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Star Wars Discussion / Re: Dark Times are ahead for Star Wars
« on: January 28, 2018, 02:40:44 AM »
Disney had better be careful with the next few Star Wars movies they make. They may be in dangerous territory with some of the fan base. Looking at Rotten Tomatoes, I see that only 49% of audience members liked The Last Jedi. Critics seemed to like the film (91%), but a lot of fans really seemed to not like it. So it does seem to be a little more than the hardcore fans like ourselves who are a bit weary of Disney.

Just using the stats when it suits your case. There’s been reports of review bombing attempts for the Last Jedi because it had asian, black, and female protagonists. So the reviews on RT are not completely credibile for that reason, and also because people likely to review a movie are ones more concerned with quality to begin with, while many average movie goers, even if they hate a movie, simply don’t.

For example, I’ve spent hours extolling my hatred for TFA, dedciated a few days worth of my life to it. And never have I once gave it a bad review on any offical site. So yeah, the stats aren’t always reliable.

Secondly, and the real reason that your post irks me so nuch, is the complete and utter fact that it’s cherry picking stats. TFA has after the year since it’s release an 88% approval rating by audience, and somehow a 93% by critics. And that movie was terrible. Great for Mr. Peutro who has a compelling arguement for liking the movie, but overall terrible. So can you really trust the stats when you consider all that?

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Dark Times are ahead for Star Wars
« on: January 23, 2018, 01:16:15 PM »
The prequels are just as bad as the sequels if the current trend are anywhere to go.

TFA and AotC are the same amount of horrible. RotS and TLJ are on par. And I’m betting Episode 9 will be like Episode 1 with both having only one thing really making them worth watching.

Ascendancy Discussion / Random Suggestion: Rebels VS Palpatine
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:42:02 PM »
Corey mentioned in a video I think there will be single player intended maps that were mean't to mimic the actual galatic status at the time. If I'm remembering that correctly, will there be a Dark Empire map?

Further more, will there be a version of Dissolution with a sort of "central" Empire containing the majority of the galaxy, and several Imperial Remnant factions and allied New Republic factions fighting each other?

EaW and FoC Mods / Clone Wars 4.0 Confusion
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:23:52 PM »
Out of curiosity I decided to download the updated RaW and check out the Clone Wars mods due to a new, stronger computer and a desire for EaW playing.

What I got was RaW being cartoony with it's opening cinematic, a rather questionable opening cutscene for Fall of the Jedi, and a massively incomplete tech tree for the Republic. Disappointing.

But then I tried Clone Wars and, oh boy. So in an incomplete tech tree we have the Barracks, which grants access to the Clone Heavy Unit, Clone Sniper, and some other clone unit. But then we have the Local Security Building which builds Republic troopers, Phase 2 Clone Troopers, and some other clone unit. BUT THEN we have the Clone Breeding facility, the Advanced Clone Training Facility, and the Clone Armory which all give more different units.

So I'm basically stumped here, confused as to how this all is set up and I know I didn't even transcribe it here right.

(Also I'm a bit angry there's no way to tech up to 5 instantly as I've grown to hate the progressive tech method of EaW.)

Ascendancy Tech Support / Re: Way to change factions?
« on: January 04, 2018, 07:00:57 AM »
In Sins there’s no feature to “unresearch” something, and in Ascendancy due to the drawbacks present in late game techs for the factions this inability is more pronounced. In addition, while researching mutually disabling tech is an option (before the latest patch I would do so as the Imperials often to keep good ship building speed while also getting the defensive upgrades that slow down ship production) with the regime change you can’t research a new regime due to being locked out of it by in game requirements.

Personally I think Kylo Ren is ten times more attractive in TLJ than in TFA, must have been the lighting.

I’m on the ship of Poe and Finn all the way, Luke’s force ghost X Han’s ashes, and Kylo X the Dark Side.

I've been coming to the conclusion lately that this is another one of those arguments that almost never goes anywhere - either someone thinks she's too perfect, or they don't, and it's a very rare thing in my experience to actually change someone's mind on the topic.  I'd never even heard the term before the reaction to Rey after TFA came out.  Personally, I honestly don't really care; if her journey is enjoyable and her growth handled well, her skill-set isn't likely to bother me.  For me, it's the emotions the journey brings out in me that matter for Star Wars far more than how cohesive or realistic a universe I'm getting.  If I want hard sci-fi, I'll watch The Expanse.  If I want soft sci-fi, I'll watch Star Trek.  If I want space fantasy, I watch Star Wars, and space fantasy is allowed to play a bit loose with the rules.

The arguement on Rey being a Mary Sue doeem’t help if one decides to differentiate her character from TFA and TLJ. From my perspective, there’s no way to argue that in TFA she’s not a Mary Sue. But in TLJ, I argue that she isn’t one. Character overall? Stupidly powerful Mary Sue due to TFA.

I’m not even going to address the dozen old EU nitpicks from the first part of the post (all of the cloaking devices in old EU were destroyed and hyperspacing tracking could be done by an R2D2 unit, there), or really anything else.

I’m just going to say that I’m glad this movie got rid of all of Episode 7’s “mystery box” crap with Rey’s parents and Snoke to turn Rey and Kylo into actually decent characters. I argue Rey is a mary sue in TFA (the title doesn’t help), but in TLJ she has actual difficulties doing what she needs to do, and there’s a struggle. The outcome is more or less predetermined, but it’s a good story never the less with her.

Oh and Kylo Ren isn’t as ridiculous in this movie, so I’m happy with that.

On the other hand, TLJ has probably ruined the overall trilogy in some way. I’m not sure how, but when 9 comes out and well, I don’t put much stock in JJ, it’ll probably be like 8 never happened and thus we get a really awkward overall sequel trilogy.

Actually, on second thought, there’s three things from the first page I wanted to address. Turtle225’s points.

1. Kylo still idolizing Darth Vader. To give two rather basic examples, in the real world, people still idolize leaders who betrayed their own causes at the very end. Plenty of people root for Darth Vader despite his apperances as Anakin Skywalker in the prequels and his redemption at the end of RotJ. They admire a ruthless, ordered rule. We even had a thread debating Galatic Empire terrorism versus Galatic New Republic terrorism, and plenty of people chose the Empire. But this is fictional, and so some could ignore it. However, Neo Nazis still hold up the Third Reich as a perfect world, and idolize Hilter despite A. Him being of Jewish descent (a hypocrsisy not unlike worshiping Vader as a Sith). B. Him commiting suicide and failing his goals in the end due to paranioa and madness effectively strangulating his ability to reason.
2. Rebuilding the Rebellion from a dozen people on the Falcon. To give a more low key example, in America there have been plenty of people who came from nothing, created a company, lost it all, and rebuilt the organization themselves to suceed on the second try. There have been others who never suceeded on that second try due to huge amounts of debt, but it is possible to rebuild an organization out of nearly nothing.
3. Luke’s instinct leading him to strike down Ben. Yes an utter bastardization of Luke Skywalker from Episode 6, but you have to keep a few things in mind. Luke saw all the evil Vader and Sidious had done to the galaxy, blowing up planets, killing families, slaughtering not only Luke’s friends in the Rebellion, but his mentor, his family, and his sister’s home planet. In every way of his life, Luke was defined by the evil of the Sith. So when he saw a possible future where Ben continued that same dark legacy, his instinct goaded him into doing whatever was nessecary to prevent it. The same instinct Palpatine goaded him into using in RotJ to open him up to the dark side. He resisted, of course, just as he did in Episode6, but it did have consquence, just like how in Episode 6 it left him open to the dark side.

Discussion, Suggestions and Feedback / Re: The Galaxy's Next Top Jedi
« on: December 19, 2017, 01:37:11 PM »
I’ve abstained from voting due to not knowing the relative potential about canidate, and never having encountered the majority of them.

Quick question however, why is Syfo-Dias on the list? He disappeared after establishing a clone army, not having been seen for a decade. Did he resurfwce during the Clone Wars?

No idea if turrents will be rotating, I don't really pay attention to those kinds of details due to a low specced computer.

According to the manual AT-STs have their grenade launchers to fight heavier vehicles, so I doubt they would be switched to another loadout for rockets or whatever.

The Neb-B isn't too bad, so I doubt something like that would happen.

While the perma death of NR heroes can feel ridiculous considering the plot armor, fighting Luke Skywalker or Admiral Ackbar a dozen times over the course of a long game would also be an annoyance because of the number and strength of NR heroes. Luke's damage boost, Ackbar's shield boost, etc. In addition the sandbox nature of TR does include killing these heroes anywhere, at any point in the timeline.

Well for one story scripting is a bit difficult to implement for non-primary 3 factions, secondly like I said the sandbox nature of the game. I don't really think people would appreciate Jerec having to be killed at the Valley of the Jedi when he's wrecking everything.

The mod would have to be moved to a new game.

The last time I used AT-ATs was in skirmish where despite having damage upgrades they stuggeled to kill T4Bs. And when I last fought them by attacking as the NR, an AT-AT struggeled to kill my units that weren't made of paper. I suppose I could be remembering things wrong but, I consider an AT-AT to be a very fancy paperweight that's ridiculously expensive.

Also if they're a defensive unit, I don't have much reason to build them as my ground defenses consists of 10 2-M Repulsor tanks swarming the spawm point.

Ascendancy Tech Support / Re: Credits lost with Daala
« on: November 27, 2017, 08:46:53 AM »
I will investigate this sometime this week. Friends want me to try out Daala. Report back with findings soon.

Okay keep using AP-PT was fragile yet good for killing infantry and annoying Rebel aircraft. I love you, AT-ST, but I need to kill things faster.

I used Century Tanks a lot, and consider them the best heavy tank the Empire has, but I remember being dissapointed with their anti armor capacities due to the turbo laser's cooldown and the fact the turbo laser is often wasted on the infantry sent in front of the tanks, because the Century Tank can kill the infantry. I'll have to revisit them soon.

I don't really have the micro required for 2-Ms then. I need something more fire and forget for my armor issues.

B6 Juggernaut being as useless as a Stormtrooper on Endor. Well, except for this Campgain where an army of Stormtroopers decimated Endor.

I'd, rather lose a planet and reinvade it with 30 Stormtroopers than ever invest in AT-AT production again. I really hate the bloody things. Too little health, not enough damage, far too slow, too few Stormtroopers. If I only had a Floating Fortress instead...

Ascendancy Discussion / ISDII Cloaking Devices and Using Them Properly
« on: November 27, 2017, 08:39:30 AM »
So I've been using the Thrawn tree for awhile mostly because of the diplomatic bonuses, universal supply, and having increased culture defense through a better culture spread rate. Due to playing mostly team comp games, Thrawn's just been the best for my playstyle just because of fleet buffs and ease of use.

However, the ultimate tech, is the cloaking device used on Star Destroyers and Asteriods by Pelleaon and Thrawn respectively, and is installed through level up on ISDII-class ships. So I have a few questions about the ultimate ability.

1. Is there any benefit to increasing the cloaking device beyond the first level up? With the cool down already being near instant, I don't see a good reason to not just micromanage the cloak turning off and one.

2. I've been using the cloaking device for the following hijinks with my Star Destroyers. Are any of these bad ideas?
* Stealth scouting with an ISDII
* Setting up ambushes with a group of 6 Star Destroyers laying near the edge of a system.
* Avoiding ship loss via cloak.
* Keeping the ship's firepower hidden until a good target is in range.
* Flanking.

3. Is there any thing I should be using the Cloaking Device for? Because while invisibility is a cool thing in RTSes and always leads to inevitable scouting and ambush tatics, I just struggle to figure out how to preform these things for awhile. I needed to look up Youtube guides for abusing invisibility in Warcraft 3 for example.

So my current style of play with the IR has generally lead to... Disappointment and the execution of several ground commanders by NR forces, so to speak. This is in an Era 1 campgain

I've previously been using a group composed of 2 Stormtrooper companies, with 3 AP-PT squads as anti-infantry and anti-air, followed by 3 2-M Repulsor Tanks as anti vehicle, with a SPMA acting as artillery to demolish turbolaser towers, and a Juggernaut to ferry the Stormtroopers around. This has mostly lead to disappointment, perhaps on a tactical level. I should probably manage my troop transport better, keeping it out of the line of fire, maneuver my AP-PTs better to avoid T4Bs and take the brunt of rocket troops, have my 2-Ms flank more, have the SPMAs set up more often for fire fights.

But I also think I should perhaps revisit decisions for unit composition. I'm dumping the Juggernauts, as they're just too expensive and too long to produce for me to have fun using them, not to mention they're made of tissue paper. This goes for general as I'm refusing to put in the resources for an AT-AT factory anymore, too much credit and time investment that could be replaced with spamming legions and legions of suicidal Stormtroopers for the glory of the Empire. Considering that in 2.15, infantry are near useless due to how quickly they die, I'll have to rely on mechanical warfare. And so I need help with rebuilding my forces. Should I use AT-STs in place of AP-PTs for better anti infantry at the cost of anti vehicale for anything not a T2B? Should I get rid of the 2-M repulsor tanks? Perhaps dump artillery altogether? I request ideas.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Chariot Buff for 2.2
« on: November 26, 2017, 08:23:51 PM »
The chariots played a crucial role in the Thrawn Trilogy, their destruction being a part of what caused Thrawn's displeasure with Nile Ferrus and the mistrust of Talon Karrde that did lead to Thrawn's death. However, they, kinda suck in gameplay.

So I propose a minor buff. They were used as command vehicles according to the manual, so why not add a function for them to carry a squad or two? Considering that in 2.2 commanders will be reintroduced as basic infantry, I don't see any problems with this.

As a side note: Can, we get a Juggernaut revamp in 2.2? At the very least increased health, it's made up of tissue paper for something so long and expensive. If not right out making it the ACTUAL B5 Juggernaut instead of the B6.

Forum Games / Re: Last Person to Post Wins
« on: November 25, 2017, 07:50:08 PM »
As a random thought I would sign up as a VA for 2.2, but then I realized I had no decent mic or recording software despite being told I have a good voice.

See you make it out to be this big thing, but it really isnt though. Its just a boring story, on top of that the gameplay is fucking awful. If you want a good story about grunts, Gundam 08th MS team is the way to go.
The cutscene of BF2 may have presented a boring story, but when combined with the fact half the plot is the literal moment by moment action of you actually playing the game, the story is in the gameplay due to your actions shaping how the battle goes, the cutscenes became very widely loved due to the fact it provides what most action movies and games do not in their plots, context and reasoning for violence. The action scenes are the battles, dictated by your gameplay of them, while the cutscenes are the breathers after each battle, reflecting on why you did that.

Video game stories are not simply the plot, it's also what grows out of the gameplay. A horrible succession of died lives only to grab a tank and clear a way to the final objective. Flanking around the map to light up the enemy's apprpaching heavy walker. These moments.

From this thread it sounds like (even if we give the writers the benefit of the doubt and assume the New Rebellion is lile the old one with the exception of Wraith Squadron, shiny heroes who fought for peace, justice, and protection, offering pardons to Imps and such) that the story of BF2 is either poorly written, or just not what it could've been. I didn't bother with Micro Transaction Front 2, nor do I like the new canon enough to watch the cutscenes on youtbe.

I was Playing The demo mod and i am 243 turns in on Captain difficulty and everything was going fine until i made a spy droid on Kuat and try to spy on a planet to invade, but then once i moved it onto the planet and let go it just moved back to Kuat and didn't work. I tried multiple times but it wouldn't work, then out of curiosity i tried to move my hero off the  planet as i had him there for the discount, but all he did was move to space. Then upon attempting to put him back onto the planet he copied himself? at this point i was very confused. then i tried moving everyone and no-one was able to move save some fleets i had in space. But when i tried putting one of the three fleets i had control of on a planet to reinforce them, once i put more ships into their fleet I was unable to control them anymore. Also when i moved the two other fleets i had to try and see if i could still battle with them. I could battle with them still, but once i entered the space battle i was unable to do anything except bring in reinforcements and the ships all appeared to me as if they were an enemy fleet (i.e. i couldn't see sub-stations or access abilities or command them in anyway whatsoever) the same went for the one group of land attack vehicles i was able to move. I am wondering if there is anyway to fix this or am i doomed to start again?

Your install folder of Thrawn's Revenge should include the Defreezer utility, if you cannot find it / figure out how to use it google "Empire at War Defreezer".

Preferably something balanced between power and usability in the saber design, intended for use in either hand, and is capable of being used both two and one handed.

And blue.

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