by another faction, the faction's influence on that planet will decrease every day. If the influence hits 0 while a diplomat is present the affiliation of that planet will change to the faction the diplomat belongs to. The diplomat also gets removed. Diplomats are also removed when the planet affiliation changes due to another faction conquering the planet. Ground Combat Changes - In ProgressThere are a few different things we're playing with for ground. First off, we're removing some of our worse maps and sprinkling in vanilla ones where they fit again. This also means we've slowed down the unit movements back to their original speeds. Ground buildings are going to have defensive turret hardpoints built into them in order to add another layer to ground battles. I'm still playing with the turret types to make sure terrain affects them as little as possible, but for the most part the system is complete and in place. We're also playing with expanding hardpoint use on the ground, giving a bit more depth to your tactical choices and hopefully making one of EaW's better features more prominent. Infantry will all be gvien back the crouch-move ability as well. This is a good portion of what were doing, but not everything.New and Redone Units- In ProgressThis is a bit more difficult to talk about without just turning it into a list, so that's basically what I'll do. As usual, there'll be a few older units getting redone or updated in some way. There will also be plenty of new hardware in space and also on ground to get your hands on. There's probably two dozen units not present in 21, including the Bellator, Secutor, Gladiator and Allegiance to name only some of the triangular ones. There's also the ULAV and AT-TE on the ground. The Empire of the Hand will also get considerable attention in this respect, with three new capital ships and four new defense platforms.This isn't quite everything in the mod, but hopefully it gives you an idea of our major goals with the mod for this version. More information, and more specific information, will come as we go. For those of you who would like to, I would also appreciate it if you gave this thread on one of my personal projects (which will hopefully help to allow me to focus more on things like modding) a read.Follow Imperial Civil WarForums - Facebook - Steam Group - Mod DB ...

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Support Your Local Corey Today

Sunday July 24, 2016

Hey everyone, this isn’t quite mod news (there'll be a post for each of the three projects coming really soon, though, so hold tight). I just wanted to take a moment to explain a side project I've been working on, off-and-on for the last year, but which I intend to put a lot more effort towards going into August and beyond.Corey Loses is a youtube channel and stream I hope to use for a few different purposes. Primarily, I want to use the last 10 years of experience I've had modding to try to bring a hopefully-entertaining or at least moderately educational perspective on modding and game design processes, primarily while playing different mods and video games but hopefully also with tutorials and other behind-the-scene type things. Hopefully it'd be a way to introduce some people to new mods or games they may have missed, but it's also a way for me to play some games I was never able to, and also preview different builds of Thrawn's Revenge mods. It's also a way to organize multiplayer games for those mods with community streams (which I've been doing mostly-weekly for Ascendancy)I've got a fair bit of content already posted (mostly Ascendancy previews, at the moment) if you want to check it out, and hope to really step it up starting in August. If you want to give it a look and follow or subscribe, I'd really appreciate it. If there's anything you want to see me do, such as previews or taking a look at a specific mod or game, let me know here or leave a comment or message there. As with my work on TR, I try to be as involved with the community for this as I can. As we go, I’ll hopefully learn better video editing and also address some of my system performance issues which can cause some frame stuttering in more resource intensive games.If you would like to content I make in other ways, you can also consider turning off adblock if you watch the videos, or if you want to support it directly, the Hitbox page has a monthly subscription option. I also have a Patreon page set up, if you feel so inclined. If you can’t or don’t want to do any of those things, I totally understand and hope you enjoy the content. I’m doing this because I love making these kinds of content, not for the money (as the 10 years of modding will attest), but school and living are expensive, so the more this is able to sustain itself, the more time I’ll be able to devote to making all kinds of content and hopefully, the better the quality will be.Youtube: ...

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Regime Change

Monday July 18, 2016

A new way to time-travel. ...

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A Base to Call Home

Sunday June 26, 2016

Alongside the Warlords themselves, 2.2 will have a bunch of other changes. One of these changes is something I'm working on (which will also be used by Bullet in AotR) is adding static defense turrets to base buildings. Here's the Imperial barracks with a standard AI turret built in.These will be present as targetable hardpoints on the buildings, similar to the Underworld palace. 2.2 in general will have a lot more hardpoint representation on ground. ...

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Redirect: New Republic Trailer & 10 Years of Thrawn's Revenge

Tuesday June 07, 2016

The full text of this update can be found in News and Updates. ...

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Thrawn's Revenge & Corey Loses Discord Server

Saturday May 28, 2016

I've made an essentially-open Discord Server for the TR community and for my video stuff at Corey Loses.  Discord is a text/voice program typically used for gaming which can offer a new way for the team and fans to interact with each other. It has a desktop app, but is also available in browsers.To join the server, click here: ...

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Era System

The original tech-tree system from vanilla Empire at War, whereby the player researches or steals technology to gain access to new and better units, does not exist in Thrawn’s Revenge.  Instead the mod is structured around five discrete eras covering the years after Battle of Endor (4 ABY) up until shortly after the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty (19 ABY), with allowance for technology up to the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY).  Each era is centred on the predominant Imperial leader of the period and includes a range of appropriate units and heroes for each faction (e.g. the New Republic gains access to some of its New Class starships in later eras).

Progression between eras, where allowed, occurs when the respective Imperial leader is killed (an Imperial player would need to sacrifice their faction’s current leader in order to advance).  The driving principle behind this is that although we don’t force events to happen as the result of canonical battles (e.g. kill Thrawn at Bilbringi), the progression of the leaders would happen independent of player actions, Thrawn leaving the Empire of the Hand to take over from Isard, Palpatine making his renewed bid to control the galaxy, etc.

Note:  Unlike with tech levels there is no guarantee that advancing era will provide access to better units or heroes, and in some cases it is possible that units or heroes may be lost when the era is advanced.

The Eras

Era 1:  Director Ysanne Isard (6-7 ABY)
Fractured Empire
It is less than two years after the fateful Battle of Endor.  The Empire is fragmented with many of its former leaders dead or fighting amongst themselves.  Ysanne Isard, former Director of Imperial Intelligence, has taken control of those planets and forces still loyal to the Empire.  Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance has consolidated its forces and reformed into a New Republic led by a Provisional Council.  Strengthened by new members its attention has now turned towards the Core and set its sights on Coruscant – the seat of galactic authority for millennia.
Era 2: Grand Admiral Thrawn (9 ABY)
Thrawn Campaign
Now five years after Endor, the New Republic has liberated Coruscant and grown to encompass thousands of worlds.  With the Imperial fleet and warlords driven back and nearly three quarters of the known galaxy on side, many in the New Republic believe the war is over and are turning their attentions to their own needs and ambitions.  But thousands of light-years away, Grand Admiral Thrawn has taken command of the shattered Imperial fleet, readied it for war, and pointed it at the fragile heart of the New Republic.
Era 3: Reborn Emperor Palpatine (10-11 ABY)
Shadow Hand
Mere months after Grand Admiral Thrawn’s death at Bilbringi a mysterious message, using high level command codes, recalled all Imperial forces to the Deep Core.  Using an arcane Force technique, Emperor Palpatine was able to transfer his spirit from his dying body at Endor to one of the many clones hidden at his secret fortress on Byss.  After six years rebuilding his strength, the newly reborn Emperor is ready to re-conquer the galaxy.  The New Republic, still in disarray from Thrawn’s campaign, is totally unprepared for this renewed thread.
Era 4: Admiral Natasi Daala (12 ABY)
One year after Emperor Palpatine’s dramatic and destructive bid to regain power the Empire is once again in a state of collapse, divided between worlds obeying the authority of a revived Ruling Council and a scattering of Warlords secreted in the Deep Core.  Returning to galactic affairs after more than a decade spent guarding a secret Imperial research facility, Admiral Daala, former lover of Grand Moff Tarkin, is attempting to unite the disparate elements of the Empire and take the fight back to a war weary and insecure New Republic.
Era 5: Grand Admiral Pellaeon (17-19 ABY)
Caamas Crisis
Having succeeded Admiral Daala as Supreme Commander of Imperial forces after her short lived campaign against the New Republic, Pellaeon endured a long and bloody rearguard action to retain as much of the Empire’s remaining territory as possible in the face of renewed New Republic offensives.  Now faced with almost certain defeat, Pellaeon has been charged by the Moff Council to undertake a final push in an attempt to restore some measure of security from this perpetual and now existential threat.