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News and Updates / Re: Community Poll: Daala vs Zsinj
« on: January 17, 2017, 04:27:28 PM »
Cool Zsinj vs Daala yeah.

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: mon cal cruisers
« on: January 15, 2017, 09:55:53 PM »
Great Ideas man I wonder if we've ever see them in mod at some point.

News and Updates / Re: Redone Procursator
« on: January 13, 2017, 02:37:35 PM »
The Procursator looks Great Corey.

News and Updates / Re: Imperial Civil War 2.2 Tester Signup Thread
« on: January 05, 2017, 07:31:13 PM »
I like a copy of Beta of the Demo Corey when is It coming out.

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: mass suggestion list
« on: January 04, 2017, 08:30:15 PM »
so, again, here I go

this is a list of suggestions for 2.2 or some future addition. as always, do with them as you will

Imperial Civil War Mod 2.2 suggestions

   redone SSDs
   redone hero Executors
   new units
   New Hero
(I apologize ahead of time for all names I butcher)
   redone SSDs(recalculate cost as needed, I just needed a more expensive ship ranking, so I threw this together), plus fighters redone to match faction and tech:
      Executor: a few more weapons then before, 10,000 credits more expensive, deploy it's fighters at like 5 at start and 1 every 5 seconds to overwhelm enemy. for empire, era's 1/3/5, for zsinj, and for EA eras 1/2
      Vengeance: build able for PA, but only three salvageable for IR at Byss, Kuat, and Fondor. More concussion missiles but less turbolasers and fighters, 45,000 credits
      Eclipse: same but more turbolasers plus like 20 Tie droids as extras
      Sovereign: virtually unchanged but for extra turbolasers.
      Bellator: same as previous.
      Viscount: much higher shields and fighter count, to make up for 17-18 pop cost compared to executor 15, plus making them more powerful, as they should have been.

   Redone Executor heroes:
      Ardus Kaine/Reaper: has like 4 additional turbolasers and 4 additional heavy turbolasers, plus a 2% increase in shields. Fighters redone to match faction and current tech.
      Sander Delvardus(era 3/4)/Natasa Daala(after defeating Delvardus)/(K)Night Hammer: has 10 additional of each weapon system, 15% increase armor, 50% increase shields, and is worth like 80,000 credits. Had to be super-powerful to represent super SSD. 
      Zsinj: has 10/10/4/2 less of each but has more Tie Raptors and proton torpedo launchers(okay, not canon, but as a mix of imperial and rebel, having lots of proton torpedoes seems a good idea, plus it would be cool.)
      Ysanne Isald/Lusankya: reduced heavy turbolasers, add turbolasers, ion cannons, concussion misssiles, and 20ish anti-fighter guns. Also, calls in 2 lancer for additional anti-fighter support.
      Wedge Antilles/Lusankya: readjusted anti-ship guns, add to anti-fighter, and some proton torpedoes, all lasers now red.

   New Units:
      Mediator: mid-sized star defender, fills same roll as Bellator, but starting era 4, with Viscount attributes but with reduced shields, armor, and armament. New republic
      World Devastator: Empire's greatest weapon(just kidding). Armed with 15 turbolasers, 15 heavy turbolasers, 8 ion cannons, and 4 concussion missile launchers, it launches 10 Tie/D at the beginning of a battle, plus 1 additional one every 10 seconds. Has two abilities. In galactic, provides a 200% increase to planetary income(modifiers do not multiple). In battle, can eat ships, which in turn produces even more Tie/D.
                Executor MkII: has the firepower of the Night Hammer, but only 50% shields. only for EA eras 3/4. I felt that EA needed somemore cool things
                Imperial III star destroyer: black star destroyer with increased firepower over the II, replaces Tector, EA Eras 3/4 (idea behind it was an advanced class of SDs to go with the Super SSD)

   New Heroes:
      Ysanne Isald/Galactic(while Pestage is in power): build time reduction.
      Commander Ackdool: commands the Mediator, the lead ship of the Mediator class. Era 5
      General Titus Klev: commands Silencer 7, a enlarged world devastator with 50% higher shields, armor, and firepower. Era 3

any revisements, tell me.

these are all suggestions, do with them as you will
WOW great suggestions man. But one their are no Executor II bro that was the Lusankya it was call that but I don't know why. But anything else is great suggestions even the World Devastateds but I don't know I've seen what your saying about them in Alliance mod but maybe here in Empire at war they can be in this mod. And if not have them stay in sins but with those abilities ok man.

Personnel I have no problem with all of the Fallout Games there all pretty great.

Looking up the assertor class, or the option to say we don't want another ssd? Because if I were to make a new poll with that, option corey would probably delete it due to how redundant it is.
well ok then.

where is the option in the poll to never add the assertor class?
none HAHAHA but try looking it up man.

where's the option:

"The Assertor wasn't very common, and is totally redundant, and thus completely not worth the mod team wasting their efforts on"?

(And this coming from someone who's second favorite Dreadnought after the Sovereign is the Assertor)
And now you can see why this is here so that people can talk about the Ship here instead of somewhere else. But I can see why that is the case in why they wouldn't put the ship in the mod (Until they need the Assertor for the mod) yeah again I can why.

Ok I fix it I'll come out with and actually Question for why the Assertor Class Star Dreadnaught should be in the next Version (or the one after 2.3 aka 2.4 of Thrawns Revenge)  of the mod or the one after that.

I hope this help in keeping you all form Tell this question to Corey and The Team this question OVER AND OVER again.

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: new idea for eclipse ssd
« on: December 31, 2016, 03:19:34 PM »
I can see what your saying about the Empire needing more too it and I agree but let's not make then unbalance ok but I do like the 2% or more salvage bonuses form every battle.

Well the vote Closed (Until the next update say 2.3) so yeah sorry about that but you what I may make a new topic to vote in so until then Happy New Year Everyone.

It still be amazing to see what they look like finally.

the Bellators are 7,200 meters long, but my guess is dominion is an oversized version about 500-800 meters longer, while keeping the same design.
Mandator III are 12,000 meters, but Megador I suspect was a rebuilt version between 200-1,000 meters longer, with some heavy armament and troop capacity sacrificed to added dozens of addition squadrons.

either way, seeing these in Crimson Empire, Imperial Reunification, and Orinda campaign will be a great addition to star wars. also, since I have more info on the Orinda campaign, I suspect the Pellaeon will have the Reaper for that specific GC, but not afterward(though I cannot read the mod teams work or minds, I am guessing).

still, great to see these added
Yeah that was what I was going with a little.

The Lounge / Re: Merry Xmas
« on: December 24, 2016, 10:34:51 AM »
I wish you guys all a merry merry Christmas.
I hope you will all have a happy time.
Merry Christmas to you too man And Happy Holiday to you all.

Mandator-III was 12 KM, not 16.
actually the Mandator III Was 15 KM and the Mandator 1 Was 12 km (and the Mandator 2 was 14 km) so yeah again I say it a custom build Warship or a prototype for New Design of a Star Dreadnaught.

Ascendancy Tech Support / Re: Voices for Republic Ships?
« on: December 22, 2016, 05:52:30 PM »
I like to try out for Republic Ships voice overs.

Dominion and Megador will both be in the mod in some form. There's no canon picture of either of them, and it's never made clear what class they are; if Alliance has a different look for one of them, it's not canon and we'd base absolutely 0 of our own decisions off of that. The headcanon I've essentially made up, based on the information that is known about them (and considering we'll never get it cleared up officially at this point, but we still have to do something with them) is that the smaller of the two is a Bellator (I think it was the Dominion that was smaller, but honestly do not remember) and the Megador as a Mandator-III. This basically fits the idea that they're related bu different ships, since the Bellator was essentially a scaled-down version of the Mandator III (12,000 meters to the Bellator's 7200). The Assertor also looks to be in a similar vein, and the one thing known about the Megador is that it has 16 aft thrustsrs. The smaller Bellator, of the same line, has 14 and the Assertor has 23. Basically it's the leas contradictory thing I can think of within known Legends without inventing a whole new class. Within the mod, however, at least in 2.2, both will be Bellators since we currently don't have the resources to produce another new SSD class for this release.
An interesting to think about but I believe that both Ships are Custom Version of the Classes you are thinking about. And personal I think they are the Mandator III class  (Being the Megador at 16 Thousands meters long and a Super Star Carrier then a Super Star Destroyer because of all of the Hangers being on it And have more Thrusters then a Executor class and just as powerful Shield. A one too. But not as must Turbolasers And Armor on the Ship that's my Guess)  And the The Dominion (Being a Bellator class but being 8 thousands Meters long. 500 Meters longer then a normal one And has no hangers Bays basically a Bigger version of a Allegiance class Star Destroyer) But overall try making the ships in the next Version of the mod ( aka make them it 2.3. Ok guys )

News and Updates / Re: MotY Round 2: Top 100
« on: December 22, 2016, 01:49:59 PM »
Just checked the articles for best mod of 2016

  Holy Crap YEY.

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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
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