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Imperial Civil War 2.3.4 Released: Bringing 4X Mechanics to Empire at War!


2.3.4 Release live on Steam:

--- Quote ---- New mechanic: Planet influence levels
- New mechanic: Chief of State Elections (New Republic
- New environment sets for land & space, space maps being updated with new assets
- Fighter Rebalancing (Dogfights should be faster, all stats adjusted)
- Pirate hero and fleet recruitment added for Zsinj
- New fighters: Missile Boat, XG-1, TIE Terror, TIE Oppressor, TIE Aggressor, TIE Sentinel for Imperials Aggressor Fighter for Mandalorians
- New units: Repulsor Sled (Eriadu), BARC Speeder, Adz Destroyer (Maldrood), Beta Cruiser WIP (Hapes)
- TIE Avenger has proper model now
- Instant Action improvements: Hapan faction now supported
- Galaxy Art edits: Particle updates, camera moved slightly, travel route line thickness edited
- UI modified to support more button space, new galactic filters for political events
- Support ended for multiplayer GC
- Fixed AI bugs in skirmish (will now capture mines and upgrade)- Fixed several crashes on galactic and battle initiation- Many other changes and fixes
--- End quote ---


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