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whenever i fire the superlaser from the eclipse or even the sovereign within 5 minutes the game crashes
Imperial Civil War Tech Support / Re: Missing save files
« Last post by boo99570 on December 15, 2022, 02:36:09 PM »
So this is a huge necro, but I think I replicated the issue described in the thread and this is still the top Google result for it, so I want to share the actual fix that I found.

I've been saving a ton more since the new update for the Steam version that helped a lot with the save/load times, which is great, but means I had a ton of saves.  I was playing a full galaxy campaign as the Maldrood last night, saved my progress, and came back today.  The game wouldn't load the saves, even though they were in the folder.  I saved a few times to confirm, and found that saving was working fine, to the extent that when saving, the game could see the files I had just created, and the files from the other day.  I tried running it as admin, which didn't work.  I had recently launched the game using the swfoc.exe to launch mods, and thought it could be related to that—it was not.

Long story short, I think the game can only "see" 128 or so save files at a time.  I didn't get an exact count of the cutoff, (because I was more concerned with my trying to save my campaign save than science) but I deleted a bunch of old saves and the game starting letting me load the new ones again.  Guess the developers never thought anyone would have that many saves when it used to take ~10 minutes to make one.

My apologies for the necro and doubly so if this is a solved issue, but I didn't see much when I was trying to figure it out.
Actually spotted two errors:
Fractalsponge's Fulgar Class Pursuit Frigate is the Vigil Class Corvette and the model is already in the game - lol.
Also, the Procurator class is in fact cannon from the Legends line.
That's it.
I've noticed several ships have their models taken from fractalsponge's artwork. They look fantastic by the way....e.g. Vigil Class Corvette.
I was doing a study of imperial ships, just as a past-time and comparing them to his work and I've found fitting models for several other classes...
I'd love to see these in the game - I think his art is magnificent. Take a look at his work and tell me if you think these models would fit the classes in question...
FRACTALSPONGE ART                                             ICW EQUIVALENT
Kontos Class Star Frigate                                      KDY Strike
Fulgor Class Pursuit Frigate                                  IPV/4 Patrol Craft
Velox Class Star Frigate                                        Active Class Fast Attack Frigate
Indictor Class Electronic Warfare Star Corvette    Surveyor Class Reconnaissance Frigate
Imperial Nebulon star frigate                                Corona Class? or Nebulon B for Imperials?
Imperial Customs Corvette                                   Customs Light Corvette
Dreadnought                                                         Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser
Gladiator Class Star Frigate                                   Gladiator I or II Star Destroyer
Anyway, you've got the idea....pretty much all his designs are awesome....sometimes the naming of them does not directly match a cannon ship - but they are so heavily inspired that they can be matched up!

I'd also love to see his Procurator, Impellor, Compellor, Legator and Assertor classes. Not cannon - but awesome models.
Also EC Henry's Incursor Class Cruiser as another Vindicator variant. Higher speed, some big guns, but less firepower overall and less hangar space. Model is awesome. Strongly recommend watching the clips on this vessel as well.

Oh, and I'd love to see Gozanti Class Dropping off the AT-ATs and AT-STs on the Land Battle screens - that would be a thrill.

Game wise, I think each imperial faction should gain access to all other Imperial faction ship types as they conquer/absorb their last planets into their own empire- preferably via research on a case by case basis. Tech shouldn't be lost between eras either - I mean the whole point is to play a "What if?" scenario, right?
Perhaps it might be possible to have both advancement systems? One for tech advancement/retaining of tech, and the other for cannon story line progression?
Anyway, I'd love to play a tech advancement variant of the campaign, building an ever diverse imperial fleet/army. It would also give real purpose to reincorporating the divided imperial factions into the player's empire and give the player a greater reward than just some extra temporary units and some more resources....
I'd love to unite the separate parts of the empire, growing in strength and breadth of technology on a full galaxy map...I think the game would be incredible - even more than it already is!
Just my thoughts. Hope you approve. Regardless, awesome work guys. Hats off.
I've just come back to the game after some months away and with the latest update, saves in GC mode as the Empire will crash the game when you try to load them.

Seems that the bug with "From the ground up" may not be the only one...  :-\
Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: New Wallpaper For Thrawn's Revenge 3.0
« Last post by LeahWebb on September 20, 2022, 08:11:45 PM »
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I use the steam client for EaW. I have had no major glitches with the "Thrawn's Revenge" mod except for this one. I use multiple save files and always save on the galactic map. In the "Shadow Hand" Galactic Conquest, I can't load any saves I make as the Empire without crashing the game. If you could look into this, I would be most grateful. I've been playing this mod since it was a baby and I love it. Great work so far and I can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks!
Has anyone had Borleias invaded doing Rylca research? I moved Mirax Terrik away during the research and lost a space battle. Got another fleet to take space back before any ground invasion. I'm not sure, but I think moving Mirax stopped the research and I don't have an option to start it again.
Imperial Civil War Tech Support / Unit paths not showing
« Last post by ninjasage11 on August 15, 2022, 01:39:19 PM »
It says it in the title. I recently recently reinstalled TR and my unit paths are no longer showing. Was this removed in a recent update, or is something going wrong.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, I love this mod so much.

 :) :)
Imperial Civil War Tech Support / Trouble Adding New Trade Routes
« Last post by AcademyPilot on July 14, 2022, 02:31:13 AM »
I have recently been messing around with the maps in Thrawn's Revenge 3.2, adding new planets and the trade routes linking these planets. In particular, I'm editing the Progressive KnownMedium Empire file and whilst this has worked fine for the most part I have encountered an interesting issue where I cannot have more then 385 trade routes at the same time. It works fine with 385, I can establish routes between any planets (at least all that I have tried) by either referencing an existing trade route or adding my own. But as soon as you go above 385, no trade routes appear in the game. Everything else appears to work fine just everyone is stuck where they are. It doesn't seem to matter what trade routes they are so I don't think I've made an error creating one. I'm not sure if there is some maximum stated somewhere I can't find or if its dependant on some other factor.

Thanks in advance for your help, love what you guys are doing with this mod!
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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
Show your support for them by enabling ads on this site!