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Author Topic: What next for the Star Wars movies?  (Read 3040 times)

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December 21, 2019, 06:17:12 AM

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What next for the Star Wars movies?
« on: December 21, 2019, 06:17:12 AM »
So now Episode IX has concluded the Skywalker/Palpatine arc for the second time, and we know there are going to be more main-story Star Wars movies to come, the question is where would you like to see the next installments go?

One thing I want myself is to see some real change. 7-9 were just too much of the same of 3-6 in terms of plot structure, character roles, and elements in the universe. I think the people behind production need learn and move on, and that's also exactly what I think would make a good theme for a new story. So below, I'm going to list some concepts I've come up with for how the Star Wars universe could develop after Rise of Skywalker.

Galactic politics: The New Republic was divided by the destruction of the Senate in the Hosnian System and the subsequent invasion by the First Order. The Resistance fought to restore the Republic, however, this has not happened; the galaxy has no appetite for re-centralising power. Now the galaxy is on-paper divided into independent planets and power-bases, but informally united by overlapping treaties and unions (think like how in real life, you've got NATO and the European Union etc). The idea is that everybody keeps an eye on everybody else and nobody can build enough power to be an overwhelming threat.

The Force, the Jedi, the Sith: My idea is that a new way of viewing the force and those sensitive to it develops. There is a new temple of Force Artists who look upon the histories of folly befalling both the Jedi and the Sith. They acknowledge that there is both the light side and the dark, and it is conflict between the two that has led to war and ruin. They look upon the Jedi strive for purity through a strict lifestyle-limiting code and hypocritical absolutism that the dark side is deserving of destruction as what has led to their downfall. They look upon the Sith, their lust for absolute power and likewise extinguishing the light as impossible ends to achieve, and that every attempt has led to defeat. So they embrace both sides of the force, and anyone who leans more to one side than the other acknowledges that survival depends on working together and keeping their ambitions within the realms of reality. This new order does not officially serve anyone like the Jedi Order of the Old Republic, but they are often called upon by individuals for services as both diplomats and muscle. They play a key role in keeping the balance of power throughout the galaxy in check.

The bad guys: Of course, old ideas die hard. While many Imperial and First Order holdouts are now cooperative participants in galactic society, there will always be the ambitious. An old warlord has always fancied himself the new Emperor, but the existence of the Force Artists is an insurmountable barrier to gaining power. However, he has discovered people with an incredibly rare ability; just as there are those sensitive to the force, there are those who have an essence that distorts the force, disrupting one's connection to it. If a Force Artist were to meet such a person, they would be rendered powerless in their presence, no better than any other normal being (yes I know, Ysalamiri, Yuuzahn Vong, you don't need to tell me). For years, he has been seeking out such people across the galaxy, studying them and looking to build his own army of these Force Nulls to combat the Force Artists. The faction has also been spreading propaganda throughout the galaxy, blaming the Jedi and Sith for all galactic strife since the Clone Wars, and stoking fears that the existence of the Force Artists will lead to another age of war and oppression. With the Force Null warriors now matching the Force Artists in numbers and the sway of galactic opinion towards their favour, they launch their campaign against the Force Artists, a "war to end all wars".

The good guys: Recognising the enemy faction as power-hungry, a coalition rallies to defend the Force Artists and the galaxy at large from their scheme. Worlds with history of supporting the Alliance, New Republic and the Resistance, put their trust in the Force Artists as figures of peace and they send soldiers and starfighters to help. There are those who served the First Order and saw defeat first-hand, and knowing how things like this have turned out for themselves and the Empire in the past, would prefer to join the winning side in the first place; new lines of battle cruisers and walkers are sent to the coalition. Force Artists both light and dark, technology and ideals descending from both the Rebels and the Empire, come together to face this new threat to galactic stability.


Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
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