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This mod is a custom modification and was neither created nor is it supported by the Thrawn's Revenge team. The Thrawn's Revenge team is not responsible for any negative effects from installing these files nor can they be held responsible for fixing any issues which arise from them.

Description:This is an addon for Imperial Civil War mod by Corey.It doesnt really add anything just changes a few things around.
Download link:
          1:Main feature is the boarding shuttles.Every faction now has access to them.Their price is reduced and boarding success chance slightly increased so
            are the max boarding attempts per fight.(NR boarding shuttle used cause its better coded)
            Plese note that the IR still only had access to them at era 2.
          2:Fighter compliment overhaul.Note that things may seem the same but there are a lot of changes there.
          3:SSDs are now cheaper and have heavily reduced population cap
          4:All capital ships have their population reduced by 1 excluding smaller destroyers
          5:Allaround space population cap increased from 60 to 70
          6:Random additional ships added to each faction.Those ships are taken from existing factions and not created.
            Imperial Remnant:Added-Procursor SD, Ascendancy SD, Bellator SSD
            New Republic:Added-Venator cruiser, Allegance Battlecruiser, Executor SSD
            Empire of the Hand:Added-Preator Battlecruiser, Executor SSD
            Zinj:Added-Warlord Cruiser, Tector SD, Peltast SD, Bellator SSD
            Eraidu Authority:Added-Crimson Victory SD(you can build 100 up from 50), Secutor Battlecruiser, Endurance SD, Bellator SSD
            Greater Maltrood:Added-Majestic Cruiser, Nebula SD, Executor SSD
            Pentastar Allingment:Added-Providence carrier, Syndic SD, Lucrehulk carrier
          7:SSDs are capturable with boarding shuttles
          8:Removed 20% ship stats from admiral difficulty BUT AI income increased by 50%
          9:Raid Fleet chance dobled from 15 to 30 max ship count reduced from 10 to 6
          10:Missing missiles added to the Tie Hunter.
          11:MTC's shields have been dobled so that it isnt thrash
          12:Special structure has been added.It costs 20000 credits but reveals the whole galactic map.Its named Missing.(Unavailable to Duskon Leauge)
          13:NR class ships have been shifted 1 era down for NR and MC90 is available Era 1
          14:AI changes to accommodate the mod.AI will use new units but will not spam them.(Hopefully, AI is a very tricky thing to change)
          15:Prices of ships changed.Those are kinda all over the place.The reason for that is to make the AI use them.
         !!If something doesn't work please let me know.I have tested the mod but there can always be mistakes!!

          I have not touched Duskon League cause you might wanna have fun with a difficult playthrough.
  Datapack 2-This adds only the boarding shuttles and fighter compliment part of the mod
             (I make customization per request for instance if you want 1 thing from the content list comment and i will easily cut out what you need)

   This is non profit mod created for entertainment i do not mean to steal Corey's work these are only modified files nothing contained here is
   100% copied from his mod.

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Test forum post
« on: July 02, 2018, 02:22:13 PM »
How do i delete this?!?!

Imperial Civil War Tech Support / Random planets in GC
« on: November 05, 2016, 05:14:32 PM »
Hello i am new to this community.I really like the mod and its features.Thing is i have a question.When i pressed space on GC (The Art of War) i realised there were 4 planets far away from the galaxy.I couldnt find them manualy and they were called "Missing".Is this intentional in order to add Yuuzhan Vong at a later time or just a mistake.Ty for answers and for the mod itself.

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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
Show your support for them by enabling ads on this site!