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Author Topic: Ascendancy 0.95 Changelog  (Read 3734 times)

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February 28, 2015, 01:38:38 AM

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Ascendancy 0.95 Changelog
« on: February 28, 2015, 01:38:38 AM »
Keep in mind the 0.95 version is still a beta version, and is still a transition from 0.9 to the full release; several aspects are still incomplete, in progress, or not yet added.

  • New UI - Ability/Research icons not yet redone, fleet logistics screen still in progress
  • New Planet Textures (Arboreal, Mountainous, Barren, Oceanic, Arid Oceanic, Swamp)
  • Starbases (New Republic: Esseles, Empress. Remnant: Esseles, Command Station
  • XQ Resupply Station added (New Republic)
  • New Maps: Corellian Sector, Mon Calamari Space

  • About a dozen new techs
  • Edits to some AI-related values
  • Imperial Command Station Logistic Structure removed
  • Migration removed
  • Shield Generator now tied to planets instead of structures
  • All units rebalanced (new starting point, not final values; overall gist is most Mon Calamari ships buffed, Praetor more expensive and more of a tank role)
  • Fighter/Bomber squadrons increased to 6 units per squadron
  • Galaxy Gun now optional, one per player
  • Starting options now significantly impact game speed/size
  • AI Should use Capital ships more regularly, reduced experience for level 2/3
  • Pentastar Alignment theme and icon added
  • Altor: Added Protect ability
  • Capital Ship crews redistributed (similar total, less to start, more per tech

  • Fixed Golan targetting, shields
  • Fixed Missing base-game strings
  • Fixed issue where escape pods would prevent AI from building Gallofree landers

Known Issues/To Be Done:
  • Still improving AI functionality
  • UI work in progress (research icons, ability icons, victory/defeat/loading screens
  • Balancing still in progress
  • Issue reported where at some point credits will reset to 1, prevent building of starbases and titans - unsure if Sins, mod, or individual problem
  • Capital and flagship victories cause instant loss/win on some maps
  • Upgrades and abilities still in progress
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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
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