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Hello Again Everyone it been awhile. So this Page is on my observe on the Steam Workshop base on how people can upload them to the Workshop itself. So if anyone on is making a Submod go and try uploading your mod to Steam and see if you can (you must have an account on Steam to upload anything) (plus anything else you may need) Hope you all enjoy your day bye.

Hello Again too you all and your probably thinking to yourselves saying "We don't need the f#@$ing Assertor Class in the mod when we have the Executor and the Other" Or (Why do we need a ship that only had 2 ship in it line" Or "why do we need another God DAMN SSD in the mod when we have like what 5 or 6 ssd's allready" Well those are great question and all  (and yes I know that not all that is said about the ship and why it's needed in the mod at all just let me say what I'm going to say and everything will be clear ok) that not why this question is being made today for. No it's to ASK why we should have the Assertor in the mod in the first Place. (And Yes I'm saying not for 2.2 but for 2.3 when it comes out in the Future ok) Well the first question you should ask is that one It a better Choice to say the Bellator in the case of it has better Firepower, Shields, Armor, And size when you need a bigger ship too help I a Spacebattle. Second it a better option to say a Executor or Sovereign which is the same length but has a Super Laser (which is more powerful the an Executor in terms of firepower) and the Eclipse. ...need I say more about that ship. ok then. But the Reason is that when you need a big ship that bigger the Bellator (which where the Escort Ships for the Assertor in the First place) but you don't want a Executor or a Executor Or a Sovereign and so on. Look the fact is that you need a ship that fits in the middle of all the Star Dreadnaughts but in a way is what people are look for in a ship that size in the First place to help you in the mod and that ship can if you know how to use her to your Advantage in a GC. But what do you think of the ship herself  tell me in the comments down below. And why you think (and to tell the mod team) (AND in a good way people) that Assertor Class Super Star Destroyer should be in the and in what way. So with that said Thank you all so much for Read this all I hope to see you next time good bye.

I hope this help in keeping you all form Tell this question to Corey and The Team this question OVER AND OVER again.

Hello Again People and Merry Christmas. Now on to the Questions I try to Ask but I never got an answer for them form you Corey. So again  here are my questions first one is, in Era 2 will. When Thrawn take command of the Imperial Remnant dose he Get The Allegiance Class and the Secutor class Star Destroyers for he's Fleet roster to build and Other ships that were Available at the time. And now the Second Question is, At the start of Era Three should Byss get Starting Super Star Destroyers Or build them as the GC Progress like having Three of the Vengeance Class Super Star Destroyers (Or more I don't know How many they were) Or (I'm leaving out the Assertor Class because Reasons you know why) The Bellator Class Super Star Destroyers And Executor If just have them as starting Units like Hero units and the Sovereign Class SSD's. And Yes I know you build them keep that or just have one (AKA the Sovereign her self) and The other Vessels ( like having the Perator the Allegiance and the Secutor all in the same Era Until Crimson Empire start) in the Era as building them overtime Or just have some. Dreadnaught out and the Rest You build Overtime again the GC Progress until Crimson Empire start. And now final Question, .... well that one been answered allright so..... oh I know Are you going to make a Model for the Executor Class for Stellaris so people can use the Dreadnaught in the game because THAT would be epic and At some point are you going to make a ICW mod for StarCraft 2 and how would you do it. So yeah that's all of my questions for now so until then Good bye and Merry Christmas.

Hello Again Everyone here is another Question about The ships of Star Wars like. The Subclasses like Assault Carrier Assault Cruiser And Battleships. And so on so yeah their are many different Ships out there that for each Faction that there could be a Imperial Battleship class out their. So here the question then should their be Name Subclasses Ships for The factions of Thrawns Revenge and can these warships be in The mod too.

Hello Again Everyone and Welcome To another Topic call "How many Star Destroyers types  we're their in the Imperial Civil War Era to answer that take a look at this Video Well as you can see their were many in the Thrawns Revenge Era so now we can see what Next to put in the mod now we know more. So Thank you all so much for coming and I hope too see next Good bye and "May the Force be with you all ways".

Hello Everyone Today I like to talk about two YouTuber who are in a cooperation with either and they are Star wars Explained and SpaceDock So go check then out. Here are some links form their YouTube Channels thank you And enjoy.

Ok then I hope you enjoy these videos. But one question should the Team of Thrawns Revenge (AKA Corey and Friends) to join in on this Cooperation and help the People hear the Voice of Thrawn And have them know more about Thrawns Revenge mod for Empire at War. So come and let me know what you guys and girls think about this. Ok thank you all some much for coming and have a great day Everyone and Thank you Again.           (Update:) Hello again everyone here a new Video for Thrawn Week here you go. Ok then Thank you all I'll see you next update bye.

Ok then tell me what you think and see you later.

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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
Show your support for them by enabling ads on this site!