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Star Wars Discussion / Do you plan on watching Solo?
« on: May 24, 2018, 02:55:09 PM »
Well, the title says it all.
Have fun :)

The Lounge / May the 4th be with you
« on: May 04, 2018, 03:47:51 AM »
The title says it all 😁

Star Wars Discussion / Thrawn and you
« on: September 15, 2017, 12:57:54 PM »
Sooo. I think the poll question tells it all.
Everyone I know and loves star wars falls into the 4 category above, so I want to know how you feel about him.
Both legends and Canon Thrawn are viable, therefore the 2 vote limit.
Tell me down bellow how do you feel for each :D

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / The Challenge thread
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:54:11 PM »
Okay, everyone I need ideas on challenges for playing ICW.
There are many limitations I pressed upon myself over the years I've been playing it, but ran out of ideas.
Challenges I've done already on my own ideas:
-No SSD challenge (this persisted even with all the other challenges since they just trump everything in player hands. This includes SSD Heroes as well)
-No Battlecruiser
-Only 1 Mine/Tax A. on a planet
-No Defenders for Remnant
-No Era change challenge for NR and Hand(which means I can't kill the IR leaders and the Era change is entirely dependent on the AI). the unforeseen side-effect was that when the IR's leader attacked I had to retreat... It felt like an eternity until I got rid of Isard...
-No Imperial Tech for the PA (Basicly I could only build PA only ships :D Note that I count the Enforcer a PA only ship even though IR can build them in skirmish)
-One fleet challenge which basicly mean I can only have 1 fleet in the entire game, so if I'm being attacked elsewhere I have to rely on defense stations, space station defense forces and surface-to-space weaponry in space battles, or hold them on the ground.
-No surface to Space Weaponry. Kinda pointless with the Hand though...

Challenges I am going to do from your recommendations bellow:
-No capital ships.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Duskhan League
« on: May 14, 2017, 01:24:18 PM »
Sold! ;D
And I am feeling so relieved that people are waiting for the DL.
It wasn't easy to find Yevethans that were able to become heroes. You wold be surprised how few stuff can come out of 3 books...
I also felt kinda down with the fact that they introduced a whole new ship type.
Armadia-class thrustship. It kinda indicates it to be something new.
Well, not in 2.2 but I hope that if there will ever be a future release I can manage to get some artists on my side (as well as Corey), and we could make some custom thrustships.

Okay, first off, this is not a mod team stuff, I am just curious about what you guys want.
You know, curiousity killed the cat. Oh... bad example ;)
So I want ideas, no matter how absurd or unrealistic they are. Forget the game engine, forget everything. Just a fun little discussion :D

The Lounge / DLC vs Expansion
« on: April 14, 2017, 09:06:44 AM »
Hello everyone, I am here to discuss something. The DLC hate.
I myself hate this DLC system, but as I found out, many people don't mind it. So I want to know those people's opinion on the subject.
I don't like the DLCs because they are a minimal effort for a lot of money, and they make many of those usually, so they can grab money quickly.
I think the old system where they spent more time, but they published an expansion was much better since they had more time to test it, so we got a better quality game, usually had much more content than a DLC.
BUT! I know that there are good DLCs. The best example I can come up with is State of Decay.
It had 2 DLCs and each gave you a brand new game experience.
The Lifeline was the one hooked me the most, but Breakdown was awesome too.
So what is your opinions? I really really want to know it.

The Lounge / Just for fun I checked the Tester thread
« on: March 11, 2017, 12:28:39 PM »
Well, I was curious how many people posted there only to get an early access.
My method was basically to look up everyone under a hundred posts on the thread, and check when he registered and last seen.
So if someone was just very very loosely acteve, they still passed and were not counted. Exceptions were the 1 post count people from 2016. They just came for that, there is no denying that.
There were 19 posts like that.
TBH i was thinking that there will be more, so it was a surprise.
Though I have to be honest, that there were many posts with 2-10 posts which only passed because a very very recent or even today activity rate.

The Lounge / Magic number 1000
« on: February 19, 2017, 10:30:27 AM »
Well, it's time everyone. My 1000th post on the forum...
I wanted to make this special so...
Thank you everyone. Than you all.
When I came here, it was all so different.

For those who weren't here or just want to go down memory lane with me, let me tell you my story.

Even the form had a different adress if my memory is not cheating me.
I remember that when I came, 1.3 has just came out on ModDB and I loved it. I haven't registered for some time after it, but when I did, I never would have immagined that it will turn my life around. This was actually the first forum for me to register, and let me tell you all, I feel like it was the best choice of my life. I might or might not have been(Yeah... I most possibly was) the most annoying guy, just posting out every single tidbit idea I had. I still remember when I just let out the idea to make the DL's AT-ATs spawn yevethans instead of stormtroopers. I had no damn idea what it would have meant work-wise at all. Just thought that change the two units out and bam, you have yevethans coming down the rope. How little did I know back then.
Time went by, I checked up once every few weeks, there was not much to read either way, but then... 2.0 got announced. Everyone was pumped again. I still remember waiting when it comes out. Everyone dishing out ideas left and right, the forum getting full of life. Everyone was ecstatic. It was like the liberation of France.
But then, the news came. It was the last release of Thrawn's Revenge, or Imperial Civil War. I was confused since back then it was just Thrawns Revenge out everywhere, but both the launcher and the Download link was telling Imperial Civil War. I always called it ICW though. And then, the news of 2.1 as a minor bugfix/minimal addon came. What a long lasting update it turned out to be though.
The new final release came out and with that, I was actually afraid that the forum dies. I never experienced this before, and didn't expected this. This place became a part of me without even realizing it. I played ICW so many times. About Ascendancy though... Believe it or not, if the team never announces Ascendancy and that it will be on Sins, I would have never known the game. Crazy, right?
But time kept passing, and soon I learned about the joys of submods. Vulcanus's Balance and Flavor became a particular favorite of mine. But then again, a certain underused race also started to catch my attention and immagination too. The Duskhan League. That is how I got to know that there is a Wookieepedia in the world.
I still remember spending time and the shock of realization I had when it turned out that they used Immobilizer 418s and CR90s. I immediately thought that "THEY MUST HAVE THEM! They had them in lore, and they really missing an anti fighter and an interdictor. Someone should give them those things."
I kept asking for it, but nobody listened, and since 2.15 was well out here in the forums, and news were that there will be no more releases I was devastated. I thought that they will never have them.
I also knew that Balance and Flavor was more about the PA than anything else, so I had no other choice, than to learn. And that is when I first opened an XML file. With internet explorer since I had no damn idea what is what and what it works with.
And I just said "I don't understand a goddamn thing in this."
why is a [/x] after everything? Why is that colored? It is just text. Where is the model? Where are the pictures? I don't find them in the folder system here...
But I was persistent. By each passing day I learned more and more. Started experimenting, did one thing, then another, and soon I started to understand what was doing what and what effects could I count on.
And soon, I created my very own submod. I was going hyper about it. It was just adding 1 or two new space units for the DL. Mostly using Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V and rewriting a few variables here and there.

BUT EVERYONE BE WARNED, only start modding if you are commited because it is addictive. I just couldn't stop myself and in just a few days Pushed out 3 more fixes/small updates with things like turrets in them, which to be honest I had no idea to where to even start coding until my submod was out. Luckily for me I had nothing else to do, and that 5 days or so was spent like this:
Wake up at 7 AM, fire up Bowser(my old pc), Time spent learning about moddign and doing the stuff, oh shit, it's 11PM already. Kay, go to bed it is. To be continued tomorrow...
Updates eventually slowed down, as I realized that there is nothing more than I can do, but I had plans, but those needed much more time. It was also the problem of school next to it, and I had no more time to take out of it, just to pursuit my crazy submodding ideas.
Slowly but steadily however I learned more and more about XMLs, balancing units, factions and GCs. I also tried to make it challenging too, but not unbeatable or unfairso there was that as well.

But enough of my submod, and go back to memory lane. A good time after that, the news came of a possible 2.2 release. And I wanted it to do something about the DL so badly, that I would have done basically anything. The only thing that never occured to me was to join the team other than a tester though. My first assignment of mine however didn't came from that. those sign up threads were not existing yet. But Xizer had a rank. Voice Actror. I wanted to help any way I could, and thought that my accent could be put into good use, as maybe a voice actor for the Yevetha. Let's face it, two voice lines are not really enough, but are really annoying after the 100th time...
So Me and Xizer started working on some lines for them, and I was wrapped up in doing quite a few lines for him in the end.
About they being used or not is a 100% no because the direction the team has taken with the voiceovers after that.
But, it gave me the confidence to do something else for the team. I still know that it isn't much, but I can code in XMLs, and I know how to build a GC and do some story scripting thanks to my submod, so I decided to offer my help.
And here I am now. A coder in the team, talking to my friends on a forum that is an irreplaceable part of my everyday life. Every morning my first route comes here, and this is the last place I check before I go to sleep.

So once again, thank you. Thank you all for being such a good community.

Now to my special thanks to:
Corey of course for being who he is. Thank you for such a good mod, and such a good place to hang out.
The whole team for creating such an awesome game, and such an great place to hang out.
Lord Xizer who was always with me trough thick and thin, gave me ideas and inspiration, and to whom I could turn to with any problems or just to discuss things.
Vulcanus without whom I would have never found my way to the fields of submodding.
And last, but not least every single one of you guys. Without you guys, this place wouldn't be the same. Your ideas and chatter is what keeps this forum living each and every day. Without you, this would be an empty place with no life at all. Thank you for helping to create such a great place that with time took this much space in my life. It wouldn't be the same without each and every one of you.

With a big thanks to every single one of you:
Forum member since: January 24, 2013, 09:53:50 AM
Mod team member since: June 8 2016 5:38 (more specific time will be added as soon as I find it somewhere...)

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Guide: How to kill an SSD
« on: February 19, 2017, 06:48:35 AM »
Hello everyone. From time and time again there is somebody who says that with X faction it is impossible to defend against SSDs, so I am going to make a guide here for each faction on the best anti SSD strategies for every era WITHOUT the use of any surface to space weapons and/or any other SSDs. Note that Praetor is not an SSD. It is a battlecruiser, not a star dreadnaught.


Pentastar Alignment

I start with the PA because their tech tree does not change with the eras, so it is universal at the moment.
The best thing to do as the PA is to have 2 or 3 Praetors in a distance and a whole bunch of Venators as the second line. As a third line you can add some Muunificents if you want. The frigate itself is not good, but the 2 skiprays it carries are more than making up for it. Send in the fighters and let your praetors snipe the SSD from a distance. By the time the enemy beast reaches your lies it will be most possible be shieldless and miss a huge chunk of it's turbolasers. Do not run from it, it's useless. Instead send in the more than expendable Munies to take the fire out of the more valueable Praetors.

New Republic
Era 1-2:
You will need to prepare with reinforcements and a 4 line battleformation.
1st line, Nebulon B-2s. I know that few people uses them because Neb.-Bs come with fighters, but the B-2 is more durable, what you will more than need to do this strategy. They will be the bullet-sponges. they will be your first line of defence/attack. Make sure to micro-manage them and as soon as the SSD concentrates fire on them activate their power to shields, but make sure not to do it to all of them as you would just waste the ability. In the second line, MC80Bs. With them the rule is the same as the nebulon B-2s. Use power to shield As Soon As Possible(ASAP from now on) after the SSD turns it's weapons on it.
In the third line, a whole bunch of quasars(at least 4). keep them away from the fight, just use their fighters and bombers to harass the SSDs. Since NR fighters have proton torpedoes they are still effective against larger ships as well as the fighters.
The fourth line is the kicker. At least 2 dreadnaughts. If you attack don't call them into the battle right at the beggining. If you are defending as soon as the battle starts send them to the left and right sides. As soon as the SSDs shields fall, send them in from the sides, efectively flanking the SSD. The reason is that it will cause more damage, as the ships on the front will only shot at maximum 6 different hardpoints, while the Dreadnaughts will start to take them out in the middle and back section of the ship, efectively reducing their firepower as fast as possible. Don't use power to weapons, only if the ship is about to loose all of it's shields either way, so you won't waste your precious shields. Also if this means that the SSD starts to turn towards one of your dreads you got a bonus out of it, since this means half of their weapons will need more time to turn back towards your main fleet again, and you can spare even more HP and shields.
The whole base of this strategy is to soak up as much damage as possible with as few losses as possible.
Please take note that this strategy requires pinpoint accuracy with ability use for maximum effectiveness, so keep that in mind please.

It is also recommended to pause the game if deemed necessary.

Era 3:
just replace the MC 80Bs with the MC90s and the nebulons with the Corona. Otherwise the same as it was.

Era 4-5:
The main focus should be on Endurances and MC90s. I know it is tempting to use the newer Nebula SDs, but they are extremely easy to destroy. They really make a punch, but an SSD punches harder. You need Endurance to defeat it the most effective way as possible(you see what I did there? ;) ). You can dump the Coronas now. Your first line should contain nothing but MC90s. They still have the power to shields, and you should use it to the fullest. Make sure to rush that SSD and deal as much damage as possible. The Endurances should hang out in the back. When you deem it safe, you can move them in as well for added firepower, but do not let them be the frontline ships. Their greatest strenght is that they keep you with a constant flow of fighters for a long time, so keep an eye out if they spawned new fighters, even after long minutes in the battle.
The flanking strategy still works though, but you should use MC90s to do it. The reason why not the Nebulas is that if the SSD focuses on them the MC90s can hold out longer, therefore distracting it for more time.

Imperial Remnant

I know, this is a surprise. Usually the IR is the faction that is associated with SSDs, but shock on shock, others have them too.
So as the IR, you should have a plan to face them as well. And if you happened to be someone who plays without SSDs like me, then you need some sort of strategy to face them.
Era 1-2:
Believe it or not, ISD II is not your middle name this time around. You have to play it smart. With this VSD Is are the best choice because of those missle launchers. They are very very effective. Your other friend is the Escort Carrier. Keep them behind the front and use your bombers to harass the SSD. In the meantime separate your VSDs into two groups and start to flank the SSD from both sides. When you attack, the SSD will turn towards one side, basically giving you free regin with the other one. After it finishes off one side, it will start to turn slowly, but you can focus that side of weapons  and weaken it as much as possible before it can even turn to fire on you. As soon as it is in firing position, you can call in a whole bunch of VSDs behind it, where you lost the VSDs before, and repeat the process.
Easy as a pie. And those TIE interceptors are very good at keeping enemy fighters clear off your bombers asses.
In Era 2 also make sure to take full advantage of those TIE Scimitars. They are your best friends from now on.

Era 3:
Basically the PA strategy, just replace the Venators(since you don't have them yet) with ISD IIs (having nothing to really replace Venators go for the second best option fighterwise) and the Munis with Modular Taskforce Cruiser.
The only real difference is that you should use the ISD IIs as the front line to lose them instead of endangering the praetors, as they are more valueable as the remnant. Don't forget that in later eras you will only have what you spared now, so you have to be careful and take good care of them.

Era 4:
The tables are turned. Now you are the underdog. Time to think like one and start sparing your units. Spam venators. Use their fighters and bombers to harass the SSD and only engage in ship-to-ship combat as a last resort. Use the still remaining praetors from Era 3 if there is any.
If you play reunification then god help you, you are either more than capable or foolish. that can't be done without night hammer. But, as I have to think of something...
Use Crimson Commands as much as you can. Pro tip, build 14, then start cuing up 5 more. as long as Cronus is there they will finish up building. You can get 19 instead of 15. ABUSE THIS!
VSD Is are also good friends of yours.
Era 5:
About the same as Era 4, but you lost the Crimsons, so use VSD IIs as there  is nothing better. Go for quantity. Make your fleets big or go home in a body bag.
You WILL be desparate.

Empire of the Hand

EotH method was made by Director Krennic and you can find his post bellow.

So first off, try to isolate the SSD by it self or at least not many fighters, then distract with a fodder ship in the front and front your big guns in the back so it cant you . If there is still a strong force with the SSD, just try send all you got at it so it blows up first and attack the rest. To me phalanx destroyers and Syndic Destroyers are the best choice but also fighter carries. Good luck hunting.  Oh one last thing. Once it gets low start attacking the other ships and try to use your fighters.

If its that new SSD with the superlaser similar to the Eclipse or is the Eclipse, Run for your lives.

The Lounge / Hearts of Iron
« on: December 31, 2016, 06:05:02 PM »
Hey guys. So I want to play HOI IV sometimes in a coop with 1 or 2 guys, but most of my friends are sadly either FPS fans or just suck in strategy games, so I thought that since here everyone knows at least a thing or two about what strategy is, we could play HOI together sometime.
In case you're in here is my steam profile page:

The Lounge / Merry Xmas
« on: December 24, 2016, 09:11:05 AM »
I wish you guys all a merry merry Christmas.
I hope you will all have a happy time.

Star Wars Discussion / Force Awakens recap in light of things to come
« on: November 21, 2016, 11:11:24 AM »
With rouge one on the horizon, I think we should all remember what we were waiting from the force awakens and what we got.
If you think the movie was good, then good for you, but I think different.
And this guy managed to turn all my emotions to words. Please watch this, (even if you are a fanboy) to the end. I know it is long, but I dare you to tell me where did the guy made any mistake. I DARE YOU!

The Lounge / European politics and happenings
« on: October 08, 2016, 11:23:44 AM »
Because why not. If everyone can talk about the stuff in 'murica then we can talk about our stuff too

The Lounge / Adam Ruins Everything
« on: October 05, 2016, 11:58:00 AM »
All right, who knows about this show?
I just found it and love it. There are topics which are USA only, but they ruin many "common knowledge" which are false as hell.
guys, I really recommend checking it out. You might learn a lot.

The Lounge / Your Zombie survival strategy.
« on: September 22, 2016, 04:42:47 PM »
So, I've been playing State of Decay for the millionth time in breakdown, which is luckily emphasizes on survival instead of Zombie killing.
Point is, I would ask what would you do to survive the ZA.
Would you join a larger group, or stay in a smaller one. Maybe go solo?
Hunt zeds or hide from them?
Would you stay the same place, or move constantly?
I wanna know your opinion and reasoning.

The Lounge / The "forever" games
« on: August 12, 2016, 03:21:27 PM »
So... I started to play State of Decay again, and this got me thinking. There are games what comes back to me from time to time, and even if I don't play them for years, I always come back to them. So I am curious about what kind of games are like this for you, and what mods do you use to improve it even more?
(EaW and/or SoaSE excluded since here we are)

For me these games are:
Star Wars X-wing Alliance with Darksaber's Ultimate Craft Pack. Believe me, it makes it 1000 times better.
State of Decay Year One. Whenever I just want a game where resource management and gathering is the thing, I come back to this. Maybe this is the game what made me a hardcore economist, since it makes you appreciate every single bit of resource you find.
Age of Empires II
Portal 1 and 2
Command and Conquer 3
Star Wars Rebellion
Empire Earth
KotOR 1 and 2

So, what are yours? Oh, and if you know a must have mod for one of mine, please let me know.

Since we don't know anyone whom could be a ground hero for GM I think they could get the vanilla ground commander with a lifetime limit, so they have ground bonuses but does not need a named hero.
what do you think?

Ascendancy Discussion / Executor ability idea
« on: May 20, 2016, 06:51:10 AM »
Since the Executor has a looooot of shield points, so it tajes it takes a lot of time to recharge it.
And to offer both a method to solve this and a nod to EaW abilities there could be an ability for it to redirect power to shields.
This would also solve the problem that in the last few levels there is nothing to spend your points to.
The ability would basically make the ship unable to move or shot but would recharge the shields with great speed until deactivated which you can't do within some time, like the dominator's interdict ability.
The inability to shot and move would serve as a counter to use it in battle making the unit unkillable, or if activated it would be rendered useless.
So my idea is to be:
Level 1: 50 shield/sec restored, available from level 1
Level 2: 75 shield/sec restored, available from level 3
Level 3: 100 shield/sec restored, available from level 6
Level 4: 150 shield/sec restored, available from level 9
This would also give the unit some variety about which ability you could chose, making the unit less linear in terms of progression route.

Hello everyone. Here and there I already mentioned some news and/or details about a project a few of us started working on not too long ago. About how much will actually come trough is not yet sure, but I think you guys might want to know more about whats going on here, so I created you this thread.

The people working on the submod:
Lord Xizer: The heart and soul of the team who always has an idea to share, not to mention the voice actor behind a lot of ICW units and heroes.
Vulcanus: The briliant mind behind the Balance and Flavor submod who gives us his experience in modding.
Delta: The only one here(by my best knowledge) who knows anything about models or skins and agreed to help us out with his talents.
Revanchist: just bellow :)
Me: well... I just do my thing and try to put things together and doing some spreadsheets and tables to make things more "easy-to-read".

The submod itself:
First of all, we want to come out with this after ICW 2.2 is well out, so that we can opt it into that version.
It is going to be a 100% rework of the ground infantry by pulling it to (at the moment) 7 categories. We want to make every single unit special in it's own accord and try to bring some variety into infantry. We want to destroy the rule that bigger is better by creating these units.
For example, at the moment the only thing that can do anything against an AT-AT are the V-wings, but we want to introduce Anti-heavy vehicle infantry which would with a little support basicly take out an AT-AT without trouble, but would be murdered to the dozens by the mobility of light vehicles and other infantry.

We were also considering spawning infantry as support units for troop transports like fighters spawn from carriers in space, so unload still wouldn't take a year, yet not having unlimited support units like in the case of AT-ATs at the moment with the drop stormtroopers ability.
If we manage to implement it into the game or not is still a question though...

This last thing is something for you guys, so you see what we have planned at the moment.
Please note that this is still a work in progress and anything can change there, and also the currently present information is half baked, most is not yet done.

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