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Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Fighters Query.
« on: June 08, 2019, 06:10:27 AM »
You have mentioned that making ships more different to each other is a goal for future versions of the mod. One small thought I had regarded fighters and carriers. Might it be possible to make carriers launch fighters faster than non-carriers (or make the latter slower to launch them?). Thus an escort carrier launches them faster than an MC 80b for example. Star Destroyers that are half carrier, half battleship might be somewhere in-between, especially with ties loaded.

Furthermore, might it be possible to make certain fighters launch faster than others? For example, a compact TIE launching faster than a slightly larger X-Wing?

Thus, an MC 80b with X-Wings launches them slower than an escort carrier with ties. An MC 80b with ties deploys them a bit faster than with X-Wings, but still slower than a dedicated carrier with ties

Of course, that could be a programming nightmare. YMMV.


Regarding independent non-carrier fighters, might it be possible to have reserves hyper in once the original squadron is destroyed? Might that make them more useful? Either that, or have larger squadrons/numbers jump in (thus independent fighters deploy more firepower more quickly), but can be destroyed straight away, compared to slow-but steady carrier reserves. Just trying to think of a way to allow the NR and EotH to have a difference over other carrier-heavy factions through their independent fighters.


The other, probably silly idea I had regarded carrier fighters and charging players a small sum for every carrier fighter lost. They aren't free, and shouldn't just be tossed away in an exploit whilst leaving their carrier intact. Just wondered if that would be useful.


That's probably an impossible amount of work, but just thought I'd ask if bits of that might be useful.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Truces.
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:33:56 PM »
Peace is the absence of war.

The PA and EotH can build up their forces, and then their aggression level rises by the later eras.

I know this is utterly impractical from a gameplay standpoint for many reasons, but, is it possible from a programming standpoint to have a relatively bug-free gameplay mechanic where a truce is suggested and the opposing faction's aggression level drops? (if you attack any of their territory their aggression level rises, and it would be wise to suggest a truce when an attacking force isn't transiting between systems. Withdraw your forces from their territory before suggesting the truce).

I'm sure such a system doesn't work, but I am intrigued as to how. Apologies if this has been suggested before.

Discussion, Suggestions and Feedback / FotR Screenshots.
« on: March 22, 2019, 04:45:49 PM »
Just some screen-captures from Corey Loses. Really shows what the battle-cam can do when it actually focuses on something properly.

Discussion, Suggestions and Feedback / CIS Voiceovers.
« on: February 04, 2019, 01:16:30 PM »
Just a small thought, but are we going to have the tinny battle-droids of TCW voicing all the CIS units, or might we get some Nemoidian*/Muun*/human voices for at least the space units? (possibly super-tactical droid also?)

Also: I noticed that the B1 battle droids of TPM sounded much more menacing than the TCW ones (IMHO)... would it be possible to have/ imitate the TPM voices for the B1 battledroid units?

*However one does an impression of such voices of course.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Air strike thoughts.
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:33:12 AM »

I heard a reference in one of Corey’s videos to changing bombing runs. I might have heard something about a “cost” to using them. Last night I had a brainwave and wondered if there was anything useful in the system that popped into my head:

Ground battles have an income to buy sensor nodes and turrets. That is already in, but what if bombing runs could be linked to this money? What if orbital bombardment cost something?. You could use it all at once, or sparingly, but once the money is used then it is all gone.

Furthermore, is it possible to tailor the type of bombing run to the money used? Say you could use a tie fighter to do a strafing run- much faster reaction time than a bomber and much cheaper, but less powerful. (I do not propose control of aircraft in the same way one controls airspeeders- it would be just that, a run over a target with minimal manouvering)


Tie fighter- fast reaction time and cheap, but weak.
Y-wing/ Tie bomber- standard.
X-Wing/Claw craft- fast reaction time, tough, and powerful, combining the strafing of a fighter with the shock of a bomber. Less of an area effect than bombers. Both missiles and lasers- very expensive.
Assault shuttle- missiles only- like the X-Wing, but without lasers to add to the destruction- expensive, slower.

Orbital drop- drops vehicles and troops anywhere on the map other than the reinforcement points- expensive, and only for some types of units. A possible fix for jump troopers? 

[Also: a possible Fall of the Republic unit- deploying vulture and hyena droids, but locked in ground mode for balance reasons- they’d be in the flight mode for the bomber and fighter slots]. Powerful, but fragile and expensive. Non-buildable except as an alternative to bombing runs. Only usable when you have fighters of either type in a fleet in orbit.

Orbital bombardment- very expensive, very powerful. Concentrated in a small area, but can be reused to spread destruction over a wider areas at the cost of using up all credits.

World Devastator- a unit/building is sucked off the map by an off-map devastator and added to the credit tally. This is a horribly game-breaking idea, and I have no idea how to create a cost for a self-supplying war machine, even when it is off-screen. I'm absolutely open to ideas for this one.


Command vehicles like the Floating Fortress, Juggernaut or Heavy Tracker would add a small increase to the ground combat income when deployed, but once only. After that, they’d provide the use they usually do, and spamming the map with command vehicles would not allow you to bombard your way to victory- only the Chariot would provide further [minor] credit increases multiple times, but even then only two or three times, as befitting their small, weak nature.

That is my idea, and I fully expect it to be impractical. However, if there are bit of it that are useful, then feel free to mine it for ideas.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Vagaari Lore Thoughts.
« on: December 23, 2018, 12:42:39 PM »
Most of the factions in TR have at least some significant backstory for the team to draw on. for example the warlords had some fleshing out in The Essential Guide To Warfare. I have thus wondered if the Vagaari might benefit from a fleshing out of their backstory.

Basically, I wondered if the team might like people to provide ideas about them, snippets that would never make it into the game, but provide food for thought as the team developed them.   

I know they'll probably only be a raid force, but I had some ideas if they became a normal playable faction.


"The Vagaari’s origins can be traced to a small nondescript planet in the tiny nebula somewhere in the unknown regions. Partly city dwellers, partly nomads, the Vagaari possessed a moderate level of heavy industry and technology. Comprised of clans arranged in a hierarchy, they did not display much interest in the stars above them. For them, the security of the clan elders, and victory in the interminable wars between clans was much more important.

All this changed when the “sky stranger” arrived.  Captured and interrogated, he revealed that their sun would go super-nova within a century. This misguided act of charity forced them to build spacecraft to escape. Using the hyperdrive in the stranger’s craft, they concocted a fleet of ships to transport select clans away to another system. As the clans that escaped were allies, and their enemies were left to die, the Vagaari became a unified species practically overnight.

Ensconced in a system safe from the super-nova, they began to harvest resources to survive. Asteroids, comets, and solar energy were plentiful for the small fleet as it expanded. The Vagaari practical nature only hardened into an entitled view of the universe. They could take what they wanted from the resources around them. Survival was paramount. Somewhat scarred by the rushed evacuation, they resolved to stay on the move. If they were to survive, staying mobile would give them a chance to escape any threat.

What other species they encountered were of so little threat that they did not learn to treat other races with respect. They took what they wanted from the occasional ship that blundered into them. The lack of a stable interstellar community in the unknown regions, and large number of threats, only hardened their attitude to others. The few Chiss and Sycans they encountered were a nuisance to be used and disposed of.

Thus, as hyperdrives and navigation techniques slowly improved the stability of trade and communication routes, around 300bby, the Vagaari were perfectly positioned to prey on the increased traffic that came into their territory. Being nomadic, others were not generally aware that the Vagaari were there. What inhabited planets there were only had token occupation forces by the Vagaari, and they were loath to speak of their hated masters.

Nevertheless, they achieved enough numbers that the Chiss began to notice them. Having carved their own empire into the region, with the Ssiruuvi Imperium on their doorstep, these red-eyed humanoids were not going to go down to these nomadic slavers. Unconcerned with the small outposts they first encountered, the Vagaari empire thus blundered into disaster."


The Vagaari do not fight fair. Possessing reasonable technology for the unknown regions, it is not uncommon for them to encounter higher-tech species. Living shields of sentients imprisoned on the hull, Jamming fields, Primitive interdictors, and “shield ships” are all part of their arsenal.

Tractor fields: Actually a vast array of tractor beams targeting any and all enemy ships within range. Slows all ships within range.

Living shields: Sentients imprisoned on the hull. Moderately lowers accuracy of some factions (NR, era 5 IR, PA, CSA).

Turbo-ion gun: Extremely effective ion weapon. Higher damage to shields than other factions.
Shield ship: Asteroids with engines. Extremely tough, but also very slow, with few weapons. Damage sponges.

Dismantlers: essentially the Vagaari version of a buzz-droid. These are generally deployed against capital ships. Often deployed via missile against slower ships.

Vagaari ships are generally tough with high speed. However…

Against this the Vagaari have extremely weak turbo-lasers, as well as a comparatively short weapons range. Few fighters, though one type is as manoeuvrable as X-Wings, with more firepower. Their ships are either carriers or battleships- few “star destroyer” type craft.

Another notable aspect about them is that they are almost entirely space-based, with “barracks” and “vehicle factories” contained within space stations just like their shipyards. While they can build ground forces to take planetary territory, it is through their crèche-cruisers and nomad factories that they do so. [Thus the nomadic caravan noted by Thrawn in Outbound Flight would be represented by their mobile space-based structures]

Furthermore, almost all of their structures are mobile in realspace and hyperspace. Structures can be moved near and far from the front as needed, allowing assets to be deployed quickly and flexibly. The Vagaari practise a nomad lifestyle far beyond what other space-caravan based species are capable. Not for nothing are they seen by their subject peoples as a “nomad empire”. 

While the Vagaari can immediately begin mining when they move into a system, this has disadvantages. A purely space-based industrial complex is smaller than that of a planet based economy, what with its favourable conditions of gravity and magnetic fields. Living space is extremely limited. Thus, their crèche-cruisers and civilian fleet house less warriors than they might do had they been cities on the ground.  Thus the Vagaari must concentrate force where it is needed and avoid excessive attrition.

Vagaari do not build trade stations. Trade is a minor concern to them. They take what they want, why barter?


Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Black Fleet Crisis Query.
« on: December 01, 2018, 04:56:20 PM »
First off, I want to say that your decision to expunge the Yevetha as a playable faction is completely understandable. There are many imperial factions already in the mod, and going for more unique stuff like the Si Ruuvi or the Vagaari makes much more sense.

That said, I did want to give some praise for the BFC GC, simply because it has some features that seem different to the other GCs. It is small, fast paced, but also feels quite... personal. The majority of major Yevethan units are helmed by heroes, which means you will always be fighting the same major ships each time. Furthermore, the Thrustships are very difficult to deal with, making any attempt to take down the Yevethan SSD very difficult, almost like a puzzle boss.

I completely understand if the BFC cannot be used as a GC now, but am just checking if it is possible, in the same what that the Ciutric Hegemony is not a faction at all, but is represented by the empire for one GC.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Faction Politics.
« on: August 31, 2018, 04:06:46 PM »
I wondered if some of the effects of Sins' policies for factions (I do not know the right terminology for Sins) might be duplicated by making your capitols give you the ability to "build" policies that affect your factions. Such policies can be removed the way structures are removed, but with a high price due to the beaurocracy and paperwork required.

All except NR: Endorse Slavery: Buildings are built faster with a mild price decrease, but the "policy" has a high upkeep (slavery requires infrastructure and is expensive). Holding Kashyykk makes building times even faster.

All except NR, DL, and EotH: HuManocentrism: High non-stacking defensive values due to unit cohesion, but the "policy" has a high population point rating (as you've basically excluded much of your empire from participating in your armed forces).

All factions : De-nationalise defensive forces: garrisons increase in size, but the "policy" has a high population point rating (as you've just diverted planetary defence forces from your primary force). (NR and EotH get a very modest price reduction for this policy)

All factions: high tax policy: income instantly increases significantly, but then drops to a modestly lower level.

All factions: low tax policy: income slowly increases to a point modestly higher than its original level.

Non-expansionist state: all units not led by someone with a high defensive bonus get a mild defensive bonus.

Thoughts? I don't want to give any unfair price reductions or defensive/ offensive stacks, but I wondered if this is useful. I haven't seen anything that reduces building prices, though I'll have another look at the manual again.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / AI for Faction leaders.
« on: July 30, 2018, 05:18:37 PM »
I was thinking about the Ai, and wondered if it would be useful to draw up a picture of what each imperial leader (and others, when they are in charge of their respective factions or prominant) would be like as regards playstyle.

NOTE: You probably can't modify the Ai according to leader, and you might not even want to.... but I thought I'd have a little fool around with some ideas.

Also note: When I say "favours ISDs" or "favours small craft", it means that they make use of one more than another- but they would not abandon other unit types completely. By way of example, Isaard might build 2 lancers and a strike cruiser for a fleet of mostly ISDs and VSDs. Thrawn might build 5 lancers, and have a good number of strike cruisers to complement a smaller force of ISDs and VSDs.

Anyways, here goes:

Pestage: politiker. Slow to build up forces and attack. Somewhat defensive, in a haphazard manner. Favours ISDs above all else.

Isaard: focuses on strategy, but leaves military manouvres to commanders. Somewhat defensive, in a haphazard manner. Attacks weak systems when possible, only taking strong systems when necessary. Favours ISDs and VSDs above all else. Some smaller units used occasionally.

Thrawn: flying columns. penetrates deep into enemy territory, then vacates ground. Hits weak space garrisons where possible, then a strong thrust inwards with a large force. Ground attacks somewhat later. More aggressive than defensive. A good mix of ISDs and smaller craft when necessary. Reacts quickly.

Palpatine: (NB: Shadow Hand featured a single thrust coreward, mimicking Thrawn- might be represented by a era 2 IR/ AI after Thrawn is killed.) Favours slow advances. Possibly grinding sieges and battles of attrition. Space attacks followed up immediately with ground attacks. Favours SSDs and battlecruisers. Smaller craft used less than thrawn, but more than Isaard.

Jax: Mostly defensive. Slow advances when possible. Favours ISDs.

Daala: Like Thrawn, only focussing entirely on weak systems until forced to. Concentrates fleets to an extreme degree, and has fleets entirely made up of only a few ship types.  The most aggressive IR leader. ISDs, VSDs, and SSDs.

Pelleaon: Defensive, but the occasional swift advance. Favours ISDs, and any craft below it. Will build Strike Cruisers, Ton Falks, and Lancers in great number. Reacts quickly.

The NR:

Ackbar: Balanced between aggression and defence.

Bel Iblis: Aggressive. Favours MC80s and ships below that.

Han Solo: Very mobile. Attacks and retreats from systems until resistance is worn down. Ground attacks on multiple blockaded systems then occur. Rarely defensive. Reacts quickly. Likes small fast craft but has a number of heavy hitters like MC80s.


Zsinj: Very mobile. Attacks and retreats from systems until resistance is worn down. Ground attacks on multiple blockaded systems then occur. Rarely defensive.

Teradoc: The most aggressive Warlord leader. Sends large fleets at most heavily defended spots. Favours VSDs and Procursators.

Kaine: Defensive. Reacts quickly to attacks, but slow to advance. Good mix of unit types.

Delvadus: Not sure... Looks like a mix of aggressiveness and defensiveness. Likes SSDs (Knight Hammer costing all his credits, etc), but otherwise makes use of his roster reasonably effectively.

Of course, stuff like Kaine's caution is already in, but just some thoughts.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / IPV versus Tartan.
« on: July 20, 2018, 03:37:03 PM »
I'll be going over the stats for the IPV and the Tartan soon, to see how they match up and how they are best used, but I wondered how everyone else has fared with them. Are they different in any way that warrants that they be used differently?

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / 2.2 Manual.
« on: July 07, 2018, 05:56:52 AM »
I apologise for this post, but I have seen some people referring to the manual, but I can't find it anywhere. I thought it was yet to come out.

If it isn't out yet, then fine, but if it is, may I ask where it can be found? Just a tad confused.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / New Units thought.
« on: June 09, 2018, 12:12:26 PM »
Are suggestions for new units welcome, or is the team satisfied by the rosters as they are? Just had some thoughts regarding warlord rosters.

P.s.: Transports are extremely tough- entire squadrons of fighters fail to down even one. Am intrigued.

Silly question: is it possible to give units different missile loadouts and special abilities according to faction, as has been done with fighter loadouts?

It just hit me that Maldrood, with its tendency to raid with VSDs in Darksaber, could be the "fast" faction, with increase firepower being replaced with power to engines for any ships with the former ability (useful when trying to retreat a VSD), and Zsinj's VSD Is might have some anti-fighter missiles as part of the loadout (one VSD does one-shot a shuttle in the Courtship of Princess Leia), with Zsinj being potentially an "anti-fighter" faction.

Eriadu might have longer-ranged, weaker missiles as I suggested before, but with VSDs and bombers having such a change.

Just some thoughts. I'm only suggesting this if it adds a little more flavour with little work required. I do not want to suggest something that requires tons of work, given that you've done so much already. Just ways to make certain ships different to the same class under a different faction.

I’ve been thinking again about the new factions the team had planned, and my mind turned to the Ssi Ruuk.

Fanatical techno life force stealing vampiric-slavers. What’s not to love?

Of course: a) new factions take up a lot of work, especially ones with completely new units.

b) Modelling a vampiric slaver dinosaur is hard.

So… issue a) is the reason Ssi Ruuk cannot happen. That is understandable given the massive work the team have done already. Let us not get greedy when we already have so much!

Nonetheless, as an intellectual exercise, I wondered how a Ssi Ruuk faction could be made distinctive and playable whilst adhering to canon.

The first thing that comes to mind is that they are supposed to be terrified of dying on unconsecrated ground. Thus, their infantry might be droids… and maybe a small ground-hovering version of their battle droids.

If the Ssi Ruuk were a minor faction, maybe they could be a idiosyncratic type faction. What if their fear of unconsecrated ground meant that their tanks, artilliery, etc were mostly airborne? Think of the gargantua/v-wing/t-47. Basically taking that a bit further. Anti-tank aircraft, anti-infantry aircraft, long-range rocket aircraft, etc.

They’d have to be very poorly armoured (and sometimes slow) for balance, but would that make for an interesting/ different faction?

For space, their navy could perhaps be made distinctive by being the fastest of the factions. Even their capitals could be reasonably fast, if weaker than the other factions’ equivalent ships.

Again, this is just an intellectual exercise, it will not go anywhere.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Eriadu and warlord flavouring.
« on: April 27, 2018, 05:07:34 AM »
I was looking at what makes each warlord faction different the other day, and I had a few thoughts. Firstly, I think the IR is the firepower/ anti-ship faction. It has the tector, Alleigance, and its heavy frigates like the carrack, vindicator, and strike cruiser are very anti-ship. (by era 5 it has better fighters and is more well-rounded, but this allows heavy frigates to survive fighter attacks more, so the focus seems right).

PA has the praetor and the enforcer. Maybe its about jack-of-all-trades ships? Those are only 2 ship types though. Not sure.

Zsinj has the Cr90 and Nebulon B. So there is a focus on fast light ships. Tie raptors are good as well- combined with regular ISDs etc, is that enough flavouring? Mabe VSDs could be made a little cheaper, perhaps?

Maldrood confuses me alittle. I'd say carriers due to the presence of the Secutor and Neutron Star, but other factions have them, or other large carriers.

Eriadu seems to be the easiest- with the torpedo sphere, it could be the 'long range' range. If a broadside cruiser were added in (or replacing an existing capital ship), and maybe its tie bombers given weaker/ long range missiles, maybe that flavour could be enforced more whilst retaining all the standard other ships?

I don't want to be making ship requests left right and centre though, this is just a preliminary set of thoughts. The factions probably have all sorts of strengths and weaknesses that I have missed. There is a phenomenal amount of work that has gone into this.

Is flavouring needed a little more? Are the devs settled on what they want? What do people think?

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Thankyou.
« on: April 21, 2018, 03:23:58 PM »
Dear Thrawn's Revenge Team,

Thankyou for creating such a well-thought out, professional looking mod. It has been several days since I began playing 2.2, and the hours of pleasure I have experienced whilst conquering the universe stand as a testimony to the hard work you have put in to finishing 2.2.

The ai has been challenging, and even when it hasn't steamrolled me, I suspect its been too pressured on other fronts and by other factions. The graphics are beautiful, and ship roles have been so carefully laid out, I have been able to very quickly work out what each thing does. I have not felt overwhelmed at all by the choices of ships and vehicles on offer.

What's more, the integration of legends canon with gameplay is stunningly well done. Isard's Revenge is for me the best example of this. The carefully managed swapping of unit types provides variety and balance, and the addition of canon events never feels confusing or forced. I will say no more here because of spoilers, but with this and the era progression system, this mod is beginning to look like a genuinely innovative RTS. It is up there with the latest professional titles like starcraft 2. Yes, really.

The movie ships all feel like they would in the films- ISDs really feel like a centrepiece of a fleet even with all the other battlecruiser and heavy frigate choices. Even the Nebulon Bs feel like they have a role as a well-rounded light frigate that is best used in large numbers.

There some mild bugs- fighters still occasionally scout, even if its unnecessary, one enemy praetor drove past my battleline and just sat there doing nothing, the fighter icon kept whizzing around the map (as seen on Corey Loses), and the Neutron Star didn't release any fighters.

(oh, and the hanger forcefield for the gladiator isn't aligned with the bottom of the hanger, it juts out below the ship)

Really though, these are minor issues. All I really need to do is learn how Assassins, IPVs, Tartans, Crusaders, Lancers and CR-90s are different to each other (as far as I can tell, a CR-90 is better than a Lancer, and a Lancer is better than an Assassin).

There are so many other things I am yet to discover. This mod is extremely well made and FUN. That's all I can say, and all I'd ask for.

Yours sincerely,


I've been wanting to post this for a while, but work has kept me busy.

Discussion, Suggestions and Feedback / Corporations.
« on: February 06, 2018, 03:12:18 PM »
Out of sheer interest, do you have any plans to include corporations similar to KDY/ Mon Cal? Perhaps Baktoid and Rothana? (presumably the corporation-heavy CIS would get only 1 or 2 for balance)

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Fighter lasers.
« on: December 31, 2017, 07:10:17 AM »
In 2.1, I have been playing with the EotH, and have noticed that clawcraft/other EotH fighter lasers are more visible than the craft of other factions. Either the bolts of other fighters are very small/fast/dull, or ties and other fighters show only a muzzle flash. It is a bit hard to track fights in this case.

By contrast, the EotH lasers are easy to see and I can track how many kills they make very easily, without having to zoom in. Are there any plans to make fighter/bomber lasers a bit more visible?

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Civilian Space Structures.
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:03:04 PM »
Having heard that you wanted some structures to increase pop-cap, I wondered if this could be combined with an idea I had for civilian space structures.

The background: having seen how Ascendancy seeks to show the IR liberalising, and the NR's traits as a democracy, I wondered if this could be shown by civilian structures.

The NR gets civilian structures that provide economic benefits (details below). These have a lower price than military structures. If Upkeep was added to structures, these would go without. They would have very low health though, and could be easily destroyed by weak units. Any economic benefits would have a maximum limit per system so you don't build loads to get incredible cheap units and fast build times.

The IR, EotH, and the Warlords also have civilian structures (same types and effects as the NR, mind). These are much more expensive than NR ones, and provide lower numerical values for benefits. Their military structures would nonetheless be cheaper (i.e.: a greater focus on the military in a military dictatorship). The EotH would have the cheapest civ structures and most expensive military ones out of the group, followed in order by the IR, Zinj faction and then the other warlords.

To show Pelleaon liberalising things post- Daala, the IR's structures would get much cheaper in his GCs in era 5, with military structures going up in cost alittle. This would help in era 5 when they have few planets but need higher pop-cap (relating to your comment on the playthrough about how factions with less territory might need higher pop-cap).

The structures could be:

Colony- higher pop cap raises.

Storage depot/warehouse- faster build times/ lower upkeep costs (perhaps 2 structure types here for either effect).

Hyperspace E-Booster- Faster trade route travel times.


(possible thoughts:

They could have an effect across multiple systems (since they would take up existing space structure slots and should be kept to a minimum). For example, structures in Caridan space can mildly affect neighboring systems.

Also: Like in the original Command and Conquer- the NR would not be able to shoot civilian structures (same for EotH all eras, and IR era 5), but they would not count in victory conditions.)

Is any of that useful? 

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Probes and intelligence.
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:37:00 AM »
I had an idea concerning intelligence units. I have been fiddling around with ICW, and I noticed that probe droids are always accurate in their assessments of what units are where. Unless the Ai does its usual fiddling around, moving units, then there generally is little by way of guess work- sending a cheap, easy to use, expendable probe, generally reveals everything for minimal effort.

I wondered if there was a desire for a greater challenge in using intelligence units. What if probe droids only revealed a certain number of units- leaving the rest as question marks?

Taking this further, I thought of ways to make intelligence a little more 'interactive'. I am not sure what is happening with 2.3, and I am not sure what is possible, so anything I say should be taken with a pinch of salt in that context.

An intelligence unit might show an imperfect picture of an enemy system- crucially, certain units might not be shown (even as a question mark), and some might be shown but not be there. A Tector might be shown, but its actually a Dominator.

Nevertheless! It would be a fairly accurate picture more than 70% of the time. You would not be wasting your time with a probe droid, and annoying surprises should be kept to a minimum.  It just increases the guesswork a little.

However, if you think something is incorrect, you might invest in another intelligence unit to show the system again. Once again, it would show something more correct 70% of the time, and less correct, 30% of the time. (provisional numbers here) On average, you improve the picture with more probes sent. Maybe probes should be a little more expensive?

Thus intelligence is no longer sending a unit to scout things out with a single click. It is a game in itself- an investment. Generally, you would see a fairly accurate picture. VERY rarely, you might find that you have a worse picture after sending multiple probes to a system than when you started.

All of this means that your choice of units (your reserves?) have to take uncertainty into account. You can't just blindly jump everything. To be honest, that would be the entire point of what I'm suggesting.

So... would anyone find that interesting? Might it be Fun?

If not knowing where things are is annoying, then why not just show everything in an enemy system adjacent to a friendly system? *shrugs* Just some thoughts. Pick and choose if anything sounds good.

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