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NO! that's a thing? a few weeks in Grant will betray Kaine to the NR and you will lose a Valuable hero? who else gets hammered this way?

Also, are there now Mandators?

The Lounge / Could Japan have won the pacific war?
« on: August 22, 2017, 12:01:03 PM »
mostly just wanted to see your opinions. warning: PLEASE don't make this political, just discuss Facts+opinions, and keep it polite.

we know in Our timeline, Japan bombed pearl harbor an hour before the Declare war note got to Rossevelt(sorry if i butchered it), and declared war on all the allies at once, which meant the biggest industrial power was at war. unsurprisingly, they lost. could it have gone differently?

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Production
« on: July 29, 2017, 03:29:33 PM »
didn't have a good title for this, but whatever

in the Phoenix rising mod, 1 thing that caught my attention was this: for producing units, credits were drained as time went on, not on order. honestly, it feels more realistic. it also always you to cue up what you want, without auto-paying for it. so if you run out of money, production stops; when you get more, it will continue. this feels more realistic, and would help with Dreadnoughts taking forever to build, because you would need other projects running at the same time to keep the Empire going.

also, it had units that gave more money in addition to that. can we see like freighter ships that give more money you have to protect, and refugee(or passenger) ships that give more population?

just suggestions

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Star Destroyer suggestions
« on: June 02, 2017, 03:15:34 PM »
so, with your new extra information between battle and galactic maps. i had a few ideas:

with the ISD 1/2/T(tector), they each should have a defined role, so each is independent

ISD 1 is known to have 60 turbolasers and 60 ion cannons. so, my thought was an ability where it has an intensification of ion canon fire, plus boarding. so you cheaper destroyer that could also capture/disable enemy units. carry 7 squadrons(5 TIE/LN and 2 TIE/SA)

ISD 2 has heavier firepower/shields, and should also carry better fighters. 7 squadrons(3 TIE/LN, 2 TIE/IN, 2 TIE/SA). power to weapons and tractor beam ability

Tector has no hangar, but even more heavy firepower, shields, and armor. power to weapons and single unit retreat

as for the smaller ships, it should line up like this

Victory 1 has more concussions missiles and 3 squdrons( 2TIE/LN, 1 TIE/SA), but weaker Armor/shields, and is slower
Victory 2 has stronger shields, armor, firepower, ion cannons, and faster speed, but 1 squadron(TIE/LN)
Procursator has little stronger shields, but more turbolasers than ion cannons. 2 TIE/IN squadrons. is a little slower
CCVSD remains upgraded VSD2 with 3 squadrons

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / can CCVSDs be in Era 5 GCs
« on: May 28, 2017, 10:46:43 AM »
and, no, not as buildable units. my logic, after reading Darksaber, is approximately 50-60 of the Crimson ships survived the United Warlords Fleet campaign. they didn't all immediately disappear. if we go by the 15% of forces, that is still 7-9 CCVSDs left. could we see decreasing numbers of them in the later GCs, like 8 in orinda, 5-6 in final push, and 4ish for Caamas Crisis?

also, this goes for the other older units as well, like left-over Preators, Tectors, a few Katana Dreadnaughts, and some other older ships from the warlords, like Secutors, Raiders, the occasional Procursator and the like, to represent(especially in later Eras) that the IR is a rag-tag group, the pulled together groups of almost every remnant of the empire

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / new 2.2 reunification GC?
« on: May 25, 2017, 02:11:26 PM »
so, just finished Darksaber, and I had some ideas for a new reunification GC

it would encompass all the areas it already does, but with a potential switch. if you are playing as the IR, would there be a way to, in stead of use your tiny forces to conquer the warlords, could you instead use scripting to set of the Tsoss beacon council events? so instead of conquering them, your reuniting them, taking their forces, rather than destroying them. also, could we have larger NR territory, to include potential Pellaeon's take over of the PA, to potentially lead into Orinda campaign


so, first off, this is a suggestion/discussion for 2.3, not 2.2

now with THAT out of the way, on to the Mediator

the Mon Calamari Mediator Battlecruiser is one of the most weirdly represented off all Mon Cal ships. due to it's only size comparison is Viscount is at least twice as large as it, it has had a large variation of Designs, specs, and purposes. while others disagree, here is my opinion:

Mediator is a warship at best only 50% of the size of Viscount, but, rather than 8,500 meters long, it is Probably closer to 6,000 meters long. it's role, as i envisioned it, is a Carrier/Battleship that also serves as a Task force command vessel. rather than to slug it out with Imperial SSDs, it would be built to wipe out SDs and Battlecruisers it faced.

a reasonable armament i see would be 3 times that of the ISD I/II, plus extra anti-fighter weapons, and a hangar for 16 squadrons(more than the endurance, i know, but is is also 4 times longer, plus with even more mass. with strong armor, customary mon cal Shields, and NR ingenuity, while not designed to destroy it, it would be able to Hold off a Bellator for others to destroy it.
 potential shape design would be like this:
or this:
both times largest ship in photo

while this might not happen, due to 2.3 redoing EoTH ground, as well as second touch for warlords/imperials, and possible additional Hapan units, this may not happen, however, it brings me to my next point.

in the NJO compilation mod for ICW, LegostarwarsEU came up with a brilliant approach to the build bar overload problem for the NR, which could be carried over: there is a NR membership build with is required to build a group of 8 or so core units, while all planets have indigenous(local units) on them. if carried over to ICW, this would fix buildbar overload, plus allow for any units people may want to add, and give better representation for the elements of the NR

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Fighter Resupply
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:48:11 AM »
so, after seeing that the YVaW team managed this, i had to ask... could you guys implement this? it would add realism, and a reason to keep Carrier ors supply vessels alive, as they are the ones to rearm and repair fighters

random suggestion.

so, after watching your playthrough, i noticed that Maldrood seemed to blitz through up to 50% of the galaxy until you swept through. so i was wondering, could we add the hutts as an activated non-playable(for now) that the Maldrood would have to overcome, but get some reward from? like some new starships that could only be built in hutt territory or something? because if you guys did, it would A. make it more realistic since maldrood put a lot of effort into fighting them, and B. would give other factions a chance to take over. like Zsinj or IR. it would especially work if Maldrood got a reward for doing it, so that it won't be just another enemy to face.

since i am on Endor Aftermath, could you add Josef Grunger to the mix as a warlord minor, that wants to take over corellia? since i can think of no other GCs he and Pitta could fit in

and could their be a Align faction for the PA, to keep it balanced and give them a expansion opjective? because right now, all they have to do is turtle to get all their stuff. maybe spread like certain units to certain sections of the galaxy to force the PA to move to get them?

just suggestions

Ascendancy Discussion / 4 down, 1 in progress... who's left?
« on: May 09, 2017, 04:05:35 PM »
so, the factions for Ascendancy stand thus:
1.1: Imperial Remnant, New Republic, Empire of the Hand, Pentastar Alignment
1.2: Hapes Consortium
1.3.... who?

now, for the reason i made this.

can the 6th faction be the Hutts?

this would be a faction of pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and crime. this would give you a chance to bring in stuff like the Aggresser Destroyer, Providence Carrier, Kedalbe Battleship, R41, Clutch fighters, Hondo's pirate disk battleships, and other such units.

as of now, there is no hutt faction, and it would be different from the other factions currently in either game. as Corey has said before, while ICW goes Canonical(Legendonical?), Ascendancy is supposed to represent the different faction styles, not actual timeframe. Thus the Hutts would bring something new to the table and fill one of the empty slots

Obvious choices:

Arquientens(sorry if misspelled)

NTB-630(before Y-Wing)(?)

also, will we see the Mandator for that mod, and then get turned into Megador for ICW?

Star Wars Discussion / Mon Calamari Star Cruisers
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:07:43 AM »
this tread is just to discuss the Mon Cal ships, from legends, canon, ICW, or Ascendancy

so, to start( we can add later)

Blue Driver
MC80 Home One type
MC80 Liberty

The Lounge / Strategy and general discussion
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:12:44 PM »
so, Corey, can we get these back for ICW and Ascendancy, please?

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Ground Fighters
« on: April 20, 2017, 12:04:11 PM »
so, random idea, but instead of making the Carriers spawn 1 fighter for the ground, make the fighter squadrons a space/ground unit, so you loss a fighter, not carrier, if the unit is destroyed

if anyone got excited, calm down. this is not a release.

i have been talking about someday making a submod, but that i can't do it alone. so, i might as well post this to start it.

as off right now, this thread is a place to post ideas, suggestions, offer help or advice, or general encouragement. i have some plans already, but my computer sucks so nothing is final.

current plans:
add certain planets: Earth, Atollon, and other various planets(large number to attack EoTH) will be added. Earth will be the homeworld of humanity and a major arms depot, due to how militarised it is here.

expand/divide unit rosters: while corey&co are making the main mod, this will be something like Balance&Flavor submod. the warlords will have units in certain areas/sectors, and will have to expand to get them, with various reasons. the NR/IR will get this as well, in addition, the NR will get some salvage warships to build/repair at imperial shipyards.

add Salvage. for major victories, the player can possibly get cash for salvage from destroyed warships.

add heroes: if you remember my thread(if you were in ICW as a hero...), this is where it will come in. a few off you guys could feature in the submod, if this takes off. some rules for it though: when submitting, say name, affiliation, what type of hero, command, eras, and a picture and voice acting to make it you. you can submit here.

add GCs: i won't say anything else on this yet, but i will once i start working and they take shape.

that's all for now, and again, any help with modding would be appreciated

Star Wars Discussion / Maul. canon and legends. the end, and his life
« on: March 21, 2017, 06:10:16 PM »
so, since the episode twin suns is out, 1 of the few Sith lords in canon is gone, but i wanted to recap his life. Lord Xizer, it would be a huge favor if you could follow this post with another post or email for to tack on her for legends, since my legends knowledge, sadly, is less than my Canon knowledge. but, without further adieu, let's begin this.

  Maul, a Hairless(or Dathomirian) Zabrak from planet Dathomir, was taken on as an apprentice/assassin for Sidious during the final stages of the execution of the main plan. his training in the force was not as developed as his fighting skills by the time he fought Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi at the Battle of Naboo. while he killed Qui-Gon in one of the most epic duels in star wars, he was defeated by Obi-Wan in one of the few moments the Jedi came closest to the dark side. after he fell down the reactor shaft, following being cut in half, he was transported to a junk world, where he game himself a massive metal spider body. there, he went insane. after 12 years, his brother, Savage Opress, found him and took him back to Dathomir to be restored. that day, Maul's rein of terror began, as he began his quest for revenge on Kenobi, and Sidious.
  he, with his brother, went and started this rein by attacking a village and razing it to the ground, attempting to bring Kenobi out. it succeeded, but before they could kill him, Ventress arrived and managed to help kenobi fight free. after this, they attacked various ports and stations, eventually driving a wedge into Hondo Kanaka's pirate band, taking over half of it. again, however, Kenobi foiled the brothers' plan and, both injured, forced them to flee.
  Eventually discovered by Mandalorian death watch, Maul start forming his new legion, the Shadow Syndicate, and began an attack on Mandalore, overthrowing Duchess Satine, but being betrayed by Pre Vizsla,  the Death Watch Leader, in the process. with his brother, he broke out of prison and, after challenging Vizsla to a duel, killed him and took over 50-66% of Death Watch, with the remainder now in rebellion, following Bo Katan, Satine's sister. after another encounter with kenobi, ending in him killing Satine, he was the confronted y his old master, Sidious. in a Schism of the Sith, spliting Maul and Savage 1 way, Dooku and Sidious the other, sidious attacked the brothers and killed Savage and took Maul Prisoner, saying he had other uses for him. these apparently were leaving Maul in charge of Mandalore, but he was soon over thrown by Bo Katan, the Nite Owls, Mandalore resistance, half of the 501st, including Rex, and Ahsoka Tano, ending his rein of terror and sending him into hiding
  17 years later, he resurfaced and began ANOTHER path of Revenge, trying to destroy the empire, Jedi, rebels, Kenobi, and to turn Ezra to the dark side. this culminated in the final duel of his life, when in three strikes he was killed by Kenobi, his lifelong enemy. as he died, he said that Luke, in the future as the Chosen one, would avenge them both.

while i probably should have put more work into this, here is the broad breakdown. but, as always, i would love to her your thoughts on one of the most interesting characters in all of star wars

so, since there is debate on this, i thought i would through this up.

which name do YOU prefer? name it after the named one in the movies, or the ship that was alliance flagship first?

personally, i like the Independence class, but i want to here your opinions too

Star Wars Discussion / favorite starship
« on: March 16, 2017, 02:49:39 PM »
this is simple. in the post, just say what your favourite starship(Class OR Individual) in legends is. it must be real ship in legends. no canon only ships, no fanon ships, just confirmed legends starships.

any ship that gets 5 or more people saying that is their favourite, I'll throw up in a poll once there is AT LEAST 4 options, unless no one is interested.

eventually, we'll see what is the fan favourite.

No, SSDs are NOT excluded

good luck obscure legends starships

NOTE: i'll keep a running score here until i put up the poll

Venator: 2
Dreadnaught: 1
Praetor II: 1
Eclipse: 1
CR90: 1

Star Wars Discussion / Greatest Warlord, who is it?
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:03:35 PM »
so, just because i'm bored, lets start this.
first 4
Treatan Teradoc

we will add the others later. for now, this starts the discussion

so, i was looking for the thread, but since it was years back, i thought i'd broach the subject again.

assuming that Palpatine's plan worked to perfection, the rebel fleet was destroyed, Luke was turned + bonus Skywalker Leia, and Vader is destroyed or shipped to inquisitors to be replacing the Grand Inquistor of the time(not the SW: rebels one), would the yuuzhan vong have won?

so, the story in between: with the destruction of the entirety of the rebel fleet, minus Mon Mothma and scattered tiny cells, the galaxy is restored to peace. the empire continues to build battlestations, superweapons, SSDs, Star Destroyers, advanced starfighters, and more weapons. without the alliance destroying them and taking territory, the imperial starfleet by 25 ABY would possibly look like this:
2 Death Stars(maybe more)
1 Galaxy Gun(maybe more)
2-4 Eclipse SSDs
4-15 Sovereign SSDs
20+ Executor and Vengeance classes, including variants
15+ older, smaller SSDs
350+ Battlecruisers
35,000+ Star Destroyers of all classes and Variants
100,000+ smaller support vessels
250,000+ Stormtrooper Legions(taking advantage of Thrawn's Sparrti cloning cylinders)
millions of Starfighters
even more territory then in normal continuity

the Yuuzhan Vong would also have their other forces intact aswell.

what do you think would be the result?

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