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I have 225 also, thought i was near the end, and the game just hangs, no victory no nothing. last attempt months ago, i had a new admiral (twin to Luke's girl) stuck on some planet far north, but inaccessible, as in zero planets all around....i believe the version i did was era 1-5, using rebels, 100 planets. so basically, all that gameplay and i'm stuck. already took out the Imperial leadership.
Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Will there be heros in skirmish again?
« Last post by Eizo_10 on October 11, 2020, 03:33:03 AM »
I have been trying to find an answer but without succsess
These are raid fleets which have a random chance to appear in any battle where the defender has a shipyard.  Essentially they are a third faction in the battle that is not affiliated with either combatant.  When a raid fleet has been triggered you will receive a warning message about unknown forces incoming (advisor tooltip bottom left) which provides at least a minutes warning before the units enter the battle.

The composition and origin (faction basis) of the raid fleet varies but will not be the same faction as either attacker or defender.  The units are not drawn from the state of the galactic map (in current versions at least) and will tend to move in the general direction of the shipyard, engaging any units that are within range. 

There is no way to prevent or disable raids in-game (aside from there being no shipyard present) but to get raids five times in a row is pretty unlucky as the odds of it happening in any particular battle are about 3/20.  With the advance warning you can even use the appearance of a raid fleet to your advantage and alter your tactics and unit disposition to account for their presence.
Hi All,
Anyone know what is up with the purple fleets that randomly show up when you are attacking as Eriadu in the 11 ABY GC.

Basically ruined my playthrough as i hadn't saved in a while and got smacked by one in a close fight with the new republic. I saw them show up like 5 fights in a row, and the last one was 4 isd2s and maybe 6 other ships.

Based on how hard eriadu already is, these attacks are not fun or interesting in any way. Doesn't say anywhere in game what they are or how to stop them.

Any info would be helpful.
Imperial Civil War Tech Support / No Heroes
« Last post by Satibbag on September 22, 2020, 05:51:42 PM »
Hey Thrawn's Revenge Team!

Love the mod! I definitely think it's the best EaW mod out there!

Now I don't know if this is just my game, or a general bug, but I looked through the rest of the forums and couldn't find anything about this. Whenever I'm playing in Skirmish mode, there aren't any heroes. I always make sure that the "Allow Heroes" option is enabled, but when I click on the Merchant Space Dock, no option for buying heroes comes up. In fact, I can't buy ANYTHING from the Merchant Space Dock. All that happens is a little picture of the space dock pops up with it's shield/hull health bars below it. No heroes, no Battle Dragons, you get the idea.

Does anyone else have this issue and/or know how to fix it?

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Re: Importing models and textures to blender
« Last post by abeja on September 17, 2020, 04:36:56 PM »
I think I found my problem, I couldnt open the .dds files correctly, so I used this webpage to convert the file
Surface format: R8G8B8: (24 bits)
And added the texture on the model, I guess blender and gimp2 needs to update its .dds plugins.
Just wondering since I would like to see some heros in skirmish
Hello all. Im new to Modding EAW/TR and Im not sure I'm doing all this right, any tips are appreciated.

I want to make Zsinj's faction a bit more unique, so my goal is to add a few units to his roster and to give them some of his unique fighters for flavor.

Right now Im trying to test this out by adding in the Venator and giving it some new fighter squadrons. So in the Zsinj_Space.xml file I added the following:

Code: [Select]
<SpaceUnit Name="Venator_Zsinj">


<Affiliation>Pirates, Corporate_Sector</Affiliation>



<HardPoints> Venator_Bay, Venator_Shield, Venator_Engines, Generic_Untargetable_Tractor_Beam, HP_Venator_01, HP_Venator_02, HP_Venator_03, HP_Venator_04, HP_Venator_05, HP_Venator_06, HP_Venator_07, HP_Venator_08, HP_Venator_Turret_01, HP_Venator_Turret_02, HP_Venator_Turret_03, HP_Venator_Turret_04 </HardPoints>

<Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>TIE_Raptor_Squadron_Double, 2</Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>

<Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>TIE_Bomber_Squadron, 1</Starting_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>

<Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>TIE_Raptor_Squadron_Double, 2</Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>

<Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>TIE_Raptor_Squadron, 1</Reserve_Spawned_Units_Tech_0>


This has added the Ven to the frigates page on the buildlist. The problem is when I take it into a battle, it doesnt spawn any fighters. Ive tried changing the number, type, hard point, tried switching from Generic_Venator to Template_Venator but I cant get anything to spawn. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to add a few more Zsinj varients such as the Bulk Cruiser, Vic2, etc. to his list.

Additionally, is there a way to change the unit price for Zsinj's faction specifically? If I add
Code: [Select]
<Build_Cost_Credits>X</Build_Cost_Credits> to the above will it do the trick?

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Importing models and textures to blender
« Last post by abeja on September 10, 2020, 04:29:12 PM »
I want to use blender to see the models of the mod, so I downloaded a plugin for blender to import .alo files in blender, I can see the model, but I dont know how to add the textures on it.
Anyone know how?
Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: In Defense of Bulk Cruisers
« Last post by sunilbhaiya72 on September 09, 2020, 05:33:58 PM »
I highly recommend trying this fleet out to see for yourself.  Ill also bet that a fleet of even numbers using the same tactic with Acclimaotrs against the same Bulk fleet would lose due to the previous argument of QALITY vs QUANTITY.  I've cheesed through a CSA, NR, and ZINJ campaign mainly using this fleet on Admiral difficulty with great success (although I have yet to try 'cruel AI') 9apps cartoon hd
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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
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