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Scenario Editor Preview

Saturday July 22, 2017

A quick look at a very early version of our Galactic Conquest scenario editor, building the new Reunification for 2.2. ...

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Star Wars: Ascendancy 1.1 Open Beta Begins & Community Match

Saturday July 15, 2017

We have finally entered the last stretch of the 1.1 development cycle for Ascendancy and begun the beta process! As we clean up the last bits of work, like finishing some icons and one or two art assets, we will be opening up the mod builds to everyone for testing purposes. Our primary goals with this are to find any major bugs which still remain, but just as importantly, to start getting more information on balance in the mod before the full release. We will be hosting several games ourselves, and encourage everyone else in the beta to do the same, and let us know what you find.In order to access the beta, you will need an account on the Thrawn's Revenge forums. This is the method by which we are organizing the beta itself the feedback threads and game schedules are all being run through there. There are full download instructions within the beta subforum, but I have also made a video on how to set up the Github repository, which will be at the end of this post.The first multiplayer game we're organizing is being livestreamed as a community match on Corey Loses at 1pm EST, Sunday July 16th, the page for which can be found here. As a community event for the channel, the game will first be open to patrons of Corey Loses, and then opened to anyone who wants to join. If you can't come this time, there will be plenty of matches coming up, both streamed and unstreamed. Ideally, the beta process will be going 2-3 weeks before the full release.This release does not, of course, mean the end of the mod- we've already started some plans (and actual work) for the next version. As we've said in the past, we plan to do some smaller updates between the larger content-oriented ones, like faction releases.Whether you decide to join the beta or wait for the final release, we hope you enjoy it. ...

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ASC: We Could Be Heroes

Thursday July 06, 2017

With the beta starting up this weekend, it's time for our final overview post for 1.1, this time talking about heroes. Heroes in Ascendancy are absed on the E4X hero system developed by GoaFan for the Star Wars: Interregnum (and E4X) mod- before the game, if you want heroes enabled, you enable them in the pregame options. You will then have access to a station which can call in heroes for you, after completing the required research. Typically, heroes can respawn after they die, however there will be at least one exception to this. There is also one hero per faction which is available only in the flagship victory mode.The heroes for each faction are as follows. For more information on their abilities, you the video at the end runs through all abilities for all heroes:New Republic:- Han Solo & Chewbacca (Millenium Falcon)- Talon Karrde (Wild Karrde)- Admiral Ackbar (Home One)- Leia Organa-Solo (Rebel Dream, ISD) [Flagship]Imperial Remnant:- Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon (Right to Rule, ISD) [Requires Pellaeon/Thrawn Regime]- Grand Admiral Thrawn (Chimaera, ISD) [Requires Pellaeon/Thrawn Regime]- Admiral Natasi Daala (Knight Hammer, Executor) [Requires Daala Regime]- Emperor Palpatine (Eclipse) [Requires Palpatine Regime]- Sate Pestage (Ciutric, ISD) [Flagship]Pentastar Alignment:- CEO Elta Besk (Dynamic, Munificent-class)- Governor Ib Dekeet (Velcar, Secutor-class)- Grand Moff Ardus Kaine (Reaper, Executor-class)- Grand Admiral Octavian Grant (Oriflamme, ISD) [Flagship]Empireof the Hand:- Admiral Ar'alani (Frontier, Syndic-class)- Commander Stent (Retribution, Peltast-class)- Admiral Siath (Battlehammer, Intego-class)- Admiral Voss Parck (Strikefast, Victory-class) [Flagship] ...

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[2.2 Demo Patch] Loading Time Fix

Monday June 26, 2017

This patch solely fixes an issue where loading times for launching the mod were incredibly long. Other changes will be coming in future versions and patches, but we felt this was necessary to be addressed as soon as we could.To install, simply extract the file and place the new GameObjectFiles.xml in CW22Demo/Data/XML, overwriting the existing one.[Download - ModDB] ...

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Endcar's Appendicitis Emergency Fund

Wednesday June 21, 2017

We typically don't post personal stuff of our team not related to the mod, however one of our 3D Artists had some serious medical issues recently. If you could take a moment to read, share, or if possible, support the gofundme, we would all appreciate it. ...

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ASC: We thought it was a ghost ship, until it opened fire...

Sunday June 18, 2017


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ICW/FotR: Microjump Preview

Thursday June 15, 2017

A quick look at another ability coming in Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War and Fall of the Republic, Microjumps. ...

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ICW: Empire of the Hand Preview Playthrough

Thursday June 08, 2017

I've begun my full Empire of the Hand playthrough on my channel, covering several of the new units, graphics and functions in 2.2. Episodes will be posted every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. ...

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ASC: Imperial Remnant 1.1 Overview Video

Wednesday June 07, 2017

Continuing our faction video preview series for 1.1, Corey has just posted the Imperial Remnant's, covering their new tech and ship abilities. Next up will be the Hand, and finally, heroes. ...

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Weapon System


Thrawn’s Revenge uses a representative system to assign appropriate weapons to different units and balance them according to, where possible, their canonical armament. The basis of this system is that, for any given ship or weapon-type, a single instance of that weapon counts as one pulse from a hardpoint. So, for example, if a ship canonically has sixty turbolasers, we could give it six hardpoints each firing ten pulses, or twelve hardpoints each firing five pulses, etc.

The armament of a ship is displayed in the form of Total Pulses/No of Hardpoints for each type of weapon it possesses. So, for example, the Imperial Star Destroyer’s 60/6 Turbolaser hardpoints translates into six hardpoints firing ten pulses in each round, whereas its 6/2 Dual Heavy Turbolaser becomes two hardpoints firing three pulses in each round. To compare this to another example, take the Venator-class Star Destroyer, with its canonical armament of eight Dual Turbolasers. Since we aren’t representing all sixty individual Turbolasers on the Imperial Star Destroyer, it would be unbalanced to set the Venator up with eight fully charged (10 pulse) hardpoints. Instead, we have given it four hardpoints firing two pulses each round. This system has been used for all space units, although starfighters and some anti-starfighter ships (such as the CR90 Corellian Corvette) are handled slightly differently.

Laser Cannons/Maser Cannons

Laser and Maser Cannons are weapons that fire bursts of particle beam energy. These weapons are of a small enough calibre to be quickly and accurately aimed at fast-moving targets such as starfighters. Laser and Maser Cannons are capable of damaging both hull and shields.

Weapon Type Damage (Normal) Damage (Heavy) Rate of Fire* Recharge Time*
Laser Cannon 2.5 3.5 0.2s 4s
Laser Cannon: Dual 5   0.2s 4s
Laser Cannon: Quad 10   0.2s 4s
Maser Cannon 3 4 0.2s 4s
Maser Cannon: Dual 6   0.2s 4s
Maser Cannon: Quad 12   0.2s 4s


Turbolasers and Megamasers are immensely scaled-up versions of Laser and Maser Cannons. Generally turret-mounted, they are commonly found on capital ships and space stations. Equipped with significantly larger capacitors, they can store and discharge far more powerful bursts of beam energy. They are primarily used for ship-to-ship combat because their size and slow target-tracking is ineffective against the small and fast targets presented by starfighters. Turbolasers and Megamasers are capable of damaging both hull and shields.

Weapon Type Damage (Normal) Damage (Heavy) Rate of Fire* Recharge Time*
Turbolaser 5 6.5 0.2s 4s
Turbolaser: Dual 10 13 0.2s 4s
Turbolaser: Quad 20 26 0.2s 4s
Turbolaser: Octuple 40   0.2s 4s
Megamaser 5 6.5 0.2s 4s
Megamaser: Dual 10 13 0.2s 4s
Megamaser: Quad 20 26 0.2s 4s

Ion Cannons

Ion Cannons are ranged weapons which fire ionised particles or plasma that can cause serious interference with the operation of electronics and computer systems. Ion Cannons are only capable of draining energy from shields and systems, they do not do hull damage.

Weapon Type Damage (Normal) Damage (Heavy) Rate of Fire* Recharge Time*
Ion Cannon 10 13 0.2s 4s
Ion Cannon: Dual 20 25 0.2s 4s
Ion Cannon: Triple (Trion) 25   0.2s 4s

Warhead Launchers

Warhead launchers are used to fire a range of self-propelled projectiles that can deliver considerable explosive power to their target. Concussion and Rhazor Missiles are able to target practically any unit, while Proton Torpedoes are restricted to Corvettes and above. All warheads cause damage to both shields and hull.

Weapon Type Flight Range Damage Rate of Fire* Recharge Time*
Concussion Missile 2200 18 0.4s 15s
Proton Torpedo 2200 12 0.4s 15s
Rhazor Missile 2200 20 0.4s 15s

*Rate of fire is the short delay between pulses as the weapon reloads. Recharge time is the longer recharge period after each completed round. The length of delay listed above is the standard rate for each weapon type; some vessels may have longer or shorter delays to reflect their power source, unit type, or technology.