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Imperial Civil War 2.2 Tester Signup Thread

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We're currently starting to look for a few people to test ICW 2.2. Those chosen will be responsible for playing with all features in order to test functionality, balance and general playability.

In order to signup for consideration, just post in this thread. If you're primarily active somewhere else (ModDB, etc) post what your username is on that site as well. Keep in mind that this is not just a way to get to play the mod early; the point is to test, so those who are active and have shown  a desire to help in the past (suggestions, bug reports, etc) will be given more consideration than people who just post in the thread and disappear. Also, if testers do not actually test and post reports, they will be removed from the tester pool.

Let me be the first.
On moddb my username is kucsidave and have a clonetrooper helmet as my icon :D
I played thousands of hours with 2.1, so I have a basic knowledge about how things should work.

Edit: important mention: I made the voices to the Dreadnought, the Yevethan thrustship, and the Bulk cruisers for V2.2. The Dominator class is a WIP.

Solarflare here and on moddb i'm good at spotting problems as i keep doing to another mod

I hope I smell a release coming soon.

I feel you'll probably have more than enough sign up so I probably won't actually be needed for testing this as well as Ascendency, but if you end up needing the extra manpower, I can always help test this as well.


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