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Star Wars Discussion / Re: Solo [WITH SPOILER]
« on: May 24, 2018, 01:35:35 PM »
I'm with Dave on this. I'm not giving money to a that effectively told fans to piss off and deal with it while producing subpar cash grabs.
I'll review the bootleg version so I can judge the films flaws and merits-which if it follows the pattern will be decent special effects,visuals and acting but pointless and disjointed plot with very poor story or world building.

This is fantastic. Xizer, you exceed all expectations once again.

But now as to the faction itself, I was looking at the ships stats and they definitely are generally underpowered. Their Shree has fewer Turbolasers than the MC80 Liberty, and that we supposed to be their flagship battlecruiser.

Thanks, it's nice to use this warped mind of mine for amusing if not entirely productive things lol

As to the Ssi Ruuk, they strike me as VERY heavily carrier based and swarm based. Cheap, fast and disposable...lots of Japanese Zeros come to mind. Their ships should be about lowering enemy shields but not damaging them, their main line ships should only enter the fight in great number or after their swarms have done the work for them. Same on ground, heavy droid reliance with a few elite Ssi Ruuk infantry that are very powerful.

Am I too young to understand what this is?

If you don't remember An Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making then you are, but with the magic of internet and DVD you can experience it.

Go watch Jurassic Park...NOW

"They only entech vegetables, but for you, I think they'd make an exception."
Author creates Ssi Ruuvi
Author destroys Ssi Ruuvi
Author creates fans
Fans destroy author
Fans create Ssi Ruuvi
Ssi fans...trekkies inherit the Earth

Yay, cute space dinos! ;D

Don't you mean....(Robert Muldoon voice) "Clever girl..."

Oh I like that. Make Entenchment Facilities (or maybe Entenchment Temples?) like a combination Tax Agency/Prison building. They give you credits on whatever planet they’re built on, but if they’re on a planet with a native population they provide more credits, Fleet supply, and a larger garrison force on the ground.

That could be frighteningly effective.

They could be interesting as a snowballing faction. Starting small but with entechment being able to mass drone fighters and droids quickly and eliminating civilian population with entechment facilities.

I am still planning on putting together a faction profile but I am too busy at the moment.

There is nothing in Legends that contradicts and much that directly, or indirectly support such an alliance.  Zero Command is the only one mentioned by name. I would argue that since Zero Command was only mentioned by name it probably was the most prominent and the other warlords mentioned are just small fry like Moff Foga Brill or nonentities like Grand Moff Gann.

If you want to argue that Hethrir was working with Greater Maldrood or Delvardus then provide evidence for it.

Hethrir forged an alliance with Harrsk and then Harrsk died. That does not contradict that fact that there was an alliance.

Let's take the logic you use here and apply it to the Pentastar Alignment of Powers.

The PA was formed in 4 ABY.

Jerec was part of the PA and died 5 ABY.

Grand Moff Kaine died 11 ABY and the PA was annexed by the Imperial Remnant in 12 ABY.

Jerec was only a member of the PA for about a single year, possibly less before he died. Under your logic, since Jerec and his dark Jedi died years before Kaine and the end of the PA, they should not be included as heroes for the PA.

That Harrsk was only briefly associated with Hethrir I am not disputing. I am only asserting that he was briefly but definitely associated with Hethrir. Much in the same was that Jerec was only briefly but definitely associated with the PA.

In my original post I already stated "No mention has been made of Tavion's cult being associated with Hethrir after Desann's defeat but the forces at her disposal lead me to suspect she had the backing of Hethrir- that massive fortress of Taspir III seems like it would be beyond the reach of a lowly failed apprentice to a dark side adept."

I already acknowledged there is nothing that states Tavion was working directly Hethrir at the time. But the fact remains that the bulk of her dark side force users were directly recruited from Hethrir's surviving reborn.

Here's how I suspect it went down: After Desann died Tavion was given his position within the Empire Reborn by Hethrir. All of the surviving Reborn would serve under her and she would serve Hethrir. When Hethrir died she already had the loyalty of the Reborn and struck out on her own.

I also find some similarities between Tavion's scheme and Hethrir's in the Crystal Star. Keep in mind that in the Crystal Star Hethrir's plan was to make sacrifices to Warru so the alien creature would bestow even greater dark side powers to Hethrir. Tavion took the Scepter of Ragnos and drained locations of their Force energy to resurrect Marka Ragnos.

This is all speculation but it is interesting to consider that maybe Tavion's plan was actually Hethrir's.  If Warru wouldn't give Hethrir what he wanted, maybe Plan B was to resurrect Marka Ragnos and have him instruct him further in the dark side.

I find it amusing to think that Hethrir would have trusted an interdimensional vampiric slime being more than an ancient Sith Lord.

In game terms, I think it might be fun if Hethrir's faction were to capture Korriban they could recruit Marka Ragnos as a hero. Like how Greater Maldrood can recruit Moff Getelles and Admiral Larm upon capturing Antemeridian sector

Wow there simmer down a mite Manka cat, touched a nerve.

I'm saying that Hethrir wasn't actually part of Zero Command- unlike Jerec and Kaine who were part of the PA, so you kinda shot yourself in the foot with that technicality. We also know that Hethrir had ties to more than just Harrsk because it's stated both on wookie that he helped fund renegade Imperials and sought resources very indirectly from the DEEP CORE WARLORDS. This implies multiple alliances and agreements, not just with Harrsk. We know that Hethrir really only made a solid deal with Fyyar who by all accounts was part of the Imperial Remnant-after Harrsk and Zero Command were already gone- we know that Roganda Ismaren and her son Irek tried to forge and alliance with Harrsk and that they later fled to Zero Command for shelter before hiding on Coruscant with Cronus(before THAT went WAAAAY South) The point is it's a very long stretch for Hethrir to be a hero for ZC since their very tenuous connection was not exclusive by location or association, Roganda and Irek could be though-they were directly associated-not loosely and indirectly.
Also as to the Empire Reborn, they lost nearly all influence when Fyyar and Desann were killed, Hethrir was eaten by magic interdimensional blob thing shortly after and after that the tattered remnants of the Reborn were gathered up by Tavion who had backing from a very small(likely single) Imperial Commander years after both Harrsk and Hethrir had both gone the way of the Dodo. My point is that the Empire Reborn was not part of Zero Command-it was it's own entity, you can make arguments for the Antimeridian, Sy, Lott and Gendarr on proximity and communication while not having any evidence that they weren't in at least communication with the Maldrood due to the locations.

The problem with Zero Command is that in addition to being yet another Warlord faction, they wouldn't bring anything new to the table, they didn't really expand or do anything of note(even less than the PA in terms of lore until Darksaber), we have virtually no information on what they did or who was associated with them until roughly era 4(which was around the Reunification timeline) So for most of era 1, 2 and 3 we have a hero roster that is basically Harrsk. In era 4 you get Harrsk, Daala, Irek, Roganda and maybe Kratas, but then you have a timer til Daala kills Harrsk and you become the IR. You could introduce the remnants of Grand Admiral Batch's command that murdered him and defected to Harrsk but we have no names and they didn't have any remnants of the TIE Phantoms- so that's just maybe some Star Destroyers. Maybe add in Grand Admiral Batch for Zero Command- but he was murdered by his crew who went to join Harrsk-so he probably wasn't keen on the idea. You could stretch things and add in the Empire Reborn but that is still era 4 and gives you 2 Dark Jedi heroes and nothing really new to the game-save maybe the Planetoids Hethrir owned and Shadow troopers(basically weaker generic dark jedi) which again doesn't fix the first 3 eras of it just being Harrsk(and part of era 1 no Harrsk since he's tied to the Empire early on) Tavion was never associated with Zero Command as by the time Desann was making his bid Harrsk was already gassed, so the Disciples of Ragnos would be a split off from the Imperial Remnant, rather than Zero Command.

Look I feel ya on this man, I am extremely passionate about the Warlords and have argued for more of them included but most of them like Zero Command either burned out fast or there is just nothing on what they did. Zero Command works as a splinter faction of the Warlords AI but would be exceedingly difficult to implement as a Player faction for the sheer fact there's just nothing there until era 4 at which point they have about 3/4 of a year until Tsoss beacon- reunification event.

you'd basically have this as a possible era 1 hero roster
Harrsk in Shockwave
Maybe Grand Admiral Martio Batch in ISD Meniscus(stretching)
(era 2,3 same)
Era 4( Irek, Roganda(Dark Jedi), Drost Elegrin(Economy), Garonnin(Economy) Nasdra Magrody(Tech, build speed bonus) Hethrir, Desann, tavion(Dark Jedi stretch) Daala(gorgon) and Kratas(Shockwave?) Harrsk(Whirlwind)
Era 5 Tavion?

That's the trouble.

Well there's a few issues here.
Hethrir did attempt to forge alliances with the Deep Core Warlords, not just Zero Command. By the time of Desann(who was working for Hethrir) launching his Empire Reborn offensive Harrsk was dead and Zero Command reunified into the Empire under Pellaeon.
Further The Disciples of Ragnos were formed after Hethrir and the Empire Reborn movement were destroyed, so the time lines don't add up.


Thanks, good to see another fan of the Grand Admirals other than Thrawn. I presume Tigellinus is a personal favorite of yours?

Forum Games / Re: Last Person to Post Wins
« on: May 05, 2018, 12:47:12 PM »
The RvB series is actually painfully accurate on being in the military lol.
I can't drive a tank, I thought you could!
No I'm not armor certified I thought you were!
Oh my god who is running this army?!

Forum Games / Re: Last Person to Post Wins
« on: May 02, 2018, 03:34:23 PM »
This post...

Because it was fun that if you wanted to keep Thrawn, you could keep thrawn.  Or as the NR, you could try to avoid Thrawn to avoid facing palpatine. Now that it forces you to progress, it just isn't any fun anymore IMO.
Isn't this the point of single era GCs? I actually feel like the new era progression is an improvement as it factors lore and story progression into things and if you don't like it you have tons of single era GCs to do what you previously stated.
Further all the main Imperial leaders(Pestage, Carvin, Isard, Thrawn,Palpatine, and Jax were all betrayed and killed by circumstances that would be outside normal game control and the last two-Daala and Pellaeon have fairly similar ships and units so it hardly seems problematic to have the event oriented progression as it is now.

Absolutely. As it should be.

The PA does work nicely as a carrier faction. Zsinj being the odd one out has made me think of all those empion mines, explosive asteroids and night cloaks. Maybe Zsinj could have some special abilities other factions don't have? *Looks at Mini modder Lord Xizer*
He will. We're working on night cloak ideas(in my sub mod) improved Raptor forces(including assault shuttles) Project Morrt(allowing following units with tracking)project Chubar(terrorist brain washing units that can move to any world and blow something up and his hidden support network(similar to smugglers in base game.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Ranking the Factions
« on: April 27, 2018, 12:54:46 PM »
You know the PA can recruit Jerecs SSD Vengeance(under cpt Sysco) from any major shipyards for 60k(42k if you have gregor) so they still have 2 SSDs

For my sub mod I plan to make the GM more focused on medium fast sips. More firepower and speed less armor and health.
EA will be heavy unit focus and long range-quality over quantity.
PA will be mainly carrier based
Zsinj will be subversion, commandos and quality elite raptor.
All SSDs getting duel heavy turbolasers(executor class) instead of single turn is.
Night Hammer is getting significant changes, much greater cost, build time and reduced speed but increased health, massively increased TIE fighter and bomber complement and some sensor detectability effects.
I'll be adding some Kazrak slavers for PA, Trandoshans for GM and a few other flavor elements.

Forum Games / Re: Last Person to Post Wins
« on: April 27, 2018, 12:38:38 PM »
It's not power I want. What I wanted to take back from the PATRIOTS were things like freedom, civil liberties and opportunity. Everything that's about to be erased by their digital censorship. ll I want Jack is to be remembered by other people, by history. Rather than an intron of history, I would be remembered as an EXON! But the PATRIOTS would deny us even that. I want my memory, my existence to remain! I will triumph over the PATRIOTS and liberate us all and we shall become the Sons of Liberty!

Forum Games / Re: Last Person to Post Wins
« on: April 22, 2018, 06:44:47 PM »
wow. nothing in 3 days? What happened here?

I've been rather busy with sub mod planning, testing and life.

What do you think about adding Ars Dangor, the imperial advisor, as an economic hero under Thrawn.

He'd make more sense in the Crimson Empire arc where he was part of the Imperial Ruling Council of Blood under Jax.

I was looking around for more information on the yevetha ( because I didn’t get to read the books on them) and I found this.

According to Ayddar, the order of battle for Black Sword includes forty-four capital ships which we have not seen nor heard of since the fall of the Emperor. None smaller than a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Three are Superclass vessels.

That’s a quote I found while looking for information on the black sword command; so I did a little more digging and it doesn’t say if they were destroyed or not.

so I was wondering how are you going to fit those other two in or even if you plan to at all.
Yes but this was Black Swords 'initial' order of battle. However due to reassignment and the post endor chaos most of Black Sword was sent elsewhere. Only nine ships were there at the time of the Yevethan revolt at N'zoth. A lot of the rest were lost in battles over that time period which accounts for the High Command thinking the entire group were lost.

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