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Thrawn's Revenge is a modification for Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption.
Take command of the New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Pentastar Alignment or Empire of the Hand.
Experience 5 eras of Star Wars, with new models, textures, and gameplay changes.
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2.2 Ability Preview: Capturing Ships (With FAQ)

Thursday November 16, 2017

A few days ago, I released a video showing one of the new abilities Pox has been working on for 2.2, unit boarding. We've held off on posting this in other usual news sources because I wanted to take some time to respond to some of the more common questions that go along with it, which I'll be doing after the video:Although it was specifically mentioned in the video that the exact numbers (success chance, unit price) you were seeing were not the actual numbers and instead just to make it as easy as possible to get the video showing the basic mechanics, one of the primary concerns raised by people was about balancing. First, I want to re-iterate that the boarding units will be expensive, in both credits and pop cap, typically similar to a capital ship in both areas. This is not a unit you will be spamming and trying to do so would be an incredibly bad idea. Your success chance with boarding is almost nothing if the target ship is anywhere near full health, and your boarding shuttles are incredibly vulnerable- successfully capturing an enemy ship will require something of a concentrated effort, and after you've captured the ship, it will typically be very heavily damaged- something you will need to protect, not something you will be using to help you win that engagement. we're also considering turning off major subsystems after a successful boarding (as you'll only have a skeleton crew).So, other FAQ:1. What can be captured?The typical rule of thumb will be ships between 500 meters and 2000 meters will be capture-able. There will be some exceptions, but that's essentially how it works. This includes things like Hapan Battledragons, Star Destroyers and most things in between. This does mean SSDs will not be boardable in this way.2. Who will have this ability?Right now, the New Republic, Duskhan League and era 2 Remnant have it, with era 5 Remnant being another possible candidate. It's undecided how far it will go beyond that.3. Does success chance change between ships?Success chance is currently based on proportion of total ship health, so it does take more actual damage to get larger ships down to any given success chance, but in terms of overall percent it is the same. Capturing ships is currently fairly difficult as it is, but if it ends up being too easy, this is one potential area we'll be examining.4. Can you tell your ships not to target the ship while it's being boarded?Currently no, however making ships invulnerable while being boarded is something we're considering.5. What's the cooldown? Is the boarding shuttle removed after being used?Currently we're undecided whether we're going to use a direct cooldown, a limited amount of tries for the ability per shuttle in any given battle, or both. Currently, the shuttle is not removed after successfully (or unsuccessfully) being used. While removing them for a successful boarding may sound like it makes it less powerful, in practice, they're quite fragile, quite expensive and because of the pop cap value they take up, keeping them in the battle afterwards makes more sense in keeping the attempt to capture a ship a primary focus of a battle, instead of something you just incidentally do.6. Will fighter compliments reflect the new or the original owners?Currently they stay with the original loadout, but this is something I'd like to change for the first patch post-2.2. It shouldn't be an especially difficult one to make, but there's certain other variables I want to change to certain fighter loadout situations, and it makes more sense to implement it all at once than doing piece by piece.So, hopefully that gives you an idea of how the ability works. If you still have questions feel free to post them here, on the video comments, or in our official discord channels on the CGB Coalition server: ...

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Pentastar Alignment Art of War Preview & Upcoming News Posts

Friday November 10, 2017

Hey everyone, it's once again time for me to do another preview playthrough in 2.2, this time as the Pentastar Alignment in Art of War. That being said, while we are closing in on release, there's also some other upcoming news posts:1. Ability Preview (Boarding)2. Era 5 Breakdown3. Hero and Roster Changes for NR/IR/PA/EotH/Yevetha ...

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New Republic Bacta War Preview Playthrough

Friday October 06, 2017

My preview let's play series as all of the 2.2 factions is continuing, this time with the New Republic in the new Bacta War GC. Check it out on Corey Loses for a look at some of the new abilities, UI changes, story events and more coming in 2.2. Episodes will be posted Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. ...

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Leading to Release, Official EaW Patch & Era 4 Breakdown

Monday September 04, 2017

It's been quite some time since our last regular news post, and there's quite a bit to talk about. We'll be covering the new Empire at War patch and what it means, what's left to do for 2.2 and some early points on 2.3, and the fourth era breakdown, talking about Natasi Daala and the new Reunification. We'll start with the patch and what it means.Official PatchAs most EaW players are probably aware, Petroglyph and Disney released a patch for the Steam version over the weekend, changing a few things. there are three major points to this. One is multiplayer, two is the steam workshop, and 3 is the selection freeze fix. The selection freeze fix means that for those with the steam version (and hopefully there will be an official version of the patch for the GoG and disk version), the defreezer tool is no longer necessary. The tool was a good workaround, but could be confusing for some players and could have edge cases where it caused instability with the save game, so this fix opens up several possibilities with Galactic Conquests, including some events and scale. There are one or two changes this allows us to consider, but we're mostly holding off on that until 2.3 (by which point hopefully GoG and retail will have official patch options).Secondly, the Steam workshop- we have absolutely no intention to remove or reduce our presence on Mod Database because of this, before anyone asks. The Workshop is very convenient, but all versions will continue to be published on both places. The 2.2 Demo needs a couple changes to be compatible with the new version to fix the green mess it caused (really, just deleting a folder in ICW22Demo\Data\Art named Shaders- you can do it yourself if you like), so it will be back available on ModDB soon.The major thing which everyone is of course focused on is multiplayer. Please, while trying to play mods in multiplayer keep in mind we were not able to make changes to accommodate the reintroduction of multiplayer beforehand, so things are still set up how they would have been for when it worked before. It will take some time to work out the kinks. The game does seem to dislike custom maps being used for matches, so we have pushed a patch to the 2.1 workshop copy allowing the use of base game maps until that gets worked out. The multiplayer GCs in ICW 2.1 are mostly playable, but not all factions are available, and the maps have not had a chance to have balancing done, or hero spawns (we never assumed there'd be a chance to use them. For development, this means you can expect a lot more fleshing out on the GC maps, and a bit more work being done to skirmish, depending on what happens with the custom map issue. We will try to have at least one multiplayer GC map available for each faction at release, but we may end up releasing them in packs as we go. We have been asked if we can allow more than two players per map, but that is unfortunately impossible- the game is capped at two human players. Era 4As the shortest era covering only 12 ABY, Era 4 only includes the Reunification Galactic Conquest. Reunification"I didn't want to rule. I had no intention of becoming a political leader—but you have given me no choice. I cannot leave the Empire in the hands of fools like you."―Admiral Natasi DaalaTime Covered: Imperial Reunification (12 ABY)After the failure of Shadow Hand, the Imperial Warlords once again fell into conflict with each other. Natasi Daala, having been isolated with her fleet at the Maw since before Endor, emerged to find the Empire she had loved and loyally served in ruins. Taking her fleet of four Star Destroyers, she began a failed campaign against the New Republic. Upon regrouping with other Imperial forces in the core, she decided to act as an ambassador between the larger Warlord groups, hoping to reunite them under one banner. When ordered by Blitzer Harrsk to mount a counterattack against Treuten Teradoc's forces, Daala instead disabled the flagship of Harrsk and ordered the two to cease hostilities, threatening to destroy both her own ship and Harrsk's. In the process, Daala gained the respect and loyalty of other Imperial officers including Gilad Pellaeon, Thrawn's old protege, who shared her goal. This culminated in a meeting called by Daala for all of the Imperial Warlords at Tsoss Beacon, where she threatened to kill them all unless they found a way to work together. When they refused, Daala killed all of the leaders, and took control for herself, thereby uniting almost all of the Imperial forces in the galaxy under her command. In this GC, the Remnant follows Daala's attempts to unite the Empire and bring together the Warlord forces, gaining new heroes and ships as she goes. This GC will have its basic setup and Galactic-level events laid out in 2.2, with extra tactical missions added in 2.3.Playable Factions: New Republic - CoruscantImperial Remnant - The MawPentastar Alignment - EntrallaEriadu Authority - KampeGreater Maldrood - HakassiNon-Playable Factions:Zero Command - Kalist VIThe Road to ReleaseSince we're getting closer to release, we wanted to talk about what specifically is left, and what happens after that. Because of just how much we're overhauling with 2.2, we've decided that some of what we'd initially been planning  we are better off leaving to 2.3. This both allows us to get the update out more quickly (so people aren't still playing 2.1 for too long), and more importantly allows us to more thoroughly test everything and work out the bugs before building too much upon it. One of the big pushes in 2.2 is to add in some extra story elements, so we're breaking that into two phases. With 2.2, we're mostly focusing on the main plot points for any given GC on the galactic level, and in 2.3, we'll flesh them out more with missions (both tactical like the Katana fleet in 2.1, and galactic like forming the Hapan alliance in the 2.2 demo). The main thing which we are currently working on for 2.2, which has taken a lot of our development time, is that we rebuilt every galactic conquest from the ground up- something we won't be redoing for 2.3. While we will add a small handful in the next version, we'll have more time and opportunity to add more depth to the existing ones, after using the 2.2 feedback to fix any bugs which will inevitably result from what we're working on now.There are a lot of features which follow the same logic- a lot of the systems we're working on now on the backend have taken longer to introduce in 2.2 because of what we're setting them to to be built into. Things like the structure display and raid fleet scripts have been rebuilt to allow for other tactical events and galactic information (as well as the container method to display other information on the galactic map), meaning along with raid fleets, in future versions we'll be able to have other randomized events within battles to help add some variety and other objectives. We currently have 3 new ones planned. We also have the generic object scripts, which are how we handle fighter spawning, single-unit retreat, and  other abilities, meaning it will be much easier for us to add a wider variety of abilities in the future on top of the new ones we have already. This basis is also being set up for use on Fall of the Republic, our Clone Wars mod.So, that should hopefully explain the situation and why things are taking the time they are, as well as give you an idea of what to look forward to- now, for what exactly is still left to do. There are a small handful of art assets we're still working on, namely the Sorannan, Vigil, Imperial II frigate, Intego, and ULAV. Hopefully the updated Providence and one or two other things will be in as well. We're also going through and trying to update as many of the skydomes as we can for space maps, bringing them more in line with the newer ones. This is something that will likely continue with 2.3.The Galactic Conquest work is starting to all come together- most of the basic layouts are done, with a lot of the story skeletons in place, and playable as at least one of the factions. What remains in this department is to finish the setup for the Era 5 and Era-Progressive GCs (we'll have separate news posts on them) and to go back through, adding in support for all playable factions for the GCs which have been set up. Basically, 11 of the main ones are done or close to being done, and 8 remain. that may sound like a lot, but among those 8 are From the Ground Up, which don't involve separate story scripting and are made much easier by the GC Editor, the Era 5 GCs, which are mostly planned, and the era-progressive GCs, which are more about compiling the work done with other GCs and putting them together in a way which makes sense.What this means is we are getting very close to reaching an alpha/beta phase. We are about to start opening up specific GCs to our internal beta testers, and we will b... ...

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Official EaW/FoC Patch

Friday September 01, 2017

Disney and Petro have just published a patch for the Steam version of Eaw re-enabling multiplayer and adding workshop support. We're still looking into getting everything sorted mod-wise for it, but for now there is one rather major issue we're aware of. Because of shader issues, the Demo currently has rendering issues. If you go into ICW22Demo/Data/Art and delete the shaders folder, it should be resolved.They did include a fix for the selection freeze, which means you no longer need the Defreezer. ...

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Operation Shadow Hand Preview Playthrough

Friday September 01, 2017

I've begun my preview of Shadow Hand as the Remnant, going to be uploading it on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. ...

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Ascendancy 1.1.1 Patch

Saturday August 26, 2017

Hello everyone!It's been a week since the release of Ascendancy 1.1, and in that time we've received some very helpful feedback. We're overall happy with the state and direction of the mod, and the response has been great, but there were a few issues (some major, some minor) we wanted to address before moving on to the next major version, the changes for which we'll be discussing soon. This patch will be the first of most likely two patches for 1.1 to address bugs and any flagrant balance issues. There are two options to install it- one which just has changed files from 1.1, and one which includes a new copy of the whole mod. In about a week, we'll be removing the download for the first to save possible confusion. The description has full installation instructions, as usual.[Download - Patch Files][Download - Full 1.1.1]Patch Notes:1. All mesh and entity files converted to binary format for better performance.2. Icon Fixes: - Smuggler icon fixed on build bar (New Republic) 3. Ssi-Ruuvi Random event:The goal with the Ssi-Ruuvi is to have a minor faction which can occasionally play a significant role in a game, akin to more localized pirates. Unfortunately, since they are entirely buff chain based, they could get out of hand and become a much bigger issue than we aimed. These changes aim to bring them back in the intended direction, and we'll nerf them again even more severely if necessary, depending on how they act with these changes. - Changed spawn weighting and time between possible spawns. - Instead of being able to repeatedly spawn ships, Ssi-Ruuvi captured planets will spawn one slightly larger fleet and then stop.4. Hero/Superweapon Bug Fixes: - Galaxy Gun bug limiting it to one shot fixed. Reverted to unlimited firing, will be potentially looking into a new method to lock it to 3 shots depending on balancing feedback. - Fixed Karrde being able to spawn repeatedly. - Fixed Scourge Squadron (Kaine) and Dark Fleet (Thrawn) not spawning their intended ships. Keep in mind, you do need available ship slots for them to spawn.5. General Bug Fixes & Changes: - Removed LAA mention from loading screens - Fixed issue where pirate spawns on random maps would cause texture issues on the HUD, offsetting black market buttons - Capital ships (and therefore, hero SSDs) no longer can be captured by MC80 boarding parties. - Bellator: Barrier shield now tied to correct level upgrade, was tied to microjump. - Executor: Overwhelm no longer uses Numerical Superiority text - Executor: Aura of Fear and Iron Grip icons on level upgrades fixed - Oto: Removed pinnacle base upgrade. - Fixed issue where many PA ships and structures referenced Imperial fighter sets - now have Skiprays (ie Golan III, Grant, Kaine, Bellator) - Crimson Command: Changed name to say Crimson command instead of VSDII, extra weapon banks now show properly on unit card.7. Text Fixes: - Intego description listed as Phalanx in text file, missing ingame. Now displays properly. - Split Proton unlock tech description fixed. - Asdroni now states it is anti-fighter.8. Balance Changes: - Culture resistance tech bonuses adjusted for all factions. - Crack Mantle damage levels now 4k -> 5k -> 6k -> 7k, from 5. - Warlord random event: removed Executor.7. Hapes Consortium: - Still not a playable faction, yet.  ...

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[Release] Star Wars: Ascendancy 1.1

Saturday August 19, 2017

...Ascendancy 1.1 Release...The Emperor has fallen, and the Empire is in shambles after their defeat at Endor. Play as the New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Empire of the Hand or Pentastar Alignment, each with their own unique ships, heroes and tech trees to reunite the Star Wars galaxy under your rule.It's been some time since our last release, and basically all facets of the mod have changed. Doing a full changelog would be next to impossible, so here's a general overview of some of the mor major changes....Major Changes in 1.1...Overhauled menu and HUD UI to be more aesthetically appealing and user friendly (including map pips)Several random events and encounters, including shipyard worlds, the Katana fleet, and Ssi-Ruuvi invasion eventsSeveral unique research options added for each faction. All factions now have 100-110 research subjects.Added heroes for all factions, including Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon, and Emperor Palpatine in the EclipseAdded upkeep costs directly to ships, helping to address resource snowballingNew Map: Balance Point, re-added support for Random mapsArt assets remade for several units, including the Bellator-class SSD and ProcursatorSeveral new units, including the Peltast-class Star Destroyer and Raider-class CorvetteNew stations for Remnant (Cardan-class), Alignment (Validusia-class) and Hand (Oto-class)Many bug fixes and balance changes[Download Ascendancy 1.1 - ModDB]I have made a tutorial video on my youtube channel, Corey Loses, for those who don't know how to install the mod, which you can find by clicking here.I plan to regularly organize community matches through that youtube channel as well. These matches will be scheduled in advance and livestreamed while they're happening. In addition to being announced on the forums, Mod Database and YouTube channel, they will also be announced on the Corey Loses & GB Gaming Discord server, which now has a section dedicated to Thrawn's Revenge discussion. To join that server, simply click the icon below.There are still two art assets we were unable to finish in time for the release, the Wild Karrde and TIE Droid, so currently they're still using some palceholder assets (Corellian Corvette and TIE Fighter). The models are done, but the textures are still in progress. Since we plan to have another release in a couple months, we decided it wasn't worth holding back the release for those just yet, and their updated art will be in the next version. We'll have an overview post about version 1.15 soon, however we're trying something with this development cycle we've not done before. While it will be a relatively short window between 1.1 and 1.15, those who wish to play through the build as it happens will be able to. The subforum and repository we set up for the 1.1 beta process will be kept live throughout development, and as features get ready for testing, we'll by updating that repository as we go. For full instructions on how to gain access, click here. ...

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Fall of the Republic Overview Video & First Look

Thursday August 10, 2017

I've done a video version of (essentially) the information from the announcement post, with our first in-game look at the Republic and CIS. ...

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Thrawn's Revenge

Thrawn's Revenge is a full graphic and gameplay modification of the computer game, Star Wars: Empire at War. Set in the years following the Battle of Endor, and outside the original game's timeframe, Thrawn's Revenge is based around the conflict between the newly founded New Republic and the Imperial Remnant as they fight for control of the galaxy.

New factions

Each faction features a variety of new land and space units, as well as many new era-specific heroes created especially for the mod.

  • New Republic - With the Emperor dead at Endor and the Imperial Fleet in disarray the Rebel Alliance, in accordance with its founding treaty, convened a Constitutional Convention to determine the form of a restored Galactic Republic. Featuring a range of new units from an array of different cultures each with their own benefits and weaknesses.
  • Imperial Remnant - When Palpatine was killed at the Battle of Endor, and his second Death Star destroyed by the Rebel Alliance, it started a chain of events that led to the fragmentation of his Empire as numerous Imperials fought to take his place on the throne, or fled with their forces to carve out their own mini empires.
  • Empire of the Hand - Secretly founded by Thrawn after he was exiled from the Chiss Ascendancy, the Empire of the Hand was established in order to explore and pacify the Unknown Regions and protect the galaxy from the many and varied threats residing there.
  • Pentastar Alignment - When the Emperor’s death at the Battle of Endor caused the fragmentation of the Empire, Kaine, a native of Sartinaynian in the Braxant sector, transferred the Oversector capital and base of operations to the New Territories along with most of his forces.
  • Minor Factions - Multiple minor non-playable factions have been included, each with their own unit set, to add new flavours and challenges to the game.

Improved gameplay

  • Era system - The original tech-tree system from vanilla Empire at War, whereby the player researches or steals technology to gain access to new and better units, does not exist in Thrawn’s Revenge.  Instead the mod is structured around five discrete eras covering the years after Battle of Endor (4 ABY) up until shortly after the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty (19 ABY), with allowance for technology up to the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY).
  • Updated combat system - Thrawn’s Revenge uses a representative system to assign appropriate weapons to different units and balance them according to, where possible, their canonical armament.
  • New maps and scenarios - Thrawn’s Revenge includes thirteen original Galactic Conquest campaigns spanning the fifteen years between the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY and the Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty in 19 ABY.  With a mixture of single-era, multi-era, historical and “Infinities” campaigns, you can explore many of the conflicts that were recorded during those years.
  • Many other changes - Multiple other tweaks, changes and additions have been made to the original Star WArs: Empire at War game. 

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