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Galactic Conquest Scenario Editor

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Kor Heskon:
this is awesome, i can't wait!

i think the first one i'm going to do is an everything in Era 2 campaign, where it is PA vs. Zsinj vs. Maldrood(already with Kosh for balance) vs. IR(with thrawn, outer territory + cuitric hegemony) vs. NR(starts with Hapes but never gets IR/star destroyers.) should be lots of fun

the next one will be a scripted deep core GC where Delvardus, Teradoc, Harrsk, and 2-3 minors face off. I'll severely hamper everyone though. more later

Director Krennic:
Thank you Corey For sharing this with us! I loved your map but would like to make my own to Challenge me.

that will be the best part about this

Deep Thought:
So, just checking, but is this Galactic Conquest Scenario Editor going to still be a thing?

I love what you've done with this, and you've worked so hard. I actually bumped into this while trying to do some research for a star wars fan-fic writing forum I joined, but now with the new movies and things, it seems all fan made projects hit a wall. I'd hate for that to happen here, especially given how truly abysmal the last jedi movie was (frankly I like what you folks have made here better).


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