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Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Hero Ideas
« on: August 15, 2017, 09:29:17 AM »
This has been updated a number of times now with lots of suggestions, hope you can use some of them LordXizer!

Notably now includes entries for the Ciutric Hegemony, Zero Command and the Corporate Sector, special thanks to Jorritkarwehr for that info from his submod.  While this list covers everything from the easy to the difficult, useful to useless, I hope some of these characters make it in one day.

Star Wars Discussion / Re: ICW Tabletop Game
« on: August 13, 2017, 09:11:40 AM »
Oh yeah, an executor would be expensive.  Eventually I want to have a list of missions based on things from the Star Wars universe, the Katana fleet is a great idea, but I would need to buy some Dreadnought ships from Mels Miniatures, or tailor the mission to include different ships.  One player can be the New Republic and the 'Vassal' option exists to encompass groups like the Hutts, CSA or Centrality.

Trying to set a limit on number of planets/systems for the map, currently going to cap it at 100.  Any recommendations on 'must haves'?

Star Wars Discussion / ICW Tabletop Game
« on: August 12, 2017, 09:48:07 AM »
Hey everyone, I have a gaming group that I am getting together, interested in the idea of playing out a tabletop Imperial Civil War campaign utilizing the games from Fantasy Flight, namely X-Wing, Armada and Rebellion.

The baseline idea is that, using the Armada campaign 'The Corellian Conflict' as a guide, design a galactic scale conflict in which each player is a warlord attempting to take over the remains of the Empire.  X-Wing will be utilized for early skirmishes and specific missions later on, while Rebellion will be used primarily for its pieces as map markers, with the possible inclusion of some of its mission and hero rules as I become more familiar with them (Just got the Rebellion game and there is a more mission based expansion coming out soon).

Each player has two choices to make at the beginning of the game.  The first is their command ship, which will be either the more direct Decimator or the more command oriented Lambda-Class Shuttle.  The second choice is who they are, their character in the game.  The second choice is divided into 7 options; Governor, Fleet Officer, General, Intelligence Agent, Vassal, Flight Leader and Dark Jedi.  Each provides a different set of bonuses, yet to be determined, that will affect your playstyle.  (One player is allowed to represent the New Republic, beginning with their choice of freighter and choosing a Rebel appropriate version of one of the character classes)

While you, yourself, are a character in this game, you will also have the ability to recruit other notable characters into your faction through a second resource, 'Renown', which will be gained both through winning battles and through controlling certain key systems.  This takes the place of the 'Campaign Points' used in the Corellian Conflict campaign.

There is still a long way to go on this game design, but I wanted to see if anyone here had any thoughts to share, if anyone has attempted something similar, etc...  Eventually, when I am done, I will make a pdf of the rules and the map hopefully that I can upload.

Edit: Planets: (Taken from both Legends and Cannon as this is for fun and an alternate timeline)
Bastion, Muunilist, Dantooine, Mygeeto, Nirauan, Ilum, Ord Mantell, Ciutric, Dathomir, Serenno, Yavin, Mandalore, Zygerria, Korriban, Felucia, Mon Cala, Wayland, Myrkyr, Iego, Saleucami, Hapes, Kashyyk, Boz Pity, Umbara, Kessel, Honoghr, Anaxes, Coruscant, Kuat, N'Zoth, Toydaria, Nal Hutta, Corellia, Byss, Tsoss Beacon, Carida, Chandrila, Bothawui, Lothal, Odik II, Kamino, Hypori, Geonosis, Tatooine, Rodia, Ryloth, Christophsis, Malastare, Naboo, Vergesso, Sullust, Eriadu, Sluis Van, Dagobah, Utapau, Elrood, Mustafar, Polis Massa, Bespin, Hoth, Endor, Bakura, Cato Neimoidia, Hosnian Prime, Scariff, Jakku, Jedha, Pantora, Lasan, Takodana, Centares, Hakassi, Crseih, RZ7-6113-23, Etti IV, Oseon, Orinda, Eadu, Lah'Mu, Wobani, Kallist, Tammuz-an, Ruusan, Antemeridias, The Maw

Current total: 86

Star Wars Discussion / Re: The Star Wars Family Tree
« on: July 30, 2017, 06:55:28 AM »
In Caar's file it said only that the Sith master of the time recruited a Muun female who was strong in the force, trained her, and got her to seduce Caar.  As for Ben and Vestara, I admit them getting together is not established, hence the question mark.  I chose to put her in as we know Ben has kids and she is the only female in his file who he has a romantic relationship with.

And the last major faction, the Hutts!  Some interesting abilities for them might include being able to bribe ground units and salvage for certain, or random, space units.

The Hutt Cartels

Leader: The Hutt Ruling Council (Zorba Desilijic Tiure 5-6 ABY, Durga Besadii Tai 6-12 ABY)
Capital: Nal Hutta

Hutt history stretches back into the mists of time.  Long ago the Hutts controlled a vast empire which survived multiple conflicts with foreign powers until, around 15,000 years ago, they suffered a series of civil wars, known as the Hutt Cataclysms, that split their empire apart.    Since then, the Hutts have established themselves as merchants, in goods both legal and not, and held onto their holdings through a mixture of money and military might, controlled by powerful clans, known as Kajidics, and governed by a ruling council representing the most wealthy and influential clans.

"Let them marvel at our splendor ... let them cringe in our power ... let them feel the weight of our chains as they serve their rightful masters."
-Jabba Desilijic Tiure

Bickering and civil conflict between the clans was diminished in the era before the clone wars, under the influence of underworld kingpin and Hutt clan leader, Jabba Desilijic Tiure.  The Hutts remained neutral during the Clone Wars, preferring to profit from selling to both sides.  Despite their seperate existence from the Republic, the Hutts preferred to keep their illegal dealings as secret as possible to avoid retribution from them.  This mentality continued into the Imperial era, when the Hutts most needed to both appease and circumvent Imperial laws and military forces.  Moffs placed in charge of Hutt space were bribed and military actions meant to cow the Hutts into submission as a vassal were either ignored or 'taken care of' by forces that could not be directly linked to the Hutts.

"A Hutt without a sail barge is like a smoke moth without wings."
-Hutt saying

During the Imperial era, the Hutts suffered a number of setbacks.  Other criminal organizations encroached on their holdings, such as the Zann Consortium and the Black Sun.  Following this, Jabba, the bringer of peace and prosperity for the Hutts, was killed by Rebels on Tatooine.  The ensuing clash over what remained of Jabba's empire sent the Hutts spiraling into their worst civil war since the Cataclysms.  In an attempt to curtail the advancement of both the Rebels and the newly formed Central Committee of Grand Moffs, Ysanne Isard, former director of Intelligence and current head of the Empire, released Zorba Desilijic Tiure, father of Jabba, from where he was held for his crimes.  Zorba briefly caused problems for the Rebels, trying to avenge his son's murder, as well as for the Grand Moffs, but in the end he was stymied by his own people when it was revealed that he had forged his son's will to cut out his grandson and place himself at the head of the remaining underworld empire.  The Hutt Ruling Council forced Zorba to retire in disgrace.

"I assure you, my intentions are entirely honorable - as honorable as a Hutt can manage."

What remained of Jabba's wealth and holdings were eventually appropriated by his nephew, Gorga, and it is unknown in what state this left his son, Rotta.  Hutt influence in the Council fell to Durga Besadii Tai, a former member of Lord Xizor's Black Sun and the owner of numerous business enterprises.  With the death of Xizor during the Galactic Civil War, Durga claimed many of Black Sun's assets and he followed this by putting his clan ahead of the Desilijic's on Nal Hutta.  Further hoping to increase his power, he made peace overtures to the New Republic, while also harboring numerous Imperials, such as Bevel Lemelisk and General Sulamar.  In addition, Durga contacted the newly discovered Taurill Overmind to offer them exploration of the galaxy in return for their help in labour while he began constructing a new superweapon, the Darksaber.  The Darksaber was based on the superlaser technology of the old Death Stars and was intended to be the jewel in Durga's crown.

"At least make sure you do it right this time."
-Bevel Lemelisk

Unfortunately for Durga, the New Republic, threatened by the construction of the Darksaber, and eager to seize Imperials hiding in Hutt space, assaulted the construction site of the Darksaber, killing Durga, destroying the weapon and seizing Bevel Lemelisk.  Bevel was then executed for 'war crimes'.

The Hutts  managed to hold onto their space and their wealth despite these setbacks, but were to suffer more grievously at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong years later, after attempting once again to play both sides against each other in hopes of greater profit.  The Vong did not take kindly to this tactic and assaulted Hutt space.  This assault served as wakeup call to the Hutts, who afterwards united as never before and began constructing a new and revitalized fleet that helped safeguard the Hutts for atleast the next hundred years.

Space Units:
Chalandion Class Cruiser, BAtil Class Gunship, Keldabe Class Battleship
Azalus Class Dreadnought, Ajuur Class heavy cruiser, Star Yacht
Seltiss 1 Class Caravel, Seltiss 2 Class Caravel
HH-87 Starhopper, M3-A Scyk Fighter, M12-L Kimoglia heavy fighter, G1-M4-C Dunelizard fighter

Era 1:
Zorba Desilijic Tiure: Ground, Space: Huttian Star Yacht - Zorba's Express
Known as a somewhat inept clan leader, Zorba, Jabba the Hutt's father, nonetheless commanded a good deal of wealth and power.  During the Separatist Crisis he was apprehended by law enforcement and sentenced to prison on the planet Kip.  In 5 ABY Zorba was released by Ysanne Isard.  Seizing Jabba's holdings on Tatooine and Bespin and putting a contract out on Leia Organa, Zorba seized Cloud City from Lando Calrissian and attempted to barter with Trioculus, head of the Committee of Grand Moffs, for his captive, Leia Organa.  Ensuing struggles with the Committe nearly ended Zorba's life, but in the end it was his fellow Hutts that put an end to his plans.

Gartogg: Ground
The most dim witted of Jabba's nine Gamorrean guards, Gartogg was made to stay behind when Jabba went to the Sarlacc pit and his eventual death.  After this event, Gartogg continued to work as hired muscle for a smuggling ring.

Osae Meilea: Space: Medium Freighter Lupus Maroo
A female Sullustan who worked for the Hutts on salvage operations, especially during the attempt to seize the salvage from the destruction of the first Death Star over Yavin IV.  Osae was known for being a shrewd business woman, good at both bribery and extortion.

Tanda the Hutt: Galactic
Tanda was s spaceport director in charge of Nal Hutta's imports and exports during the Galactic Civil War.  At one point he was held prisoner by the Zann Consortium in order to extort his position.

Marlo Qunaalac:  Ground: Pirate Barge
Leader of the militaristic Qunaalac Kajidic since before the Clone Wars, Marlo is a member of the Hutt ruling council.

Cad Bane: Ground, Space: Telgorn Dropship - The Sleight of Hand
One of the most sought after bounty hunters of his age, Cad Bane is an aging Duros who gained renown for his successful missions during the Clone Wars when he worked for both the Separatists and the Hutts.

Aurra Sing: Ground
A bounty hunter who earned fame during the clone wars for hunting high profile targets, Aurra has served the Separatists, Empire and Hutts and helped to mentor a young Boba Fett.  She continued to be a danger to New Republic Jedi up to 40 ABY.

Captain Mar Tuuk:  Space: Munificent-Class Frigate
A Neimoidian Separatist who served in the Confederate fleet during the Clone Wars, Mar Tuuk later worked for the Hutts.

Decca Besadii Diori:
Space: Keldabe-Class Battleship
The daughter of Gardulla the Hutt, Decca used her mother's fortune to amass a fleet of pirates, mercenaries, bounty hunters and thugs who she utilized to be a main competitor in the spice trade.

Era 2-4:

Durga Besadii Tai: Space: ISD 1 - Blackguard
His Great Obesity, the Lord Durga was a Hutt and the successor of Aruk as head of the Besadii Kajidic.  Serving for a time with the Black Sun organization under Lord Xizor, Durga absorbed many Black Sun assets upon Xizor's death, as well as seizing much of Jabba Desilijic's holdings upon the disgraceful retirement of Zorba.  Durga sought to increase Hutt power by making superficial peace offerings to the New Republic, such as cancelling the bounty of Leia and Han Solo's heads.  He also sought to increase his personal power by recruiting surviving Imperials and building a superweapon, known as the Darksaber, to exploit worlds for protection.  Durga perished when the New Republic attacked his Darksaber project and blew it up with him aboard.

Vigo Sprax: Galactic (Reduced ship costs)
A Nalroni member of the Black Sun organization, Sprax ran a network of smugglers, shipjackers and black market traders who made him very wealthy during the Galactic Civil War.  He often favoured deals with the Rebels over the Empire.  Sprax had a history with Durga the Hutt, being a joint partner with him in running To-Sharr Uuta Shipworks.

General Sulamar:  Space: The Darksaber
A somewhat inept, yet still resourceful Imperial technician who was once responsible for sending a mining station careening into a star through poor programming.  Seeking refuge in Hutt space, Sulamar lied about his career to curry favour with Durga and be placed in command of the Darksaber.  However, Durga may have seen through his ruse as he was often overruled in his orders by Durga and never given much responsibility in the weapon's construction. (Recruitable)

Taurill Overmind: Galactic (Increased production speed)
Discovered by a young xenobiologist years earlier, Durga bought the scientist's information and eliminated him to keep it secret.  He took advantage of this information eventually to approach the Overmind of the Taurill and propose an arrangement.  In return for helping the Taurill to explore the galaxy, as they greatly desired information, the Taurill would work as a labour force for Durga.  The Taurill were virtually wiped out when the Darksaber they had helped build was blown up by New Republic forces.

Bevel Lemelisk: Space: Merchant Freighter - Orko SkyMine
Designer of the first and second Death Stars, as well as the Tarkin superweapon and the powerful torpedo spheres, Lemelisk was one of the most brilliant scientists ever to serve the Empire.  Tortured by the Emperor for the destruction of the first Death Star, Lemelsik feared the same when he heard rumours of Palpatine's survival of the second Death Star.  Lemelisk fled to Hutt space where he found employ with Durga the Hutt, helping him to build the Darksaber for use in extortion.  The new superweapon fell under attack from New Republic forces and Lemelisk was captured by Wedge Antilles.  He was later executed for war crimes.

Era 5:

Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo: Space: Escort Freighter - Nemphas
The nephew of Jabba the Hutt, Gorga was one of the most prominent members of his clan, representing Desilijic interests on the Hutt ruling council since before the Clone Wars.  After the period of seizures Jabba's underworld empire had suffered going to Zorba and then Durga, Gorga was able to inherit the organization and expand it beyond what any of his predeccors had managed.  He was also able to recover a number of Jabba's hidden treasures and married a Hutt of lower social standing out of love.  He later showed off his wealth by building a new palace on Tatooine.

Team Dosho: Ground
Team Dosho was a group of three Trandoshan mercenaries in the employ of Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo led by Zatch.

Borga Besadii Diori: Galactic
The leader of the Besadii clan after the demise of Durga, Borga was in charge of negotiations with the Vong during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.  At first, peace overtures to the Vong went well, but this did not last when the Vong found out that the Hutts were selling information on Vong plans to the New Republic.  Borga was taken prisoner in the Vong invasion of Nal Hutta.

Crev Bombaasa: Space: Super Freighter Starmaster
A master crime lord of the Kathol sector and master of the Bombaasa Cartel, Crev held total sway over the sector after Moff Kentor Sarne abandoned his warlord holdings to rejoin the resurrected Emperor Palpatine.  He even held off the New Republic's advances on the sector.  Eventually he became bored of his total and unquestioned control and left Kathol to work for Borga the Hutt.  During the Yuuzhan Vong war he fed information from Borga to the New Republic.  Eventually he reformed his ways after having joined Talon Karrde's smuggler alliance.

Consul-General Golga Besadii Fir: Ground: Pirate Barge
The envoy to the New Republic during the days of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, he was recalled to Nal Hutta when the Hutts were attempting negotiations with the Vong.

Star Wars Discussion / The Star Wars Family Tree
« on: July 26, 2017, 03:26:00 AM »
As I have been getting further and further into legends I have begun to notice just how many of the main characters are related. Its not all of them, but it is a lot.  Since I make family trees for historical dynasties sometimes I decided to see just how far the rabbit hole went and threw this together in a few hours.  Enjoy!

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Daala
« on: July 21, 2017, 08:14:35 PM »
I can completely agree with that, a total waste of a potentially brilliant character that could've reunited (and maybe lead) the Empire. Maybe in some pre-TFA post-TLJ story it could be pretty neat, she could be the leader of another Imperial splinter group, or even have lead the First Order before TFA.

Like with a few legends characters, she is already sort of adapted into canon in the form of a new character, Rae Sloane. It's not exact, but a daring female Admiral who led the remnant at one point and helped form the new order? It's too close for comfort.

Similarly, jyn erso = Jan ors and Ben solo = Ben skywalker+Jacen solo.  Even the name kylo Ren is kind of stolen from the Droid cartoon where there was a character named kybo ren

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Pirate faction
« on: July 21, 2017, 08:06:11 PM »
The best thing along these lines would be the hutts.  I would love to see the hutts in there, but only if it didn't draw too many resources from the team's other plans.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Hero Ideas
« on: July 21, 2017, 08:36:43 AM »
The list of heroes for 2.2 is already pretty extensive, but since I am working on a tabletop ICW campaign using Armada and X-Wing it has me thinking about other characters.  These are just some that I thought might be useful and/or interesting.  None of these require new models, some use vanilla assets not currently being used.

Imperial Remnant:

Qorl:  A TIE fighter pilot shot down on Yavin IV after the destruction of the Death Star.  He survived there for some 20 years before making his escape after the Solo twins fixed his broken TIE.  He then rejoined the Imperial Remnant during the phase when they were led by a group of Royal Guards that had made a simulated Palpatine hologram that fooled the Imperials.  Since Yavin IV is in most GCs, it would be neat if the IR could get a unique TIE fighter hero by conquering the planet.  No new Model, no new voice, just one new picture for the hero possibly.

Captain Jonus/Major Rhymer - Scimitar Squadron: Scimitar Squadron was a TIE bomber squadron that served as part of Darth Vader's Death Squadron fleet fighting at both Hoth and Endor.  At Endor they participated in the evacuation of personnel from the Death Star II. (Era2/Thrawn)

Fliry Vorru: Isard's Minister of Trade on Thyferra and former Moff of Corellia.  Vorru was deeply connected with the Black Sun criminal organization and knew the dirty secrets of many people on all sides of the galactic conflict. (Era 1 - Isard)

General Tal Ashen:  Hand picked by Emperor Palpatine to command the elite defense forces of the Imperial Palace, Ashen was in charge of Coruscant's ground defense in 6.5 ABY when the New Republic's forces assaulted the planet.  Commanding his forces first from his personal AT-AT, Ashen continued to fight on foot after his transport's destruction until overwhelmed by Republic forces. (Era 0/Sate Pestage)

Grappa the Hutt: A Hutt crime lord living on Genon, and once owner of the famous Moldy Crow, Grappa allied himself with the Imperial ruling council after the death of resurrected Palpatine in 11 ABY.  He supplied them with bounty hunters, business opportunities and assisted in their complicated political plots. (Era 4.5 Crimson Empire)

- Ground, Space: DP20 Frigate Void Cutter
The leader of the Cavrilhu pirates since before the battle of Endor, Zothip was hired by Moff Vilim Disra to supply Preybird class fighters to the Imperial Remnant. (Era 5)

Flim - Space: ISD I Relentless
A con man of some skill, Flim was hired by Moff Vilim Disra to impersonate Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Although human, Flim used blue makeup and red contacts and gave a convincing enough performance to win over officers who had served under Thrawn.

Eriadu Authority:

Gareth Agamar:
The leader of the 481st Experimental Starfighter Testing squadron.  He operated out of an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate named Mephitis and was last seen operating a squadron of TIE phantoms against the rebels successfully near Polis Massa.

Thalassa Tarkin: (Galactic) Enraged at the Rebel Alliance for the death of her husband and at rebels in general because of the death of her son years earlier, Thalassa continued to try to find ways to support the Galactic Empire's efforts against the rebellion.  She was fouled in one such effort by Leia Organa and her life was threatened by Darth vader, but there is no record that she died.

Field Commander Alozen: The commander of Storm Squadron, a squad of Imperial Navy Stormtroopers that were stationed on Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War.  Storm Squadron also included pilots who operated TIE/Advanced starfighters in space.  While on Tatooine, Storm Squadron recruited many new members to bolster its ranks.

X1: X1 was a clone created from the DNA of a jedi knight during the Clone wars. He continued to serve the Empire faithfully afterwards, participating in the hunt for jedi, construction of the first death star and the battle of Hoth. After the Empire's defeat at Endor he set up a series of enclaves on Dathomir, Vjun and primarily Mustafa where he attempted to build up a strong force that included not only the Imperials under his command, but also reactivated battle droid and clones created from a wookie template. He was eventually defeated by Luke Skywalker and his fellow clone, X2. In an era 1 GC, X1 could be gained by capturing Mustafar, giving the Eriadu authority some dark jedi muscle, and he could even be given a base that he could build 'X1's Secret Base' that could produce droids, darktroopers and even wookie clones.

Empire of the Hand:

Sev'eere'nuruodo: Also known as Veeren, she was a female Chiss Aristocra of the Nuruodo family who was caught up in the Clone Wars while attempting to communicate with Supremem Chancellor Palpatine about a formal Republic-Chiss diplomatic relationship.  Though seemingly killed during a conflict with Separatists that followed, she managed to escape and reached Palpatine.  Asking Palpatine to conceal her survival, she began talking to him of a possible Chiss alliance that could occur after the Clone Wars had ended.

Prefect Mosh Barris:  Formerly the commander of Voss Parck's ground forces during their encounter with Thrawn, Barris was eventually promoted to Prefect for the world of Garqi, which would end up in the space controlled by the Pentastar Alignment.   Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Barris was implicated as a traitor by Rebel dissidents and forced to flee Garqi alongside other Imperial forces, such as the Garqi Eagle Squadron of TIE/LN fighters as growing resistance drove the Imperials from this world.  It is conceivable that, unable to return to the Imperial Remnant because of the actions of the Rebels, and being so near the Empire of the Hand, Barris may have sought out his old commander, Voss Parck.

A male Stromma who served as a stormtrooper for the Empire of the Hand.  He was loyal to the Hand above the orders of his own race, continuing to fight under Thrawn even when his people chose not to partake in certain battles.

Governor Bidor Ferrouz: Ferrouz was a male human governor of the Candoras sector, bordering the Empire of the Hand.  In 0 ABY he was coerced by the warlord Nuso Esva, who had taken his family hostage, and set up as bait for Thrawn's forces.  Thrawn saw through the deception and planned his own trap for Esva, effectively rescuing Ferrouz.  Ferrouz was pardoned for his part in the deception by Emperor's Hand Mara Jade and her decision was later approved by Palpatine.

General Kauf Ularno: Ularno was the senior commander of the ground forces under Governor Ferrouz in the Candoras Sector.  Although a rather unimaginative military mind, he was steadfastly loyal to the Empire.

Greater Maldrood:

Moff Hindane Darcc: Governor of Kashyyk prior to the battle of Endor and a former subordinate of Wilhuff Tarkin, Darcc took advantage of the confusion after Endor to declare himself Moff of the Mytaranor sector from his position at Kashyyk, allying with a Trandoshan slaver named Pekt and a collaborator wookie named Weebacca.  Darcc and his allies were eventually ousted from Kashyyk by New Republic forces under the command of Chewbacca and Han Solo and perished in a last stand on the Avatar Orbital Platform.  Like Peccatti Syn, this hero would be available in era 1 GCs upon conquest of Kashyyk.   In space he could command the ISD 1 Executrix.

Pekt: Long time slaver of wookies, Pekt has worked for the Trade Federation, fellow Trandoshan Bossk, and now the Empire, allying with self styled Moff Hindane Darcc.  Darcc and his allies were eventually ousted from Kashyyk by New Republic forces under the command of Chewbacca and Han Solo and perished in a last stand on the Avatar Orbital Platform.  Like Peccatti Syn, this hero would be available in era 1 GCs upon conquest of Kashyyk.

Weebacca: A childhood friend of Chewbacca, Weebacca was a male Wookie spacer who tended to get into trouble and who had a habit of gambling and smuggling.  Turning double agent for the enslaving Empire, Weebacca allied himself with self styled Moff Hindane Darcc, but was eventually caught in the act by Chewbacca and killed for his treachery.  Like Peccatti Syn, this hero would be available in era 1 GCs upon conquest of Kashyyk.

Warlord Zsinj:

Gaff: A male Kobok who served as both aide-de-campe and enforcer for Governor Kong on the planet Roon. Hired for his experience as a bounty hunter and assassin, Gaff attempted to help Kong impress visiting Admiral Screed by securing valuable roost ones for the Empire. The plan was unsuccessful, resulting in Koong's death, though Gaff and Screed worked well together. (Could use the Defiler model)

The Great Heep: A member of an extra-galactic race of mechanical beings called Abominors, known for enslaving other races, the Great Heep was found abandoned and deactivated by Admiral Screed on Biitu. Screed reactivated the Droid to harness it's capability as an ore processor. Although the Abominor was once again deactivated by the action of R2D2, C3P0 and their then master, Mongo, Screed could have reclaimed and reactivated the Droid if he so chose. (Build able building or unit that reduces production costs on a planet?)

Dr. Edda Gast: The niece of Dr. Tuzin Gast, a brilliant Imperial scientist, she continued her uncle's work on mutating and humanizing alien species, playing with expanding their minds, after her uncle committed suicide in guilt over his work and how it would be used by Warlord Zsinj.  Some of the species she worked with most included Gamorreans, Ewoks and Talz. (Could build Project Chubar, a garrison building that spawns alien defenders)

Captain Radaf Netbers: One of Zsinj's most loyal and well-liked officers, Netbers was an expert in hand-to-hand combat.  During an encounter with an undercover Republic agent, Netbers recognized the agent but was killed with brute force before he could reach a nearby blaster.  Zsinj mourned his passing.  In space he commands the (Either the VSD Serpent's Smile or the ISD Red Gauntlet).

Gara Petothel: An Imperial Intelligence spy who became allied with Warlord Zsinj after Endor.  She successfully infiltrated the Republic's Wraith squadron and almost returned to Zsinj, but was eventually won over to the Republic cause after an extended period of time. (Ground infiltrator and/or a pilot in space, maybe an X-Wing or old Z-95)

Pentastar Alignment:

Grave Tuskens: An elite unit of Tusken mercenaries employed by one of Jerec's Dark Jedi, the Boltrunian fallen Jedi 'Maw'.  The group was taken by Maw from Tatooine to serve as his personal strike force and trained in the use of Wookie bowcasters.  Led by Rogg and his second-in-command Bordo, the group became sought after as bounty hunters and bodyguards after the death of Maw.

Pic and Gorc: A Kowakian and a Gamorrean taken and mutated by Lord Cronal into Sithspawn, the two were linked through genetics and the force and became an inseparable team.  Gifted by Cronal to Jerec, the two commanded the Sulon Star, a modified freighter, as part Jerec's fleet and during the operations he dispatched them on.

Chairman San Hill: Hill is the chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan on Muunilist.  He likely has a certain disdain for pirates after his past kidnapping at the hands of the Zann Consortium.  His relation to a past chairman of the same name is unclear.

Fleet Admiral Gaen Drommel: Warlord of the Oplovis sector, neighbouring the Pentastar Alignment, Drommel conducted a series of raid against the New Republic from the bridge of his Executor class Star Dreadnought, the Guardian.  As the Oplovis sector would eventually be absorbed into the Alignment after it had become part of the permanent Imperial Remnant, Drommel could be recruited through the capture of Oplovis in an era 1 GC, providing an alternative history to the one where his first officer shot him and surrendered the ship to the New Republic.

Captain Dor Reder: A junior officer who survived the battle of Endor, Reder was recruited by Admiral Gaen Drommel and given command of the ISD 1 Krieger.  The Rebel transport he had stolen to escape Endor contained the locations of many Alliance bases which he and Drommel targeted for destruction.  Reder even survived the death of his benefactor and was last spotted in the Hanod System. As the Oplovis sector would eventually be absorbed into the Alignment after it had become part of the permanent Imperial Remnant, Reder could be recruited through the capture of Oplovis in an era 1 GC, providing an alternative history.

(Oplovis is not currently in the mod, I think the closest world is Ketaris)

New Republic:

General Polo Se'lab: The Senator of Bothawui during the Clone Wars, Se'lab joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic after his wife was killed by an Imperial attack on a Bothan spynet post.

Captain Sien Sovv:
A Sullustan fleet commander, Sovv led the defense of his homeworld against the aggression of Sander Delvardus successfully.  He was later promoted to supreme commander of the New Republic fleet after the retirement of Admiral Ackbar.  In this position he had variable success in combating the Yuuzhan Vong.

Admiral Firmus Nantz:  New Republic Fleet Commander of the First Fleet from 4-6 ABY and later the senior flag officer of the New Republic Defense Force.  He curtailed the efforts of numerous warlords, such as Moff Prentioch, Sander Delvardus and Moff Lankin.

Zuckuss:  A Gand bounty hunter known also as 'The Uncanny One', Zuckuss worked for many clients over the years, but eventually developed a sympathy for the Rebellion and took only New Republic contracts towards the end of his career.

Dash Rendar: A smuggler and freelancer, Rendar eventually fell in with the Rebellion after having been hired by them and gaining the opportunity through this work to eliminate the crime lord who had murdered his family, Prince Xizor.  He developed a close knit crew which included Eaden Vrill, LE-BO the droid and the android Guri.

Page's Commandos:

Ciutric Hegemony:

Commander Vict Darron:
Former executive officer to Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel, Darron moved to the Hegemony with his family to prevent them having to live with non-humans and because he preferred the Empire's order to the 'anarchy' of the New Republic.  Darron was promoted by Krennel to command the ISD II Direption after its previous commander, Captain Rensen, refused to follow orders. 

Colonel Lorrir: A TIE interceptor pilot who was once part of the 181st fighter group, Lorrir defected to the Hegemony with his wife after the battle of Endor.  He would go on to train the Hegemony's fighter pilots and serve directly under the clone of Ysanne Isard.

Captain Phulik: The commander of the Interdictor-class star destroyer, Binder, when it was assigned to Krennel's command by Ysanne Isard.

Ysanne Isard (clone): A clone of Imperial Intelligence Director Ysanne Isard, created by her original to run the operation of scattering the prisoners of the Lusankya.  The clone did not know she was a clone at first, believeing she was the real Isard.  Once her original mission was complete, Isard tried to have her clone killed, but did not succeed.  The clone would go on to join the Ciutric Hegemony, convincing Krennel that she was the real Isard, and working from there to undermine the New Republic.  She died at the hands of Rogue Squadron, who had been manipulated by the real Isard to focus their actions on the clone while she carried out the orders of the resurrected Palpatine.

Governor Brothic: The Governor of Ciutric IV for the Empire, Brothic betrayed his partisan, the owner of the sector, Sate Pestage, to the Empire and would likely have ended up in Krennel's regime.

Zero Command:

"Whisper" - Shadow Squadron:  TIE Phantom unit still in operation at the time of the battle of Endor.  There is very little lore on them since they were created by Fantasy Flight games just to add a reason for TIE phantoms to appear in battles other than the one story they are originally from.  They could go to any faction as a unique fighter unit, but since the forces that had followed the creator of the cloaking device ended up joining Blitzer Harssk's 'Zero Command' this may be the most likely place to put them.

Lieutenant Zuud: A female Imperial Intelligence officer assigned to the base on Kallist VI, Zuud was known for jer skill at interrogation and love of torture.  She was well respected enough that even senior officers would defer to her judgement.

Roganda Ismaren: A former Jedi initiate who was taken by the Empire and trained as an Emperor's Hand, Ismaren hid out on Belsavis after the Battle of Endor, raising her son, Irek, and plotting to become the sole power behind the Imperial Remnant.  In 12 ABY she arranged with Ohran Keldor to reactivate a unique star dreadnought, the Eye of Palpatine and use it as leverage to rally Imperial support and put her son up as a claimant to the throne.  After this plot failed, she and her son went on the run, spending some of that time with Zero Command.

Irek Ismaren: The son of an Emperor's Hand, Irek was promoted by his mother as a possible heir to the Imperial throne and given cybernetic enhancements to help him control a star dreadnought called the Eye of Palpatine.  While training with a former dark jedi in the bowels of Coruscant, Irek was rendered brain-dead.  Unable to handle the loss, Irek's mother tried to keep him alive and replace the damaged parts of his brain.  This mindless automaton then slew his mother and continued on a rampage.

Unique fighter for Zero Command: V38 Assault Fighter.  This is the chassis that was used to make the TIE Phantoms, so it is basically a TIE interceptor using the Phantom model, no cloaking.  Zero Command might have these due to the defection of Martio Batch's forces, who had designed and tested the cloaking devices and the TIE phantom, to Zero Command.

Corporate Sector Authority

Prex Karrek Flim - Galactic
Karrek Flim was a Viceprex based on Corellia during the Galactic Civil War, where he carried out a number of suspect actions through Didina Lippinoss. After Chils Meplin was exiled for conspiring with the Empire, Flim replaced him as Prex of the CSA. Provides a 25% discount at his location.

Admiral Angela Krin - Space: Lucrehulk-class Battleship, Resolute
Angela Krin rose to prominence as a Lieutenant Commander in the Corporate Sector Authority fleet after enforcing the quarantine of Endregaad in 19 ABY. She was also responsible for halting the plans of Mika Anjiliac Chiera.

Commodore Jona Grumby – Space: Victory Star Destroyer, Notropis
A thirty-year veteran of the Republic and later Imperial Navy, Grumby was crippled in the Battle of Ogoth Tiir, confined to a hover chair, and forced to retire. Still an effective commander, he was quickly recuited by the Corporate Sector.

Baruche Sloane – Space: Victory Star Destroyer, Enforce
A diligent officer in the Picket Fleet, Sloane was promoted to Fleet Commander shortly after the battle of Endor. He was known to handle customs duties in the Kalinda system.

Riga Lanchenzoor - Galactic
Riga Lanchenzoor was the youngest person to become chief manager for the Bank of Aargau, and later came into the employ of the Corporate Sector Authority's Financial Division. Thanks to her shrewdness and ambition, Lanchenzoor was made the Executive Viceprex of that division, a position that she held for the next twenty years. She constantly pushed to bring CSA currency off the Imperial credit standard, but met resistance due to fears of Imperial Retaliation. Provides a credit boost at her location.

Odumin - Galactic
The Tynnan Odumin was a CSA agent who once saved the life of High Inquisitor Laddinare Torbin, and was subsequently promoted to Territorial Administrator. He continued his undercover work, concentrating on dissolving slaver organizations such as the Xiochi Gang, once teaming up with Han Solo. After publishing his memoirs, he became a hero on his homeworld. Provides a discount at his current location and can scout out enemy systems.

Fiolla - Galactic
Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla of Lorrd was a talented and idealistic auditor of the Corporate sector. She once broke up a slaver ring run by CSA officials with the help of Han Solo, which led to a brief relationship with the famous Corellian. She later discovered the espionage of Prex Chils Meplin and attained the rank of Auditor-General. In addition to her CSA career, Fiolla ran her family's landspeeder business on Lorrd, expanding it to service and sell starships. Provides a discount at her current location.

Dakka Fasser - Land: Hovervan
Dakka Fasser was a lieutenant in the Security Police stationed on Etti IV. She was in charge of the arrest of Jahan Cross for the murder of Dah'lis Stark, but refused to be held accountable when he escaped. Commands a hovervan in ground battles.

Aarica Vost - Galactic: Recruit from Etti IV
Aarica Vost was the daughter of Larin Vost, head of Corporate Expansion, and worked as a CSA intelligence agent on the planet Kirima following the Battle of Endor under the alias "Bren-Aarica Rordan". Can scout out enemy systems.

Russ Jarib - Galactic: Recruit from Etti IV
Russ Jarib was an intelligence agent for the Corporate Sector Authority. Following the Battle of Endor, he was assigned to the planet Kirima under Kora Primo, the head of CSA intelligence there. Can scout out enemy systems.

Duskhan League

Kol Attan:The Yevethan Proctor of Defense under Nil Spaar.  After failimg to anticipate the suicidal sacrifice of a New Republic pilot, Nil Spaar demoted him, likely resulting in his death.  Commands 'Beauty of Yevetha' a CR90 corvette.

Proctor Tal Fraan: Galactic.  Nil Spaar's main aide and advisor during the Black fleet crisis.

Also, any chance of getting back a few vanilla units?  I know you guys like to use your own skins and models, since they are much better, but with existing models and skins, some of these units could continue to add to the wonderful diversity in ICW.  I know we are not likely to see any of these in 2.2, and as a recent fan I have missed past discussions, but I am curious to know what the team's position is on some of these ships since you mentioned in response to me previously that some of them have been discussed among the team for re-inclusion.

Tartan Patrol Cruiser, Broadside Cruiser,  TIE Scout - For Eriadu authority, Zsinj or Pentastar
Aggressor Class SD, Vengeance Class Frigate, V-Wing - As pirate additions to Maldrood
Assault Frigate Mark II, MC30c - New Republic
TIE Advanced, TIE Phantom - Just for a couple of the hero ideas above, make for good unique and powerful fighters
Ground: Lancet Aerial Artillery

Yeah, it seems like most of the committee  stories are poorly written and/or thought out.  This saddens me greatly because of the sheer amount of potential involved in characters and storyline.

No it was stripped from his command after his second failure against Grunger by Isard and the Ruling Council. Fearing he'd be killed or severely punished for losing most of the fleet given him by Isard and Imp Center in his failed campaign he threw in his lot with the Grand Moffs as a military advisor since he had no forces left to himself.

Trying to find this reference right now.  Haven't happened across it yet.  It has bearing for the submod concept I am working on so if you happen across this quote can you please relay it to my submod thread? 

Wow, I did not know that existed.  The two I like so far are waaay smaller.  Bigger is not always better.

For comparison, Revenge-Class Heavy Carrier, about Secutor size, roughly.

And Mel's Miniatures MC20 Corvette alongside a Sullustan Dreadnought which I think is also fanon, but Mel's twitter says they are based on images seen in the background of the battle of Endor.

Since star wars fanon has a history of making its way into legends, such as the designs of that popular artist that made their way into the essential guide to warfare and the character of Stacey from 'pink five' that later appeared in a novel, it got me wondering what the opinion of the team was on fanon material and if there were any particular examples of characters or ship designs that the mod team members have tempted to suggest including over the years.  Some designs that have caught my eye include the Revenge class heavy carrier from I.M.P.S. and the MC20 corvette from Mel miniatures.

I am compiling information for a possible submod that involves a number of the grand admirals.  Some heroes that I think should be added though;

Qorl:  A TIE fighter pilot shot down on Yavin IV after the destruction of the Death Star.  He survived there for some 20 years before making his escape after the Solo twins fixed his broken TIE.  He then rejoined the Imperial Remnant during the phase when they were led by a group of Royal Guards that had made a simulated Palpatine hologram that fooled the Imperials.  Since Yavin IV is in most GCs, it would be neat if the IR could get a unique TIE fighter heroe by conquering the planet.  No new Model, now new voice, just one new picture for the hero possibly.

Shadow Squadron:  TIE phantom unit still in operation at the time of the battle of Endor.  They could easily go to any faction as a unique fighter unit.  There is very little lore on them since they were created just to add a reason for TIE phantoms to appear in battles other than the one story they are originally from by Fantasy Flight games.

Gareth Agamar: The leader of the 481st Experimental Starfighter Testing squadron.  He operated out of an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate named Mephitis and was last seen operating a squadron of TIE phantoms against the rebels successfully near Polis Massa.

Thanks for the clarification Corey.  Is the demo already setup with the laser particles fixed?  If so, then using the 'More Submod' add on I did not achieve a freeze state in a game with the Eriadu authority until I had conquered most of the full galactic map and had built over 100 squadrons of Z-95 fighters and used them a couple times,  I was trying to test engine limits.  If each entity adds up, then that was a lot of entities before I hit freeze point, and I was purposefully trying to max out the engine.

Central Committee of Grand Moffs
(Later: Sinister Triumvirate)

Leader: Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa (5-6 ABY), Grand Moff Vilim Disra (11-19 ABY)
Capital: Kessel (5-6 ABY)

In 5 ABY, a group of six Grand Moffs seceded from the Imperial Ruling Council due to displeasure over Ysanne Isard's management of the Empire.  This group initially consisted of the Grand Moffs Hissa, Disra, Dunhausen, Thistlebron and Muzzer as well as Rufaan Tigellinus who was also a Grand Admiral.  The Moffs met aboard the unique Strike-class cruiser Moffship in orbit over Kessel to discuss their actions.

The leader of the group, Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa, had devised a plan to put the slavelord of Kessel, Trioculus, forward as a figurehead for the Committee, claiming that Trioculus was the mutant son of Emperor Palpatine.  While Trioculus was birthed from the same experimental program that created Palpatine's mutant son, they were not one and the same.  The Committee was largely composed of Imperial idealists and followers of the newly christened 'Church of the Dark Side' created by Imperial Intelligence to try and hold the Empire together in the aftermath of Palpatine's death, so they approved of the plan of using Trioculus' link with the late Emperor to vitalize their movement.

"Emperor Palpatine saved the galaxy
-Moff Panaka

Despite gathering a large number of influential and powerful Imperial leaders to their banner, dissent was rampant within the newly formed Committee.  Grand Admiral Tigellinus was eliminated through the machinations of Grand Moff Vilim Disra to increase his standing in the Committee and Grand Admiral Takel was killed by Trioculus and Hissa when his loyalty came into question.  Trioculus attempted to further his standing by gaining the 'blessing' of the Supreme Prophet of the Church of the Dark Side, Kadann.  Near the end of the Committee's existence however, it would be revealed that the prophet was an imposter from Imperial Intelligence named Rajah Ubooki.  Ubooki eliminated Trioculus and attempted to take his place as a candidate for the Imperial throne.

"Is it so wrong to be a murderer?"
-Emperor Trioculus

In the space of a year, the Committee attempted a number of schemes to secure its place in the Imperial hierarchy.  An attack was orchestrated on Bespin, only to be foiled by the Hutts, Trioculus attempted to marry Leia Organa and the Committee pursued a number of mystic symbols such as the glove of Vader and a prophecy about a 'Jedi Prince' which turned out to be Palpatine's grandson, the son of Palpatine's mutant son Triclops and a Jedi.  This obsession with mysticism and finding connections with Palpatine was another downfall of the Committee's superstitious members.

In the end, infighting weakened the Committee too much to keep it strong.  Ubooki sacrificed Hissa in the search for the Lost City of the Jedi and with few supporters left, he was powerless to defend himself against an enemy of the real Kadann (who had remained in hiding) and was cut down.

Nothing worthwhile is ever gained without risk.
-Grand Moff Disra

Unlike many of his fellows, Disra managed to survive the destruction of the Committee and eventually joined with the Imperial Remnant under Gilad Pellaeon, taking his place as part of the Moff Ruling Council for the Remnant.  This post was not enough for the ambitious Disra.  Plotting to put himself into power, Disra organized a coup with the help of a con-artist named Flim and a clone of the Royal Guard Grodin Tierce.  In the first part of his plan, Disra made contact with a pirate gang, the Cavrilhu Pirates under Zothip, and used them to sell a new class of starfighter to the Remnant, the Preybird-class, which increased his wealth and standing.  In the second phase, Disra made up Flim as an imitation of Grand Admiral Thrawn.  The reappearance of Thrawn cast doubt on Pellaeon's integrity while also causing a number of worlds to join the Imperial Remnant. 

The plan eventually fell apart when  Pellaeon discovered that Disra was the man behind it and arrested him for treason.

Space Unit Roster:
Assertor SSD
Allegiance, ISD I, ISD II
Strike, VSD I, VSD II, Raider

Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa - Space: Strike-class Moffship
Half-human and half-Sephi, Bertroff Hissa was born beyond the borders of Imperial space.  Discovered during an expedition by Commander Quarsh Panaka and taken under his wing, Hissa worked his way up through the ranks in spite of his half-alien heritage.  In the aftermath of the Emperor's death, Hissa arranged to support a ruler he could control, taking the slavelord Trioculus under his wing in much the way Panaka had done for him.  He advised and supported Trioculus until his death, at which point he was forced to work for the false prophet Kadann.  This relationship proved his doom when 'Kadann' sent him first into danger . . . lava.

Moff Quarsh Panaka - Space: Lucrehulk-Class Battleship Profit
One of the few on Naboo to approve of the Empire, Panaka had a good relationship with Palpatine from his days as a senator.  This relationship continued into the New Order and Panaka, after completing missions as a Commander, where he encountered Bertroff Hissa, was promoted by Palpatine to Moff of his home Chommel Sector.  After the battle of Endor, Leia Organa attempted to convince Panaka to surrender Naboo without a fight.  Panaka refused to surrender to the Rebellion, but Naboo became a member of the New Republic regardless of his feelings.  It is unknown what Panaka did in the intervening years, but he was still alive and an Imperial in 13 ABY.  With Hissa as his protege, Panaka would most likely have supported the Committee movement.
Note: Figuring what ship to give Panaka is interesting.  We know that both Imperial class and Lucrehulk ships owned by Imperial forces have been stationed over Naboo at different times.  So far I am going with a Lucrehulk that was captured by the Republic during the clone wars since there are enough ISD heroes already.  The other option that could be interesting is to bring back the superlaser equipped VSD from the Twilight story that never appeared again.  The reasoning there would be that the more powerful superlaser equipped ISD Conqueror was developed at a research station on Naboo, so the Twilight vessel being there for the development process could make sense.

Grand Moff Vilim Disra - Galactic
Originally the chief administrator of the Shelsa sector, Disra gained standing by exposing the local governor's secret affiliation with the Rebellion and plans to secede from the Empire.  By 4 ABY Disra had achieved the rank of Grand Moff and was looking to climb even higher.  He advised Grand Admiral Tigellinus poorly to get him executed by Hissa.  With Tigellinus' death, Disra became a voting member of the Committee.  After the Committee's collapse, Disra was demoted in Imperial eyes, but managed by 19 ABY to work his way up to being one of eight members on the Remnant's Council of Moffs.  Disra's own ambition proved his downfall when he tried to seize more power in the Remnant through the use of a Thrawn stand-in.  The plot was uncovered and Disra was arrested.

Emperor Trioculus - Ground
The result of Palpatine's experiments into the nature of life and death, Trioculus was considered a failure and shipped off to the mines of Kessel to die in the dark.  Trioculus survievd, however, and eventually rose to be the slavelord of Kessel.  Impressing various Imperials, such as Bertroff Hissa, with his intelligence and appreciation of the Emprie, Trioculus was supported by the Imperials and studied military tactics, history and rhetoric.  He also served as an informant for the Imperial Security Bureau.  When the Emperor died, Bertroff Hissa seized upon Trioculus connection to Palpatine, and his similarity to Palpatine's own mutant son, to support Trioculus in a claim for the Imperial throne.  Newly anointed Emperor Trioculus became increasingly superstitious and obsessed with his new persona as 'Palpatine's Son'.  He pursued mystic artifacts, prophecies and tried to marry Leia Organa.  In the end, his dependence on the superstition of the Empire through it's new 'Church of the Dark Side' was betrayed by the false prophet Kedann who had initially supported him.  In his final bid to secure a strong public image, Trioculus tried to fake a wedding with Leia with a robotic copy/assassin-droid that malfunctioned and killed him.

Captain Dunwell - Ground
Dunwell made a living out of hunting the intelligent Whaladon of the planet Dac with his crew of Aqualish.  He assisted Trioculus during the warlord's search for the glove of Darth Vader.

Grand Admiral Miltin Takel - Space: ISD I Magic Dragon
A man of many vices, Takel was a competent Fleet Admiral whose accomplishments resulted in his promotion by Palpatine to the rank of Grand Admiral.  His addictions to glitterstim spice and non-human women were hidden by his brother, a governor, for many years, but the limited extra-sensory awareness granted by glitterstim allowed to feel the need to flee the Death Star II before it was destroyed.  Fleeing the battle, Takel further lost face when his home system of Gargon was seized from him by Grand Admiral Josef Grunger.  Threatened for his failures by Ysanne Isard, Takel fled to join the Central Committee of Grand Moffs.  Once there, he found the superstitions and ambitious plans of Trioculus difficult to accept.  After complaining one too many times, Takel was executed for perceived disloyalty.

Captain Sergus Lanox - Space: VSD I Imperial Hazard
Lanox was awarded the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor by Grand Admiral Miltin Takel for his bravery in the conquest of Horob.  In truth, Lanox had allowed two of the Rebels to escape after developing an emotional attachment to one of them, though the other Imperials never learned this. Upon learning of Palpatine's final death in 11 ABY, Lanox expressed his despair and belief that the Empire could not survive the Emperor's death.

Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus - Space: ISD II Avatar
A charismatic and respected strategist in the Imperial court, Tigellinus spent his years before and after his promotion to Grand Admiral amassing a number of supporters and lackeys in the court.  These included the Imperial adviser Alec Radeux and Moff Vilim Disra.  Among Tigellinus' perceived rivals was Gradn Admiral Thrawn.  Although Tigellinus thought he had been responsible for exiling Thrawn to the Unknown Regions, the plan was one created by Palpatine and Thrawn.  After achieving the additional rank of Grand Moff of the Imperial Center Oversector, Tigellinus seemed to be unstoppably on the rise.  With the death of the Emperor, Tigellinus became displeased with the efforts of Ysanne Isard and decided to hear out the offer of his former rival, Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa.  At this meeting he was given poor advice by his colleague Disra and executed as a threat by Hissa.

Alec Pradeux - Galactic
Privy advisor to Emperor Palpatine, Pradeux was best known for an instance when the Empire released a deadly plague to end a secessionist movement and Pradeux convinced the media that the outbreak had been the work of the Rebels.  After the battle of Endor, he allied himself with Tigellinus.

Newen Streeg - Space: Strike-class Ion Storm
Governor of the Periphery sector near Hutt space, Newen Streeg has sworn to remove the criminal element from along the Sisar Run.

Tan Maarek Stele - Space: ISD I Garrett
Originally a starfighter mechanic, Stele was offered the chance to become a pilot after he saved the life of an Admiral during a Rebel attack.  Quickly tagged as an ace pilot he played major roles in campaigns against the Rebel Alliance and the rogue Admiral Zaarin, and was one of the first pilots to fly the TIE Defender, TIE Avenger and Missile Boat in combat.  Despite his position Stele still came to question his life in the Empire, a question only answered when Soontir Fel invited him to join the legendary 181st, a squadron he continued to serve with throughout the rest of the Galactic and Imperial Civil Wars.  Before he met Fel, however, Stele was stationed as an officer at the Imperial prison on Kessel.

4-LOM - Ground
A protocol droid with delusions of grandeur, 4-LOM's programming was expanded to encompass thievery and the skills needed to be an expert bounty hunter.  Working for years with his partner and close friend Zuckuss, 4-LOM eventually developed a sense of idealism and helped Zuckuss work for the Rebel Alliance until he was seriously injured by Boba Fett.  Although he was repaired from the injury by Zuckuss, 4-LOM's memory was lost and he returned to taking any job he could get and began working on his own, having forgotten his long-developed friendship with Zuckuss.

Supreme Prophet Kadann - Space: The Scardia Voyager
An Imperial Intelligence agent, Rajah Ubooki was chosen to impersonate the missing Dark Side prophet Kadann who had gone into hiding.  Ubooki initially supported Trioculus in his bid for the throne, but eventually tired of being a subordinate and made his own bid.  In the end, Ubooki was killed because someone who wanted to kill the real Kadann thought Ubooki was their target.

Note: The following characters would only be available in a late era.

Zothip - Ground, Space: DP20 Frigate Void Cutter
The leader of the Cavrilhu pirates since before the battle of Endor, Zothip was hired by Moff Vilim Disra to supply Preybird class fighters to the Imperial Remnant.

Major Grodin Tierce - Ground
The clone of a famous Royal Guard who was cloned by Thrawn during his campaign against the New Republic, this Tierce was convinced by Vilim Disra to take part in a plot to undermine Gilad Pellaeon and destabilize the New Republic.  He discovered that Disra planned to kill him after the plot succeeded, but held on in the conspiracy in hopes of getting the drop on Disra first.

Flim - Space: ISD I Relentless
A con man of some skill, Flim was hired by Moff Vilim Disra to impersonate Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Although human, Flim used blue makeup and red contacts and gave a convincing enough performance to win over officers who had served under Thrawn.

Yeah, these factions would largely serve best as being part of unique GCs, but could also be useful additions to larger GCs as long as few additional planets are added.  The freeze caused by too many units/too much info is directly related to available resources and population cap.  The Committee for example are based on Kessel, which is already on most maps.

Some unique GC ideas might include a trade war between Centrality, Maldrood, Reborn and the Hutts,
Reborn's assault on the Valley of the Jedi and Yavin IV (So vs the New Republic)
Kaarenth Dissension's assault on Orinda involving the New Republic and Imperial remnant
If anyone makes the Yuuzhan Vong, Centrality and Hutts were there at the time
A campaign showing the efforts of the Central Committee of Grand Moffs to reforge the Empire

I just feel the need to point out that you're using the canon Strikefast. In legends, it was a Victory, not a Venator, commanded by Voss Parck. It's also in the mod already as an EotH hero.

Whoops!  I will need to pick another Venator.

Also, in regards to the concept of snowballing.  Snowballing in any map/sandbox campaign is inevitable, and yes, it gets worse the more resources/territory is added to the map, but since it is an inevitability that the endgame will consist of you being unstoppable, I think the early game, and whatever variety, expanse, etc... you can put in it, is what is truly important.  I come from a background of modding in the Total War series, and there, the idea of extreme variety and individuality in each area of the campaign map was considered important not just so that the player encounters different things as they explore the map, but also so that starting as each faction in a game feels different and results in different experiences, allowing for increased replayability.  Sure, playing as the Pentastar Alignment or Empire of the Hand you would never encounter a faction like the Empire Reborn or the Centrality in a Galactic Conquest, because they are small factions, far away, that would likely get wiped out before you got there.  But that is what makes it a more interesting experience to then start a game as Maldrood or Zsinj.  You get to experience events or characters or factions that you would not while playing a different faction.  The more each faction's individual gameplay stands apart, the more reason a player has to try out the different factions and the play the game to explore all of its content.

The Centrality

Leader: Ottdefa Tavell Geen (3 BBY - 25 ABY)  Fleet Admiral Sris Lehhett (25 ABY - ?)
Capital: Erilnar (3350 BBY - Present)

In 3350 BBY, colonists with a strong sense of freedom and frontier spirit who were fed up with the corruption of the Old Republic set course for the Outer Rim.  Although they opposed strong, central governments, they formed a loose coalition of trade and defense agreements known as the "Centrality".  The head of this government was called the 'Scrivinir', which meant "head writer" in Old High Trammic.  During the last years of the Old Republic, the industrial worlds were hit by economic depressions, while the agriworlds were hit by crop plagues.  With the central government too weak and the more prosperous worlds, like Oseon, unwilling to help, the civilization of the Centrality crumbled back to poverty and its backwater reputation began.

The wealthiest development of the Centrality was when an explorer named Gadfrey Oseon discovered the natural flamewind phenomenon in the Oseon system.  He pioneered the development that would lead to large numbers of hotels and casinos and serve as the primary source of tourism and income for the Centrality.

"It must be as it has been told, else it would not have been told to begin with."
-High Singer Mohs

With the coming of the Galactic Empire, the Centrality allied itself with the new government while nominally maintaining its independence.  The alliance with the Empire revitalized the Centrality's industries at the price of a puppet government set up by Palpatine when he supported the government's take over by Rokur Gepta, a Sorcerer of Tund.  Gepta was supported by an Imperial Fleet mostly made up of older ships.

Gepta solidified his power base by bombarding Tund, annihilating the Sorcerers of Tund to prevent any others from learning their secrets.  He also organized an invasion of the world of Renatasia and used the Toka people as sub-class labour.  Gepta eventually met his end while trying to exterminate the sentient, space-dwelling, Oswaft species.  Galvanized by the aid of Lando Calrissian, the Oswaft met Gepta in battle.  Having gone through the mental trauma of merging with the minds amnd bodies of others to further his schemes and frustrated by Calrissian's defiance, Gepta ordered the execution of several fleet officers during the battle before his own flagship was destroyed.

"As for ourselves personally, we shall fight a duel to the death."
-Scrivinir Rokur Gepta, to Lando Calrissian

The Centrality did its best after the death of Gepta, and later Palpatine, to maintain both its independence and neutrality, even signing a treaty of goodwill with the New Republic despite the fact that many Centrans viewed the new government with skepticism.  The Centrality also had to deal with its own internal issues including economic troubles and Renatasian freedom fighters.

During the Yuuzhan Vong war, the Centrality was hit with a flood of refugees and the region became plagued by overpopulation, crime, and poverty and work became extremely scarce.  With the government in turmoil, Fleet Admiral Sris Lehhett initiated a bloody coup and installed himself as the new scrivinir, while the former one, Ottdefa Tavell Geen fled to Coruscant in exile.  Lehhett halted immigration, started mass conscription and used Imperial Security Bureau methods to keep the population in line.  However, wealthier systems, like Oseon, loudly protested against his methods and threatened to secede.  Lehhett's most controversial use of human labour was sending workers to serve as, essentially, slaves for the Sharu in exchange for their valuable life crystals.

"By Gadfrey, it feels good to tell the truth!"
-Lob Doluff

Space Unit Roster:
Invincible Class, Wennis Class?
Strike-Class, Taskforce Cruiser, Dreadnought
Neutron-Star, Lancer-Class, Ton Falk, IPV
Vengeance, Tartan, Interceptor, Munifex, Akorec Class?
Z-95, Y-Wing, V-Wing, R-22,  TIE/LN, HWK-290

Scrivinir Ottdefa Tavell Geen - Space: Dreadnought-Class Reliable
Having earned the title of 'Ottdefa' from the university of Lekua V, Geen became the Scrivinir, or head of the Centarlity's government, sometime after the death of Rokur Gepta in 3 BBY.  By 25 BBY, with the chaos caused by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the Galaxy, Geen was ousted in a bloody coup by the head of his navy, Sris Lehhett.  Geen fled to the New Republic where he tried to garner support for his reinstatement.

Fleet Admiral Sris Lehhett
- Space: Venator-Class Respectable
Lehhett was the head of the Centrality navy.  In 25 ABY he took advantage of the chaos caused by incoming refugees and political chaos caused by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy to lead a bloody coup against Tavell Geen.  He later was involved in trading workers to the Sharu people in exchange for precious 'life crystals'.

Commander Talllnt - Ground, Space: Dreadnought-Class Vainglorious
An intelligence veteran who headed a more Imperialized intelligence and security administration under Scrivinir Sris Lehhett.

Captain Myle Jandler - Ground
Jandler was a law enforcement officer who used to work for Duttes Mer, the governor of the Rafa system in the Centrality in 3 BBY.

Lob Doluff
- Galactic
Doluff is the Administrator Senior of the Oseon System, which features the Flamewind phenomenon, a major tourist attraction for the Centrality. Although a heavy set, wealthy man with an addiction to lesai, Doluff desired to be a good man, hoping his work as an administrator would help others since he himself could relax without working thanks to his wealth.

Drea Renthal - Space: Carrack-Class Renthal's Vigilance
A pirate with a conscience, Renthal operated in Centrality space and styled herself as a business woman.  Preferring to minimize casualties and refusing to deal in slaves, Renthal was not a typical outer rim pirate.  Once serving with the Hutts to protect Nal Shaddaa from Imperial recriminations, she was able to board and capture the Carrack-class vessel Vigilance, which she took as her flagship.  She was also once a lover of Lando Calrissian and payed off Boba Fett to spare Lando's life.

Adler Roty - Ground
Roty was a professional magician who claimed to be a member of the secretive Sorcerers of Tund while running a show in Coruscant.  Whether or not he truly was is unknown, but the Centrality may be the only place he would have been safe with the rise of the Empire and the eradication of the Jedi.

Note: The following heroes are all leaps of logic, but I am posting all of them to see which are the most reasonable since this faction would need a couple more characters to line it up with the others.  The two Toong heroes, for example, have the issue of that time when Rokur Gepta annihilated half their planet to kill the Sorcerers of Tund.  Would they still have worked with a new Centran government?  That is up to us I guess.

Admiral Etnam - Space: ISD 1: Pradeux
A member of the taskforce headed by High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, Etnam was convinced or mind tricked into releasing one of Tremayne's targets.  As Tremayne was known for executing those under his command who failed him, regardless of the validity of their excuses, Etnam's only hope of survival would have been to flee.
Note: Tremayne's group operated in the outer rim on the same side of the galaxy as the Centrality, which is technically a seperate government, not directly Imperial.  If Etnam had survived and fled from Tremayne, the Centrality may have been one of the places he could have fled to.  The Pradeux is a listed name for an ISD1 that was never used in any stories and we know Etnam commanded a star destroyer of unknown make and model.

King Kikipi - Galactic or Space: Strike-Class Cruiser Upright
The King of the Toong people on the world of Tund within the Centrality during the Clone Wars, Kikipi was depicted on coins of the time and may still have been alive and ruling in later years if he survived Rokur Gepta's bombardment of Tund that was intended to wipe out the Sorcerers of Tund.

Ben Quadinaros - Space: Y-Wing
The most famous Toong racer ever to grace the galaxy, Quadinaros earned his fame during the waning years of the Republic and continued to race through the Clone Wars.  Although a nervous sort, it is possible that Ben could be called upon in defense of Centran space if the need arose.

High Singer Mohs
- ??
The high singer of the Toka subculture of the ancient Sharu, Mohs participated in recovering the mindharp of Sharu alongside Lando Calrissian.  The harp reversed the mental hibernation the Sharu had undergone to become the Toka.  When this process was complete, Mohs returned to his place as a leader among his people.

Lehesu - Space
A relatively young member of the space dwelling Oswaft species, Lehesu is one of the most adventurous of his kind.  He befriended Lando Calrissian and took part in the battle of TonBoka against the Imperial navy.  A naturally trusting and inquisitive sort, Lehesu chose not to become one of the elders of his people and instead continue exploring the galaxy.  With most of the Centrality's government dominated by more reasonable and open minded individuals in the aftermath of Rokur Gepta's death, it is possible the Lehesu might come to their aid in the event of an intrusion into Centran space by outside forces.

You are quite correct, and I may never do anything with this information, admittedly, but it is fun to do research like this, at least for me, and the info is here if anyone ever wants to use it for a unique GC or something.

The Empire Reborn

Leader: Lord Hethrir (4-14 ABY)
Capital: Crseih Research Station/Singularity (4-14 ABY)

"Today, I will be reborn - like the Empire, whose incarnation I have conceived and incubated. Today I will bring forth . . . the Empire Reborn."
-Lord Hethrir

Having foreseen the fall of the Empire, the Dark Jedi, and Procurator of Justice, Lord Hethrir, fled into the Outer Rim, taking a worldcraft, Rebirth, with him and setting up his headquarters at a Research station at the Crseih singularity.  Operating from this secret base, Hethrir began creating a network of informants, suppliers and supporters.  He financed his operation by launching a highly successful slave trade utilizing sleeper ships full of both criminals and his own people, both of which he had condemned to isolation while working for the Empire.

Numerous dispossessed Imperials, including nobility, found their way to Hethrir's organization and swore fealty to him, bringing with them ships and personnel.  Many of Hethrir's starships were cobbled together from the refuse of Imperial fleets defeated by the Rebels, including ships destroyed above Endor.  In addition, Hethrir entered into secret pacts with Deep Core Warlords such as Blitzer Harrsk.

"You merit purification, I shall take you to be reborn in the service of of the Empire."
-Lord Hethrir

One of Hethrir's main foci was creating an army that was centered around force sensitive soldiers.  These 'Reborn' were abducted from backwater worlds and indoctrinated aboard the Rebirth.  Most were trained to be soldiers, but undesirables were either sold into slavery or sacrificed to the extra-dimensional being known as Waru, who had accidentally been materialized aboard the Crseih station some years earlier.

The forces of the Reborn were trained and led by High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne and one of Luke Skywalker's fallen students, the Chistori Jedi trainee, Desann.  Desann would later take one of the Reborn as his personal apprentice, Tavion Axmis.

"Worlds will tremble, stars will shudder."
-Admiral Galak Fyyar

The New Republic became aware of the threat the Reborn posed when they encountered each other in the Valley of the Jedi.  Hethrir decided to make the first move and launched an invasion of the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV under the command of Galak Fyyar.  The assault failed and the Reborn's flagship, the heavy carrier Doomgiver, was destroyed by Kyle Katarn.

Desperate to replace his losses, Hethrir arranged the kidnapping of the Solo children, planning to sacrifice them to Waru in hopes of achieving omnipotence.  This plan naturally brought Leia Organa Solo down upon his head, ending in the loss of his worldcraft and the destruction of Crseih station.  With his promise to the Waru unfulfilled, Hethrir was consumed by Waru in place of the Solo children, finally allowing this mysterious being to return to its own dimension with the energy it had consumed.

"We must act soon, before our children are too much affected by egalitarian propaganda, before our generation is too old to act - to fight!"
-Lord Brashaa

Space Unit Roster:
Praetor Carrier, Tector, ISD I, ISD II
VSD I, VSD II, Broadside, Quasar Fire, Tartan Patrol Cruiser

Land Unit Roster:
Reborn, Shadowtroopers, Stormtroopers

Lord Hethrir - Ground
A member of a near human race known as the Firrerreo, Hethrir was hand chosen by Lord Vader to receive training as a Dark Jedi.  Excelling at his training, he was promoted to Procurator of Justice, head of the Imperial justice system. During this time Hethrir exiled thousands of prisoners aboard sleeper ships, including his own people at the insistence of Palpatine to prove his loyalty.  Establishing his own personal research station in the Crseih system where a crystallizing white dwarf star circled a black hole, Hethrir inadvertently summoned a being known as Waru from another dimension.  After failed plans to defeat the new Jedi order and achieve omnipotence through appeasing the Waru's desire to go home, it was the Waru that finally terminated Hethrir's life.

Chancellor-Admiral Galak Fyyar - Ground, Space: The Heavy Carrier Doomgiver
Rising through the Imperial science division, Galak Fyyar worked at the prestigious Maw installation, but tired of this life.  Leaving his post as a scientist, Fyyar became an ambitious naval officer and quickly rose to the rank of Admiral.  At some point between 4 and 10 ABY, Fyyar found his way into the upper echelons of Hethrir's Empire Reborn.  Given command of the heavy carrier, Doomgiver,  Fyyar first attempted to seize the Valley of the Jedi.  After butting heads with Kyle Katarn, Fyyar was ordered to initiate an all out assault on the troublesome Jedi of Yavin IV.  Katarn had by this time infiltrated the Doomgiver and engaged Fyyar in hand to hand combat.  Despite having constructed a highly durable cortosis armour suit, Fyyar was defeated and the Doomgiver destroyed.

Note: Fyyar and the Doomgiver would be a recruitable hero as the Doomgiver was constructed out of the remains of multiple star destroyers.

Waru - Galactic
Inadvertently ripped from his own parallel dimension, this force-sensitive entity made a pact with the Dark Jedi Hethrir.  If Hethrir could bring it a being of sufficient power to allow Waru to return home, it would grant Hethrir immeasurable mastery over the Force.  In the meantime, Waru was declared to be a healer to the rest of Hethrir's Reborn.  While Waru would sometimes heal and help, it would also consume those it could in search of the required power for  trans-dimensional travel.  Waru's place as a powerful healer within the Reborn gained it a following known as the Cult of Waru.

High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne
- Ground
A Padawan in the days of the Republic, Tremayne was recovered from his captivity in Seperatist hands at the end of the war.  Transferred to Byss to be trained as an Inquisitor in the New Order by Darth Vader, Tremayne had a long histroy of loyal and successful service to the Empire, including the discovery of the ancient warrior Arden Lyn and the turning to the Dark Side of Jerec and Hethrir.  With the death of the Emperor, Tremayne allied himself with Hethrir, though never declaring so publicly.

Captain Waleran - Space: ISD II Interrogator
The most recent in a long series of unfortunate commanders, Waleran has been preceeded by many officers who, upon failing High Inquisitor Tremayne, met their ends gasping for air.

Lady Ucce - Galactic
An Imperial noble who survived in the Outer Rim while many of her class were being deposed by the New Republic, Ucce maintained a substantial amount of wealth and power, controlling starships and slaves.  Financially backing Hethrir's cause of the Empire Reborn, Lady Ucce knew when to compliment the powerful force user, when to speak her mind, and when to be quiet.

Lord Brashaa - (It would be interesting to have both him and Ucce, but unless a nice way to differentiate them in a campaign can be found, there is nothing different about them other than gender and personality)

Reelo Baruk - Ground, Space: The Manka Hunter
Baruk is a criminal kingpin in the Hutt territories with interests on Tatooine and Nar Shadaa to name a few.  By the time of the Emperor's death, Baruk was well feared enough in the underworld that even the Hutts didn't try to intimidate or extort him.  He arranged a deal with the Empire Reborn in its later years to provide them with mercenaries, supplies and information.

Note: Reelo Baruk provides the ability to recruit mercenaries/thugs.  I wanted to give him the Manka Hunter, a ship Greedo wanted to buy when still alive, as it was never purchased by Greedo, was for sale in Baruk's 'backyard' and they are both Rodian criminals.

Desann - Ground
Shunned by his people for his connection to the Force, Desann hoped that training with Luke Skywalker would bring new balance to his life.  He could not integrate well however, and after first trying to bully other students, and then killing one for insulting him, Desann fled the Praxeum and eventually found his way into the ranks of the Empire Reborn.  Impressing Hethrir, Desann was placed in charge of training and leading the new Reborn army of Force-sensitives.  He even took one promising student, Tavion Axmis, as his personal apprentice.  After failing to take the Valley of the Jedi from the New Republic, Desann was part of the Empire Reborn's major assault upon the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV.  The last Imperial standing, Desann was offered a chance at redemption, but chose instead to fight to his end in a duel with Kyle Katarn.

Tavion Axmis - Ground
Apprenticed to the Dark Jedi Desann, Tavion was present for the attacks on the Valley of the Jedi where she was defeated by Kyle Katarn.  After the death of her master on Yavin IV, Tavion split off from the Empire Reborn and formed Disciples of Ragnos, whose intent was to resurrect the ancient Sith Lord Marka Ragnos.  Travelling to the Sith world of Korriban, Tavion was interrupted from fully resurrecting Ragnos, but she allowed him to possess her to fight the Jedi.  Once Ragnos was defeated, Tavion was also destroyed.

Alora - Ground
Alora was a force sensitive Lethan Twi'lek who eventually became the apprentice of Tavion Axmis during the quest to resurrect Sith Lord Marka Ragnos.  She was a skilled infiltrator and intelligence agent but was struck down in combat with one of Luke Skywalker's New Jedi, Jaden Korr.

Option to bring Marka Ragnos back to life?

Still all just theory and conceptualizing, but here is an idea of what the Kaarenth Dissension might look like.

The Kaarenth Dissension
(The Restored Empire)

Leader: Ennix Devian (4-13 ABY) - Publicly: Meres Ulcane (4-10 ABY)
Capital: RZ7-6113-23 (4-13 ABY)

Although never controlling a vast swath of territory like Zsinj, Delvardus or Teradoc, Devian created an Imperial holdout that lasted for years in the outer rim, and controlled territory stretching between the original borders of the Pentastar Alignment and the Empire of Zsinj.  Having never truly been loyal to the Empire or to Palpatine, Devian had arranged over the years to slowly amass decommissioned ships in the outer rim on the planetoid of RZ7-6113-23.  When the Empire fell, Devian escaped to this holdout, severely dissatisfied with the succession of Imperial rulers who failed to preserve the Empire.  A true believer in the policy of human high culture, Devian claimed that the Kaarenth Dissension was dedicated to "The sacred restoration of the True Empire of Palpatine", even though he never believed in Palpatine himself.

"Numerous weapons and ships scheduled for decommission or destruction were rerouted here over the years, repaired and maintained.  I have an armada of Venator-class star destroyers, and even more Acclamator-class assault ships ready to be loaded with troops."
-Supreme Commander Ennix Devian

Among the forces that Devian rescued from the fracturing Empire were two unfinished Worldcraft, Deathstar sized habitat spheres given by Palpatine to favoured servants.  Unable to complete both craft, Devian used one as a diversion for the New Republic, disguising it as a third Death Star in construction, and hiding away the other in his secondary base, the Spawn Nebula, where it served as a repair station and fleet base.

For the first 6 years of its existence, the Dissension was publicly under the leadership of the silver-tongued Captain Meres Ulcane.  Ulcane publicly denounced the New Republic and tried to convince various alien groups in the Outer Rim that the Republic was their enemy.  Despite the success he was having, direct confrontation with the New Republic resulted in the battle for the Spawn Nebula where Ulcane was killed by the destruction of the repair station worldcraft.

"Death to the Imperial Remnant. Death to the New Republic.  Long live the Restored Empire.  Long live Palpatine!"
-General Bernard Vota

In 13 ABY, Devian emerged from hiding once again, with the Dissension now called 'The Restored Empire', revealing the extent of his re-commissioned fleet and engaged in a complex plot to set the Imperial Remnant and New Republic against each other, while trying to seize control of the Remnant by holding Admiral Pellaeon histage.  This tactic fell apart when his machinations were revealed and one of the men he tried to recruit, former Royal Guard Kir Kanos, boarded Pellaeon's flagship and killed Devian.  One of Devian's accomplices in this plot, and perhaps the true mastermind behind it, was the Yuuzhan Vong agent, Nom Anor.

Space Unit Roster
Mandator II
Procurator, Praetor Mark I, Secutor, Imperator, Venator
Victory I, Dreadnought, Acclamator I, Acclamator II
Arquitens, Pelta, Class-C Frigate, CR70, Gozanti
ARC-170, V-Wing, V-19 Torrent, TIE/sr, Z-95, ETA-2, T.I.E.

Land Unit Roster
AT-TE, A6 Juggernaught, AT-PT, LAAT
Swamp Speeder
Imperial Troopers, Stormtroopers

Supreme Commander Ennix Devian - Ground, Space: Venator-Class Retaliation
Transitioning from the Republican government to the New Order, Devian was a part of the Imperial Security Bureau before being singled out by Emperor Palpatine for training as an assassin of the Empire by Darth Vader himself.  Surviving a series of grueling trials, Devian's success at his work led to his nickname, the 'Kaarenth Impaler'.  Disenchanted with the Imperial ruling council and the other Remnants of the Empire, Devian retreated to his secret holdings in the Outer Rim and formed the Kaarenth Dissension along with Meres Ulcane.  He worked from the shadows to support his movement until, in 13 ABY, he launched a complicated plot to pit the New Republic against the Imperial Remnant.  This left the Remnant world of Orinda open for attack.  Despite capturing Pellaeon and seemingly achieving his victory, his past cruel methods, which had caused Kir Kanos to refuse joining him, now resulted in Kanos' return, with Devian losing the ensuing duel.

Note:  I chose a Venator for his flagship as at his final battle he only states having Venator's and Acclamators, plus, most of his ships were decommissioned old Republic ships.  The Retaliation had originally been scheduled for decommissioning before it was stolen by Zsinj's mother, resulting in the campaign where he was forced to kill her.  It never says that the Retaliation was destroyed, and may well have still been decommissioned.  It would suit Ennix's cruelty and mean streak to command his battles from such a ship, especially if he ever faced Zsinj.

Captain Meres Ulcane - Space: ISD II Denunciator
Having joined the Imperial academy at the age of 17, Ulcane quickly realized that only extreme action would keep alive and advancing in the Imperial army.  During a mission as part of a demolition squad, Ulcane abandoned the rest of his squad inside a Rebel warehouse and detonated the charges early, killing both his team and the rebels.  This 'decisive' action and many other unusual circumstances marked Ulcane's career up to the time of the Battle of Endor, by which point he had become a Captain.  Following the battle, Ulcane led a mutiny aboard his own ship and fled into the Outer Rim territories.  There he met another deserter, Ennix Devian.  Together they formed the Kaarenth Dissension, with Ulcane as the silver tongued frontman, and Devian as the hidden mastermind.  A long time student of alien cultures, Ulcane attempted to incite races in the Outer Rim against the New Republic, but was eventually hunted down by the Republic fleet and killed at his base in the Spawn Nebula.

Note: The Denunciator was chosen here as the wording of his article suggests that his mutiny occured on a ship that was at Endor, and Denunciator is a ship with no other stories attached to it.  In addition, the name suits Ulcane's verbal skills in denouncing the New Republic.

General Bernard Vota - Ground: A6 Juggernaught
A leader among the 'hard-liners' of the Kaarenth Dissension, Vota was an Imperial General among the various renegades and traditionalists who fled into the Outer Rim out of fear or distrust of new Imperial leaders.  After the failed invasion of Orinda in 13 ABY, Vota questioned and regretted his choice to side with Devian as he lay dieing.

Trooper Lonkin - Ground
One of the best warriors in the Restored Empire and a hero of Divac 7, Lonkin died in a vibro-lance duel with Ennix Devian that was intended to impress Kir Kanos, but had the opposite effect.  Kanos commented that the death of a good soldier was a waste in these situations.

Zam Basdor - Galactic
A dignitary serving with the Imperial Remnant on Orinda and with the fleet, Basdor desired the traditional old ways of Palpatine's Empire and was thus easily swayed to work as a spy for Ennix Devian, helping him hatch his plot to pit the Remanant and Republic against each, ruining the treaty negotiations.  Upon discovering that Basdor was the spy within his ranks, Admiral Gilad Pellaeon shot the man between his eyes.

Durrei - Ground
A native of Elrood and a force-sensitive, Durrei was introduced to his force potential when stormtroopers murdered his mother and he lashed out against them.  Devoting himself to the anger and power offered by the Dark Side, Durrei searched out other Dark Side users to learn from and became a student and lover of the Emperor's Hand, Arden Lyn.  After Endor, Durrei was approached by Ennix Devian who appealed to Durrei's long seated hatred of Imperials and offered him the chance to kill other Imperials working in Devian's service.  Becoming obsessed with relic hunting in later years, Devian tired of their relationship and betrayed Durrei to former Imperial Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne.

Arden Lyn - Ground
A remnant from a bygone age, Lyn was once a student of the Jedi Order in the days of the early Galactic Republic.  Leaving the order with her lover, Xendor, the two formed a rival discipline of Force Users known as the Legions of Lettow.  During the ensuing schism and war between the two orders, Lyn was wounded and fell into a Jedi meditative trance that, combined with a mystical talisman, kept her in stasis for thousands of years.  Reawakened by Inquisitor's of the Empire, Lyn became an Emperor's Hand under the promise that Palpatine would try to resurrect her dead lover, Xendor.  When she realized Palpatine would never keep this promise, she began attempting to overthrow him.  To this end she joined forces with rebellious Grand Admiral Zaarin, though failed to achieve victory.  Later, she took on the young Durrei as an apprentice and lover and helped him in his quest for relics of the Force before being betrayed by Devian to the Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne who had been there when she first awoke after thousands of years.

Nom Anor - Galactic
A mysterious benefactor who has arrived in the Dissension from parts unknown.  This stranger is offering to aid in the rise of the Dissension and the creation of the Restored Empire as he says it benefits his own goals.  How much this stranger can be trusted is unknown, but the Dissension needs all the help it can get at this time.

Captain Klemp - Space: Venator-Class Star Destroyer Integrity
Klemp was one of the leaders of the Restored Empire in 13 ABY.

Note: Integrity was a Venator class starship that served as Skywalker and Kenobi's flagship in the battle of Coruscant.

Lieutenant Niclara Varnillian - Space: Undecided
A member of the Death Star when it fired on Alderaan, Niclara was not phased by the destruction of her homeworld.  Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Niclara was transferred to the ISD Pulsar to serve as chief gunnery officer.  When the Pulsar was boarded by Rebel forces following the battle of Endor, Niclara stole a rebel transport and managed to escape.  She was last seen leading Imperial vessels against New Republic  installations in the Outer Rim, while her commanding officer with whom she escaped, Commander Dor Reder, went on to serve in the Warlord faction of Admiral Gaen Drommel in the Oplovis Sector.

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My vote included Bariss Offee, but if she is included, I really think she should be attached to Luminara, like how Chewbaca and Han Solo come together.  They spent the vast majority of the clone wars together.

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