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Empress stations are still ridiculous. I attacked a planet that had a heavy frigate shipyard, an Empress, and one MC80 defending it. I had Devardus in his Praetor, four ISDs (including one hero), three Victories, and four Tartan cruisers for anti-fighter support. It still took all those big ships a few minutes to take down the Empress, and like one ISD and the Praetor were all that was left at the end. And I took down the shipyard as soon as I could, so it was only able to summon like 3 of those modified Dreadnoughts and a couple CR90s before it got taken down.

News, Dev Diaries & Announcements / Re: 2.2.5 Overview and MP Preview
« on: June 27, 2018, 06:42:47 PM »
Hapan fighter spam nerfed
Poor Hapans. They probably needed the nerf, though. Their fighter spam can be kinda crazy right now.

Squadron count changes for several EotH ships (reflected in all tooltips)
This sounds interesting. The EotH feels fighter spammy in 2.2, so maybe these changes will help balance things out again.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Lopsided Battles
« on: May 13, 2018, 04:04:53 PM »
Ten capital ships against one Allegiance and some light carriers, and all you lost was a carrier? Holy crap, that's pretty awesome. If the station gave you IPVs, I bet they were worth their weight in gold.

Welcome to the Boards / Re: Reporting.
« on: April 18, 2018, 01:59:45 PM »
Welcome! :)

Imperial Civil War Tech Support / Re: Game Crashes Every Time I Play
« on: April 18, 2018, 01:55:19 PM »
Thanks for talking with them. That's nice, that you're willing to chase up the developers to get them to fix this issue, and that they're willing to listen and do something about it.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Basic Strategy Guide 2.2.1
« on: April 18, 2018, 12:24:28 PM »
For you losing a ship is not that important overall, so you personally don't bother, but there are players who try to achieve minimal losses
Yeah, that's me lol. (With ships, anyway. I don't care so much about ground units.) I do that partly because I can get attached to ships (a habit I picked up from Empire: Total War), and partly for roleplay: if you really were an admiral in the SW universe, you'd want to lose as few ships as possible. Partly because your ships would be valuable resources and hard to replace, and partly because a capital ship might have thousands and thousands of people serving on it. If you needed a capital ship for your campaign and you were responsible for the lives of its crew, you really wouldn't want to see that thing get blown up. That is, unless you were a Separatist and your factories were cranking out hundreds of Munificents and countless battle droids to crew them, and so you could afford to lose a bunch of ships in pursuit of victory.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Basic Strategy Guide 2.2.1
« on: April 18, 2018, 12:40:04 AM »
So Torpedo Spheres are good, then? I'm glad to hear it. I've yet to play as Eriadu, though I'd like to at some point, mainly to try out the Torpedo Spheres. They look like they could be cool, although I've been worried that they don't have enough firepower. I'd like to try making some fleets based around some of the more 'odd' units, like Torpedo Spheres for Eriadu, or World Devastators and Modular Taskforce Cruisers (I can never remember what those things are called; I had to look them up on the wiki again to see) for the Remnant.

Maldrood's the one faction I've played for any serious length of time so far in 2.2, and I still have yet to really figure them out. (Also my save is now broken. Yay.) I agree with what you said about the Arquitens; I can't really see their role. I'm not sure if they're much good at anti-fighter duties, but neither do they seem much good against bigger ships. If they had the "boost weapons power" ability, that might be different, but they don't. I'm continuing to give Procursators a chance, partly because I think they look cool and partly because their "boost weapons power" ability lets them do a lot of damage quickly, which can come in handy if I need to focus an enemy capital ship down fast. They're not up to taking a lot of hits, though. Also, Secutors seem to be awesome carriers.

Also, something I only recently discovered about Maldrood: if you're playing ground battles, AT-APs are awesome. Heavy damage with long range.

Build: 2.2.1
GC: Crimson Empire
Faction: Maldrood
Issue: I can't begin a battle anymore without the game crashing. This has happened in both my most recent save and a save from 1.5-2 hours of gameplay earlier. Also, there's no "Auto save" listed in my Load menu. Is this the corrupt save bug?

- Commando sticky bombs reduced in damage and blast radius
That's good to hear, alright. Although I'd rather read that they were nerfed into oblivion rather than "reduced", lol

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: 2.2 Balance discussion thread
« on: April 15, 2018, 02:26:11 PM »
Their health really isn't different from the last version, their firepower got a little bit more compressed than intended with the projectile changes, but they're generally on par with the MC80B (far higher damage, but proportionally lower shields/hull), and somewhat weaker than MC90 (which is definitely intended) and way better than MC80s. The biggest difference is now the space above ISD is a lot more populated than in previous versions (ie Secutor, Allegiance, Bellator, Home One Type).
I actually got a chance to test an ISD vs. an MC80 earlier this afternoon. It was mostly a 1v1 fight with almost no fighters involved (one squadron of bombers on each side might've made a run or two, but that's it). The MC80 damaged the ISD's shields a lot faster than the ISD damaged the MC80's shields. Here's the ISD: its shields are not quite two-thirds gone. Tavira's ISD isn't in range to fire on the MC80; this is still 1v1. Here's the MC80: He's still got three quarters of his shield. Now, mind you, I think he just used his shield boost ability, which regenerated a bit of his shields and absorbed a few seconds' worth of damage from the ISD, but it didn't seem to be a drastic boost. Even before the MC80 used its ability, it was still doing considerably more damage to the ISD's shields than it was receiving. Now Tavira's gotten involved and the two ISDs have worked together to kill the MC80. Two against one with no support, the MC80 died fairly quickly. However, the MC80 turned and went after Tavira before he died, and look, he managed to get Tavira's shields two-thirds down, too, even whilst getting double-teamed to death by ISDs. Now, maybe that is as intended. I know the lore says MC80s have stronger shields than ISDs. I thought MC80s kinda sucked against ISDs in 2.1, so maybe you've buffed them to make them more effective. If so, I'm glad you did, that's good for the MC80s, but I was just surprised at how quickly the ISDs took damage.

Alright, cool. 1500 meters long... that'll be a big support ship. :) Are you thinking of having it be like a heavy carrier, or a big frigate like the Chaf? (Sorry for asking so many questions)

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but what's the Efodio-class cruiser, and what does it look like? Of the new ships listed here, the Afthonia's playable in 2.2, and I know what the Intego looks like and I think I know what its role is, but I don't know anything about the Efodio. I'm curious.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / 2.2 Balance discussion thread
« on: April 14, 2018, 04:53:43 PM »
I thought we could use a thread to discuss unit and faction balance in 2.2. Pardon me if there's already a thread for this somewhere.

Some of the things I've noticed:
1.) ISDs feel kinda weak now, especially against Mon Calamari cruisers like the MC80b and MC90. I mean, that makes sense to a point because I imagine the New Republic designed their ships to counter ISDs, but still.
2.) I was expecting Procursators to be a bit tougher. I mean, maybe they are, this is a bit of a first impression of them and I could be wrong, but the one time I've used a couple of them in a large battle, they died quickly to hit-and-run attacks from a few Vindicators. Their shields went down really fast (like, within the first few volleys) but their hulls held out for longer. I wonder if they need a buff to their shields.
3.) Empress platforms are total bullshit; I've made a bug report on them.
4.) Golan Is, formerly of little effectiveness, are now snipers with a couple kilometers more range than ISDs. And to an unshielded ISD, their fire is actually dangerous. I'm not sure if that's because ISDs seem weak or because the Golans' firepower is stronger now, but what the hell?

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: 2.2 is Live?
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:56:44 PM »
It's live. :D

GC: Crimson Empire
Faction: Maldrood, fighting New Republic in this particular battle.
Issue: On the Chazwa ground map, the sensor array can't be captured, at least not by my stormtroopers. Also, the civilians, which were supposed to be "allied with our enemies" did nothing and were not targetable. Screenshot.

Also, Empress stations are ridiculously OP; I attacked one with a fleet of like 8 ISDs, and it killed two, nearly killed a third, and had the shields down on one or two more, while it still had shields. lol

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Greater Maldrood?
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:55:40 PM »
The "remember me" or "always stay logged in" button doesn't show in the quick-login box in the default theme, however it is there if you go to the proper Login page.

News, Dev Diaries & Announcements / Re: Slight Delay
« on: April 11, 2018, 11:23:47 PM »
Well folks, Empire Day is tomorrow. Are you ready for a project four years in the making?
I saw a new post in this thread and basically thought "Oh no, you've got to be kidding."

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Greater Maldrood?
« on: April 11, 2018, 06:05:02 PM »
I didn't think there was a box, although maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Greater Maldrood?
« on: April 11, 2018, 01:11:34 PM »
It was not displaying on my phone and I did no realise my phone had signed me out (I was at work/in a hurry etc),

Ah lol. (I don't know why this forum doesn't have a "remember me" function, so you wouldn't have to log back in all the time...)

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Greater Maldrood?
« on: April 11, 2018, 01:06:11 AM »
Jeez man, just take a glance at the forum's main page. It's the second subforum down from the top of the list. Here.

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