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Thrawn's Revenge & Corey Loses Discord Server

Saturday May 28, 2016

I've made an essentially-open Discord Server for the TR community and for my video stuff at Corey Loses.  Discord is a text/voice program typically used for gaming which can offer a new way for the team and fans to interact with each other. It has a desktop app, but is also available in browsers.To join the server, click here: ...

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Active Duty

Tuesday May 24, 2016

The month isn't over yet, but so far May 2016 has seen the most forum activity ( ) in a single month since July of 2014, so here's a screenshot of the Intego, one of the New Empire of the Hand capital ships, in ICW to celebrate. We want to thank everyone for their continuing support and enthusiasm as we approach our 10th anniversary in a few weeks, but more on that when it hits.For more information on the Intego and the other upcoming Hand changes, you cans see the dev diary about it here. It's specifically about Ascendancy, however the changes apply to ICW as well.Other than that, if you have any feedback, suggestions, ideas or just want to discuss strategies or counter the massively pro-Imperial bias of most of our current posters, you to join the discussion. Making an account only takes a moment, but if you don't want to do that, guests are able to post as well. The forums tend to be where we post the most "behind the scenes" development news and previews of content before it gets released or is ready for public consumption. ...

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Monday May 23, 2016

We've been asked a few times if we're doing anything for ground in 2.2, and this is a small part of the answer to that question.The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer is in many ways the precursor to the Imperial AT-AT. It served as a main battle tank for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, but ever since the declaration of the New Order it has been relegated to more and more remote areas of service. In Imperial Civil War 2.2, it servers as a primary vehicle for some more remote Imperial groups with restricted access to the AT-ATCompared to the AT-AT, it's actually not a direct downgrade. Although it doesn't have quite the same anti-vehicle power, its main turret still packs quite the punch. It also has 6 small anti-infantry turrets (all with independent targeting and movement) which cover areas the AT-AT is vulnerable in.There's still a little bit of work we need to do to finish the model, including fixing up some animations and adding a Stormtrooper to the turret's seat, but other than that it's ready to re-enter the fray, after 8 years sitting in my unused models folder. ...

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AT-TE Animation Preview

Friday April 22, 2016

Slevered has been working on animating the AT-TE model, which will be used alongside (or in place of, in some cases) the AT-AT for some Imperial factions in 2.2. ...

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We Want You!

Thursday April 14, 2016

We're coming up on the tenth anniversary of the start of Thrawn's Revenge. In 10 years, we've managed to raise our standards and consistently improve the quality of work we put out, however with such a small team and a long period of time, this leads to some inconsistency between older and newer materials. One of the biggest goals we have in Ascendancy 1.1 and Imperial Civil War 2.2 is to try to rework some of the older, worse materials in the mod, as you can see with this new Ton Falk Carrier model (formerly known as just the Escort Carrier).In order to more quickly/fully accomplish this goal, we are looking for people to help fill a few more positions within the team, including concept artists, modellers and texture artists. If you have some experience and are interested in any of these positions, you can find more details here:Recruitment BoardFor anyone not interested, just look at the picture. ...

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Enter Entralla

Wednesday April 13, 2016

For the past few versions, we've been using Bastion as the de facto capital of the Pentastar Alignment. This is not entirely accurate, so in 2.2, we've added the actual capital of the Alignment, Entralla. ...

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2.2 Faction Profile: Warlord Zsinj

Sunday February 07, 2016

With Ascendancy 1.0 in beta and soon to be fully released pending the official Sins 1.83 update, the old behemoth that is Imperial Civil War has been de-mothballed and pulled back into active service alongside her little sister. In the 2.2 announcement update, we announced that we would be doing a GC based on the Galactic Civil War era, however ultimately the team has decided this will no longer be the case. Rather than using those resources to expand the timeline of the mod, we'll be continuing to fine-tune and polish the area between the Battle of Endor and the beginning of the Vong War. This will involve a lot of things, some under the hood and some more obvious, but the first thing we'll be talking about, and the biggest change, is the disintegration of the Warlords.Rather than being a single brown mass on the galactic map, the Warlords are being split into three fully-playable and distinct factions, representing (in our opinion) the biggest and most important of the Warlord groups; Warlord Zsinj's Empire, Treutan Teradoc's Greater Maldrood and Sander Delvardus' Eriadu Authority. As the faction which should be most familiar to our players and which requires the least 'new' units, Warlord Zsinj's Empire will be the first to be addressed.Zsinj's EmpireCapital: Serenno, DathomirOne of the first and ultimately most powerful groups to denounce the authority of the Imperial Ruling Council, Warlord Zsinj's Empire formed around Serenno and his flagship, the Executor-class Iron Fist, in 4ABY. Initially he was ignored by the New Republic and managed to coexist with all except the neighbouring Greater Maldrood. During this time, he subsumed the Corporate Sector Authority and parts of the Hydian Way, ultimately moving his capital to Rancor Base at Dathomir, whose Nightsister populace he began to exploit. The New Republic takeover of Coruscant bolstered his forces even more, as former Imperial loyalists flocked to his Empire. Ultimately a coalition of New Republic, Hapan and Imperial forces led by Han Solo, Prince Isolder and Teren Rogriss defeated Zsinj.Key among his forces are the Raptor Troopers, an elite corp of Stormtrooper-esque soldiers, as well as the TIE Raptor, a unique fighter type available only to Zsinj. Zsinj will also be taking some of the Pentastar roster based on the Corporate Sector Authority, including a few new units in 2.2, while the Alignment gets replacements from their units in Ascendancy.Space Unit RosterExecutorLucrehulk, ISDI, ISDII, Invincible, AllegianceNebulon-B, Nebulon-BII, Quasar, CR90, Carrack, Dreadnaught, Strike Cruiser, Gladiator, Neutron Star, Immobilizer-418, ProvidenceTIE Raptor, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber, Authority IRD, Warpod PinnaceGround Unit RosterAT-AT, JuggernautAT-ST, Chariot LAV, AT-AA, IDT, SPMAT, TIE Mauler, TIE Crawler, 1H RepulsortankUnique Infantry: Raptor Troopers, NightsistersHeroesWarlord Zsinj - Iron FistTetran Cowall - False 181stTerrinald Screed - DemolisherApwar Trigit - Implacable GethzerionGeneral MelvarAs ever, if you have suggestions for this faction, feel free to post them in the comments on our forums or on ModDB.  ...

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Year in Preview

Friday January 01, 2016

Happy new year everyone! 2015 was not a bad year for Thrawn's Revenge. It saw the first release of an Ascendancy alpha, our Sins project, with very encouraging reception. We also had a very strong showing in the Mod of the Year competition including an Honourable Mention for Ascendancy in the Upcoming category and a 7th place finish for Imperial Civil War, our Empire at War mod, in the Released category. Both of these were in the Player's Choice portion, so we want to give everyone who's supported us all year a huge thank you. We would not be where we are today without all of your support. With 2015 in the rear-view mirror and 2016 starting, I wanted to take a moment to talk about what you can expect in the coming year from us. Keep in mind, life always finds a way to get in the way so this information may not all be 100% correct by this time next year, but it's  the plan for now and we'll do our best to meet or beat it all. First, we plan to have not one but three major releases this year. Two of these releases will be for Ascendancy, and one will be the long-awaited Imperial Civil War 2.2. The first of these releases, Ascendancy 1.0, is currently slated to come out between January 29th-February 12th, 2016. Don't ask about the other two, I have no idea.That date range for Ascendancy 1.0 is, again:January 29th-February 12th, 2016One of our failings in 2015 was that we were unable to keep people informed of what was going on as much as we would have liked, meaning a dearth of news posts and general media for most of the year. This year, I hope to correct that with fairly regular progress posts and full articles. Last year we also tried releasing the Dauntless for Ascendancy on its own to our forums for people to play with and test before the release of the mod, and this is something I would like to try to do more of in the dry spell between versions. I'm also going to be more active on my youtube channel, where I primarily post videos of me getting destroyed in early versions of Ascendancy and Imperial Civil War, along with some other games. One other thing to look forward to is the New Republic trailer Jin is working on for the release of Ascendancy 1.0. If you don't remember the Imperial Remnant trailer we made for 0.9, you can watch that too:Hopefully that gives you a good general idea of what 2016 will have in store. As ever, if you have ideas or feedback about what you would like to see in future versions, please let us know in the comments on Youtube, Mod Database, or join the community on our forums. You can also find an active player base there for discussions about If you would like to help us achieve our goals for 2016, we're always looking for new people to join the team. We currently have openings for voice actors, 3D modelers and texture artists. If you're interested in helping out in one of these capacities, contact me at Thrawn's RevengeForums - Facebook - Steam Group - Mod DB - Twitter ...

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Faction Signatures

Saturday December 05, 2015

We've all been using our faction avatars for a few months, and tonight I made some assets for the Ascendancy update that also serve as forum signatures for the four main playable factions. To use them, copy the image url, then go to edit profile and paste them in image tags in your signature. (image tags are [ img ][/ img] without the spaces) ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Confused about how you're meant to be playing the game? Something happening which you don't understand? Below are common questions asked.

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Are you going to include X?
If you have a suggestion for additional content for the mod please feel free to post and discuss the details on our forums. Before posting please make sure that your suggestion is relevant to the premise and timeframe of the mod and remember that there is no guarantee that suggestions will be acted upon.
Can I play Thrawn’s Revenge in Multiplayer?
Yes. Thrawn’s Revenge includes several Multiplayer GC and Skirmish maps. Remember to make sure both parties have Forces of Corruption updated the same, have exactly the same version of the mod, and don’t have any old files or other mods in the Data folder. Please be aware that Forces of Corruption may not be cross-compatible between Disk and Steam versions of the game.
Can I use your content in my mod?
You many not use any content from this mod without the permission of Corey or the original content creator. You can contact Corey at
Does Thrawn’s Revenge conflict with Republic at War?
Republic at War installs its scripts and AI files into the base game folder. This means that it overrides the vanilla game files and, in some cases, mod files. We cannot guarantee that these files will not impact upon Thrawn’s Revenge and recommend that players rename or move the \XML\AI and \Scripts folders in Forces of Corruption’s Data folder before playing Thrawn’s Revenge. Remember to rename or move back the folders before you next play Republic at War.
How do I install Thrawn’s Revenge?
Please see the installation instructions on on the downloads page.
How do I advance tech level?
The tech level system from vanilla EAW does not exist in Thrawn’s Revenge, apart from in Skirmish. For more details on the system used in Thrawn’s Revenge please see the era system page.
I get an exception error when I try to start Thrawn’s Revenge.
Make sure that you have installed Thrawn’s Revenge in the right place and have the necessary patches. For more information on this see the downloads page. If this still does not solve your problem please post in the Tech Support area on our forums.
Why can’t I build X?
Not all units are available in all eras, GCs or in skirmish. For more information about which units are available please see the relevant Faction, GC and Skirmish pages.
Why don’t my heroes respawn?
Unlike in vanilla EAW heroes do not generally respawn in Thrawn’s Revenge – when they die, they’re dead. For more details on why we have taken this approach, and on some limited exceptions, please see the other changes page.
Will you make a Clone Wars mod?
Although we have previously released two version of our Fall of the Republic Minimod, the project to develop a complete version was discontinued several years ago. We have no plans to revive or start production on a Clone Wars era mod.