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News & Updates / Ascendancy 1.1 Overview & Testing Plans
« on: May 30, 2017, 07:54:05 PM »

As I was compiling all the updates for this release cycle of our projects for the helpful new News Post Compendium thread on the forums, I noticed that while Ascendancy has had some very specific updates, we haven't done an overview of some of the more general changes yet. Because of the proximity of the 0.95 and 1.0 releases, which were primarily about setting up basic content, 1.1 is the first release where we really have had an opportunity to address some of the bigger points of community feedback, instead of just working on the basic content of the mod. hopefully this update will give a better idea of some of those features, as well as an overview of how testing and future releases will go.

...User Interface...

First, one of the more common complaints against 1.0 relate to some of the icons- planetary icons aren't particularly clear, and unit icons tend to take up too much screenspace. We were attempting to simplify the information as much as we could, and also trying to address the icon situation in a way to get around the fact that Star Wars ships in the same faction tend to have a similar profile, making the Sins style less feasible. This was not always successful. The changes to presentation of the unit stacks/force indicators beside planets were also harder for some players to find. So, since the last release OzWolf has redone all of these aspects entirely; unit pips should take up less screenspace, hopefully still being clear enough about what they are, while maintaining the larger more prominent style for planet infrastructure, highlighting its importance and helping it stand out. We still feel that having just renders of the planets, while technically being the most "accurate" isn't always the most clear (especially when so many are primarily green), so we've tried to use some simple, clean symbols to represent them, as you can see below. We've already posted some screenshots in the past of the updated menus and such, so here are some more screenshots of some of the ingame HUD-related changes, including planets, unit icons, and all of that. Crucially, we've also played around with team colours. Hopefully these changes help more easily provide information to players than previous versions.

...Balance, Economy, Research & Factions Fleshed Out...

For the fleshing out of the factions in terms of additional tech and abilities, I have been doing full faction profiles on Corey Loses (Hand and Remnant still forthcoming, so I won't say too much about that here, save that I have been bringing each faction up to at least 100 research options for 1.1, with plans to expand that as we figure out which gaps each faction needs to fill, and Bane & I have been filling all the empty ability slots from 1.0, which should help give some added flair and flavour to the different units and factions.

Primarily, though, almost every single stat has been changed in a significant way. The cost and times associated with research have all been adjusted, which should help with the early game slog, while unit upkeep costs help to keep the late-game credit and resource overflow in check. While the stats are not yet final, and will be regularly tweaked up until release, we have a full spreadsheet with all damage, health, and other helpful values which should both help players understand how the units work, and help bring inconsistencies or outliers to the attention of the team more easily. Keep in mind, though, that while stats like this are helpful they don't always tell the full story (especially with abilities coming into play more). This spreadsheet can be found here, and will be updated as we approach release and beyond as we make further changes:
Unit Stat Spreadsheet
It's not reflected in this spreadsheet just yet, but we've rescaled shield regeneration, significantly increasing the speed at which ships will recharge, which was far too low before. We also plan to do some alterations to ship ranges in the future, both to add some variation between units, and also to help combat be a bit more visible (right now ships are probably a bit more spread out than we'd like).

Alongside this, of course, we've worked over the last year to resolve bugs with unit behaviour as they've been reported, including the VSD firing issues, along with trying to address some of the more abusive strategies. The function of starbases has been greatly expanded as well, and the Esseles-class Civilian Station has been removed. Stations, now being the Cardan (Remnant), Empress (New Republic), Validusia (Alignment, pictured below) and Oto (Hand), should now each be a lot more capable than the Command Station/Empress of 1.0, while still reflecting the unique flavour of the factions.

When it comes to number changes like these, it's hard to really get across what we're doing without being able to play with them for yourself, bringing us to...

...Release Structure & Testing...

A lot of the biggest issue with where the mod currently stands in our mind come as a result of how long it has been between releases, with 1.0 having been released essentially over a year ago in its beta form. In our experience with Imperial Civil War, while balance was still certainly a concern, it was not a primarily multiplayer or "competitive" game, which meant we could take longer to address some edge strategies that would be overpowered- having 6 months to a year between releases doesn't impact enjoyment as much. It also had a much more stable foundaction, being several releases in. In Ascendancy, with more moving parts and as a primarily-multiplayer experience and without such a long history of iterating on feedback, we need to be able to react more readily to balance or design issues as they arise, rather than waiting for the larger content release goals to be met. This is something we will be changing going forward. We will still be structuring the release of new content versions similarly (ie, not releasing the upcoming factions piecemeal), however within those cycles we plan to have a new release or patch to address any issues in game mechanics or balancing every 2-4 months, as necessary (on top of any hotfixes necessary at release). This has been especially obvious in 1.0 since, as I say, it was the first release, and therefore does not benefit from the ability to have been made and iterated on with larger amounts of player feedback.

To that end, we will be starting a semi-open beta process on our forums at around the end of June. This will be done in two progressively more open stages. First, once we're satisfied we've caught the major bugs with our internal development and testing teams, we will be opening up the beta to members of the Admiral's Lounge on the forums. After a week or two weeks there, we will open it up to all forum members until we're satisfied that it's ready for release. To be clear, the entire point of doing a beta like this is to provide feedback before a full release to ensure a stable, fun release, not to simply play an early version. As such, we are setting it up in the way that is most conducive to managing that process, especially since we're likely gonna have to do a lot of explaining how to use GitHub. We will be setting up boards for reports, updates, changelogs and multiplayer matches during the process.

We hope you're looking forward to giving these changes a try, and as ever, we're looking forward to hearing everyone's feedback.

- The Thrawn's Revenge Team

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It can sometimes be hard to locate all of the news related to a current development cycle, so this thread compiles all of the relevant news posts in chronological order, for all of our projects.

Imperial Civil War 2.2:
General Links:
December 12th, 2017:MOTY-Round 2 and Systematic Upgrades
December 1st, 2017: Mod of the Year 2017
July 22nd, 2017:Mod Tool Preview: GC Editor
May 26, 2017: GC Selection Layout Update
April 27th, 2017 :Thrawn's Revenge Historical Inforgraphic
March 3rd, 2017: Release, Imperial Civil War 2.2 Demo
February 28th, 2017: Galactic Conquest Scenario Editor Overview
January 18th, 2017: 2.2 Full Demo Rundown
August 2nd, 2016: The 2.2 Manifesto
July 18th, 2016: Regime Change
June 8th, 2016
January 28th,2015: Thrawn's Revenge: Unification
July 2nd, 2014: What You Can Do in 2.2

Faction Profiles:
April 13th, 2017: EotH: Past, Present and Future
December 13th, 2016: Faction Profile: Eriadu Authority
October 21st, 2016: Faction Profile: Greater Maldrood
February 7th, 2016: Faction Profile: Warlord Zsinj

We Could be Heroes:
March 6th, 2017: Beta Testing and We Could Be Heroes - Eriadu Authority
December 7th, 2016: We Could Be Heroes - Greater Maldrood
September 15th, 2016: We Could Be Heroes - Warlord Zsinj
September 3rd, 2016: We Could Be Heroes- The Pentastar Alignment

Era Breakdown:
November 18th, 2017: Era 5 Breakdwon & 2.2 Release Process
September 6th, 2017: Leading to Release, Official EaW Patch & Era 4 Breakdown
November 7th, 2016: Schism Events, Research, and Galactic Conquest Breakdown - Era 3
October 13th, 2016: Era Two - Galactic Conquest Breakdown
September 24th, 2016: Era One - Galactic Conquest Breakdown

Ability Previews:
November 15th, 2017: Capturing Ships [With FAQ]
June 15th,2017: ICW/FoTR: MicroJump Preview
May 31st, 2017: Single-Unit Retreat

Corey Loses Preview Playlists:
Pentastar Alignment- Art of War 2.2 Preview, Ongoing
New Republic- Bacta War 2.2 Preview, Finished October 20th,2017
Imperial Remnant Operation Shadow Hand 2.2 Preview, Finished Oct 1st, 2017
Empire of the Hand 2.2 Preview, Finished August 23, 2017
Eradiu Authority 2.2 Preview, Finished May 21st, 2017
Pentastar Alignment 2.2 Preview, Finished March 7th, 2017
Greater Maldrood 2.2 Preview, Finished February 2nd, 2017
Warlord Zsinj 2.2 Preview, Finished October 27th, 2016

Ascendancy 1.1:
May 31st, 2016: 1.0 Post-Release Roundup
August 2nd, 2016: Ssi-Ruuvi Redux & Development Progress
October 15th, 2016: Fractured Empire
December 6th, 2016: Updated Faction Select Screen
December 10th, 2016: 1.2 Faction Profile: The Hapes Consortium (1.2 Early Look)
April 13th, 2017: EotH: Past, Present and Future
April 28th, 2017: Pentastar Capital Ship Ability and Tech Overview
May 11th, 2017: New Republic Capital Ship Ability and Tech Overview
]May 30th, 2017: Ascendancy 1.1 Overview & Testing Plans

Fall of the Republic 0.5:
December 16th, 2017: [FoTR] Faction Profile: Confederacy of Independent Systems
December 6th, 2017: [FoTR] Faction Profile: The Galactic Republic
August 10th, 2017: FoTR Overview and First Look
May 9th, 2017: Fall of the Republic Announcement and FAQ
April 1st, 2017: FotR Teaser Trailer

News & Updates / ICW: GC Selection Layout
« on: May 26, 2017, 02:52:57 AM »
We've always tried to cover as much of the feeling of the post-Endor galaxy, as well as we could. Sometimes, though, especially for new players, it's hard to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. In 2.2, with 20+ playable campaigns and 8 playable factions, this is especially true. With documentation being one of our goals for 2.2, we're trying to find ways to provide as much useful information to players, in the most convenient way possible.

This is a relatively minor change, but will hopefully help people get into the mod. First, we've sectioned off the GC selection list into three primary categories (plus the tutorial); multi-era, being the main "grand campaigns" of the mod, single-conflict, being those GCs related to a single war or military campaign, and Infinities, being extra game modes like From the Ground Up and Survival, or flavour scenarios like Empires at War, not based on any canon storyline. This should make it easier to find the kinds of GCs you're looking for.

The second part of the change is the faction dropdown list being sorted into faction types: first, the major galactic powers, second the Imperial Warlords, and the third minor powers category, which may give an idea of what a potential 2.3 could focus on...

Again, not a huge change, but this should hopefully help people not get hopelessly stranded in a sea of drop down lists and scroll bars.

News & Updates / ASC: Let's Test New Republic (Full Game Video)
« on: May 23, 2017, 12:58:09 PM »
I've begun posting the VODs of an NR test game on Corey Loses. We will be doing a full game as each faction leading up to release. The episodes for this one will be posted on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

News & Updates / ICW & ASC: Completed Peltast Render
« on: May 12, 2017, 07:53:52 AM »
Endcar has completed the textures for the Peltast, and set up some nice renders to show it off, so make sure you click on the image to embiggen.

News & Updates / ASC: New Republic 1.1 Overview Video
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:02:18 AM »
We've usually done some general faction overviews for each faction, talking roughly about rosters and whatnot. For this release, I've decided to go a bit more in depth with additional videos showing off some of the stuff that's less conducive to a text update without it being 50 paragraphs long. In these videos, I'll go over all the major tech, roster and ability updates for each faction in 1.1, and ending with a separate videos on the heroes. This time, it's the New Republic

This isn't replacing the other text faction profiles when we add factions (the Hapans will be getting their full treatment after 1.1's release), it's supplemental. I'll also be recording full playthroughs for Corey Loses.

In this video, we talk about some shuffling in the a new New Republic unit, the new capital ship abilities, Empress upgrades.

News & Updates / Fall of the Republic Announcement and FAQ
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:36:50 PM »
From the creators of Imperial Civil War and Ascendancy comes Thrawn's Revenge III: Fall of the Republic, covering events in the twilight years of the Galactic Republic and the Clone Wars. For millennia, the Galactic Republic has been a source of peace and order for the galaxy. More recently, corruption has begin to spread through its institutions. Across the galaxy, beings become disillusioned with the status quo and rise to challenge the Republic...

Follow Fall of the Republic on ModDB - Thrawn's Revenge Discussion Forums

A Republic in Decline

"I am quite convinced that ten thousand more systems will rally to our cause, with your support, gentlemen."
-Count Dooku, aka Darth Tyranus

Hello everyone! On April 1st, we released a rough teaser trailer for Fall of the Republic, which for some reason people thought was fake. Then, a few weeks ago, we confirmed it had resumed development in our Thrawn's Revenge historical timeline, the first part of our celebration of 11 years as a mod team. We were going to hold off on doing a proper announcement for a little while, but there's been some common questions we wanted to take a moment to address, as well as break down the way the mod will work.

Fall of the Republic is a prequel-era mod in which we want to recreate the galactic situation in Star Wars in the last years of the Republic. We aim to bring the feel of our post-Endor mod, Imperial Civil War, into this time period, adapting that model to one suitable for the era. In the same way that Imperial Civil War tries to shine a light on some of the mid-level players and events like the Yevetha, Hapans and Warlord factions on the galactic stage of the post-Endor period, we hope to explore some of the timeline beyond just the Clone Wars themselves. While the Separatist Crisis and the Confederacy of Independent Systems became the standout conflict, the decades leading up to the declaration of the Galactic Empire saw significant military buildup across various factions, where certain events swinging a different way could have brought different challenges to the Judicial Forces Republic in the early parts of this period, with a constant debate about the virtues of re-militarization within the Republic. People can speculate on what that means, but for now, we'll leave it at that. Our history of developing Imperial Civil War and Ascendancy will be informing how we structure the mod, release-wise. In order to better focus development on specific parts of the mod, ensuring people get regular, more polished releases and giving us a more solid basis to work off of, instead of trying to tackle everything at once, we will be starting a bit more simply with the Republic and CIS, and working up to our broader goals.

Into a New Era

"They will have the numbers. We will have the Force."
- Jedi Master Saesee Tinn, Fifth Battle of Qotile

One of the more prominent changes in Imperial Civil War versus the base game is a tech system primarily based on "eras" (being Imperial regimes in ICW) as opposed to a directly tiered, traditional tech system where you start with, for example, corvettes and work your way up to larger Star Destroyers. This is a model we will be translating into Fall of the Republic. The first release will start covering the major conflict of the time period, being the Clone Wars, broken into three eras; the first, second and third years of the war. The playable factions in version 0.5 will be, of course the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems. Considering the factions themselves did go through some standard technological advancement and research during this period, there will be elements of that as well, but it will be based on in-universe factors, instead of just ship A is stronger, so it's era 3. Era progression will be based on a mix of events and the passage of time, with different research options and other events possible based on the era in which you are playing.

We will be doing a faction profile for the CIS and Galactic Republic at some point in the future, covering their unit and hero rosters for v0.5. But for now, we want to cover some of the more common questions we've been asked.

Will this interfere with Imperial Civil War 2.2? When will Fall of the Republic be available?

Fall of the Republic will have absolutely no impact on the release of Imperial Civil War 2.2. Our goal is to build FotR off of  Imperial Civil War 2.2 as a starting base, so dedicated work will not be started on Fall of the Republic until Imperial Civil War is in testing, which is also when you'll start seeing screenshots and video of the first Fall of the Republic release. Until then, the only work we'll be doing is on assets also needed for ICW (ie, the new Providence art assets). As mentioned above, we're keeping our plans for that first release less ambitious; we'll be doing the basic framework for mod and the two main factions, which should not take too long to get out after 2.2. With the mod tools Pox and I are working on, like the GC creator, a lot of the logistics for this become a lot simpler. If there are any talented 3D modelers or texture artists out there who would like to help speed this along, they can contact us at

Aren't there already Clone Wars mods for Empire at War?

Yes, and for a long time, this is why reviving FotR wasn't really on our radar. However (and this isn't criticism of the existing mods, simply a matter of taste) the more I started playing those mods, the more I was thinking about what our own version of that would look like. Yes, it still involves clones fighting droids and Venators fighting Lucrehulks, but there can be different ways to handle that. Some people may prefer the existing mods, some people may prefer our version, but ultimately we enjoy making mods, and we make what we want to play, so really it just means more options.

Does this mean no Stellaris ship packs?

I'd still like to release some of our TR stuff for Stellaris, but as it is, there's a decent selection of Star Wars ships available for those who want to play with them, so I'm less concerned about that for the moment.

What about the Clone Wars Cartoon?

While the mod will be based in the Legends expanded universe, there have been some questions as to how we'll handle the Clone Wars cartoon. While the more recent Clone Wars cartoon (the one with Ahsoka) is technically part of Legends, it did introduce some inconsistencies (in star Wars? No!). We won't be completely disregarding the cartoon, but in cases where there is a conflict, we'll usually go with the non-cartoon source. There are some places, like the Essential Guide to Warfare, that retconned some of these issues, drawing from the cartoon and other sources, and for us, Essential Guide to Warfare pretty much trumps anything else. Basing the mod in Legends allows us to use some of the characters who would become major Imperial and Rebel figures during the earlier days of their careers.

The result of cooperation between former Imperial and Ascendancy engineers within the empire of the Hand, the Peltast was one of several fusions of the basic Star Destroyer form and Ascendancy modifications to meet the needs of combat in the Unknown Regions. Most Unknown Regions combat involved fleets of smaller vessels, however occasionally groups with larger ships required pacification, like rogue Killik nests with massive Shard-class capital ships.

The Peltast was designed essentially as a mobile, self-reliant Megamaser railgun, borrowing some elements of the old Confederacy project, the Subjugator, albeit on a smaller scale. Because of the large amounts of concentrated power necessary for the main gun, the Peltast is incredibly fragile for a ship of its size.


News & Updates / Pentastar Alignment 1.1 Overview Video
« on: April 28, 2017, 03:00:11 PM »
We've usually done some general faction overviews for each faction, talking roughly about rosters and whatnot. For this release, I've decided to go a bit more in depth with additional videos showing off some of the stuff that's less conducive to a text update without it being 50 paragraphs long. In these videos, I'll go over all the major tech, roster and ability updates for each faction in 1.1, starting with the Pentastar Alignment and ending with a separate videos on the heroes.

This isn't replacing the other text faction profiles when we add factions (the Hapans will be getting their full treatment after 1.1's release), it's supplemental. I'll also be recording full playthroughs for Corey Loses.

In this video, we talk about some shuffling in the PA frigate lineup, the new capital ship abilities, potential Lucrehulk replacement, Naval Station Validusia, and some quick Veterancy & Upkeep system demonstrations.

News & Updates / Thrawn's Revenge Historical Infographic
« on: April 27, 2017, 04:12:07 PM »
We're coming up on the 11th anniversary of Thrawn's Revenge in June, so we decided to become narcissists and do a few things about ourselves. We'll have some actual mod news coming out very soon for both Imperial Civil War and Ascendancy, but first here's a historical infographic with important date's in the mod's development. There's one or two bits of other relevant information you might not be aware of in there, too. Enjoy.

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