Thrawn's Revenge

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Title: Thrawn's Revenge Progress - October 1st - November 17th Edition
Post by: Corey on November 19, 2018, 05:23:52 PM
This one's a bit more sparse because of personal life events for myself and several other devs, but still some movement being made in a few ways- everything should be back to normal now so expect a lot more progress to come quickly.

- Work continues on militia updates (Ssi-Ruuvi, Hapan, New Republic, Hand, Imperial Mix on different planet types)
- Ideation on ability changes continues (Endurance [4], Secutor [4], Dominator [1], Praetor [3], Syndic [1], Ascendancy [2], Peltast [1], Phalanx [1])

Imperial Civil War / Fall of the Republic
- Pox has created an updated, streamlined method for exporting galactic force spawns using the new LUA framework for era selection.
- Fixed starbase spawning in maps with era selection.
- Accuracy adjustments vs Infantry for NR, CSA, EotH and IR (Rep / CIS still to be done)
- Recusant, Bulwark and Lucrehulk scales adjusted to be in line with canon
- CSA skirmish support added (space)
- Adjustments to Isard's Revenge GC
- Adjustments to a couple dozen maps. Added Sarvchi map, Kuat/Bespin space maps
-Corporations: Added discounts for NR KDY, NR Rendili, Empire Incom, GM/ZE CEC linked to faction barracks and light vehicle factory