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Star Wars Discussion / Maul. canon and legends. the end, and his life
« on: March 21, 2017, 06:10:16 PM »
so, since the episode twin suns is out, 1 of the few Sith lords in canon is gone, but i wanted to recap his life. Lord Xizer, it would be a huge favor if you could follow this post with another post or email for to tack on her for legends, since my legends knowledge, sadly, is less than my Canon knowledge. but, without further adieu, let's begin this.

  Maul, a Hairless(or Dathomirian) Zabrak from planet Dathomir, was taken on as an apprentice/assassin for Sidious during the final stages of the execution of the main plan. his training in the force was not as developed as his fighting skills by the time he fought Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi at the Battle of Naboo. while he killed Qui-Gon in one of the most epic duels in star wars, he was defeated by Obi-Wan in one of the few moments the Jedi came closest to the dark side. after he fell down the reactor shaft, following being cut in half, he was transported to a junk world, where he game himself a massive metal spider body. there, he went insane. after 12 years, his brother, Savage Opress, found him and took him back to Dathomir to be restored. that day, Maul's rein of terror began, as he began his quest for revenge on Kenobi, and Sidious.
  he, with his brother, went and started this rein by attacking a village and razing it to the ground, attempting to bring Kenobi out. it succeeded, but before they could kill him, Ventress arrived and managed to help kenobi fight free. after this, they attacked various ports and stations, eventually driving a wedge into Hondo Kanaka's pirate band, taking over half of it. again, however, Kenobi foiled the brothers' plan and, both injured, forced them to flee.
  Eventually discovered by Mandalorian death watch, Maul start forming his new legion, the Shadow Syndicate, and began an attack on Mandalore, overthrowing Duchess Satine, but being betrayed by Pre Vizsla,  the Death Watch Leader, in the process. with his brother, he broke out of prison and, after challenging Vizsla to a duel, killed him and took over 50-66% of Death Watch, with the remainder now in rebellion, following Bo Katan, Satine's sister. after another encounter with kenobi, ending in him killing Satine, he was the confronted y his old master, Sidious. in a Schism of the Sith, spliting Maul and Savage 1 way, Dooku and Sidious the other, sidious attacked the brothers and killed Savage and took Maul Prisoner, saying he had other uses for him. these apparently were leaving Maul in charge of Mandalore, but he was soon over thrown by Bo Katan, the Nite Owls, Mandalore resistance, half of the 501st, including Rex, and Ahsoka Tano, ending his rein of terror and sending him into hiding
  17 years later, he resurfaced and began ANOTHER path of Revenge, trying to destroy the empire, Jedi, rebels, Kenobi, and to turn Ezra to the dark side. this culminated in the final duel of his life, when in three strikes he was killed by Kenobi, his lifelong enemy. as he died, he said that Luke, in the future as the Chosen one, would avenge them both.

while i probably should have put more work into this, here is the broad breakdown. but, as always, i would love to her your thoughts on one of the most interesting characters in all of star wars

so, since there is debate on this, i thought i would through this up.

which name do YOU prefer? name it after the named one in the movies, or the ship that was alliance flagship first?

personally, i like the Independence class, but i want to here your opinions too

Star Wars Discussion / favorite starship
« on: March 16, 2017, 02:49:39 PM »
this is simple. in the post, just say what your favourite starship(Class OR Individual) in legends is. it must be real ship in legends. no canon only ships, no fanon ships, just confirmed legends starships.

any ship that gets 5 or more people saying that is their favourite, I'll throw up in a poll once there is AT LEAST 4 options, unless no one is interested.

eventually, we'll see what is the fan favourite.

No, SSDs are NOT excluded

good luck obscure legends starships

NOTE: i'll keep a running score here until i put up the poll

Venator: 2
Dreadnaught: 1
Praetor II: 1
Eclipse: 1
CR90: 1

Star Wars Discussion / Greatest Warlord, who is it?
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:03:35 PM »
so, just because i'm bored, lets start this.
first 4
Treatan Teradoc

we will add the others later. for now, this starts the discussion

so, i was looking for the thread, but since it was years back, i thought i'd broach the subject again.

assuming that Palpatine's plan worked to perfection, the rebel fleet was destroyed, Luke was turned + bonus Skywalker Leia, and Vader is destroyed or shipped to inquisitors to be replacing the Grand Inquistor of the time(not the SW: rebels one), would the yuuzhan vong have won?

so, the story in between: with the destruction of the entirety of the rebel fleet, minus Mon Mothma and scattered tiny cells, the galaxy is restored to peace. the empire continues to build battlestations, superweapons, SSDs, Star Destroyers, advanced starfighters, and more weapons. without the alliance destroying them and taking territory, the imperial starfleet by 25 ABY would possibly look like this:
2 Death Stars(maybe more)
1 Galaxy Gun(maybe more)
2-4 Eclipse SSDs
4-15 Sovereign SSDs
20+ Executor and Vengeance classes, including variants
15+ older, smaller SSDs
350+ Battlecruisers
35,000+ Star Destroyers of all classes and Variants
100,000+ smaller support vessels
250,000+ Stormtrooper Legions(taking advantage of Thrawn's Sparrti cloning cylinders)
millions of Starfighters
even more territory then in normal continuity

the Yuuzhan Vong would also have their other forces intact aswell.

what do you think would be the result?

so, like always, here are some more suggestions. this time, focusing on Capital ships.

General first: can we see the starships gain a balanced representation of their anti-fighter guns? it would more evenly show the difference between the ISD I and the ISD II. also, it would give you different reasons to get, say, and ISD I over an ISD II, because, if memory serves, ISD Is, while with less firepower, had more armored turrets and anti-fighter guns, compared to ISD II.

Venator: can we see the SPHA-T laser ability added? it would make the effectiveness of the Venator greater, and add a little more balance to the imperial forces when facing era 4/5 NR fleets.

Night Hammer: as it's role was to be a stealth SSD, could it be given the stealth attribute? then it won't feel like just a black executor, when it had more abilities.

Mon Calamari cruisers: so, don't know if this destroys the balance in the game, could we see the Mon Cal cruisers have untargetable shield hardpoints, to simulate the uniqueness of the individual ships, and the fact that the shield generators are never in the same place.

Eclipse: PLEASE, can we see Palpatine split from the ship? i know why you did it, but it's the hardest ship to kill in the game. instead, put him on like a ISD or something NOT a superlaser SSD. also, this would make it able to simulate the production of it, by forcing you to build it.

that's it for now, if i have more, i'll add to this

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Hapes Consortium and ICW 2.3
« on: January 24, 2017, 11:15:07 PM »
so, while the team is fixated on 2.2 for ICW, I have thought of potential non-SSD expansion for 2.3. Mainly, the Hapes Consortium. the team has announced that for ascendancy 1.2 the Hapes consortium will be the 5th playable faction. thus, the faction is going to be fleshed out. I had the thought that the main focus(other than bug fixes and EoTH ground units) could b making a new faction playable, while avoiding another imperial faction. and, unlike the Ssi-Ruuk, we know a bit more about Hapes, so this is feasible. if i'm wrong, or the team doesn't want to plan ahead that far, then oh well.

 the second part of this is completely redundant if the first is rejected. a new HFZ GC was what I had in mind, but the start date would be pushed back about a couple months or so. playable factions: NR, IR, Hapes consortium(join into Solo alliance/command week 20, whose color would be decided), Zsinj empire, Greater Maldrood. non-playable factions: CSA(start of GC and after Zsinj's death), Antemeridian sector, Hutts, Kosh's FTU(joins his brother after zsinj dies, planets start locked). new feature would be intersections(kinda like mist/asteroid fields, has no income, but can be used as a planets/ hyperspace route blocker), which would be needed to make this work. it would be a 60-70 planet GC. Zsinj starts with 12-15 planets, the maldrood have 10-12, IR 6-7, hapes 3(plus 3 mists), Antemeridias 1, CSA 3, hutts(start in open conflict with maldrood. but connected by closed intersection to Mon Calamari as well) 5, Kosh 2, and NR the rest. mists, intersection to nal hutta/Mon Cala, intersections between Zsinj and NR are all blocked.

    politically, this is a quagmire as whoever you play. the NR starts in open conflict with the IR, until turn 10 when the paths to IR lock and paths to zsinj unlock, creating war. as the IR, you start in a 3 front war with Zsinj, NR, and Maldrood. with week 10, all attacks stop, and you get a 10 week rebuild/breather. the Hapes consortium starts a 10 week long negotiation period with the NR week 10, resulting in NR, IR, and Hapes to join into the solo alliance week 20. week 22, all space lanes(except to kosh's territory) unlock and your in open war.
    as zsinj, you stsrt trying to conquer a few neutral systems, the CSA, and are in open conflict with IR and Maldrood till week ten. by then, you should have the CSA and the neutrals, but still, the switch from IR to NR as enemy is one you need to be prepared for. after this, all your enemies do is get stronger.
    as maldrood, you start in the hardest situation. fighting everyone at once, you get a little bit of a breather when week 10 comes and the IR woun't attack you, but still, fortify everywhere and lose as few units and planets as possible. when Zsinj dies, you regain all your planets plus 2 zsinj planets and Kosh, so keep this in mind.
    when zsinj dies, a whole lot changes at once. Solo alliance breaks apart, back into NR, IR, and hapes, and all of them start fighting. Maldrood regains all lost ground PLUS extra, which puts them, as zsinj also loses the CSA, the strongest imperial faction.

in total, this is suppose to be difficult for every one, no matter who you play as.

again, this is suggestions, and for 2.3, NOT 2.2. I would love to hear your thoughts on this though. I will probably revise this as more info comes out

Star Wars Discussion / Ssi-Ruuk
« on: January 24, 2017, 05:56:58 PM »
so, one thing i haven't seen much around here is the Ssi-Ruuvi, and that shocks me, because who doesn't like sentient dinosaurs who drain people's lives to power their war machines, right.


Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / GC suggestions for 2.2
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:10:11 PM »
so, i don't know what you have planned for 2.2, but here are some suggestions:

The Stars Align bumped up to 40 planets. the NR and IR would would start with 7 planets each, but very few units. their fighting in north core. PA starts with 3 planets, but with no one around them and plenty of space to expand. Ardus Kaine would give you  multiple missions for expansion to gain Heroes, Reaper(stolen by a pirate, that being why he wouldn't start with it in the beginning) and planets for corporations and more units. non-playable factions would be a 2 planets zsinj(with just himself, 1 other hero, 4 ground troops, poor industrial base, and 5 ships.), and Maldrood(1 planet, Centares, just Truetan and 2 CCVSDs.). this would allow a simulation of Pentastar Alignment growth and power increase. don't know what your plans are for this, but this is an idea.

Crimson Empire: bump up to number of planets as in Shadow Hand. New units: Pentastar SSD[Reaper(basically a non-buildable executor unit)]

Orinda Campaign: 30ish planets, Pellaeon on Reaper, starts with 2 Bellators(Megador and Dominion).

maybe a option in HFZ for the NR/IR alliance to build Razor's kiss, though that would be really weird. maybe give the IR splinter a chance to do it as well. also, give the IR some grounds troops on Kuat(unless already fixed).

one of the era 4 campaign should have the fall of the Maldrood simulated.

a EoTH origins would be a nice smaller GC(though probably not till 2.3 or later)

Megador and dominion show up in Crimson Empire/Imperial reunification for Zero command and IR for Orinda and era 5.

that is mostly it that i have right now. might have more later on

just suggestions, do with them as you will.

i really appreciate all the time and effort the team puts into this mod

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Fighters purchase
« on: January 17, 2017, 10:11:48 AM »
so, for those who have ever played EaW, you know when you buy fighters, you get 1 squadron. with this mod, there are enourmous numbers of capital ships that have large numbers of fighters, thus the purchased ones can't match, as each squadron is 1 pop. to fix this, there are 3 options i see: reduce numbers of fighters on ships, make the fighters have 0 pop on Galactic and Battle maps, or make it that you buy a WING of fighters(6 squadrons) at a time, still for 1 pop.

these are just suggestions, but i would love to hear your thoughts

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / mon cal cruisers
« on: January 15, 2017, 09:19:22 PM »
so, i know there are only 4(5?) in the mod+Home One. however, i feel that some more should be added, so that Mon Calamari shipyards feel more useful. options would include Mediator, Buildable Independence class(buffed some to be an SD killer, like 9,600 credits, but replaced at the same time the liberty is), Wingless liberty(like in Balance&Flavor), MC75, or the Recuscant, since it was built be Mon Calamari and the Rebels used some. alternately, we could add Incom Corporation to it to build cheaper starfighters. if you can't/Adds nothing to mod, then disregard.

as for Shipyard corporations, maybe make them a buildable SPACE structure, that takes the place of a Golan. also, make Kuat Drive Yards buildable on Byss. like above, if you can, great. if not, disregard.

these are suggestions. as always, do with them as you will.

The Lounge / School kills everything
« on: January 15, 2017, 07:21:26 PM »
school kills everything

so, I didn't know what you had planed, but I think I have some ideas. I love the music for the faction intros you have already, but we need/would like some for the other four.

for Zsinj, EA, and Maldrood, just change the imperial symbol to the color of the faction represented. that means changing IR to a green symbol to keep the similarities. also, we would need more empire music for those factions. also, they really should have their own shipyard corporations. Zsinj already has a potential one with Rancor Base, which is in Balance&Flavor submod with a cool symbol. I don't remember entirely how it works, but it is there. for the others, I'm stumped

I have no ideas for the Duskhan League, just that they should have something.

again, if you guys think differently, keep in mind, these are just suggestions. I would love to hear your thoughts on this though.

Star Wars Discussion / SSDs? useful, wastful, or just misused?
« on: January 08, 2017, 08:41:50 PM »
wanted to see your thoughts on this. i feel like most of the time, they were just misused. i would love everyone else's input as well though

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / mass suggestion list
« on: January 04, 2017, 10:09:12 AM »
so, again, here I go

this is a list of suggestions for 2.2 or some future addition. as always, do with them as you will

Imperial Civil War Mod 2.2 suggestions

   redone SSDs
   redone hero Executors
   new units
   New Hero
(I apologize ahead of time for all names I butcher)
   redone SSDs(recalculate cost as needed, I just needed a more expensive ship ranking, so I threw this together), plus fighters redone to match faction and tech:
      Executor: a few more weapons then before, 10,000 credits more expensive, deploy it's fighters at like 5 at start and 1 every 5 seconds to overwhelm enemy. for empire, era's 1/3/5, for zsinj, and for EA eras 1/2
      Vengeance: build able for PA, but only three salvageable for IR at Byss, Kuat, and Fondor. More concussion missiles but less turbolasers and fighters, 45,000 credits
      Eclipse: same but more turbolasers plus like 20 Tie droids as extras
      Sovereign: virtually unchanged but for extra turbolasers.
      Bellator: same as previous.
      Viscount: much higher shields and fighter count, to make up for 17-18 pop cost compared to executor 15, plus making them more powerful, as they should have been.

   Redone Executor heroes:
      Ardus Kaine/Reaper: has like 4 additional turbolasers and 4 additional heavy turbolasers, plus a 2% increase in shields. Fighters redone to match faction and current tech.
      Sander Delvardus(era 3/4)/Natasa Daala(after defeating Delvardus)/(K)Night Hammer: has 10 additional of each weapon system, 15% increase armor, 50% increase shields, and is worth like 80,000 credits. Had to be super-powerful to represent super SSD. 
      Zsinj: has 10/10/4/2 less of each but has more Tie Raptors and proton torpedo launchers(okay, not canon, but as a mix of imperial and rebel, having lots of proton torpedoes seems a good idea, plus it would be cool.)
      Ysanne Isald/Lusankya: reduced heavy turbolasers, add turbolasers, ion cannons, concussion misssiles, and 20ish anti-fighter guns. Also, calls in 2 lancer for additional anti-fighter support.
      Wedge Antilles/Lusankya: readjusted anti-ship guns, add to anti-fighter, and some proton torpedoes, all lasers now red.

   New Units:
      Mediator: mid-sized star defender, fills same roll as Bellator, but starting era 4, with Viscount attributes but with reduced shields, armor, and armament. New republic
      World Devastator: Empire's greatest weapon(just kidding). Armed with 15 turbolasers, 15 heavy turbolasers, 8 ion cannons, and 4 concussion missile launchers, it launches 10 Tie/D at the beginning of a battle, plus 1 additional one every 10 seconds. Has two abilities. In galactic, provides a 200% increase to planetary income(modifiers do not multiple). In battle, can eat ships, which in turn produces even more Tie/D.
                Executor MkII: has the firepower of the Night Hammer, but only 50% shields. only for EA eras 3/4. I felt that EA needed somemore cool things
                Imperial III star destroyer: black star destroyer with increased firepower over the II, replaces Tector, EA Eras 3/4 (idea behind it was an advanced class of SDs to go with the Super SSD)

   New Heroes:
      Ysanne Isald/Galactic(while Pestage is in power): build time reduction.
      Commander Ackdool: commands the Mediator, the lead ship of the Mediator class. Era 5
      General Titus Klev: commands Silencer 7, a enlarged world devastator with 50% higher shields, armor, and firepower. Era 3

any revisements, tell me.

these are all suggestions, do with them as you will

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / new idea for eclipse ssd
« on: December 30, 2016, 07:02:07 AM »
so, corey, I know you don't like planet destroying superweapons, but I feel the empire needs something else to help their campaign. if I remember original EaW and FOC correctly, when you had the death star over a planet in battle, there was a lever you could pull(or click) to fire the weapon. would it be possible to add that ability to eclipse, but instead of taking out the planet, take out all structures on the surface? if it can, that would flesh out legends in the mod just a bit more. if not, oh well.

also, you mentioned that certain planets can be locked till a certain era, but can you rig the game to not unlock planets till a certain week? if so, this can keep the Hand(and potentially the Dushkan league) from being taken out right of the bat.

these are just suggestions, do with them as you will 

The Lounge / what about the other mods. . .
« on: December 15, 2016, 03:27:26 PM »
so, I don't know what you guys think, but I believe of all the mods for EaW out there, this one is the best. however, the other ones are fun to discuss too, and I wanted to here your opinions on these mods. I am only addressing mods that cover the galactic and imperial civil wars

awakening of the rebellion
Battlefront commander
Phoenix Rising
any others I failed to mention.

all have cool elements in them(well, maybe not alliance), but ICW is still the best. still, I wanted to know what you guys think

The Lounge / If you were in star wars ICW 2.2 as a hero. . .
« on: December 12, 2016, 08:35:45 AM »
hi. I have a new thing I think would be cool. since I don't know anyone very well, I though this would be fun to do. basically, it is giving the details of a hero for star wars thrawn's revenge 2.2 that would be you. what you have to tell is 1. name, 2. affiliation(what faction he/she is with), 3. rank/expertise( if he/she is ground or space or galactic hero), 4. what their command is, and 5. what era(s) he/she is in.

so an example:
name: Nathaniel Kahala
affiliation: Pentastar Alignment
Rank/Expertise: captain/space
command: Secutor star destroyer
eras: 1, 2, 3

hope this helps, and I can't wait to see ideas. my favorites might be picked for a infinities mini-mod I might do in a few years.


Welcome to the Boards / Greetings all Imperial Remnant Revolutionists
« on: December 11, 2016, 09:12:51 PM »
Greetings: DarthRevansRevenge here. so, i'm newish to the boards, only around for about a month or so, but I really enjoy the game and all it contains. I am split between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic allegiance wise(No pun intended about 2.2, so not the battlecruiser), and I have been really loking forward to 2.2. if you don't want to use my user name, call me Joseph.

Feature Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / corellian crisis in 2.2?
« on: December 11, 2016, 06:30:25 PM »
so, again, I have another question.
in era five, will their be the corellian crisis like in legends? or was it too complicated it would close to impossible to code in?

also, once 2.2  out, will you mothball it again, or will you continue to work on it, but at a slower pace?

thanks for all ya'll have been doing with ICW for 2.2

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