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Author Topic: Ascendancy 1.0 Beta Readme/Changelog  (Read 5051 times)

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February 04, 2016, 07:25:29 PM

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Ascendancy 1.0 Beta Readme/Changelog
« on: February 04, 2016, 07:25:29 PM »
 Because Sins is a 32 bit program, it is limited to 2 gigs of ram. To get around this, please enable the Large Address Aware program included
in this download. To do this, open the program, in step one locate your Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion exe ( in ...Steam\SteamApps\common\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion)
Check the box in step 2, and save. This only needs to be done once.

LAA by FordGT90Concept:

To install Ascendancy, put the extracted Ascendancy-Sins folder in your Mods folder:
...Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.82 (Default)

To run the mod, edit EnabledMods with notepad to contain the following four lines:
Version 0
enabledModNameCount 1
enabledModName "Ascendancy-V1"

Then you can run Sins normally, and Ascendancy will load.

* Added Empire of the Hand and Pentastar Alignment as playable factions (unit lists to be expanded in following releases)
  * Empire of the Hand Unit List
   * Capital Ships
      * Ascendancy Star Destroyer, Syndic Destroyer, Phalanx Destroyer
   * Cruisers
      * Bu'direch, Chaf Star Destroyer, Alaria Fleet Tender, Massias Interdictor, Warlord Gunboat
   * Frigates
      * Kariek Cruiser, Frontier Scout, Vigilance Gunboat, Au'riette Carrier, Asdoni, Lambda, Sentinel
   * Fighters
      * Nsiss Clawcraft, Krsiss Interceptor Clawcraft, Scarsiss Interceptor Clawcraft, Syca Bomber
  * Pentastar Alignment Unit List
   * Super Star Destroyer
      * Bellator
   * Capital Ships
      * ISDI, ISDII, Secutor, Dominator Star Destroyer, Praetor Battlecruiser
   * Cruisers
      * Procursator, VSDI, Venator, Enforcer, Vindicator
   * Frigates
      * Mu Scout, Lambda, Sentinel, Acclamator, Gladiator Star Destroyer, Munificent, Arquitens
   * Fighters
      * TIE Fighter, Skipray Blatboat, TIE Interceptor, V19 Torrent
* Added Zsinj as a neutral hero
* New Units for Remnant, New Republic
   * Dauntless (NR)
   * Proficient (NR)
   * Allegiance (IR)
   * Modular Taskforce Cruiser (IR)
   * Escort Cruiser (IR)
   * Moved Praetor, Vindicator, Acclamator from IR to PA
* New Map added: Fool's Bargain (8 players, 89 planets)
* Multiple New Republic techs added
* Multiple Imperial Remnant techs added
* Changed World Devastator acquisition method (research, then scuttle a planet to gain two)
* Galaxy Gun now spawns from the start, research unlocks ability.
* Changes scaling for all entities (planets, orbits, units, etc)
* New icon and map pip style
* Texture and model updates for:
   * Battle Dragon,
   * ISDI,
   * ISDII
   * Vindicator
   * Immobilizer
   * Enforcer
   * Quasar Carrier
   * Ton-Falk Carrier
   * various other craft we forgot
* Several sound effects and music cues added or adjusted
* Added Imperial Remnant voiceovers, coded in other factions (awaiting audio)
* Added base victory/defeat screens
* AI improvements
* ISD fires forward
* Planetary Weapons for NR, IR, PA (Ion Cannon and Hypervelocity Gun) now researched and then applied to planet from CT11 constructors
* Quick Reference guide added in place of fleet logistics research panel
* New structure for Durasteel
* Adjusted starting units, added Warlord Zsinj as neutral hero
* Smuggler's Den added to New Republic
* Various minor bugfixes/balance changes
* Golans made stationary

* Does not include First Order, before anyone asks.

* EotH Engines still being applied
* Lots of VO still being recorded (esp. Empire of the Hand)

GENERAL PLAN FOR NEXT VERSION (More details to come)
* Wholistically address Diplomatic options
* Add 3 capital ships, 1 fighter, 2 defense platforms and 1 space station for the Empire of the Hand
* Rework IR/PA stations
* New maps, planet types
* Unique map encounters, random events and indigenous forces
* Replace 4 PA units
* Expand tech and ability options for PA/EotH
* Finish VO for existing factions
And more...

The Thrawn's Revenge II Team:
- Corey (Design Lead, Coding, Modeling, Texture Artist, Map Design)
- OzWolf (UI Art)
- Slevered (UI Art, Modeling, Texture Artist)
- Davis (Modeling, Texture Artist)
- Robin Nielson (Modeling, Texture Artist, Map Design)
- Codeuser (GFX, Modeling, Texture Artist)
- Kalo Shin (Modeling, Texture Artist)
- Settra (Map Design)
- Wildcat (Modeling)
- Slornie (Organization)
- Jinzor (Video Production, Modeling)

Former Members:
- Kreaken (3D Modeling)
- The_Farseer (3D Modeling, Texture Artist)

- RC1290's Directional Shield Impact Shader (STAIII)
- Aurebesh font by Pixel Sagas

Voice Actors:
- UnassumingWhiteGuy
- Gimrak
- Lord Xizer
- Tsmir
- AstuteBiscuit
- Cameron "Lord Hand"

- TLMiller
- Pali
- Lord Xizer
- Kucisdave
- Timpedia
- ThatOneBullet
- Legion217
- Nirukii
- CaptainShack / TheXPGamers
- Gul Dukat
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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
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