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  • You may not use any content from this mod without the permission of Corey or the original content creator. You can contact Corey at [email protected].
  • The Thrawn’s Revenge team is not responsible for any harm to you or your possessions.
  • Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm/Disney and Sins of a Solar Empire is the property of Stardock Entertainment. Thrawn’s Revenge is not affiliated with any of these companies.
  • No Bothans were harmed in the making of this mod.


As of the last major release:

The Thrawn's Revenge II Team:

  • Corey (Design Lead, Coding, Modeling, Texture Artist, Map Design)
  • OzWolf (UI Art)
  • Slevered (UI Art, Modeling, Texture Artist)
  • Davis (Modeling, Texture Artist)
  • Robin Nielson (Modeling, Texture Artist, Map Design)
  • Codeuser (GFX, Modeling, Texture Artist)
  • Kalo Shin (Modeling, Texture Artist)
  • Settra (Map Design)
  • Wildcat (Modeling)
  • Slornie (Organization)
  • Jinzor (Video Production, Modeling)

Former Members:

  • Kreaken (3D Modeling)
  • The_Farseer (3D Modeling, Texture Artist)


  • RC1290's Directional Shield Impact Shader (STAIII)
  • Aurebesh font by Pixel Sagas

Voice Actors:

  • UnassumingWhiteGuy
  • Gimrak
  • Lord Xizer
  • Tsmir
  • AstuteBiscuit
  • Cameron "Lord Hand"


  • TLMiller
  • Pali
  • Lord Xizer
  • Kucisdave
  • Timpedia
  • ThatOneBullet
  • Legion217
  • Nirukii
  • CaptainShack / TheXPGamers
  • Gul Dukat