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Take command of the New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Pentastar Alignment or Empire of the Hand.
Experience 5 eras of Star Wars, with new models, textures, and gameplay changes.
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[Sale] Sins of a Solar Empire - Stardock All-Star RTS Sale

Monday June 11, 2018

Hey everyone, for those of you who are Imperial Civil War fans but have wanted to check out Ascendancy as well, Stardock is currently holding their All-Star RTS sale until the 20th, which includes Sins of a Solar Empire and all DLC. They've also been kind enough to give me an affiliate link through Corey Loses, so if you use this link ( ), a percentage of the purchase goes towards me as well. Weève been recommending Sins for years, otherwise we wouldn't be modding it, so this is a great opportunity to pick it up if you want to get a great game and help support my work as well. Two other Stardock games, Offworld Trading Company and Ashes of the Singularity, are also available for the same sale price in the Stardock store if those interest you. All purchases give keys that can be redeemed on Steam.Since Petroglpyh has been patching EaW on Steam, and many people still only have the Disk or GoG version, we'll also try to post when EaW goes on sale so people can pick up a cheaper copy of the game. ...

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[ICW] 2.2.5 Updates and Developer Livestream - 12 Years of Thrawn's Revenge

Saturday June 09, 2018

On June 8th, Thrawn's Revenge hit its 12th anniversary, so we're doing an update series to mark the occasion for all of our current projects. We started with Ascendancy Thursday, then Fall of the Republic yesterday and finally, today we'll cover Imperial Civil War. These will all have a video and a written component, though unlike usual, these will cover different things. You can follow the links below to get between all three updates when they're released:Star Wars: Ascendancy - Hapan Preview & Balance Patch OverviewFall of the Republic - Preview Video & We Could Be Heroes: CIS EditionImperial Civil War - 2.2.5 Projections & Dev StreamLast year, we also released a historical infographic, so if you wanna check that out, you can see it here: Livestream...Today we're going to be talking about what's coming in 2.2.5, but first, we're also going to be doing a developer livestream on Corey Loses at 2pm EST, which you can watch on either youtube by clicking here or twitch by clicking here. We're still not sure how many of us will be able to attend, so we'll basically be answering questions and talking about the mod while playing some skirmish matches, or playing some older versions depending on who's available....2.2.5 Overview...We're approaching the fifth patch for 2.2, and that means a few things. For one, this patch will mean we update the regular download. Uploading the individual patches has been somewhat problematic, so we've left it as is, as the alternative was to re-upload the entire mod every couple weeks, which we think people would generally be opposed to. With this news post, we're only going to be covering the changes from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5, so if you play the GoG or disk version of the mod as opposed to the Steam Workshop version, you can check out the change notes here for all the previous updates.Major Changes & FixesAdded: Multiplayer Galactic ConquestBecause of the lack of multiplayer support for certain features integral to Imperial Civil War, it's taken a fair bit of work to get things setup within the mod to where we can do a multiplayer GC. Unfortunately, MP will always be a lot more limited than singleplayer, but we should be able to start getting in a few scenarios. We'll be starting off with a converted version of the Thrawn Campaign, with the Empire vs New Republic, and then we'll do individual releases of additional MP GCs designed around the other factions. Because the era system can't be used properly in MP and having multiple factions really just means a lot of autoresolving (there's no way around that), MP galactic conquests will ahve to be designed mostly from scratch, but the goal is to have at least one scenario playable for each faction in the long-term (Fall of the Republic will obviously be a lot more simple for this.Added: Faction Stat ChartEmpire at War has a helpful graph ingame which shows the relative strength of factions, their economies, and the amount of planets. The downside is that it only shows the factions which use the Rebel, Empire and Zann Consortium coding, which in the mod means Empire, NR and EotH. While we can't change this directly, evilbobthebob has added an entry to the holocron which will display these stats in numerical form for whichever factions are present. You can see what it looks like below.Re-Added: Yevetha, Black Fleet Crisis, Empires at WarUpon release of 2.2, there was a bug present with the Yevetha where, if they were invaded, there was a chance that the game would crash. Because of this, we patched them and the GCs with them as a focus out while we looked for a fix. While we're not 100% sure yet, we believe we've tracked down the issue. We've noticed an error which the game throws when attacking a faction in the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th or 21st faction slots, regardless of how the faction is set up. The downside, if this is the real culprit, is that we can't fix it directly, however the upside for now is that we can remove the faction dividers and get the Yevetha and some other minor factions out of the danger zone. It does mean we may have to change some future faction plans, but we've also been in contact with Petroglyph about it, so they may be able to point us in the right direction.Fixed: Post-Battle FreezesThere's also been an occasional issue reported where the game can sometimes freeze coming out of a tactical battle. This seems, based on the reports and our own testing, to be related to the transaction manager that tracks things like boarding and single-unit retreat, where the game gets stuck in a loop in the script and can't get out of it. We're pretty confident we can track down the issue and resolve it from there.VoiceoversWheyloffle has been hard at work implementing the VOs submitted since we put out the call for voice actors before release, and as a result we're going to have dozens of fresh new voices in the patch, for all factions.The ManualSlornie's also been working on updating the manual with all the 2.2 content to get it ready for release. This will be uplaoded with the 2.2.5 version, as well as a separate standalone pdf.TranslationsWhile these won't be directly included with the 2.2.5 download, but we've finally got a system set up to make translations simple, painless and allow multiple people to collaborate on any given language translation. Several people have contacted us over the last few months about it, so if those people or anyone else who wants to help can either message me on Discord ( Corey on ) or email, we'll get you set up. We can't promise any specific languages since it depends on who volunteers, but we'll hopefully be able to get a few going....and more. There's been plenty of other smaller changes going on, including balance, AI updates, bug fixes, and even a few new maps by Rogue and one by myself that I've been making on livestreams. After this patch, we'll be moving on from 2.2 and getting the new content for 2.3 underway, including the Corporate Sector Authority, Assertor, and much more. That's also when you'll starts eeing a lot more about Fall of the Republic. I'm going to be moving early next month, so I don't want to give a solid release date just yet, but we'd love to get the patch out before then.That's gonna do it for now. Before we go, we want to thank everyone for their support over the last 12 years. It's been a long journey, but we hope we can keep raising the bar in the mod and exceed the expectations people have set for us.- The Thrawn's Revenge Team ...

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Fall of the Republic - Preview Video & We Could Be Heroes: CIS Edition

Friday June 08, 2018

Hello everyone! On June 8th, Thrawn's Revenge will hit its 12th anniversary, so we're doing an update series to mark the occasion for all of our current projects. We started with Ascendancy yesterday, then Fall of the Republic today, and on Saturday we'll cover Imperial Civil War. These will all have a video and a written component, though unlike usual, these will cover different things. You can follow the links below to get between all three updates when they're released:Star Wars: Ascendancy - Hapan Preview & Balance Patch OverviewFall of the Republic - Preview Video & We Could Be Heroes: CIS EditionImperial Civil War - 2.2.5 Projections & Dev StreamLast year, we also released a historical infographic, so if you wanna check that out, you can see it here: Video...I've done an early preview gameplay video as part of my 12 hour livestream on Corey Loses, which you can watch below. While we still have plenty left to do, this was basically just to give an idea of how far along we are in terms of organization and some assets. There's still a lot of balancing to be done as well, but you can see some of the new assets like the CIS Lucrehulk Battleship and Vulture Droids that weren't in ICW, as well as a few explanations of content and some Q&A throughout the video. This was the last hour of a 12 hour stream, so it's probably not my most coherent video, though. Once we're a bit farther along, I'll do a full preview playthrough with each faction, like we did with ICW leading up to 2.2.We Could be Heroes: CIS...Next up, we have the CIS hero roster heading into the first release. Our goal with this version was to get a relatively similarly-sized core hero roster for the CIS and Republic- there'll be more to come later, but these are either the more major players in the time period, or they fill a particular niche that the faction needs and otherwise lacks. Part of our focus is also to expand some of the standard fleet elements of the time, which tend to receive a bit less focus next to all the jedi, so you'll see a few more obscure captains and admirals in both factions, especially characters who would later play a much larger role in the Imperial or Post-Endor period, keeping connections between Fall of the Republic and Imperial Civil War."The best of all would be the strongest student, yes? Wisest? Most learned in the ways of the Force? Best of all, Dooku would be! Our greatest student! Our greatest failure." - Master YodaCount Dooku - Ground, Space: Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer, Lucid VoiceA powerful jedi who began to lose faith in the Order after the Battle of Galidraan in the Mandalorian Civil War, Count Dooku, also known as Darth Tyrannus, is a Sith Lord who serves as the de facto political leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Under the guidance of Darth Sidious, it was Dooku's work which united the various disaffected corporations and blocs within the Republic to form the CIS.General Grievous - GroundSpace: Recusant-class Light DestroyerSpace: Subjugator-class Heavy Cruiser, MalevolenceSpace: Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer, Invisible HandGeneral Grievous was a Kaleesh warrior who was cybernetically enhanced after a bomb planetd by San Hill and Count Dooku on his shuttle left him near death. In the Clone Wars, his cybernetic enhancements and training by Count Dooku allowed him to wield lightsabers, which he used to great effect, killing multiple jedi and collecting their lightsabers as trophies. Most importantly, Grievous also served as the first Supreme Commander of the CIS forces, united what was previously a very fractious and disorganized military and allowing it to effectively challenge the Republic for much of the war.Assaj Ventress - GroundAssaj Ventress was a powerful Dathomiri Dark Jedi and acolyte of Count Dooku, hoping to be his Sith apprentice. Over the course of the Clone Wars, she fought Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker multiple times. After a command by Sidious that Dooku kill Ventress, fearing her growing power, Ventress returned to Dathomir and planned for revenge against Dooku.Sev'rance Tann - GroundTann was a Chiss Dark Jedi who left Chiss space to join Dooku's forces in the Clone Wars. Despite being a skilled warrior, she was killed on Krant only a month into the Clone Wars by Jedi MAster Echuu Shen-JonSora Bulq - GroundSora Bulq was a Jedi Master famous for his skill with a lightsaber, although he fell to the dark side after helping Mace Windu develop his Vaapad form. He was captured by Count Dooku, and then served as a secret agent of the Sith Lord, attempting to cause discord within the Jedi Order before becoming the leader of Dooku's Dark Acolytes.Viceroy Nute Gunray - GalacticAs the Viceroy of the Trade Federation, the Neimoidian Nute Gunray was one of the highest ranking political leaders within the Confederacy and a sitting member of the Separatist Council.Emir Wat Tambor - GalacticLike Nute Gunray, the Skakoan Wat Tambor was a member of the Separatist Council. He was also the Foreman of the Techno Union, and Executive of the Baktoid Armour Workshop. Baktoid was responsible for the manufacturing of many of the separatist forces' designs, including various types of battle droids and starfighters.Admiral Trench - Space: Providence-class Dreadnought, InvincibleCommanding one of a few massive Providence Dreadnoughts within the Separatist fleet, Trench was was a Harch and seasoned Admiral under the banner of the Coporate Alliance, and then the CIS.Admiral Pors Tonith - Space: Munificent-class Star Frigate, CorpulentusA Muun banker and admiral from the Banking Clan, Pors Tonight was a capable commander, although he often overestimated his own capabilities. Relatively early into the war, he was captured by Anakin Skywalker.Captain Canteval - Space: Munificent-class Star Frigate, ProfitA Muun captain, Canteval was in charge of CIS operations on Taloraan whcih had a secret treaty with Count Dooku. During the landing of their forces. While engaging Republic ground forces including the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, Canteval planned to ambush the Venator-class Resolute, which resulted in his ship flying into a gas giant after losing control of its engines.Captain Mar Tuuk - Space: Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship, ProcurerA shrewd Neimoidian tactician and student of military history, Mar Tuuk was the commander in charge of the blockade of Ryloth. After Anakin Skywalker rammed his Lucrehulk with the Defender, the CIS forces at Ryloth fell into disarray and the Republic was able to successfully liberate the planet.Admiral Dua Ningo - Bulwark-class Battleship, UnrepentantDua Ningo was a high-ranking Sullustan admiral during the Clone Wars, serving as the commander of the new Bulwark Fleet late in the war, a fleet comprised of multiple new and powerful Bulwark Battleships built at Foerost. After his success at breaking the blockade of Foerost, Ningo was tasked with planning an invasion of Coruscant, resulting in a series of battles against the Victory Fleet under the command of Jan Dodonna and Terrinald Screed throughout the core.Aut-0 - Space: Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer, Resounding CadenceAut-0 was a super tactical droid who commanded a fleet of primarily Recusants within Separatist territor, who was deactivated late in the war by asquad of droids led by R2-D2.TF-1726 - Space: Munificent-class Star Frigate, Tide of ProgressTF-1726 was a T-series tactical droid who commanded the separatist fleet of Munificent frigates at the Battle of Quell against General Aayla secura, in which the droid was able to secure a separatist victory, although Aayla was able to escape.Kalani - GroundAnother super tactical droid, Kalani was dispatched by Count Dooku to dispel resistance to CIS occupation on Onderon after the repeated failures of King Sanjay Rash, whom KAlani later executed for his failures.General Lok Durd - Ground: AATLok Durd was a Neimoidian weapons developer and general within the CIS. He was repsonsible for the creation of the Defoliator, an anti-organic artillery weapon which left droids unharmed, which he planned to test on MAridun. In the ensuing battle, he was captured by Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Aayla Secura.General Whorm Loathsome - Ground: AATGeneral Whorm Loathsome was the commander of the Kerkoiden military forces, as wella s the leader of the Retail Caucus' forces within the CIS. He was the notably responsible for the capture of Christophsis and the commander of CIS forces against the Republic liberation force there.Durge - Ground, Space: NovaSwird Space Superiority FighterDurge was a bounty hunter of the Gen'dai species, meanign he was able to regenerate his body from almost any injury. By the time of the Clone Wars, he was nearly two thousand years old. He harboured a deep hatred of the Mandalorians, which led to his recruitment into the war against the Clone Troopers of the Republic on the side of the CIS. He was only killed once Anakin Skywalker launched him into a star.That's it for today's post. As I said near the start, we have some other options and idea for heroes for future releases, so if you notice someone missing, feel free to suiggest them, but don't worry- much like ICW, our goal is to approach the mod in smaller chunks to make sure we're able ... ...

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[Ascendancy] Hapan Preview & Balance Patch Overview - 12 Years of TR

Friday June 08, 2018

Hello everyone! On June 8th, Thrawn's Revenge will hit its 12th anniversary, so we're doing an update series to mark the occasion for all of our current projects. We'll be starting with Ascendancy today (Thursday), then Friday will be Fall of the Republic, and on Saturday we'll cover Imperial Civil War. These will all have a video and a written component, though unlike usual, these will cover different things. You can follow the links below to get between all three updates when they're released:Star Wars: Ascendancy - Hapan Preview & Balance Patch OverviewFall of the Republic - Preview Video & We Could Be Heroes: CIS EditionImperial Civil War - 2.2.5 Projections & Dev StreamLast year, we also released a historical inforgraphic, so if you wanna check that out, you can see it here: Preview...As we've previously announced, the Hapan faction will be the next faction added to Ascendancy, which will be the main focus for 1.2. The next version we release, however, will still be focused on balance changes for the original four factions before piling more content in. Myself, Bane and Caesar's Legion have been busy testing and tweaking things to smooth out the rough edges, something Ascendancy has needed for a long time, while we've been finishing ICW2.2, working on the planning stages for the Hapan faction and getting their enitities set up. We'll be getting into the balance changes in a moment, but first, I've done a quick (very, very) early preview playthrough video as part of my 12 hour livestream on Corey Loses, which you can watch here:...Balance Change Overview...The changes here won't be exhaustive since that's impossible without a huge wall of text (we'll try to do a full changelog including bugfixeswhen the actual patch releases), but hopefully will give a general idea of where we're headed, so please keep that in mind. There are a few major areas we're hitting for each section, so we'll address them by faction.Pentastar AlignmentThe Pentastar Alignment has stood head and shoulders above the other factions in 'competitive' play, so there are several nerfs and adjustments coming to them. First off, the Venator- it's meant to be a carrier with some combat ability, but for a few reasons, it's basically both a really good carrier, and a really good everything else. To address this, first off there has been a mod-wide reduction of laser damage against frigates and capital ships. The Venator had multiple point-defense lasers, which in the mod were giving most of its anti-capital damage as well. This has been significantly reduced, without reducing their intended function (being actual point defense), and as a result, the Venator now loses to the Procursator in direct 1-on-1 combat, as it should, while still being a strong option for providing fighters. Its also had some increases to its population cost, and resource costs. The second major change with the PA is with their supply lines tech- the goal with that tech was to have a small passive regen for fighter supply, but the result was a huge passive resupply regen instead, to the point that it was next to impossible to keep their fighters down. Now, the regen should be enough that it helps strategically, but not enough that it's a tactical problem. For that, PA players will have to invest in fleet tenders. The Empire and the PA, while they're supposed to be quantity over quality factions, had that accounted for both in ship pop costs, as well as their available supply, giving them undue advantages on both counts. While they'll still get bonus pop cap out of research (where the EotH and NR get other quality improvements) their baseline fleet supply research has been standardized with all factions, so each faction starts with the same core and then gets modified from their according to their strengths and weaknesses. This should also help a little bit with late game performance and fleet management. Another tech that gave them a huge advantage over the other factions was the bank increase tech, Spread Fire- this could basically double their damage output beyond what the EotH and NR could keep up with, so this tech has been removed (it doesn't work with the Hand for technical reasons, and in general it's too powerful a tech to be worth keeping around).Imperial RemnantThe changes directly related to the Empire have more to do with the subfactions. Generally, Daala was quite strong while the others lagged behind. Daala will remain more or less unchanged, aside from what's already been mentioned and some other smaller tweaks. With Palpatine, we're generally happy with the playstyle of the faction, but there needed to be more adjustments within that. Primarily, the drawbacks for his faction make sense, but the numbers for them were too high and came all at once. The culture suppression he has is strong, and he shouldn't spread as fast as others, but it was often too hard to expand at all if you took him too early. We'll be reducing the culture penalties he has fairly significantly, and spreading them across more tech so he has more time to adapt to it. We'll also be reducing the capital ship experience gain penalty a small bit. Shield mitigation on the non-Eclipse SSDs has also been increased a bit for all factions, which should help out all the Imperials a bit more than other factions. One area we're looking at with Palpatine particularly is making the initial investment in World Devastators worth it, or at least increasing their chances of being able to scale to the mini-titan point intended if given enough time (we don't want to front-load that too much, however).Thrawn and Pellaeon are the subfaction which requires the most work. A lot of their numbers have been increased for this patch, including fleet supply numbers since their focus is on smaller ships however they lack the same clear 'hook' of Palpatine and Daala. With them, making them more interesting is as high a priority of making them more usable competitively so they will likely get a bit better with this patch, and get more fleshed out with the 1.2 release and the Hapans.New RepublicA lot of the New Republic's issues are generally solved by the nerfs to the Imperial factions- a big reason they were not really able to compete as much was because they were generally being outnumbered, as well as the target bank tech increase the PA and IR received. Most NR changes have revolved around small changes to pop cap allocation, like making the Dauntless and BAC's slot count lower, but generally alongside the other changes we've found them to be in a decent spot in our testing so far. They've also received a new tech to increase their max trainable capital ship level, further emphasizing their quality over quantity focus.Empire of the HandAside from some of the toning down with the PA and IR we've talked about already, some of the biggest problems with the Empire of the Hand were how micro-intensive they can be. A lot of their strengths involved how quickly they could move around the map, and while we want to keep some of that micro-focus, ultimately a faction that relies on speed isn't able to compete as well in the late game and relies a lot on spreading heavily in the early game. Generally, our focus here will be to strength the abilities of Empire of the Hand capital ships, giving them better access to higher levels (as we did with the NR) and increasing ship power by buffing the abilities rather than going for raw stats, leaving their ships generally more vulnerable between cooldowns but having more tools to work with when used properly if they can maintain those levels.We hope you're looking forward to these changes and the others coming with the update- we're doing our best to make the mod a fun competitive experience, and we appreciate your patience as we try to sort through everything. It's always an ongoing process, so anything we overlook in this release, we'll keep addressing as we need to in future patches. This one in particular should be hitting ModDB on Thursday, June 28th.That's going to cover it for this update. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave them on the comments of this news post, or visit our forums or the Corey Loses & Gul Survives Discord server, which has channels for all the Thrawn's Revenge mods. Next up will be Fall of the Republic tomorrow! ...

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Imperial Civil War 2.2.4 Patch Notes (Steam Workshop Update)

Sunday May 27, 2018

This patch primarily focuses on attempting to fix or reduce the freeze issues which sometimes occur when battles end. So far, we've had few to no reports of it since certain fixes were applied, but we can't be 100% sure without more testing. There's a potential for some transaction-relient abilities to still cause it (boarding, Single-unit retreat) so we're keeping an eye on those specifically. We've also applied several AI upgrades, along with other smaller bug fixes and changes. This patch will not be compatible with saves from Change Log:- Several map updates (Phindar, Serenno maps added)- Re-added m,ap preview images (on invasion/base layout sacreens)-  AI Improvements:-- Improved the way defending ground forces interact with landing zones (defendedrs shouldn't care about enemy reinforcements, they can go take landing zones)-- Certain defensive plans made more accessible to AI-- Fixed EotH building namers in AI plans-- Improved AI handling of planetary weapons (factions using PA HVGun should fire it now)-- SSD asteroid collision removed to help with pathfinding-- AI now takes reinforcements into account before deciding to retreat-- Incrteased desire to upgrade starbase levels-- Added Interdictor as independent category type for AI use-- Other minor adjustments- Validusia made available to all Imperial factions- Validusia range increased, should now outrange most ships and actually be somewhat useful (2100 -> 3100)- Nerfed Ewok hunter damage- Various text fixes (including Trier, Okins and Kosh ship command text, boarding use depletion tooltip)- Lag experiements: restored AI for inactive factions, incraesed galactic movespeed (may be reverted)- Fixed Megamaser graphical effects (singles should no longer render as duals)- MMT AoE damage removed. strong single-target damage, shouldn't wipe infantry squads- Gamescoring script restored, should track end-game stats more accurately now)- Documentation updates: EotH only for now, added more stats to tooltips- Potential fix for crash opn completion of Katana Fleet mission (needs more testing)- Elrood income 220 -> 120- Oto, Empress, Validusia prices adjusted- Empress Proton Torpedo launch count 2 -> 1 for all HPs- Raid fleets temporarily disabled in era-progressive GCs- Harrsk combat bonus to own star destroyer now applies properly (Whirlwind)- Performance improvements to structure display ...

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Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans

Monday May 07, 2018

Release WrapupIt's been just under a month since the release at 2.2, so we wanted to take a moment to talk about common problems, what's coming in patches, and also release on of those patches. Overall we've been happy with the release of 2.2 so far. There's a lot still to be done and worked out, but the goal with 2.2 was to establish a new basic starting ground for the updates we want to make going forward, and we feel like we've accomplished that. There have been a few issues which we'll talk about today, but very little that's entirely gamebreaking, and very little that we're not confident we can fix. Before we get into direct plans though, we want to address some of the most common problems that have come up.Before we get into it though, as always I have recorded a video version of the update, which can be seen just below. The information in both is the same, so pick whichever medium you prefer:Issue: I get a crash/perception parsing error when the game starts/a Galactic Conquest starts/I can't build any units with the filtersThis is generally caused by another mod having installed its AI or Scripts folders to the base data folder, which will interfere with other mods. Because a lot of features in TR heavily rely on being able to use our own AI and scripts, this can cause several issues. To resolve this, you just need to go into your Forces of Corruption data folder (not the mod's) and delete the folder named Scripts if it's there, and then into the XML folder and delete the AI and Enum folders if they're there. Sometimes only one of those three will be present. Issue: Some planets blink red and can't be accessed. This has actually been one of the most common reports we've received, however this is not a bug- this is what a locked planet in EaW looks like. these are planets which have story elements tied to them (generally emergent factions or era progression). It's kind of ugly, but there's unfortunately not much else we can do with them, the functionality wasn't really intended to be heavily used by PG, so it does look kind of weird.Issue: When I try to load games, they'll sometimes crash.This is basically a base game issue caused by memory accessibility for the program. The bad news is, it's not something mods can fix as it's a base game issue, the good news is the Steam version of EaW is hopefully being patched soon to address it. This does unfortunately mean the GoG and retail disk versions will, much llke with the selection freeze bug, continue to have the issues, so we may have to make certain larger GCs where it's especially prone to occurring, like Empire's End, Steam only. Mitigating this is also why certain things like extra VO and planet preview images were left out of the initial release, and will be patched in afterwards. We'll have to make some choices about how exactly to handle that for the versions of EaW where the issues will persist. We do however recommend getting EaW for Steam (it goes on sale fairly often) to get the most stable experience as mods continue to push the boundaries of the engine, since it's currently the only version of the game receiving official patches from Petroglyph.Issue: I ran 2.15 fine, but 2.2 often lags on the galactic map in larger GCsEaW can only use a single processor core, so even the best computers will start to struggle with larger maps that have a lot of active factions on them. 2.15's largest map was about 90 planets with 3-4 active factions, counting the player, whereas int largest in 2.2 is 138 planets and up to 6-7 active factions, so there's a lot more going on that the processor has to keep up with. This is also why we have such a wide array of GCs- regardless of computer strength, you should be able to find a good amount that run smoothly for you. We are also playing with some other factors, like AI modifications, hyperspace speed, etc to reduce how much has to be processed at once, so you may see some back and forth during patches on this front while we experiment- this is one of the things that we'll be actively playing with  even after the last "full" patch for 2.2.PatchesSince release, we've been working on fixing various bugs which have arisen, and for the most part we seem to have handled the biggest ones in the 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 patches. Because Steam workshop has automatic updates, we've been testing them in smaller chunks on Steam and the ModdB releases will be updated with larger patches less frequently, to make sure people have the most straightforward installation processes. Tonight, some time after this post goes up, (May 7th) we'll be releasing 2.2.3 to both Steam and ModDB, which on top of the fixes already handled by 2.2.1 and 2.2.2, has some more experimental lag changes, focuses on stabilizing some of the era change edge cases where the script controlling some spawns would sometimes not work. The full patch notes for all patches can be found both in the download description when it goes up, and here (the same changes apply to both the Steam and ModDB versions).As we approach 2.2.5, which will be the last major patch for 2.2 before moving onto the new content for 2.3, we will have a couple primary focuses. The first and foremost is addressing any remaining major issues with era progression, which once we're comfortable it's all working properly, will include adding in other forces to some of the emergent faction events (Hapans are pretty powerful, but things like Zero Command were left kind of bare-bones to make sure they weren't causing problems before we flesh them out more). Second, we'll be trying to find out what's wrong with the Yevethans so we can re-enable them and the Empires at War & Black Fleet Crisis scenarios. Third, we'll be starting to overhaul some of the documentation in the mod, to make it more consistent and informative. In the super-short term, this will involve removing some information about weapon loadouts for ships- they'll be added back in 2.3 with full information on hardpoints, but they will be handled differently and we want to make sure translating the mod into other languages is as easy as possible, so doing it this way makes the most sense long-term. Finally, we'll be working on adding some multiplayer GC maps to the mod. This was left out because there are many features the mod relies on which can't be used in MP, so we have to basically use entirely separate unit sets for it, among other changes. We'll be starting with just one or two Empire vs New Republic scenarios, but we'll expand this when possible.After that, it's on to 2.3 where we'll be adding the Corporate Sector Authority as a playable faction and beginning the ground overhaul, as well as working on Fall of the Republic, or Clone Wars mod (and Ascendancy for Sins, of course), so there's plenty to look forward to. If you want to keep track of development as it goes, in addition to these news posts, I also do preview playthroughs and other videos on my YouTube channel, which can be found at ...

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[Patch] Imperial Civil War 2.2.2 Released

Saturday April 21, 2018

We have just pushed a patch to address a few issues. This will currently only be available for Steam Workshop copies because it allows auto-updates, but once we've compiled more changes, the ModDB mirror will be updated as well.Major Changes:- Disabled Yevetha (and therefore Empires at War and BFC) due to causing crashes on initiating tactical battles until we can find the cause.- Added Reinforcement prevention radii to Starbases and mines in skirmish- Altered stats for power to shields/weapons in skirmish- Removed power to weapons from larger ships in skirmish (Praetor, Nebula, Allegiance)- Removed 3 mines on Core Conflict- Removed Bright Jewel, Mantell Massacre, Corellian Conflict and Dark Fury skirmish maps (redundant or unfinished)- EotH starts with Krsiss instead of Nsiss in Skirmish- Added merchant dock units for all factions- Fixed several skirmish ships removing all FoW, some may still remain.- Empress station damage nerfed (6 protons per hardpoint -> 2)- Moff Resuun Tractor Beam enabled- Enforcer pop cap 2 -> 3- Fixed [MISSING] Ion cannons on Oto, added Quad Ion projectile- Fixed an issue where boarded or retreated units would sometimes spawn at dummy planets and be inaccessible.- Fixed Eriadu Lancet availability- Fixed duplicated Hailfire company- Strang and Weir added to Eriadu for era progressives- World Devastator and Praetor should unlock in era 3 and 4 respectively for Remnant, with WD relocking in Jax era. ...

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[Patch] Imperial Civil War 2.2.1 Released

Monday April 16, 2018

We have just pushed a patch to address a few issues. This will currently only be available for Steam Workshop copies because it allows auto-updates, but once we've compiled more changes, the ModDB mirror will be updated as well.Major Changes:- Fixed skirmish AI inactivity- Fixed an issue where era changes when factions are destroyed will cause a crash (until we have more time to test a better solution, this will mean the progressive GCs technically won't end)- Doing live testing of some measure to improve GC performance on larger maps. Let us know if you see a difference.Minor Changes:- Various text fixes (most prominently, deconstruction buttons have names now)- Moved Upcoming Changes button out from under Audio button- Fixed missing Eriadu and Maldrood starting heroes in era progressives (Veers, Trier, Okins, Ramier)- Fixed Gladiators not spawning fighters for Maldrood and Eriadu- Commando sticky bombs reduced in damage and blast radius- Broader KDY discounts- Yevetha Boarding enabled- Lott walker icon fixed- Kyle dropped off by Moldy Crow- Sienar Praetor discount removed- Sacheen properly refers to single-unit retreat- Nuruodo now requires only level 1 in skirmish- Shifted save warning up slightly- Ground skirmish heroes added:--PA: Rei'kas, Sariss, Jerec--Zsinj: Netbers, Lanu, Gethzerion, Melvar--Maldrood: Dengar, Lott, Boba--Eriadu: Weir, Strnag, Bossk, Veers--Duskhan League: Eri PalleIf you have the Steam workshop version of the mod, this should automatically download. Please keep additional bug reports to the tech support subforum. ...

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[Release] Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War 2.2: The Warlords

Thursday April 12, 2018

...Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War...Conquer the galaxy in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor as any of 8 playable factions, with an era-based progression system- the fledgling New Republic which has formed out of the Rebel Alliance, the fracturing Galactic Empire, the secretive Empire of the Hand, the warlike and xenophobic Duskhan League, and four different Imperial Warlord factions (the Pentastar Alignment, Eriadu Authority, Warlord Zsinj, and Greater Maldrood).Play with hundreds of units and heroes in skirmish and 19 new galactic conquest scenarios, including several historical scenarios encapsulating various different conflicts in the Star Wars: Legends universe.For those who have played previous versions, the mod has essentially been entirely rebuilt, so providing a specific changelog isn't especially feasible- this is a rough overview, and the Readme goes a bit more in depth....What's New in 2.2...Greater Maldrood, Zsinj's Empire, and Eriadu Authority Added as Playable FactionsDozens of Redone and Updated Ship and Vehicle Models (ISD, Lancer, Mon Calamari Cruisers, Lucrehulk, and many more)Many New Ships, Heroes and Vehicles (Secutor, Raider, Procursator, Dauntless, Bellator, and many more)Several New Galactic Conquests AddedEra-System Overhauled, Allowing Different Ways to Progress, and New ConsequencesAll Existing Galactic Conquest Scenarios Overhauled, With More Story EventsProjectile Visuals OverhauledRedone Skydomes, Ground Textures and Asteroid FieldsOverhauled AI to Take Advantage of Mod Features, Without Ridiculous CheatingNew Abilities and Features, Including Single-Unit Retreat, and BoardingDozens of New, Updated and Redone MapsUpdated Icons for 4K MonitorsBasically, everythingWith previous versions we've included a manual- this is coming, but unfortunately we were unable to finish it in time for the release, so once it's finished, it'll be uploaded separately. [Download Imperial Civil War 2.2 - Steam Workshop][Download Imperial Civil War 2.2 - ModDB (GoG, Retail)]For installation instructions, see the readme, or watch a tutorial video by clicking here.Currently, the mod is only available in English- if you are interested in helping translate the mod into another language, please email us at, or contact me directly on Discord, ModDB, or the TR site.In order to deal with EaW's save-load problem until Petroglyph can release a proper patch, we have also removed or omitted some things (used some lower res textures, left out new Voice Overs, etc) until that gets fixed in order to help stability. If and when that gets fixed, we should be able to pretty quickly re-add those elements to the patched versions.2.2 is effectively a complete overhaul of Thrawn's Revenge, and during its development, we've been building the base from which we'll continue to polish and expand the mod. Because of the extent to which we've changed how everything works, even with the long testing period we've been through, we're sure plenty of issues will arise- if you happen to come across any significant issues, we ask that you please report them in the tech support section on our forums. We've also already begun planning the next steps for the mod, which we've covered more in-depth in a previous news post, which you can read by clicking here. In the shorter-term, however, we have some plans for supporting the mod with any issues that arise in the immediate future. With the Steam Workshop, we'll be able to immediately push updates for that version as they happen in terms of bug fixes and balance changes, since the workshop allows automatic updates- one of our primary focuses in that respect will be keeping balance patches regularly coming to help support multiplayer. It's a bit more difficult with the other kinds of downloads, so our plan there is to compile more of those updates over the space of about a month and have a more comprehensive patch release which can be downloaded separately. ...Multiplayer Community Matches & Future Version Previews...One of our other goals, now that Petroglyph has re-enabled multiplayer for EaW via Steam, is to run regular multiplayer community matches. I will be mostly running this through my YouTube channel, where I'll also be continuing to do preview playthroughs and videos of upcoming versions of Imperial Civil War, Ascendancy, and soon, Fall of the Republic, our Clone Wars mod. The channel can be found at . The plan is to have these matches happen roughly once per week. Basically, I will schedule the events (and update the main menu with the date for the next one on the workshop version), and host all the matches live on stream. Once I open the lobbies, anyone will be free to join. We've been doing this pretty regularly for 2.15 for the last few months, and it's been a lot of fun. It also provides valuable balancing feedback, which as I said earlier, will be acted on pretty regularly (along with the addition of new maps) on the Steam Workshop copy of the mod.The first full community matches will take place Monday, April 16th at 5pm EST, and Saturday, April 21st at 2pm EST. We may woirk in a few to our release day dev stream today at 5pm EST, however.You can also join the CGB Discord server, where there are channels dedicated to the Thrawn's Revenge mods and organizing other matches:, we want to thank everyone for their patience and support during the development of 2.2, especially to all those who participated in the open beta testing over the last two months- it's been a long time since the last release, and we especially appreciate everyone's understanding with the delay while we attempted to mitigate the problems caused by the EaW save-load issue. We hope 2.2 is worth the wait, and we hope to continue improving the mod even more in future releases.- The Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War Development Team - ...

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Thrawn's Revenge

Thrawn's Revenge is a full graphic and gameplay modification of the computer game, Star Wars: Empire at War. Set in the years following the Battle of Endor, and outside the original game's timeframe, Thrawn's Revenge is based around the conflict between the newly founded New Republic and the Imperial Remnant as they fight for control of the galaxy.

New factions

Each faction features a variety of new land and space units, as well as many new era-specific heroes created especially for the mod.

  • New Republic - With the Emperor dead at Endor and the Imperial Fleet in disarray the Rebel Alliance, in accordance with its founding treaty, convened a Constitutional Convention to determine the form of a restored Galactic Republic. Featuring a range of new units from an array of different cultures each with their own benefits and weaknesses.
  • Imperial Remnant - When Palpatine was killed at the Battle of Endor, and his second Death Star destroyed by the Rebel Alliance, it started a chain of events that led to the fragmentation of his Empire as numerous Imperials fought to take his place on the throne, or fled with their forces to carve out their own mini empires.
  • Empire of the Hand - Secretly founded by Thrawn after he was exiled from the Chiss Ascendancy, the Empire of the Hand was established in order to explore and pacify the Unknown Regions and protect the galaxy from the many and varied threats residing there.
  • Pentastar Alignment - When the Emperor’s death at the Battle of Endor caused the fragmentation of the Empire, Kaine, a native of Sartinaynian in the Braxant sector, transferred the Oversector capital and base of operations to the New Territories along with most of his forces.
  • Minor Factions - Multiple minor non-playable factions have been included, each with their own unit set, to add new flavours and challenges to the game.

Improved gameplay

  • Era system - The original tech-tree system from vanilla Empire at War, whereby the player researches or steals technology to gain access to new and better units, does not exist in Thrawn’s Revenge.  Instead the mod is structured around five discrete eras covering the years after Battle of Endor (4 ABY) up until shortly after the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty (19 ABY), with allowance for technology up to the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY).
  • Updated combat system - Thrawn’s Revenge uses a representative system to assign appropriate weapons to different units and balance them according to, where possible, their canonical armament.
  • New maps and scenarios - Thrawn’s Revenge includes thirteen original Galactic Conquest campaigns spanning the fifteen years between the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY and the Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty in 19 ABY.  With a mixture of single-era, multi-era, historical and “Infinities” campaigns, you can explore many of the conflicts that were recorded during those years.
  • Many other changes - Multiple other tweaks, changes and additions have been made to the original Star WArs: Empire at War game. 

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