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Era One - Galactic Conquest Breakdown

Saturday September 24, 2016

2.2 is bringing a lot of overhauled content to the table, and Galactic Conquest scenarios are no exception. The GC selection and era system of previous versions did a decent job of capturing the overall themes, but there were some things we really wanted to change. Some GCs ended up trying to cover too much, and some GCs ended up being a little redundant. For 2.2 we sat down and basically re-planned all of our scenarios from the ground up (get it?). We'll be posting 7 updates of this type to outline the changes; one per era, one for progressive GCs, and one for GCs which don't fit into those categories (though eras 3 and 4 may be combined for the breakdown, we'll see when we get there). There will probably be some changes between what you read in these updates and the final release, but nothing too major.With all of the GCs in the mod, once of the things we wanted to do was to inject a little bit more of the story and lore where possible, so in 2.2 you'll see a few more events thrown into the GC for different rewards or to cover different plot points. Some of these will be mentioned in the update, but not exhaustively. The era system does a decent job of covering the broad strokes of the post-Endor story, but there's still some gaps it leaves and we essentially want to make that a little more fluid and try to have some story progression in GCs which don't cover multiple eras. Era 4, for example, is pretty compact; there's only one major conflict in the time period (Daala trying to reunite the Empire while fighting the NR), but with others there's a lot to represent and having "the era 5 GC" just didn't do it justice.Now, for the first set. Era 1 has always had Isard on the Lusankya as the sole leader of the Empire, which got the job done but condensed things a bit too much considering Lusankya spent most of this period under a city and Sate Pestage was more or less in charge before Isard (there was another guy between them, but he didn't really do much). Having just Fractured Empire and The Stars Align, which were altogether too similar in content also left out a lot of the bigger campaigns in what was actually a pretty hectic period, and that's what we're trying to cover here with these changes. So, we've refocused The Stars Align to be more localized to the Pentastar Alignment, and split Fractured Empire into the 2 GCs; Endor Aftermath and The Bacta War. The Stars Align"The New Order has never fallen. Only the Emperor. … The Emperor may be dead, but the Empire lives on!"―Grand Moff Ardus KaineTime Covered: Pentastar Talks (4ABY)This GC essentially gives the option of a small campaign within Era One for Pentastar players, focusing on the formation of the Pentastar Alignment and the Pentastar Talks between Grand Moff Kaine and the various groupss that form the Alignment. In 2.1, The Stars Align was meant to focus on this but ultimately ended up containing the majority of Fractured Empire as well, so these changes (initially planned by new team member, Kucsidave) should refocus the scenario and with its focus on the Alignment, give it a bit more of a reason to exist on its own. Factions: New Republic - Hast Imperial Remnant - OrindaPentastar Alignment - EntrallaEndor Aftermath"It's just that, after every major victory, I hope the fighting is over. But it'll never be over…Even after we defeat the Imperials, there will be someone…another threat to peace…"―Wedge AntillesTime Covered: Delvardus Campaign (4ABY) - Liberation of Coruscant (6ABY)This GC covers the initial expansion of the New Republic and the rise of Imperial Warlords. The battle of Endor has left the Empire in shambles, caused infighting within its political and military branches and allowing the New Republic to make several key gains. The Pentastar Alignment, Zsinj, Eriadu Authority and Greater Maldrood all hope to establish themselves as the legitimate successors to the Empire, and have the benefit of starting with their territory already consolidated. Within this GC, the Remnant starts out with Sate Pestage as its head. However, if Coruscant is taken, Pestage flees and Isard takes over with the Lusankya (or if Pestage is killed before then), essentially splitting the GC into two mini eras. Imperial players can also opt to support Isard earlier if they put in the resources to extricate Lusankya from Coruscant themselves.Factions: New Republic - Endor Imperial Remnant - CoruscantPentastar Alignment - EntrallaEriadu Authority - EriaduWarlord Zsinj - SerennoGreater Maldrood - CentaresBacta War"Rebel forces are indeed now in control of Imperial Center. What they have discovered, though they know not the depth of the problem, is that Imperial Center is a poisoned world, a sick world. It is a black hole from which they cannot escape."-Ysanne IsardTime Covered: Mission Above Imperial City (7ABY) - Battle of Thyferra (7 ABY)After the fall of Coruscant, elements within the New Republic differed on what should be their course of action. As she left the planet, Isard on the Lusankya unleashed the Krytos Virus, a bioweapon developed by Evir Derricote which targeted non-humans. Isard then took Thyferra, allowing her to control the galaxy's supply of healing bacta. Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron wanted to raid Thyferra for the Bacta and focus on removing Isard, but the New Republic instead chose to target Warlord Zsinj, believing him to be the greater threat. Despite this, Antilles and Rogue Squadron still undertook the mission to cure the virus. This GC primarily sees the Imperial Remnant and New Republic fighting over the core worlds, with Zsinj waiting at the edges of the galaxy to strike. It also includes a series of events for the New Republic involving finding a cure for the Krytos Virus, which will place penalties on New Republic worlds from the start of the campaign until it is cured.Factions: New Republic - CoruscantImperial Remnant - ThyferraWarlord Zsinj - SerennoThat's it for now. Hopefully this gives you a decent idea of where we're going with these changes. These updates will be interspersed with faction profiles and "We Could Be Heroes" editions until we've completed them all, so stay tuned. Also, I (Corey) have been doing some very early preview playthroughs of 2.2 content on my personal youtube channel, so if you want to check that out it can be found here.If you have any suggestions, critiques or anything else you want to discuss for the mod, head over to our forums at ...

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We Could Be Heroes - Warlord Zsinj

Thursday September 15, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we did a news post about the expanded hero roster of the Pentastar Alignment, and we intend to do this for each of the remaining Warlord factions (the other factions aren't changing). Now it is Warlord Zsinj's turn.Deciding on heroes for Imperials, especially the Warlords, can be a bit more complicated than other factions; because of how the EU developed, you'd often have stories about the New Republic fighting some random group or individual, without really saying which Imperial group they belonged to. A lot of in-universe development of the Warlords only came later in the EU's development with source books like the Essential Guide to Warfare and the Despoilers of an Empire series, which sorted out some of the mess. Obviously, when a person is explicitly mentioned as being part of a faction, those are the easy ones. Some of the other heroes within Zsinj's Empire, Eriadu and Maldrood come from extrapolating based on where they were located and who else they worked with, and in some cases, what might have happened had certain events turned out differently, usually giving them a few more options as they expand (this being less common at the moment, but hopefully something we can expand on in the future). As we explain the heroes for each group, we'll also include the rationale for including them where it's less obvious. The icons also don't translate from tga to png as well as they could, so in general the icons do look a bit better ingame than in the news posts. Warlord Zsinj - Space: Executor-class Star Destroyer, Iron FistZsinj's initial rise to prominence came when he hunted down and killed his mother, Admiral Maarisa Zsinj, after she refused to hand over command of her ship. Affter the Battle of Yavin, Zsinj was granted both the rank of Admiral and command of an Executor class, Brawl, which he rechristened Iron Fist. He would soon become the High Admiral of Crimson Command, and Grand Moff of the Queli Oversector based on Taris, which he incorporated as a key portion of his territory after Endor. His actual position as "Warlord" within the Empire under Palpatine was used to legitimize his command after Palpatine's death, while he still swore loyalty to the Empire, thereby popularizing its use by other pretenders.General Melvar - Ground: A6 JuggernautFanatically loyal to Emperor Palpatine, and with an obsessive love for the Empire, General Melvar became Warlord Zsinj’s top General after the Battle of Endor, spearheading many intelligence operations for his new commander. Reputed to be extremely sadistic, Melvar had his fingernails replaced with cuticle implants to provide him with an immediate torture device.Captain Raslan - Space: Executor-class Star Destroyer, Razor's Kiss - Recruit from KuatRaslan was a highly intelligent and competent officer loyal to Warlord Zsinj. During the attempt to capture the still-under-construction Executor-class Razor's Kiss at Kuat, Raslan led a team on a Lambda shuttle to hijack the vessel.Note: This mission did fail in the EU, however part of the point of the Warlords is to give the players the opportunity to succeed where these Warlords failed in canon.Gethzerion - Ground - Recruit from DathomirGethzerion was the ruthless founder and leader of the Dathomiri Nightsisters. When the Millenium Falcon crashed on Dathomir, Gethzerion cooperated with Zsinj to capture Han and Leia. When confronted by Luke Skywalker and her niece Tenneial Djo, she fled the planet and her shuttle was destroyed on orders from Warlord Zsinj.Terrinald Screed -  Space: Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, Demolisher - Recruit from CaridaA hero of the Clone Wars and commander of the first Victory Fleet in the Galactic Republic. After the death of Palpatine, Screed carved out his own Warlord kingdom and allied himself with former rival Warlord Zsinj, who ultimately had him executedAdmiral Apwar Trigit - Space: Imperial-class Star Destroyer, ImplacableFormerly an Imperial officer, the self-styled Admiral Trigit would leave the Empire’s service after the apparent death of Ysanne Isard. Independent but lacking the resources to carve his own empire, Trigit hired his ship out to Zsinj and placed himself under the Warlord’s command.Captain Zurel Darillian - Space: Modified CR90-class Corvette, Night CallerThe Night Caller is a heavily modified CR90 Corvette. Its commander, Zurel Darillian, is a meticulous former intelligence officer who was exiled from his home planet, Coruscant, after it was lost to the New Republic. Darillian is primarily responsible for taking diplomatic actions on behalf of Zsinj towards those Zsinj wished to recruit for his Empire.Tetran Cowall - Space: False 181st SquadronTetran Cowall was a former holodrama star who joined Zsinj in order to impersonate Baron Soontir Fel when he was unable to find other work. His rival, Garik "Face" Loran of Rogue Squadron, a former actor himself, said he was a man of "no perceivable acting skills" although he was able to convince Rogue Squadron he was the true commander of the 181st.Teubbo the Hutt, Economist-  GalacticLittle is known about Teubbo, other than that Teubbo was a Hutt employed as an economist by Warlord Zsinj.Inquisitor Lanu Pasiq - GroundWhen Darth Vader was hunting down the remaining jedi after Order 66, Lanu Pasiq was among the first of a new group of dark jedi called the Inquisitors being trained to assist him. In this capacity she worked closely with Antinnis Tremayne and Imperial Intelligence Director Armand Isard, father of Ysanne Isard. After Endor, she allied herself with Warlord Zsinj.Rear Admiral Llon Banjeer - Space: Quasar-class CarrierIn the early days after the Battle of Endor, Admmiral Llon Banjeer was an ally of Warlord Zsinj and used his bulk cruisers to attack the New Republic shipyards at Hast. After the fall of Zsinj's Empire and the final death of Emperor Palpatine, Banjeer was part of the Interim Ruling Council and a backer of Carnor Jax. In space he commands a Quasar.Admiral Angela Krin - Space: Lucrehulk-class Battleship, Resolute - Recruit from Etti IVAngela Krin gained prominence as the Corporate Sector officer in charge of enforcing the Endregraad quarantine in 119 ABY. She was also responsible for thwarting the plans of Hutt groups. Note: Krin was never directly affiliated with Zsinj, and was instead a member of the CSA navy. Since Zsinj controls the CSA, we've extrapolated to using her a s a recruitable hero for Zsinj. Resolute may be switched to her initial Invincible-class version if we decide to use that ship class.There may be a few changes before release, but that's the gist of what you'll be dealing with. We'll have the Eriadu and Maldrood faction profiles and hero rosters soon as well. If you want to see more of what's in store for Zsinj, I'm currently doing a playthrough of the Hunt for Zsinj GC as Warlord Zsinj on my personal channel with an early build, which I'll also be doing with the other factions as we go. You can watch it by clicking here.If you have any suggestions, critiques or anything else you want to discuss for the mod, head over to our forums at ...

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2.2 Hunt for Zsinj Preview - Warlord Zsinj

Sunday September 04, 2016

I've started playing through some of the 2.2 content on my personal channel on stream, and pushing it to youtube. I've started with the in-progress Hunt for Zsinj GC as Warlord Zsinj. Click thw image below to go to the playlist. ...

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We Could Be Heroes - The Pentastar Alignment

Saturday September 03, 2016

One of the most common requests related to the Pentastar Alignment has always been for more heroes, since they were limited to four in previous releases. Because of how little attention the Alignment gets in lore, this isn't always easy, however we've managed to flesh out the hero roster in ways we think most people should be happy with, including some changes to the existing ones which should free us up in some other ways. So, here's a quick look at who you'll be playing with in 2.2, starting with the three unchanged ones.Grand Moff Ardus Kaine -  Space: Executor-class Star Destroyer, ReaperKaine, the leader and founder of the Pentastar Alignment, will be essentially unchanged from previous versions. He'll still be a big source of early power for the Alignment from the bridge of the Reaper, which will itself be making a few more appearances in the mod.Grand Admiral Octavian Grant - Space: Imperial-class Star Destroyer OriflammeOctavian Grant has always been regarded as a brilliant tactician, although his lack of desire to play the political games required for success in the Empire left him without a significant following after the Battle of Endor. Rather than carve out his own warlord state as many of his Grand Admiral peers had tried, the pragmatic Grant sought refuge within Kaine's Pentastar Alignment while the other Grand Admirals were picked off by each other and the New Republic, despite having been marked for death by the other Grand Admirals. Grant would eventually defect to the New Republic, trading immunity for Imperial intel. He would seek to aid the New Republic in defeating Grand Admiral Thrawn, although he was declined the opportunity out of mistrust for his motives. In Operation Shadow Hand, however he played a key role in the New Republic's ambush of Grand Moff Kaine by feigning allegiance to his old colleague and luring him into a trap.Commerce Master Commissioner Gregor Raquoran - Galactic onlyRaquoran rose to the position of master commissioner through years of proving himself to be a capable businessman, as well as demonstrating a significant level of political acumen within the Velcar Free Commerce Zone. After Endor, he believed the Velcar zone to be relatively safe, but after Kaine called for the Pentastar Talks in 7 ABY, he recognized the prudence of Velcar joining the Alignment. Ingame, he provides significant cost reduction bonuses.Zenithal InQuestor Jerec - GroundJerec was initially a Jedi Master who then became a feared Inquisitor within the New Order. After the Empire's collapse, he styled himself Warlord; however, he ultimately decided to align himself with Grand Moff Kaine's Pentastar Alignment, taking up the mantle of Great InQuestor of Judgment, the Alignment's version of Inquistitors. While he was still ostensibly serving the Alignment, Cronal, who was with the recovering Palpatine on Byss, reached out to secure Jerec's cooperation in the search for the Valley of the Jedi. Jerec will be remaining the same on the ground, however he will not automatically spawn with Vengeance.Captain Sysco - Space: Vengeance-class Star destroyer VengeanceRather than keep Jerec as a free jedi hero with his own SSD from the start, Vengeance and Jerec have been separated, with the former being given as its own hero to Captain Sysco, the officer who commanded the ship under Jerec. Sysco and Vengance will not be spawned at the start of GCs; instead, he will need to be recruited into your fleet. This allows us to play some more with other areas of strength within the Alignment, since with two free SSDs, they could foetn be overbearing.Great InQuestor Halmere - GroundHalmere was one of the few surviving force-sensitives after the Clone Wars. He was chosen by Darth Vader for training, and worked his way up to the position of High Inquisitor by the Battle of Yavin. Like many other inquisitors, Halmere was recruited into the service of the Pentastar Alignment by Jerec. After Jerec's death at the hands of Kyle Katarn, Halmere took his place as the Zenithal InQuestor of Judgment.Governor Ib Dekeet - Galactic, Space: Praetor II-class Star BattlecruiserDekeet was an Imperial governor stationed in the outer rim. He was present at the Pentastar Talks, and ultimately signed on despite initial hesitance.Elta Besk - Galactic, Space: Interdictor-class Star Destroyer DynamicElta Besk came from a rich family and inherited the company Dynamic Automata from her father Metron. As head of DA, she was invited by Kaine to the Pentastar Talks along with the four other dignitaries and captains of industry. She agreed to join out of concern for possible slave revolts in her workforce if the New Republic were to get a foothold. On the Galactic map she provides a cost reduction to units with significant droid parts.Wyrn Otro - Galactic, Space: Enforcer-class Picket Ship, EnforcerOtro was invited to the Pentastar Talks as a representative for Galentro Heavy Works, which would join and produce the iconic Enforcer-class picket ship for the Alignment, along with various other types of arms. Jaemus Shipyards was a subsidiary of the company.Sariss - GroundSariss was the daughter of Cronal, and served undercover as the "Prophetess" on Tatooine before the Battle of Endor, serving as a spy for the Secret Order of the Empire. After fleeing Tatooine, she became an apprentice of Jerec. She was also killed by Kyle Katarn in the search for the Valley of the Jedi.Yun - GroundYun was the son of a mineral baron. After becoming infatuated with Sariss, Yun joined her in the service of Jerec. Upon finding Kyle Katarn unconscious and defenseless after the Moldy Crow crashed, Sariss tried to kill him, however Yun deflected her attack which then killed Yun, who said he believed Kyle deserved the opportunity to defend himself.Krassis Trelix - Space: Firespray-class Patrol and Attack Craft, Indenture (Can be recruited from Gabredor III)Krassis Trelix is a slaver in the employ of the Karazak Slavers Corporation as a highly respected pilot. The KSC, although not strictly members of the Pentastar Alignment, would often be contracted by them when it was deemed necessary, as in one case when some of its members were tasked with the capture of the children of Cantras Gola's ambassador after they had discovered the planet's desire to secede and join the New Republic. Rei'kas - Ground (Can be recruited from Gabredor III)Rei'kas is a Rodian slaver working for the KSC as a strike team leader, a position he achieved due to extremely violent tenancies and determination.  And that should do it for 2.2. Hopefully that should provide some more variety for Alignment players. We're also at a point where, in addition to articles, I'm going to start playing through some of the new content on my stream. For those interested, the first time for this will be Sunday September 4th (tomorrow) at 3pm EST. After the streams I'll also be putting them on my youtube channel, Corey Loses, for those who can't make it. ...

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2.2 Preview and Interview - Gul Gaming

Friday August 26, 2016


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Endor Aftermath

Tuesday August 23, 2016

We're doing a significant overhaul to all of the Galactic Conquest scenarios in 2.2; some completely new ones, some redundant ones removed, some significantly reworked and some formerly single-scenario setups split into multiple scenarios because of how much they cover. Part of the goal in this is to add in more story where it's appropriate, but we'll get to that later once the project is closer to finished.For now, here's the layout of the Endor Aftermath GC. This GC is the primary Warlord-focused GC in 2.2, with all Imperial groups plus the New Republic, immediately after the Empire's fracturing. We'll have a news post soon where we break it down a bit more. ...

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Make Maldrood Great Again

Saturday August 06, 2016


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The 2.2 Manifesto

Tuesday August 02, 2016

Information has been a little bit sparse on 2.2 and what it actually consists of, and I apologize for that. This is because we typically wait until features are 100% complete before announcing or discussing them too much, which in this case has been a little problematic. There are plenty of things which are progressing well, but which aren't quite finished. Most of them will also probably finish all at once, so instead of waiting to discuss different changes, here's a giant overview of most of what we've got on our plates for Imperial Civil War at the moment, finished or not, in no particular order. I won't cover the three new playable Warlord factions here, since they're getting their own posts.Regime Change - FinishedInstead of having to go on annoying suicide runs, we've given Imperial players a new way to get through the era. You can see it in action and the reasons for doing so in this video.Particle Changes - FinishedProjectiles can sometimes be a bit overwhelming on screen, especially from larger ships. This is no longer a problem; lasers are considerably smaller and travel faster, meaning less clutter on screen. Depending on resource, we'd also ideally like to move towards getting some death clones and damage particles back ingame.Era Progression vs Tech Progression - In ProgressOne of the most common (and frankly, annoying) misconceptions about the mod is that era progression and technological progression necessarily mean the same thing, resulting in people saying "why should I have to kill my heroes to get better tech" when the only faction which gives up their heroes to progress chronologically is also the faction which tends to get hurt the most by doing so, the Remnant. There will be an even further divide between technological progression and era progression in the mod in 2.2. Instead of automatically getting ships when you progress eras, eras will be one factor among several. For example, upon reaching Era 3, the New Republic will have to complete tech upgrades to start constructing its new class ships, including the Sacheen, Nebula and, making its potentially-regrettable return, the Republic-class Star Destroyer. Research like this will be constrained to the Empire of the Hand, New Republic and Imperial Remnant for hardcoded reasons. This also gives the Remnant a greater incentive to stay within certain eras where it has invested money in upgrading its arsenal, and losing your leader now becomes an even greater setback.For other factions, being the Pentastar Alignment, Greater Maldrood, Warlord Zsinj, and Eriadu Authority, there will be other prerequisites in place to give a feeling of progression even within single-era GCs. There will be some heroes available for recruitment only on certain planets, for example bounty hunters like Dengar and Bossk for most Imperial groups, or Rei'kas and Krassis Trelix for the Pentastar Alignment (more on that later). We've yet to say much about Maldrood, but a significant portion of their roster will be based on their pirate connections, including some unique units which will be both familiar and potentially unwelcome to some players.Diplomatic Influence - FinishedSmallpox has mostly finished the Diplomatic influence system for GC. Here is basically how it works, in his words. Keep in mind there may be significant differences for this as it goes through testing.The galaxy map is divided into sectors. Each planet gets assigned a value that represents your current influence on that planet. -If you lose a planet in a sector you lose influence on all other planets owned by you in the same sector. If you conquer a planet you gain influence on all other planets owned by you in that sector. You gain a little influence every day on each planet you own. If your influence on a planet drops to 0 you lose that planet (affiliation changes to neutral if no enemy diplomat or fleet is present). Every faction gets a diplomat unit with a build limit of one at a time. Diplomats have galactic stealth. If a diplomat is in orbit of a planet owned by another faction, the faction's influence on that planet will decrease every day. If the influence hits 0 while a diplomat is present the affiliation of that planet will change to the faction the diplomat belongs to. The diplomat also gets removed. Diplomats are also removed when the planet affiliation changes due to another faction conquering the planet. Ground Combat Changes - In ProgressThere are a few different things we're playing with for ground. First off, we're removing some of our worse maps and sprinkling in vanilla ones where they fit again. This also means we've slowed down the unit movements back to their original speeds. Ground buildings are going to have defensive turret hardpoints built into them in order to add another layer to ground battles. I'm still playing with the turret types to make sure terrain affects them as little as possible, but for the most part the system is complete and in place. We're also playing with expanding hardpoint use on the ground, giving a bit more depth to your tactical choices and hopefully making one of EaW's better features more prominent. Infantry will all be gvien back the crouch-move ability as well. This is a good portion of what were doing, but not everything.New and Redone Units- In ProgressThis is a bit more difficult to talk about without just turning it into a list, so that's basically what I'll do. As usual, there'll be a few older units getting redone or updated in some way. There will also be plenty of new hardware in space and also on ground to get your hands on. There's probably two dozen units not present in 21, including the Bellator, Secutor, Gladiator and Allegiance to name only some of the triangular ones. There's also the ULAV and AT-TE on the ground. The Empire of the Hand will also get considerable attention in this respect, with three new capital ships and four new defense platforms.This isn't quite everything in the mod, but hopefully it gives you an idea of our major goals with the mod for this version. More information, and more specific information, will come as we go. For those of you who would like to, I would also appreciate it if you gave this thread on one of my personal projects (which will hopefully help to allow me to focus more on things like modding) a read.Follow Imperial Civil WarForums - Facebook - Steam Group - Mod DB ...

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Support Your Local Corey Today

Sunday July 24, 2016

Hey everyone, this isn’t quite mod news (there'll be a post for each of the three projects coming really soon, though, so hold tight). I just wanted to take a moment to explain a side project I've been working on, off-and-on for the last year, but which I intend to put a lot more effort towards going into August and beyond.Corey Loses is a youtube channel and stream I hope to use for a few different purposes. Primarily, I want to use the last 10 years of experience I've had modding to try to bring a hopefully-entertaining or at least moderately educational perspective on modding and game design processes, primarily while playing different mods and video games but hopefully also with tutorials and other behind-the-scene type things. Hopefully it'd be a way to introduce some people to new mods or games they may have missed, but it's also a way for me to play some games I was never able to, and also preview different builds of Thrawn's Revenge mods. It's also a way to organize multiplayer games for those mods with community streams (which I've been doing mostly-weekly for Ascendancy)I've got a fair bit of content already posted (mostly Ascendancy previews, at the moment) if you want to check it out, and hope to really step it up starting in August. If you want to give it a look and follow or subscribe, I'd really appreciate it. If there's anything you want to see me do, such as previews or taking a look at a specific mod or game, let me know here or leave a comment or message there. As with my work on TR, I try to be as involved with the community for this as I can. As we go, I’ll hopefully learn better video editing and also address some of my system performance issues which can cause some frame stuttering in more resource intensive games.If you would like to content I make in other ways, you can also consider turning off adblock if you watch the videos, or if you want to support it directly, the Hitbox page has a monthly subscription option. I also have a Patreon page set up, if you feel so inclined. If you can’t or don’t want to do any of those things, I totally understand and hope you enjoy the content. I’m doing this because I love making these kinds of content, not for the money (as the 10 years of modding will attest), but school and living are expensive, so the more this is able to sustain itself, the more time I’ll be able to devote to making all kinds of content and hopefully, the better the quality will be.Youtube: ...

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Other Changes


Thrawn’s Revenge includes a brief tutorial to explain several of the key new features introduced by the mod (all of which are also outlined in this manual).  You can access and play through the tutorial from the Galactic Conquest menu.

Additional Missions

At several points during Galactic Conquest scenarios you, the player, may be informed of specific missions by one of your heroes.  These missions can be completed or ignored as you desire, however you will normally receive a bonus for successfully completing them.  The available missions are as follows:

  • In the Thrawn Campaign, Talon Karrde (for the New Republic), or Grand Admiral Thrawn (for the Imperial Remnant) may appear and direct you to take them, along with a suitably sized fleet, to a specific planetary location where you will encounter an opposing force attempting to salvage the Katana Fleet.

Note:  This mission will only be triggered after you capture Pantolomin (Imperial Remnant) or Myrkr (New Republic).

  • In Reunification as the Imperial Remnant, you will be tasked with capturing specific enemy planets in order to gain more heroes and hero upgrades.  These include:  Colonel Cronus (Capture Odik II), Gilad Pellaeon (Capture Hakassi), and Knight Hammer (Capture Odik II to replace Admiral Daala’s flagship).
  • In Final Imperial PushThe Art of War, and Essence of War, as the New Republic, Talon Karrde will invite you to upgrade the Errant Venture for Booster Terrick at the start of Era 5.  This will result in a fully-functional and upgraded Errant Venture, complete with custom red hull plating.

Planet Capture Bonuses

When you capture certain key planets, such as major shipyards or population centres, as the Imperial Remnant, New Republic or Empire of the Hand, you will be rewarded with some form of prize.  This will vary depending on the planet and the faction but may include captured units or structures that are added to your forces at that location.  You will always be informed of any additional bonus received and this is in addition to the standard credit bonus for capturing the planet.

Raid Fleets

Sometimes during space battles taking place within a Galactic Conquest scenario you may receive a warning message informing you of additional unidentified forces entering from hyperspace.  The third force will be unaffiliated with either faction already on the map and will target both fleets indiscriminately; it is up to you how you choose to deal with them.  Note:  The raid fleet is not brought from any force on the galactic map and will not be carried back across in the event of it winning the battle.

GC Introductions

When you begin a Galactic Conquest scenario you will now see your chosen faction’s logo (such as the Pentastar logo shown to the right) followed by a Star Wars text crawl with a brief outline of the current state of the galaxy.  This can be skipped by clicking or pressing any key.  After the text crawl has finished (or been skipped) your faction leader will introduce you to the scenario and outline your principal enemies, targets and objectives.


Thrawn’s Revenge has replaced the vanilla interface with a custom-designed version created by Dr. Nick.  While the layout is substantially the same as vanilla, there are several minor differences, including the absence of a visible advisor, a modified Galactic Conquest selection screen and updated tech-trees for the playable factions.

Hero Deaths

Unlike in vanilla Empire at War heroes In Thrawn’s Revenge do not automatically respawn when they are killed.  This is to minimise the imbalance created by a large number of heroes, often accompanied by powerful ships or vehicles, regenerating at no cost to the player.  The exceptions to this rule are Skirmish mode, where the player buys, and can re-buy, heroes individually, and a few select cases in Galactic mode where a hero returns after a change in era (namely Admiral Ackbar, Admiral Daala and Grand Admiral Pellaeon).

Orbital Support for Ground Battles

In Thrawn’s Revenge the Bombing Run provides a faction with the ability to order precise attacks to devastate individual targets, such as a specific structure in the enemy base or a turbolaser installation, without the danger of causing too much collateral damage in the immediate surroundings.  To complement this surgical strike ability is the Planetary Bombardment which provides a larger and more indiscriminate attack option by launching a torrent of turbolaser fire over a large area, although individual targets are less likely to be hit.


Several planets across the galaxy are home to renowned starship manufacturers.  If you control the home planet of one of these corporations you may be able to build a relationship with their headquarters (10000$) and gain significant production bonuses on their products.  

Kuat Drive Yards (IR)

History:  Now regarded as the largest military starship manufacturer in the galaxy, Kuat Drive Yards first gained prominence during the Clone Wars as the Old Republic’s primary starship contractor, a role it has retained under the Empire.

Hint:  Provides a 30% reduction to the production time and cost of the following products built on Kuat:
Acclamator II-class Assault Ship, Escort Carrier, Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Interdictor-class Star Destroyer, Praetor Mark II-class Battlecruiser, Sovereign-class Dreadnought, Tector-class Star Destroyer, All Terrain Armoured Transport, All Terrain Personal Transport, All Terrain Scout Transport, Self-Propelled Medium Artillery

Mon Calamari Shipyards (NR)

History:  One of the oldest and best starship manufacturers in the galaxy, Mon Calamari Shipyards utilise both orbital and underwater production facilities to build their uniquely beautiful cruiser liners and highly advanced and powerful warships.

Hint:  Provides a 30% reduction to the production time and cost of the following products built on Mon Calamari:
MC40a Light Cruiser, MC80 Liberty-type Star Cruiser, MC80B Star Cruiser, MC90 Star Cruiser, Viscount-class Star Defender

Sienar Fleet Systems (PA)

History:  Founded on Corulag by the wealthy Sienar family during the early days of the Old Republic, Sienar Fleet Systems is now one of the Empire’s primary military suppliers, including the entire TIE series, manufactured from various subsidiaries located throughout the galaxy.

Hint:  Provides a 30% reduction to the production time and cost of the following products built on Jaemus:
Enforcer-class Picket Cruiser, Gat-12 Skipray Blastboat, Immobilizer 418 Cruiser, IPV-1 System Patrol Craft, Praetor Mark II-class Battlecruiser, Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser, TIE Crawler

Sycan Fleet Systems (EotH)

History:  With Emperor Palpatine dead at the Battle of Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn turned to his industrious allies on Syca to produce warships designed specifically for the dangerous unknown regions patrolled by his secretive shadow Empire.

Hint:  Provides a 30% reduction to the production time and cost of the following products built on Syca:
Decimator-class Cruiser, Kariek-class Cruiser, Phalanx-class Destroyer, Syca-class Bomber, Syndic-class Destroyer, Warlord-class Gunboat.