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Posted by: Jimalox
« on: December 07, 2018, 03:24:05 AM »

Man, I have to re-read this again. Definitely interesting.
Posted by: Illidan Stormrage
« on: August 21, 2018, 12:49:21 PM »

been reading this for a couple of hrs and all i can say is...holy shit.
I will be updating it from time to time.

Yeah... I heard from people on reddit about the idea of having dreams of living a different life either that or maybe I inhaled some drugs.
Posted by: Mika-Chan, A.I yandere
« on: August 21, 2018, 10:42:41 AM »

been reading this for a couple of hrs and all i can say is...holy shit.
Posted by: Illidan Stormrage
« on: August 21, 2018, 04:02:55 AM »

Note: This is not Fully completed. I am still transferring all my notes the day after the dream to my computer. This is about 70% of the story. I must warn that it contains descriptions of violence and some bad words. Corey gave me approval to post this so here I go.

Title: The Dream of a madman

Note: Julie isn’t a real person it’s just a dream girlfriend. It’s basically a fictionalized version of me that is older and was visiting from college and was spending time with family. This dream also fucked me up. After I woke up from this nightmare/dream I drank a can of coke and went to play video games for a couple hours (since no one was home) and I felt sick. The best I can describe this as is something similar to Drift0r’s epic dreams. Or if you want a simpler explanation watch Rick and Morty, specifically the episode with the Roy dream. Some of this maybe blurs and I may skip some irrelevant information (such as all the pictures I take with my phone, or pointless conversations). This isn’t a fan fiction this is an actual dream I had. I also like to say that this can be somewhat confusing but just try and follow along. Some of it is also paraphrased for simplicity’s sake and the fact that it is hard to remember everything. Also the later parts are a lot less fully remember so some speculation is in there.

So, my dream picks up with me on a boat riding to an island off the coast of the Carolinas with my brother and father. We were on vacation touring lighthouses. The boat itself was carrying cars since people lived on the island and they needed stuff and ways to get on and off the island. I had my phone and I was in my twenties in my dream. We had been here before in the dream but that was the day this cute girl in her twenties in my neighborhood had disappeared. We had search for months but found no trace of where she left. Most assume she was kidnapped by human traffickers, or a cult, but I didn’t buy it. I launch my own independent investigation, but nothing came out of it. So back in modern time, I was on my phone listening to my playlist. The song was "Dancing in the moonlight” by Artist King Harvest. I thought it just be a standard boring day but it wasn’t. About half way through the trip the captain asks over the intercom for my name, and for me to come to the front of the ship. Confused, I move towards the front of the ship and stumble upon a crowd around a box. Apparently, it was asking for me and requesting my finger print. of course, me being me I stick my finger on the request thing. The box opens and inside it has a Sword, a button that says click when ready to leave, a recoding, an outfit similar to Jon’s Nightwatch’s outfit minus the winter cloak, and a pistol with some strange markings and some random crap. I grab the outfit and the sword and the prerecorded message started playing "If you are hearing this you need to come and find me, I am in trouble. You are probably confused but it’s me, Julie. I have been missing for so long and I know I cause you and others pain. Please I need your help and I will explain it all". I decided to walk to the bathroom and change. I confuses as hell decide that something is wrong and I must do what she says. At this moment, I step out people are recording me with their phones. I realize there is no going back, but my brother and father didn’t want me to leave. They told me this is something shady and could get me killed. I said I didn’t care and goodbye. As I grabbed the pistol and holster it I see military vessels approaching, probably called by the ship’s crew. I finally fully am committed to whatever the fuck this is. I pick the device and press the button as military boards the boat. At least 40 people saw me walk into a portal and never be seen again....
 I landed on some sand. I spat that stuff out because, common sense. I stood up and looked at something interesting “fuck…” I realize I must be in Spain because I was on beach similar to the beach in Game of Thrones Dragonstone scenes. I decide maybe I could find help. Then I see the boats from Game of Thrones “okay that doesn’t make sense” the realization is slowly dawning maybe something bigger is going on. “Until is see I motherfucking dragon I am not buying this”. I decide then maybe I can sneak onto the boat and find out the what the deal is. As I approach it I reach for my phone but find out its been replace with a Walkman and Walkman headphones “Great, I got fucking robbed what the he-“as I duck as a dragon flies overhead. “Holy Crap this is Westeros!” My excitement turns to fear. “So, did she piss off someone here?” I then put the Walkman on and find out It somehow contains over a hundred of my favorite songs. So, I start with “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones as I jump onto the boat through a small opening. I land in a cabin room, and realize I need to make it above deck. So, I open the door to leave, that was when I see a blunt sword hit me in the face. I only stay awake a little longer to see It was Grey Worm who struck me, and Daenerys who was looking at me confused.
 The next thing I remember was waking up with my right arm chained to a bed frame and bandages on my nose. “Fuck, my nose” I say to myself with my nose bleeding a bit. I realize my pistol, sword and Walkman are on table that I can’t reach due to being chained to the bedframe by one arm. As I sit on the bed contemplating if I am screwed or not. Then the door opened. Grey Worm comes in along with Daenerys, and Tyrion. I instantly realize because of what I did I could die here for my stupidity. “Hi there, I am Aidan, nice to meet you.” I said out of fear. Grey Worm grabs the sword I had carried “Can you explain to us why you chose to sneak on to the boat and who hired you to spy on us?” he said point the word at my throat. I was confused “I don’t work for no one, I am here on my own business and I need help”, but Grey Worm starts playing bad cop “So you sneaked onto one of our ships without our permission, What business do you have that involves that?” I finally say it “All I remember was I was on a boat with my family, but came here because a friend of mine went missing 5 years ago sent me here with the Sword, this outfit and other shit please I am trying to find her.” Tyrion finally speaks with a look I know to familiarly “Your friend or your lover?” He grinned, but I frowned “What? no it’s not like that she is just a good friend of mine” I respond back. Daenerys however, looks at my stuff confused then picks up my Walkman. I am realized I may have fucked up big time. “What is this?” she pressed the play button and Beach Boys “I Get Around” and Everyone looks at me confused. “It’s called a Walkman it plays music out of it” I said laughing my ass off “How?” Tyrion ask completely bewilder. I thought long in mind on how to explain this to a Man with No balls, a Dwarf, and a Dragon Queen (this sounds like the start of a bad joke) “Well you know how books record things” they nodded to me “well it’s like that but I can play them so you can hear them” Grey Worm picks up the pistol “and this metal thing with the wired symbol?”  “Grey Worm, that is a pistol it shoots metal out of it like how a crossbow shoots arrows, really good at killing might even help me get what I want, but I don’t know what the symbol is.” I literally was slowly panicking inside I was going to die when Dany gave Grey Worm a look “look if you are going to kill me then at least have me die honorably” but then my prayers were answered.  “You not going to die, you seem to truly not wanting to be involved in the conflicts that would put you as a threat to us” I smile “Thank you, Unfortunately I can bend the knee chained to the bed” They all looked confuse “but you just met us we chained you u--“   “if you so willing to trust me then I will trust you” I interrupted. Grey Worm removes the chains on my arm. I grab my Walkman, my pistol, and my sword and walk out of the room onto the ship deck. “where you heading to?” I asked “Well this ship was going to Dorne” Tyrion responded “You will however, stay on Dragonstone with us”. I realize this is before Jon Snow arrived on Dragonstone since Greyworm would be a Casterly Rock if Jon was here. “I could change the outcome of what happens” I said to myself “But I need to find her”. Tyrion then walks up on me as I was leaving the boat. “Did anyone else come with you” he asked “Possibly” I responded. I swear I would have been pissed if some of the people on the boat followed me. Tyrion then motions for me to follow him. He takes me into the room with the map of Westeros where Daenerys is speaking with Missandai of Narth. “Ser Aidan I take it that you will be staying with us for a while?” Daenerys asked. “I honestly am not so sure” I replied “I might want to just wait and see where I am meant to go”. Tyrion then changes the subject “Your Grace, Ser Aidan might know the other prisoners we found, maybe he can reason with them”. Daenerys nods then speaks some Dortharki to the guards and then turns to me. “These men will escort you down Ser Aidan, I must warn you however some of the prisoners are as strange as you, so try not to start a problem.” “Yes, your grace” I replied.
 The Dorthraki seem to joke about me as I was walking down to the cell rooms. They had three doors locked. I was gesture to a key and then the first cell door. The room was mostly dark so they handed me a candle. I heard grumblings of what sounded like a wolf and a woman’s voice. “Hello” no answer. “Hey listen whoever is in here, I am not one of them I just want to talk maybe I can even get you out of here.” Finally, an animal sounding voice emerge “You got a Huff and Puff?” “What the fuck is a Huff and Puff?” I replied confused as hell. “The brand of cigarettes, Huff and Puff” as a man emerge in a shirt, a tie and long pants with another figure behind them. “Holy Shit your Bigby Wolf!” I reply shocked to the bones. “That’s my name, now do you got a Huff and Puff?” Bigby fully emerge. Yep I was right it was indeed the sheriff of Fabletown himself. “Wtf is he doing here?” I thought to myself. “If I had one I give to the great Sheriff of Fabletown” I responded with a smile. “Well shit” Bigby said in reply “How would a Mundie like you know that?” he seemed angry with a clench fist ready to kill me “Relax Bigby, I don’t want to expose Fabletown, in fact that is not why I am here. I am just like you stranded away from home” Bigby faced turned from just a frown to a confused expression “How you get here?” he asked. “I was sent here by a friend of mine, she is in trouble” I replied “Your turn”. “I was investigating a possible disappearance of a magical item a Mundie woman stole, so I am guessing that’s your girl?” He replied pacing back and forth comparing my story with his. “I don’t know unless, she stole to escape whoever is chasing her” I responded. “Ahh so someone is after her, that makes this case a whole lot more interesting” Bigby started to put on a face of curiosity. “Okay I got to ask” I said interrupting him. “Who is the figure behind you?”. Bigby laughs “If you really know Fabletown then you will know who she is” It then clicked in my mind. “Snow White, it is an honor to meet you” I said. Snow came out with a simple outfit similar to the one from the Wolf Among Us except a little dirtier. “Hello” she replied softly “And you are?” “ohh forgive my manners, name is Aidan” I responded “Nice to meet you Aidan” she replied back. “So, jumping back to the main point, where the fuck are we?” Bigby asked. I begin a long explanation on where we are. “Well kid you seem of good heart, if you help us we will help you” said Bigby “deal” I replied and we shook on it. “okay I will try to get you guys out let me talk to the other prisoners”. The two Dorthraki guards are shocked I wasn’t killed or beaten. Next door appeared to have more scratches in it. “Fuck this person means business” I said to myself. I open the door slowly with the candle in hand. “Who the fuck are you?” a voice called out in anger. “My name is Aidan I am here to help get you out, who are you?” I said. “My name is Daryl Dixon and you can help me by getting my crossbow back.” “Daryl, how the fuck did you get here?” I replied “Is Rick and the others here?” Daryl jumped up and came up on me “How do you know Rick?” “I just do. I know who you are and I trying to help you get out of here” I replied. The conversation with Daryl was more confusing since he didn’t remember how he got here. I explained everything to him as best I can and told him I will get him, Bigby and Snow out of here. He said if I helped him out he would help me. “Two down one to go” I said to myself.
 Again, the Two Dorthraki seem confused on how I wasn’t killed. This last one had multiple Dorthraki heavily armed and they opened it and pushed me in. “That was rude” I said out loud. “Yeah they are such cocksuckers mate” Said a man with a thick Australian accent. “Oh, great first Bigby Wolf, then Daryl Dixon, let me guess the TF2 Sniper? Or are you some Australian superhero?” I said with a laugh. “Nah I don’t even though what the fuck is a TF2 Sniper, and I don’t use snipers, you twat I prefer boomerangs” the man reply as he step out of the shadows. “You have got to be fucking kidding me, Captain Boomerang” I sighed “Well at least you can kill people, so how did you get sent here, did a mission with the Suicide Squad get you sent here?” “How did you know that?” he replied “That is almost impossible, almost no one ever knows about those missions” “luckily, I am not most people and I also can get you out of here” I said with a grin “Help me I will help you get out of here and get all the gold you want” he looked at me with a grin back “Well mate, I guess were now the best of blokes”.  Captain Boomerang always had a heart of gold so it was easy to convince him. After a while of talking to him he seemed to understand but joked we were probably on LSD.
 I walked out with a grin as all the Dorthraki looked out with a look of respect and shock. Then one prevents me from leaving, and motions for me to wait. Daenerys and Tyrion then arrive with two Dorthraki bodyguards at their side. “So, I take it that you talked to them” Tyrion asked. “I did Lord Tyrion and I think they will follow me and trust you guys should you set the free and or speak to them”. I then ask Daenerys to open the doors to the cells so she could talk to them. The Dorthraki cautiously began to open the cell doors, and Daenerys gesture for a Dorthraki to fetch something. One by one they all emerge. “Okay your grace these are my friends I guess you could say and just like me they don’t come from here” I say as I begin introducing them “this is Bigby Wolf, Sheriff of Fabletown, and this is his partner Snow White, that man over there is Daryl Dixon, the walker slayer, and that piece of shit over there is George "Digger" Harkness.” There is a brief silence as they all say hello. “Okay friends this Is Daenerys “Stormborn” of house Targaryen, and this is her hand Tyrion Lannister the Dwarf on Casterly Rock” I said with a grin. While Daenerys looked displeased with me, Tyrion looked at me and started to laugh and I laughed back. After about an hour or so of talking, Daenerys agrees to gives us each a room except for Bigby and Snow they have to stay in the same room together. “Wow Bigby, what a score mate” Captain Boomerang says grinning. Bigby then kicks him in the balls “listen buddie we can’t kill each other but there is no rule against breaking your balls, if you survive” he said agitated “alright Bigby, sorry friend” He replied still hurting from his kick in the balls. I am sent to a room that contains a fancy bed, a desk of sort and some drawers for cloths. “I could get use to living like a Lord” I said smiling. As I got settle in Daenerys walks in with two Dorthraki Blood riders and one is carrying a box. “Your Grace” I say as I bent my knee. “This box was found near where you were found we think it might belong to you” she said as she gestures for the Dorthraki to drop the box. It was a simple crate that has nails in it. “Thank you, your grace” I say in response as she looked pleased with me “If I get on her good side I will be alright” I think to myself. As I she was about to leave she turns back and says “Oh and I gave your friends back their items. Your buddie Bigby seemed happy with an item called Huff and Puff” I laugh for a few minutes as she looks at me bewildered. “it’s a joke between me and him” I said grinning but she had already left. I open the crate and find more items with a letter inside.  “Aidan, if you found this thank you for coming to save me. I know I sound like a Damsel in distress, but you are one of the only people I can trust. I brought you extra items for the journey and some have magical properties. I also must warn you, reality might be broken so random events might happen and cause chaos. I trust you will prevail and save me. You will know where to find me when the snowfalls and the white winds blow.” The letter seemed to be real. I looked through the box and it contain a M16 (why would I need this?) with a strange marking on the magazine, a envelop, a few stacks of gold, and a patch with a Stark sigil. Just then Bigby comes in the room smoking a cigarette. “Hey kid what’s all that crap?” he says tossing his cigarette in a can. “It’s some more stuff my friend left for me Bigby. Do you recognize these symbols on the gun?” I said. He looked shocked at the strange marking. “Kid, when we fought off stuff in Fabletown we have witches bless weapons to give unlimited ammo or unbreakable. Where she got you that from makes me nervous. What else did you find?” I show him the letter, and the patch with the Stark sigil. “there is this envelop she also gave me, but I haven’t opened it” I say. “Are you going to open it?” Bigby asked. I nodded and begin opening it. It contained maps and pictures. One was of a dark figure with horns, wings and green markings on his chest, another was of Winterfell, another was a map of Virginia, and the last one was a picture of me on the boat before I disappear form my world. “Strange” Bigby said “it’s almost as if she has been on the run for decades.” I stare at the map of Virginia and I notice that the map also had a note. “Bigby, go find Daryl”.
Daryl popped up a few minutes later with Bigby. “Daryl, does this map look familiar?” I say as I hand it to him “That’s impossible” he said “Where you get this?” I pointed to the opened crate. “My friend might have found this after visiting your world” I said “I wonder why she took it?” “More importantly” Daryl said “How did she find it and leave Alexandria without being notice?” I put the photos back in the envelop and stored it in a pouch. “Ohh that reminds me, kid” Bigby said “the queen said that she has a visitor coming and you, and only you are welcomed to join in meeting this person.” My mind clicked at that message. “When?” I asked “A few days” Bigby replied grinning “Your lucky kid, you got a queen’s attention and, she might even like you.” I turn to look at him with a grin “Oh fuck you Bigby” I say “besides I know who she is going to fall in love with.” Daryl chuckles “you don’t know the future, Aidan.” I laugh at his response, but they both look confused “wait you actually know?” Daryl says face turning curious. “I know that this guest is the one she will fall in love with” I say grinning. “Well than kid prove it what is the guy’s name?” Bigby replied. I smiled “Jon Snow” they both look at me more confused “do not tell anyone this, but trust me.” They both seem to nod in agreement and we pack everything up. My dream sort of have these few days kind of go by in montages. During these days, we tested the magic on the weapons using rocks as target practice. Them seem to have magazines that never empty just as Bigby said. Occasionally, Tyrion and Daenerys would watch from a cliff.
The day before Jon was said to arrive I had a private conversation with Daenerys. She was by herself near the cliff watching her Dragons. “Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal I see why you chose those names” I said and she turn toward me with a look of curiosity “you seem to know a lot Ser Aidan” she said looking at me trying to understand me “I do know that Jon Snow is no push over, Stark men can be brooding and stubborn. He isn’t going to kneel instantly even with your natural beauty or from being intimidated. Northmen judge people by their character remember that.” I said “You seem to know a lot about this Jon Snow” she more interested in what I have to say “What do you know of him?” this was an interesting question it is hard to sum up Jon. I clicked play on my Walkman and the song “Spirit in the Sky” By Norman Greenbaum played. “Jon was a bastard born of Eddard Stark arguably the most honorable man in Westeros. He is a very honorable like his father, but is very reserve and hasn’t had a good history with women and most men mock him about it and taunt him. He doesn’t sleep with prostitutes, he fights to protect everyone, but mostly his family, and he lost a woman he had truly had fallen in love with on the battlefield. In my world, he be the one who jumps in front of an arrow to save his friends.” She seemed to pity Jon. She seemed sort of shaken by that and she left without a word. “Great Job kid” Bigby said sarcastically coming out with a cigarette “you clearly know how to talk with women, I pretty sure your girlfriend you came here for would love your charisma.” “Fuck you” I said slightly annoyed but smiling at the same time “It’s a motherfucking Dragon Queen not a neighborhood friend.” “Women prefer men with charm Aidan.” Said Snow White who had turned up as well. “Is that why you never have left Bigby?” I said laughing “he always hits on you, using his charm, and you get irritated but still hang around him. Why?” Snow blushes, completely embarrassed by what I just said, while Bigby seems to smile “Fuck you, kid’ he said laughing. Bigby and I just started laughing a lot, but Snow just sighs and walks away. Then after about five minutes Bigby and I went down to the chambers we were staying in and went to sleep. The day Jon was supposed to arrive was the biggest day in my plan. If I could convince Jon to help me find Julie, I will destroy the White Walkers with him. However, a though kept running through my head. Why would Julie tell me that she may have broken reality? I decide to ignore this for now and decide to go and wait in the throne room for Daenerys. She arrived with her Dorthraki guards. “I will sit in the back, this is between you and the King in the North. I may put in a few words, but I don’t want to compromise this meeting.” I said to her with a very stern look. “Fine, Ser Aidan” She replied “If you do wish to speak you may.” The moment Jon walked in with Davos I knew this shit was about to go down. While Daenerys and Jon spoke to each other Davos noticed me and look confused and interested in who I was. I nodded off to him and he nodded back. Once Varys came in I knew the meeting was over. Before I left I took a look around the throne room. I wonder how someone like Aegon Targaryen had any other use of this room other than projecting his ego. Brushing that off with a shrug, I decided to introduce myself Jon and Davos out of the room.
 Davos and Jon seem to be privately speaking to themselves about the meeting. “Hello there, Ser Davos, and King Snow. I am Ser Aidan.” I said as Jon notice me coming up to speak to them. “Pleasure to meet you Ser Aidan” Said Jon shaking my hand. “Hello Ser” Davos simply said shaking my hand firmly. “I take I that the queen doesn’t believe you, but I do even if she doesn’t” as I kneel. Jon is sort of taken back “But you haven’t really met me before why do believe me?” he said curiously. “I know the stories and I know the enemy is real. More importantly I think then Night King has something to do with my friend disappearing, but let’s talk in a more private place” I motion them to a cliff where Bigby, Daryl, and Snow are standing speaking while Captain Boomerang is dicking around. I tell Jon everything I know on how I got here and even prove it by playing “Hardest Button to Button” by White Stripes. Jon and Davos seem to take me more seriously then, Tyrion and Daenerys did. When I asked why he believe me he explained that he has seen some crazy shit and my friends, myself, and my stuff weren’t the craziest of them. Davos and Bigby seem to get along really well though as they spoke. Me and Jon went off to talk on our own. “Can I just say I am honored to me you.” I said “you fight the good fight against the dead, and you came back from it.” Jon felt disturb it seemed that I know that, but I explained I wouldn’t tell a soul unless he was comfortable with it. “So, you also know why I am here then” he asked. “Dragonglass” I said “It kills White Walkers and the Whites” he nodded in agreement. He then changed the tone “So why do you serve Daenerys Targaryen?” he asked truly interested why. “I only serve her because she could have killed me at any moment when first meeting me, and I believe she could be useful to the realm, but I still look out for the interests of the North and the Starks because you people are very trustworthy. I also have my friend I told you about. I don’t know where she is, but she is here. For now I might as well indulge in this world so I can amass resources to find her.” This is somewhat true, because I value the North as a potential ally in my quest (And Because the North Remembers, bitch and the Starks are cool), I ultimately want to find Julie and save her from what is happening. “I mean to be fair though Daenerys is pretty young and beautiful, and she is single, but I am just not into her. I got people back home who also wouldn’t approve.” I said winding up a grin. “So, if you want to take a shot at her I won’t stop you.” He frowned “I don’t have time for that. Until the threat of the dead is gone they are my focus. Maybe later if we all survive this. Plus, queens don’t marry bastards” I grinned “So not now, but you are willing to possibly try if we survive the dead army? So, you do like her?” He seemed to be annoyed. The conversation change subject to mostly about the Starks, Winterfell, and the North. I think he did this to avoid talking about Daenerys anymore. The conversation ended and he headed off to brood about his situation. I hear that Davos, Daryl, and Bigby were heading down to a bar of sort, Snow White is going off to speak with Missandi of Narth(or maybe just do some of her on investigating?), and Captain Boomerang was dicking around with some random sell swords on the island. I went off to the this “Bar” only to find a Bigby, Davos, and Daryl drinking various wines and laughing. “Hey guys” I said. They all turn toward me, laughed and pulled up some sort of Westerosie bar stool for me. “Hey lad ever had Dornish wine? Here, try some.” Said Davos passing me a cup. I wonder if it was wise to indulge in some Dornish wine. The only wine I ever had was the simple wine use in religious ceremony. “what could go wrong?” I say with sigh. The wine just felt really good. “ahh that tastes great. I’ll have another” I said raising my cup.
 This part was a blur because when I finally woke up. It was the morning of the next day, and Tyrion was looking over me. I felt really hung over and tired, but Tyrion seemed impressed. “I met man once who manage to give the girls in the brothels in kingslanding such a good time he never had to pay. Now I meet a man who can down over twenty-five cups of Dornish wine before passing out. Impressive Ser Aidan.” He said with a huge grin. “Are you talking about Podrick?” I said chuckling “He may not have talent with a sword on the battlefield, but in the bed with women around him he has talent.” Tyrion and I laughed are asses off for a bit about it. I got up and place a cup back on the table. “Yeah sorry for the mess” I said getting my shit together. “Its fine, I have done worst” he said smiling. “So, did Jon get his Dragonglass?” I asked knowing maybe it has happened. “Indeed, he has begun checking out the caves now” Tyrion replied motioning for me to follow. We walked outside as the winds blew pretty calm that day. Bigby and the others were on a cliff discussing things amongst themselves, my guess was about their pasts. Before I could come over to see what they were up to I catch a glimpse Snow White standing by herself seemingly disturb by something. I decide to walk over and see what is wrong. “I guessing your upset with Bigby, he said another bad pick up line? He is smitten with your sent to be fair. He is after all a wolf.” I said grinning because it was true. Bigby Wolf saved Snow White from the Adversary’s army, who was planning on wiping out the land of the fables. Bigby then was sought after by her to be the sheriff of Fabletown.  Bigby himself is the Big Bad Wolf, the same wolf who terrorize little Red Riding Hood, and the same one who targeted the three little pigs. He is an incredible force of nature. Snow does seem unsettle by it. I realize I may have upset her even more. “Sorry” I said trying not to be a dochebag “I didn’t mean it like that. Bigby is a funny guy, and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you Snow.” She turned toward with a look of not anger, but sadness. “It’s fine” She said with a small smile “he mostly makes me laugh, but I am more concern for Fabletown with me and Bigby being gone for this long.” I tried my best to make her feel better. “Hey don’t worry it will be fine, it has lasted for a long time through worst. It will be fine.” I said with a smile. “Is there anything else?” She seemed to pause possibly because she wasn’t sure what to say. “I went through the crates we all had, and I found you, me, and Bigby have additional clothes. You and Bigby have suits, but I have a simple black dress. Also, I found this.” She hands me a suppressor “Thanks” I said putting the suppressor on pistol. “They might be useful if we ever have to attend some sort of royal ball.” I sort of walk off with my pistol holstered. I spot Daenerys with her guards heading towards the cave where Jon is working. I decide to follow her and her guards down to the caves. She has that conversation with Missandi about Grey worm then she heads down to the cave. Her and Jon go into the cave while the others wait outside. Davos walks up to me. “Pretty impressive you lasted that long on all that Dornish wine” he said with a little emotion. “Yeah, I don’t remember much of what happened” I said chuckling. “That is probably for the best.” He replied. We both shared a laugh for a good minute. Davos then change toon “They are taking way too long in there.” I grinned because I knew what he was implying. “Well maybe that is Jon’s secret to getting woman, but my guess is he forgot where to put it.” I said laughing along with Davos. I am honestly more mature in real life. I clicked play on the Walkman and Smash Mouth’s “All Star” Played. If you wondering what the deal with is the Walkman I don’t seem to know or remember. It does share my excellent taste in music. I do also have my clearly amazing dance moves that wow everyone, but back on track (ha ha… bad pun).
Jon and Daenerys walked out, Tyrion and Varys show up, gave some bad news, and I get to see Daenerys rant at Tyrion for his shitty plans. I generally thought it was funny seeing a Dragon Queen, a smuggler, a spymaster with no balls, a dwarf, and a bastard walking on a beach. It felt like some bad joke someone in discord would come up with. She does turn to Jon Snow for advice. It plays out the same as in the show because this dream I had was a few days after the episode seven. However, after she turned him she looked at me. “You, what should I do?” She demanded. I didn’t know what to say so I improvised. “Where I come from we called people who burned cities to the ground tyrants, or terrorists. We call people who fight for a better tomorrow, heroes. They call people like me a necessarily evil to face bigger threats. I may do horrible things for the right reason, but my actions still have consequences. To be fair though they may also call me a cunt, dochebag, Asshole, or scumbag. You decide what you want to be. If I was you, I would attack a military target of the Lannisters. Maybe capture Jamie Lannister or burn the Iron Fleet. You do whatever the fuck you want.” I said with a look seriousness on my face. She seemed taken back by that even though that was my wisdom injected with humor that was terrible. Daenerys just walked off with her entourage of followers leaving me, Davos, and Jon on the beach. “So, Jon I am interested in this Dragonglass as well. I will make you a deal. I will help you in the war for life and death in return you will help me find my friend. Also, I want a Dragonglass dagger.” I said with a look of seriousness on my face. I thought if Jon could help me maybe I could get out of here since I really saw no point in living here. I missed stuff from home, like French fries, My Xbox, my collection of Walking dead comics, and my friends. I really just felt like God had some sick plan to fuck with me or some shit. “Fine Ser Aidan” Jon said “But also try to convince Daenerys to help us.” I shook his hand. “No problem I will be your loyal servant, and also Queen Daenerys’ servant as well. I just need your help and you need mine.” Shaking Jon’s hand was wired. His hand was cold and very stiff. My guess was maybe his death made him symbolically like ice. Some days past by with nothing really interesting, at least that I can remember. I did mess around and listen to a bunch of songs I couldn’t remember. I also messed around with Captain Boomerang for a bit. We mostly were drinking Dornish wine and shooting at fucking birds I think. Man, I wish honestly instead of Captain Boomerang we got someone like Archer. That guy is the shit and is really funny.   
One day after speaking with Bigby about the investigation into Julie’s location Tyrion approached us. Bigby just was being his usual self by smoking a Huff and Puff while I was adjusting my pistol sight. “Ser Aidan, Ser Bigby, how are you doing?” He said with a plain face. The facial hair on Tyrion hid most of his emotion in my opinion. “Look Tyrion, cut to the chase. We are in the middle of something important.” I said a little pissed off, because I slept badly. Bigby looked just as annoyed as me honestly, but to be fair that is how he mostly looks. “Jon Snow is holding a meeting with Daenerys, and you and your friend Bigby are invited” He said backing up a bit. Wonderful I thought to myself. This meeting I am definingly going to change the dialogue, mostly because I am one hundred percent a prick. Tyrion then went away probably checking on Daenerys allies. “So, kid” Bigby said popping another smoke, “Are you going? I am going because I guess the key to us getting out of here is these White Walkers. If not, then at least we can get a favor out of these people which we can use later.” I nodded in agreement because it is the most likely outcome. My guess was maybe Julie is roaming the land avoiding people or the second mostly likely place Kingslanding. The idea of being in the land of always winter was another possibly (one I did not want to happen). We just agreed and walked off to the meeting. On the way in we saw Daryl, who was waiting for us. “I swear guys this medieval shit is throwing me off” He said with a plain boring face “Honestly I must be in hell, or in a coma” That was something I had never thought of. What if I was in a coma? What if I had died falling off the boat in the Carolinas’? What if I was on drugs? Kidnapped? I thought for a little before Bigby gesture for us to walk in. Daryl tagged along with us probably to see are next plan of action.
 The actual room we were in was kind of cold. The wind had blown some cold air in. I had the M16 over my back, and my pistol and sword holster. Bigby had a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter. While Daryl didn’t have his crossbow currently on him, he had a revolver holster. I had asked earlier about it and it appears to have the same magic as my guns. Daryl stood in the back with on foot against the wall with his arms cross. Bigby and I stood to the right of Jon and Davos. The meeting began with Jon being handed the scroll from the raven that had arrived. I felt kind of sorry for Jon in my dream. He just has the worse life ever with his family, being a bastard (though he isn’t one, everyone thinks he is, but he isn’t), and being fucking murder then resurrected. I know I would feel like a loser if I was Jon. Anyways the conversation starts with Jon mention how he thought Arya and Bran were dead. Daenerys comments how she is happy for Jon. I look at Bigby and we both grin. I don’t know why, but the dream made feel like It was okay to be a total dochebag. Jon then talks about the army of the dead, and how he needs to go home and protect his people. Daenerys says she can’t which is when I step in. “Jon, I will go with you to protect the North” I said as heads turn toward me. “You are no liar, Jon Snow. The dead are real and you’ll need all the help you can get.” Daenerys seem slightly offended that I would leave to help another ruler. Daryl then steps up “I’ll go wherever Aidan goes” he said “If an army of dead men is coming, you guys are screwed and will need all the men you can’t get” Tyrion seems to notice Daenerys was getting irritated with me and Daryl so, Tyrion decides it’s time for him to speak. He talks about how they could convince Cerci by bringing the dead to her. Davos and Jon speak about if that was possible, but after Tyrion mentions bringing a single white down to Kingslanding I speak up. “Tyrion, I don’t like this plan. This puts us at greater risk, and more importantly this might not even work. When the hand was brought down to Kingslanding it would rot away. What makes you think it won’t happen again?” Tyrion was about to speak, but Jon replies “That was a hand, this is a whole white we are talking about, it shouldn’t rot away for a while.” I honestly agree with this logic, because it’s an entire corpse. Tyrion then mentions going to meet Jamie to discuss getting an armistice. Davos said he will smuggle him in to Kingslanding to meet Jamie. Then Daenerys mentions how the plan won’t work without a white. Jorah spoke up and said he would go North to take one. I grinned at Bigby who smiles back. “Bigby, Daryl and I will go North as well.” I said with a smirk which seemed to piss off Jorah and also made Daenerys a little more upset. She gave that look of concern, and or possible affection, but I just grinned back. “For a few reasons, one Ser Friendzone here can’t go alone, two I think we can find clues to my friend’s location possibly beyond the wall, and three I always wanted to be a fucking hero, and have songs sang about me.” Bigby, Daryl, and Davos all burst out laughing along with me, but Davos then asked something “What do you mean by Ser Friendzone?” I realize that isn’t really something these guys know about. The only two who understand were Daryl and Bigby. Bigby, just facepalmed and Daryl kept laughing. “It’s a joke, I promise I will tell you, and Jon later” I said chuckling a bit. Daenerys and Jon both look confused, but are eyeing each other. “The free folk will help us” Jon said getting us back on track. Then the thing happens where Jon says he is going north and Daenerys tries to prevent him from leaving. Daenerys is falling in love with Jon, and she fails to hide her emotions. When she nods that he can leave for the mission, the meeting wraps up. Jorah walks up to me slightly pissed off “Who in the fucking gods are you?” he demanded totally pissed off at me. “I am Ser Aidan, just ask Daenerys or Tyrion about me and my friends for any other information.” I said with a smirk as I walk off. Bigby and Daryl came with me and on the way said they were going to get a drink, and that I should come. I told them I will meet them there in an hour. So, I went walking for about a few good minutes. When I was board of waking around I stopped. I then busted out the Walkman. Next thing you know I was standing over a cliff listening to “Maneater” By Hall & Oates. I was dancing to it, amazingly. I am a horrible dancer, but I did get some attention from someone. Oh, how ironic it was this song playing when she approached me.
 “Shit” I said in low voice as Daenerys walked toward me. Quick Aidan, do something I thought to myself before It was too late. I am the worst with woman, and I suck at flirting, but I try my best. And hey she is only a dragon queen what could go wrong? And hey I am pretty handsome she wouldn’t kill me. I will just act like Dario, or Jon, or even fucking Bronn. These are thoughts running through my head and I just felt screwed. “Ser Aidan” Daenerys said with a hint of anger in her voice, but she was hiding it rather well, which is surprising because she usually doesn’t hide her emotions well. “Hello gorgeous, you here to blind me with your beautiful bright eyes?” I said with a smile. What a fucking dumbass I am in my dreams. She is pissed off and you decided to fucking flirt? My head told me. I was waiting for a slap in the face, or to get pushed off a cliff, but instead her facial expression changed. “You are terrible with woman you know that right Ser Aidan?” She said chuckling at my horrible flirt. “Besides that, I wish to know why your allegiance has change now?” With her tone changing to a more serious tone. “Let me establish a few things. One, I only flirt with you because I don’t want to get on your bad side and become Ser Aidan the headless, two Jon Snow is right and I trust him, but I still serve you. I know what is out there beyond the wall. More importantly, I have seen a lot of things in my life, and he isn’t no liar or a madman. Also, Bigby and Tyrion both trust him a lot and they are good advisors.” I said with a serious face. Jon Snow isn’t a madman or liar there was an army of dead men coming, but she will see it soon. She seemed pleased with my answer but was now staring at my Walkman. “So, this item plays music that you sing and dance too?” she asked with general curiosity. I reach for it and clicked play “Yes pretty much, your grace” the song was “Pompeii” by Bastille. “You have a great set of skills, Ser Aidan. I assume you also dance?” Daenerys said with a smile. This is something I dreaded talking about. I can’t dance with a girl let alone a Dragon Queen. I honestly suck dancing in real life too with woman. I panicked, but she had force my hand. “Well… you see… I can dance by myself… but I have never dance well with woman.” I said with a sigh and my face was actually red. I turned away with an embarrassed face. I felt like a loser, but Daenerys actually laughed a bit. “Oh, Ser Aidan. Here let me show you.” She said reaching her hand out toward me offering to dance with me. This actually shocked me a bit. A queen asking if I want to dance with her. My face was pretty red. “I really shouldn’t, Ser Friendzone will have another mental breakdown if he sees me with you dancing together. It also is just wired to me. I mean no offense, your grace, but I not in romantic relations with you.” This felt awkward as fuck to me. I mean Daenerys Targaryen the Dragon Queen wants to dance with me, a shithead kid from Springfield. Man, I need to find out why my dreams are so fucked up. Daenerys however laughed again. “Oh, don’t worry feeling is the same, and people from our lands do the same things they dance with people even if they aren’t in love. And Ser Friendzone? You’re talking about Jorah? What does that mean?” This actually made me laugh to myself. “In my world, we have a saying when you are trying to court a girl. It’s about staying out of the “Friendzone” a metaphorical relationship zone where you love a person, but they only care about you as a friend. I call Ser Jorah, Ser Friendzone because he is an example of it and you know why, Daenerys.” I said with a chuckle. She immediately understood and sighed. “Poor Jorah. He will never move on” Her tone then change to a more friendlier tone. “You still want that dance Ser Aidan?” She asked with a good smile “… Sure” I said with confidence and a red face. I click a button on my Walkman and the Song “Rocket Man” By Elton John (I know not the most romantic song but fuck you my dream). She placed her hand on my shoulder and another holding my hand. My other hand went around Daenerys hip, which she didn’t seem to mind, but it still was totally awkward. We slowly began to dance. Daenerys seemed to enjoy it and was guiding me through it but was also moved really close up to me. It was kind of awkward for me since I am a sort of a loser and I am dancing with a chick who is not only a hot, badass, queen, but a mother of motherfucking dragons. As we danced Daenerys just gaze at me and I gazed back with a faint smile. I did enjoy dancing with Daenerys, but it was just really awkward now I think back on it. And now a new thing is added to my dream bucket list was completed: dancing with a queen. After the song was over she was still in my arms(awkward?). She then proceeded to step in close to me. She held my right hand with hers as she started to move in closer to my face. I was expecting her to say screw you and push me off the cliff like what Littlefinger did with Lysa Aryn or maybe kiss me, maybe say something sexual, or nothing relevant at all. However, instead she got in really really close and whispered in a voice soft as silk “You’re not as bad as Jorah says you are” she as she slowly pressed her lips against my own. I was speechless for a good few seconds pondering what just happened. It’s like when Faith leaves after meeting Bigby in the Wolf Among Us game. I assume her response meant she spoke to Jorah briefly before meeting me right here right now. Well Fuck I thought. I felt completely blindsided by this, but she continued “You’re a good ally, and a friend, but I glad were not lovers. There are other men for me out there. Your friend Julie should have you.” She continued with a smile. “I am glad too, and I am also glad Jorah isn’t here or any the others see us. It would put me in a new definition of fucked. And hey we can still be friends. I still need friends in this world, and friends Daenerys, are what will get you on the Iron Throne.” I said trying to play it cool. I was sweating a bit because the kiss on my cheek kind of made me feel dizzy. “I got to go talk to Bigby about finding Julie, and then I need to get gear up for this suicide mission beyond the wall.” I said with a grim smile back. “I hope you find her” Daenerys said with her soft silk voice while reaching up to touch my cheek. “She is lucky to have a man like you around to save her. She must really trust and care for you if she trusts you with her life. Farewell for now Ser Aidan.” She hugged me and walked away with a smile. She stopped for a few seconds looked back and winked at me. I grinned at what she had said to me. I knew Julie could handle herself. I am only here if she really got in to deep trouble otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Daenerys was heading toward the Dragonstone castle probably to talk to Missandi about what just happened. What a story that will be.
 As I turned around to leave, I notice Bigby, Daryl, Davos and Jon Snow all are standing there. They all were smiling and nodding. Fuck... “Damn kid, making some moves on a queen. Really impressive” Daryl said with a smile while giving me a pat on the back. “Oh, fuck you guys, she isn’t into to me. That was just a one-time thing.” I said with a smirk. “Well kid, even I am impressed. I mean Ser Jorah was here but he left after the whole friendzone thing you explained.” Bigby said chuckling a bit to himself. My face turned pale. Fuck. “Wait, how long had you been watching?” I asked as they all grinned. Jon stepped up “The whole thing Aidan, we heard it all except Jorah because as Bigby just said left after you made the Friendzone comment.” I felt like a fucking idiot. Jorah will have every reason to kill me now, and maybe even Jon. So that’s when I decided to a make a “threat at Jon”.  “Well Jon, if he kills me for hitting on “his girl” then who do you think will be next on his list.” I said as Jon’s face change pale in a heartbeat. “Yeah that’s what I thought. I mean Jorah is such a cockblocker when you had that private conversation with Daenerys. I mean you pet her Dragon and made her head spin, your good with her children Jon Snow. Woman love that in a man.” Jon’s face turned pale further while I just grinned. That must have confused the fuck out of him knowing that I know some of his secrets. “Very well Aidan” he said trying to recover from that conversation. “Two things, one Bigby found this, and two you need to pack for the mission beyond the wall.” he handed me my phone. “What the fuck? Where did you find this?” I turned toward Bigby. “found it yesterday, I also found the password pretty easy, but also it seems to never run out of batteries either. Too bad you have no internet, but I did get this.” He showed me a picture of me dancing with Daenerys Targaryen and another of her kissing me. “Well great” I said “This isn’t going to fuck me over when I get home. I guess I will keep photos of where we are so I can turn them over to the world once I get back to mine. I will love my friend’s reactions to that. I will look like such a boss.” I said laughing. Davos then speaks “Sorry lads, but I must go soon, but I wanted to know something. Ser Aidan, where did you get that sword.” Pointing to the one sheaved in my belt. I pulled it out and took a look at it. It seemed familiar, but I couldn’t find out where I knew it from, but Bigby knew. “Holy shit kid, that’s a damn sharp Sword! Your friend must really like you.” He said taking another with his cigarette. “But its Valyrian Steel… how is that possible? It looks like a sword I would use and I am pretty sure Valyrian Steel doesn’t exist in our worlds. Unless she got it from here, but where did she get it from” I said. I kept looking at it. It had a symbol of a sword being plunged into a beating heart. So, how Julie got me a Blade like that was anyone’s guess, but it is a dream so go figure. “Maybe she brought it from this world to your world, kid” Bigby said using his detective logic. That was probably the best answer I was going to get. “Well Ser Aidan, it’s a very nice sword maybe you should get Jon to teach you how to use that thing.” Davos said turning to Jon. Jon look a little surprise “I mean you have those other weapons Aidan, why use this sword?” Jon asked pointing at my pistol. “My other weapons only work in certain situations, besides, me, Daryl, and Bigby are coming with, and you need fighters. I must learn to fight better. Jon, you are one of the best swordsmen in Westeros so why don’t you teach me some tricks Ned Stark had you learn. I know how to use the sword and know tricks of my own. Let’s teach each other tricks of combat.” I said and Jon didn’t argue with that logic. “We start tomorrow” he said. I then walk off playing my Walkman. The song ironically was “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson (You should know why this is ironic.)
 I went down to my room and just slept. Days were going by faster during this portion of the dream. It was training between me and Jon. I take fencing in real life so I know how to use a blade, and I know some techniques that are really useful. Jon just mostly added on to that with better parrying and counter-attacks to use on various opponents with various weapons. Daenerys would often watch from above seated in chair as Jon and I trained. Jon and Daenerys often lock eyes and after training and in the end, they would talk to each other. My training was maybe three days before I was a master at the skills Jon taught me, but to be fair they are pretty easy when you more or less know what you are doing. Day four was when I decided it was my turn to teach Jon something. It was early dawn when Jon arrived with Daenerys. He led her up to the chair talking to her all the way there. I was busy setting up. I had Bigby with me and he brought another unopen crate. “Another one?” I frowned. “What is in it?” Bigby open the crate up with no hassle and pulled out a pump action shotgun, a back of ice and some Coke Cola. “Kid, these crates keep getting more and more mysterious by the day” Bigby said lighting a cigarette. He picked up the Shotgun and pointed at the wired marking, the same marking on my pistol and shotgun. “Give it to Daryl or Snow” I said “You’re the Big Bad Wolf. I am pretty sure you won’t need it.” He nodded in agreement and called over Snow White. He asked Snow to take it and she agree and seem to carry without a care for gun at all. I thought it was strange. Earlier, Bigby got up before me in the morning, and set up an archery target to shoot at since we have nothing else to use the guns safely on. Jon Snow finally comes down after what seem like hours of him talking to Daenerys. “Alright Jon, I made a promise to teach you some fighting tricks, and maybe a little more.” I said “Attack at me with your sword first.” Jon pulled out his sword and started with a simple cut down. I instead of parrying with both hands on the sword take my left hand and grab the flat of my sword blade with the point facing to the ground and parried. Using this I withdrew a dagger with my right hand and held it to Jon’s neck. “Rule 1 when fighting anyone. Expect anything unexpected. If you ever see someone this close in, backup, but you probably know this. You trained under Starks and I expect you to know most of this.” I said and he nodded in agreement. I told him to attack again. This time I did a half sword technique where I parried with one hand on the hilt, and another griping the flat of the blade.  I then use my sword’s cross guard and hooked his leg. I pulled him down to the ground. He was taken back by this move. “It’s simple, get your stronger opponents on a level playing field.” I said reaching an arm to help pick him up. We trained on this dirty fighting tactics for about a few hours. Then Bigby said it was time. I put my sword away and so did Jon. We walked over to a table where Bigby had me place my guns earlier. Picking up my pistol I demonstrated to Jon its usefulness. I think it was a 1911 9mm in my dream, but I can’t remember. I gave Jon a chance, but in the end, he handed the pistol back to me. “I appreciate the lesson on that, but I prefer a sword. You should use them. They are yours. I won’t need this skill.” He said. “Fair enough” I said and we went back to training. We trained another day on fighting dirty. That day Davos returned with Tyrion, and Gendry. Jon after training went to down to keep up the Dragonglass mining. He must of have met Gendry in the cave. I mostly just was talking with Bigby and Snow White. Snow said if we didn’t return she will try and find Julie, but will also try get back to Fabletown. After this discussion, I went to meet Jon Snow in the caves. We talked, about Daenerys, Dragons, The Dead, and Dragonglass. He handed me a Dragonglass Dagger for me to use on the trip. “May it serve you well” he said. I put in my belt along with my other weapons. I went to drink some wine before heading off to sleep.
The next was the day to leave for Eastwatch, the castle the army of the dead was marching on. Bigby and Daryl came by to wake me up. We didn’t really talk that much, I just nodded off and began packing. Bigby brought with two pairs of clothes for winter weather and a Dragonglass dagger. Daryl had his pistol, Dragonglass and a machine gun with another marking. I asked where he got it and he brought in a box. “I found it yesterday in a cave. It said Aidan on it. There is some stuff for you in there as well.” He said dropping the box on the ground. I sorted through and found a Vertical grip, a Holographic sight, two laser sights, and a flashlight. I started messing with the laser sights putting one on my pistol, and the other on the M16. I put the Holographic sight, a vertical grip, the laser sight, and flashlight. I felt like a fucking commando, it was badass. I walked out with my Walkman headphones taking a photo of myself using my phone. I pressed play on my Walkman and I was dancing to “We Built This City” by Starship as I was making my way to the boats. Jorah saw me and gave me a look of annoyance, and anger. Bigby, and Daryl were there as well smiling. Jon was speaking to Daenerys. My guess was that Jon was saying bye to Daenerys like in the show. She gazed at him with a look of desire, and affection. I don’t understand why these two just admit they love each because marriage alliances always helped Medieval Europe, most of the time. I walked up to Daenerys after Jon finished walking to the boat. It was my turn to say goodbye. She gave me a smile and made me have trouble finding words to say. “Here, if anything happens to me read this, but only when I am confirmed to be dead.” I hand her note that I wrote some instructions on it case I die. She looks slightly perplexed. She nods in agreement. “Farewell, your grace.” I said as I grab her hand kissing it. She winked at me. “I wish you good luck in this war to come.” I said walking toward the front of the boat. Jon nodded off to me and we began to push the boat out into the sea. However, as we were just about halfway in water Snow White comes running up with a Helmet with the words on it that read “Ser Aidan, Walker slayer”. She told me she found it on the beach. In look liked a World War 2 helmet on some sort. It looked cool, so I put it on my head, and We all went back to leaving for Eastwatch.
 This section of the dream was kind of barely memorable. It was just me socialize with all the people going on trip that were on the boat. Bigby did comment though that Ser Jorah didn’t really like or trust me and Jon. We assume he was jealousy because Daenerys is really fond of us. There was some training on the boat, but it was more review of moves. I did though on one of the days make a fool of myself. I felt bored so decided maybe it was time to use my Walkman on the ship. I played “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats. I began dancing and really getting into it. Everyone was looking at me completely bewilder except for Bigby and Daryl who just nodded their heads to the beat of the song. What a retard I must have looked like. Jon though thought it was funny and told me that my culture is strange but entertaining. Great I also look like a crazy dude to them. The rest of the trip wasn’t that special except Bigby talked to Jorah again. He thinks Jorah has been in love with Daenerys for so long it’s more of a creepy middle age man hitting on a very young woman. However, Bigby said he can relate to loving someone, but being rejected constantly. Obviously, he is talking about Snow White. Ever since he first met her he was attracted her. If you know the fairy tale version of Snow White then you know that prince charming basically woke her up with and they fell in love. Well in the fables world there rarely are happy endings. In the fables version Snow and Charming divorce because he cheated on her. So yeah, tough break. She then was capture along with. After that conversation, we spotted the wall. Jon informed us that we were taking the row boats from here. My god my arms hurt after that shit. Icey waters are the worst, and on top of the that my balls were freezing. I am not kidding when I mean it was that fucking cold. I remember Jon telling me a couple facts about the wall, and Bigby trying to light a Cigarette to a couple of “fucks” and “God dammits”.
 I remember walking into Eastwatch itself with Jon and Tormund meeting again. He then introduced us to Tormund. Tormund just looked at us confused. “What the fuck, Jon. We need soldiers not court jesters” he said. I just laughed my ass off at the comment. He led us into a meeting room. I notice Ser Jorah giving me another look of annoyance. I worried that he would try to get me killed on this mission over a fucking joke. I was getting actually more suspicious of Jorah. He seemed to be plaining something, maybe an assassination attempt on me and Jon. After all, Jon and I both basically  had  “A relationship” with Daenerys, except I ended that before it got any further then “allies, and friends”. Jon and Daenerys however, were falling in love, and with me taunting Jorah with the friendzone comments, and Jon and I cockblocking must have built up anger in him. I for some retarded reason, ignored these signs. As I said before I do stupid shit in my dreams, but this was foolish not seeing him planning something. I brushed off his looks as just simple jealousy. Jon took us inside east watch. “So, Ser Aidan, what do you fight with? Your Cock?” Tormund said laughing. I pulled out my guns turn on the laser sights showing they were real. Then I pointed my pistol at his face. “You were saying Tormund, Fucker of bears?” I said with a serious smirk on my face. He had a blank stare for a minute. “Kid, I have seen some fucked up shit in my life. I have never seen shit like that” he said in a serious tone. I grinned “You need to stare at less shit.” There was an awkward silence for a second as Jon just face palms. Tormund and I eventually just burst out laughing.
 The meeting itself was typical. Jon needed to get a white, and we needed people to go beyond the wall. Tormund mention some other people who also wanted to go beyond the wall. He led us into the Eastwatch prison cells. Inside was Baric, Thoros, and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane. So small talk in sued with Gendry not trusting them, and people like Tormund not liking Jorah because he is a “Fucking Mormont” like his father, who led the Night’s Watch against the wildlings. The Hound sat up and looked at me, Bigby, ad Daryl. “Who the fuck are these cunts?” he said with a look of confusion. “I am Ser Aidan, this is Ser Bigby Wolf, and that man is Daryl Dixon. Pleasure to meet you, dog” I said with a smirk. “Pleasure to meet you too… you fucking cunts” he said with a grin. Baric then went into a monolog about how we were bought together by the lord of light and our purpose and Blah Blah Blah. The Hound cuts them off and as if they are coming with us. Jon open the cell door and let them out. All I remember afterwards was a brief conversation with Gendry as we packed to go beyond the wall. We traded life stories. He seemed to generally believe me, though I admit he seen some crazier shit then I have. He was once slept with and was torture by a red priestess for his blood in one her blood rituals. The worst thing that happened to me? Getting beaten up by five asshole high school kids. We talked about the North, the Starks, and he mentions Arya. I told him she has become “No one” which confuses him, but I said he will find out what it means. I spoke with Baric about the lord of light and “our destiny” and blah blah blah it’s all bullshit. I remember Bigby entered the room and told us it was time. With a fake smile on my face I grab my M16 and began moving. At the gate, everyone was gather. Nothing really said, but the storm made it suspenseful. We all look at each other and nodded. It’s time to go beyond the wall into a winter version of hell. We began marching out into the storm. The snow almost froze my face over.  Bigby seemed the only one who felt just find, but to be fair Bigby is a wolf, and so in his human form he is probably use to it. I remember we travel for what seem like hours. People had conversations, but I kept to myself. However eventually people came over to me to start conversations.
“So, you are the mysterious stranger from beyond.” Cracked Tormund with a wired smile. “Well you could call me that. You could also call me the lone Wander, or the American.” I said trying to stay warm. I mostly asked him questions about wildlings and the army of the dead. However, the conversation quickly ended and I went to speak to Jon. Bigby, and Daryl were conversing with Tormund, The hound, and Thoros. “So, Jon, do you really think we can survive this? I am just worried were going to lose people.” I asked, but Jon sighed “We are going to lose people, it’s just how this is going to be. I cannot promise you will survive, but I have faith in you. You came to help fight the good fight.” He made me smile slightly. However, we were interrupted by The Hound who said that he saw a mountain shaped like an arrow head in his dreams. We were getting close, but the weather was getting worse. The winds had picked up and the snow was coming down really badly. It was a bad blizzard. I decided that my rifle was completely useless at this range so I holster it over my back. I did however, make sure my sword was ready to be drawn. The wildling trackers helping us were up front but were really hard to see. Eventually we stopped because someone said they saw something. Ahead of us there was a polar bear. I realize what this meant. I drew a pistol ready to kill the bear, but Daryl stopped me “Your guns are too loud! Use your sword, I will use my dagger!” he said practically screaming at me. I just nodded off. Gendry noted that the bears eyes were blue. Then suddenly, the bear started charging toward us. One of the Wildling trackers in the front was running toward us, when the bear attacked him. It ripped him apart. The group gather in a circle with each of us ready for us to fight the undead bear. The bear came at us hard, killing another tracker. Baric and Thoros lit their swords on fire and begin attacking it. The burning bear seemed more pissed. It then pinned Thoros. Thoros used his flaming sword tried hold the bears mouth away from his body. I rushed in gripping the Dragonglass dagger Jon gave me, but the bear slams into me throwing me to the ground. The Hound just stood there because he feared the fire burning him. He fears fire because when Sandor Clegane was kid his brother shoved his head in a fire burning his face. Thoros eventually lost his grip and the bear takes a bite out of his chest. He would have been dead right then and their if it wasn’t for Ser Friendzone(Jorah) stabbing the bear with his dragonglass dagger. Bigby gave me a hand getting up, after that we checked on Thoros. We had Thoros drink his flask and then Baric with his flaming sword, cauterized the wound. I looked over and saw the corpses of the wildlings. A look of horror filled my face. I realized if anything goes wrong, I die, or worse I get someone else killed. This was a wakeup call I needed, I need to think smarter, I need to take this more seriously. After getting everyone in check we began heading back off deeper into the land of always winter. I was mostly thinking to myself. I didn’t feel like playing music. I was feeling like a fool for going up north beyond the wall. I began to fear that if I died then Julie will never get any help and may die as well.
 I began just thinking about Julie, after five years, what would she look like? The same? I didn’t think so I knew she may have change, but who knows. Julie might be the same age when she disappeared. If she has traveled reality she must not be aging normally so the age gap between in us maybe different maybe I would be a slightly younger than her before we knew each other. Before I though any further my train of though is interrupted by Jon Snow. “You know, I appreciate you coming along with your friends.” He said walking beside me. “Thanks, though I admit I regret having to go out into the frozen version of hell.” I said being straightforward with Jon. “That’s the same feeling I felt when I first join the Night’s Watch, but when I look back I don’t regret it, because things could have been worst and more importantly I did the right thing. You’ll live don’t worry, no one else will die.” He replied putting his arm on my shoulder. I sighed “Jon, the thing I fear most isn’t dying, its dying before reaching Julie to help her. I rather die knowing she was safe, then die before seeing her. I certainly don’t want anything to happened to my Julie and my friends. I rather be dead knowing they were safe.” He gave me a fake smile and a pat on the back. “Well Aidan, that’s what we call love. Putting the people, you care most about above yourself. It is how people like you and me stay alive… and die. We don’t fight for gold, pleasure, or a ruler. We fight for the people we care most about, it’s what keeps us fighting hard, and strong knowing we have someone that we care about dearly that could be destroy by our enemies. Your love for her is what is making you do this and will keep pushing you on. However, it isn’t just one person you should fight for, your friends, your family, anyone you care about. My friend, that is what keeps you and me fighting to the end of the line.” I looked up and smiled. I felt a single tear freeze over my face before I wiped it off. Jon was right. I was fighting for Julie because I love, and care for her, but also, I was fighting for my new friends, Bigby, Jon, Davos, Daenerys, Tyrion, Captain Boomerang, Snow White, Daryl, and many others I haven’t mention. I care about them all, and that is what was keeping me fighting. “Thank you, Jon” I said with a small smile. “I won’t let you down, I won’t let anyone else die, but I afraid I am too late to save Thoros” He nodded back and we were just silent for a few minutes then Jon went to go to the front of the group. This was the point that Jon and Tormund spotted White Walker, and a small group of whites. The White Walker looked like an old frozen white man with nice outfits. And of course, the Whites look like corpses with a poor sense in fashion taste. Jon told us to prepare for a sneak attack on the group. I looked at Bigby and Daryl. We nodded off to each other. I decided again to not use my guns even with the suppressor on the pistol, because I was at close-range and the noise of the guns wouldn’t help. My Sword wasn’t that heavy so swinging it wasn’t a problem.  I also had my dragonglass dagger sheaved on my back.  Our group move to intercept the small group of whites led by a white walker. Jon had us ready. Once the convoy stopped we ran out screaming. Jon went after the white walker, the rest of us attacked the Whites following it.  I went up against a white with Daryl. Its face was half badly scar and decay, and the other half was just incredibly dark. His flesh was rotting off his body as he was swinging at me. I swung at his right arm but his arm didn’t come off. Daryl snuck up behind and grabbed with his dagger at its teeth. “Kill it!” He screamed as I reach for my blade. Then suddenly, the corpse collapsed in Dayrl’s arms. “What the fuck?” he said completely confused. “You kill the walkers you kill the whites they turned.” I said as we turn around most were dead except one. “That one was turned a by a different walker” I said. The last white left was rather annoying but the group pinned it and tied it up, it screamed like a fucking enrage hog. I put my blades away and decided maybe guns would be better now, because fuck it. It was too quiet something was wrong. I knew the dead were coming, I was just waiting for it.
 Jon knew something was wrong, and told Gendry to make a break for Eastwatch to get a raven Daenerys to come and help us. The Hound took Gendry’s Warhammer and Gendry made a break for it. Man, that dude is fast as fuck. Not long after an army of hundreds if not thousands of dead men began to run towards us. We found out that we appear to be on a frozen lake with an island in the middle. No point in fighting so I booked it, but I use my pistol to fire some shots back at the dead. Daryl also tried to shoot, but in the end, he just kept running while firing wildly behind him. Most of us made it except for another random ass wildling who literally got pulled down into the ice. Lucky this also broke the ice so the dead couldn’t approach us. I look around and saw a thousand blue eye corpses standing, waiting for the ice to freeze. And So now it was the waiting game (queue the Jeopardy theme). For the White Walkers and the Whites, it was for the ice to refreeze or for us to freeze to death, for us it was Daenerys and her dragons. I can’t remember much (felt like days trapped on that island) except when Thoros gave out and passed away from his wounds. Thoros’ body was wrap up and Baric use his flaming sword to burn his body, so the he wouldn’t come back as a dead man. The Hound mention that now that Thoros is dead, Baric can no longer be resurrected. Jon, Jorah, and Baric talked about the Night King, the leader of the white walkers, and how killing him kills them all. I say we spent about a few days on that island. Most people were cold, hungry, and thirsty. We all took up watches to make sure the dead wouldn’t attack us while we were vulnerable. Then the moment came. The Hound was bored as hell and decided to pick up a rock. He threw the rock like a fucking NFL player striking a white breaking off its jaw. “Damn Cunt” he said as he reached for another. I looked at Bigby and we both look a little entertaining. Then it hit me “shit” I said under my breath. It was too late to stop him. The second rock flung through the air but was short. It landed on the ice showing that it had fully freeze over. The white he struck looked at the rock then looked back up. “Ohhhh…... Fuck” The hound said realizing he just fucked us over. As the White march across the frozen lake with some other whites I pulled out my rifle. I was waiting for the others to engage before firing. Bigby had a Dargonglass dagger, and Daryl also had one and a pistol in his other hand. I then decided a Genius idea. I reached for my Walkman and pressed play. The song was “Through the Fire and the Flames” by Dragonforce. The minute the fighting broke out I unleashed the power of American Gunsmiths. Bullets were tearing through whites like crazy to the beat of the song. I mostly went for the head, but I also shot their legs out from under them. The others were fighting a little better. Bigby and Daryl were ganging up together on 3 whites while others like the Hound used Gendry’s Hammer and Dragonglass daggers. Tormund almost was pulled under by a couple whites but the Hound kill two and I shot another through the head with the pistol killing it. However, the fight kept getting worse and another wildling die, being ripped to shreds by a horde of whites. They began surrounding us. “We need to fallback guys!” I said firing in bursts. “Fallback!” Jon also cried. I kept firing my gun rapid fire. I just was hoping the spell on these weapons I have didn’t wear out. Jon stood over looking down at the ones trying to climb over the elevated portion of the rock island. He readies his sword while I kept firing my gun now wildly into the crowd of dead men around me, tearing them up with the song still playing.
 I then hear a screech so loud it drowns out the music. A breath of fire erupted burring hundreds if not thousands of whites to ash. “Holy shit!” I screamed as I see Drogon flying overhead. All of us on the island were completely awestruck as all three dragons, Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal. They just started torching the dead like it was a BBQ. I knew it was time to get out of dodge, but then I remembered. Shit I thought to myself realizing what will happen I need to stop the Night King. Daenerys land Drogon on and people start boarding Drogon while me a Jon are fighting Whites, with the song still playing and the other two dragons providing cover fire. I needed to stop the Night King before he takes out one of the dragons. I look towards where the Night King was and began firing, but he was too far away and my bullets were whizzing by him and he kept moving forward aiming his spear. “NO!!!!” I screamed trying to kill him with my rifle, but I realized that there was no hope. I saw what was basically an Olympic level throw from the Night King. He struck Viserion in the neck, setting fire around it. I heard a screech of agony so loud I couldn’t hear my music for a good fifteen seconds. It crashed into the ice with blood flying out of its neck. Everyone stopped and looked up in horror at what just happened. This made me feel a little sad, because seeing a dragon die is so disheartening and dragons are cool. I looked up at the Night King at saw him reaching for another spear. Jon who was on the ice ahead of me began moving toward us. “GO!” he screamed as two whites jump on him and knock him in the icy water, leaving only his sword, Longclaw, on the ground. “Kid, get on we got go! What are you doing?” Bigby screamed. Time froze for a second and I began to think. They won’t make it now if I try to get over to it. Better to try and save Jon was my thought, even though I knew he would still make it back. “Daenerys! Get out of here. GET OUT NOW! I am going to save Jon! MOVE NOW BEOFORE HE TAKES ANOTHER SHOT!” I screamed as I began racing towards the spot where Jon fell in. A couple whites try to attack me, but I shot two and smack the other’s head off with my rifle’s butt. I drop my helmet with my Walkman inside it on the ground, and I dived under the water.
    I couldn’t really see well mostly because It was dark. I was on a race against time from drowning, and hyperthermia. I kept looking until I spotted Jon struggling to get up. I reach out with my hand to grab him but he couldn’t reach. I muster the last bit of strength I had and reach for his arm. I then slowly began pulling on his arm up. I had his arms grip my left arm as I swam up to the surface. I pushed Jon above me so he got up first. He reached for Longclaw then pulled himself up. He reached back down and helped me up. I wasn’t really soaking wet, but frozen and on verge of giving out. I picked up my helmet and Walkman and was ready to move out. The dead were still they’re just roaming while Daenerys and everyone else had left. “Come on Jon, we got to go.” I said as I began moving slowly because I was frozen. This about when the dead spotted us. They screech and started to run toward us as I started using my pistol to take them down. We were around where the island was and the dead were moving quick. Jon prepared his sword while I kept firing at the dead. I was ready to die, but deep down there was a part of me that wished to live. I knew what was about to happen and knew this was pointless. Out of the darkness of the storm a figure and black rode in on a horse killing whites charging at us with a strange ball of fire on a chain. I knew it was Bejen Stark, Jon’s uncle, but I still felt surprise to see him. “Uncle Bejen” Jon said with a bit of excitement in his voice. He put Jon on the horse and told me to get on. Bejen helped push me up on the horse. “Come with us” Jon cried, but Bejen sighed “No time for that…. You” he said pointing at me “promise me you’ll get him to the Wall. Promise me you will get my nephew to the Wall.” I just nodded because I was too frozen to say something. Bejen proceeded smack the horse and we rode off as Bejen prepared to fight. I look back one to see Bejen fighting the dead… surrounded and going to die. I regret not trying to save him, but knew we had no choice. I was in the front with Jon holding onto me. We just galloped away on the horse as fast as we could. The water on my clothes were frozen, and so was my hair. I kept firing wildly behind us assuming maybe some White Walkers were following us through the blizzard. I just kept pushing the horse, until I saw the tree line that was in front of Eastwatch. I took it easy from there, because we were almost there. “Hang in there, Jon” I said faintly. I was getting weak and tried. I was through the trees when I saw the wall. I pulled out my pistol and fired off some shots into the air. I had hoped they would hear it and help us. My vision was blurry, but I heard the horn of the Night’s Watch and I knew I did it. With no strength left I passed out. The last blur I saw was a gate opening and figures rushing out.
 I was passed out from this point on so I don’t know exactly what happened so I guess you could say they pulled me and Jon onto the boat that we had come to Eastwatch on. I remember being out for about a few days. The first time I opened my eyes a servant was in cleaning up my leg, which was bleeding. “…You…. get Daenerys… and the others…” I mumble as the servant notice. I heard him rush out the door yelling “He is awake! He is awake!” before I passed out again. The next time I opened my eyes my vision was extremely blurred, but it started slowly coming back. I was in a small bed, with my clothes gone, and a blanket over my lower body. I began looking around to my left with my still badly blurred vision. I notice my rifle sitting upright against the wall. I saw my belt with my holster. My pistol and sword were on a table further away. On a table next to me was my Walkman playing very quietly “Rasputin” by Boney M. After looking over there, I turned my head to right. My vision was blur still but was coming back now even better. I made out three faces. One of the people towards the back was hairy and had something in his mouth. Off to my right was a man with long hair and he was sitting in chair beside my bed with his hand on a woman’s shoulder. The woman had sliver blonde hair, and the face of a young scared girl, and she was kneeing beside the bed. My vision was not fully back and my eyes were fully open. It was Bigby, Jon, and Daenerys waiting for me to fully awaken. “Kids got guts.” Bigby said taking a huff of his cigarette. “He saved me” Jon said looking at me. “He almost died doing so. I feel guilty now, I mean look at him. He is has got cuts, sores, and almost froze to death.” Daenerys just looked at him as she spoke “He knew what he was doing, he knew the risks, but I think he’ll survive. If he has made it this far. When I first met him, he perplexed me with his strange quirks and items. Over time though, I grew on him and he could make a great husband or advisor to me. He even danced with me, but his commitment to his friend Julie is more important to him than me or even the seven kingdoms of Westeros. I respect that decision.” Strange words coming from Daenerys, and Jon about me. I truly must have won some respect among them. Got to love that respect boy. My eyes now fully open, and I stare at them. Daenerys look sad and heartbroken, but relieved, Bigby look concerned, but was trying to keep his cool, and Jon who looked tried and cold.
 So, now that I had fully come to my senses, it was time to speak. I looked up, sighed, and spoke with a rather raspy voice. “I am trying to find out whether I am in heaven or hell right now.” I said with a slight grin “On the one hand, I got this beautiful angel at my bedside, but on the other I got these two jackasses… Hard to tell nowadays.” I pointed my finger at Daenerys as I mention a “Angel”. I thought why not lighten the mood. There was a moment of silence before Daenerys smiled and she chuckled. “Even when you almost faced death and are almost froze solid, you still make jokes. No, you’re not in heaven or hell, you’re in something worst, it’s called Westeros.” she said with tears in eyes smiling. Jon put his hand on hers to try and comfort her. “Well kid, you missed a lot.” Bigby said putting his lighter away after lighting another Huff and Puff “We are heading back to Dragonstone then to Kingslanding. This “Queen” Cerci has accepted are negotiations and will meet us in the city.” A small amount of dread lingered, but also a little bit of sadness filled my soul. I turn my head to Jon and look at him. I knew I needed to say something, but I felt bad having to bring it up. “I’m sorry about your Uncle Bejen…” I said with a look of sympathy. He looked at me and then looked down at the ground. I saw a single tear drop from his eye to the floor. Daenerys reaches out with her hand and holds Jon’s hand. I gave Jon a moment of silence. I then turned to Daenerys “… And I sorry about your dragon.” I said with a sigh and a tear in my eye. “It’s hard to lose a child.” I reached out and held her hand to try to make her less heart broken and to comfort her. Tears ran down her eyes as I felt bad for bringing that up to her. “You both were right.” Daenerys said fighting back tears “I should have listen to you both.” Jon tried to help comfort her “It isn’t your fault, you needed to see it to believe it, and we weren’t that convincing when we first mention it.” Bigby finally came up and knelt down at my bed. “Listen kid, what you did trying to save Jon was foolish.” He said in a sober tone “But you still save him, you’re a good kid with a good heart.” He patted me on the back. I look at my chest to see the injuries I had sustained. A couple cuts, some sores, and some blood, but nothing fatal. Felt like shit but could have been worse. “So, Jon the rumors were true. You did take a knife in your heart for your people.” I said turning off the Walkman. He just stood there with a pale face. He didn’t know what to say. “Why did you hide it? The scars on your chest?” Daenerys then asks. Jon sighs and looks up “You don’t go around showing people that you died” he said quietly. I sighed realizing I should have prevented this. “I feel like an idiot, I should have just objected to Tyrion’s plan and used my plan.” I grumbled as I began to lay back down. “Your plan?” Jon said confused. “Yeah… what kind of plan?” Bigby asks. “Simple, we got to the parlay and we present Bigby. He gives them a reason to help us.” I said fidgeting with the Walkman. Bigby eyes widen and he realize what I was asking. “Kid, no offense but are you out of your fucking mind?” he said stomping out his cigarette. “What are you two talking about?” Daenerys demands. I sighed and so did Bigby. More explaining to do and more minds to fuck with. “Well, you see his real name is shorten to Bigby. His full name is The Big Bad Wolf.” I said praying that Bigby won’t punch me for this. “Why is that his name?” Jon said really confused “He isn’t a wolf.” I just grin and looked at Bigby. “Bigby, I don’t ask much of you so I need you to show them.” I said with a beg. He just sighed turned around walk a few steps. He started to grumble and make wolf growls. By the time he was done he turned around, his eyes had change to be the wolf ones, but he wasn’t fully wolfed up. He had more hair for sure, but his clothes had not ripped apart. Jon and Daenerys just stared with looks of horror and amazement, while I faintly smiled. Bigby then pulled out a Midas Gold which is a type of liquor and chugged the whole bottle. When he stared back at us he was back to normal. “Daenerys, Jon, that is only a small portion of that transformation” I said as they both just looked really pale. “He can go full on wolf.” Jon just turned toward me. “So, he can switch back and forth at will? Jon asked still pale as the moon. “I got this Aidan.” Bigby said before I could respond “Depends on the situation but I can control It somewhat. Sometimes though if I being attacked or pissed off way too much it gets out of control, but that is still really rare.” I just sat up in bed stretching my back and my muscles. “Ugh, alright guys I need to have a moment to myself. Can you all so kindly leave.” I said reaching for my clothes while still in bed. “See you soon kid, and you will owe me if I have to do that again.” Bigby said going towards the door. I just grumbled “fine.” Daenerys, Jon, and Bigby all left slowly. Jon gave me a pat on the back. “Thanks for saving me kid. You ever need a favor or help with anything I will help. I promise you, Aidan.” Jon said and then he left leaving Daenerys to say her goodbyes. Daenerys leaned down and pressed her soft lips on my cheek again. “Thank you” She said still fighting back some tears “You brought him back to us… to me. You are a true hero.” She got up and left quietly.
Funny being called a hero. I honestly am more of a prick then a hero, and I would gladly do evil things. I sat in that bed, pondering the thought of “being a hero” for a few moments. “Heroes do stupid things and they die” is something Daenerys told Tyrion once. Well to be fair, I do some pretty stupid things, but I haven’t die… yet…. Rising out of bed I went through my stuff. It was all there and in good condition. I put my clothes back on, holster my pistol, picked up my sword and slung my rifle on my back, and pulled out my Walkman. I sat there for a few minutes thinking while listening to music I can’t remember. My headphones drowned out the noise of the sea. I thought about the parlay, my entrance, and how to present myself. I spent the next few minutes writing and coming up with bullshit titles and plans to be as much as a prick as possible. After that I was bored enough to finally go above deck. The sky had small amounts of clouds, and a simple light blue tinge to it. On deck were crewmen, who were doing basic ship routine stuff. Daryl was lending a hand and was really good at it. “Well, Well, Well, if it isn’t the Southern boy, Daryl Dixon.” I said with a smirk. He turned around and immediately gave me a bro hug. “Hey Aidan, good to see you awake man.” He said with a smile. “I knew you would not die that easily.” I grinned at his reply. It reminded me how lucky I am to be alive. “Well, to be fair I think getting saved by Jon’s long-lost uncle helped.” I sighed remembering watching him get surrounded. “Don’t blame yourself, kid. Jon told us what happened. Wasn’t your fault at all. It was his choice.” Daryl said patting me on the back. Yep it was his choice… his choice to finally die I thought. We had a loner conversation about what the conversation in my cabin on the ship was about, and he calls bullshit on Bigby turning into a wolf. So, we made a bet on it. If he loses, he buys me a drink, but if I lose, I buy him a drink. The ride back to Dragonstone to pick up people was barely eventful, except for the occasional check in from Jon, and Daenerys. When we arrived at Dragonstone Snow White greeted us with a thank you, but bad news. Captain Boomerang claimed to have found a way home which Snow didn’t believe. However, Captain Boomerang then went missing. No trace. Absolutely nothing found. Snow apologized for not finding out more, but none of us blamed her. After all she couldn’t have known.
I had gone on one last trip around the island before heading to the docks. Still no Captain Boomerang, but as I approach the docks, night had set in. I was preparing to get back on the boat when I spotted a person in a cloak. Looking rather suspicious, I tailed him. He approached a sell sword handed him a letter and motion to a row boat. I listen in on the conversation, but all I heard was “Go to Bravos. Find a boat at any harbor that can take you there, but not these. This must be discreet.” The cloak figure then left ignoring me as he walked by. I decided to follow the sellsword to the boat. As he was about to get in the row boat I came up from behind. I quickly put my dagger to his throat. “Hi their friend. I am Ser Aidan. You are going to tell me everything that figure just told you, and where this letter is going. Refuse and you die.” I said in a very cold tone. “Please, Ser Jorah Mormont just wants this delivered to the Faceless Men in Bravos. That’s all I know. Please don’t kill me.” He begged with tears in his eyes. I take the letter from him, and hand him some gold. “Here take this and the rest of this gold in these crates to Essos. I want you to contact the Golden Company. Tell them I wish to hire them. Give them this letter.” I said as he looked happy. The letter was a part of my master plan. The crates were gold found scavenge around the island. I had spent off time gathering it and hiding it from anyone who would take it. It was mostly lost treasure the Targaryens left behind when fleeing. Stannis Baratheon must have never found these caches or he kept them hidden when he controlled the island. “But if you tell Ser Jorah I took this from you or not hire out the Golden Company, I will kill your family in front of your eyes then kill you.” That smile on the sellsword’s face died quickly. “I promise Ser” He said frightfully “I promise. I will gather my men to transport all this gold to Essos. No Bullshit Ser.” I then motion for him to run along. He took off immediately to get away from me. I looked at the letter. It was sealed really well. I walked towards the docks as I opened it. -To the assassins of the Faceless Men in the House of Black and White. I am interested in the elimination of a unique target. The gold will arrive before this letter gets here, but if not the next day. My target is a man named Ser Aidan. He is currently in Westeros and is a threat to me and my Interests. Make the job quick, and plant false evidence if needed to further cause any damage. However, make sure he is killed quickly before anyone knows the motive….someone like Jon Snow… It read in fancy hand writing. “Son of a bitch” I said clenching my fists. I had nothing but anger and rage in me. I wanted to find Jorah and pump his guts for of lead for this treachery. However, I began to relax and grin. Now that I have evidence against Ser Friendzone, I can make the parlay more interesting.  I thought maybe I could expose him there and watch his whole world come crashing down around him, and he would die a traitor and a villain. Revenge is a dish best serve cold, and a cold calculation move like that would truly make my revenge even sweeter. I took the letter and stuff it in my Satchel. I also took a picture of it on my phone. After all I have been through this meeting will be fun. I bored the ship as Bigby notice I had an evil grin. He didn’t speak to me, but he did take note. The next few days at sea were uneventful as I planned for the future, except for an interesting conversation with someone unexpected. I was on the lower deck practicing with my sword when Theon Greyjoy popped in looking sad. “Hello, there, you must be Ser Aidan” he said shaking my hand weakly. “I am Theon Greyjoy.” Theon Greyjoy is an interesting character. He betrayed the Starks for his family, the Greyjoys before they betrayed him. He was then a prisoner of Ramsey Bolton who torture Theon and cut off the guy’s cock and balls. He did save Sansa and has been trying to redeem himself for his past crimes. “Theon Greyjoy, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I said as I put my sword away. “I feel bad for you man.” He seemed confused, but still mopping. “Why do you feel bad for me? I am a traitor, and one of the most dishonorable men in Westeros.” He said sighing. This guy really needs a pick me up. “All the horrible things you did, can be forgiven, Theon. I know why you did everything you did. You only wanted a family you could love. Let me tell you a secret. Family isn’t who your born with, it is who you die for, Theon. You can be both a Stark and Greyjoy because you fight to keep them safe. That’s why I considered Bigby, Daryl, Jon, Daenerys, Snow White, and Julie family. I would die for them any day.” I said giving him a pat on the back. “Thanks, kid” He said with a faint smile as he walked off. I felt like I did the right thing, but seriously that guy needs help. Too bad he can’t get laid anymore I thought. I finished practicing with my sword before going to sleep.
 I awoke to banging on my door. “Kid, you awake? Hurry up we are approaching Kingslanding.” A voice called out, probably Bigby. I got up and proceeded to get dress. I grab my gear, the incriminating letter, my satchel which contain some Coke Cola Bigby had found in a crate, and the envelop full of pictures. Bigby manage to keep the coke cold for the entire trip. I walked toward the door and close my eyes. Today was the day I had planned to ruin Jorah, but also have a great time. I pushed the door open and opened my eyes. I was amaze at what I saw. The Fleet of Euron Greyjoy, and Kingslanding were beautiful sites to be seen. Euron’s fleet had breathtaking black sails in a fleet of over thousand ships. How he built a thousand ships on a set of islands with no fucking trees is beyond me. The Ironborn must be great ship builders. I was smiling unusually, because I couldn’t wait to fuck up this meeting. We arrived at the docks with little words said between all of us. Daenerys wasn’t there, because she planned on making a grand entrance with her dragons. Jon, and his companions, and my companions were greeted with the sight of Lannister soldiers. They honestly look like a bunch of idiots with absolutely no idea on how to fight. Bigby joking had said that these guys probably are better fuckers, than fighters, which was pretty funny. I had my guns out and kept getting bewildered looks from people, and soldiers alike. Then we met the man, the myth, the legend, Bronn of the Fucking Blackwater. Tyrion introduce me really quickly with Bronn commenting on how he can’t tell what kind of cunt I am. I just laughed my ass off at that. I actually felt kind of boss walking down with these people, but not cool enough. I whipped out my Walkman and press play. I was walking while dancing to the song “Taking Care of Business” by Bachman Turner Overdrive. Bigby, and Snow White just face palm, Daryl moved his head to the beat, Jon sighed with a grin, while the others looked at me completely confused as fuck. Most were having conversations, like the Hound and Brienne, or Tyrion, and Podrick. I was basically a dick to everyone. Bigby was wearing his usual clothes, but also was packing a spare set in case I need him to turn into a wolf, Snow was just wearing her usual outfit, but carried the shotgun Bigby was supposed to give Daryl, but Daryl had something else. Speaking of Daryl, he wore some ripped up pants, a jacket, and had his revolver, Crossbow, and a machine gun which I am pretty sure was a Colt M4. I was dress in the clothes I was given the first day I came here, I had my pistol with the suppressor detached, my rifle was slung over my back, and my sword was sheaved on my left. Bronn led us all the way to the Dragonpitt, which is where the parlay was being held.
The actual Dragonpitt is basically just ruins now. Stone, and bones litter the floor. Three “tents” had been set up with the one to the right being Jon’s tent, the left being Daenerys’ tent, and the one in the top area was Cerci’s. I thought of a genius idea. “Hey Jon can I make an entrance like Daenerys will?” I grinned. He just looked at me and sighed. “I am going to regret this” he said face palming “Sure”. I smiled “Thanks Jon.” I walked up to Bigby and handed him a can of Coke Cola. “You will know when to throw this at me” I said grinning. He just sighed like Jon “Your insane, kid.” He said “Good luck.” I began walking out and was waiting outside the entrance way. As I waited for Daenerys to make her appearance I see Cerci Lannister, Euron Greyjoy, Qyburn, and Jamie Lannister walked by with Cerci’s Queen’s guard and the massive Mountain walking in first. They all just looked at me confuse but they continue on towards the meeting. I couldn’t see in over those dumb fucking walls, but I knew right about when to come in, but also Jon would call out my name. I then spotted two beautiful roses growing out of the cracks. I took both and was planning on using one in my plan. My plan was simple: Walk in with “Land Down Under” by Men at Work playing, lip-sync it, do something funny things, give Daenerys one of the roses (got to troll Ser Friendzone), pet her Dragon (I was like fuck it), and then sit in a chair left of Jon’s chair. I also prepared something good jokes and insults. This was genius plan. 10/10 fool proof plan.
I was spooked by the sound of Daenerys dragon flying overhead. I heard her Dragon land with a thump on the ground. It felt like a god damn earthquake for Christ sakes. I couldn’t really hear or see anything going on. I was decided then to take a photo of Rhaegal flying overhead on my phone, because dragons are really cool. “Ser Aidan, you can come out now!” Jon yelled in my direction. I put on a good grin, checked how I looked. After a minute I began to walk into the room. As I saw people I cranked up the volume on my Walkman and pressed play. “Oh no….” Jon sighed facepalming, Bigby just smile along with Daryl, and Snow White, Daenerys looked at me also facepalming. Now I as I got to the center of the room, the singing started. At the part “I met a strange lady, she made nervous.” I pointed at Daenerys she looked a bit flattered while other members of her party looked really fucking confused. I handed her the rose at the point where it went “She took me in and gave me breakfast and she said.” She winked at me and I winked back smiling. I was still lip-syncing as I looked over a Jorah who was not only confused but pissed off. I was dancing and lip-syncing as everyone in the room looked confused as hell. Some people like Bigby, and Daryl nodded off to the song’s beat. When it got to “Where women glow and men plundered.” I point at Daenerys and Euron Greyjoy, who were both still confused, but Euron was laughing. I did this every time that line was said. I then made my way over during the non-singing part to where Bigby was under Jon’s tent. “Buying bread from man in Brussels, he was six-foot four and full muscle.” I lip-synced “I said do you speak-a-my-language?” That was the cue for him to throw me the Coke Cola to drink. He just smiled and threw to me as the I lip-synced “But he just smiled and gave me a Vegemite Sandwich and he said”. During “where beer does flow and men chunder” I pointed at Tyrion who looked really perplexed. I still lip-sync until the non-singing guitar solo part. During that part I chugged down the whole Coke Cola and threw the can at Daryl who caught with no trouble. “Lying in a den Bombay, with slap jaw and not much to say. I said to the man are you trying tempt me, because I come from land of plenty?” I lip-synced as I pointed at Jon who just facepalmed at me with disappointment. “And he said ohh! Do you come from a land down under?” At this point I just began dancing and still lip-syncing, but also slowly move towards Drogon, Daenerys’ Dragon. Everyone notice I was doing this and some looked at me like I was asking to die. Drogon notice me, but he didn’t screech, he didn’t burn me, I didn’t also get stopped by anyone. Drogon fully open his eye as I pulled my gloves off and I slowly reach out. I began to slowly press my hand against his scaly nose. Drogon began to act more docile towards, and even got in closer. “Holy shit” I heard from someone, probably Bigby. I had pet Drogon for a good minute or two, but eventually he began to move back. I smiled because I had pet a fucking dragon. Not just any dragon, a huge ass dragon. I watch Drogon fly away as I stood in amazement. The song was over at this point. Nobody saw that coming and is was by far my best introduction ever. I turned around and was greeted with faces with looks of both shock and terror. “How did you do that? How?” Daenerys demanded as I began walking toward my seat. “Either one of two things gorgeous, one dragon blood, or two, having a great relationship with the Dragon Queen.” I said with a grin. Daenerys looked at Jon now bewildered and then back me. I just winked “let’s get this shit show over with now.” I said yawing loudly. “I didn’t know that Dragon Queen, and the King in the North Invited a court jester.” I said Jamie Lannister with smile. I heard some chuckles and I knew this fool needed to be roasted. I stood up from my chair and came up with a had a brilliant idea. One fact about Jamie Lannister was that his dominant sword hand had been cut off. Ever since then he wears a golden hand over where his sword hand use to be. People tended to joke about, so I thought why not start there. I began to clap slowly “Very funny Ser Jamie Lannister.” I said sarcastically “Let’s give Ser Jamie a hand everyone for that joke.” Jamie’s look said it all. He looked like he was about to strangle me, but he took a breath then stood quiet. I went back to my seat. Euron Greyjoy looked at me and began to laugh at the joke. I shot a grin back him, as I took my seat.
The meeting went on like it does in the show. The Hound brought out the White which scares the crap out of Cerci and Jamie. Jon shows how the White works and how to kill it. Daenerys comments about seeing them got her to believe they existed. Jamie asks how many there are and Jon say a hundred thousand. Euron then asks if they can swim, and when Jon says no, Euron says he is going back to Pyke, the island capital of the Iron islands. As Euron left, I realize it was my turn to have some fun. What could go wrong I thought? I thought. “Jon, I have got more of a reason for the queen to help us.” I said nodding off to Bigby. “Alright show them” Jon nodded to me. I walked out and nodded off to Snow White who held a blanket (for when Bigby wanted to change from a man to wolf to a man again) and then to Bigby who stepped out with me. “I have no gotten your names yet.” Queen Cerci said in a very moderate tone. “Where are my manners? This fellow hear is Bigby Wolf, the woman over there is Snow White, and that fellow behind King Snow is Daryl Dixon.” I said in a very humorous tone. “And who the hell are you?” She demanded now a little pissed off. “I am Ser Aidan, Bastard of Springfield, Protector of Concord Dawn, friend of Jesus, the Ladies Man, leader of men, killer of men, Tsar of Russia, Warlord of Somalia, Seal Team 6 member, Friend of the people of Israel, 0007, The Rocket Man, American Sniper, Judge, Jury, Executioner, Counter-Terrorist, CIA asset, Criminal lawyer, the Lone Wander, the Sword in the darkness, the most handsome lad in the seven seas, dance with a Dragon Queen, kissed by a Dragon Queen, the Road Warrior, Con-Artist, An internet troll, an ethical Kekistani, Enemy of the Alt-Right, and a man on a great quest across this land.” I grinned. I thought long and hard about the list of titles, especially including the “kissed by a Dragon Queen”, but hey when life gives you a shot, you take it(And aim for the head). There was a brief awkward silence as Cerci looked at me perplexed. In fact, a lot of people looked at me as if I was either insane or being a dick. Daenerys shook her head while giving a faint barely noticeable smile “Don’t forget a terrible dancer.” You could hear a faint bit of humor in her voice. “Of course, how could I forget that, your grace?” I said kneeling to Daenerys “I probably forgot about it because it isn’t as important as titles like ethical Kekistani, or kissed by a Dragon Queen.” When I fully looked up she role her eyes at me. “Okay back to my proof of the threat of the army of the dead, I went up there and saw them as well, they almost killed me and are group. Good thing my broomsticks saved me.” I said pointing at my guns (almost like Army of Darkness Ash Williams) “They can penetrate anything in this world that isn’t super thick like stone castle walls.” Qyburn came up to me and looked at them. “Watch this.” I said as I took a stone from Daryl (he picked up off the ground) threw it up in the air and fired a single shot with my pistol. (the suppresser was attach to listen the noise) When the stone dropped to the ground, Qyburn picked up shattered ruins of the stone. I picked up the bullet casing and hid it in case Qyburn wanted to study it. “I also would like to present Bigby Wolf.” I said as Bigby step forward smoking a cigarette and generally not seeming to give a fuck. “This has got to be a joke.” Says Jorah “How the hell are you going to prove anything with this piece of shit?” I turned towards Jorah and he generally seem to be just trying to piss me off. “Bigby, you ready?” I said ignoring Jorah. He sighed then threw me his lighter and his box of cigarettes. “You going to regret this kid.” He said a little annoyed. “Don’t be such a lap dog, Bigby.” I said with a smirk. “Lap dog. Really kid?” he said as he began to slowly walked toward me. “Whoa man, chill it was just a joke.” I said as I slowly backed up. This is when I realize I fucked up for calling him a lap dog. His eyes change color as he slowly started the transformation. I heard wolf growls as his clothes began to tear and wolf features took over. Everyone in the parlay except for Snow was looking on with terror. “Easy Bigby, it was joke.” I said as I began to feel not only terrified, but amazed. “A joke, kid. Why don’t I tell a joke?” He said in a grumbled voice that sounded more animal then human “What do you and the three little pigs have in common?” I shrugged because I didn’t know what to say. “I huffed, and puffed, and blew you all away!” Bigby yelled in full wolf from. He then blew a gust of wind so strong it sent me flying. I remember landing on the ground with my back breaking my fall. I would like to assume that people looked terrified. I just started bursting out laughing. Everyone probably assumed I was insane. “Holy shit Bigby! That was awesome.” I said with a laugh. I got up as Daenerys, Jon, and Daryl rushed over to check on me. I was fine, only minor cuts and bruises. Bigby was still in wolf form and was lying to the right of Jon’s tent smiling. I turned my head toward Daryl, after standing up. “Daryl, you owe me that drink and maybe an another to cover all the damages.”
Cerci had been completely caught off guard by this. I explain to them how Bigby works with his transformation, and Jamie seemed terrified. Bigby then said he was planning on staying in wolf form for the rest of the meeting. I asked why, but he just shrugged saying it could help “negotiations”. Cerci seem to generally to believe us now. I went back to where sat in my seat as Cerci stood to speak. “After much consideration. We have decided that we must put aside our differences to stop the threat in the North. The Dead, until they defeated are the true enemy.” I heard some sounds of relief, but they quickly died. “In return the King in the North and this Ser Aidan are to extend this truce. They will remain in the North where they belong. They will not take up arms against the Lannisters. They cannot take any sides in this war. I beg of this to the King in the North as a son of Eddard Stark, who never broke promises and never lied. And you Ser Aidan, I don’t expect much from you, but I hope you know to make the right choice.” I really just wanted to shoot this bitch right then there. She was trying to force our hand, but Jon and I aren’t buying this bullshit. Frankly, I didn’t give a shit what Cerci said, I wasn’t even from Westeros, I was from another world. If I wanted to I could have just taken over Kingslanding. I could have kill everyone in the parlay with my pistol alone. I remembered Jon and I looked at each other. We both knew this wasn’t the time for lying, and that we both had sworn to be servants of Daenerys. I also couldn’t lie because I had hired the Golden Company to join Daenerys Targaryen. Luckily, Jon has the guts to speak first. “I tried to be a man of my words, as much as I can. Which is why I cannot accept your request. I cannot serve to Queens, and I have already had already pledged myself to Queen Daenerys of house Targaryen.” I admired his bravery for saying that, but now all heads turn to me. Fuck. I sighed as I realize I can’t lie my way through this. “I am not really an honest person. To be honest with myself I have lied, cheated, and screwed others over. However, I also know anyone can redeem themselves. I cannot accept, not just because I already pledged myself to Queen Daenerys, but I also can’t accept because I already sent a letter, and some ships to the Golden Company. I hired them for myself, and to fight in the Queen’s army as a gift for not killing me.” Cerci just stood still fully enraged at me. See Cerci had planned to hire the Golden Company, but I knew that beforehand so, I planned ahead. I did this mostly because I thought It be funny, but I also want to be remembered as the prick who help saved Westeros. Other people looked at me with looks of shock, and surprise. Tyrion, Daenerys, and Varys had mouths opened. Jon looked at me with his eyes fully open. Cerci seemed really pissed now. “Then let the dead come. When they march south we will clean up what is left.” She stomped off with her entourage as Brienne tried to talk some sense into Jamie. Jamie just seem to not care and the Lannisters left, leaving us all to ponder what just happened.
When Cerci left the room. It was quiet for a few seconds. Jon and I looked at each other. We both realize because we would not lie, we fucked up any chances of support. Daenerys quickly rose out of her chair and marched over to us. She was pissed. “I admire your loyalty, both of you” she said on verge of sheer anger “But my dragon died so we could be here. And for nothing. He died for nothing.” Jon looked at me and we both sighed. “We know.” He said with a faint voice. Tyrion just looked at the entry way that Cerci had left in. “I am pleased you bent the knee to our Queen, Jon. I would have advised it had you asked but have either of one of you considered learning how to lie.” He said as he turned his head towards us looking frustrated. “Every now then, just a bit?” I clenched my fist. I really just wanted to kick this dwarf in the balls. I was just pissed off at Tyrion ripping into us for not lying. Jon seemed offended and stood strong. “I not going to swear an oath I can’t uphold.” He said frustrated with everyone “Talk about my father if you want. Tell me that’s the attitude that got him killed, but when enough people make false promises… words stop meaning anything. And there are no more answers only better and better lies and lies will not help us in this fight.” I was getting just more and more pissed off. Finally, Tyrion lit my inner powder keg.  “That is indeed a problem. The more immediate problem is we’re fucked.” I then just went off “For Fuck’s sakes Tyrion, just SHUT THE FUCK UP!” My anger vented so loudly that everyone stopped and looked. I sighed. I really should not have yelled like that. Even Tyrion was freaked out by me yelling at him. “Apologizes, but let me set the record straight... Daenerys, I am sorry about Visearion, but we can’t lie, it just is not the right thing in this time of conflict…. You came from Essos with three fucking dragons, an Unsullied Army, a Dorthraki Horde, Some Ironborn, and a couple sellswords. You also came with some advisors such as, Varys, Tyrion Lannister, Missandei of Narth, Grey Worm, Yara and Theon Greyjoy, you also had Olenna Tyrell, Elleria Sand and the Sand Snakes, and you also got Jorah. They are all good advisors…. well some of them are. Yet, once you got here you were repeatedly crushed by Cerci’s forces. You lost Yara Grejoy, Elleria Sand, the Sand Snakes, and the Ironborn against Euron Greyjoy and his fleet. You lost Highgarden, and Lady Olenna Tyrell, along with resources to feed and supply your armies. The only successful attack was on the Lannister army. None of the fucking people I just fucking mention except for Yara, Elleria, and Lady Tyrell knowing anything about fucking fighting a fucking war for fuck’s sake. Tyrion while he is a great Governor, he doesn’t know how to lead a fucking military to save a fucking life. Missandai of Narth is a great negotiator, but she isn’t a military strategist. Varys is a spymaster, which can’t help on a battlefield, but can help in tracking the enemy, which is why he should have been used more. Theon Greyjoy and Grey Worm are both fighters but cannot lead a fucking military in a war. Jorah is completely fucking useless except as a simple fucking bodyguard. Lady Olenna Tyrell, Ellira Sand, and Yara Greyjoy at least knew how to lead fucking militaries in open war, but they are all dead now so tough luck. Speaking of which, Lady Olenna was right when she said let the dragon out, but you held back. That move cost you the most and left you beaten and weak…. But guess what? You know who does know how to fight and engage in an open war? Jon and I. I study books on the Art of War and know a thing or two about combat. Jon led forces on the wall, and in the North, Fuck, Jon even took on Ramsey Fucking Bolton at the Battle of the Fucking Bastards. Your advisors don’t know war, and some aren’t capable and others are just friendzoned fucking idiots. When Jon and I told you to not attack castles, but military targets, you did that, and won a great battle against the Lannister forces. We know war, and we have been great help to you. I mean for fucks sakes all my plans worked out. I got the Golden Fucking Company on your side, and Jon bent his fucking knee. What have we got in return? Nothing. Julie is still missing and the dead are coming, bringing a winter that will never end, and we are here fucking bitching about Jon and I not fucking lying? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! Tyrion’s lying has fucked over more people than the number of whores he has fucked. While Missandai and Grey Worm haven’t lied, Varys has lied and he was at the small council meetings where Ned Stark opposed the FUCKING ASSASSNATION attempt on you! And Don’t Get me started on Ser JORAH “FRIENDZONED” OF HOUSE MORMONT, that creepy old bastard, fucking betrayed you and almost got you fucking killed, and on top of that he hits on you because you remind him of fucking ex-wife. WHAT A FUCKING CREEPY CUNT! I may flirt with you Daenerys, but that is only because its apart of the charm of having me around. More importantly however I care for my people. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST NO WONDER YOUR ARE ALL FUCKED! Jon, Davos, Bigby, Snow White, Daryl, Missandai, Grey Worm, and even Theon Fucking Greyjoy are actually rational fucking thinking people here. You need to trust advisors who actually show accomplishment for fuck’s sake! I AM TIRED OF THIS GOD DAMN BULLSHIT EXCUSES! The girl I love…. Is still missing and none of you have helped me with that problem. We also have the ARMY OF THE FUCKING DEAD COMING TO FUCK UP THE LAND OF WESTEROS. ON TOP OF THAT I HAVE FUCKING SHITHEADS LIKE JORAH GIVING ME A HARD-FUCKING TIME! NOW, WE ALSO HAVE THIS BULLSHIT WITH NONE OF YOU NOT BEING ABLE TO UNITE AGAINST A COMMON ENEMY FOR FUCK’S SAKE! UGHHHHH FUCK’EN HELL!” I just had anger display so much that I kicked a fucking rock across the Dragonpitt as it struck a wall. Good way to vent anger.
 Everyone was looking at me as I was taking deep breaths. I needed to relax, honestly because I was really close to losing it. “Jesus kid” Bigby said with a look of shock on his face “You might wan-…” he was about to finish when Snow cut him off whispering something into his ear. “You call yourself a military commander, you more useless then a corpse on a fucking battlefield. At least that can trip a horse and possibly kill its rider and your fucking flirting won’t save you, and all you do is piss people off with that stupid music box thing. Your nothing but a waste of Queen Daenerys’ time and unworthy to lead an army.” A voice called out. My fists were fully clenched now. I turn around to see Jorah had stepped forward and was the one who spoke. Daenerys looked at him with a look of shock and Jon looked at Jorah with that look of you done fucked up now. I began slowly walking toward him. “Jorah, Fuck off. You only mad at me because your jealousy of me. You have been treating me like shit ever since I first met you. It got even worse as I merely did things like the friendzone joke, and the dance I had with Queen Daener-…” I cut myself off as eyebrows were raised toward me, by some of the people in the Dragonpitt that didn’t know I danced with Daenerys and some of the people there like Davos grinned as I cut myself off Fuck I thought to myself if I ever find her, Julie is going to kill me if she finds out about that, or Daenerys will kill me who the fuck knows. “Three simple words, Jorah. Go. Fuck. Yourself.” I started to turn around and walk off, but Jorah couldn’t let me have the last laugh. “No wonder your friend is going to die. You are so pathetic you can’t even find her and save her.” Everyone in room eyes were wide open. Jorah had cross the metaphorical line you never cross. I just took a breath and kept walking. Daenerys started to whisper loudly to Jorah to stop. Finally, he cracked my emotional limit. “She probably is just some stupid tavern whore you fuck every week.” I turned around slowly and began to slowly walk back. “Take that back motherfucker….” I said as rage built up inside me even worse than before. “Why should I?” he began to taunt me. I really honest to God wanted to sucker punch Jorah out just then. However, I knew that an act of violence would made me look really bad right then. I took a deep breath and looked at Jorah.  I decided then to say something even worse back. “If that’s true, which It isn’t” I said with a grin and still some built up anger “At least I am not stupid little bitch who fuck prostitutes that look like the woman who friendzoned you, bitch.” I looked over at Bigby who was smiling and he just shot me a look of kid you’re a fucking madman. Jorah’s built up anger unfortunately was worse than mine. The last thing I remembered was Jorah pulling his arm back, and using his fury, smashed his fist into the left side of my face. I think a tooth may have flown out I can’t remember, but I do remember I falling backwards on to the hard ground. The last thing I saw as I fell on the ground was a look of shock on the face of Daenerys Targaryen, and Davos and Jon rushing to myside as someone held Jorah back from kicking me. I felt a sharp pain as my face struck the floor, but I really didn’t care. My eyes closed as I heard screaming and shouting and a lot of swearing. I was smiling.
Just like before when I was knocked out I don’t really know what happened in between. My left eye was hurting, but I still manage to open both eyes. The sunlight blinded me as I peeked open my eyes. I was in a rather comfy chair as I moved my head up, but my vision was still blurry. “Kid, you awake?” I heard from someone as a hand was waved in my face, it was probably Bigby. I began to see clearly as I made out the faces of Jon, Davos, Bigby, Daryl, and Daenerys. Daenerys was motioning for another woman(Missandai?) to bring over two wet rags. Daenerys took one, and Bigby took another. Daenerys was wiping the right side my face which was bleeding. My guess was I landed on some sharp rocks. “I am sorry, guys. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I for once I should have just fucked off.” I said starting to sit upright in the chair. “Jorah wanted to apologize” Daenerys’ said with a look of relief. “He just was angry. He went to cool off with a drink. He’ll be back, but you probably shouldn’t have said that.” She was still cleaning blood off my face. I began to rise out of my chair and started to move around a bit, with Daenerys walking beside me with the Jon on her right, and the others watching from where I had been placed. “Trust me beautiful, this isn’t the first time I have been beat the shit out of by someone. And hey, I could show you all my scars and I still be pretty handsome.” I began laughing as I somewhat flirted with Daenerys. “And he had that coming from a mile away, I stand up for the people I love and care for. I had to say that to shut him up. Otherwise you would have seen a fight, where either kicked his ass, or be fucking killed by him. Anyways, where is Tyrion?” I needed to get off that discussion. “Tyrion is talking with his sister to see if we can’t fix this mess you two put us in. If it doesn’t work, we are fucked” Daenerys said as she kept wiping blood off my face with the rag. She motioned for Missandai to get some more and Missandai simply nodded off and. “I have more important questions. How did you hire the Golden Company and why?” I knew I couldn’t lie but telling half the story isn’t a lie. “I found some gold hidden in the caves, it must either belong to Stannis Baratheon, or the old Targayens’ that lived on Dragonstone. I use some of gold to pay a couple sellswords to go to Esso in order to go purchase their services, and I also gave them gold to hire out ships to deliver them here. The Golden Company will arrive In Dragonstone in a few weeks, hopefully using the boats your sellswords took.” She smiled at me “Impressive, perhaps your nonsense rant earlier actually held some truth.” I began to look up at the dragons. “So, in short terms. We. Are. Fucked.” I said as I looked back down “Yep Aidan, we are fucked unless Tyrion can save the day.” Jon said smiling. “Well it could be worse, you just send me in, I would say right of conquest bitch, and blow her head off. Done and Done.” I began laughing to myself. “Your fucking madman, kid.” Bigby said laughing “You had the balls to say that to Jorah, and now you’re telling me you shoot one of the most powerful women here at point blank range? You need help kid.” We all began to laugh. Jon began to wonder off towards some ruins and picked up a small dog size skeleton mouth, Daenerys followed him over, but I chose to stay back. I didn’t want to be a cockblocker so I look around. Jorah had turned up and was hiding around where Daenerys chairs were, Davos was talking to Missandai along with Theon Greyjoy. Bigby, and Snow White were having a private conversion and Daryl was just standing around drinking.  I then notice Tyrion slowly walking into the Dragonpitt, not looking really showing any indication of results. Everyone slowly began to walk over to the center of the meeting area. I stood next to Bigby who was to the right of Jon while Daryl, and Snow were behind us. Tyrion briefly looked at us then turned around. Cerci rolled up with her entourage of supporters. Seen her Queen’s guard plus the Mountain gave me chills. If she wanted to her could kill us all then and there. I wonder why she didn’t just do that. She stopped a few feet in front of us. “My armies will not stand down. I will not pull them back to the capital.” She said with a rather strange tone. “I will march them north to fight alongside you in the great war. The darkness is coming for us all. We’ll face it together. And when the great war is over, perhaps you’ll remember I chose to help with no promises or insurances from any of you, I expect not.” Everyone took a breath of relief as she said that. “Call our banners” Cerci then says “All of them”. The meeting was unofficially over at this, but I still had one play to make. After all, revenge is best serve with a cold calculating move.
As Cerci, Jon, and Daenerys’ followers began to move away and prepare to leave, I made my move. “Wait everyone.” I said as everyone stops what they are doing. “We have one more thing that needs to be address.” Everyone looked at me really confused. “Aidan, what else could we need to talk about?” Jon said a little annoyed. I began to reach into my bag. I pulled out the note that was written by Jorah to the Faceless Men. “We have another problem. I found this on a messenger attempting to leave Dragonstone. Tyrion read it out loud would you so kindly.” I said as I handed the letter to Tyrion. Tyrion looked at it with a look of horror, and then began to read it, but he just couldn’t fathom who would do this. After Tyrion finished reading the letter he handed it back to me as I looked over at Daenerys. Her face showed a pale look of terror and she just stared at me fearfully. I looked over at Jon who seemed even more pale, and had now his hand on his sword hilt, ready to draw it if the time needed it. Everyone else showed a look of shock that someone would do this. “So, we have a problem.” I said in an angry tone as I pulled my pistol out of its holster. “Someone done fucked up by betraying us. Now, I am forgiving. Whoever wrote this letter just admit it. I won’t kill you, but you’ll probably stand trial for treason. So, who wrote the letter?” I knew Jorah wrote the letter I just wanted revenge by having Jorah admit his guilt in public. Jorah didn’t step forward, which pissed me off, because I just wanted my revenge. “So, the traitor won’t admit his guilt. So, I guess were going have to do this the hard way.” I said, but then I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Kid, you can’t just randomly shoot someone. Let’s go by process of Elimination.” Bigby said in a very normal tone. “Okay that’s fair” I said changing to a friendlier tone “First suspect crossed off the list, Daenerys Targaryen. Why in the name of God, would Daenerys want me dead? I mean I am one of the two most handsome and skilled fighters in Westeros.” I began to laugh slightly. Daenerys just rolled her eyes at me. “Don’t forget the most insane” she said. I began to think how I want to do this. “Okay so, next person crossed off the suspect list is-…” I began to say, but I was cut off by another voice. “Aidan?”
The voice was female and I began looking at every female in the room. Everyone began looking at each other confused. “Aidan? Is that really you?” the voice called out again but more sounding like a person who was tearing up. We all just kept looking around. I looked at Daenerys, Missandai, Snow White, and Cerci, but they all shrugged. I stared at Jon and we were both confused. A guard behind Cerci then turn to look at the entrance. “Over there” he said pointing toward the entrance. I couldn’t see over, so I just pushed through. Cerci order her guards to make room as I began moving towards the entrance. However, as I was walking I tripped, and fell on the ground again. I spat the dirt out of my mouth as I began to stand back up facing everyone else. “I’m fine” I said. They all had looks of curiosity as they were staring at the person who was calling my name. I turned around. I remember things began to slow as I looked up, and my jaw dropped. Standing in front of me was Julie. “Aidan… it really is you.”
Time just felt really slow as I looked at her. Julie appeared almost the exactly the same age she was when I last saw her maybe a year older, but her hair was longer as it was blowing in the wind. She had a holster just like me, but she had no sword which was strange. Her pants were just simple but looked battered and slightly torn. She wore some sort of military boots, and she had a long sleeve shirt that she had rolled up. Her arms so some cuts and bruises, but she wore the kind of military gloves that are fingerless gloves. She had a scarf on her neck, and a gas mask hooked on to her pants. The strangest thing she had was a wired thin metal thing attach to her right hip.  Her appearance caused me just to stand there for a second completely awestruck. I began to rise off the ground as she looked at me with a smile “It’s good to see you again.” She said with tears in her eyes. I felt tears pop out of my eyes, as I began to run to her. Hugging her made me feel a warmth I hadn’t felt in a long time. I released myself from the hug now getting my composer. I had many questions and a lot to explain. “Where have you been? I have been searching for you everywhere. I have been getting m-…” I said, but she pulled me in and kissed me, shutting me up. That kiss held for about five to ten seconds but seemed longer. “In time Aidan” she whispered in my ear “I’ll tell you everything.” I honestly didn’t care at the moment, I was just happy to see her. This touching moment however, was interrupted by the others. “So, this is the girl you were talking about? You have strange tastes, kid.” Bigby said smiling. I just looked at him and began to laugh “Your one to talk Bigby.” I said laughing. Julie just stood there confused that a wolf was talking to me. “uhhh… Aidan?” She said. I didn’t really know what to tell her “Yeah, this is Bigby Wolf. I have a lot of explaining to do myself.” She just shrugged “ehh I have seen crazier shit then a talking wolf.” I laughed bit as began to ponder what she could have seen. I then stared at the strange metal object one her right hip. “What the hell is that?” I said pointing to it. She pulled it off her hip and held it. Jon was now standing next to me along with Bigby. “I have never seen such a strange item like that before.” Jon said. Julie just smiled “I took it from some wired group of people while they were sleeping. They had used it to execute some innocent people begging for their lives. They were terrorists or crazy revolutionaries so I didn’t care that I took it. Here, watch this.” She backed up and click a button on it. My jaw dropped as I saw the device make a strange noise and blackish white line of light came out of it. “Holy shit…” Bigby said as everyone just stood still paralyzed with wonder and fear. Julie picked up a rock and threw it in the air. She then made a clean cut with this weapons blade and the rock split in two. Jon went and picked up the two pieces of the rock staring at them. Qyburn then walked up and takes one of the slice halves, studying it. I look back and see Cerci and Daenerys both confused and shocked at the weapon. “I know what that is.” I said as I thought how cool that was. “Can I see it?” I asked curious if my suspicions were true. Julie turned off the blade and threw it toward me. I ignited the weapon and held it up for all to see. “This is the Darksaber, a legendary weapon wielded by a race of people called Mandalorians, it is one of the most powerful weapons you will ever see.” I said as I began to swing it. It was much lighter than I thought it would be. “Sandor Clegane, could you please draw your blade for a second.” I asked. The Hound just grumble as he drew his blade “This better be good you damn cunt.” I just grinded and swung the blade left to right. Half of his sword’s blade fell off. I turned off the weapon and bowed. I just looked up at the Hound completely bewildered by what he has seen. I toss the blade back to Julie. The Hound just look at his sword and I grinned. “What the fuck kind of sword is that?” Clegane said. I chuckled “The best kind”
Introducing Julie to the others was rather fucking annoying as it could give her implications about what I had been doing that simply were not true. The others were now scattering and chatting amongst each other. I didn’t know who to introduce Julie to first, but I then decided to start with everyone who wasn’t a Game of Thrones character. She already met Bigby (he was still in Wolf form for reasons.) so, I introduce her to Snow White, and Daryl. She actually asked Snow White questions about the differences between her story, and the fairy tale story. Then the moment I dreaded came, when I had to introduce her to Daenerys and Jon. I just sighed as I walk up to Daenerys and Jon, who were having a private conversation on something. “Julie this is Queen Daenerys Targaryen, and this is my good old mate Jon Snow.” I said as she shook their hands. “Nice to meet you both.” Julie said smiling. “I take it Aidan hasn’t been an enough of a troublemaker to get himself killed?” Jon chuckled in response “Well he saved my life a couple times. The only time he was really got himself in trouble was a comment he made to Ser Jorah Mormont.” My face turned red. I really wanted to change topics and not have to bring up getting one punched by Jorah. “Yeah… not my brightest moment.” I sighed. Daenerys just gave a slight smile “To be fair he was openly calling you terrible things in front of people to drawn out a response, and Ser Aidan responded with some comment about he sleeps with whores that look like me. Then Aidan was punched out by Ser Jorah.” Julie then turned to look at me and notice the blood on the left side of my face. She put her hand against my face as I turned red. “So, you stood up to some guy who was taking badly about me?” she smiled and gave me one of those like friendly punches on the shoulder “You’re the best Aidan.” I just smiled as Jon and Daenerys looked at me grinning. “Well I am a man of many talents.” I said as Julie and Daenerys just rolled their eyes. “He is still terrible at dancing with women.” Daenerys said chuckling “Trust me” My face was now a new shade of red as Julie looked at me with frowning face “What is she referring to?” Julie said. I tried to think of what to say, but Daenerys smirked and decided to respond. “I offer him a chance to dance with me and he accepted, unfortunately he admitted to being a terrible dancer so, I taught him how to dance. He improved but is still terrible. Though to be fair his looks made me forget about it while I taught him how to dance.” Daenerys replied with a smile. I just stood there facepalming and with a red face. Julie just looked at me and smiled as she ran her hand down the right side of my face “His looks are an added feature, but his sense of humor, his narcissism, and his charm are probably my favorite features of him, but yes, he is indeed a terrible dancer.” Julie, Daenerys, and Jon just chuckle as I frowned and face palmed. “Julie can we talk in private now?” she of course knew I was trying to dodge more problems “Alright. We need to catch up on some things.” We walked over to a more quieter area of the Dragonpitt. I pressed are left feet against a wall in the Dragonpitt. I had my arms cross while Julie had her hands folded in front of her. “After a year you have grown up so much.” She said as she slid her hand down my right cheek. “You need to shave more.” I realized she didn’t know she had been gone for five years, and I needed to break to the truth to her. “Julie…” I said with a sad expression as she looked at me confused. “Julie… you have been gone for five years… and yet you haven’t age a bit.” I tried to be as soft as I could. “five years? Well shit that isn’t good.” she said confused. I just nodded. She sighed “Listen, the day I disappeared I found a box. It was glowing and contain some strange properties to it. Being me, I cracked it open. The next thing I know I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have been hunted by people who want the box, and I have been trying to find a way home. I have seen wonders and terrors. I called on you because you are the smartest person when it comes to theses worlds. Now however, were stuck. Someone stole the box from me so we are fucked. Unless the other dudes who want me dead come looking for us, then we are double fucked.” She turned around disappointed in herself. I put my arm on her shoulder. “Trust me I haven’t helped lower are enemy list, must be my charm, but It’s not your fault, and we’ll find a way. We always do.” I said. She turned toward me a smile “I forgot under all the sarcasm, narcissism, and charm is a person who actually cares.” She kissed the side of my face and began to walk away. What a woman I thought,
I began walking back over to the group who was ready to go leave. I then realize that I never finish exposing Jorah for being a traitor. However, as people began to move to an exit, a figure approach the main entrance. He wasn’t really tall and you couldn’t really see his face because he wore a black cloak and had wired armor thing on his chest and back. He had a cane or staff of sorts helping him move and he looked kind of like Hunchback. “Excuse me Ser this is a private meeting, please leave.” Jamie said having his hand on his sword, ready to draw. “I wasn’t planning on staying long human.” The figure growled. As I was staring at him I felt a tug on my shirt. “Shit. Aidan, that is one of the guys following me. I don’t know why he is following me, but we need to get out of here now.” She begged. I just nodded, but I told her to go over to Daenerys. Jon was at the front of the group and I quickly joined him, with my M16 pointed to the ground. “Jon, this guy is trouble.” I said. He just nodded as he drew his sword. “This is the kind of hospitality you give, humans?” I had my mounted laser sight trained on his head. “Why are you here?” I asked. He just looked at me, then straiten his hood out. “ahhh… you must the friend that lady Julie was speaking of that would save her. She must have poor standards for heroes.” He smiled as he began to move forward more his hands raised. “Now, let’s keep this civil, just turn her over to me, and you’ll never see me ever again. Resist and you will perish.” This thing wasn’t human clearly now. I was trying to think who this could be, but nothing came across my mind. “Fuck. Off.” I said as people began drawing their weapons. “ahh… so we do this the hard way.” He then adjusts his hood so I could see his face and it made me turn pale.  “Prepared to feel the wraith of the Burning Legion.”  So, this figure was actually an orc, which didn’t surprise me now because I have already seen crazier shit, but who he was made me shiver “So, you’re the one the call Guldan. The one who betrayed his people for power.” I said. Guldan just looked straight at me and began to chuckle. “Good… you know my name, now you’ll remember me… when you die.” Julie came over and had the Darksaber in one hand, and a pistol in the other. “So, we meet again, Lady Julie.” Guldan said “You finally ready to burn?” She stared him down and just kept her guard up. “Rot in hell, jackass.” She said. Guldan just smiled “That’s not very lady like is now? I should teach you, and your pathetic boyfriend here a lesson in manners.” I saw him raise his hand up to the sky and his hand had a tongue of green warlock magic fire shit. It opened a portal, and out came what I assume was Demonic creatures. Julie was the first to make a move “Get the others out of here!” She cried as she cut down a demon with the Darksaber. I was using my machine gun to fire on some others. Jon joined in using longclaw to cut one down. Jon had taken his cloak off now, so all we saw was the same armor from Dragonstone under it. Bigby, Snow, and Daryl were tag teaming two demons together. Everyone else just held position, but soon all the Demonic creatures were dead. Guldan however just smiled. “So… You can defeat a couple of demons. Now let’s see what you and your boyfriend are made of Lady Julie.” He approaches us and began to do something with his hand. I instantly go on the offensive, firing at him in full force. Guldan just laughed as his powers froze the bullets in the air. “Silly silly human.” He laughed “You are pathetic.” Julie and I began to move closer, she move to the right and I took the left. Everyone was just ready to attack when told, but most held back to protect Daenerys and Cerci. I fire at him as a distraction as Julie rushes in to strike him. Guldan however, he was one step ahead of us. He smashed his cane against the ground and sent me and Julie flying back. Daryl, and Jon tried to attack, but are force to the ground as Guldan fired a strange fire magic at them. He then turned toward me. “I could kill you boy, but where is the fun in that?” He smiled. He used his strength in his dark warlock magic to grab Julie and lift her into the air. Julie begins to panic and in the process of being lifted off the ground she drops the Darksaber. Bigby grabbed it and threw it at me. I caught it and ignited it as I charge forward. The glow of the blade gave me the strength to push on and attack Guldan head on. Guldan just kept smiling as he turned toward me using his other hand and launched something at me that sent me flying backwards. I land in front of Daenerys and Cerci who were both surrounded by their supporters. “You know what boy? I like you, and I have no intent of killing you, but I have every intent to make you… suffer. If you want your lady back, come get her.” He then grabs Julie using his magic as she starts screaming my name. I begin running but it is too late. She was gone in an instant. I was just left there, with Guldan getting the last laugh.
It took me a few seconds to process that I just briefly saw. The girl I had been searching for was taken from me just like that. I just fell on knees and let out a cry so loud some people cover their ears. I felt a single watery tear drop off my eye.  I just was speechless, and terrified. I had almost lost hope that I could save her. However, I then notice something in front of me where the portal use to be. I reached for it. It was a box nothing to fancy. It had a message in it “Come after her, pathetic human” was written. Inside was something to summon a portal to take me there. No one knew what I was looking at, so everyone just thought I was mourning still. “Jesus, I am sorry kid… I’m … sorry.” Bigby moving towards me. “I didn’t know her long Aidan, but she was a great woman. You were lucky to have her.” Daenerys said as she also walked forward to where I was on the ground. I rose up and turned around. “Aidan, what is that?” Jon said surprise I had something. “This ‘Guldan’ is a fucking moron.” I said just sinisterly grinning, everyone looked at me bewildered. “He is giving me a chance to save her using this… and I going to except his challenge.” I was immediately met with shots claiming I was insane, and that I couldn’t save her, or that I was going to die, but Jon raised his voice and told everyone to quiet down. He walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. “I am a man of my world, Aidan. Or I try to be… That is why I am going with you.” He said as he extended out his hand. We shook on it “Thank you Jon.” I said smiling. “ARE YOU TWO FUCKING INSANE!?” Cried Daenerys as she marched over toward us “That thing almost killed you both! That thing has power beyond both of you! What about the North? Your people, Jon? What about your friends? What about me? What about the Realm?” Jon sighed “It isn’t fair for me to not help Aidan, your grace, when I chose to keep my oath to you. Now, I must keep my promise to Aidan. Even if we are walking into the lion’s den.” He replied as he stood his ground “But I can still keep my oath to the North. Davos, bring me something to write with, I need to send a message home.” Davos quickly went on to it. Bigby came up to me “Kid, I am going with you. You going to need all the help you’re going to get.” He said in his grumbled wolf form. Daryl also said he was going. “Okay so we have enough, but does anyone else want to help?” I asked as I ignited the Darksaber and raise it to the sky. “I will” came a male voice. I turned and frown. It was Jorah, but instead I had a plan. “No, you’re not coming with us.” I said as I pulled out my pistol and aimed it at his head. “I know for a fact that one of Daenerys’ advisors wrote this letter and you’re not trustworthy, especially after the shit you pulled earlier today. Ohh and if I find out you wrote the letter… I will kill you myself.” He just stood and stare, but then turned around and walked away. “You don’t get threaten one of my advisors, Ser Aidan” said Daenerys angrily. “I am sorry, but traitors are traitors. But don’t worry, when I come back I’ll find the traitor and they shall know justice.” I said as I stood my ground. The reason I chose not to oust Jorah now was because I wanted to go save Julie, and that became priority one. Jon wrote two letters as quickly as he could. Both contain instructions on what to do if Jon doesn’t return, and he gave one to a raven to send to the North, and another he gave to Daenerys. I also reminded Daenerys of my letter I wrote back during the time we were going beyond the wall and told her all of what it says still applies. She looked as us both and she had tears in her eyes. She hugged Jon as strong as she could, and then turned to hug me. I was practically being suffocated by her hug. Cerci, and her crew stayed along with Daenerys and her group to watch us leave. Snow White was staying behind, but she was armed, and ready to fight if needed. Since I was leading this, I needed to give a speech. “Gentlemen, we are about to go into the equivalent of Hell, we will be on a suicide mission, and I thank you all for coming. This actually means a lot to me having people who will help me in this dark hour.” I held the Darksaber to the sky. “Enjoy these last moments, for once we go through the portal lads, we dance with death herself. We save Julie or die trying.” They all nodded and raised their weapons to the sky (Bigby just howled) as I felt another single tear drop leave my eye. It was time, and no words were longer needed to be said.
Walking through the portal was rather disturbing. It felt wired and out of this world. What was on the other side was more terrifying. The generator for this portal was to the right of us once we step into this new crazy world. It was a box of sorts, which I assumed is the one Julie was referring to. Mostly it was dark, and by dark, I mean there wasn’t much light. The landscape itself was somewhat of a wasteland, but there were signs of life and we saw mountains, and rivers, some of lava, others were of water, and there were trees, but this was more or less hell. “We are so fucked.” Said Daryl turning on a flashlight and mounting it on his rifle. I did the same exact thing with my rife except I also had the laser sights enabled. Jon stayed close to the middle of the group and Bigby carried up the back. There was no sign of any real life we could find, just landscape. “Where do you think Julie is?” Jon asked as he caught up with me. “I don’t know, but we have hope, and hope can save us.” I said silently. I say we walked for about one to two hours, with nothing, but conversations on the land, and the parlay. It wasn’t until we got to a hillside when we heard the screams. I wanted to rush off thinking it was Julie, but Bigby along Jon and Daryl stopped me. “We need to do this quietly kid, don’t worry we aren’t going to let her die.” He said grabbing my shirt. I just sighed and nodded. “Let’s get into position.” Julie was currently chained up in a room with Demonic creatures carrying strange weapons guarding her cage. Her stuff and some other stuff was on a table like structure outside her cage. She showed signs of torture, and possible psychological effects. Her hair was messed up, and she had cuts and bruises on her that were not there before. The two guards guarding her spoke in a demonic tone of sorts that none of us knew. They were laughing which was scary, because these things were taking joy in what they were doing. One was a red demon and he wore some gauntlets and metal shoulder padding, and the other was grey, and it looked mostly human except taller and its face had tentacles where the chin would be. Julie seem to be in pain, but alive. She walked up to the gate physically and emotionally broken. She was crying, and it hurt my soul to see her like this. It was the time for our move. No more hiding, no more running, no more cowering. I nodded off to Bigby who nodded off to the others. Jon and I took the left side while Bigby and Daryl had the right. Daryl walked out towards the demons “Hey jackasses over here!” He yelled as they turned and stared at him. Within that split second, they were both dead, I had use the suppressor to take out both of the demons. “Alright move it guys.” I said as Daryl and I checked around with Bigby staying around the jail cell. Jon was looking for anything useful. “We are clear, kid” Daryl said. That was all I needed to hear, I made a silent dash to the cage Julie was in. She just looked at me and smiled. “You need to be quiet. We’re going to get you out of here.” I said. I looked at how the cage was set up: The metal was some sort of rare metal because it felt really strange. I look at the lock on the door and am completely bewildered at its design. I tried using my pistol to shoot the lock off, but nothing. Running out of ideas I told Julie to get back, and I swung the Darksaber against the lock. The lock shattered with a simple swing.
As I opened the door, Julie jump on me almost causing me to trip. She was really messed up badly, and she just was crying into my shoulder as I held her. “It’s okay, you’re going to be fine. You’re not going to get hurt.” She just looked up and smiled then perceived to kiss me on my lips, and we held the kiss until Bigby turn towards us and growled in annoyance. “Can you save this for later guys? We have to move.” I nodded off to him and Julie just blushed. Jon then called me over to the table the demons had Julie’s stuff on. She picked up her pistol and holster it, but when I try to give her back the Darksaber she rejected it. “I don’t need it, you are better with it than I am.” She said as she handed back to me. “Hey what the hell is this stuff?” Daryl said as he looks at some other weapons that were on the table. I picked one up and looked at it and was shocked. “No, this can’t be right. How did this these things get here?” I said. What was on the table was a TL-50 Heavy Repeater blaster, and a holster containing a DL-44 Blaster pistol. The first though that came to mind was fuck yeah, but then I realize I couldn’t carry it all. I decided these weapons were too good to pass up on. I took my sword. my rifle, and my other pistol and its holster and I handed them to Julie. “Take these, you are going to need to be ready to fight and it also is the least I can do for taking the Darksaber from you.” I said as she smiled. She was happy and began loading up, now she had two pistols, a sword, and a rifle and she was very happy. I took the DL-44 and attached it to my belt, and then I picked up the TL-50. “Alright guys, fuck this place. Let’s go home.” Julie however grabs my hand, and then hands me a Radio “Toon to channel three and you’ll be able to hear me, just in case. Now let’s get moving handsome.” She smiled as she walked off. “What a woman, kid.” Bigby said smiling “What a woman.”
Walking out of her prison camp was unnaturally easy, but we all kept are guards up. We all assumed this was a trap since the prison camp Julie was held at wasn’t that well-guarded. I actually had spent the time checking the radio to see how it works. It apparently listed off other radios in the channel and had a long collapsible antenna. As I was fidgeting with it, Julie began to grow more tired and the tortured she endured had weakened her. She began to lag behind and at one point almost collapse. “Bigby, can she ride you? She is really tired and I don’t think she is going to able to walk anymore.” I said as I elbowed him. Bigby nodded and we all stopped for a second. Bigby lower himself to the ground and Julie carefully hopped onto the wolf’s back. “Thanks, guys. Rather comfortable.” Julie said as she began to hold on to Bigby. Jon and I now took point with Daryl and Bigby right behind us. “So… are you a werewolf, Bigby? Julie asked. Bigby just chuckled then howled. “I use to just be a wolf, until Snow use a magical item to allow me to change back and forth from wolf to man. I not an actual werewolf, but I am the Big Bad Wolf.” He said. We mostly stood in silence, until Julie said something rather funny. “So… If I interpret this right Snow White fell in love with the Big Bad Wolf… or did she? …... Okay….” She said as awkward silence ensued. Jon, Daryl, and I all looked at each other and we all just had that look. Jon then smile and let off a slight chuckle. “I thought I was scared of just Bigby on his own, and now I am scared of what his offspring with Snow White would look like. IF she falls in love with him.” Daryl and I looked at each other and began to laugh. “Fuck you guys.” Bigby snarled, but even he began to laugh as well. We mostly just didn’t say anything else from that point on, until we were could spot the portal. “There is our way out.” I said as I pointed to the portal. “Only a little further now, but keep your eyes open. I know this ‘Guldan’ will tried and stop us from escaping.” We all weren’t taking any chances. I had my TL-50 ready for the kill. Julie had one of her pistols out while holding on to Bigby. Daryl and Jon were right behind. As we got closer and closer to the portal, the sky grew darker. “He has found us. This was a trap.” Julie said now having both pistols out. Jon had drawn Longclaw, Daryl ready his machine gun, and I held my TL-50 in a ready stance. “Do you hear that? Listen.” Bigby said as we all stood silent. This part is going to require you listen to this video to understand. “Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood. To terrorize your all’s neighborhood” cried a voice. “Guys, he is playing the song Thriller.” Bigby said kind of confused. One by one we saw then an army of demonic creatures pop out with eyes that glowed like Christmas lights. When the voice got to “Must stand and face the hounds of hell…” I then motion for everyone to run. “WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!” We were running while the people with ranged weapons returned fire at the demons chasing us. The music just kept playing as the demons tried to box us in. I not sure if this true but I could have sworn I smash my gun’s butt against a demon’s face and Bigby used his head to fling one into the air. We were at the portal when Jon and I began turning around and fighting. Bigby got Julie through the portal with Daryl behind her. I remember just seeing wave after wave of demons and then it hit me. If we leave then they will go through the portal I thought then we all die. There was a brief moment where the demons stopped and I looked at Jon. He just simply nodded and kept fighting. I switch to firing my DL-44 in one hand and the other I used the radio. “Julie can you hear me?” I said as I shot a demon’s head off. “Loud and clear. You and Jon need to come through the portal now.” Her voice was very clear. I sighed “Julie…” I felt as if I knew the pain she was feeling. “If Jon and I don’t close this portal, the demons come through the portal we all die. I need…. I need to seal myself and Jon on the other side so they don’t come through….” I heard what sounded like a gasp as I heard her start going off “Aidan, please…. Don’t do this. We can work this out…. We can solve this. Just please don’t close that portal…” She was begging and almost sounded like crying. I sighed again. “Aidan it’s now or never…” I heard Jon say. I felt sadden, but felt the strength to speak on last time. “Julie…. I am sorry, and I love you…” I said as clipped the radio unto my belt. I ignited the Darksaber with a look of strength. I felt like a man without fear. “NOW!!!!” Jon cried as I swung the weapon at the box controlling the portal. The last thing I remember was a great flashing light and my radio pick up one last message. “Aidan…I-…”
So, you may say this is the end? It’s not. In fact, this is really what I would consider somewhat of a halfway mark (and when this shit starts to go off). I remember being awaken by a noise as I stood up and looked around. Jon was on the ground a few feet away, as demons piled up everywhere all dead in various ways. The land seemed much different, but still similar, as if the thing corrupting the land had been partially beaten back. I check myself for any damages, but only found minor cuts, and bruises. I rushed over to Jon who was awake just in too much pain to move. He had not broken any bones, but he did feel short of breath after what had just happened. Longclaw laid a few feet from his right hand surprisingly in good shape. I look around for my stuff and found that my Dragonglass dagger was shattered somehow, but everything else was fine including my Walkman and radio. My radio interested me since it still said another radio was tuned into my channel. Did Julie…. I thought when Jon began to speak. “We are fucked.” Jon said with a sigh, almost sounding like he was just ready to kill himself. “Pull yourself together, Jon.” I said as I helped him off the ground. Jon just looked depressed and in a new low. I decided that I better figure out a way back to Westeros, so I clipped the Darksaber back into my belt and brought the radio to my face. “Hello? Anyone? Me and my pal Jon are in a whole new level of fucked, so could you be so kind as to respond.” I wait for a good minute, hopping for a response. I was close to giving up, knowing this was futile and wouldn’t save us, but I heard a noise. “Ki-…it-…Bigby…We hea…ou… loud and clear.” The response was garbled. “Bigby, its Aidan I can hear you, but you are garbled. Respond if you can hear me clearly.” I said as Jon looked at me with a look of relief. “…ou are….oud and clear.” Bigby responded back. I sighed because they could hear us, but we could barely hear them. “Bigby, we cannot get clear responses from you, so for now do not attempt to communicate. I will check in with you guys often using this radio. Tell Daenerys and Julie that Jon and I are alright, and we got all the demonic creatures, but were stuck here. We will find our way out, but stay in this channel, over.” I felt like crying, but deep down I just felt dead inside. We were trapped, and also probably doomed, but we had hope. Jon then stood up with his sanity back in full swing. “Come on.” He said as he put Longclaw in his belt. “I am not dying in this fucked up world.” I nodded as I picked up my TL-50. “Let’s roll out.”
Walking over thousands of dead demons wasn’t really my thing, especially since some aren’t dead, but slowly dying. I just stepped over most and ignore the sounds of pain. Jon and I reached a mountain where we Jon motion towards something alarming. In the distance was a structure, almost a cabin like building. “Good place to set up camp.” Jon said as he began moving down the mountain. The closer me got the more puzzled I became. The cabin seemed abandon, but only recently as there was remnants of a fire in front of the cabin. Jon and I checked the entire outside of the building, but all we found was buckets, some tools, and logs for a fire. We made our way back to the front of the cabin. I nodded off to Jon who grab the door knob, while I ready to enter with my blaster ready to kill. “1….2…3!” Jon said as he opened the door. The inside of the cabin was had no one in it, but again someone most had been living in it because there were jugs of water, some food, and sleeping equipment in the cabin. “We’re clear Jon.” I said sighing silently. “We going to have to rest up here.” Jon said looking for a light source. I found a match box and lit up some candles. Jon just sat with his back against the wall of the cabin. “…..I think we are fucked….” He sighed. “You think were possibly fucked Jon? No, We Are Fucked.” I said as I sat on the other side of the room messing with the radio. Jon just smirked “Even in horrible and dark times you still crack jokes.” I just smile back. “What? It’s the one thing that keeps my sanity in check.” I shrugged back. Jon began taking his time to sharpen his sword, while I began to check the radio. Julie’s radio was still tuned into the same channel I was in. I then thought of something genius. I raised my radio to my mouth and began to speak. “Hey everyone. You are listening to Aidan, and Jon who both are now safe and sound I guess. In order to make sure that you all can know we are okay I have an idea. I will act like a radio DJ and give you updates daily. And of course, what kind of DJ would I be without any music.” I was grinning as Jon looked at me laughing but confused. “Today’s first song goes out to everyone’s favorite wolf, Bigby.” I said as I reached for my Walkman. Being me, I played "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon. Jon was just laughing as we both nodded are heads off to the beat of the song. Once the sound ended we decided we needed to sleep. We found blankets and we made sure no one could enter the cabin. “I’ll take first watch, Jon” I said as I place my TL-50 in my lap. Jon grab a blanket and went to sleep. I sat in place with my headphones in listening to music. Pretty soon though I shut my eyes and went off to sleep myself. So much for watch duty.
I woke up the next day, realizing I had fallen asleep on my watch. “Jon, it’s time to wake up” I yawned. Jon rose up and yawned. “You need to do a better job at keeping watch. If you were in the Night’s Watch, they would hang you.” He said chuckling to himself. “Which is why I would never join the Night’s Watch.” I smirked. Walking toward the door my face turned pale. There slipped under the door was a letter, nothing strange about the paper it was on, but what the contents said was the key factor. Come to the cave two miles out. I will help you get out of this place. Trust me. -Anonymous. Jon looked at me horrified. “Someone was watching us?” he said. I just shook my head. “Whoever this is might be our ticket out of here.” I said sighing. “Jon, we have to go to this cave.” He looked at me with that look of Fuck No, but I wasn’t in the mood for it. “Get your stuff and grab some food and water. Let’s me our new ‘Friend’” As we exit the cabin, Jon spotted smoke rising form a mountain area. I assumed that was where we needed to go, so we began to walk. I then remember to check so I decided to do another funny thing. “Hey what is going on lords and ladies of Westeros. It’s your friend Aidan, and his northern buddy Jon. We survived our first night, and now we are meeting a strange dude who says he can save us. Anyways, todays song goes out to two special ladies waiting for the return of their knight in shining fucking armor and Jon Snow. If your listening Queen Daenerys, and Julie, you guys are going to kill me, but I have a bigger problem now. I have searched my Walkman’s song list, this is officially the least disco song I have.” I said grinning. I then pressed play and the song "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer. Jon was just laughing so hard as I began slowly dancing to the sound while moving. Jon and I were just enjoying ourselves in order to keep our minds off the situation we were in. “Aidan someday you need to explain these types of music to me.” Jon said. I smirk “That will take an eternity.” We stood in silence for a few moments before Jon started to chuckle “Well we have an eternity.” I began to grin at that horrible joke he was making. “Fuck you.” I said laughing. My laughter was cut short as Jon point to my right. “The cave, Aidan.” Was all he said.
The cave itself rested on the right side of the mountain with rock formations surrounding it. To left of the cave was another structure almost identical to the cabin we were in the day before. As I walked over to the fire pit, I felt the ashes in it to see how long ago a fire had been set. “Someone has been living here.” I said as Jon picked up a pot, inspecting it. As I rose up from the fire pit, the door to the structure opened. Instantly Jon drew his sword and I held up my blaster. “Come out slowly.” I said as Jon and I stood in silence. “I mean no harm, my friends.” A voice called out. Hands appeared and slowly an old man dressed in hooded garments step out. “In fact, I want to thank you for slaying the demons. Rather pesky creatures they are.” He looked up and smiled. He stepped forward putting his arms behind his back now. I lowered my weapon as I turned to Jon “he is harmless.” I said as Jon nodded off and put is sword away. The old man then looked at me and he nodded to himself. “You must be the one my master is looking for. Your Aidan, right?” He said pointing at me. I felt confused. Someone is looking for me? I thought, but the old man just stepped forward. “Relax, my master isn’t an evil being. He has been watching you for a long time. He sees potential in you to do great things. He also owes you a favor for slaying that ‘Guldan’ and his demon army. My master saw the explosion incinerate his body, so he is gone for good…. Hopefully.” I didn’t know what to say, and neither did Jon. “Your friend here, Jon will wait in the cabin with me. You must enter the cave to meet my master. Your friend will be provided for and so will you.” He said as he held out a staff, bash it to the ground and pointed it toward the cave. Jon and I just looked at each other confused, but also curious. “Alright I will go, but make sure Jon is okay. He is got a woman named Daenerys waiting for him back home.” I grinned as Jon frowned at me. “Get going Aidan, before I punch you. Be careful of what is inside.” He said as he chuckled to himself. The Oldman smiled and he handed me a lantern. “Go, my master is waiting for you.” The lantern was rather pointless since I could have used the Darksaber to light my way through the cave. The cave had images carved into the wall. Most were pointless and boring, but one show a AT-AT which confused the fuck out of me. I could hear that sound of the dripping water, and animals skulking around. As I walked through an open area of the cave, I find a skeleton of a dead man. He had a broken lantern next to him and a sword. “Hello?” I call out. No answer of course. “Listen buddy, I don’t have time for this. Just please come out and talk to me.” I say now annoyed. I heard a brief laugh as I ignited the Darksaber, ready to fight. “Relax kid, I am here merely to help you.” A voice called out. “What are you?” I said as I began looking around the room for the person speaking. I could hear someone or something dart around me. “Here I am.” A voice called out as I turned around to see them. “Call me The Betrayer.”
The Betrayer was a rather tall figure with wings, and horns. He towered over me, making me feel rather weak. “I admire your work cleaning up those demons. I have been watching you ever since Guldan went after you, and your lady friend. Since you killed him and went through all that trouble only to be stuck here, I am going to give you a chance to return to your friends and save them.” He said as he closed his wings up. I looked at him, trying to figure what game he was playing. “Okay sure…. What’s the catch, bitch? There is always a catch.” I said as he looked at me and smiled. “Ahhh you are a smart one. You and your friend Jon can return to your friends, but you must be willing to make a sacrifice.” He said as I stared up at his face. He had a band of cloth around his eyes, but a green fire showed through. “I have made sacrifices before, I can do it again.” I said placing the lantern on a rock to my right. The Betrayer grinned as he opened his wings and flew off into the darkness. I saw him light a torch using his hand which had a tongue of green fire above it. He then picked up two strange blades and proceeded to walk over to an altar. On the altar in chains was a demonic creature. “How much are you willing to sacrifice for the people you love?” The Betrayer asked. I stood in thought for a minute about what to say, but then the word spilled out. “Everything… everything I can to keep them safe….” Upon hearing this he stabbed the Demonic creature in its chest. The blood of the creature poured out and began to slowly flow off the altar. It trailed all the way to a small hole with a strange stone carving around it. As the blood flowed into the hole it quickly began to fill. The Betrayer then picked up a simple cup and walked over to the hole. The realization dawned on me then what I needed to do. The Betrayer reach down and filled the cup to the top with blood. He then motions with his hand for me to walk over. I slowly moved over to where he was. “Drink… You will feel power like never before, but… there will be a price.” He said as he extended the cup out toward me. At that moment I just didn’t give a fuck. “There always is… As long as I can save my friends with this power…” I grumbled as I grab the cup. “Drink it Aidan…” He said smiling. I took a deep brief. This is for your friends Aidan I thought to myself Do it for your friends, do it for Julie. I then slowly raised the cup to my mouth. The smell of the demon blood was rather sweet. I started to chug the blood knowing that this was a bad idea, but this needed to be done. I finished the drink and looked at The Betrayer confused. “Was that supposed to do something?” I said, but before he could response I started to collapse on to my knees. I started to feel a burning sensation where my eyes were. I started to scream as The Betrayer spoke. “This is the price you must pay.” He said. I felt a liquid substance come out of my eyes as I kept feeling burn. I screamed in agony, swearing almost every second, but was also now unable to see. My eyes were slowly melting out of my eye sockets, blinding me and just in general causing great pain. I finally felt the pain stop, as I began feeling the area around where my eyes would be. They were not only gone, but I could reach through where they would be to touch inner portions of my eye sockets. “Why?” I began to yell “Why my eyes?” I heard the sound The Betrayer’s feet move as I felt something tough my shoulder. “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! You made the great sacrifice, but don’t worry, it won’t go unnoticed and your training will be complete…. You have been blind for so long to your true potential… now it is time for you to embrace it.” He said. A new kind of pain emerge, even worse than earlier as I attempted not to cry out in agony again. Another burning feeling came across my face as I tried to cover it. I Then felt a burn right in my right and left eye sockets as I scream in pain. I then started to see visions. One was of a Banshee Queen leading an army of dead men under a banner of a shatter mask. Another showed me with demon horns, demon wings, and demon eyes as people chanted things like monster, or devil. A third one showed a desert wasteland as Imperial forces made their final stand as they were massacred by the rebellion. That was probably the battle of Jakku. There were more, but I just don’t remember any. The pain however just kept going at me and pretty soon I began to collapse even further to ground as I started to feel tired, and dizzy. I finally gave out as I just drifted off.
I don’t know how long I lied in that cave, but as I awoke I notice I could see. Terrified, I rush towards a pool of water that had form naturally in the cave. I stared into the water hoping I wasn’t a monster, but instead I found that my eyes were gone, but replace with new ones. The new ones glowed red a bit, but weren’t like the betrayers, they just glowed slightly. My eyes basically just change from being a brown color to a red color, but I also received a good slash across my right eye. It looked cool, but as I felt it I could feel the pain still there. As I looked up The Betrayer was standing on the other side of the pool of water. “You have many questions I presume. So, I will give you a short run down.” He said dipping his hand in the water and back out. “Your new eyes can make you see further than a normal human, but also increase your awareness. Your reflexes should now be faster, and stronger. Your strength is important, but awareness is the difference between life and death. Now, beyond this mountain is a strange land of strange people. Find them, and you will be able to leave. Go now, find your friend and make your way home. You are prepared.” I looked up at him and felt many emotions at once. I felt anger for what he put me through, but also felt respect for The Betrayer. It was almost like I was blind the entire time to my true potential, but now I could see. “Thank you, Betrayer” I said as I turned around to leave. As I walked out I looked back only to see him now staring at a strange skull. That was when my mind told to get the fuck out. (I have a clue who the betrayer might be, but I am not a hundred percent sure. Oh, and sorry for the descriptions of my eyes burning out.)
I walked out of the cave only to be greeted by sunlight blinding me. “Jon?” I called out as I block out the sun with my hand. Jon was spooked as he was staring into a fire along with the Oldman. “Ahh Aidan has returned.” The Oldman announce with some joy in his voice. Jon looked at me perplexed but then smirked “You haven’t gone more back-shit crazy, so yeah your good. What the hell happened to your face.” I shrug no knowing how to respond. “How long was I in there for?” I asked as I sat along with them around the fire. “A day at most.” Jon replied as he threw another stick in the fire. “You still have your radio?” he asked as I nodded throwing a stick into the fire. The Oldman now stood up and walked towards his cabin. “You two can speak alone, my master might need me to help him with something.” He spoke as he shut his cabin door, leaving me and Jon by the fire. Jon pulled out a few bottles of wine the Oldman had given him. He handed one to me as he started to drink. “So, what happened?” Jon asked. I explained everything to him, and I mean everything that happened in that cave. He just nodded off to everything and when I finished he sighed. “Well at least we got something out of it. Too bad we can’t help Daenerys and my people.” He said as the fire made a cracking sound as a log broke. I leaned against a rock and sighed. “You miss her?” I asked as I as I took another sip of wine. Jon stood in silence, making the conversation awkward. Finally annoyed I spoke up. “Don’t hide it Jon. I know you fell in Love with Daenerys. Your fucking terrible at hiding your emotions. Just talk about it.” I said trying to be reassuring. He took another sip of his wine sighed “When I first met her, I thought she was a spoil foreign invader, but over time she showed me she was more than just a beautiful girl with a massive army, but there isn’t time for that. I have a to try and keep old enemies form killing each while stopping a massive army of dead man from killing us all. If I had time, I would’ve have tried, but we don’t have time.” We stood in silence for a few minutes as we continue to drink wine. I then start laughing as Jon looks at me bewildered. “Don’t get me wrong Daenerys is hot and trust me if I was single I could charm my way into Daenerys bed in no time, but I got a lady for myself who I think is better. But I know why you won’t make a move. More likely is you think you can’t but you can Jon. If I can fall in love with my lady in this fucked up scenario then so can you.” My seriousness really died then. “Either that or you forgot where to put it didn’t you?” I began laughing as Jon looked at me and frowned. “I sorry, but that is just too funny, Jon. Here is another funny thing. What do you call a beautiful Targaryen princess?” I said with a grin. Jon sighed “What?” I had prepared great jokes just to piss people off or make them laugh. “Hot” I said laughing as Jon looked at me for a second with a blank stare. He eventually let out a chuckle. “Your jokes aren’t bad, they are terrible. Also, you don’t have to be single to charm your way into Daenerys’ bed. You could just have Daenerys, and Julie in bed with you both at once.” He said laughing. I laughed even though it was kind of a messed-up thing to say. I then leaned began to stand up and stretch when I looked down at the radio. “ohhhh shit.” I said as I checked the radio. “What is wrong?” Jon asked. I sighed as I realize Jon was going to be pissed. “Ummm…. Well let’s just say that when I sat down…. The button to push-to-talk was pushed down…” I said as Jon looked at me with a pale face. “So, does that mean they heard…. God fucking dammit, Aidan.” He said as he kicked a rock. “Jon, I am sorry. Like I didn’t think that actually happened.” I said hoping he wouldn’t punch me. “ughh its fine.” He grumbled “We are stuck here anyway, so yeah… but we do go back… that isn’t going to look good if they were listening.” Jon picked up a bottle of wine hand drank the whole thing down. “Just blame the wine.”
We stayed outside the cave in the cabin for another day. I spent most of my time training myself with the Darksaber. I ran though slices, cuts, thrusts, parry forms, counter attacks, and voids which are basic concepts of long sword fighting. When dawn broke the next day, the Oldman gave us some food and some water as a thank you from his master. We then went on our way to wherever the fuck we were supposed to go. We mostly just walked and walked and only rested a few hours a night. We weren’t really sure where we were going, other than somewhere beyond the mountain. Jon would spend time telling me about the North, and the Starks. Occasionally I told him some fun facts that didn’t make sense to him but were funny. On I say the third day we came across something. After taking a break for food and watered we heard a roar. The roar wasn’t animal, but rather sounded like a jet, or plane. As we look up in the sky to see what was making the noise a U-Wing flew overhead. The sound of it made Jon very cautious and defensive, but I just stood and watch. The U-Wing was flying in a general direction to something off in the distance. “What is that thing?” Jon asked timidly. “It’s called a U-Wing. It Is a ship that can fly. They are used by a group who call themselves the Rebel Alliance. They use it as transports, and as a combat unit.” I said as I kept walking. “They must have a base then. They wouldn’t be moving like this otherwise.” He said as I looked surprised at his deduction. “That must be their base.” I said as I pointed towards something in the distance. It was really hard to see for Jon, but my new eyes help me see further. “Are they friend or foe to us? He asked. I shrugged “Probably foe. If I was to hazard a guess, they probably shoot us first, then ask questions later. We should head to their base anyways. I think we could then steal one of their ships and make our escape.” Jon nodded at the plan. So, we began to move, but more quietly and less in the open. The closer we got the more I felt like that it was going to be a case hostility towards Jon and me. Around night time is when we reached the base. “All right” I whispered “I going to scout out the base. Tomorrow we can then plan our escape. Find a place to hunker down in and get some rest.” Jon just nodded. He was about to say something, but I already slid down the hill towards the base. Now was the time for action.
The base was rather well maintained, and well stocked. The reason that is strange to me is that the rebels lack resources to fight the Empire and maintain their troops. Beside that their base had a wide variety of ships including some X-Wings, two Y-Wings, and the U-Wing which had just landed. The men guarding the base were constantly patrolling the base looking for anything strange. Then I spotted something strange. Guarded by three heavily armed rebel soldiers was an Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. Those shuttles were pretty rare and are often used by high ranking members of the Empire including Darth Vader, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. How the rebels got one is anyone’s guess, but I knew right then and there that was the ship we were taking. I moved in closer to get a closer look, but then heard someone yelling. I decided maybe to find the person yelling and what he was up to. As I moved toward the voice. What I saw was one of the most messed up things ever. I saw a rebel officer, and some rebel soldiers had capture a bunch of Imperial cadets. The cadets were all younger then me and most were children. The officer was using a baton to beat on one cadet who was begging for help. I thought about interfering, but I was too scared to even try. The cadet was crying saying he just wanted to go home, but the officer then struck him in the head. The boy collapsed to the ground with blood rushing out of his head as the other cadets froze in terror. Another cadet then attacked one of the rebel soldiers. The Cadet disarmed the rebel, and stunned him, but as they were running away one of the rebels laughed and pushed a button. The cadet was a girl, but these rebels didn’t seem to care who she was. She made it over a fence and began running, but soon the button that was pressed had activated mines. The female cadet had run into a minefield. One mine latch on to her leg as she screamed in pain. Then her scream was drowned out by an explosion. Her cadet helmet flung through the air and landed in front of the other cadets. It had been burned, and part of it had broken off. I just looked on with guilt. I knew I could have saved them, but I was scared, and I let those children die. The officer then spoke to the remaining Imperial cadets ordering them to move toward the fence. They also complied fearful of not obeying their captors. The officer then ordered them to turn around with their hands on their heads, which the cadets did without question. The officer then nodded off to two rebel soldiers. The two soldiers then brought out flamethrowers as other rebels stood behind them with blasters pointed at the cadets. The officer then raised his hand up and then down. I just saw pain as children scream as their bodies burned. The others who tried to escape were shot by the other rebels and their officer. Some didn’t even stand a chance, and many who fought back died more painful deaths. I looked at my hands and began to think. That blood was on my hands I thought as my hands began to shake They died because I was weak. They needed a hero and I failed them. I chose to sit and watch, and not stand up for them, I kept feeling guilt as I watch the rebels burn the bodies of the cadets. They were not only not caring, but they were laughing at the pain the cadets had suffered. I clenched my fists then walked away towards a structure labeled “Armory”. No, they didn’t need a hero I told myself they needed a monster.
Breaking the door to the armory was rather easy. I just use the Darksaber to slice the lock off and I was in. Their armory was full of weapons. Blaster pistols, blaster rifles, rocket launchers, Vibro blades (weapons that can clash with lightsabers), flamethrowers, and various other armaments. I stared at the flamethrowers as a shiver ran down my back. I just constantly thinking of those kids I could’ve saved. They died because you didn’t stop those terrorists kept running through my head. I just constantly thinking of the burnt bodies and the laughing from the rebels who had burned them. Ashes everywhere, the destroyed helmets and the screams. These terrorists will pay I told myself They will burn just like the way they killed the kids. As I quietly moved around I finally was able to shift my mind to something else. There on an armor rack was a Tie Fighter pilot uniform in perfect condition. I need that I told myself That’s going to be pretty useful and looks pretty cool. I assumed they stole it from the Lambda Shuttle parked outside, and maybe had a plan to use it against the Empire or something. I picked up the helmet and examined it. I decided then and there was the time for a wardrobe change. I turned back to look at the door. Knowing someone could come in at any time I had my blaster pistol ready just in case. The clothes and armor of the Tie Fighter pilot were surprising easy to fit on me, and the helmet just plotted on my head no problems. I looked in a small mirror to see how looked. Damn I am the most handsome scoundrel in the universe I smirked to myself. I put my hands on my hips striking a pose. Then my heart skipped a beat. “This blacksite is so boring, and I they never let anyone communicate from this place without permission.” I heard a voice call out as I hid myself in the armory. “That’s the point idiot. We can’t let the galaxy finding out what we are doing here, that is why Mon Mothma and the senior members of rebel high command put us here.” A female voice replied back. “If the galaxy found out we were killing all these stupid Imperial cadets and testing weapons on them, then the Empire could rally the galaxy against the rebellion.” She sounded very annoyed with the male voice talking to her. “Still at least rebel high command should give us something to do. Playing Sabacc isn’t fun anymore, and killing these kids is the only other enjoyment here.” He grumbled. I was still hiding and feeling stick to my stomach. They take pride in killing children? I thought with a cold shiver running down my back. I couldn’t leave so I just sat in the armory, listening to the conversation outside. The woman just then spoke with a sound of happiness. “Well you’re in luck then. Command capture four elite members of the Empire. One human woman, two human men, and a male thing… I don’t know what to call him. We’re going to be interrogating them, and we have been given permission to use ‘extreme interrogation techniques’ on them.” She chuckled after saying that further making me feel sick. The male voice then chuckled “Nothing beats Imps into submission like a couple beatings, a little starvation, some branding, and my favorite of them all, physiological torture. I bet that we could break the woman by beating one of the male humans in front of her.” Sick motherfuckers I thought to myself I am so glad I can kill some of you tomorrow. Eventually I heard their coms go off and someone yelling at them to get back to patrolling the base. They left with a few grumbles and sighs leaving me the ability to escape.
Jon look rather confused seeing me dress in the Tie Fighter pilot outfit, and he instantly asked a couple questions about it, and also the base. I didn’t tell him about what they were doing in there at the time, but I thought that was probably for the best. Jon had made a fire and had been training with his sword. We sat around the fire, eating the rations the Oldman had given us. Jon knew something was wrong with me as something had change in me. “Aidan your eyes…. They are glowing….” I looked up and sighed “probably a side effect of drinking demon blood. I don’t know why they are glowing brighter now.” Jon then looked at eyes as if studying them. “Emotion.” He simply said as I looked up at him and frowned. “Emotion?” I responded, and he just simply nodded. “What happened? Your hiding something lad, and I know it” He said in a more mature tone. “Jon… They are testing weapons on children….”  I just said his eyes widen. “What?” he said shakened. “I came across a bunch of children that were cadets in the Empire, the enemy of these rebels… Jon, they lined them up and set them on fire…. I watch them burn knowing I couldn’t do anything. They died because of me.” Jon just walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder “You can’t save everyone kid.” He said with a sigh “But you can make sure that justice is serve.” I felt strange feeling at him saying that. “Thanks Jon.” I said smiling “We will make sure those kids have their justice.”
The next day was quiet. Jon had stomped out the fire the night before and we had packed everything up. Jon and I went over the plan, but I also noted the prisoners and possibly freeing them. Jon nodded and so are operation was in motion. The patrols weren’t really that bright and were mostly slacking off. I found a female Alien rebel who I choked dead using a rope I twist around her neck. I led Jon to where the Armory was and reached grab for him a simple blaster pistol and the left the body. His sword was good, but against crazy gun nut terrorists I preferred he carried one. The lessons Bigby, and I had taught him about guns hadn’t gone away and he had already flipped off the safety and ready the weapon. He nodded and we just strolled. We preformed what I like to call Metal Gear Solid sneaking tactics. We moved when guards moved away, we hid when guards were within a few yards, and we hid in shipment containers. I occasionally had to strangle out a guard or slice his or her throat. We made our way to a collection of buildings including a clinic, communications station, a HQ, two barracks, and an area labeled ‘Detention center’. We made are way through to the holding cells of the detention center which were in a building no bigger than a three-story house. It was quiet and dark, but you could hear some rebel soldier talking. He must have been put in charge or something, and was guarding prisoners. I took point checking corners while Jon covered my back and also check behind us. The guard in charge was talking to a someone in a cell and was taunting them. “You’ll break in two days, bitch. I am calling it.” He chuckled as he moved close to the cell door. It was dark in the cell so you couldn’t see who or what was in there. I had a gut feeling that maybe we could use some allies. Sneaking up behind the guard I used my TL-50 to strangle him I not going to lie, it was probably excessive force, but quite honestly the scumbag deserved it. He tried to fight back but was weak and so he died. Laying his lifeless corpse against a wall, I checked his pockets. Finding the key wasn’t hard at all since it was in his front pocket. Now having the key, I moved toward the jail cell door. “You an Imperial?” a female voice in the cell called out. “Sort of. I took this armor from the armory of this base. My friend Jon and I are here to bust you out. We found an Imperial Lambda-class that the rebels have seized. Help us and we will help you.” I said as I began to unlock the door. “You mean you’ll help us…” She replied. I looked confused “us?” As the door flung open a woman stepped out. She had a very light brown skin color, long black hair and some elite Imperial Special Forces armor “My name is Iden Veriso.” She said smiling “Commander of Inferno Squadron.”
“Holy shit your Iden Veriso… Your Garrick Veriso’s daughter... I’ve…. heard a lot about you and your squad... How did a talented Imperial Special Forces unit get locked up in a terrorist base?” I said now even more confused. What in the fucking name of hell is Inferno Squadron actually doing here? I thought. More questions, less answers. “We were on a mission investigating the disappearance of cadets from various planets. We were capture after our contact turned on us. Once we were capture we were taken to this rebel blacksite.” She explained in a rather simple tone. I sighed. “The cadets are dead…. They lined them up and…. killed them all…. I was forced to watch them burn…” She looked at me with eyes widen and her mouth slightly opened. “I…I’m so sorry you had to see that.” She said as Jon put a hand on my shoulder. “They will pay for what they did, Aidan.” Jon said “But now we need to get Iden a weapon.” I smirked as Jon looked at me confused. “No, we need to get my team weapons.” Iden looked at me and gave a small grin. “Gideon, and Del along with another prisoner are in another jail cell this way.” She motions as Jon and I followed her. Iden stopped to pick up her helmet on a table and her droid, a ID-10 seeker droid. Jon was confused at the little droid being reactivated and then planting itself on Iden’s back armor. I just told Jon we will explain it later. The area where Del, Gideon, and this unknown prisoner were being held in wasn’t far from where Iden was held, but It was quiet. The detention centers of the blacksite were quiet clean, and rather unusually well stocked full of ‘Interrogation equipment’ which included some rather disturbing torture devices. One even looked like the reverse bear trap from the Saw movies. Beside that Del and Gideon’s helmets were on a table looking perfectly clean as well as a white version of the Imperial officer’s helmet (The helmet, not the hat). “Del? Gideon? Its Iden, we are here to get you guys out.” Iden said as she began to disengage the lock on the cell. “Well it’s about time we got out of this mess.” Del chuckled “I was just about to get too comfy, commander. Who are those two?” He pointed towards me and Jon. “I am Aidan, and this is my friend Jon Snow. We were stranded here and we want to go back to where we came from. We so happened to hear Inferno Squadron was imprisoned here. We are here to help free you.” I said as the door to cell door disengaged. Del Meeko was the first to walk out with a small bruise on his face, but more or less okay. Gideon Hask was next to come out, however he was more bruised then Del was, but seemed in more battle ready. “Thanks for helping us.” Gideon said shaking my hand firmly. “Your welcome, but let’s skip the formalities. We need to get to the armory and get out of here.” I said trying to get back on track. “Where is the other prisoner?” Gideon nodded and called out for ‘The Grand Admiral’ I heard the sound of movement as a figure began moving towards us. There standing in front me with his blue skin, and red eyes was Grand Admiral Thrawn. He wore his white grand admiral battle armor from the battle of Attlon and look incredibly untouched from any injuries. I just stood in complete and total shock with one simple reaction Holy shit it is fucking Thrawn. I bowed slightly “It’s an honor to meet the legendary battle commander of the Empire.” I said. Thrawn just stood for a second then spoke in a soft-spoken, but commanding tone. “As you said earlier the time for formalities can wait, we need to get out of here.” He folded his arms behind his back as I nodded “Yes sir. Also, Iden?” I said as I turned toward her. “Yes?” She replied. “Could you please send the droid to find the base’s data center. You should let the whole galaxy know what the rebellion is doing here. We can’t let them get away with murdering these cadets any longer.” She nodded and just like that the ID-10 droid was off through a vent. “Let’s move out. I will take point and lead you all to the armory” I said as I began making my way to the exit.
Getting back over to the armory was easy. Not only that the rebels of the base didn’t even notice I had broken the lock. Idiots I thought to myself after easily pushing open the door. From their Thrawn sorted through some of the weapons until he found a blaster pistol. It apparently was his own, that was taken off of him and placed in the armory. Del took a DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle (it is basically like a DMR or a sniper rifle) along a random blaster pistol and some grenades. Gideon and Iden both took E-11 blasters. Jon and I stood watch as they prepared to ready for a conflict with the bases inhabitants. “Ready?” I whispered as I prepared to open the armory door. Everyone nodded off. I raised my fingers counting to three. Once I stuck three I pushed the door open. I moved right while Iden looked left. “Clear” Iden called out quietly. We began moving towards the shuttled dodging patrols on the way. “We don’t have coms so stay close.” Thrawn said as we took cover behind a bunch of supply crates. I nodded. We finally were near the shuttle and had a clear view of the situation. “There is our ticket out of here.” I said as I pointed at the shuttled. Del shook his head. “We need to destroy that gun emplacement if we want to leave.” He pointed towards a massive anti-air gun behind the command center. “Any ideas?” Iden said as we all started coming up with solutions. “We can use the ID-10 to disable it.” Gideon suggested. Thrawn however counter him by saying that would only buy us time and not destroy the weapon. “How about Del and I create a distraction by engaging the rebels. Iden then slips into that X-Wing over there and uses the weapons to destroy the gun emplacement.” I said pointing towards one parked but being worked on by a rebel engineer. “Thrawn, Jon and Gideon could then make a break for the ship during the distraction, and power it up. Then Del and I will cover Iden’s retreat, and finally boarding after you guys.” The plan was pretty bold. “I love making huge distractions.” Del said probably smiling under his helmet. “It will work” Iden said. “Anything else?” Thrawn then motion towards a satellite. “Ser Aidan and Agent Meeko can start by taking out that com satellite. It will be a good distraction and the rebels won’t be able to contact anyone for reinforcements” I nodded off in agreement. “Alright people. Let’s do this.” Del said with a good amount of enthusiasm. I grinned under my helmet as we moved out.
Del Meeko motion for me to get down as we approached the communications relay. A rebel patrol passed completely oblivious to me and Del. I was handed a couple thermal denotators by Del, which made grin, because after all, I love blowing shit up. He threw his grenade first which landed perfectly near the satellite. I threw my soon after into a rebel transport with guns mounted on it. There was a group of rebels inside who were drinking and slacking off, and so they never saw it coming. I heard someone curse as both grenades detonated. Del and I sprang out opening fire on a patrol of rebels trying to recover from the blast. Del hit two members of the group without missing, while I used the TL-50’s secondary fire mode to deliver a blast that cleared out three others. The bases alarms kicked and pretty soon rebels began approaching our position. We traded blaster fire back and forth, and some close quarters combat with me and Del fighting two alien rebels in a fist fight, until we saw another series of explosions. “Iden has destroyed the gun emplacement. Let’s get the hell out of here!” Del then threw smoke grenades which we used as cover to make our way to the Lambda-class shuttle. We arrived at the shuttled to find two dead rebel guards, and some supply crates. We took advantage of those supply crates as cover and proceeded to fire back at the rebels who were chasing us. I look down this runway we were on to see Iden shooting at some grounded fighters using the grounded X-Wing’s weaponry. “Commander!” Del called out as she somehow heard our response. She bailed out of the cock pit throwing a grenade in it to make sure it wasn’t use against us. Iden made her retreat to the shuttle, firing wildly back at the enemy who were now in panic mode. “Get on the ship we will cover you!” I said as I shot a rebel taking aim at her. Iden was booking it towards the shuttled. When she went up the ramp, Del and I began to slowly retreat back to the ship while firing back. Suddenly the rebels began to split off and clear the area. “Run you cowards!” Del Meeko said laughing. I knew something wasn’t right then. “DEL, GET DOWN!” I cried as a X-Wing did a strafe run near us. I pushed Del to the ground as lasers flew past us. “oww…. Thanks”, Del said getting up “But now we got a bigger problem.” We looked to see the X-Wing flying past. “It’s coming back around! We need to destroy it!” Del said as he began moving toward the Lambda-class shuttle. “Del, give me your sniper! Take my gun and get on the ship.” I said as I handed him my weapon. He hesitantly gave me the DLT-19D. “What are you going to do?” He said with confusion in his voice. I smirked under my helmet. “Something awesome and also really stupid.” I said as I ran out into the expose runway. The X-Wing was now lining up for a shot on the shuttle. Taking a deep breath, I raised the rifle up. You got one chance Aidan I thought to myself Don’t fuck it up. The rebel pilot was stupid enough to fly straight so I made him pay the price for his idiocy. I aim down the scope zooming it in. I could see the pilot who looked ready to kill me. Being me of course I needed a really cheezie one-liner. “Welcome to the danger zone, bitch!” I cried as I squeeze the trigger. The shot connected perfectly with the cockpit erupting it into fire. The pilot was burning and, in the process, lost control of the X-Wing. It began to spin through the air completely out of control. I smirk under my helmet. That was for those cadets, motherfucker I thought to myself. The X-Wing flung past as I watched it crash into a gas tank blowing up a set of X-Wings and Y-Wings. Time to go I thought to myself as I dashed up the ramp of the shuttled. Rebels tried to shoot at me but they all sucked at aiming so I boarded the ship firing wildly back at them. I heard Iden scream for Gideon to get us out of here. The ramp closed and I gave a mocking salute at the remaining rebels.
“Well that could have gone better.” I said as I enter the cockpit. Iden had her helmet off and looked at me impressed. “Got to say, you did good, especially on that X-Wing kill. How did you even pull it off?” I didn’t remove my helmet, because my face was something I didn’t want to talk about so I just shrugged. Thrawn however, actually explained. “When Aidan took the shot, the pilot foolishly powered his weapons and lowered his power to his shields. In doing this he exposed himself to a shot.” He stood with his arms folded behind his back as he spoke. We didn’t fly into space actually. We instead chose to fly a safe distance away from the base so we could land and plan our next course of action. We had some explaining to do ourselves, however when they asked why I didn’t remove my helmet I dodge the question. I guess in a certain sense I want to keep what happened hidden like how Jon Snow did with his death and resurrection. We landed in a remote mountain range a couple dozen miles away from the rebel base. The ID-10 seeker droid that was deployed collected a lot of data on the horrible things the rebels had done, and conversations between high ranking members on the blacksite’s operations, but some key files still needed to be decrypted. After landing and listening to some of the recordings Thrawn gave out orders to Inferno Squadron. Iden and Gideon were to scan the perimeter and watch for any rebels, while Del made repairs to anything damage. Thrawn told Jon and I we could help out or relax. Jon chose to go practice with Longclaw while I chose to go check around in case anyone followed us. Thrawn himself was looking through the ships storage and armory for anything useful or interesting. Before I left I went through some of the files. One they had not read yet that the droid finished decrypting was a list of planets with rebels’ bases, blacksites, and the names of members of the rebellion. I took that and hid that in case I ever needed a way to earn the trust of Inferno Squadron ever again. I walked off listening to something in my Walkman, but I don’t remember what it was. I only walked for a couple minutes when I discovered a crash ground transport. Cautiously I ready my blaster as I walked toward the wreckage. I heard the sound of a rebel male who was talking to someone, but coughing as well. I heard him moan in pain. I move silently ready to strike down the rebel. I then proceed to jump out with my blaster. I found a rebel pilot injure and lying on the ground. Next to him was a small holo communicator, and it was glitching off as in broken, but somewhat useable, and a recording device a few inches from him, but in arms reach. “ugh… Stupid fucking…. Imperials” He said as he tried to spit near me. He missed but I was still disgusted by his action. “I am not a true Imperial.” I said as I took my helmet off. I felt like making him see my face before he dies. “What you guys did at the base, is worse than anything the Empire will ever do. Accept it, terrorist, you are in the wrong…. Yet I still have pity on you, after all if the galaxy just worked together we wouldn’t be in this scenario. Sure, the Empire isn’t perfect, but nothing ever is. However, the Empire isn’t my main concern. My concern is my people, my friends, my family, my girlfriend. As long as they are safe, I am happy and so far, the Empire has not fucked that up. You jeopardized that and that isn’t acceptable in my playbook…...” I began quietly as the dying man looked at me intrigue. “That’s funny fuck face.” He said laughing. “Now drop your weapons.” Just then several addition rebels appeared. Two were Mandalorians and the rest were various species in the Star Wars universe. I still had the Darksaber hidden on me so I dropped my blasters on the ground. The rebel pilot grinned as he picked up his Holocommunicator and began looking at a recording device on the ground as he pressed some buttons with a little antenna appearing. He ordered one of the Mandalorians to restrain me while he contacts an old friend of his to pick them up and to send the video to. As one of the Mandalorians approached me I quickly grab his right hand breaking it. Two rebels raised their weapons to kill, but I pressed a button the Mandalorian’s gauntlet which triggered a flamethrower that lit them on fire. I then ignited the Darksaber and decapacitated the Mandalorian with the broken arm. The second Mandalorian withdrew a viroblade and we had a quick dueled. I killed him by feinting to the left, then striking his other arm (which was cut clean off) and then finishing him with a stab in the chest. Two regular rebels proceeded to fire at me, but I defected the shots back at one and finished the other with a shot from my blaster pistol. The pilot I had found was now shooting at me but I deflected his shots off as I moved closer. He yelled in his Holocommunciator to a person he addressed as “Captain” about finding me and killing me. I then charged in stabbing him in the chest. He was on his knees as I turned off the Darksaber. The rebel pilot coughed then smiled. “They were right about you, Aidan. You were a threat, and we should’ve killed you when we had a chance.” My eyes widened as I looked at him shocked. “How the fuck do you know my name?” I withdrew my DL-44 pointing it at his skull. The pilot smiled even more “We have known about you and we have been watching you ever since you were spotted with your pal outside our base with the Darksbaer.” I felt a cold feeling on my back at the thought of being watched. The rebel pilot continued to speak “Command wants you dead or alive, by any means needed. Trust me, once they find you they will kill everyone you love especially the girl. You crossed us, motherfucker and now, you will pay for it. We will find her and we will kill her and anyone else you love. At least I died knowing you get to watch helplessly as we take everything you love from you.” He started to laugh as my face changed to anger. I squeezed the trigger of the blaster six times until the lifeless corpse of the rebel pilot was on the floor. I sighed as I holster my pistol.  “Bitch.” I said as I picked up my helmet putting back one, gathering my weapons and leaving. I listen to some music as I quiet walked away.
“Your back.” Iden said as she stood with her arms folded. “I found a rebel on the verge of death who tried to ambush me with his comrades. I made sure they were dealt with. Nothing else found, Commander Veriso.” I said as I sighed. Strange addressing Iden as commander, but hey go with the flow. “Good job, and thanks again for saving us.” She reached out and shook my hand. I shook rather firmly. “So, Aidan is it? What is your story?” Iden asked as she now had her arms at her side. I told her a bit of information, but not the super crazy shit like the demon stuff. I basically said we came looking for my girl, found her, but in the process got ourselves stuck here. Iden seemed to understand, and she actually felt bad for me. “You know how to get home?” she asked as we walked toward the ship. “No, we came through a portal of sorts. I know it sounds crazy, but believe me, Jon will back me up on this.” I said shaking my head. Iden seem to not care, but it did sound like she believed me. “Well… There was a strange anomaly Agent Meeko detected while making repairs. That might lead you home. And since we have no way of finding our way back to the Empire…. I guess we are all stuck together.” She sighed as we walked up the ramp. Gideon saluted Iden as she arrived up the ramp. Iden returned a salute, and then I gave him a salute. “Sorry about your family.” I sighed as I walked past him. Iden and Gideon looked at each other both confused. Gideon Hask was a kid who was born on the rings which orbit planet Kuat(do to pollution on the planet). Gideon was just a kid when his parents were kid by members of the rebellion, who planted a bomb in on one of the shipyard rings blowing it up. Gideon was left orphan so he joined the Imperial military which is how he met his younger female best friend Iden Veriso. Iden was the daughter of Garrick Versio and Zeehay Versio. Sadly, Iden’s mother is died after an illness overtook her. Iden was on a mission where she pretended to defect so she could infiltrate the Dreamers, a terrorist group. The only people who knew were her father, certain high-ranking Imperials and the other members of Inferno Squadron. When Iden returned she was devastated because she thought her mother died thinking she had betrayed the Empire, but her father revealed he violated Imperial protocol and reveal the information to Zeehay Veriso before she died. Iden was so shock at her father’s actions she was speechless and felt a small amount of happiness in her father’s action. Iden was from Vardos which is basically what happens when a planet accepts Imperial rule. The planet and its entire population are extremely loyal to the Empire, human and non-human. They prospered under the Empire along with planets like Kuat, Bespin, Naboo, Fondor, Commenor, Coruscant, Eraidu, and many more. As much bad the Empire did to worlds like Lothal, and Mandalore, it’s hard to deny the good the Empire did for the galaxy. Getting back on track I had walked up the ramp where to my surprise, Thrawn and Jon Snow were talking. In fact, Thrawn was studying Jon’s sword Longclaw. I thought it was funny because that is two unlikely characters to have a conversation. “Commander Veriso, Agent Hask, Ser Aidan. Are we clear?” I stood at attention along with them. After all, I had to be professional. “We are clear. Ser Aidan found some rebels who were following us, but he finished off.” Iden snapped a salute as Thrawn nodded. “Very well. The ship is now fully prepared for takeoff thanks to Agent Meeko.” Thrawn said. “You are dismissed…” I snapped a salute hilariously as Iden and Gideon walked off to have a conversation. Jon was tired so he went to find a place to get some shut eye. I decided I was too bored so I journeyed to the cockpit were Del was preparing for takeoff. “I haven’t seen rare primitive technology like that in a while…” He said motioning to my Walkman. I chuckled as I took a seat. “Well it plays music. That’s all I need. Nothing fancy.” I handed it to Del who looked at it. “You know I could possibly copy all the songs on this tape into the ships files.” He said grinning. I grinned back. “Better get to work, but for now let’s take off.” He nodded and motion for me to flip some switches and he slowly began to raise the shuttled up. He then handed me something. “Here this is your com.” I smiled at him and gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Thanks man.” He smiled as he focused on flying. “Don’t mention it, Aidan. Commander Veriso, this is Agent Meeko, where are we heading?” He raised his com up and we waited. “For now, Del you can speak freely. We are heading for those strange anomalies you were picking up. We have no other options, and the Grand Admiral thinks that is where we must go.” Iden came through loud and clear over the com. “Copy that Iden.” We sat in silence for a few minutes as Del put the shuttle on auto-pilot while he messed with my Walkman. “Don’t break it.” I said a little nervous. Del told me not worry and then quickly handed it back to me. “Well there we go. We now have all those songs on that ‘Walkman’ in the ships files.” We grinned at each other as I thought of how funny it will be, but I still had my helmet on so he didn’t see my reaction. “Iden?” Del said into his com. “What now Del?” She replied sounding a little bit annoyed. “Well I am currently sitting up here with Aidan and we are bored. We have downloaded the contents of his music player into the ships archives. Permission to play music in the cockpit?” We were both chuckling a bit as we heard a sigh through the com. “Fine, but mute the music so it only plays in the cockpit. Don’t make me regret this Del.” You could hear some humor in Iden’s voice, so we took it as an okay. Del Meeko and I high-fived as he motions for me to browse through the files as he piloted the shuttle again. I browsed through looking for the best song and then I found it. However, as I was about to press play Del asked something I dreaded talking about. “Why haven’t you taken your helmet off?” He asked as he press on a button then briefly looked at me. How the hell do you explain it? I thought to myself How do you explain your eyes were burnt out and replace with new ones after drinking demon blood? I knew lying probably wasn’t the best option so I just sighed. Slowly reaching up I started to slightly pull the helmet off. I muster the courage to fully lifted it off quickly as I turned to face Del. I told him that I got stranded here rescuing Julie, and that I met with someone who cause this to happened. I did not go into much detail, but at the time that probably for the best. After it was all said and done he looked at me briefly then smiled slightly. “I believe you. Not the craziest thing I had heard ever. They look pretty cool and are glowing a bit right now. Trust me though as someone who has experiences with women, they love sparking eyes and scars. Your girl will probably love it.” I smile back faintly and then chuckled. “Experiences with women…. By that you mean your experiences with Iden.” He then looked at me confused then the realization dawned on him. He laughed “The day Iden and I fall in love is the day the galaxy is about to end.”  I chuckled as I rested the helmet in my lap. “And the day when her father looks you in eyes with a frowned face and just says ‘No’ and you just walk out of his office with nothing else said.” We both burst out laughing over this. As Del was laughing I went through the browser and found “Paradise City” by Guns and Roses. I pressed play and nodded my head to the beat as Del Meeko did the same. He eventually caught on to the lyrics and we began to sing. Picture me in a tie fighter pilot outfit, and Del Meeko in his Inferno Squadron armor signing “Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.” It was a rather funny experience, but once the song ended we heard a knock on the cockpit door. Del quickly made some adjustments, and I returned my helmet to my head. Iden stepped into the cockpit frowning with Thrawn behind her, who is still dressed in his battle armor. “Agent Meeko, Ser Aidan. What is the status of our arrival on the location of the strange readings?” Iden took a seat behind Del while Thrawn still stood. Del pulled up a display showing the strange readings and are location relative to it. They appear to be something different that even Thrawn was confused about it. Del thought it could be some sort of alien distress call, but Thrawn counter saying it wouldn’t explain why. Soon Jon and Gideon walked in, which was interesting. Jon Snow talking to an Imperial Commando name Gideon Hask, which almost seems like a really bad joke to be honest. As we got closer to the anomaly we could see dark storm clouds of sorts. When Iden told Del to evade, Del was confused saying that something was pulling us in. Thrawn order us to lockdown and prepare for emergency landing, as Gideon and Jon strapped themselves in. Iden and Thrawn took seats as well as Del began to try and fight against the unknown force pulling our shuttle into the storm. “HANG ON!” he yelled as we enter a storm of sorts. All I remember was some strange lighting and suddenly feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I collapse as I felt unusually sleepy.
“Aidan…?” I heard a voice call out as my eyes opened. My helmet had shield me from a possible concussion when I passed out because I was on the floor. Standing next to me was Jon and Del who helped me up as I looked around the cockpit only to find Iden looking the same groggy way I did, and Thrawn who was not only awake, but seemed to be studying an object he had in his hands. Gideon was holding a cup of water and taking small sips of it. “ughhh…. What happened?” I said as took my seat. “somehow made it through, but we all passed out suddenly. I had luckily struck auto pilot before I was out so… yeah we survived.” Del said now retaking control of the Lambda-class shuttle. We were in a snow storm, but Del seem to know what he was doing and was just adjusting to the conditions. Eventually the storm got bad enough that we had to make a landing in order to ride out the storm. I spent this time helping Thrawn do inventory, while Del made repairs to the ship. “Ser Aidan” Thrawn called as he motions me toward a weapon rack and a crate. “look through this and tell me what you see.” The weapons rack contained some blasters that the rebels commonly use and some stolen Imperial weapons including Virboblades, but also some Mandalorian weapons, as well as Wookie bowcasters. The crate contained various helmets. One was the helmets of a stormtrooper which was now painted, another was the ones the guards at Yavin IV used. Strangely however as I dug through I found a Mandalorian Helmet with the logo of a Phoenix on the back of it, and another custom painted storm trooper helmet. Looking over everything again I came to an interesting conclusion. “Well obviously the rebellion has been buying weapons off the black-market and stealing some from the Empire” I said as Thrawn nodded in agreement. “But these Mandalorian weapons, and Wookie bowcasters aren’t something one could easily find on a black-market. What this means is either the rebellion has found top of the line arms dealers, or more likely Death Watch and some Wookies has align themselves with the rebellion which is supplying them with more weapons. The helmets in the crates appear to be the work of Sabine Wren, a well-known Mandalorian rebel. The one helmet that is Mandalorian appears to have the logo of the Phoenix squadron a well-known rebel cell. The stolen Stormtrooper helmets look to also be the work of Sabine Wren.” Thrawn smiled and nodded at my response “Your skills of deduction are good, but your missing something.” I looked at him confused. “I don’t know what else there is to see.” Thrawn then motions to a floor of the box. I felt it then realized It was wet. “It’s wet…” I said as Thrawn nodded. “This helmet had frost on it earlier when I was doing an inspection of the cargo hold. I believe based on the marking and the frost that this came from Krownest.” That was a pretty accurate and incredible deduction even by his standards. “So that means this helmet is that of Clan Wren, the clan of Sabine Wren.” I said as he smiled. “Excellent work Ser Aidan, perhaps the Empire could use someone of your skills.” I grinned under my helmet. Joining the Empire would be pretty cool, but I wasn’t interested in it so I just shrugged. Thrawn then folded his hands behind his back and walked off. I was left their thinking about what had just happened.
I enter the cockpit only to find Jon smiling. At this point the snow was no longer coming down hard, and the ship was prepared. “What are you so smug about Jon?” I said as I almost bumped my helmet against the roof of the door. Jon mention for me to follow him outside. It was cold, but not as cold as I thought it be. I followed him toward a tree that look pretty suspicious. “Look...” He said grinning. lying next to the tree sticking out of the ground were three Blue Winter Roses. “Holy shit…...” I said as Jon looked at me grinning. “We are home…” He had a tear come out of his eye as he picked up one of the roses. I take the other two because I’m a bastard who knows what I will do with them. “We have to tell the others” I said as Jon nodded. We walked back to the ship and gather everyone. I don’t remember what exactly we said, but they seem to agree with the idea of heading to Winterfell. We had begun to prepared leave as Jon was smiling finally being able to return to the North and his people. Del Meeko and Iden Versio prepared the shuttle for takeoff while Thrawn and Gideon sat in their chairs. We took off into the Northern sky as Jon direct us to a place to go. Knowing that it isn’t smart to land close to Winterfell, Del landed the shuttled in a patch of trees near Winterfell, but not so close we could be easily seen. Jon and I were chatting about the North and how Jon was happy to be home. Thrawn joined us and actually took the time to ask Jon about Northern Culture and they had a chat on it. “Jon, I going to make contact first.” I said as he looked at me and nodded. “Fine but get back here so we can go with you to meet my family.” He was way too excited, but who could blame him. Iden and Gideon were setting up a perimeter just in case anyone tried to attack us. I just put on helmet and walked off to Winterfell.
It only took a couple minutes before I was just outside Winterfell. The winds blew by me as I felt nothing. Men and women were working outside on defenses like trenches, towers and more walling. How do I do this? I thought to myself. As I began moving around Winterfell scouting its defenses I stop in shock. Lined up in an organized fashion were four Tie Fighters, and behind them was The Ghost, a ship used by the Phoenix Squadron. Oh…Noo… I thought to myself nervous If the Ghost is here then we have problems. As I moved closer while hiding I saw a figure walk of The Ghost’s ramp. Kanan Jarrus I thought to myself as he walked into Winterfell. However half way to the gate he stopped and looked in my direction. My heart was racing as I realized I could be fucked. However, at the last minute he took off as I too a good breath. “Hello there.” A voice called out from behind. I turned around and was greeted with a thin sword pointed at me. “Arya Stark….” I said as she looked at me with a thin smile. She moved her blade back as I raised my hands. “Start talking.” Her voice was cold and without emotion in it. “I am a friend of the Queen Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Jon Snow sent me here to tell his family he was alive…” Arya stopped and lowered her sword Needle. “Why should I trust you?” She said now being more hostile. “I can take you to Jon…” I said as she looked at me funny probably because of my helmet. “Fine… I’ll indulge, but if this is a trick… Your dead.” I nodded off as she began to walk with me. She kept away from me, but since I didn’t want any trouble with Arya I didn’t pull anything. Arya kept asking who I was, but just would respond with “a friend” and nothing more. As we got closer I radio Del telling him I was returning and with company. It didn’t take long before Arya stopped in awe at the ship we had. “Is that like one of those flying machines outside Winterfell?” She asked while I just nodded. Iden was outside ship and was unloading a box when I called out to her. I introduce Iden to Arya which was rather funny. Iden had her helmet off, which probably helped my case. I asked where Jon was and Iden said that everyone else was in the shuttle. Iden then called out for Inferno Squadron as Del and Gideon exited the ramp laughing. Both of them also had their helmets off and were kind of perplexed by Arya, but let’s be honest who wouldn’t. Thrawn came off the ship and kind of scared Arya, which kind of made me chuckle. Introducing Thrawn was kind of awkward since he was not human, but Arya claimed she has seen crazier things. “Jon! You have a visitor.” I yelled as Jon slowly came down the ramp. He froze halfway down as he saw Arya. They both stood still for a few seconds then Arya ran towards Jon. Arya jumped up and almost knocked over Jon as they hugged. Some tears were shared as they reunited and even I was touched. Jon and Arya spoke about somethings which I don’t particularly remember. Jon did take the time to notice Arya still had Needle and had a new dagger and Arya joked about something and we all laughed. Family reunions are always funny.
Del took the time to light a fire from wood that was gathered. I had to give the good news and bad new, but since Arya was there we had some more information. Arya told us Daenerys had arrived with her companions and the Northern lords reluctantly agreed to work with her. We got no information on the status of the wall, but we did know that armies had been assemble outside Winterfell. I decided then to give my assessment of our situation. “Commander Veriso, and Grand Admiral Thrawn, we have a problem…” I said as everyone waited in incitation. “Outside Winterfell are four Tie Fighters, and The Ghost.” There was a sudden pause as Del and Gideon both had their eyes widened. “Oh, are you talking about the strange people? They showed up a few weeks ago claiming to have gotten lost and are now stuck for a few days.” Arya replied. “One of them wears a wired masked over his eyes, but he still somehow sees, another is woman with green skill and a strange head, one is just a boy, another is girl in suit of armor, and one of them looks like a creature from folktales. They showed up after Queen Daenerys arrived with your message Jon… Everyone thought you were dead… and one of Daenerys’ supporters, a woman was crying upon no longer from hearing from you and another person over a wired metal box…” Jon looked at me as I sighed. “She must feel responsible for what happened, but it wasn’t her fault. I was stupid enough to think it be an easy rescue...” Everyone stared at me “You’re the man everyone keeps referring too?” Arya asked. I nodded and she looked at me perplexed. “Iden how are we going to deal with this? This is the legendary Phoenix Squadron.” Del asked changing the subject. Iden looked at Thrawn for a plan. “While they are the enemy, there is a bigger enemy here that if released, could kill us all. For now, the enemies of our enemies might be our best allies.” Gideon objected saying that they are rebels and that they can’t be trusted. Thrawn then points out that we had no other options. Jon said he doesn’t feel comfortable with allying with the Phoenix Squadron, especially after what he saw back at the blacksite. Arya then said they seemed like friendly people and wanted no trouble. In then end however I said that the Phoenix Squadron isn’t rebel high command therefore they didn’t know about the blacksite. We all reluctantly agreed to avoid hostilities between us and the Phoenix Squadron.
 “Why do you still wear that wired helmet. Your other friends took off theirs.” Arya then asked changing the subject. Shit I thought to myself the one thing I do not want to talk about. “I don’t feel like it.” I said as Gideon started looking at me suspiciously. “The girl makes a good point, and I haven’t seen you without it on. What’s the deal kid?” Del and Jon both looked at me and I sighed. “I… was in a horrible accident before I….. we found you guys. My face has been fucked up and I don’t really want people to see my face… I am sorry if it’s strange, but I just don’t want people to see my face.” Gideon the abruptly apologize saying he didn’t know but I joked it off saying I didn’t care. My face wasn’t actually fucked up I just felt to uncomfortable showing people my new eyes. The scar I had received was not actually that big and only went over my right eye.  We spent the time at the fire telling stories. I told one about my time as a sword fighter and fencer at an academy from my home. Arya told one I don’t remember while Del told one about the Jedi and how he feared them. Iden joked about a mission involving crashing a wedding, while Gideon told some bad jokes. Some laughs were shared, but sadly Arya needed to go back to Winterfell to listen in on a strategic meeting. She told us we should come, but we said we had plan. We gave Arya a letter and told her to take it to Winterfell and present it at the meeting. I also gave her device that could listen in on the conversation, but all I told her was have it out and place it so people could see. I wanted to hear some funny reactions. The letter itself basically said that Jon was alive and that he will be in the great hall with his new friends the next day. We also had it say that something had happened to me and that Jon will fill them in when he got there. It was all a part of my elaborate plan. I wanted to make a rather grand entrance and make people remember me. And so, Arya walked off, but not before giving Jon another hug.
We were listening in on Arya the entire time. The first thing we heard is Arya greet some guards and another person. Then we hear the sound of work, and by work, I mean that people were ordering each other around about food, weapons, and much more. Arya was moving rather fast but was yet still unaware of the listening device. We raised the volume as we heard doors being opened. “Arya, where have you been?” A female voice replied. “Apologies Sansa, and everyone else here, but I had a message.” Arya replied with a hint humor in her voice. “A message?” another female voice said. Julie, I thought. I knew that voice anywhere. “Yes, Lady Julie. While walking around Winterfell I found man scouting around. I approached him and questioned him. He was a rather friendly person who wore strange attire and a black helmet. He invited me to meet his people… and they wanted me to give you this. They also told me to place this on the table.” I was smiling because Arya was playing her part. “Also, I have a letter here I am required to read to you from two of your old friends.” We could pick up whispers and chattered among the people in the room. “Go on then. Read it.” a voice that was Daenerys replied.  We could hear Arya take a deep breath then she began to read. ¬-To Queen Daenerys Targaryan and Lady Julie. We have come baring a message. I Jon Snow Bastard son of Eddard Stark am still alive. Arya has already met me earlier and we had a lovely chat where she met my new friends. If it weren’t for them I be stuck in that hellish world forever. I wish to bring them tomorrow to meet with you all. I must warn however they are strange, but don’t judge them instantly. They are nice folks who I trust could help us in the upcoming war. I…. I must inform you however on a tragedy. Ser Aidan… in are darkest hour made a… sacrifice so that we may be here to save Westeros. …I do not know what to say… he did what he thought was right…. Now you may be wondering what proof other than Arya do we have. Ser Aidan wanted to thank you for the lessons on dancing Queen Daenerys, and…... he also owes Lady Julie an apology…and I too must owe an apology to Lady Julie…. Gather our main advisors, leaders, and important people in the great hall for tomorrow. -Signed Jon Snow Bastard son of Eddard Stark and Warden of The North. I sighed as I realized how bad that sounded (Made it sound like I had died). Jon and I looked at each other and nodded. This was something that needed to be done. I could hear crying then from Julie which broke my heart. I heard Daenerys shed some tears, I heard Bigby and Daryl sigh and a couple other voices in shock. I then heard the voice of Ezra Bridger saying I am sorry for your lost to someone (most likely Julie). I heard the voice of Bigby talk about what he appreciated about me. Arya then interrupted “All the letter says is that Aidan made a sacrifice, it doesn’t mean he’s dead.” There was a brief silence before another voice said something that scared the shit out of me. “He is not dead….he is listening in on our conversation and is planning to make a grand entrance with the Inferno tomorrow…” We all looked at each other with both fear and confusion (though mine were hidden behind my helmet). “Are you sure Bran?” Sansa said. “He is alive, but something is wrong with him. He is different… We must wait for tomorrow to find out what.” I heard the voice of Kanan then speak. “I can sense him through the force… he is close and very much alive, but Bran Stark is right…. Something has happened with him.” I heard someone say that for now this meeting close. “…. that was terrifying….” Del simply said and everyone looked at each other terrified. It was not something we could understand.
“I’ve got a bad feeling about to this.” Del said as he put on his helmet. The plan was simple: meet everyone. Arya had gather some of the key figures of the North, and Daenerys’ allies in the great hall for us to make our entrance. Jon Snow, Del Meeko, Iden Veriso, and Gideon Hask were going to make their way in first. Thrawn and I were joining them later, after we investigate The Ghost and the Tie Fighters. Del and Gideon were both the most hesitant about the plan. Del believe that we be attacked immediately if we enter, while Gideon fears that this is some sort of trap. Iden responded with a speech about how this is for the greater good of the Empire, and how we have no choice. Gideon agreed in the name of the Empire and Del being the guy who has feelings for Iden during their campaign against the Dreamers(terrorists) also agreed. Jon took point as we all began walking toward Winterfell. It was quiet and the guards at the gates looked scared. You could still hear people working in Winterfell, but not as loudly. There were also the camps of the forces of Daenerys, the North, and The Golden Company (guess they must have joined Daenerys finally?). The guards at the gate approached with weapons ready to be drawn. “Lord Snow… They are waiting for you inside….” The guard was staring at everyone else particularly Thrawn. “These three are going in with me.” Jon pointed at Inferno Squadron. “My other two friends will join us later. Let them pass when they choose to.” The guard nodded and he and the other guard move out of the way of Jon. “Good luck guys.” I said as they entered Winterfell. “Alright Thrawn, let’s see what is going on here with these ships.”
The Tie fighters were perfectly maintained, fueled, and ready for action. Thrawn made some of his own observations but did not choose to share them. After a second look, it was time to look at The Ghost. The ship is a legendary rebel ship which was involved in many battles and missions. To broad the shuttle was rather cool. Thrawn went to the cockpit while I first went into Sabine’s room. Sabine Wren being the artist, had paintings all along the wall of the Ghost Crew. They were rather beautiful and contained many interesting stories in them. However, as I searched the room I found a data pad and some paint buckets. The buckets had markings such as rare, or very rare on them, and the data pad had the prices of some of the paints. I started then making connections of the colors and the buckets to colors used in each picture. What I realized is that any painting of Ezra Bridger used the rarest of her paints. She likes him I thought with a grin Great lead way in a potential conflict against them. I called over Thrawn and reviewed my findings, and he was rather extremely impressed with my skills of deduction and told me again my skills would be useful to the Empire. He proceeded back to the cockpit with his battle gear still in perfect condition (even in the snowy land of the North). I search around the ship for anything cool, but to my surprise I found Chopper deactivated or resting in Kanan’s room. I chose not to disturb him and instead chose to meet Thrawn in the cockpit. “find anything useful?” I asked. Thrawn frowned and turned to leave the cockpit. “Nothing except this smoke grenade. Here take it, you might need it.” Thrawn handed me a simple smoke grenade which I attached to my belt. “We have kept them waiting for too long…” I said as Thrawn nodded. “Indeed.” As we walked off The Ghost I looked back and chuckled. Sabine is definitely into Ezra. The gate guards made moved quickly out of our way. They seemed to not want to fuck with a black clad metal man, and a blue dude. Training was going on at Winterfell. People were teaching each other how to fight, but they all stopped and stared at me and Thrawn. Wonderful I thought to myself They think were monsters. Thrawn then commented about how he has been to other places before and got the same reaction. I shrugged as we approached the entrance to the great hall. Already I hear yelling and shouting. Great, they are going to kill each other I thought. “The conversation inside seems to be going well.” Thrawn said sarcastically. I sighed “Trust me once we step in the hall, it will only get better.” I proceeded to push against the doors to the great hall.
The yelling stopped as everyone looked towards me opening the door. Fuck. I enter with my TL-50 lowered and the Darksaber in a hidden compartment. What I walked in on was a mess. People had swords, guns, and blasters point at each other, but no lightsabers were drawn. “Who the fuck are you?” Bigby called out. The Phoenix Squadron, Sansa, Daenerys, Julie, Daryl, Bigby, Snow, Davos, Tyrion, and Jorah looked at me confused. “Just a guy.” I said shrugging knowing how they don’t know it’s me under the helmet and armor. When Thrawn finally chose to reveal himself that was when things got worse. Ezra and Sabine now had their blasters pointed at me and Thrawn with Del Meeko now pointing his blaster at the back of Ezra’s head. Jon, who still had a blaster from earlier had it pointed at the back of Sabine’s head. Zeb and Kanan had their blasters pointed at Iden and Gideon who were starting to slowly back toward us while Daryl and Julie had their guns pointed at both parties. “Stand down.” Del order Ezra, but Ezra didn’t respond. “Phoenix Squadron, rather strange to meet you all here under these… circumstances.” Thrawn said with his hands behind his back. “last time we met Admiral you destroyed our base, our fleet, and our home...” Hera replied harshly. “What are you doing here?” Thrawn took two steps forward. “We made our way here after an incident with the help of Lord Snow. We are stranded too.” This was rather tense with the risk of a massive gun fight being a possibility. Slowly Jon tried to calmed everyone down, but it wasn’t working. To add insult to injurie, Julie started to walk towards Jon. “Jon, what happened with Aidan?” Julie seemed really depressed. “Now isn’t the time to be asking that.” Jon replied in a very tense response. I grumbled “Everyone please stop. Everyone let’s stop point guns, and blasters at each other and talk.” My helmet muffed my voice a bit. Ezra laughed “Your joking, right?” I turned to Iden “Show them we aren’t so easy to resort to violence.” Iden sighed under her helmet. “Inferno Squadron stand down.” Gideon was very hesitant, but eventually complied. Then Julie, Daryl, and Jon Snow lowered their weapons. The only ones left with weapons drawn was the Phoenix Squadron. I started taking steps forward as they eventually too lower their weapons. “There, was that so hard?” I said annoyed. Iden, Del, and Gideon removed their helmets, but I kept mine on because of what happened to my face. It wasn’t ugly just too strange and wired so, I kept my helmet on hoping no one would bother. I walked forward in front of Daenerys kneeling. She looked me confused, but I hand her one of the Blue Winter Roses I found earlier. “Thank you… but…uhhh… who are you?” Daenerys just looked at me as if I was a stranger. I chuckled “You’ll find out.” As backed up Jon moved up. “Allow me to introduce our new guest. This is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Strange fellas Inferno Squadron and Thrawn are I know, but this a big old world.” Del smiled as Jon introduce everyone. “Don’t forget they are bunch of killers.” Sabine replied now with her helmet removed. “Really? You are just judging us by actions of a few?” Iden replied a little pissed. “Do you want me to do the same thing? Do you want me to talk about the Partisans, Death Watch or the Free Ryloth Movement?” Tension was rising so I decided to interfere. “That’s enough from both you.” I said getting between them “We don’t have time for this. We have bigger problems.” Iden backed up and moved away, but Sabine looked at me with her arms cross. “Coming from the guy in a Tie Fighter suit. Why should anyone in this room trust you?” Sabine said with right hand on her hip. “Yeah why should anyone trust you? Who are you even?” Kannan replied with Zeb behind him. Del stood next to me “Leave him alone, he has been through worse than any of us, and he doesn’t want a bloodbath.” There was a brief pause before Julie interjected with the one thing I did not want to here. “Jon what happened to Aidan? Is he still alive? Where is he, Jon?”
This was one of the most bizarre portions of my dream. Jon just stood in silence. To be fair who could blame for not saying anything? How do you tell a girl that her boyfriend drank demon blood, lost his old eyes, got new glowing red eyes and possibly powers, killed a couple of terrorists, freed Imperial Special Forces, and somehow made it back here, while playing music out of Walkman like no tomorrow? “Jon what happened to him? I want the truth, I can take it.” She started to have tears in her eyes. “Aidan is… alive…” Jon said as if a he dropped a heavy weight off his back. Everyone in the room had wide eyes. “He is…. Alive?” Julie said smiling through tears. Jon nodded as people in the room looking for me. “If he is alive, where is he?” Daenerys said now shock at the revelation I was alive. Del Meeko smiled “Closer than you think.” Everyone was now really confused as I smirked under my helmet. However, I suddenly felt strange force pull something off me. I reached down only to find my Walkman missing. I turn to look only to see Kanan holding it in his arm which is at his side. No one saw him do this and he looked at me smiling. “That’s mine. Hand, it over.” I said whispering. He smirked “Fine” He handed it back to me as I grumble “Don’t do that again.” He then chuckled “Fine, I will just do this.” He then raised his hand. My Walkman’s play button then clicked. “ohhh You, son of bitch….” I said as everyone looked at me. The Walkman was playing “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle and Kanan was smirking at me. “Ha Ha… I got to go check on the ship.” I then turn and proceed to book it for the door. Unfortunately, some Unsullied move in and block the door. “AIDAN!?” I heard from various people all at once. I turn around and said the only thing I could say “Surprise.”
This wasn’t what I had in mind. My response was telling everyone to shut up while the song still played. I just did a little dance forward as everyone just looked at me wild eyed. When the song was over I stepped to the front of the room. “Hey guys did you miss me?” I said grinning under my helmet. There was a very long pause as everyone looked at each other trying to think of a response. Then out of nowhere Julie just bursts out laughing. I tilted my head to the right in confusion not knowing what the hell was wrong with her. “I am sorry.” She said still laughing “Just seeing you wearing a that while dancing to ‘Bad Boys’ is just to funny.” Del then chuckled “She makes a fair point.” I looked at Del “Oh Del… you know just what to say.” I said grinning under my helmet. Then out of nowhere Bigby got up in my face. He just glared at me, confusing the hell. “Uhh…Bigby…?” I said confused. Then he gave me a bro hug. “Great to have you back kid.” I then chuckled in response. “No better place to be.” Snow White and Daryl both gave me hugs as well, and Daryl commented on how I get more fucked up every time we talked. I laughed off saying how it only gets worse from here. However, I was interrupted by something I didn’t want to happen. “Why are you still wearing that helmet? You can take it off now.” Julie said as I turned pale under my helmet. Fuck I thought the one thing I didn’t want to talk about. “I am fine. I rather keep it on.” I said quickly back. However, the damage had already been done. “You have been wearing it this entire time. Why? Are you hiding something?” Daenerys asked now looking at me suspiciously. I looked at Jon and Del who both gave me nods. I couldn’t hide it anymore. “I…. I can’t take it off…” I replied with quietly. Now eyebrows were raised as people started to become more suspicious of me. “Can’t or Won’t?” Replied Tyrion “To me it seems your hiding something.” Finally, Jon stopped them. “Stop guys… Aidan, let me handle this…” Jon proceeded to take center stage. “The truth is Aidan did suffer greatly and words cannot describe what he went through. Something happened to Aidan’s face out there in that hellish world. He doesn’t want to talk about it and neither should we.” However, as Jon finished and people began to be quiet. Del spoke up breaking the tense silence. “Aidan, just show them all. You already shown me and Jon so show Iden, Gideon, and everyone else. No one is going to think of you differently.” Iden then looked at Del with eyes widen “You have seen his face?” Del nodded “Yes Iden, but now isn’t the time for arguing over this. Aidan trust me, they won’t think any differently of you.” I look around the room to see some sober, and some tense faces. I took a few steps back and sighed. “Alright you all deserve the truth….” I said as I reached for the helmet on my head. I gripped it light as I slowly pulled the helmet off. I looked up and smiled “Surprise”
There was a looming silence as everyone looked at me. Now being me, I notice based on faces what some people’s reactions were. Julie had a look of surprise at how I looked, same with Daenerys, Iden Veriso, Sansa and even Sabine Wren. Bigby looked at me confused and shocked. That same look was also shared by Tyrion, Daryl, Snow White, and Gideon Hask. Arya had a look I couldn’t understand. Jorah looked just pissed off (I mean can you blame him? The guy fucking hates me.). Zeb and Ezra just confused. Kanan and Hera had no real expression of emotion so nothing from them. What they basically saw was my new glowing red eyes, that someone (who I don’t remember who) describe as small sparks of fire and a slash across my face that made a simple scar. “Aidan….you….look…” Julie said just awestruck at my eyes but disturb at the facial scaring at the same time “Its…just…so” I chuckled as she tried to find words to describe it “Devilishly Handsome.” Julie looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Not the exact wording but I will take it.” I look around and chuckled even more. “You’re not the only one who thinks I look handsome.” Julie chuckled a bit while again rolling her eyes. “Really now? Who else? Because I feel your bullshiting just to be funny.” I grin as Jon and Del both laugh a bit. “No bullshit. Now let’s start listening off people. Well there is you, Queen Daenerys, Lady Sansa Stark, Commander Iden Veriso, and Sabine Wren. All of you had the same look when I show off what I handsome devil I was.” There was awkward silence as each of the people I called out were all given looks by everyone else. Iden rolled her eyes “Fine, you got me there. I was thinking you had acid burns all over your face. I was surprise to see a “handsome devil” under the helmet.” Sansa chose not to comment along with Sabine who slightly blushed as Ezra stared at her. Daenerys just rolled her eyes “Even after almost dying, and now here presenting yourself with a strange face, you still are up to your usual routine.” I felt the weight of this conversation was off my back, but someone had to ask. “So… How did you get your eyes to glow like that?” Daryl asked. “Ummm…. It was a “gift” from some dude who we helped. My new eyes make feel like my reflexes faster and help with aiming and combat. They also are really cool.” Jon looked at me in a funny way “That’s the short story of it. And if we do tell the whole story Aidan, don’t overexaggerated it.” Ezra then walked forward, he was looking confused. “Wait…. Your boyfriend is a Tie Fighter pilot?!” I smirk at Ezra as I replied. “Sort of, but not really. Why does that matter? Your girlfriend is a Mandalorian.” Sabine looked at me extremely annoyed “I am NOT his girlfriend, idiot.” I was just being a troll at this point. “Hey I am just making a point. A Mandalorian Chick and her Jedi Lothrat boyfriend is pretty wired compare to my relationship with Julie here.” I Kannan was now also smirking as Zeb chuckled. “I AM NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND!” Sabine yelled at me as I smirked. Julie just smiled sighed. “Sorry Sabine, Aidan just likes to fuck with people.” I turned toward Julie and winked at her as she rolled her eyes.
I proceeded to step forward as Julie moved away from her spot near Daenerys. “The metal thing you gave Arya. It was listening in on our conversation. Why?” She stepped towards me more. “All a part of my plan, Julie. I like to make good first impressions, and also great entrances.” I said smiling. She rolled her eyes and we both began moving towards each other. I was expecting a hug but was surprised when she smacked me aside the head. “That is for almost getting yourself killed, again.” I was about to respond when she pulled me in for a kiss. “And that… is for coming back, Aidan…” I chuckled as we hugged. “I deserved that… and probably worse.” She then started to tear up a bit. “I missed you.” I just held her for a few minutes while Del, and Gideon were nodding in approve like that one scene from Captain America: Civil War after Steve Rogers kisses Sharen Carter. I then handed her a blue winter rose and she crack a joke that I don’t remember, but it was funny because I remember people laughing. However, after I finished Jon said that we need to now get back on track. “We have a war against the dead coming.” Inferno Squadron had some strange looks, but Thrawn said something interesting. “Undead creatures… Sounds similar to Project Blackwing. Though from what you have told me Jon, this is far far worse.” Iden knew what is was and commented that whatever Jon and Thrawn were talking about is a threat to us all. “Then it’s simple. We form the alliance of Dragons, Wolves, Specters, Americans, dickheads, the Inferno, and a Chiss.” I said grinning. “There is no way I am working with them.” Hera said glaring at Inferno Squadron. “Really now? You want to start this back up again?” Iden replied in a harsh tone. “Allying with them goes against our principals.” Sabine said as she stood by Hera. “We have an army of fucking dead man coming. We cannot fight amongst ourselves.” Jon said trying to come everyone down. This eventually ensued into arguments between various people. Then some people began going for weapons. For fuck’s sake I thought. I then though of a genius idea. Reaching into the secret apartment where I held the Darksaber I began to grin. I quickly pulled it out. No one was paying attention to me so I moved to the to the edge of the crowd of people arguing and fighting. One…two…three! I told myself in my head as I turned on the Darksaber. “Holy shit…”
“Okay that is enough, all of you.” I said in a moderate tone. I thought maybe things would come down, but I then was shocked to see multiple blasters pointed at me. “Where the hell did you get that? That blade belongs to the people of Mandalore, my people. It was given back over to Bo-Katan and my people. Now why in the name of Lothal do you have it?” Sabine was pissed and had both her blasters pointed at me. I then heard the click of a gun. “You shoot him, your dead, bitch.” It was Julie. She had her pistol (a M1911?) pointed at the back of Sabine’s head. Ezra responded by pointed his blaster at Julie. “Julie… Put the gun down…Please.” I begged as she looked at me bewildered “Aidan she is going to kill you!” I sighed as I walked up to Julie. “While violence does get results easily, it always has a cost.” I then slowly put my hand over her pistol as lowered it. Ezra lowered his blaster as well, but Sabine still kept her guns trained on me. “I have heard stories of the weapon as a kid…” Del said as he looked at it awestruck. I smiled. “Here is a summary of the truth. Built by a Mandalorian Jedi of House Vizla. Stolen by the Mandalorians during the war between the Mandalorians and the Jedi and was used to kill a lot of Jedi. It later fell into the hands of the terrorist group and all around dochebags, Deathwatch. Their leader Pre-Vizla wanted to bring Mandalore back into that cycle of war. He used it many times against many opponents such as Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was helping his love-… I mean the Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze, Ashoka Tano when she crossed paths with them while helping her friend Lux Bonateri, and against the Sith Lord Darth Maul. When he discovered Darth Maul he teamed up with him, Maul’s brother Savage, the Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate, and the Hutts in order to take over Mandalore and form a new criminal empire to rival the Republic and the Confederacy. They took over Mandalore through use of trickery, terrorism, and murder. They imprison the Duchess as part of a plot to draw out Kenobi using Satine as bait and make Kenobi pay for his actions against them. However, Pre Vizla tried to betray Maul, but failed spectacularly when he was killed in a duel with Maul over his right to rule Mandalore. Maul then took over and he used it to kill Duchess Satine in front of Obi-Wan as payback for what Obi-Wan did to him. Maul also used it in a fight and against Darth Fucking Sidious, but failed. Maul used it a bit longer, but lost all of his power and was left wondering the galaxy. Eventually this motherfucker here, Ezra Bridger, being stupid enough to trust Maul was led to Dathomir where he found it in storage. After that whole ghost busters shit show, Sabine took it. Convinced by another Mandalorian, and the rebellion, she trained with it in order to help lead a revolution against the Empire who ruled Mandalore at that point. She trained under Kanan and her boyfriend Ezra using some Jedi lightsaber teaching and some other creative tactics. She eventually reunited with her family, and fought and defeated Gar Saxon, the Imperial viceroy to Mandalore. I assume since I don’t know he rest of the story is that you gave it to Bo-Katan and Death Watch when you went back to Mandalore, which was stupid since they are cold blooded killers.” Sabine then corrected me by saying Ezra was not her boyfriend to which I responded with a sarcastic remark. Ezra gave me a strange look “Sounds like you witness those events. How do you even know all of that?”” However, before I could respond Kanan interjected “That still doesn’t tell us how you got it.” I knew I had to choose my next words very carefully. “Alright then… You going to get the story of me as well. So, let’s begin, shall we? I am like a cross between the terrible flirtatious Kanan before he joined the rebellion or more accurately when he met Hera, Ezra’s terrible jokes, Jon’s compassion, Bigby’s fury, Del’s incredible sense of humor, and Tom Cruise’s handsomeness. I was born in a land called Virginia. I lived in the same area as Julie and we hanged out a lot. One day she goes missing. For five years never saw her or heard from her. I had honestly given up on finding her so I just moved on in life, until one day when I was with my father and brother. I was on a ship with them until I found a super cool fucking Ark of the Covenant, Mission Impossible style box. It was from Julie of course who needed me to bail her out of one of her problems… again. So, after I gathered the needed tools and jumped through a portal here I was. I was sent to Dragonstone where I met the Dragon Queen and through my amazing charm, flirting, wit, intelligence, street smarts, and overall style, I worked my way up to be a trusted ally. Eventually I befriended the White Wolf, Jon Snow. Oh…, and I met Bigby, Snow White, and Daryl there as well. So, after some killing of some creepy as fuck ice demons and their army of fucking corpses, and working my way up the hierarchy, I was allowed entry into a parlay between the Dragon Queen, Jon Snow, and that Incestuous Bitch, Cerci Lannister. I made my grand entrance, had some funny lines jokes and quips, and ultimately display why I such a dangerous, Chuck Norris, Ash Williams, Clint Eastwood motherfucker. I had managed to piss off a lot of people including Cerci and Ser Friendzone over here. Then the moment I had been waited for happened. I was reunited with Julie after all those years apart. And with her she had the Darksaber which was fucking cool as shit man. Showing people, a laser sword is funny. I basically pulled an Ash Williams Army of Darkness. However, this reunion was short because an Orc called ‘Guldan’ decided to kidnap Julie over a stupid fucking box. I mean it’s almost like we are in the space version of Pulp Fiction but without Samuel L. Jackson. Compelled by the power of boners and heroism, I gathered an Avengers, Mission: Impossible style Suicide Squad made up of Bigby Wolf, Daryl Dixon, Jon Snow, and myself. We all traveled through what I would considered the gates of hell and fought our way through some hellish world that looked like something out of Dante's inferno’s 9 Circles of Hell crossed with Doom, and my mixtape with a hint of Stranger Things. So, we enter “Hell” and fought are way to Julie. We freed her and she let me keep the Darksaber because she saw that I was better fighter with it. It is also where I found these two badass weapons I also have. However, as we may our escape this army of demonic hellish creatures attack us. In the ultimate sacrifice, Jon and I destroyed the portal bridging our world to their world at the cost of being stranded on that world. Jon and I spent time on the run finding places to stay until this Oldman we encounter led us to him, The Betrayer. He was one crazy ass motherfucker who wanted to speak to me. Yeah, I know, I mean who honestly thinks I am that important? But I digress. So, this betrayer guy, lives in a cave and looks like a demon, though that could be because of the wired mystical shit he does. The Betrayer told me I had sacrificed so much… but have gotten so little in return…. He asked me if I would accept his gift, which I agreed to. However, …his gift came with a price. Words can’t describe what had happened, but went I emerge from The Betrayer’s cave, part of me had died in there. I trained with the Darksaber in order to better myself with new gifts The Betrayer gave for our next test. We had been pointed in the direction of where we needed to go to leave. That led us to Inferno Squadron and Grand Admiral Thrawn. We worked together in order to acquire a Lamba-Class Shuttle which we used to escape. We somehow got caught in a storm and ended up back here. The rest is history.”
The silence in the room was rather terrifying as it was a powered keg ready to exploded, but eventually Sabine lowered her weapons. She nodded and slowly backed away “It still belongs to Mandalore…” Some more people in the room exchanged some looks, but overall the situation was relaxed now. I had left out the part about attacking a rebel base for the sake of not causing more trouble. “It’s great to have you back, Lord Aidan” Daenerys said. It took me a minute to realize that I had been made a lord which was really awesome. At this point the Darksaber had been turned off. “Alright here is the deal ladies and gentlemen, we have an army of dead men in the thousands marching south towards us. The only solution is that we all put aside our differences and work together. If we don’t… were fucked…” I with now getting my serious face on now. No time for professional trolling. However, I soon as I brought up I had to deal with more bullshit. “Why should we work with you? Your wearing the armor of the Empire, and you’re a liar.” Ezra said “Even I have to admit Aidan, you are quite mysterious.” Daenerys said. I chuckled “I though you liked mysterious men?” I was being my normal flirting self. Daenerys chuckled “Still haven’t change a bit have you Aidan?” I grinned back in response, but sadly Jorah had to be a dick. “I agree with the boy” Jorah said “Your dangerous and cannot be trusted. I have seen what he is capable of and he is a threat to us all.” At this point I have had enough of Jorah’s shit. “You know what? I agree with Jorah as well, Aidan can’t be trusted.” Hera said folding her arms together. “He proved he couldn’t be trusted by hiding his identity and the Darksaber. So, tell me Ser Aidan, why should we trust you?” It was at this moment I realized I know a lot of these characters secrets. I step forward placed my helmet on a table and took a deep breath. “I hope you don’t mind Sabine that I took the time to view your art. Rather incredible work, but I notice something that confused me. All your rare extravagant and black-market paints are almost always used on Ezra in your paintings. Could that just be you rather capture all the detail… or does it mean something else? But hey let’s not pick on your secrets. Kanan Jarrus, you may not be a great Jedi, or a moral rebel, but your smart. You knew the Inquisitors, and the Empire would come for you, Caleb Dune. You went out of your way to change your name and hide from them. Rather impressive Kanan, for a person like you. Ezra, oh Ezra the guy who worked with Bossk, and also is probably shocked about the whole Sabine likes you right now. However, that isn’t your most important secret now is it? Tell me, why did you, Kanan, Ashoka Tano and the rebellion attempt to activated a superweapon on Malachor? You constantly complain about Imperial tactics yet you don’t look at yourselves. In reality you guys are no better than the Empire. But let’s not also pick on the rebels only. Iden Veriso, your father always cared about you… that is why he revealed to your mother that you undercover and not an Imperial traitor. Your father could have been imprisoned, remember that. As for all of Inferno Squadron, when you doubt the Empire, remember Zehay Veriso, Garrick Veriso, and Seyn Marrana and what each of them did for you. Thrawn, smart move sending Eli Vantro to the Chiss Ascendancy, he is likely going to exceed exaptation. The rebels are too damn clueless to truly realize why the Empire should be the least of their concerns. Now let’s go further down the line. Bigby, and Snow, good job dealing with the Crooked Man, Jersey Devil, Dee and Dum, Bloody Mary, and Georgie, those fuckers were dicks and got what was coming to them. Daryl… it was never your fault what Negan did to Glen, you were trying to help people….Glen would understand. Jon, great job petting Drogon in front of Daenerys. Good on you chap. Tyrion you didn’t kill Joffrey it was Lady Olena and Littlefinger. Arya, you were trained as a faceless assassin, Sansa you were torture by Ramsey Bolton, Davos you smuggle Gendry off Dragonstone when Stannis was around, the list goes on and on of information I can say. You all maybe wondering how the fuck do I know all this information… it’s because I was blind and now I see. You don’t have to trust me, but you should at least be careful not to cross me and the people I cared about… HELL have no fury like me if you ever come after my people.” This was something that threw everyone off. When I spoke about Sabine, she blushed in embarrassment, when I mention Kanan’s real name he looked shock, when I mention all that crap about the Verisos and all the Empire stuff to Inferno Squadron they looked pale, Thrawn was the only one who looked intrigue that I knew about Eli Vantro, Davos smirked a bit, Daryl looked at me sort of in a depressing look, Daenerys and Julie just faced palmed, Jon looked at me also surprise, everyone especially Tyrion all were just really fucking confused. “Also, Jorah, three simple words. Go. Fuck. Yourself.” The room was drop dead silent while I grinned as Jorah looked like he was going to kill me. He then murmured to self then moved away from me. “Well, now it’s time for me to take care of some other business.” I said as I clipped the Darksaber on to my belt. “What do you mean?” Julie asked. “I have to talk to the Three-eyed-raven… please don’t follow me or listen in on what we are talking about.” I said in a somewhat passive aggressive tone. “You mean Bran Stark right?” Arya said. I simply nodded as I put my helmet to under my arm as I began to make ready to leave. “But of course, how rude would it be to leave without a proper exit?” I grinned. “Now I going to talk with the Three-Eyed Raven, when I am done you all better get this shit sorted out.” As I walked out I pressed play on my Walkman. The song “Stayin' Alive” by Bee Gees was perfect for the moment. I just strolled really slowly out as I put my helmet on. By the time I closed the door and left the song was over. What a fucking exit I thought. “Aidan” Del’s voice echo lightly into the com. “You are still hooked into the listening device. Feel free to listen in.” He had made sure no could hear him talking to me. I didn’t respond but instead turned the volume up on my com so I could hear what was going on. What happened was basically everyone asking who the hell I was. It was rather funny hearing people tell stories about me, but thank goodness none of Inferno Squadron, Thrawn, and Jon didn’t tell about the rebel blacksite. Some interesting choice of wording from Jorah about me being “the worse scum he had ever came across.” Well I couldn’t make everyone like so yeah. I had enemies, a long list of them.
Walking towards Bran Stark was one of the strangest moments in all of this dream. He was just sitting there, perfectly still. I moved slowly, terrified of what could happen. “Ser Aidan” Bran said in an emotionless voice. “Bran Stark…” I said “You still having visions of the past?” Bran turned his head backed towards me and just smiled. I moved around until I was fully face-to-face with Bran. I quietly removed my helmet and set it on the snowy ground. “So, you’re the man who saved Jon, Ser Aidan.” I chuckled in response “And the same man who almost got him killed, twice.” Bran had a brief smile, but then turned in another direction. To my surprise Samwell Tarly was there, looking cold, but all around just looking like himself. “Ahhh if it isn’t Samwell Tarly. Good to see one of Jon’s friends. I am Ser Aidan pleasure to meet you.” I said grinning. “Pleasure to meet you as well” Bran actually corrected me by saying I was a lord now under Queen Daenerys, and I chuckled in response. “So, you guys know the truth…” I said. “The truth about what?” Samwell responded a bit confused. “The greatest secret of them all. Jon snow is actually child of Raehgar Targaryen, and Lyanna Stark, Named Ageon Targaryen.” Samwell’s eyes widen. I simply replied with a don’t ask how I knew response. “The real question is how do we tell Jon? He deserves to know.” Samwell says. “We just need to do it at the right time. We need to also prevent a war between Daenerys and Jon if that happens. We need to simply tell them when the time is right.” Samwell sighed. “When will the right time be?” I shrugged while Bran stood in silence. Then Bran stared at me with a cold look in his eyes. “You still blame yourself for what they did to those children, Aidan. You need to except that you can’t save everyone. Sometimes you might have to choose one friend over the other. Other times you can be the legendary hero that saves the day.” I stood pale, completely terrified and confused. I no longer understood Bran’s powers. “Wow Bran, I don’t know what to say.” Bran just shrugged. “Best you learn to be the best person you can be. Watch out for your enemies as well, for they plan to take everything from you.” that last message was rather haunting.
Del commed me about how he left the meeting early and was now bringing the shuttle to Winterfell. In fact, we spoke as he was landing outside the walls, and children, men, and women all look up in shock. “Hey Del I need a favor.” I said as I made my way toward the ship. “What do you need?” He said as he opened the hatchway for me to board the ship. “Any type of weapon like a collapsible baton?” while I was waiting for a response Del chucked a baton in my direction yelling “Catch!” I caught it barely with both hands. “Next time Del underhand toss it.” We both had a good laugh. I looked at the baton, which was rather fine. I put it in a pocket on my right hip as I walked off. “Thanks Del.” I think he replied with a no problem, but it might have been something else. Hard to remember (though to be fair I should remember this since I remember most other parts). After finishing up in the ship, Del joined walked off the ship back into Winterfell. Some jokes were told as we enter the main open area. People like Breinne and Podrick were training as we walked in. They both gave us that look. Watching with Samwell next to him was Bran Stark, who was looking really creepy. “You should train while they finish up the meeting.” Was along the lines of what Bran said. Bran told Samwell to retrieve a target dummy to kill while Breinne of Tarth and Podrick made their way over. We introduce ourselves to them explaining we are here to help Lord Snow fight the army of the dead. Podrick joked that Del and I looked like black armor knights, to which I let out a small chuckle. “Interested in sparring Lady Breinne? I need to work on my technique for battle.”  I asked as I smiled under my helmet. Del had removed his and laid it on a table nearby. Breinne was hesitant, but Podrick convinced her by saying how she could easily kick my ass. Lady Breinne agreed reluctantly.
Some more random people gathered around to watch as we both lined. I had given Del my TL-50, which he had laid on a table he was watching. “What are you going to fight with?” Breinne asked readying her training sword. I pulled out the baton which made Breinne and Podrick confused. I opened it up fully as I said I was ready. Breinne made the first moved by swing her sword at an angle from her right shoulder. I dodge as people looked confused. When Breinne went to make her second attack, I pulled a pretty ballsy stunt. As she went to strike I did rolled forward and struck the back of her leg, which caused her to start to fall. As she was falling she tried to cut side-to-side in order to hit my legs but I jumped up just in time. Everyone including Breinne was shocked. “Round two?” I said shrugging. Breinne got up and ready herself again. This time she attempted a feint which I saw coming. Using my off hand, I grab the sword by the flat of the blade, got in close, did an arm wrap, kicked the back of her leg with my foot while having my hand holding the baton push her to the ground. The result was Breinne on the ground again. Victory again for me. “Your more of a trickster then a fighter.” Breinne said getting up. We shook on it and I thanked her for the training. She then went to go train Podrick, which was going… well…ish. Del gave me a pat on the back saying that was incredible as we laughed about it. I then went over to the target dummy. I knew using a baton here wouldn’t really help so I put it away. I then told Samwell to get another target dummy which he grumbled off. When he came back with one he placed it a bit further away as Del instructed him. I then reached for the Darksaber. Taking a deep breath, I count off one two three, then I ignited it. Everyone stopped and looked at me. Breinne and Podrick looked completely amazed as I stepped towards the target. I started swing, thrusting, and parrying, but I wasn’t damaging the target. I stopped every time I was close to cutting more thrusting it. On my final strike at cut straight across. The target dummy’s top half fell on the ground as Podrick yelled “holy shit!” I smiled under my helmet as I walked over to the next target dummy. Del was smirking as he I walked by. I then notice two of those things they use for archery across from us. I came up with a genius idea. I started out like I did with the first target dummy by practicing strikes and parries. For my grand finally I took a deep breath then swung the Darksaber across, taking the head off. As I turned around I pulled out my DL-44 and shot two perfect shots into the archery target things. Even Del was impressed. Del’s face then change to a massive smirk. When I asked him what was the deal, he pointed out Daenerys, Julie, Jon, and the others all by where the great hall doors were all shocked. I heard a “woah” from I think Ezra but not hundred percent sure. I grinned as they all just stood still, amazed at my skill. I took my helmet off and bowed jokingly as Daenerys and Julie both rolled their eyes. “Show off” Ezra grumbled.
An agreement was met and all parties agreed to work together. Later that day Jamie Lannister showed up with Bronn agreeing to help us. Obviously, Cerci is not sending the Lannister army North, but since we had the Golden Company we were still in a good spot. Daenerys did have a chat with me a Jon about some of the things we said over the radio, and she had a few “choice words” for both of us. She dismissed me and she and Jon went to speak in private. I then introduce Inferno Squadron and Thrawn to my other friends which was funny. Something I did notice was Jorah actually was talking to the Phoenix Squadron along with a few other individuals (I think one of them was Sansa.) Then Julie and I had a one on one conversation which was mostly her belittling me for the shit I have done. All in all, the next was going to be a meeting of all of us to discuss our plan of action. Unfortunately, that day was a rather terrible day for a lot of us, Including me.
I had slept in one Lamba shuttle’s cockpit chairs. The others had slept in various places across the ship. I gave Julie her own private room because I am not a dick (well most of the time I am). That day I woke up late. Del, Iden, Gideon, and Thrawn had all went into the Winterfell courtyard. I woke up late because I had a terrible nightmare. (I know, a dream inside a dream. Inception much? well… fuck off) The nightmare was of the cadets who had all been slaughter. Ever since Bran commented I had been trying to keep my mind off it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I woke up sighed, and just put my helmet on and pressed play on Walkman. I listen to something quite nice, but sad. I don’t know what song it was though. The meeting was not going to start for a while so I watched Arya and Jon train with Del and Bronn of the Fucking Blackwater. We all found it funny that Jon was getting his ass kicked by Arya. Then after Arya beat Jon a couple times we were called in for a meeting. Daenerys and all her people were there, Northern Lords were there, the Starks, Jamie and Bronn, Brienne and Podrick, Phoenix Squadron, Inferno Squadron, Thrawn, Bigby, Daryl, Snow White, and then there was me. However, Chopper and Hera were running late, and so they were excused as we all somehow started coming up with a plan without being at each other throats. In fact, everything was going rather well. We had three plans in place. One was to attack the army of the dead full on (very few people liked that), two mount a massive defense of Winterfell, or three, retreat down south to rally more supporters then defend the south and push back up North. I was in fact, about to announce a plan of my own, but sadly this is when things went wrong. Chopper came barging in with Hera behind him. “Your late.” I said a little annoyed “Sorry Chopper just finished decoding a transmission we received a few days back from an old pilot friend of ours. His message had interference so Chopper was trying to clear it up for us. Please, I can I show my squad the message. I haven’t viewed it, but Choppers says it is important.” Everyone in the room was kind of surprised (Well of course they would be since one is a Twliek and the other is a droid.) “Fine” I said “make it quick though.” Chopper than went past me more towards the center. Hera went to where Kanan and Zeb were standing which was on the right-side if you were walking in. I took some steps back as Chopper garble some bullshit then project a video, not a hologram recording, but a video, complete with color. I had my helmet off when terror filled my eyes. In the video was the same pilot and group of rebels I had killed. The pilot started out by addressing Hera as “Captain Syndulla” explaining that they were at a hidden rebel base that had a prison break. He was coughing saying he needed medical help before ‘they’ found him and needed the survivors rescued along with him. Then he said that an Imperial was coming to which he started coughing more and moaned in pain as he sat there while the other rebels prepared to set a trap. Then it showed me walking up with my helmet still on and my blaster out. It showed me walking up to him as he said “Stupid Fucking Imperials.” Then when he tried to spit at me. Then it showed me reveal myself. A whole lot F bombs were running through my head as I realized how fucking fucked I really fucking was. It replays the talk with him. Then it showed when the rebels tried to set that trap. I realized how demonic red my eyes looked as the glowed brighter. I watched a replay of my brutality against the rebels. I couldn’t help but feel that I should have slipped out as this was playing. Then we got to the part where the rebel monologed about how they would take everything from me. I sighed as I watched myself in rage shoot the guy repeatedly. I notice my eyes glowed brighter as I killed him. Then it showed me walking away as the video ended.
Now why don’t you take a guess at what happens next? I am surrounded by people and some those people now wanted me dead. Within a blink of an eye, Ezra’s stood two or three feet from me with his blaster pointed right at me. My helmet was now on my head, but I did not raise a weapon in response. “You traitorous bastard.” Ezra said. Just then I saw Julie has he gun pointed at the back of Ezra’s head. Just like that it was now a powder keg ready to explode. Sabine had one of blasters pointed at Julie and another pointed at me. Jon had the pistol I gave (which he still had) pointed at the back of Sabine’s head. Zeb had his bo rifle aimed at Jon as Del took aim at Zeb, while Hera took aim at Del and Iden and Gideon took aim a Hera. Kanan had his blaster pointed at Iden, while Chooper held one pointed relatively at Gideon. Then more people stood up with Daryl pointed his gun as various people telling them to get back, while Bigby and Snow White were back to back with Snow holding a shotgun. Thrawn was one of the only people who was not pointing his blaster at anyone, but he did have out at his side. Arya joined in pointed Needle at Zeb while some Northern lords all withdrew swords. I realized that all my friends could die if I did not defuse the situation. “Julie, Jon, Del, Iden, Gideon, Daryl, Bigby, Arya, Snow. Put your weapons down. Now.” I was doing my authoritative voice that I hated, but it was necessary. Julie and Jon at first refused saying I was going to die. After talking to them they all put their weapons down, and then Arya and the Northern lords did the same. The Phoenix Squadron now had all their weapons trained on me. “This is all my fault, do not blame Inferno Squadron, or Thrawn for what happened. I don’t want to break this alliance apart. This was all my fault.” I begged as Kanan reluctantly agreed to my terms despite Hera’s objections. “You killed our friends, members of my own clan… You’re going to pay.” Sabine was angry, and Ezra just as much. “Please let me--.” I was cut off as I knife was put against my throat. Daenerys and Jon stood shocked as Daenerys said his name. “Jorah?” Jorah had the knife at my throat. “I am sorry your grace, but this man is a danger to us all. I wouldn’t be doing this if this wasn’t for the better of your rule.” He nodded off to the Phoenix Squadron. “So, treason it is then? Perfectly suits you friendzoned piece of shit.” As soon as I said that Jorah tighten the blade around my neck. “watch your tongue, or you’ll lose it.” He said as I gulped. “How are we going to deal with this one Hera?” Zeb asked as he looked to her. “Lock him up. We will take him to rebel command after were done here. He will pay for his crimes.” Hera said in an angry tone. It was very out of character for her, but then again, I did kill all of their rebel friends. “HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG! HE HAD NO CHOICE!” Jon yelled as Hera turned towards him. “He had choice. There is always a choice.” Kanan looked rather unhappy with his crew’s intent. “Jorah what the fuck is wrong with you?” Daenerys stood from her chair in pure rage. Jorah sighed “This is to protect you, Kahlessi. He is a monster and should be treated as one.” Then Daenerys finally let Jorah have it. “FOR FUCK’S SAKE JORAH WE GET IT! Your Jealous of my feelings toward him. I get that, but there is nothing romantic going on between us! I CAN PROTECT MYSELF JORAH, I DON’T ALWAYS NEED YOU TO MAKE DESCICIONS FOR ME! If I like him then I like him. End of story. Aidan has done nothing but tried to help me, and more importantly help others. He is the person who runs into the fire knowing he could die at any moment, but he still does it to protect his friends. You aren’t in control of me. YOU WILL HIM RELEASE HIM NOW!” Hearing Daenerys let Jorah have it was rather amazing. I even was shocked. However, Jorah still refused. “Fine if you’re going to kill me can I at least have some last words for the Queen and Julie?” Jorah nodded “Make it quick” Hera said still angry. I used this time to slip my hand towards my collapsible baton. “Dany, Julie, forgive me for what I am about to do.” Daenerys looked at me shock that I used her name her brother called her. The only other person who called her that was Jon once aboard the boat after the mission North of the wall. Everyone was taken back and confused by my words. This gave me enough time to headbutt Jorah with the back of my head as I then turned around to face him. He was disoriented, but he still tried to slash me. I grab his arm did an arm wrap so he dropped the dagger. He tried to swing a punch at my face but I dodge then using the baton smack him right in the balls. It must have hurt really bad because then as he was “disabled” I kicked him across a table which resulted on him landing on the other side moaning in pain. Then out of nowhere two unsullied plus Grey Worm moved in to engage. However, they were using spears in close quarters giving me the advantage. I went for Grey Worm first who I rammed into a table which I then flipped. As one of the Unsullied attacked me I smashed the baton on his spear which broke it. I then kicked his leg out from under him causing him to fall. The final guard I grappled him to the floor and struck him once in the face with the baton. I collapse the baton as I started to takes steps back. “I am sorry.” I then reached for the smoke grenade and I threw it. “GRENADE GET DOWN!” Zeb cried he didn’t realized that it was a smoke. As soon as it went off I booked it and ran like no tomorrow.
Next thing you know I was booking it out the door of the great hall. People outside had stop what they were doing to see what was up. This resulted in me being blocked from escape. Fuck I told myself. The people inside including the Phoenix Squadron had stepped out. Now it was time for plan B. “I sorry about that, but please you don’t understand… I can explain, but please, just stop… I don’t want to kill anyone, I don’t want to fight, I just want to talk.” I was practically begging. Zeb and Kanan were the only two who lowered their weapons. As I started to step back Ezra stepped forward. “No” He had anger in his eyes. Kanan called his name but Ezra didn’t respond. He then put his blaster in his holster. He then reached for his lightsaber. He ignited it as I realized I was F.U.C.K.E.D fucked. “Ezra…. Stop” I had my hands out like I was surrendering, but he didn’t respond. I finally sighed and withdrew the Darksaber “Ezra stay back, I will not attack you.” This is when Sabine finally realized what was happening “Ezra! Stop your letting your emotions get the better of you. Think rationally!”  It was too late as he charged. He went on the attack, and by went on the attack I mean it. I refused to strike at him because well… Ezra is not a bad person and I just could not bring myself to killing him. I was parrying like a mad dog. Then I got the strength when are blades collided in a hard clash to push him back. I warned him to stay back again, but he refused to reply. Ezra then jumped up to strike down at me, but I got up and parried. What follow was more of him attacking, and me parrying while trying to convince him to stop. The crowd from the great hall now gathered around and watched us fight. Kanan was trying to get through to Ezra but had no luck. Ezra forced me to retreat out of Winterfell on to the open fields near the tree line where we had landed the shuttle earlier. A lot of people gathered around as they tried to beg Ezra to stop, but no move in for fear of being attacked by Ezra. I was starting to panic realizing I could die and that Ezra would not talk to me, but suddenly I felt something. I heard the voice of The Betrayer. Aidan, trust yourself use your instincts. I knew he was trying to tell me advice. Great advice asshole, now fuck off. He then said for me to trust him. I then sighed and chose to ignore him as he warned me of the dangers. Finally, Ezra went for a massive overhead cut but in my panic and anger (from talking to The Betrayer.) I screamed. I went low to parry as I step outwards to the right as I yelled. Then silence. I was confused Why did he stop? I turned around and I realized what had happened. My parry was terribly off really, it was so terrible that it slashed Ezra diagonally across the chest. I looked at him and he was looking down at the wound and feeling his wounds with his off hand. He then let go of his Lightsaber as he slumped on the ground. I froze up in terror. I killed him I just said I just killed Ezra Bridger.
I stood still as I felt sick to my stomach. I instantly was getting PTSD flashbacks to the cadets who were being killed. I turned off the Darksaber as things went from bad to worse. Sabine was the first one to run to him as she ripped her helmet off. The others follow suit, except for Zeb who they sent to go get medical supplies. Everyone else just stood in silence. Sabine held him in her arms as Ezra said something to her. Kanan held one of Ezra’s hands while Hera was yelling for Zeb to hurry up. When Zeb arrived, Ezra said something and they all burst into tears. I looked up from them as I took my helmet off to see looks of shock. Daenerys looked at me like I was a monster, and Julie’s face just showed pure fear. Finally, Ezra put his hand against Sabine’s face then it fell back down. He was now fully dead. Sabine started shaking him, denying he was dead. Kanan just stood in silence. Hera held his hand while Chopper was giving very sad beeps and boops. I looked over at Jon for something to help the problem, but he was just as frozen as I was. Sabine was really losing it as she finally realized Ezra was really gone. She quietly folded his arms as she lowered her head and whisper something to Ezra (well a now dead Ezra. Quite Dead.). I was still looking for help, but no luck. Even Inferno Squadron, and Thrawn had nothing to say to me, but only looks. Most people gave that look, the look of disappointment or that look of fear. I looked back down at where the Phoenix Squadron were by Ezra. There was silence, but then I realized this was not over.
Sabine looked over at me. Her face change from sadness and depression, to pure rage and anger. “You… You did this.” She hissed. Sabine then stood up and look at Ezra’s lightsaber. “Sabine, it was an accident. I had no intention of killing him. Please, listen to me.” I begged as I realized what Sabine was thinking. Sabine did not even bother grabbing her helmet, but she began moving in my direction as she picked up Ezra’s lightsaber. Kanan and Zeb called out for her to stop, but she didn’t listen. “An accident? Accidents can be fixed… like you still being alive.” She then ignited the lightsaber. Oh, shit I thought. “Sabine please, stop.” I said as I now placed my helmet back on as I prepared to defend myself. “You’re a traitorous son of a bitch. YOU KILLED HIM! YOU MONSTER!” Sabine then pulled out one of her pistols are fired at me while using her jetpack. I panicked dodging two before deflecting the rest into the ground. She proceeded to land then charged me with Ezra’s lightsaber. Her strike almost knocked me down, but I resisted. What follow was Sabine lashing out with repeated strikes that kept me on the backfoot. I was parrying while retreating into a forest. I guess you could say it was like Rey and Finn vs Kylo Ren on starkiller base in terms of the setting. The only people who followed us were Del Meeko, Kanan Jarrus, Jon Snow, but they kept a safe distance. There were points when Sabine tried to throw some of her grenades at me, but I somehow survived by dodging them. I am not going to lie some environmental damage was done to the forest with trees exploding and lightsaber strikes from Sabine cutting through the trees (for all you tree lovers at there). Sabine then used one of her Mandalorian wrist mounted weapons and she fired an electric whip like thing that wrapped around me, but I removed it by pressuring it against a tree. I was also enduring hearing being called names and insults. Some of it was simple as being called “TRAITOR!” or “MURDER!”, but then Sabine started going off on me on various things, like about how I was terrible charming sarcastic prick who should have been shot as I walked the great hall’s doors. (Didn’t know whether to take it as insulted or take it as a complement.) She then went on this insane rant about how much Ezra meant to her, even going as far as to say she loved him. Now as someone who watches Star Wars: Rebels, I say yes, that is true to the lore of the show, but I digress. I was getting tired quickly, but Sabine just did not seem to be able to go all day. I eventually when I parried her she kicked me in the side. She then used her Mandalorian tech again and fired a concussion blast at me. Disoriented she smack me in the face. It caused me to stumbled and almost collapse. I didn’t see where she was, but then I felt it. I felt something hit me in the back. So, this is how I die I told myself as I started to fall to the ground. The pressure of what hit me pushed me to the ground. I die without getting laid, dammit I told myself as I close my eyes and accepted my fate.
So, is this it? Sadly no. So here I am on the ground out cold in the snow (ha ha bad puns) but I am wakened by yelling. I wake up like a cliché video game or movie character with blurry vision. I felt like I was hit by a truck then the truck reverse back on me. I looked around. To my right I saw what appeared to a be a rock next to me with burnt marks and no sign of Sabine. “Hello?” I called out. I heard a reply but I chose to not respond, but instead stare up at the sky until help came. “Oh God!” it was Jon’s voice. My vision was now better as I look to my left. “Hey guys.” I said as they rush towards where I was. “I can’t see wounds. Why didn’t she tried to kill me?” They looked at me with looks of horror “She did…” a female voice coughed. I turned toward the voice and realized with horror what had happened. When Sabine went to kill me, Julie had interfered by pushing her back into my back. In doing so, she took the whole hit for me in the chest while I only suffered a fall on the snowy ground. I instantly shot myself up and rushed over to her. “No no no no Dammit.” I said as I ripped my helmet off and gave it to Jon. Julie looked at me and smiled “Hey, Aidan”. I was panicking as tears started to rush down my face. “Hang in there Julie. Just stay with me! Please…” Del clicked his comm and screamed for Iden to get a med kit from the shuttle, but he didn’t provide details. “We have to move her!” Kanan said as he stood up. I nodded and single handedly picked her up and started to carry her like how any cliché hero carries a character when they are injured. Jon had my helmet and was following behind me along with Del and Kanan. We were running. “HELP! WE NEED HELP!” I was screaming hoping people outside the forest could hear us. Del almost tripped over a downed tree as we heard Iden say that she had the med kit and was waiting for us. I kept telling myself everything would be okay, but really It was not going to be okay. The cut Julie had received stretch far across her chest. She started to chuckle while coughing “This time it was me bailing you out of your problems now.” I smiled but it was a sad smile. “Just hang in there, we are almost in the clearing.” Don’t Die was the only thought running through my head as I once again called out for help.
When we reached the clearing, the scene was a mess. Sabine was on her knees crying as Hera and Zeb asking her what happened. When we reached the clearing, Iden had her helmet off and a medical kit ready. “Aidan…. Thanks for everything…you’re the best…. Also, your eyes are glowing again…Don’t worry…I have been through worse…If I die I will at least be in a better place.” Julie could barely speak as she slowly lifted her hand to feel my face. I laid her on the ground and left Iden and Del in charge of her.  Iden and Del did the best they could with the medical supplies they had. Kanan and Jon were standing above as I was pacing back and forth like a mad dog. I then heard Iden sigh. “How bad is it, Iden?” I said as I stopped pacing and kneeled down next to Iden. “Aidan….” Saying my name like that already told me the answer. “Aidan….We did our best… but the wound was fatal from the start…” No, No this can’t be all for fucking nothing, I spent months out in this shithole only for her to die? NO the thought pained me terribly. “No, no no no NO!” I just had a mental breakdown. I just had tears running down my face. Two minutes at least I sat just crying over her corpse. After what seemed like a sob that lasted for eternity, I slowly took Julie’s hands and folded them together on her chest with her pistol under her hands. It just felt like the thing to do. Del put his arm on my shoulder like a friend at a funeral while cried I like a child. Anger, sadness, and shock was all I felt. Iden closed Julies eyes and sighed. “I’m sorry Aidan.” I then stood up and took my helmet from Jon. I did not put it back on, but I just walked out a few feet. I turned toward Sabine and frowned at her. “At least Julie knew she had a lover before she died. Ezra did not… so I guess he died knowing you only valued him as a fighter. What a fucking coward you are not to tell him how you really felt.” That was a horrible thing to say to a girl who lost a man she liked, but it was true and frankly I was angry so get fucked. Sabine, through her tears pulled up her pistol, but then dropped it probably because she realized enough people had died and I was telling the cold hard truth. I was standing in the middle of the chaos and I finally just fell on my hands and knees and let out a cry of anger. My helmet sat next to me on the snowy ground, but I didn’t give a shit. I now had my head face the ground as I still cried. However, tears weren’t falling this time, but instead blood was dripping from my eyes. This was a dark red blood as I looked at it. I didn’t care as I just kept crying the blood from my eyes. Some people panicked, while others screamed various swear words as they saw this. The blood didn’t form a puddle, but instead diverted into two small streams that went in different directions. As I looked up to the sky I saw the dark presence of The Betrayer. He smiled as he said “And here we go…” as he disappeared. No one else so him, of course, but I still feared people were getting the idea of what was really going on with me. The blood streams flowed toward Ezra and Julie until finally I suddenly switched back to regular tears. Only some of the blood flowed towards them while the rest just froze. It was quiet as people just stood in silence. It was snowing lightly, like mother nature knew this was going to happen. Then the silence broke with a voice that shook me to more core. “uhh guys… why are you all crying and where did my lightsaber go?”
No, that’s impossible I told myself as I turned in the direction of the voice. Standing in front of everyone with his right arm holding his stomach was Ezra Fucking Bridger somehow still alive. “Quick question. How did you guys heal my wounds? I mean I thought I was a gone...” His voice had a hint of humor. Before anyone said anything, Sabine jumped on him, hugging him, thrilled that Ezra was back. The other members of the Phoenix Squadron surrounded him. It was really touching. Then it hit me. If Ezra came back from the dead then that means…. I turned around only to be disappointed. Julie was still dead on the cold ground. Of course, I have bad luck, of fucking course I sighed. “What’s wrong with him? His eyes are glowing brighter than before.” Ezra pointed at me, but then he noticed Julie’s body. “OH God… What…. what happened?” he said with surprise in his voice. I felt pissed off. “Well Ezra, Sabine here went all fucking crazy on me, and attack me with your lightsaber, her blasters and fucking bombs. She chased me into the forest and went to town on me. Kanan, Del, and Jon followed us. When I was finally tired out Sabine hit me a bit, but when she went for the killing blow… Julie didn’t want to see me… die… so she fucking took the hit…. We tried to save her…. And look at you back from the fucking dead, while I suffer the worse fucking luck in the entire fucking universe. Fuck this shit.” I was fighting back tears. “Wait so he saved me? Is that what the wired red blood stuff on the ground is? Is that why his eyes are glowing hard? Is that why the frozen blood streams lead to you?” He points at the blood that is already disappearing. Everyone then stops and looks at me. I just shrugged through my tears. I then decided it was best to be alone to avoid both questions on what just happened, and more importantly how I felt at the moment. I started to walk off, but was stopped by a voice. “You forgot your helmet.” Gasps went off around me as I stopped dead. No, bullshit. As I turned around I almost feinted. Standing in front of me was Julie holding my helmet. “Julie…you…were dead….” I was in shock as she walked toward me smiling. “Yeah… I was dead, but now I am not…” She then ran up and embraced me. “I am sorry…I am so sorry.” She shushed me with her finger and then proceeded to kiss me. I was still tearing up, probably due to the fucked-up nature of what happened. However, if you thought this is when things got better you are so wrong.
Just as we finally withdrew from kissing Julie looked up in horror. “Look out!” Julie screamed as I pushed her and myself to the ground to avoid a fucking arrow. I sat up to see three men plus Jorah pointing crossbows at me from a distance. “What the fuck Jorah?” I yelled as I got up from the ground, picking up my helmet in the process. “Shut up Demon.” He said as he aimed a crossbow at my head. “Demon? I am not a demon! What the fuck are you talking about?” I yelled as I placed my helmet on, and reached my hand towards my pistol. Jorah did not let up. “You’re a liar. Your eyes glow of demon’s fire, you raise the dead, and you fight like a devil. You are a creature, a Demon of some sort. You’re a threat to us all and we can’t allow that.” Daenerys order Jorah to stand down but he wouldn’t listen. People like Daryl and Snow came out now pointing guns at the men. “Stand down motherfuckers.” Daryl said. Bigby stepped in getting in front of me to shield me, while Julie reached for her pistol. Jon stepped with Longclaw drawn in my defense. Several more men with crossbows join Jorah Mormont, and the other men. Iden, Del, Gideon were behind me with blasters drawn. Thrawn stood behind them. “How can you defend this monster? I SEE THE DEVIL INSIDE HIM! Look at his eyes. Those are the eyes of a monster. He is demon of some sort, and he will kill us all. Now, stand back or you will be considered a threat as well.” No one moved so I decided to move forward past everyone. “Mormont, I am warning you, put the weapons down before this gets ugly.” I still had my hand on my pistol in its holster. “Rot in Hell, Demon. Your nothing but a cold monster who only cares about fucking that stupid whore back there.”
This pushed me over the edge. I had fire in my eyes now as I withdrew my pistol. I fired shots so accurately and so fast no one saw it coming. All the men and Jorah had their crossbows either destroyed or flung away. The men then ran as I turned my attention to Mormont who in my anger I shot in the leg. He was kneeing now due to the wound I had inflicted. I walked toward Mormont, ripped my helmet off and aimed my pistol at his head. “I HAVE SAVED MORE LIVES THEN YOU! HELL, I SAVED YOUR LIFE ASSHOLE! I AM NOT MONSTER! I AM NOT A FUCKING DEMON! YOU HEAR ME! I AM JUST ANOTHER FUCKING PERSON LIKE YOU, BITCH!” I did not realize until later I spoke in a demonic voice that sounded pretty evil.  Jorah looked up and smiled at me. “Really now? Look at yourself right now. Your eyes glow like Hellfire, you show no remorse, and you act like a psychotic monster. Look at everyone right now. They don’t see a man, they see a monster.” I then holstered my pistol as I turned around. People looked terrified and Julie had her hand over her mouth. I then looked at my hands. Jorah was smart. He tricked me into acting like a monster in front of everyone, and now I felt like one. I felt ashamed of myself for what I was. I placed my helmet back on with a sigh. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I said as I took off running towards the shuttle too ashamed to speak. The others tried to stop me, but it was too late, because I closed the shuttle’s doors. I then locked the doors behind me and went into the cockpit. I took my helmet off and looked at myself through my reflection in the cockpits window. What am I? Am I a monster? I thought to myself, but before I could just drown my sorrows in mopping, The Betrayer appear. He was a lot smaller than before and appeared more as an Elf man thing with horns. We talked. It wasn’t that big, but he told me that I had to accept that I was half a man and half a demon. The Betrayer told me how it’s hard for people at first to get use to this bit overtime I would grow to understand it. He said I would not be a hero, but I would not be a villain either. I asked to clarify what the fuck he meant, and he just said I will do good and evil. “Thanks for the clarification jackass. So helpful.” I said sarcastically. He then said I had all the help I needed, and he faded into dust. Nice help dickhead I thought to myself. While this was going on commotion was raising outside the shuttle. Some yelling some screaming. To ignore all that I just took out my Walkman and smiled. When everything goes to shit, it’s the time for some music. And I sat there listening to music and as I popped a single bottle of Wine.
About two or so hours later I heard Del’s voice. “Aidan please don’t make me slice this door. Just come out or at least let me in to talk with you.” Del was banging on the cockpit door. He must have slice the shuttle’s ramp and is now on board. “You alone, Del?” I asked as I sat up in my chair and organizing the cockpit. “Yes, everyone else gave up, but me. I want to talk to you.” This was the answer I needed. “Weapons down, Del or else I will stun you.” I warned him as approached the door with my blaster pistol drawn. I slowly pressed the button to unlock the door. When the door open Del stood with his arms crossed smirking. “Aww come on man. Did you really think I would screw you over?” I smiled as he closed the door and locked it behind him. “So…” I ask sighing “What happened after I left?” Del’s smirk disappeared as he placed his helmet on the control panel. “After you left people began to freak out. Eventually people calmed down and were told to go back to what they were doing. Mormont was taken to receive medical care for his leg. He should be fine in a day thanks to the bacta supplies we took from the first Aid kit. Hera Syndulla, the wired guy with one hand guy (Jamie Lannister), Lady Sansa Stark, Jorah Mormont, a couple lesser lords, One of Daenerys commanders in her army (He was talking about Grey Worm) and the girl in love with him (Missandei Of Narth) all want you imprisoned, dead, or exiled. Everyone is currently in a meeting right now to decided your fate. It has not been a very easy meeting to control. Jon and your girl, Julie have been trying to defend you with support from others. I went up with Iden and Gideon and argue that you had acted in self-defense in both the recording and your engagements today. Iden, Gideon and I talked before the meeting on whether Inferno Squadron should show the footage recovered from the blacksite itself. Some of others also are suspicious and paranoid of you. Some people think you may have spies everywhere or you can see visions do to everything you have said, and I will be honest you know too much for someone like yourself. The Dwarf, Tyrion is his name? He believes you can be used for something else…. Basically, he thinks you’re a weapon greater than the dragons. He wants to use you and judging by how you do decide your fate. Mormont has claim various things about you. He accused you of starting conflict between Daenerys and her followers, while also claiming you have some sort of demonic powers. He wants you executed and a lot of people agree with him. They are waiting for you to come out in order to avoid battle. I really hope they don’t execute you man. You’re just a nice guy. Who cares about whatever you pulled a couple hours ago? You are good man. And those “Powers” you have could be used for good.” I smiled faintly at Del. “Thanks Del, tell you what, go tell them I told you I will come out tomorrow. I face up to my actions.” Del got up faintly smiled back and left as I locked the door behind him.
Once he left I again just fell into a bit of depression and sadness. They think you’re a monster I told myself. I tried to look out the shuttle cockpit, but snow had covered it and since I did not know how to remove it, I could not deal with it. I was still shaken up at my new powers, but also shaken up over the fight. The anger, the rage, it was like nothing I had seen before. I was just in that moment, a scared little man who did all he could not to kill someone but failed and kill someone. He somehow was resurrected, by means I don’t even understand so I was basically confused. As I began to ponder this I heard the sound of the lock on the door changed to unlock. I panicked thinking they must have found their way through. I pulled out my blaster and set it to stun. The door opened as I took aim. “Stay back! I am warning you.” However, I then realize it was pointless to delay my problems “Ughhh Fuck it…” I said as I holster my pistol. “Okay... come in and kill me already…” I said as a figure walked in. “Yeah, I am here to kill you, because having Sabine blow it up is just way to difficult.” Ezra replied sarcastically with a smirk as he entered. “Ezra…. Uhhhh…. Hey, how are you?” I said feeling worse now. Ezra was the last person I wanted to pay me a visit (Ehhhhh maybe Sabine would have been last, she would have probably shot me if I had tried to talk to her.). After what had happened I did not want people to see me. I felt embarrassed, horrified, and beaten. I had shown weakness, and what kind of person I could be. “I took a lightsaber to chest and was healed by some wired red creepy sith like thing, so yeah I am fine.” He smirked as I smiled back at him “It’s not anything to do with the force…. its…. just something beyond that….” My smile disappeared as he took the seat next to me. “It’s a power no one will understand Bridger, not even your master.” Ezra sat in silence for a second then he turned toward me and put an arm on my shoulder. “I am sorry.” I looked up confused “For what? I “killed” you. I killed a whole lot of rebels and shot one six times.” Ezra faintly smiled “I let my anger get out of control. I should have never attacked you. I should have just let you explain yourself.” I stood in shock. Ezra Bridger apologized for attacking me. “Let me ask you question Ezra. How many times have you thought about the people you kill?” Ezra stared at me confused “What do you mean “thought about”?” I smirked at Ezra “Every stormtrooper, every officer, every person you have killed. I think about all the people I kill. I know people have a family that would miss them horribly, and sometimes I question if I even did the right thing. What about you? Have you ever thought in your quest from stop the Empire so no one goes through what you went through, you are instead do the opposite?” Ezra stares at me more confused “What do you mean?” I began to sit up as I sighed “Let me give you an example. Let’s say you guys destroy a small Imperial cruiser alright? You needed supplies so you blew the ship up and took them all. Let’s assume a husband and wife are on board that ship. They took a job in the Empire just so they could make money and see the galaxy. They had a son. The son finds out his parents die in battle against you. What you get Ezra, is another you. An Orphan who wants to take his vengeance against the organization who killed his parents. Look at Gideon Hask, he is basically an Imperial version of you. Both his parents, killed in a bombing by rebels, Ezra and look where it took him.”  Ezra sat long and hard finally processing what I was trying to teach him “I guess…. Wow….I never really thought of it like that…..” My point had been made. “Anyways let’s change the subject. So…uhhhh is Sabine still pissed at me?” I ask scratching the back of my head. He chuckled “Ehhhh…She is not going to kill you at least. She is honestly happier I am alive then anything. I think though she will probably side with Hera when it comes to killing you.” I sighed but then smirked “Well I assume she was going to kill me. After all, she clearly likes you.” Ezra’s eyes snap up “Wait what did she say about me while I was “dead”?” I looked at Ezra and flashed a great huge grin, but slowly as I spoke it just change to a faint smile. “Well when I had struck you she was the first at your side. When you finally were confirmed dead, she screamed at me.  Sabine picked up your lightsaber then tried to kill me. she then said while we were fighting that she loved you and that I was going to die for what I had done.” Ezra and I sat in silence for a few minutes but then grinned “I knew it.” He said “she was always into me.” I chuckled as we spoke for a few more minutes, but then he left me again alone.
As I awoke the next day I was greeted by The Betrayer who was in the appearance of what I would describe as a 20th century mobster. He told me that he is connected to me and is going to help me get out of the mess I was in without killing. I told him I did not want his help and to get fucked, but he just grinned. Then he vanished. I decided to clean myself up a little before putting my pilot outfit back. When I was done most of my facial hair except my amazing sideburns. After I had something to eat and drink, the ramp of the ship had been reopened. Time for my trial I sighed. I got up from the cock pit seat with my helmet under my arm, my TL-50 on my back, my DL-44 holster, my Walkman on my hip and the Darksaber clipped on my other hip. I took a deep breath as I prepared to open the cockpit door. If anything goes wrong… I. Am. Fucked. I told myself as opened the door. I was greeted by Del with his helmet on and Ezra. “Morning” I said with a faint smile. “Hey Aidan. Listen…. We are going to need you to turn over your weapons…. It’s just a safety precaution everyone agreed to…” Del said. I nodded as I handed him my TL-50. He took it and holster his blaster pistol he was carrying. I also gave Del the Darksaber which he attached to his hip. Ezra took my pistol and baton and put them in a pouch on his pants. “In addition, we also need to keep weapons trained on you on the way there…. And we need to put handcuffs on you…. It’s not our call Aidan…sorry.” Ezra said in response. As he pointed his pistol at me. “Don’t be, I understand, but I am keeping my Walkman.” Del moved in front of me and put some sort of Star Wars electronic handcuffs on me. I looked down at them and smiled faintly. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” I said as I pressed play on my Walkman. Ezra smirked as he motions with his pistol for me to move. The song was “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads and being me, I nodded my head to the beat as I began marching. As I enter the gates of Winterfell, I was greeted with guards holding crossbows and Arya Stark. She joined our group marching forward with her hand on her sword. The further we moved in the more people armed I saw, but I did see two young females staring at me. I winked at them which caused one asshole with a crossbow to shout some not so nice things at me. It was rather silent except for the music which was fantastic. As the song ended I had reached the door of the main hall. Ezra moved to flank me on my right while Del kept aim on me. “So, what exactly is this supposed to be? A trial? A sentencing? An interrogation? Execution?” I asked jerking a bit at my handcuffs. Arya stepped toward the door with one hand on it. “It’s really up to the everyone inside to decided your fate. Best not to piss off anyone else.” Arya then pushed against the door as I took a deep breath. “Wait.” I heard a voice call out. Arya, Del, Ezra and I turned to find Samwell pushing Bran in his wheelchair. Bran was clenching something in his hand. “Come here for a moment, Aidan. I need to tell you something.” Bran said as I nodded. I leaned down as I moved close to him. He then handed me a strange metal object “You will know when to use this. Your master gave it to me.” I then paused for a second as I looked at Bran who smiled faintly. My Master? Does he mean…. The Betrayer…hmmmm… What are you up to now? I took it and nodded. I place it in my pocket as I then returned to where Arya was. “Alright, here we go.” Arya said as she opened the door.
I enter into the main hall hearing not a sound. Arya, Samwell and Bran moved to the right while Del, and Ezra followed me with weapons still trained on me. Daenerys was sat at the far end at a table with Jon, Jorah, Tyrion, Sansa, Bigby(who was popping a smoke), and Snow. Gather around the general area were the other members Phenoix Squadron, Thrawn, Iden, Hask, Daryl, Missandei, Jamie, Bronn, and a few random northern lords. I just kept walking down as people either looked at me or ready weapons. About a few feet in front of the main table area as things seemed to ease down. Del at this point removed his helmet and set my TL-50 on a table. Ezra put my helmet also on the table but kept my other stuff. They then backed off but still held weapons at the ready. Daenerys then stood up and folded her arms in front of her. “Lord Aidan, you were once a valuable respected ally and a friend. You came here seeking out your beloved, but you were caught in a war you did not even need to fight in. You have been an excellent advisor and a respectable person. From advising on military tactics, from not breaking your oath to me at the Parlay at Kingslanding, you have been a key member of this war. However, following you and Jon Snow’s return from a far beyond world, you have change. Change is not a bad thing I mind adding, but the changes you have gone through have caused…. Issues. When you return you had eyes of fire, built up anger and rage, almost started a conflict between new and old allies, but the most disturbing of all is the “Abilities” you have displayed that some of the people here consider a “Threat” to my rule, to the safety of my subordinates, and possibly beyond that. We are here today, Aidan to decided what we shall do with you. Everyone in this room current spent the previous day arguing for you or against you. After concluding the previous day, we decided it was best you be given a chance to defend yourself. You have after all been a respected servant of me for a while, and this is the least I can do to repay you for your troubles.” She took a seat as she motioned for me to speak. I sighed looked down at the handcuffs and frowned. “Are these really required? You have weapons pointed at me from all sides. One wrong move, I die. So please remove these before they permanently damage my hands.” Daenerys sighed as she looked around the room. “Fine.” She said as Del came in front of me removing the handcuffs. “Thanks, feels better.” I said feeling my wrists. “I guessing it’s my turn to speak?” Daenerys nods and motions for me to begin my defense.
 “Look guys, I get it. I step out of line. If you really view me as a danger then by all means feel free to just execute me. I mean look….. I have been having a rough couple of days okay? Also, since this is a trial can I get an Attorney?” I sigh with a faint smile as people looked at me perplexed. “let’s make this a little more professional. We will have people come up and argue in support of or against Lord Aidan. From there we decided his fate.” Tyrion said as people nodded in agreement. I grinned “I have a better idea. Del, does the ID10 still have the footage it recovered?” Del looked at me with wide eyes. “Aidan, are you sure it’s wise?” Iden then sighed “He helped us, so were going to help him Agent Meeko. I will go retrieve the files.” Iden then walked out to go retrieve the files. I then turned to see more confused faces. “So, you guys deserve the full truth. When Jon and I got the location of a way out we found a base. This base was some sort of prison and weapons testing center run by members of the Rebellion. Its best to see the footage yourself of why I did what I did. We found Inferno Squadron in the prison section along with Thrawn. We broke them out and escaped in that shuttle we came here in. We somehow came back here after a storm sent us here.” Sabine folded her arms “It was not a prison, it was an outpost that rebel high command had established. It was run by high command and by the elites in the rebellion. The work there was classified to us is for security since Imperial moles are everywhere. Your lying.” Just then Iden walks in “He is not lying; your people are lying to You.” She then orders the droid to begin. The droid makes a series of bleeps and bloops and then lands in the center of the room. “Begin replaying recordings” Iden commands as the droid moves its head to begin playing. This also was not a hologram but instead a video display for all to see. It showed me infiltrating the base and show the massacre of all the Imperial Cadets. Iden then orders for recording two to begin playing, which shows a man and woman being psychosocially torture, by three rebel officers (or at least I think they were officers). The officers threaten to rape the woman and also gouge out the man’s eyes. The man tells them to go fuck themselves, which they respond by stabbing him in one of his eyes with a shard of glass. The woman started crying and the officers then took them away as the recording ended. “There’s more if you would like to see why Aidan did what he did. If not then let’s just say that maybe you all better think about how guilty he must feel for not saving those children.” Iden said as the recording finished. Ezra was completely shocked at what he had seen. (in fact, most people were shock as well) Ezra was just speechless. Sabine looked confused and uncomfortable. Hera just looked on with a face that showed no emotion. “Bullshit. This is can’t be what people in the rebellion were doing. We… would never do something like this.” I then gave a faint smile as I looked at him. “Ezra, war brings out the best and worse in people on all sides of the battlefield. There can be good and evil on all sides. Evil rebels, good rebels, good Imperials, and evil Imperials. Its War Ezra. If you can’t accept that then maybe look for who the real enemy is. Other than that, I rest my case. So, can I go now?” Daenerys stood up from her seat. “No, we still have more questions, and we need to know if we can trust you.” I sighed as each of the main people at the table began asking questions such as why I freed the Inferno Squadron, why I hired the Golden Company, and what happened immediately after the portal was sealed with Jon and I on the other side. I answer them all fairly and justly and Jon confirmed certain responses for me. “Again, is this really needed?” I say because honestly these questions. Daenerys replied with yes and finally it was Jorah’s turn to ask a question. “Lord Aidan, you know a lot don’t you now?” I nodded as he smiles faintly. “So, tell me this, how is it you know so much information about everyone in this room? You clearly know peoples secrets, lies, and plans, so how you know this?” I froze up a bit as people in the room leaned in to listen. Shit, Aidan. What do you do? I told myself as Jorah repeated the question again. Then I heard the voice of The Betrayer. Follow my instructions and I will bail you out of this. Left with no choice I listen to what he had to say and decided it was my only option. “Well? Do you have an answer?” Daenerys asked a little annoyed. I took a deep breath and then began. “Amazing Grace, how sweet the song, that saved a wrench like me, I once was lost but now I am found.” People were confused but as I finished ‘Am Found’ I closed my eyes. “Was blind, but now…. I see.” As I open my eyes the room was filled with shock. I felt no longer in control as My voice spoke in a deep tone. “He is no threat to you, the boy cares for you all.” What had happened was I let the Betrayer take control for a second which changed the eyes from flaming red to flaming green. Then just like that I closed my eyes, and took a breath. Back to normal. “What the fuck was that?” Bigby said dropping a cigarette in shock. I smirked. “A little help from a friend.”
After a bit of awkwardness, people went forward yo testified for or against me. All in all, the people who testified against me were Grey Worm, Sansa Stark, A few Northern lords, Jorah Mormont, Hera Syndulla, and Varys. The people who defended me were Arya Stark, Iden Veriso, Thrawn, Jon Snow, Ser Davos Seaworth, Bigby, Daryl, and Ezra Bridger. When Ezra testified it sort of was interesting seeing Hera, Zeb, Kanan, and Sabine react. Afterwards I was given another chance to speak. “Does not matter really what you say, your dead anyway.” Said Jorah. A Northern Lord then yelled an insult and some tension grew in the room. I decided maybe it was time to let off steam. What I realized it be best to mimic Daenerys speech from when she and Jon first met. “I was not born here. In fact, I was born in a further off land. However, I have been working with you, Daenerys, since you first landed on Dargonstone. Of course, that is irrelevant, but was is relevant is that I have tried my best to help your rule. Funny thing is that this anger many people. I made enemies. Some of those enemies are in this room right now, and some I don’t even know if they are my enemy. Some of them are your best advisors. Jorah for instance, what a loyal one indeed. Too loyal if you ask me. Why would I have considered him too loyal? Well I mean conspiring with people in Winterfell, Kings landing, and Dragonstone in order to hire a faceless man to come and kill me and then planting evidence framing someone like Cerci or Jon Snow is way too loyal if you ask me. I mean some of the people he worked with are in this very room. Some did it for their own gain and others just did not like me, or some wanted an excuse to kill me and possibly Jon Snow and take control of the North.” I paused as people wide eyed and turned heads. Jorah was still as a fucking stone. I saw anger across the faces of almost everyone. “Of course, I don’t care about that stupid letter anymore. I never really did after I first saw it, so I gave these people a break since people make mistakes, and I give second chances. Now what’s more important is my story. Daenerys you were shamed, betrayed, raped, defiled and yet through all of that you came out on top, yet look at me. I spent my time in this foreign land with all sorts of things, people, and places trying to kill me, I have been beaten down, tortured, and Threaten. I have seen wonders and terrors beyond your imagination. I watched people die, and children burned and shot at. I watch war rage and its effects on all. I killed an innocent boy and lost the woman I love, only for them to comeback from a force we cannot understand. I fought monsters, men, and demons. I have not risen up in triumph, but I have fallen to defeat over and over again. The only reason I still am alive is because I need to be there for my friends, my family, and the weak. You can kill me if you want, but just remember everything I did, I did for my friends, and my family. I rest my case, bitches.” I then crossed my arms as I stepped back. Daenerys look at me sighed. Julie eyed me, with her restless stare. I felt bad for her having to go through this shit but she really didn’t have a choice. Whispers were among various people then a knock on the main hall door turned it back to silence.
In came a young man. He quickly walked past me and turned to Jon Snow. “Lord Snow, more people have arrived. One of them is the Red Witch. She spoke with me in private and wishes to speak at the meeting in defense of Ser Aidan as well as bring in her two companions.” Davos, Jon, and I exchanged looks. “I presuming you want to execute her Lord Snow as you advise her if she were to comeback up here.” Davos said to Jon. Jon sighed “Ser Davos with all due respect I can understand why you want her dead, but if she here to defend Aidan, who I don’t think she has ever met, then something is wrong. We will hear her out and if she is just playing us, then I will deal with her myself.” Jon nodded off the messenger. I looked at Jon. “She doesn’t talk to me until I know why she is really here. I am putting on my helmet to hide my face. Based on what Gendry told me I don’t think this is a good idea.” I said as I placed my helmet back on. “Everyone just pretend I am just a random soldier.” I said as some people nodded. Ezra then walked up to me and held out his hand. “Here, in case things go wrong.” It was the Darksaber I nodded as I took it and clipped it on my belt. “Okay bring them in.” Daenerys order as Grey Worm and some guards march out to bring in the guests.
There was silence for a good two to three minutes as some people ready their weapons. We didn’t know who these two people with Melisandre were so we were a little nervous. Daryl stood next to me as he joked about it possibly being two random hippies high on weed. The guards who were sent out to retrieve them walked in first. People raised their weapons as Melisandre emerge. Her two companions hid behind the guards. “Your grace.” Melisandre said as she bowed her head in respect. Daenerys and Melisandre then engage in a conversation that was in a different language. The conversation seemed to have disturb Daenerys as she looked upset. However, as Melisandre was about say something to Jon, one of the companions of Melisandre spoke. “Daryl?” He called out. Daryl and I paused and look at each other. The figure emerged with both a cowboy style hat and some wrapping around his eye carrying a M16(or possibly a M4, hard to tell them apart) with one those holographic sights and a grip. “Holy shit! Carl!” Daryl and Carl Grimes hugged as I stood shocked (still had my helmet on). “They all thought you were dead, but I knew you weren’t dead. Your tough as fuck to kill.” Carl said smiling. They spoke for a few seconds as Daryl introduce Bigby and Snow. However, Carl Grimes would be the one to open the next chapter of this story. “Carl this is Daenerys and Julie.” Daryl said as Carl stood before them. Instead of introducing himself he gets complete confused. “No, that’s no possible….” Julie speaks first, but I could tell Dany and Julie were confused. “I am sorry?” Carl was still confused. “I thought you both were dead…” Everyone in the room was now confused and rightfully so. Carl backed up. “Yeah I know. It was when we were the cave and those two jerks chose to let you two died by being gassed to death.” Julie and Daenerys are rightfully unconfutable at this point. Carl then looked toward the other figure. “Lara are these the same two women we saw in the caves?” I paused for a second in confusion myself. Lara? I don’t know any walking dead characters name Lara. I then was shocked to see a woman emerge. “They’re the same people…. We…. thought you died in the caves.” Holy Shit I told myself as I saw the woman take off a cloak. This woman was Lara Fucking Croft. The outfit under the coat was the same one from the games (IE: Rise of the Tomb Raider winter outfit thing), she had her two pistols and the Bow and quiver. She was the same attractive kick ass British Tomb Raider I knew.) “Something is not right” Lara said as she spoke to Carl. Just then Ezra Emerge from the back saying that something clearly was not right in a sarcastic remark. However, this is when things took a turn for the worse. Ezra, instead of being frowned at by everyone was met with both Lara Croft and Carl Grimes pointing guns at him. Ahhh Shit.
Just like last time people began pointing guns, swords, and various things at people. “No, you’re supposed to be dead.” Carl said with his hands shaking as he pointed the gun at Ezra. Daryl starts talking to him, but then Lara Croft jumps in. “How does anyone in this room trust these two? Do you not remember what they did to you and Daenerys, Julie?” She points at Ezra and Sabine. “What are you talking about? We never met you before.” Sabine said as she kept her blaster trained on Lara Croft. Me, still having my helmet on got in the middle of them. “Hold on here ladies. Let’s be civil. Lara what do you mean Daenerys, Julie, Ezra, and Sabine are supposed to be dead?” Before Lara could answer Carl spoke. “Julie’s boyfriend, and the Queen’s servant, Aidan killed Ezra and Sabine. He was our friend, and these two ruined his life. They took two of the most important people from him and ruined his life. He died saving out lives.” Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing “What do you mean ‘Ruined his life’?” I asked since they still did not know it was me. At this point I held that stupid metal thing in my hand, fidgeting with it. “Aidan saved us and we sort of went on a crazy adventure with him. He is the reason we are still alive.” Carl said as I looked confused. “Well… then something is not right here.” I said as I started to remove my helmet. “I don’t remember anything either of you just mentioned.”
 “Aidan!” Carl and Lara said at the same time. They were shocked to see me, but I was confused as to how they knew me. “Yes, that’s my name. Now how do you know me?” I said as I kept a hand on the Darksaber. They both looked confused. “Do you really don’t remember what happened?” Lara Croft asked as she holster her pistols. “Amnesia maybe?” Carl said as he lowered pistol. “After all he did take a beating.” Lara sighed “If he is suffering Amnesia then that only explains him not remembering us, but that does not explain why Julie, Sabine, Daenerys, and Ezra are still alive.” Everyone one was just confused now. I placed my helmet along with that wired metal thing on a table. Melisandre then slowly stepped towards me. “Perhaps the power of the lord’s light can give us the answer. Let me feel your hand Ser Aidan.” I reluctantly let her feel my hand. She sighed “Pain. All I feel is the pain of a man who thinks he can save everyone. How sad that he feels that he is not worthy of being here. You disappoint me.” I generally did not know how to respond. “Nice try Melisandre, but unless you can do the same thing with someone else and proof your ‘God’ exist I am not buying your shit.” Melisandre frowned as she turned to look at everyone else. “Choose one person. The red god will tell me what they feel.” I started to laugh, but then stop when she showed she was being serious. “Fine. Del, buddy, you’re up.” I said with a grin. He chuckled “Fine, let’s get this over with.” Melisandre walked over to him in a rather quiet manner. She reached for his hand and took a second to feel it. She only took a second to give a response. “Love, you feel love.” Del chuckled while everyone looked confused. “Yeah general unselfish love for my squamates. They are like family to me.” Melisandre smiled “No, Romantic Sexual Love-” Del quickly responded with a series of “What no no no What ar--…” however Melisandre interrupted him “For Her.” She pointed directly at Iden Veriso. This was fucking hilarious. “What no NO NO. She is my commanding officer! That as to be…. That is Bull-” It was too late. I burst out laughing. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!! ITS TRUE! I FUCKING KNEW IT!” Gideon joined in laughing as everyone looked at me and him. We were laughing our asses off. Iden was pissed. Del just decided to put his helmet back on to avoid further humiliation. Gideon and I eventually stopped laughing as awkward silence insured. Iden then order Gideon to no longer speak unless spoken to. I grinned as she just facepalm looking at me. I shrugged smirking knowing she is not in charge of me.
“You must have suffered memory lost, Lord Aidan.” Melisandre said has should took steps toward me. She reached out for my hand and I indulge. “I see gaps in your memories.” I was not really interested in what Melisandre said at all. “Sure, you do, and I am actually a secret Targaryan Bastard who has the power to make heads go boom with my mind.” I replied sarcastically. Melisandre sighed “Can you not take this seriously?” I just smirked as various people rolled their eyes. Lara decided to get things rolling. “Carl, go get the box.” Carl just nodded and went out to retrieve a wooden box. He carried it in and it was obvious it was heavy. “If you are suffering from a type of amnesia, then we need to see if we can make you remember. This is some stuff we collected that might help trigger your memory.” Lara said as she motioned for me to move toward the box.
I sighed as I place my helmet next to me as I opened the box. The box contained various objects, trinkets, and weapons. The first thing I picked up was a Indian Jones style whip. The thing was that it felt familiar. “It feels familiar” I said. I opted not to crack the whip. I instead I set the whip on my hip and continued looting. One item was some sort of Bandana that was worn, which made me think of John Fucking Rambo. The real fun however began when I found a SPAZ 12 in the box, with its stock that you could flip back and forth. Edge in on the side of the gun was the words Close Encounters which ironically describes both my combat and love life. Despite it being Semi-Automatic I checked the pump to see what kind of shells it held. They were label as Dragon Breath which meant they were incendiary shells. (And just like everyone else’s weapons they had wired symbol that granted unlimited ammo). Some people asked about it and so I answer a few questions. Lucky it came with one of those straps which means you can carry it on your back so I just mounted it over my shoulder. I eventually saw a wired metal hilt with a red wire. Pulling at it I loosen it, I came to realize what it was. The object was the “cross guard” Lightsaber of Kylo “Emo” Ren. This then gave me the brightest of ideas.  Standing up and walking back a few feet some people looked at me confused. “What’s wrong?” ask Ezra as he stood next to me. I then decided to try and use the force. I reached out with my hand and tried to concentrate. “You do realize you can’t just tap into the force.” Ezra said chuckling. I then smirked as I reached for my whip. “Your right Ezra, I can’t, but I could always do this.” I then cracked the whip so it grabbed the Lightsaber and flung it into the air. I then grab it with one hand and smirked as I clipped my whip back on my belt. I then ignited the lightsaber. It was definitely Emo Ren’s lightsaber, because of that fiery color thing and the cross guard. Everyone just stood still as I moved it around feeling it out. “Well, now I can duel wield.” As I began to examine the blade I felt it ripped from my hand. “I have seen this before, on Malachor.” Ezra said turning off the blade a feeling it. “It’s a rather ancient design, often used by the first people who used said weapons.” I said chuckling at Ezra looking confused. “The million-dollar question is where the hell did I get that.” I walked back over to crate to find just more random stuff like water bottles, shell casings, some books and notes. Ultimately nothing kicked started my memory, Yet.
“Lara we are running out of options here. If he still cannot remember with this crap then what will make him remember?” Carl asked a little hint of frustration. Lara stood for second thinking. Quickly however she snapped her finger. “I have got one more thing.” Lara says as she pulls out a small bag tied at the top. She then opens that bad and pulls out something wrapped up in cloth. “Here, if this will not make you remember Aidan, then I don’t know what will.” She hands it off to me as I take it in my hands. “What is this?” I asked feeling it. “Open it, and you should remember at least I hope you will. For our sakes.” Lara said. I carefully began to unwrap the cloth. It was starting to glow more. Eventually I finally unwrapped it to fully reveal some sort of red crystal. “It’s, beautiful.” I said smiling. “What’s it fo-.” As soon as I said this the crystal glowed really bright red and then shot out of my hand. “WATCH IT!” Bigby yelled as the crystal traveled through the air. The crystal then struck against the strange metal thing that Bran gave me. It basically then attached together to the metal thing with the sharp end of the crystal sticking out. “Everyone alright?” Jon asked as people moved cautiously away from the crystal. “Was it meant to do that?” I asked Lara. She shook her head shocked as I started to move toward the table slowly. “I am going to pick it up.” I said as I started to reach for it. Everyone stood back tense and weapons at the ready. I then slowly reached out and grabbed the crystal.
I can’t remember exactly what the hell it felt like, but I do remember one thing. As soon as I held it for a few seconds I jumped. Right fucking next to me was The Betrayer. I basically stubbled back and fell on the floor as I grabbed my gun. All he did was smirk and pointed at the crystal. He motions for me to stab my arm as I looked at it. Well fuck I thought. Then he tells me to first go back to shuttle and find “my old stuff” before disappearing into some wired shadowy smoke. I was the only one to see him of course. So, when I get out of the wired trance, Julie was shaking me awake. “Aidan? Aidan what’s wrong?” She kept saying. I got up feeling dizzy and I mean really dizzy. Julie was still shaking me. I stood up and looked around. I then went over to the table where my helmet was. I picked it up and put it on. “I need to go back to the shuttle.” I said. As I was walking away Julie grabbed my hand. “Aidan, you can’t just run off.” I looked at her a sighed. “I have to its important. Please just trust me.” she sighed then nodded. As her hand slipped out of mine Daenerys spoke my name. “You cannot go alone.” I sighed irritated that I am stuck having to not be trusted. “Fine, Ezra, Carl, you guys can come with me.” I picked up my helmet as I moved out. Ezra tossed me my DL-44 as he nodded off to me. “Make sure he does not try any of his shenanigans. And Ezra, don’t try any of your shenanigans.” Hera said crossing her arms. Ezra just smirked and nodded. So, we went off for another bat-shit crazy thing.
So, I went back to the shuttle. Ezra and Carl stay outside to make sure I don’t try escape and also to make sure no one tries to kill me. So, as I enter the ship I for some reason felt a suddenly drawn back to the cargo hold. I then felt the presence of The Betrayer. His presence led me to a box. I don’t remember what the box looks like but when I crack it open, surprise, surprise, there was stuff for me. Two hand guns, (not blasters but a frag pistols with detachable silencers), a scoped M16 with a flashlight, laser sight, and grenade launcher on it (The strange symbol on all weapons of course. Also came with a detachable silencer.), a jacket (somewhat Star lord style? Or maybe it was grey trench coat like?), gauntlet with bounty hunter style gear (wrist rocket? Definitely had a flamethrower as I remember), A Pipboy 3000, A bandana, Boots, cleaner cloths, some bandages, a med kit and dust (lots of it). I then moved the box into the refresher(bathroom/shower) to change. Not I don’t remember if I washed my hands before or after I change but do remember doing so. So, I changed out of the Tie Fighter Pilot Uniform and hung it up on a rack. (I was in just a shirt and long pants that were from the box. Kept the Holsters though) So then slowly I put on all this crap starting with the gauntlet thing. Next was the boots, then the jacket which I used to hold the DL-44 while the other two holsters held the other pistols (no such thing as too many guns). Next, I turned on the Pipboy and it display my “Stats”. Then I tied the bandana on to my head. Felt pretty good on my head. I proceeded to looked at the bandages and remember something from either Rocky or Creed. I took them and wrapped bandages around my knuckles as I turned on my Walkman, placed the headphones on my head and listen to some music. I then looked at the pistols for a bit then placed them in the holsters. I then spent the next few minutes looking at this beautiful rifle in my hands, but as I was viewing it in its glory something happens. “Hello there.” A female voice calls out spooking me. I turn to her and give her a nice and simple greeting. “What are you doing?” She asked getting a little closer, I politely told her it was private thing to which she smirked. “Can I help you?” I asked as she kept creeping closer and closer. She smirked “Death Claims us all, Aidan.” Before I could respond a knife was drawn and with me completely off guard she stabs the knife deep into the right eye and along the original scar. My first reaction was a couple F bombs as a I went “ARAHHHHHHH! FUCKKKKKK!” The woman smirked then walked away leaving me dripping blood into the sink.
I kept cruising as I looked in the mirror at the damage. The bitch had decided to leave the Knife in my fucking eye (Hurt like the fucking dickens). My first reaction was to calm myself as I reached for the ever so convenient med kit in the box. Within about a couple minutes I had removed the knife and was wrapping bandaging around the area (I had used the Darksaber to partially cauterize some of it). It looked Similar to Carl’s when his eye got fucked up or the Governor before the eye patch. I was lucky enough to be relatively clean and most of the blood was in the sink in the refresher. I then realized I was dizzy and felt weak. Sitting against a wall I screamed for help. The bandages held most of the blood and I had cleaned the wound as best I could, but It was a lot of blood I lost. Ezra and Carl showed up pretty quickly and were shocked at the site they saw. They asked if they should go get help, but I opted for them to help me get back to the meeting. They asked what happened and I explained it as both claim they saw no women enter or leave the ship. They then asked more questions about the Stuff and I answer quickly. Ezra then took my rifle gave it to carl and Ezra helped me up. Ezra help me walk with my arm wrapped around his shoulder. “You can make it right?” He asked as he saw how much pain I was in. “I can do this.” And so, I did. We walked over to the door as he sighed. “Things only get worse, do they?” He said with a faint smile as I grinned slightly.
“Oh, what now- Oh shit” Bigby said as he saw Ezra carrying me. I was weak, very weak. “Help…” I said faintly as I felt like I was going to pass out. “What the fuck?” Daryl said. The look on Julie’s face said it all. “Get him in a chair, Now.” Daenerys said as Jon grabbed a chair and sat me near a table I could lean on. Julie grabbed a cup of water and handed it to me. “Thanks.” I was still pretty weak but it helped. She was kneeling next to me holding my hand. “Your squeezing it a little too hard.” I said with a slight grin. She slightly smiled but then I fell out of the chair in panic when I saw the Betrayer behind her. Again no one could see him…yet so it was. He pointed again at the stupid fucking crystal and motion for me to jam it in my wrist. When I was out of that moment. I started to stand up as I grabbed the Crystal. Everyone was confused. On the table I rested my right arm (pretty sure it was my right) on it. I grabbed a rag or some cloth. “This is going to suck.” I said “I need some help.” Julie knew what I was about to do and she freaked. “Have you lost your god damn mind Aidan?!” I smirked in response. No one wanted to help. Then a sigh came from Daenerys “I’ll help.” She gets up as walks over. “Once I put this rag in my mouth, Stab me in the arm with the Crystal. Once it’s in my arm let go of it and step back.” She looked a little concerned but she nodded in agreement. I shoved the rag in my mouth so I would not scream like a bitch and so I could also bite down on it when I feel pain. Daenerys gripped the crystal rather roughly and raised it up with both hands. “I am sorry, this is going to hurt.” She said as I nodded. Then she counted down. “3…2…1…I am sorry.”
I would be lying if I said getting stabbed by the crystal did not. The rag help censored about fifty F bombs. When Daenerys had stabbed me with the crystal it was just as I said. The crystal itself started to glow red more as it was busy doing something. I then heard a whisper of the Betrayer tell me to pull out the crystal. “ARAHHHAHAHAH!!!! Pull it out of my fucking arm! Jesus Christ!” I said spitting out the rag. Daenerys quickly pulled it out of my arm which hurt like a crock of shit. I collapse a for a bit as Daenerys started to shake me to stay conscious. It worked and she then handed me the crystal. “What was the point of that?” Daryl grumbled. Julie came over and wiped my face after seeing the pain I was in. I had put my body under so much Stress that like Jesus in the Garden, I had sweat blood. I then looked at the crystal. In short it had a blood like color with what I thought was my blood inside. I got up still sweating blood and her the Betrayer’s voice again. “Throw it in the middle of the Room but get all the Northern Lords dismissed.” I looked around the room seeing many freaked out Northern Lords. “All you Northern Lords are dismissed. The Queen of Dragons and Lord Snow along with their advisors can stay.” Just like that my voice made them all hightailed it out of there. When the Last Northern Lord left I smirked. “Aidan, what are you doing?” Julie said approaching me cautiously. I backed up and grinned one of my signature grins. “Clearing my Name.” I said weak from all the blood. I then tossed in front of everyone. There was an awkward silence. Then the thing shined bright and then proceeded to project something. It displays a picture of me before changing to a “scene.” It opens up with me and Jon meeting the old man and then him sending me into the cave. Then it goes through the whole meeting between me and the Betrayer except I got to see a gory and violent burning of my eyes out of their sockets. A lot of blood and Seeing the fire in my eyes did not help me. However, it ends with the Betrayer walking over to me and saying to my unconscious body something about sacrifices. The crystal then ends the scene and everyone looks at me.
I just look around at horrified faces. I looked back at the crystal then I took one look around the room. Well, this is going to be problematic I thought to myself with a sigh. “…Aidan….” Julie’s voice sounded completely shocked. I for some reason smirk “Sacrifices had to be made.” Her face turned pale white as she walked closer to me. “Why?... Why would you… torture yourself? I… don’t know what to say…” I just sighed. “I did what I had to do. It was the only way.” She then grabbed my hand rather tightly. “At what cost? What is wrong with you? are you even……You’re not the same boy I use to know….” That struck hard and cold like a dagger in the back. I just sighed with a faint smile “Sometimes you need to change. In this world you adapt, or you die. Everything I did was to keep my friends safe.” Then a voice shock across the room “So you burned out your own eyes just for… us?” It was Daryl. I turned to him and smiled “It was the right call.” Daryl looked at me, but then nodded. “The right call? You put yourself at risk. Do you even know what sort of ‘power’ it gave you even is? Can you even control it?” It was Daenerys this time stand with her hands folded walking forward. Eventually it was just question after question about this rapidly. Asking about controlling power, why I shouldn’t die, should I be exiled, what was I thinking, blah blah blah until in anger I kicked the crystal again. Then the crystal started to glow again. “Ahhh shit.”
The crystal display another “scene.” However, this one wasn’t not something I had remembered. I then started to remember. Now everyone get yourself strapped in for another long ass part (I will be speaking in first person for consistency). I wake up feeling sick with my right arm chained to a rock wall in some cave/underground base. Barley clothed in fact almost naked. I looked around in this dark room with little light. I then felt around face. I could still see I was not blind. I felt relieved inside knowing I wasn’t fucked over. So, I looked next to me and found a rock. Using said rock I broke my chains. After freeing myself I began to stroll through this underground complex. On the way I found clothes (the clothes I am currently wearing at this point in the dream I “watching this scene”). Changing out I also found the holsters, the wired gauntlets and the guns. Using the AR, I began doing standard room clearing training. I then reached a locked door. Shooting the lock, I enter a room with a couple skeletons. In the dead center on rack of weapons was The Darksaber. I retrieved it for myself but on the way out I step on one of the skeletons. He appeared to be a scientist (except now he is dead), and he must have been dead for a while. On his arm however was a Pipboy. Being me, I picked it up. I turned it on and it loaded like the one in Fallout 4. Then it displayed my stats, Strength was 5, Perception 7, Endurance 6, Charisma 10, Intelligence 7, Agility 5, and Luck of 10. Then it displayed my “perks”. I had Lady Killer (IE: I can Charm Women easily and kill them quickly), Bloody mess (people tear into pieces), fortune finder (find more shit), Intimidation (scare people into surrender), and Rifleman (good with rifles). While viewing this “Scene” I looked at Julie and she rolled her eyes. Daenerys had a similar reaction. After picking up and organizing all my shit, I went back to clearing room to room. I then heard some noises and stumbled into a dark room. I notice as I walked in I had stepped on a chain. “Hello? Anyone alive?” I raised my rifle and turned on the flashlight after hearing some groans. The light shined on a leg. Moving slowly up I eveutally angled up to a face. It was a boy with a Cowboy. “Jesus Christ could you not shine the light in my fucking face?” He said. I then realized it was Carl Grimes. “Sorry, my friend.” I said as I kneeled next to him. “Are you alright?” He tugged on his chain “Aside from being chained up, I am totally fine.” I finally decided to ask to at least confirm it was him. “Are you by any chance Carl Grimes?” He looked at me with confusion. “How do you know my name?” I smirked. “I am friend of Daryl, Daryl Dixion.” He looked at me shocked. “Daryl’s alive? Of course, he is! Where is he?” I sighed “We were separated but we can find our way to him. Don’t worry. Now let’s get you out of these chains.” I pulled out the Darksaber and decided to use it to cut the chain. “What the hell is that?” Carl said as I ignited the Darksaber. “It’s called the Darksaber, it’s basically a laser sword. It can cut through a lot of stuff.” I said as I cut the chain around his arm. After he got up he walked over to the other side of the cell and picked up a pistol and Rifle that were laying there. “Ready to go?” he said. “I will lead the way Carl. Watch my back, my friend.” And so, we went off.
Of course, the Crystal shows brief moments of us of the long time Carl and I wonder the cave. Then it cut to some point a day or two later in time. In that time Carl and I got to know each other, but I did not tell Carl much about Westeros and the Dragons and all the crazy shit. I just said we had allied with two Rulers in a war. He said that he went out on his own searching for Daryl after feeling enrage that no one went after him. It also showed us briefly fighting some sort of military dudes/mercenary types.  So, the point it cuts to is when we enter a large room that looked like a lab of sorts built into the cave. “What the hell is this place?” Carl asked. “I don’t know but keep your eyes peal. We already ran into trouble earlier, and we could get some more.” We do a room clearing. Then Carl and I met near some terminals. We were behind the terminals. I directed him to flank left while I flanked right. “1…2…3!” Then we both flanked with our guns drawn. What we saw instantly shocked us. On the floor was a woman. This woman was Lara Croft. Carl doesn’t know who she is so to him it’s just a hot woman on the floor. I ran over to check. “Is she dead?” Carl asked. Knowing CPR both in the dream and in real life. I checked for Pulse or to see if she passed out. She had a pulse but was not breathing. “Okay got a pulse, but she isn’t breathing. Carl, see if this lab has a First aid kit or something. I going to try and revive her.” Doing one quick check over I notice no standard signs of problems or anything. No bleeding and no exterior injuries. I then started with the standard chest compressions. After I did the standard 30 Carl came back with a first aid kit. I sighed looking through it. Nothing of use. As I turned back to Croft, I sighed. Of course, I have to give her fucking mouth-to-mouth. It has to be that difficult. I motion for Carl to stand back. I then did 2 mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths. Nothing happened. I went back to chest compression and did 30 more. I sighed as Lara Croft still showed no signs of life. Unwilling to let someone die under my medical care I took a huge breath. Then I did two huge mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths. Not even fully done with the second one did she start moving.
When she opened her eyes her first instinct was to punch me in the face. Gave me a good bloody nose. “Oww… Woah… Hey come down. You all right?” I said giving her room to breathe. She was -wide-eyed and clear distraught. She looked at me and then at Carl. “Who are you and what do you want?” She asked coughing and getting her composure but drawing her signature pistol. I put my hands up and through my pistol away. She tried getting up but she was still recovering. Showing no harm, I stood up and helped her up into a chair nearby. “Okay let’s start over. Hi, my name is Aidan, and this is my friend Carl…. Are you Lara Croft? The Archeologist?” She lowered her pistol so its leveled at my stomach. “Yes, I am Lara Croft…. Why are you here? …and why did you save me?” I lowered my hands as Carl, who had raised his pistol lowered it. “We were locked up in cells. I got us out and we have been fighting our way through this shithole. We came in here and found you… so I saved you.” She looked at me with a faint smile. Then she tried getting up but felt too weak to stand up. I crouch next to her and handed her some food and water we have scavenge. “You need to rest.” I said as Carl moved closer. Lara Croft shook her head. “We have to get out of here. This cave we are in, its full of animals.” I looked confused “Animals? We have been finding Military looking dudes down here. They are well armed and each group is different from each other. Now we have animals to worry about? Ughh this keeps getting better by the minute.”

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