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The Lounge / MOVED: Fractalsponge
« on: April 15, 2017, 02:40:57 AM »

News & Updates / Empire of the Hand: Past, Present and Future
« on: April 13, 2017, 05:51:41 AM »
Imperial Civil War & Ascendancy

The Empire of the Hand has always been one of our favourite aspects of the mod to develop, giving us an opportunity to explore an area of the Legends universe which never received much attention. That being said, there are a few places we intend to change them in upcoming releases of both Imperial Civil War and Ascendancy in order to make their art more consistent (being an area with not only some of our earliest 3D work, but also an area where that early work didn't have the crutch of pre-existing designs), flesh out their progression, and fill in some of the holes. In this post, we're going to cover a broad overview of the Empire of the Hand- who they are, what they've been in the mod, and what we plan to do with them.

What is the Empire of the Hand? (What's Canon?)

Firstly, the Empire of the Hand is neither truly a part of the Chiss Ascendancy nor part of the Galactic Empire, although it contains elements of and connections to each. The original plan for the Empire of the Hand was devised between Grand Admiral Thrawn and Emperor Palpatine, growing out of an mutual understanding between the two during the Outbound Flight crisis, decades before the Battle of Endor, that the Unknown Regions were home to many threats to galactic civilization. After eventually being brought to the Empire by Voss Parck and rising through the Imperial ranks during the Rebellion era, Thrawn was granted Imperial resources to explore and pacify the area, and formed his new empire from the Hand of Thrawn, a base on the planet Nirauan. This was a well-kept secret within the Empire. Most believed Thrawn's time in the Unknown Regions was a punishment- an exile imposed by Palpatine. After Palpatine's death, much of the connection between the Empire and the Empire of the Hand would have been lost. Thrawn was still in contact with the Imperial leadership to some extent; he once forced Ysanne Isard, acting ruler of the Empire, to essentially kidnap and send him Soontir Fel, for fear that he would return and take over the Empire himself. Generally, though, the Empire of the Hand was kept separate from its counterpart in the known galaxy, and its command staff was loyal to Thrawn, not the Empire. Even after Thrawn's death, Voss Parck, Soontir Fel and Kress'ten'tarthi, who had de facto control over the Empire of the Hand, refused to rejoin the Empire and at some point surpassed the remaining Imperial territory by several times. They instead were waiting for word from Thrawn (who they believed to not actually be dead) on whether they should align themselves with the Empire or the New Republic. By 19 ABY when Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade discovered the Hand of Thrawn the Empire of the Hand had established control over 250 sectors.

The relationship between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Empire of the Hand was slightly more complicated. The Chiss had a strict policy of non-aggression for their military, the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force (CEDF), which had frustrated Thrawn throughout his career. This sentiment was shared by many Chiss, who saw the Empire of the Hand as a way to secure the safety of the Ascendancy. Thrawn often used the Empire of the Hand's forces as a way to secure the Chiss' interests by proxy, and some of the Empire of the Hand's Imperial-sourced commanders ended up gaining some official standing within the Chiss Ascendancy, such as Baron Soontir Fel.

MainAppearances: Crisis of Faith - Hand of Thrawn Duology - Fool's Bargain - Survivor's Quest - New Jedi Order (Dark Tide II & Balance Point) - Fate of the Jedi (Ascension & Apocalypse)

The new Intego, in ICW and Ascendancy

Developing the Hand Fleet

Because there's so little known about the Empire of the Hand, a lot of the work to develop them falls to us. Our approach with canon is typically to try to hold ourselves to the same standard we would any new book or game; do not contradict what's there, and don't introduce things needlessly (for example, we would never add more ships to the New Republic or Remnant when dozens already exist). There are a few instances where we're given specific class names for Empire of the Hand ships and vehicles, like the Nsiss-class Clawcraft, and the AirStraeker, as well as the more vague Chiss Star Destroyer designation. Overall though, the Empire of the Hand fleet is pretty underdeveloped in the lore. The amount of territory they controlled, and the nature of the threats they confronted indicate a fleet of significant size and resources. Their early fleets were comprised primarily of Imperial hardware, but as the links between the Empire of the Hand and the Remnant became more tenuous (to the point of being almost completely severed by Endor, before they did most of their expansion) it would make sense that more and more of the Hand tech would have been directly Chiss, or of the Imperial-Chiss hybrid style developed within the Empire of the Hand, like the Clawcraft and Chiss Star Destroyer. So, when fleshing out their roster for Ascendancy and ICW, we've developed two types of ships- those that were strictly Chiss, and those that were a mix of Chiss and Imperial technology (noted as Empire of the Hand below). We used to have a third style which we called Sycan, based on their primary shipyard which we introduced in the mod, but we've decided to roll that back and keep it to two main slightly different but still connected styles in order to keep them more thematically consistent.

Next up, we're gonna go through our plans for each ship. Those marked with NEW have been introduced since ICW 2.1's release, although may have been in Ascendancy 1.0, like the Intego. REWORK means some significant changes to its design are planned or already done, UPDATE means we plan to do some touchups to the model. Our focus with ICW 2.2 and Ascendancy 1.1 is primarily on the new capital ships, after which we'll be working on the reworks. This means that some of the reworked content will likely be saved for an update after Imperial Civil War 2.2 and Ascendancy 1.1. As some of you may be able to tell, most of the names are Greek words, which we decided to go with as a sort of play on the Republic/Imperial use of Latin words (like Venator, Accdlamator, Imperator).

Ships of the Fleet Fleet

Intego-class Battlecruiser - Family: Chiss NEW
Length: 2200 Meters
Role: Tank
Complement: 4 Squadrons.

Phalanx-class Destroyer - Family: Chiss
Length: 1850 Meters
Role: Anti-Capital/Frigate
Complement: 4 Squadrons.

Efodio-class  Cruiser - Family: Chiss NEW
Length: 1500 Meters
Role: Freighter/Fleet Tender
Complement: 4 Squadrons.

Ascendancy-class Star Destroyer - Family: Empire of the Hand REWORK
Length: 1500 Meters
Role: Carrier
Complement: 8 Squadrons.

Peltast-class Star Destroyer - Family: Empire of the Hand NEW
Length: 1400 Meters
Role: Anti-Capital
Complement: 1 Squadron.

Syndic-class Destroyer - Family: Chiss UPDATE
Length: 1500 Meters
Role: Anti-Frigate/Capital
Complement: 6 Squadrons.


Chaf-class Star Destroyer - Family: Empire of the Hand UPDATE
Length: 1100 Meters
Role: Anti-Frigate
Complement: 2 Squadrons.

Prosvoli-class Heavy Cruiser - Family: Chiss UPDATE (Formerly Bu'direch)
Length: 600 Meters
Role: Anti-Frigate
Complement: 1 Squadron.

Prolipsi-class Interdictor - Family: Chiss REWORK (Formerly Massias)
Length: 600 Meters
Role: Interdictor
Complement: 1 Squadron.

Nuruodo-class Broadside Cruiser - Family: Empire of the Hand REWORK
Length: 500 Meters
Complement: 1 Squadron.

Afthonia-class Fleet Tender - Family: Chiss NEW
Length: 500 Meters
Role: Fleet Tender
Complement: 2 Squadrons.

Ormos-class Carrier - Family: Empire of the Hand (Formerly Au'riette)
Length: 600 Meters
Role: Carrier
Complement: 4 Squadrons.

Frouro-class Cruiser - Family: Chiss (Formerly Kariek-class)
Length: 350 Meters
Role: Light Frigate
Complement: 0 Squadrons.

Vigilance-class Cruiser - Family: Chiss
Length: 200 Meters
Role: Long-Range Missileship
Complement: 0 Squadrons.

Asdoni-class Frigate - Family: Chiss UPDATE
Length: 150 Meters
Role: Anti-Fighter
Complement: 0 Squadrons.

Warlord-class Gunship - Family: Chiss REWORK
Length: 400 Meters
Role: Torpedo Ship
Complement: 0 Squadrons.

Synoro-class - Family: Chiss NEW (Formerly Frontier)
Length: 50 Meters
Role: Gunship (ala Millenium Falcon)
Complement: 0 Squadrons.


Nsiss-class Clawcraft
Role: Fighter

Krsiss-class Interceptor REWORK
Role: Interceptor

Syca-class Bomber REWORK
Role: Bomber

Scarsiss-class Interceptor
Role: Heavy Fighter/Interceptor

Furion-class Bomber REWORK
Role: Heavy Bomber

In terms of gameplay, a lot of the ships in the Empire of the Hand ended up being a lot more versatile and therefore powerful than we would ultimately have liked in previous versions because they had a few serving double or triple duty in different roles. This is another thing being addressed by several of the changes. Overall, with a properly-composed fleet, this isn't meant to be a nerf to them in either Ascendancy or Imperial Civil War (unlike ground, which is getting significantly nerfed for them), but should make people have to think a bit more carefully about what ships they want to bring instead of "I'll take 50 Phalanx, please" regardless of what they're trying to do.

But I still don't see an SSD?

And we don't intend to give them one. In general, Thrawn considered the use of superweapons a waste of resources. Also, considering the needs of the Empire of the Hand (a presumably smaller force to lock down a huge territory), the Hand fleet would likely rely on a larger number of smaller, faster ships they could deploy as needed, and the loss of which wouldn't cripple them. When it comes to planet lockdown though, we have given them the largest starbase in the mod, which allows them to have strongly fortified planets, and lets their fleet focus more on fast strikes than planetary defense (especially in Ascendancy). Their defense structure options in general are being expanded, from just the Brask and the Visvia into something which allows a bit more coverage.

Brask-class Tactical Defense Station
Role: Hangar Defense

Iero-class Defense Platform NEW
Role: General Defense

Teichos-class Defense Platform NEW
Role: General Defense

Visvia-class Defense Platform
Role: General Defense

Oto-class Command Station NEW
Role: Battle Station

Boots on the Ground

We intend to do pretty much a complete overhaul on the Empire of the Hand ground forces in ICW at some point, but that probably won't be done for 2.2. The changes in 2.2 focus more on balancing what's already there, and bringing them back into line with the other factions, especially the Rapid Fire Tank.

If you would like more information about upcoming features and releases, check out our site and forums at or our ModDB profiles for Imperial Civil War andAscendancy. If you're interested in longer-form "Let's Play" style previews of versions in progress, lead developer Corey regularly plays through early versions of Imperial Civil War and Ascendancy on his channel, Corey Loses.

News & Updates / Thrawn's Revenge: Fall of the Republic Teaser
« on: April 01, 2017, 09:41:33 AM »

Ascendancy Discussion / Raider vs Vigil
« on: March 29, 2017, 10:41:34 PM »
We're doing some work to bring some consistency between the PA rosters in Imperial Civil War and Ascendancy, and part of this means picking their dedicated anti-fighter (since the Arquitens is going to be doing some other stuff in 1.1). So, it's down to either the Vigil or the Raider (the laser variant). Whichever gets the most votes will be the PA's antifighter, and therefore in both ICW and Ascendancy, and the loser will be Eriadu's, and therefore only in ICW. When we voted within the team, everyone else was tied, so we're passing the tiebreaker on to you.

News & Updates / Eriadu Authority Preview Let's Play
« on: March 25, 2017, 10:09:17 AM »
I'm back to previewing some more of the changes coming up in 2.2, this time in Endor Aftermath with the Eriadu Authority. This one's going to see a lot of changes as we play through, but so far we're on episode 8 with some looks at the faction itself, the new Executor model from Ascendancy, the Torpedo Sphere, and some other stuff. This video will bring you to the full playlist.

Ascendancy Tech Support / MOVED: Steam Game Issue
« on: March 12, 2017, 10:53:55 PM »

News & Updates / Cardan Station Render
« on: March 07, 2017, 01:56:07 PM »
The last of our space station models have been completed for 1.1, with the Empress being the only holdover from the previous versions. Filling in the Remnant's slot, taking over from the former Command Station, is something that should be pretty familiar for Empire at War players, the Cardan Station. Once this and Validusia are skinned, we should be able to have an update about the changes we're making to stations overall, primarily buffing them and filling in their upgrade slots.

Slevered did make a few changes to the design from the EaW version, primarily to modernize it a bit and to reduce the poly count in order to make it more Sins-friendly, especially around the main tower.

News & Updates / Beta Testing & We Could Be Heroes - Eriadu Authority
« on: March 06, 2017, 05:14:19 PM »

With the demo released and the larger fires put out, it's time for us to get back to focusing on and talking about the full 2.2 release, as well as Ascendancy. Before we get to the rundown of Eriadu's planned heroes, though, we want to take a moment to discuss how we're going to be handling the testing and the release of 2.2. While the demo has already provided a lot of good feedback (which was the point), there's several times that amount of content in the full release, so it will require significantly more testing. 

We currently have a team of four testers (Lord Xizer, TLMiller, Pali, and Revanchist), all of whom have been selected to test for several of the last few releases. Over previous releases, we'd ask people to test for one version, and then reselect with every version. With 2.2, now that we have the proper systems in place for easily deploying changes as we go and a ton of changes in constant flux between both mods, we're making testers a permanent position. We'd ideally like to have around 10-15 between the two mods, so if you're interested in signing up, you can do so by posting in this thread.

We'll likely start picking people over the next couple weeks. Our primary criteria for picking testers tends to be their ability to provide feedback. The more examples we have of that, the more likely we are to pick someone. If the only thing we've ever seen you post is "I want to test" and we never hear from you again, that's usually a good sign we're not going to pick that person; it's not a raffle to reward people with an early version of the mod, nor are we trying to somehow punish people by not picking them- we're usually communicating quite a bit with our testers, so beyond a certain number of people it becomes unwieldy, and the fewer people we have to organize or track down, the more time we have to spend working on the mods.

That being said, the testing will not all be internal. After we reach beta phase, we'll be posting beta versions for progressively larger groups in order to catch as much as possible before the full public release. Before anyone gets too ahead of themselves, this doesn't mean we're releasing 2.2 anytime soon:
Weeks 1&2: Admiral's Louge on forums (post-restricted board)
Weeks 3&4: Members Only subforum
Week 5: Full version release.

Some people will probably disagree with this, but again, we're trying to make sure the final release as as polished as possible before releasing it into the wild, and this is, based on our experience, the best way to make sure that happens.

If you need a refresher on what the Eriadu Authority is, check out the faction profile and unit list post by clicking here.

Superior General Sander Delvardus - Space: Praetor II-class Battlecruiser, Thalassa
Like most Warlords, Sander Delvardus was obsessed with his own status. In an attempt to move up the rungs of galactic society, he married into the wealthy Tarkin family on Eriadu and joined the Imperial Navy. After becoming captain on the ISD Brilliant, he lobbied to be made naval overseer of the Rimma trade route, in order to be closer to a refugee aid worker named Seledra-Zin, with whom he had fallen in love. Some time after making the rank of admiral, he and Seledra-Zin had a heated argument (not uncommon for the lovers) which ended with Delvardus striking her with a hammer. Filled with grief and regret, Delvardus ordered a suspended-animation casket for her and dedicated all of his future military and political actions towards secretly finding a cure for blunt force trauma. He had been under the command of Ardus Kaine, however after the defeat of the Empire at Endor, Kaine left to form the Pentastar Alignment in Oversector Outer, while Delvardus moved to form his own holdings around Eriadu, having promised the wealthy ruling families his protection. After acquiring a large force of AT-ATs from Vondarc, he styled himself Superior General; the first in a series of moves which would alienate his support base, specifically the well-respected General Maximilian Veers in this case. Subsequently, his moves to conquer territory closer to the core was met with disapproval by the Eriadu elites, including the Tarkin family and Shea Hublin, who believed it better to simply protect what they had. This was exacerbated by the string of military defeats suffered by Delvardus at the hands of Rebel Admirals Firmus Nantz and Sien Sovv, including the loss of his flagship. Once driven out of Eriadu, he fled to Kampe in the Deep Core, where he continued construction on the expensive Executor-class, Night Hammer. With the return of Palpatine, he rejoined the Imperial forces, but as the Empire once again splintered, he found himself at war with the other Warlords in the region. Ultimately, he was killed by Daala at Tsoss Beacon with the rest of the Warlords.

Colonel Ivan Cronus - Space: Executor-class Star Destroyer, Night Hammer. Construct at a capital shipyard.
The Night Hammer was a customized Executor class with black stealth armour (not to be confused with a cloaking device), and heavily automated systems which brought the crew requirement down by over half, and allowed more hangar space. Despite the power this provided to Delvardus, it had taken years and most of the financial and material resources of the Eriadu Authority to construct, only finishing sometime after their retreat to the Deep Core, and ultimately ending up under the command of Natasi Daala after her efforts to reunify the Empire. Cronus had been the second-in-command of Delvardus since at least 8 ABY, and was kept onboard as one of Daala's chief military personnel after he provided Night Hammer to her, which she renamed Knight Hammer in reference to the Jedi, and took as her flagship.

Major General Maximilian Veers - Ground: AT-AT Walker
Veers was raised by a middle-class Denon family before joining the Imperial academy, where he proved his dedication and skill repeatedly. Eventually, he attracted the attention of Darth Vader and gained a position as an instructor and commander aboard the first Death Star, although it was destroyed before he could take up his post. After successful missions against the Black Sun, an impressed Vice Admiral Thrawn recommended Veers to Darth Vader for further promotion, which Vader granted in the form of command of Death Squadron's elite Thundering Herd (later Blizzard Force at Hoth). After the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader, Veers served under Sander Delvardus, and was critical of the idea to form the Eriadu Authority. Eventually Veers left Eriadu and served under Thrawn's confederated forces, becoming one of a few who Thrawn used as templates for his clones. As the Imperial forces around the galaxy depleted, Veers went from commander to commander, until, in disgrace, he was sent on a suicide mission by Executor Sedriss.

Air Marshall Shea Hublin - Space: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Kabalian Cross
Hublin initially joined the Republic Navy at the end of the Clone Wars, graduating flight school shortly after the CIS surrender. His actions as commander of Sword Squadron in the Western Reaches during the early days of the Empire brought him significant media attention and fame, making him the subject of several recruitment posters. Based on Eriadu, he led Grand Moff Tarkin's starfighters against criminal and pirate forces before being injured in an ambush, losing a leg and most of his right arm. With prompting from his wife, he accepted a command position on the ISD Kabalian cross, allowing him to direct fighter operations from the bridge. He was asked by Kaine to accompany him to help form the Pentastar Alignment, but instead decided to remain on Eriadu under Delvardus' command. Like other Eriadu elites, he was highly critical of Delvardus' announcement that they would be conquering the core worlds instead of protecting Eriadu, prompting him to leave Delvardus' service. He returned after the Rebels defeated Eriadu at Sullust, until being killed in action at Sanrafsix.

Admiral Adye Prittick - Space: Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Avenger
Prittick was one of the many high-ranking commanders to survive the retreat from Endor ordered by Gilad Pellaeon. When the fleet regrouped at Annaj, Prittick was determined to be the highest rank present and therefore in charge of the gathered Imperial forces. Prittick's indecision caused fractures in the gathered forces, leading a frustrated Blitzer Harrsk (among others) to take his own fleet and retreat to form Zero Command, the first Imperial splinter group. Altogether, this left Death Squadron with only a dozen Star Destroyers, which Prittick finally decided was insufficient to challenge the local Rebel forces, instead choosing to retreat to Yag'Dhul.
Note: There is no solid record of which was his flagship, or where he went after Yag'Dhul, however based on proximity we have decided on Eriadu. Avenger was chosen as its known path goes from Endor to Shadow Hand, consistent with a ship under the command of Delvardus.

Victor Strang - Ground: Storm Commando
Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Strang was in command of a team of storm commandos, elite troopers of the Empire's Stormtrooper Corps. Later in the war, he was promoted to the rank of admiral and placed in command of the Conqueror, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer equipped with a superlaser. He encountered the Rebel Alliance's Renegade Squadron led by Col Serra when they infiltrated the Conqueror in the Mustafar system in 1 ABY. Strang and his storm commandos were defeated by the Renegades, who proceeded to place thermal detonators on ship's reactor core. The detonators were triggered and the ship was destroyed, but before the explosion an X4 Gunship was able to escape from the Conqueror. One of the Renegades speculated that this ship may have been carrying Strang. (From Wookiepedia)

(Icon N/A) Moff Lobax Resuun - Galactic, Space: Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Retribution
Moff Resuun was the sector governor of Tamarin, which fell into disarray after Endor. The level of organized crime in the sector led to Resuun relocating the sector's headquarters to the Star Destroyer Retribution. Resuun managed to just barely retain control of local forces.

Captain Tomax Bren - Space: TIE Fighter Wing, White Death (Garrison on Retribution)
Tomax Bren was a gifted pilot as well as an engineer. For years he led the Scimitar Assault Wing, a group of ace pilots attached to the Qeimet Fleet, led by Retribution. At one point in his career, he devised an upgraded design for the TIE Bomber, elements of which were incorporated by Grand Admiral Thrawn into the Scimitar Assault Bomber after Bren joined under his command. In the Thrawn Campaign, Bren was essentially given total control over his assault wing. With Thrawn's death,  Bren and his pilots went into hiding.

Bossk - Ground, Space: Hound's Tooth
Bossk, a Trandoshan, is a highly skilled and deadly bounty hunter, and longtime rival of Boba Fett. He was also  one of the six bounty hunters Darth Vader hired to track down and capture the Millennium Falcon.

Elrood Sector Heroes
Much like the Antemeridian Sector for Maldrood and the Corporate Sector for Zsinj, Eriadu can gain some other heroes from minor factions by conquering them. The primary one for Eriadu is the Elrood sector, which provides four heroes.

(Icon N/A) Moff Villis Andal - Galactic
Villis Andal was a male Human and the Moff of Elrood sector during the New Order. A young man from a well-connected family, he became lazy in his secure job. Andal promoted the rivalry between his sector fleet's two top captains: Tanda Pryl and Akal Zed. Andal actually didn't even spend most of his time in the Elrood sector but instead spent it abroad in various games. Andal left most of the day to day governing of the sector to Governor Afren Hul of the planet Derilyn. (From Wookiepedia)

Captain Tanda Pryl - Space: Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Thunderflare
Tanda was a force sensitive who came from a privileged family which taught her the subtle art of manipulating and influencing people. Her father's influence ensured that she was accepted into the Naval academy, although it was her ability that allowed for her meteoric rise through the ranks. Captain Pryl's Star Destroyer was reasigned to Darth Vader's Death Squadron for the Battle of Endor. Pryl survived the battle but refused to obey the new fleet commander, Gilad Pellaeon, after the battle, She decided to return in the Elrood sector rather than follow the other Warlords. (From Wookiepedia)

Civé "Howlrunner" Rashon- Space: Obsidian Squadron (deploys from Thunderflare)
Civé Rashon was a Human female TIE pilot in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. She led Obsidian Squadron, an elite TIE squadron stationed aboard the Star Destroyer Avenger, and was given the call sign "Howlrunner". In 3 ABY, Rashon and Obsidian Squadron participated in the takeover of the planet Bespin and in the pursuit of the fugitive Rebel starship, the Millennium Falcon, as it escaped the planet. A year later, Rashon and Obsidian Squadron fought in the Battle of Endor, after which she returned to Elrood, continuing her service aboard Thunderflare. (From Wookiepedia)

Captain Akal Zed - Space: Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Stalker
Zed was raised in a militaristic household and earned his first command following meritorious performance aboard the Carrack-class cruiser Seswennan Nightcloak during the Battle of Fleyars IV. After earning command of the Stalker, he botched a pacification operation on Valera and was reassigned to Elrood sector. Thereafter, Zed resolved to regain the trust of Imperial High Command by keeping Elrood sector secure. Like Pryl, he was assigned to Death Squadron but returned to Elrood after Endor rather than serve Pellaeon. (From Wookiepedia)

That's all for now. If you want to see Eriadu in action, I'll be running an Eriadu playthrough in Endor Aftermath on my channel starting Saturday to show some of the progress we've made on both that faction and the scenario.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / MOVED: Demo problems
« on: March 03, 2017, 02:31:22 PM »
This topic has been moved to Imperial Civil War Tech Support.

Please keep bug reports to the existing bug report topic.

Releases / Imperial Civil War V2.2 [Demo]
« on: March 03, 2017, 01:17:57 PM »
This single-GC demo includes some of the new playable factions, units and mechanics of the upcoming 2.2 version.

Download Mirror 1: ModDB

For a full list of features and changes in the demo, as well as upcoming changes in the full version see:

For a full list of changes in the patched version, see:

Please report any bugs in the 2.2. Demo Known Issues and Bug Report thread:

Green means resolved in a patched version that can be received by re-downloading from the main mirror. Posts will be removed as they're compiled on this list.

Known issues:
- Infantry take annoyingly long to deploy from transports.
- Some ships jump in, then disappear and jump in again (part of the ships on multiple layer script that just isn't finished yet)
- Night Caller has a CR90 icon
- Dual space/ground units (Escort Carrier, Quasar, Acclamator) can't be produced on planets without ground accessibility.
- Jet Troopers use Boba Fett's animations, so death anim involved them standing
- AT-TE animations unfinished
- Retreat/Autoresolve disable on raid fleets appears to be ~9 minutes instead of the intended 4.
- Home One bridge attach model is incorrect
- Crimson Command shield gen placement makes it hard to hit
- Some land maps have objects preventing battle completion without autoresolve
- TIE Fighter/Int have some inverted normals, Interceptor is upside down
- Teubbo text duplication
- Secutor uses Lucrehulk icon
- AI still leaves some infantry at their base
- ISDII uses ISDI model
- Zsinj AA turret doesn't fire
- Zsinj has a crash issue with some raid fleets
- Zsinj crash while saving/loading

- First patch removed some of the demo text
- If you try to load a save made during a battle, it will crash
- Comkin shifted up and right so it's no longer overlapping a trade route

- Home One Type will show up as pure white if played on lower than highest graphics settings (caused by whole texture currently being set to team colour)

Unconfirmed: (I can't recreate any of these issues no matter how many times I try, need more information on reproducibility)
- Potential crash on Zsinj death?

Not bugs:
- Cowall can't move on his own (TIE Interceptor doesn't have a hyperdrive)
- Bellator is only buildable on Kuat and Fondor.


It's been quite some time since the last major release of Imperial Civil War, and we're finally back with a taste of what's to come. In this demo, you can play in the reworked Hunt for Zsinj galactic conquest scenario as the New Republic or two of the three new playable factions in 2.2; the Greater Maldrood and Warlord Zsinj. This GC provides a look at several of the new and reworked mechanics and other upgrades that 2.2 will bring to the table. This includes a ton of reworked graphical components (new projectiles, space skydomes, unit models), new and reworked features (extra story-driven content, emergent faction events), new units, and more. As this is just a demo, there's still a ton more to expect with the full 2.2. Depending on the feedback from this version and the length of the rest of 2.2's development time, we may consider another demo of this type with another scenario at a later date to make sure you don't go too long without something new to play. A lot of our determination on how to handle the full release, especially the testing process will be decided based on this demo. We suggest you do not delete your copy of 2.1 just yet.

Playable Factions:
New Republic: (Only new content listed)
  • 2.2 Demo - Wraith Squadron, MC80 Home One Type, Dauntless Heavy Cruiser, Quasars allow for X-Wing use on ground.
  • Coming in Full 2.2 - Republic Star Destroyer

Warlord Zsinj: (New in green)
  • Space- ISDI, ISDII, Executor, CR90, Nebulon-B, Nebulon-B2, Carrack, Dreadnaught, Gladiator, Neutron Star, Strike Cruiser, Acclamator, Quasar, Dominator, Lucrehulk, Allegiance, VSD
  • Ground - TIE Fighter, A6 Juggernaut, AT-TE, Nightsister, 2M Repulsortank, AT-ST, ULAV, IDT, SPMAT, Jump Trooper, TIE Crawler, Raptor Troopers, Stormtroopers, Hailfire, Droideka, Shock Troopers, Raptor Scout

Greater Maldrood: (New in green)
  • Space- Bellator, Crimson Command VSDII, Procursator, IPV, ISDII, ISDI, Ton-Falk, Arquitens, Interceptor IV, Neutron Star, Dreadnaught, Immobilizer, Crusader Corvette, Providence, Secutor, Allegiance, VSDI, ARC-170
  • Ground - AT-AT, AT-PT, TIE Crawler, Bantha II, ISP, AT-AP, Stormtroopers, SPMAT, Shock Troopers, Jump Troopers, T-16 (Thanks Farseer), TX-130, A9 Floating Fortress, Specialist, AT-AA, LAAT
  • Coming in Full 2.2 - Sorannan Star Destroyer, Army Troopers

We hope that this will not only give something to hold everyone over until release, but if we've messed something up, we'll have ample time and feedback to adjust it as we go. This will be especially useful for balancing feedback; there have been plenty of balancing changes which should be pulling the mod in the direction we want, however the exact numbers are certainly still up in the air, and the demo will give us a good amount of feedback to adjust from the current new baseline. There are a ton of changes being made in 2.2, probably more than in any previous version (including 1.0, and the huge jump between 1.3 and 2.0), so the more feedback we can get in one GC as a testbed, the more easily we can make changes without them already being embedded in ~19 other scenarios.

Here's the basic overview of what to expect compared to 2.1, as well as a bit of a projection to the full 2.2. Keep in mind, everything (especially in the full 2.2) is subject to change. Content may be added or removed as time and priority allow, especially when it comes to additional units. To read the full changelog, click here.

Download the Demo

Click here for the list of known issues and bug report thread.

If you would like more information about upcoming features and releases, check out our site at or our ModDB profile. If you're interested in longer-form "Let's Play" style previews of versions in progress, lead developer Corey regularly plays through early versions of Imperial Civil War and Ascendancy on his channel. He's currently finishing a Pentastar Alignment playthrough before starting the Eriadu Authority next Saturday. Click the left button below to go to the PA playlist, or the right to go to the channel and subscribe for notifications when the later ones start going up.

As ever, thank you all for your support of the team, we hope you enjoy this 2.2 Demo as much as we have enjoyed making it, and we look forward to you all getting to play the full thing (when it's ready, and no, we don't know when that will be yet).

-The Thrawn's Revenge Team

News & Updates / Galactic Conquest Scenario Editor
« on: February 28, 2017, 06:57:40 PM »
Hey all, been a while since we've done a news post. The demo is well on its way (the reason for the short delay is explained here), and then we'll be back to finishing our previews of the upcoming 2.2 content. I'm also about to start the Eriadu Authority preview playthrough on my channel after I finish up with the Pentastar Alignment, which should coincide with the release of the demo. But for now, I wanted to talk about a new mod tool.

One of the most tedious parts of modding Empire at War has always been creating the Galactic Conquest scenarios. Setting up all the planets, deciding on andmaking all the new traderoutes (especially in Thrawn's Revenge), putting in starting forces. This has always been a huge timesink for ourselves with twentyish scenarios in TR to maintain, and I'm sure many other mod teams as well. It's also something of a barrier to entry for players who just want to set up something custom. Pox and Corey (but mostly Pox) have decided to address this painful tedium by creating an Empire at War Galactic Conquest editor.  Here's a quick look at what we've got so far.

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts.

Currently, we have it set up to load files from whatever mod you may want by plugging in that mod's XML folder to the program (eventually, we hope to do a more regular loading function), allow you to select whichever planets you want, load traderoutes from the mod based on what planets are currently selected, and create additional traderoutes, along with some basic parameters (scenario name, campaign set, etc).

It currently just exports the basic form of the GC (selected planets and selected traderoutes) as well as all the XML entries for your new created traderoutes, which alone saves hours and hours of development time (enough to shave months off of a potential release date). We're still working on adding in the other functionality necessary for creating a fully-functional GC scenario without requiring too much outside modding, and minimal modding knowledge to allow the general community to create whatever scenarios they like, in whichever mods they want, although some stuff like editing the game's text files for the name and description will still be required. Starting forces are next up on our hit list. Pox would also eventually like to include some story scripting support in the editor itself, along with various other functions. Once we have a more feature-complete version ready and tested, we'll be doing a first release for the program. The initial releases will likely require a bit more legwork outside the program, but should still be a huge help at least for other mod teams and let them focus on the more important content rather than the tedious bits of modding, and a good source of feedback for us to improve the program.

News & Updates / Potential Demo Delays
« on: February 16, 2017, 05:02:36 PM »
'Ello everyone. We did say the Demo should drop in February, and that's still the plan. However some stuff has come up that could impact that, which may mean a March release, so just a heads up.

I've given a full explanation of it here:

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