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--- Quote from: Kad_Venku on March 01, 2017, 04:59:36 AM ---How are you handling loading files (aka planets)? Is the path being read from the GameObjectFiles.xml or is it handled statically?

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The Parser searched the XML files provided and loads all relevant objects into the proper categories (right now, that means factions, planets and traderoutes; in the future, when we get to starting forces, that'll also be how it tracks units and whatnot). We have our planet entries and traderoute entries spread across 3-4 separate files each, the builder doesn't care.

--- Quote ---Does the tool support planet placement as well, or does this still have to be done manually?
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After we're done with the GC creation itself, planet creation is one of the things we want to do.

--- Quote ---Are there any plans to open source the tool, so interested third-parties (me mostly) could contribute to it?
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Pox and I haven't discussed this yet.


--- Quote from: Corey on March 01, 2017, 05:58:57 AM ---[...] the builder doesn't care.
After we're done with the GC creation itself, planet creation is one of the things we want to do.

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So to sum it up, the parser is running through the mod's xml directory and reading all xml files, populating the editor with all appropriately tagged game objects. That and the future plans are great to hear.

Really looking forward to further updates on this.

Darth Red:
You guy... rock!

Fantastic update!

Probably my first GC once it's fully developed will be a gc where each  faction starts with a strong outlying base with paths leading into a central war zone around the core. Will be mayhem  with as many factions as possible

could you sticky this and just edit it whenever more stuff for the editor is ready, instead of making a new thread


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