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News and Updates / Re: Community Poll: Daala vs Zsinj
« on: Today at 12:21:43 PM »
No Warlords or other groups in any way fit with the rest of the PA tech tree.

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Stealth Star Destroyers
« on: Today at 03:43:51 AM »
You can't really blame the Romulans for starting with double-blinded ones though. The fact that they got a cardboard ship into space in the first place is impressive on its own.

The Era Breakdown GC posts all have maps of the conquests.

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: GC suggestions for 2.2
« on: January 19, 2017, 08:06:03 PM »
The Stars Align bumped up to 40 planets. the NR and IR would would start with 7 planets each, but very few units. their fighting in north core. PA starts with 3 planets, but with no one around them and plenty of space to expand. Ardus Kaine would give you  multiple missions for expansion to gain Heroes, Reaper(stolen by a pirate, that being why he wouldn't start with it in the beginning) and planets for corporations and more units. non-playable factions would be a 2 planets zsinj(with just himself, 1 other hero, 4 ground troops, poor industrial base, and 5 ships.), and Maldrood(1 planet, Centares, just Truetan and 2 CCVSDs.). this would allow a simulation of Pentastar Alignment growth and power increase. don't know what your plans are for this, but this is an idea.
Stars Align didn't get the axe specifically because we didn't have many small campaigns, and certainly no smaller campaigns for the PA. We will be trying to work some of their expansion (even though it was really just a few days of the Pentastar Talks, not really capturing things) into Endor Aftermath for their plot when we get to that point, but that's not really the purpose of TSA.

Crimson Empire: bump up to number of planets as in Shadow Hand. New units: Pentastar SSD[Reaper(basically a non-buildable executor unit)]

There's only about a 16 planet difference between Shadow Hand and Crimson Empire. Several of those planets ceased to either be relevant (some even ceased to exist), or would give certain factions a huge advantage if they stayed. Reaper will still be represented with the PA forces even in GCs after Kaine's death.

Orinda Campaign: 30ish planets, Pellaeon on Reaper, starts with 2 Bellators(Megador and Dominion).
There will be an Orinda Campaign GC, which we will discuss more fully with the Era 5 rundown.

maybe a option in HFZ for the NR/IR alliance to build Razor's kiss, though that would be really weird. maybe give the IR splinter a chance to do it as well. also, give the IR some grounds troops on Kuat(unless already fixed).

one of the era 4 campaign should have the fall of the Maldrood simulated.
Crimson Empire and Reunification basically already covers this. It wasn't some big campaign, they basically fall apart.

a EoTH origins would be a nice smaller GC(though probably not till 2.3 or later)
An EotH establishment campaign is something we've always wanted to do, but basically everything in it would need to be built from scratch.

Megador and dominion show up in Crimson Empire/Imperial reunification for Zero command and IR for Orinda and era 5.
Megador and Dominion were left unmanned because ZC couldn't actually staff them, and we likely won't change that as long as they're unplayable.

since you displayed the current map, what does the map look like for 2.2?

Don't wanna bring this too far off topic, but since you asked. The fancy front-end one for promo material/manual isn't fully setup yet, so here's the galaxy plot with all current planets as the Galactic Conquest editor we're making currently displays them:

Holy cow, there it is! I'll tell you why I kept missing it was because I'd just look in the faction chapter for the information as the heroes are listed out there. I guess it's a mute point as you are doing it in 2.2, but I think it be more intuitive if in the manual the abilities were listed with the appropriate chapters. But like I said, probably not worth it at this point.

It's the kind of thing that's usually listed in appendices because comparisons are generally easier that way; the table of contents also directly references the hero bonus section.

what about a more vague idea in comparison with others in the class. I assume that while the numbers might change in general a Nebulon B-2 Frigate will be superior to a Nebulon B Frigate. So for example, let's say that if you look at the list of frigates (sorted by hitpoint value) and see that the one in the middle is the Nebulon B-2 Frigate. This would make this frigate "average" and you work from there. So like, the Nebulon B Frigate would be "below average". This sort of organizing would be more helpful for players anyways as you can tell at a glance if a ship would be an upgrade and just how much so. I also think it look better in the UI.

That's not as simple as you may think. Things are either put into row 0 or row 1 (bottom or top) and they're filtered in in the order the files are read. Typically this means the units are grouped by class, but if you have them ordered by health, and then you lock out some units or unlock others, that row shifts and it's out of order. If you try to say all light frigates are on one row with all heavy frigates, then all fighters buildings, capitals on the next row, you end up pushing things off the build bar. Especially if you're using variants that are in another file (ie, when we make Hapan ships buildable), which means they're in the order that file is read relative to the other file. Listing the total shield and hull strength should be more than enough, but documentation is usually one of the last things we do.

Also, your description of the different corvettes was extremely helpful! I have been stuck attempting to figure out which one to fill the anti-starfighter role and assumed the gunship was superior as it had concussive missiles (I looked at the manual and it said that those missiles are better than lasers against strike craft). Perhaps along with the armor and hitpoint, have two more sections for anti-starfighter and anti-ship (or something to that effect). This would be immensely helpful in allowing players to identify areas the fleet is weak in and look to address those inadequacies.

Lasers and missiles are both good anti-fighter. Missiles are better, but missiles also typically have higher cooldowns that make them better upfront damage and worse for fighting waves of fighters.

There's a chapter later on in the manual listing all the abilities and bonuses for units and heroes in table form.  I may revisit this for the 2.2 version (but no promises).

Page 121/122 specifically, though it's also gonna be ingame in 2.2 either way.

To be fair it probably was a bit of an exaggeration but I'm sure I saw the map from Corulag several times in that condensed area. Again, it's not that it repeats that's what bothersome but seeing it again so soon. But it seems like it's being addressed so that's nice to know.
I just had to go double check this.  In 2.1 the ground map from Corulag was used on three planets out of 145: Corulag, Morishim and Talfaglio.  I think the distribution of planets using the map (in galactic/GC terms) may have more to do with it than pure frequency.

I honestly wouldn't say it's that condensed; this is the distribution. You probably just got unlucky in which battles you ended up doing in a row.

I'm glad @Corey you brought up the era system because I do have one issue with it. Don't misunderstand me; I much prefer this way of doing things compared to the base game. But how about removing some build options that have been superseded. It would make things less confusing for me, say when I'm trying to determine which of these light frigates (Corellian Corvette, Corellian Gunship, Sachseen). This goes back to the issue of above where it gets really tough to tell which one is ultimately better. I know the manual outlines their weaponry and what they do against particular targets (appreciate that), it still is a lot of work that could be taken care of by decommissioning one of the older ships. Like is it really necessary to be able to build the Nebulon B-Frigate when the Nebulon B-2 is available?

Certain ships are left in, even though they're older or outclassed by some time, because Empire at War's strength is at least partially its narrative aspects. We removed one ship 7 years ago because it was too similar to another ship that became available at the same time, and people have literally not stopped asking about it since. So, as long as they don't preclude the inclusion of other newer things by clogging the build bar, as long as they were still used inc anon there are some ships we let stick around because there are people who want to build them so they can have a "canon" version of a certain fleet or battle. Otherwise, you'd literally never have ships like the Nebulon-B or the ISD-I. In Ascendancy, our sins mod, which is less narrative and more gameplay focused, that's less of an issue (hence only including one ship per role). As we've said in a few places, we're doing more documentation as it becomes possible in 2.2, however there are always going to be some stats we can't list without basically just pasting the unit code in the manual so in some cases less information is more and players are better off using experimentation to see which units they prefer. Giving too much information can turn off players looking for basic information, and also be much harder to retain. We likely won't go too far beyond adding health and shields. It's probably more suitable for the wiki. Accuracy, for example, isn't just determined per ship, it's per each weapon on each ship. For an example in the potential problems of an infodump making it harder for people to find the basic relevant information, the hero bonuses we've already addressed, but the information we've already given in the manual should also address some of what you've said even here; with the three examples that you've given there (DR90, DP20 and Sacheen) none of those really do the same thing; while they're all smaller, even their armaments are very different. One's pure anti-fighter (CR90), one's decent anti-fighter and anti-ship (DP20) and the other has heavy turbolasers and an ion cannon, with only one laser cannon (which makes it pretty bad anti-fighter) while also carrying a fighter squadron (Sacheen).

News and Updates / Re: Community Poll: Daala vs Zsinj
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:22:27 AM »
We're happy to leave it open until we get to the point where we have to make a decision to code that bit in. If it suddenly swaps, that's not a huge deal for us; we're looking for opinions, but this isn't binding or anything. If we decide it's absolutely best, we could even decide to go with Isard or something.

1) I'm not overly fond for how the hero system seems to work. I looked in the guide for some direction as to what each person's primary role was but it's not overtly obvious to me. Where this means the most to me is when commanding armies or fleets. I really liked having those bonuses in the base game. So I was disappointed when I discovered I couldn't create Fleet Admirals or Generals. I'm curious as to why that is and also as to a list of what leaders provide those battle bonuses. Or does it happened as long as a hero is present?

The manual has a complete rundown of all hero command bonuses, and in 2.2 they'll be listed in the description. Almost every hero has a command bonus of some form, which occurs automatically in battle, exactly like in the base game. The reason the buildable minor heroes were removed was because the AI would build stacks of several hundred, to the exclusion of any other unit. The ground ones we've sort of snuck back in in 2.2 with the commanders which come from infantry platoons.

2) This next one might just be because I was playing on the largest map and you didn't want to have to deal with it there and that is Planetary Bonuses. Granted I didn't make my strategic plans based solely off of capturing certain planets. But it was really cool to use it to specialize my fleet. Like when playing the Rebel fleet you started out with increased shields and firepower on the fighters. It doesn't have to be on every planet like it is in the base game and in fact, I'd prefer it not to be as it decreases the value of the others. Make the bonuses really valuable and obtainable in only one spot. And you can even do like you do with Mon Calamari and Kuat where you have to purchase the upgrade.

We're re-evaluating some of them in 2.2 to use one or two extra ones, but there's not much there to begin with. For one thing, high credit value planets are still worth a lot of credits, but that's not listed as a "bonus" in the mod per se. Plenty of planets still have base stealth like Kashyyyk did. Production bonuses still exist, but we typically do them in a different way, namely the corporations. There are 233 planets spread across 20 GCs, so you can easily end up with one faction having a ton of bonuses in one GC and the others not having any.

3) More varied maps! Now I'm not saying that you need to make more maps per say, but it would be nice to not be fighting the same battle map in the core area. It got to the point that it became a rhythm of Capture Strategic Point, Capture the Sensor Array, Sends strike squad to take out shield generator by taking the secret path, Mop up with tank swarm (using bombers to soften the AT-AT's). It felt like I fought on this particular map five times in a row, or close to it. It I didn't see the map so much then it wouldn't have bothered me.

We're mixing more of the vanilla maps back in, and removing some of the worse mod maps. Even before now though, we've not used any particular map on more than 5-7 planets out of 233 total that I'm aware of. In 2.2 it's typically two or three planets per map, with the most being 5, but again, this is a function of there being 233 planets and only so many possible maps. The maps also tend to have to fit the planet type, and the rich core worlds tend to be similar planet types, which were less common in the base game and also which are by far the most time intensive maps to create, which means you're more likely to come across the same map a bit more in that area.

4) I really like how this mod handles technology because it's just silly to be sending out droids to steal and what not. But one thing that does bug me about the way the tech system works is how it will remove stuff that I feel is still useful. Say the snow speeders that were super effective against AT-ATs. While I like the V-Wings (and they saved my ass on one planet where the guy had six fighters), that doesn't mean the Snowspeeders don't have a place. Or how the Y-Wing just goes away when to my knowledge, there's not another Proton-Torpedo capable bomber the Rebels have.

The build bar is only so big, and stuff was only used for so long in the lore (because, keep in mind, the era system is not strictly a tech system). While Snowspeeders do offer a unique way to take down AT-ATs, that single unit interaction isn't really enough to justify them sticking around. As far as Y-Wings go, there are plenty of options for torpedoes. The B-Wing and K-Wing are both actually better bombers than the Y-Wing while still having anti-fighter capabilities, and E/X-Wings both can use proton torps as well. The A-Wing and Defender are actually the only NR starfighters I can think of that don't use proton torps. The Y-Wing had been phased out in the lore, and entirely outclassed ingame.

News and Updates / Re: Community Poll: Daala vs Zsinj
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:29:10 PM »
Gotta say, this is not how we thought this would go.

People can post submods wherever they want; we just don't allow people claiming it's an official TR thing, or redistributing the entire mod.

News and Updates / Re: Full Demo Rundown
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:06:56 PM »
You buy a Quasar. The Quasar is a space unit, the same as it always has been. If you're in a ground battle with the Quasar in orbit, you can bring down an X-Wing in the exact same way you can bring down any other unit. It's literally the exact same thing as Luke being Luke on the ground and flying an X-Wing in space, only it's an X-Wing on the ground and a carrier in space.

News and Updates / Re: Full Demo Rundown
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:09:56 PM »
They're brought in the same way you handle any other units, but they're built on the space tab and their transport is a unit in its own right. It's like a Han/Chewie situation. They're very powerful, but you only get one, and air units are a lot more vulnerable generally.

News and Updates / Full Demo Rundown
« on: January 18, 2017, 01:35:28 PM »
We said with the demo announcement we'd do a full rundown of changes included in the demo when we get closer. Well, we're closer.

To re-iterate on the announcement post for those who didn't see it, not only should this give something to hold everyone over until release, but if we've messed something up, we'll have ample time and feedback to adjust it as we go. This will be especially useful for balancing feedback; there have been plenty of balancing changes which should be pulling the mod in the direction we want, however the exact numbers are certainly still up in the air, and the demo will give us a good amount of feedback to adjust from the current new baseline. There are a ton of changes being made in 2.2, probably more than in any previous version (including 1.0, and the huge jump between 1.3 and 2.0), so the more feedback we can get in one GC as a testbed, the more easily we can make changes without them already being embedded in ~19 other scenarios.

Here's the basic overview of what to expect compared to 2.1, as well as a bit of a projection to the full 2.2. Keep in mind, everything (especially in the full 2.2) is subject to change. Content may be added or removed as time and priority allow, especially when it comes to additional units.

Demo Content
Play as the New Republic, Warlord Zsinj, or the Greater Maldrood in the revamped Hunt for Zsinj Galactic Conquest scenario.

Playable Factions:
New Republic: (Only new content listed)
  • 2.2 Demo - Wraith Squadron, MC80 Home One Type, Dauntless Heavy Cruiser, Empress-class Space Station, Quasars allow for X-Wing use on ground.
  • Coming in Full 2.2 - Republic Star Destroyer

Warlord Zsinj: (New in green)
  • Space- ISDI, ISDII, Executor, CR90, Nebulon-B, Nebulon-B2, Carrack, Dreadnaught, Gladiator, Neutron Star, Strike Cruiser, Acclamator, Providence, Quasar, Dominator, Lucrehulk, Allegiance, VSD
  • Ground - TIE Fighter, A6 Juggernaut, AT-TE, Nightsister, 2M Repulsortank, AT-ST, ULAV, IDT, SPMAT, Jump Trooper, TIE Crawler, Raptor Troopers, Stormtroopers, Hailfire, Droideka, Shock Troopers, Raptor Scout

Greater Maldrood: (New in green)
  • Space- Bellator, Crimson Command VSDII, Procursator, IPV, ISDII, ISDI, Ton-Falk, Arquitens, Interceptor IV, Neutron Star, Dreadnaught, Immobilizer, Crusader Corvette, Providence, Secutor, Allegiance, VSDI, ARC-170
  • Ground - AT-AT, AT-PT, TIE Crawler, Bantha II, ISP, AT-AP, Stormtroopers, SPMAT, Shock Troopers, Jump Troopers, T-16 (Thanks Farseer), TX-130, A9 Floating Fortress, Specialist, AT-AA, LAAT
  • Coming in Full 2.2 - Sorannan Star Destroyer, Army Troopers

New Non-Playable Factions: (Emergent upon Zsinj death)
Corporate Sector Authority:
  • Space- Lucrehulk, VSDI, VSDII, Marauder Cruiser, Dreadnaught
  • Ground - B1 Battledroid, Droideka

The full 2.2 will include various changes for other existing factions, the new playable Eriadu Authority, and a few other non-playables. More details will be discussed separately for these.

AI Changes:
  • AI will properly stack fleets instead of sending waves of smaller fleets. Also higher fleet and ground force requirements for attacks to occur.
  • Fleets should no longer take the longest possible route they can figure out around the galaxy.
  • AI defense fleets will not sit under space stations.

Graphical Changes:
  • Most if not all particles and projectiles have been overhauled. Firing rates for all ships also reduced (and power adjusted accordingly) so fire is no longer in sheets.
  • New HUD style. Full UI rework in progress for full version, including many icons. Several icons in the demo are just placeholders.
  • All space backgrounds redone.
  • Beginning work on damage particles and death clones
  • Redone models: Munificent, Battle Dragon, Vindicator, Immobilizer, Quasar, Ton Falk, ISDI, ISDII, VSDI, VSDII, CR90, Nebulon-B, Venator, Acclamator, Lambda, Bothan Assault Cruiser, almost every TIE or Letter-wing fighter.
  • Models being redone for full version: Providence, Executor, Dreadnaught, Secutor, Lucrehulk, Strike Cruiser, Nova Cruiser (others as well, these are just the ones currently in progress)

Gameplay Changes:
  • Story events: Several story events exist for each faction, especially the New Republic. Each campaign is intended to have one major storyline, and then we'll expand from there. In Hunt for Zsinj, it revolves around killing Zsinj and, for the New Republic, recruiting the Hapans. Factions can emerge and disappear based on these events.
  • Ground unit speed reduced to normal. Many larger, worse mod maps replaced with base game maps.
  • Testing a unit upkeep cost mechanic, provided it doesn't reduce AI desire to build ships (has to work just as well in large scenarios like Art of War, as well as smaller starts like FTGU, so may not last).
  • Battle styles/events:
    • Raid Fleets: Now temporarily prevent retreat and give more obvious warning of when they occur.
    • At least 3 other battle events and styles planned for the full release.
  • Fewer ground slots on most planets, economic structures limited to 3 per planet.
  • Infantry changes:
    • Infantry in companies now individually commanded.
    • Infantry can fire while running.
    • Infantry companies now come with different roles included: scouts, medics and grenadiers included in main infantry company. Heavy repeaters coming in full 2.2.
    • Each primary infantry company comes with a captain who provides a combat bonus.
    • Jedi units given berserk ability to adjust for melee being terrible.
    • Coming in Full 2.2: New Republic infantry models to be redone, including species diversity.
  • Having small carriers in orbit (ie Ton-Falk, Quasar) allows use of a fighter on ground. If destroyed, the carrier dies as well.
  • Fixed issue with prison script preventing all alien civilian spawns (Wookies, Duros, Mon Cal, etc should all now spawn properly)
  • Rate of turn adjusted for capital ships. Larger ships should now turn more slowly. Firing cones also being adjusted.
  • Ground balancing:
    • All company numbers adjusted.
    • Rockets now generally very effective against armour and structures, really bad against infantry. Very high cooldown. Essentially a buff to IFTX, AAC, Plex Troopers, LAAT, IDT, etc.
    • Air units now significantly more vulnerable to various units, some stat changes.
    • Full 2.2: XR-85 Droid tanks ("Death Lasers") significantly nerfed (unit not present in demo).
    • Full 2.2: All Empire of the Hand vehicles nerfed, brought into line with other factions. Full EotH ground rework tentatively planned for 2.3
  • Buildings have anti-infantry turrets. Other types being considered for full 2.2.
  • Coming in full 2.2: Full review of abilities and bonuses for units, heroes and planets
  • Coming in full 2.2: Research system implemented for New Republic, Remnant and Empire of the Hand in addition to era system
  • Coming in full 2.2: Era system expanded beyond just hero death. Different conditions and consequences apply to losing Imperial leader. Imperial players can also choose to change eras manually in some cases.

  • Documentation
    • Unit and hero text will now directly list bonuses and fighter spawns.
    • Doing a new pass on planet, unit and hero text.
    • Raid fleets give a better indicator of when they're coming and what they are.
    • Tech tree displays being reworked
[li]Working on VO for as many units and heroes as we can[/li][/list]

This isn't exhaustive for the full 2.2, however should cover the main points of the demo. As for a release date, we should be releasing the demo in February.

Does it happen every single time, or are there some battles or OBs where it doesn't? You said every other battle at first, but this is weird, so the more specific information you can give, the better.

Try using Large Address Aware on the exe:

It's typically used for Sins, but it can help with a lot of older games.

Settings shouldn't matter for that. When it crashes, do you get an exception error or does it just drop, and does it happen in the base game?

News and Updates / Community Poll: Daala vs Zsinj
« on: January 17, 2017, 01:35:24 PM »
For those of you who are unaware, we're dividing the Remnant tech tree into three possible regimes; Thrawn & Pellaeon, Palpatine, and currently Daala. Each will have their own separate gameplay hooks, bonuses and negative attributes. People have repeatedly asked "well why not Warlord X," however the key point here isn't just throwing in another name. It's developing distinct trees between all factions and branches, and in this case, putting a fourth spin on the Imperial doctrine, as it can be represented in the Sins engine (between the Pentastar Alignment, Palpatine, Thrawn & Pellaeon, and the final slot here). The final style we're looking for can be pretty equally represented by two people; Daala and Zsinj. This is essentially a tech focused one, where the big bonus is non-permanent hero death and two SSDs at once. Daala brings the first through the Maw Installation, Zsinj brings it through his own close association with different scientific projects. Each has one or two additional techs they can bring to the table (Daala with reunification stuff like Crimson Command and some of the Maw's weapons, Zsinj with some of his own weapons research and Night Cloaks), but not enough to justify making both. So, we're asking for your input; which would you rather see?

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Stealth Star Destroyers
« on: January 17, 2017, 01:20:08 PM »
A good portion of the Hand of Thrawn duology talks about cloaking and the Empire's use of it in that timeframe. I think the opening scene of Specter of the Past may even be a test of some tech related to it (a computer system to help fix some of the communication issues related to it) but it's been so long since I've read those books I may not be remembering the order correctly.

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Fighters purchase
« on: January 17, 2017, 01:01:42 PM »
because i know Corey will be continuing with 2.3 after 2.2
The stuff we talk about is 2.2 stuff; while we've thrown ideas around for future versions, it's always impossible to know what's going to happen. That's also when we say something isn't worth doing a for a particular version, there's an asterisk beside it, especially with factions. Also, while Slornie and I may be the ones who answer most questions, I am far from the only one working on it.

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