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News, Dev Diaries & Announcements / Re: Imperial Civil War 2.3 Released - Steam Version
« Last post by Tsubodi on Today at 01:48:05 AM »
Really happy with 2.3 so far.
Just one thing I noticed whcih was strange and wondered if others had enountered the same problem.
I started an Essence of War campaign as the New Republic in Era 2.
After defeating Thrawn in Era 2, there was no "new construction options available" message. I played for a while and then noticed it had progressedto Era 4 again without any notification.
Here's the kicker though, whilst playing in Era 4 the Imperial Remnant invaded Generis and Palpatine himself landed and tore threw my garrison. Don't know how this is possible as he shouldn't be around in Era 4.
Anyone else encounter similar issues with era progession?
Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Megamaser tank nerfed too much?
« Last post by Zen-Ken Jamriil on July 15, 2019, 06:58:05 PM »
Is it just me or has the MMT been overly nerfed? I understand it was entirely too powerful before 2.3 and needed tweaking in ability or in price(both) but now it seems virtually useless. It's extremely slow moving, slow firing, short effective firing range, slow to track targets, has relatively low hp(enough to be destroyed easily by medium/heavy tanks), and is only one unit per group. I just had a lone T4-B appear of the FoW and immediately retreat, but in that time take out 3 of them with rockets and blasters. The MMTs couldnt even respond since they also are more prone to moving backwards now so the turret is facing away from oncoming enemies.

This is in addition to the Gilzean(Hands only effective heavy tank) being almost as slow and unable to be fixed by repair stations(bug?) so they will always be lost to attrition since they have no shields.

Maybe there is a purpose to this, but I just updated to 2.3 and started an EotH GC and their ground forces are painfully bad imo. Without mortars tanks with speeder bikes for spotting I would just spam units and take the losses in auto resolving all ground battles at this point.

I just finished a playthrough as Zsinj and having Nightsister cost 2200 and only being able to be built on a single planet, but come with an ability to kill enemies and heal itself, being able to capture build pads, and move faster is a no contest in comparison. 
Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: PA is defenceless against AT-AT
« Last post by Katarnstar on July 15, 2019, 02:09:07 PM »
I just test this out in skimish, and your correct. Though you can counter the slow moving AT-ATs with either IG-227 Hailfire-class Droid Tank from range or Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (so long as you stay behind it). Or in a pitch by microing your infantry, as the AT-ATs can't turn around fast enough to target them. The AI rarely escorts these mammoths, so just stay aware and try and see if any AT-ATs are in the unit stack before entering land combat. Do try to have a good and reflexable range of garrison of units.

I do understand it can be very frustating at times dealing with large bunch of these buggers. But, the best way of dealing with them is taking the fight to them, inflict alot of damage on them before they reach your defenses and your turos should give a good fight before going down.

I hope this helps some.  ;)

Corey, I found I couldn't build AT-TEs in skirmish as the PA. But I could build other units of the same 'tier' as the AT-TE, is this some kind of bug?
And there was much rejoicing.
Imperial Civil War Tech Support / Re: Imperial Civil War 2.3 Bug Report Thread
« Last post by fubbles on July 15, 2019, 03:50:22 AM »
I was playing Art Of War default era on Admiral as Eriadu Authority. I invaded Bespin and landed 2-M tanks, Maximilian Veers in his AT-AT and another AT-AT and deployed both storm troopers. As my forces were moving out and engaging, the 2-M tanks targeted and killed my own infantry deployed by the AT-AT but I don't know if it was from Veers or the other one (or both). I had already taken multiple other planets at this point and had deployed Veers along with AT-AT and 2-M before and this is the first time I noticed the tanks targeting my infantry.
Imperial Civil War Tech Support / Imperial Civil War 2.3 Bug Report Thread
« Last post by Corey on July 15, 2019, 03:33:31 AM »
Please report any bugs that you find in 2.3 here. Please also refrain from double-reporting issues that have already been posted except to add more information.
Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / PA is defenceless against AT-AT
« Last post by Barbagli on July 14, 2019, 06:15:39 AM »
I find the Pentastar Alignment quite defenceless when my enemies deploy the mighty AT-AT. If I am on the offensive I can still resort to orbital bombardments, but in the defensive it seems to be no match. Regardless of how many defences I build, AT-ATs steamroll everything: AT-TEs get literally rekt without even putting up a fight and LAATs are taken down in a pair of shots. In addition, despite what the unit description says, the floating fortress has not enough firepower to even dare to face them one on one - and the AI usually deploys like five of them at the same time. They cover themselves remarkably well, so ambushes from the rear don't appear to be a solution.
 I ought to say that the situation feels pretty unbalanced: I lost fully defended systems with shields and turbos and heavy garrisons to just a bunch of these beasts without taking down a single one of them. I'd feel it was more fair if I had just a drop of hope of fending off an invasion on my best defended planets.

How do you guys fight off the massive Imperial walkers as the PA?
Do you see any solution possible for future releases? Like reinstating the AT-AT to the PA like in the old times (but that would make the AT-TE utterly useless) or giving them a fast aerial unit capable of outspeeding their guns and ultimately, after a long fight, take them down with the necessary support?
I hope i'm not an Idiot and report a bug that has already reported:

I think there is a Problem with the Invincible Destroyer in General or with the CSA Hero that has the Destroyer. Was it Krin?

When i was in the Space Battle and had all Hard Points destroyed of that Ship it still had some HP leftover and then my game crashed.

News, Dev Diaries & Announcements / Imperial Civil War 2.3 Released - Steam Version
« Last post by Corey on July 11, 2019, 12:07:07 AM »
Imperial Civil War 2.3

Today, the Steam version of the mod has been updated from 2.2.5 to 2.3. The link for the workshop can be found here for those who are not already subscribed:
After we've had a chance to respond to any initial issue reports, we'll make the necessary changes to be able to post a version on ModDb to support non-steam versions of the mod. Like with 2.2, this will necessitate the removal of custom VO and map preview images, along with some other things like that. We strongly recommend people play the Steam version where possible.

The main goals of 2.3 were to clean up some elements of 2.2, while also putting down the ground work (haha) for some changes that we're starting to flesh out in 2.4. The first steps of our ground reworks have been implemented, changing how a lot of squad sizes work, infantry loadouts, unit ranges, movement changes, and plenty of other changes and stat tweaks (MMTs shouldn't be shredding everything quite as much, for example) as we build up to completely redo projectiles and armour/damage modifiers on ground and in space for 2.4. We have some major ground mechanic changes in discussion on top of that which we'll be starting to experiment with in 2.4. There's also been the start of some economic and planetary development changes, built around helping to slow down snowballing and nerfing blitzing strategies to allow longer campaigns to remain interesting, including the introduction of the local planetary capital/garrison buildings (major government features to come). But, here's a non-exhaustive list of 2.3's changes.

New playable faction: Corporate Sector Authority
The CSA has been upgraded from non-playable to playable, and can be found in most progressive Galactic Conquests along with a couple era specific ones, and has their own From the Ground Up setup as well. Because of game limitations where we can only safely have 17 faction slots (including non-playables, and some coded factions like neutral that are more functionality things), we've had to downgrade the Yevetha from playable to non-playable and group them with the Independent Forces faction that represents a lot of the much smaller groups, since their slot is best used for some other more unique, less Imperial-clone factions we've spoken about in other news posts (some playable, some not).

New Mechanic: Era Selection
On top of some script cleanup to flesh out the era changes a bit more and eliminate some bugs, we've added the option to select which era you start in for Galactic Conquests, adjusting starting points accordingly. In the future, we'll have evrsions of the maps which allow you to choose starting eras while keeping more even starting territory (so you can play the New Republic with era 5 ships, but without starting with more territory). Obviously, since some factions didn't exist for the whole timeline, some factions will not be able to start in later eras.

AI Updates
We've already done a whole news post about this, so I won't cover it too much here, but we've also done some pretty significant changes for galactic and tactical game modes, including three new difficulty settings using the Cruel AI modifiers. We've also tried to clean up certain functions to make the AI run more smoothly and improve ingame performance. The issue where certain factions would not land a significant amount of their troops has been solved as well.

New Galaxy Art
We've modified Lord Enpremi's galaxy model and shader setup to fit the mod's aesthetic, so that's what you'll be seeing when you're conquering or liberating worlds.

Tactical Maps
On top of a bunch of new maps, including some shared with Phoenix Rising (another great mod developed by our own evilbobthebob), most existing tactical maps have had a series of updates and fixes.

New Units
Vigil, Victory II Frigate (like in Battlefront II), Imperial II Frigate (Rand Ecliptic), TIE Punisher, Jumpmaster (Dengar's Punishing One), Bulwark I, Bulwark III, Citadel, Invincible Cruiser, Recusant, Mankvim Interceptors, IRD & IRD-A, Gozanti, PX-4 Mobile Command Base, T-Wing, Espo Soldiers, Strikebreakers, JX40 Jailspeeders, Airskimmers, GX20 Hovervans, A-A5 Speeder Trucks, K-222 Aero Interceptors, Persuader (Snail Tank), Espo Walker, Repulsor Scout, Battledroids

Redone Models
Praetor II, Munificent, Dreadnaught, Nebula, Endurance, Secutor, Procursator, Gladiator, Y-Wing, Snowspeeder, Juggernaut, TIE Crawler, AT-TE (animations)

And plenty of other small changes.

Into the Future

Although 2.3 has just been released, we've already got several things underway for the upcoming versions. This will also involve a new way for us to handle release structure. Rather than year-long development cycles, in order to make sure things stay consistent and to get changes out faster to players, we're hoping to make the scope of each release more focused and get versions out to players more frequently. While the Hapans becoming playable will mark the 2.4 release, there'll be several 2.3.x versions adding and updating new content. In order to facilitate this, we'll be maintaining a constant testing team on the Discord server for the mod ( ), which will get the new versions every few months/weeks, and then the Discord server as a whole will have access for testing in the week before any release. We'll consistently be looking for people to add to the testing taskforce from the Discord as well, so if you want to track mod development, that's the best way to do it.

Early focuses in 2.3 patches will include:
- Mon Calamari art updates
- New units (ie Assertor, VT-49 Decimator)
- Tactical space map art updates (environment lighting and low-orbit maps)
- Economic overhauls
- Continued ground emchanic changes
- Space and ground projectile reworks
- Balance patches

I'll also be running community matches on my youtube/twitch channel 2-4 times per month. The dates for these will be posted and updated each month ingame, the first of which will be next Tuesday, streamed on Youtube: . On top of Imperial Civil War, we're also working on a Clone Wars mod which is approaching release as well, Fall of the Republic. I'm currently running a preview playthrpough for the Republic on that channel as well, which can be found here:
Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Disappearing Fleet?
« Last post by Mord on July 08, 2019, 11:47:24 PM »
Doesn't TR have off-map planets used for scripting? Hate to think they go there.
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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
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