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Galactic Conquest Scenario Editor

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Illidan Stormrage:
   * grins*
Corey next drink is on me

Wow I would like to try this out some time. And I know a few people (Andrew Hester and other YouTubers like him) that would all so love to try this out for Content for their Channel and some friends of my to use this for great Gaming night Thanks Corey.

Wow!!!  I'll give this a try

this is, hands down, probably one of your best ideas ever

This looks like an awesome tool which will speed up GC creation a lot.
I don't know how far you are in the development process and how confident you are are about talking details, but I'll ask anyways:

* How are you handling loading files (aka planets)? Is the path being read from the GameObjectFiles.xml or is it handled statically?
* Does the tool support planet placement as well, or does this still have to be done manually?
* Are there any plans to open source the tool, so interested third-parties (me mostly) could contribute to it?


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