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Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Under Construction submod
« on: February 20, 2018, 07:22:47 AM »
A few fellow enthusiasts and myself are working on a submod for the upcoming 2.2 main mod. Some of the features added will be as follows:(Always subject to change of course)

List of current changes

PA-Kazrak slavers will be buildable special units(similar to the purge troopers in TFU) with flamethrowers
Jerec will be able to recruit the Seven Dark Jedi(Sariss, Boc, Maw, Gorc, Pic and Yun)-if Jerec dies before this you can't recruit them and get Halmere instead.

Zsinj- Improved Raptor troopers(better range and sight than standard stormies and will come with therm dets or mines since they had training in explosives), recruitable Pirates, will attempt minefield like asteroids, the ability to build hidden economy buildings and some sabotage units to simulate his brain washing program. Gethzerion getting a major buff against infantry and light units.

GM- Adding Moff Hindane Darcc(Allows recruitment of Trandoshan Slavers and building construction time reductions do to wookie slave labor), Merili(Standard Nightsister-no lightwhip just drain health and force sight) and Pekt(Sniper rifle and flamethrower) to the hero roster to replace Moff Lesan Ramier, Admiral Garrik Trier and Boba Fett respectively(just for era 1, era 2 will see the three replaced heroes back in the GM roster). Trandoshan slavers recruitable at Kashyyyk if you have Moff Darcc there. They will have long range blasters and sight like the NR infiltrators but no detonators. Clutch fighters buildable for Tavira. Build cap for CC VSDs increased to 73.

IR-hero shifting for the IR-under Pestage you'll have Grand Admirals Tigellinus, Takel and Makati in their ISDs along with Supreme Warlord Harrsk in his Tector and General Tal Ashen in his ATAT.
using Project Ambition will kill Tigellinus and Takel while Harrsk will go rogue, along with the Corporate Sector Worlds (If those are not already taken of course)if Coruscant is taken before Project Ambition is set into motion Tal Ashen will also die.
Initiating Project Ambition will gain you Ysanne Isard, Delek Krennel, Ait Convarion, Erisi Dlarit and Fliry Vorru.

EA-adding versatility to the Storm Commandos in forms of explosives, saboteurs and snipers as elite teams of six but with build caps of 10 units so they aren't OP.

NR-Adding more of the Jedi Academies students(obviously later eras)

Warlords(NPCs)-adding Grunger and his armada over Mandalore and Gargon. Total of 1 SSD, 10 ISDs, 20 VSDs and about 40 support ships(less than he had in the EU but enough to not make him a pushover in auto resolve or battle.
Pitta and Zork above Corellia and Tralus with the Corellian Sector Fleet, torpedo sphere and versions of the World Devastators(to represent the prison ships that were used to genocide aliens under Pitta and his cronies) So two weaker World Devastators, about 4 ISDs, 8 VSDs, 20 Corellian corvettes and gunships, three torpedo spheres.
Zero Command gets a lot more forces for their two worlds-two battle cruisers, 12 ISDs, 3 Tectors and about 20 support ships.
General Drommel will be added over the world he repaired Guardian on with 3 ISDs as in era 1 those would have been functional and he'd just be starting out.

Comments, suggestions and critiques welcome of course.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Proposing ideas for Zero Command
« on: February 19, 2018, 02:34:13 PM »
Well this sounds amazing, your sub mod has earned itself another fan. :laugh: I wish I could help in some way. I guess I could try providing VO for some characters, if I get my hands on a decent mic. I'm Ukrainian, but English is my specialty, I'm a translator professionally, I don't have much of an accent. I lived in Philly for 2 years in the 90s, when I was a little kid, lol.

Are you planning on including Admiral Mir Tork and Leonis Murthe somewhere close to Pitta? It could be hard since Tork commanded a Dungeon ship,
 Azgoghk, and they don't have a model. However, a Dungeon ship looks almost exactly like a World Devastator, and even their function is similar. I'd be fine with Tork commanding a World Devastator, even though in the lore they appeared much later. And Murthe was stationed on the same ship, so I don't know how you could have them both at the same time. Maybe have Murthe command the Azgoghk and let Tork just have an ISD. Or have them command a World Devastator each, since there were two more Dungeon ships - Angrix and Apocahk. Or just have them both have ISDs or something, so that World Devastators don't appear earlier than they should. But since Pitta and Grunger would both be part of a non-playable faction I guess such detail in what kind of additional heroes they get is not that important. I dunno, I get excited about those sort of things very easily, lol.

Thanks and we'd love to have you on board for VOs. I was actually planning on giving Tork a World Devastator lol and attaching him to Pitta's two worlds. It'd be a weaker WD and there'd be 3 of them. While above a world they'd prevent alien natives spawning

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Proposing ideas for Zero Command
« on: February 19, 2018, 12:02:55 AM »
It would, absolutely, be a stretch from a lore point of view, but so is the inclusion of Peccati Syn as a hero for the Greater Maldrood, when in reality he died on Kashyyyk with no one coming to his aid.

With Harrsk, Batch, Roganda and Irek Ismaren, Phlygas Grynne and Ohran Keldor their hero roster already doesn't look that bad.

I am a sucker for all things Grand Admiral though, that's true. It's my favorite rank in the Imperial Navy, and every individual who has ever held it has a unique story and fate, mostly tragic ones, of course. As a matter of fact, I think most of the 13 Grand Admirals could be implemented into the mod without having to twist the lore too much, essentially everyone except Zaarin, Declann, Il-Raz and Teshik. Giving the player an opportunity to save some of them from demise is something that I'd certainly support and be up for. They make for much more charismatic characters than most of the usual space heroes. That is if you need charisma from a space hero in EAW, of course. I realize that this is just my take on it. But Batch definitely has an easy way into ICW, if you ask me.

Well you are partially right here, technically Syn should be an IR era 1 hero along with Makati and Takel as he was still following orders from Imperial Center(who posted him to Kashyyyk) but was pretty much fully under the sway of the Emperor's Eye Merili and the Church of the Dark Side false prophets. The reason he is included in Maldrood in era 1 is because he did have dealings with them and was duped into believing they would aid him at Kashyyyk-which implies at least a minimum level of cooperation between the two. Batch doesn't even have that tie in so again while it might be neat it was never something he considered doing at all.

 Originally Moff Darcc was going to be where Syn is I believe but was replaced with Syn for a number of reasons. In a sub mod I am assisting with we are planning on adding in the cliche from Kashyyyk-Moff Darrc, Pekt, Merili and Syn- removing one Moff hero for the GM and Boba Fett in exchange for Trandoshan slavers(which employing said corp will decrease building times due to wookie slave labor) Merili will grant full sight to the map but not have a lightwhip, just drain life, Darrc will offer an income bonus(from slave trading) and Pekt will allow Slavers to be recruited with flamethrowers.

I also intend to add in Grunger, Pitta and Tigellinus into that sub mod I mentioned. Grunger and Pitta will be part of the Warlords sub group above Gargon and Corellia respectively, each will have a large amount of space forces but few ground forces. Tigellinus will have his ISD and grant similar bonuses as Takel and Makati(but in my sub mod those will stack) Grunger will have the SSD Aggressor and Pitta will have a modified and larger Torpedo sphere that does much more damage. So with this you don't get Batch but you will get
Grant(PA)Thrawn(IR,EotH)Syn(GM)Makati,Takel,Tigellinus(IR)Grunger,Pitta(Warlords) that is eight out of the thirteen Grand Admirals. I am working with my fellow submodders to make each Grand Admiral have benefits that are unique to their command style and personalities.

The Lounge / Re: Could Japan have won the pacific war?
« on: February 15, 2018, 07:37:56 PM »
Once they attacked Pearl H and the American War Machine mobilized it was over. They could never match it , they needed to cripple the fleet in that initial strike

Even if they had fully annihilated that fleet at Pearl it would have bought them 8 months tops as nearly every main ship there minus the carriers were already obsolete and replaced before August 1942.

Star Wars Discussion / Re: First Order Origins.
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:38:56 PM »
Really? Everyone is going to blame it on story telling? Cant we just guess what we are going to get? If you are going to say "ewwww i wont make theories about it because there are no origins made by the movies" then this subforum isn't for you.

So i repeat: What do you guys think made the First Order from Jakku to TFA? I love Rae Sloanes character and since she's involved with the FO I really want to get some more story on her. Also I wanna know how Kylo Ren joined and how Snoke came to power (leave your 'Snoke is ...' theories at the door please.).

Look, we have a 30 year gap with virtually no back-story, a swarm of rushed books and media(some of which are already retconning one another) an organization that is identical to the Empire in all but name, a Resistance identical to the Rebellion in all but name and a galaxy where absolutely no  world building has been done. This is why I call it on bad world building and writing. I can't get invested in the state of affairs with the galaxy when those stakes are never made clear.

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Character Study Carnor Jax
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:31:08 PM »
I might need to pick Crimson Empire again and actually finish it

I highly recommend it

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Character Study Garm Bel Iblis
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:30:11 PM »
Really interesting depiction. Is the part on his life after the Vong War your own creation or an extrapolation? I do not remember he was mentioned in Legacy of the Force or Fate of the Jedi, but I read it in French and we have often had truncated translations.

Taken somewhat from wookiepedia. Other than Zahn, Stackpole and Anderson few authors used Bel Iblis much, which is why he tended to disappear into the background in a lot of books. 

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Character Study Carnor Jax
« on: February 14, 2018, 10:58:12 PM »
The Empire still does discriminate against Aliens. In the Marvel Star wars comic the Empire is shown to enslave non-humans and even the Thrawn book touches on this. If I was honest it does not make sense for the EU Empire to discriminate against women. In fact it makes more sense for them just to be a Human High Society. Even then you still can say that most women who join the Empire either defect(Iden Veriso and Sabine Wren) or become top members(Governor Pryce, and Rae Salone). This is because most women dont serve in the military because of things like raising children(unless your mandolarians)

Also the reason they surrender was because the Rebel force Mas Amidda(the new imperial leader) at gunpoint to surrender. The NR then order all Imperial weapons be rounded up and destroy. The IR was allow to exist but the NR gave it no protection or a way protecting itself(which led to pirates and rebels to rape, pillage, and attack IR Planets). The NR then demilitarize which outraged people saying that Pirates, crime familes, and rogue states were more of a threat. It was insane.

But also i agree that the Empire still should have been able to hold. Keep in mind the fleet at Endor was the NR fleet at the time. Also it does not make sense for Imperials to follow Operation: Cinder, what also doesnt make sense is why the Emperor would make such a plan. I know he is a asshole, but he was planning to live forever according to Episode 3 and the Darth Vader comics. So i cant find a reason Palps would believe he could be beaten, that's why he lost Endor he was just soo fucking cocky.

Further more lets look at the galaxy at this point.
1. The Empire still controls 90% of the known Galaxy
2. The Rebellion is still to weak.
3. Luke was off doing his own shit
4. Their are no mention Imperial Warlords.
5. The Remnants of the Empire were still working together.
6. Many worlds were not sympathetic to the rebellion.
7. Rax was just one guy.

given that its physically impossible for the Empire to have lost within a year.

Also what was the relative time in BF2? Did Iden defect within days of the Endor or months? Also why did the sentinels instantly activate and one was already on Garrick Veriso's flagship during Endor? Also how many worlds were targeted and why did the NR who received intel about these attacks wait for them to already damage the planet before interfering? Why did the Empire just no reltalitae and send fleets to attack Mon Cal, and Chandrilla? Also why is it that no one but a handful of people questioned Operation: Cinder? Most people who joined the Empire were not really loyal to the Emperor and most were ethical so why Operation: Cinder? Also why did the NR pardon Iden Versio and Del Meeko from war crimes while excuting loyal level officers for war crimes? Also why did the NR desmilitarize?

It's nowhere near the scale of the old EU with MASS slavery, genocides, hunting them for sport and the like. Remember that most societies discriminate against women throughout history so it's not far fetched that a High HuMAN Culture would too.

Again forcing the centralized Empire to surrender by holding Mas Amedda hostage(while most of the Empire's war machine and territory is intact would not result in the Empire surrendering, it would result in Mas Amedda being replaced or usurped. This would also further empower the Warlords who would be the only well armed groups left as many would likely flock to their banners.

I agree with you that few if any Imperials would follow Operation Cinder, however such a plan is EXACTLY like the Emperor. Palpatine was a completely self centered psychopath. If he couldn't have it, no one could. Much as Hitler ordered the systematic annihilation of the German industry, food centers and anything in 1945, Palpatine was of similar mind. In cut content in RotJ he gives Moff Jerrjerrod an order to fire on Endor if the shield is destroyed killing all his men there along with the very few rebels out of nothing but pure spite. Even in the EU he's just as deranged, HE directly helped fuel the Imperial Mutiny, he routinely ruined entire worlds for little to no reason. He was a PLAGUE that NEEDED to be killed, even as an Imperial I firmly believe that. Again it's not that Palpatine would MAKE such a plan, it's that ANYONE would follow through with it.

Further more lets look at the galaxy at this point.
1. The Empire still controls 90% of the known Galaxy/ Yup(which they continue to hold as the NR never pushes in)
2. The Rebellion is still to weak.(Pathetically so considering they demilitarize within a year of Endor)
3. Luke was off doing his own shit(Sigh...yeah)
4. Their are no mention Imperial Warlords.(they are hinted at, but nothing on the scale of the EU)
5. The Remnants of the Empire were still working together.(Cooperating at least minimally)
6. Many worlds were not sympathetic to the rebellion.(Again the Rebels in this timeline are far less noble and the Empire less viciously oppressive)
7. Rax was just one guy.(Exactly and even if he was married to the idea of self genocide, convincing the vast majority of the Imperial Leadership to go along would be laughable)

given that its physically impossible for the Empire to have lost within a year.(this I whole heartedly agree with)

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Character Study Carnor Jax
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:37:51 PM »
Seems mostly reasonable. Not unlike what has happened in our galaxy countless times.

Not within a years time frame. And certainly not while holding most of their territory, economy and infrastructure. The Empire could well have and should have lasted at least a decade after the Emperor's death for a believable sequence of events. Aftermath pretty much super fast forwards that for no other reason that getting it out of the way.

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Character Study Carnor Jax
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:35:35 PM »
To answer your points:
-I was using warlord as a general term to describe those who wished to break off.

-Where have you seen other sources saying that the empire is FULLY united? Its never mentioned in BF2, but its never stated as well.

-Your facts and opinions sound great to me about Admiral Versio, but his character motivation isn't that bad. I see it as the he's an A+ empire supporter, but ultimently loves his family and will do what he can do best through his Imperial eyes.

-its hard to debunk if the empire shouldve lasted longer. While its true that the empire is much more massive than the NR, i think without palpatine, no leader could truly control the greed, hate, (blah blah dark side). The empire just kind of collapsed  on itself since 99% of its people were incapaple of leading, and the 1% would never be excepted by the power hungry. Althougth the empire was huge, it was made of many that were weak. Still, maybe the war couldv'e lasted a year or two longer, but the sabotage efforts by palps kind of ruined their chances.

Here's the issue with that, the new timeline doesn't understand how this would affect things at all. The Empire can't coordinate it's own self destruction the way it's done in Aftermath for the simple reason stated by Tarkin in ANH-'The REGIONAL Governors will now have complete control of their systems. These individuals would have fleets, forces and resources at their disposal. The more that go rogue as Warlords the longer an internecine conflict would exist- because even if the centralized Empire self destructs itself, the regional Warlords are autonomous-nations within a nation so to speak.  Also Empires don't 'just dissolve' even here on Earth on an infinitely smaller scale than the Galactic Empire, it usually takes at the soonest decades of fighting, look at Japan's Sengoku Period, or ANY of China's history, or the Roman Empire, the Persian, Alexander the Great's the Golden Horde, the Holy Roman Empire etc. To destroy an Empire via conquest you have to seize it's territory, kill, convert or capture it's leadership and almost always seize it's recognized capital. Empires and Dictatorships that fall always lose vast swaths of their territory, are decisively crushed militarily(to the point they HAVE no military) and their ruling leaders caught and killed. Simply killing the leadership of an Empire while leaving the territory(and economy) of it intact would not destroy it, it would hurt it, but leaders can be replaced and if centralized leadership can't then you get lots of tiny Empires(See China's Warlord period of 1904-1945)
You simply could not do to an entity the size and scale of the Galactic Empire in a year what Aftermath tries to set up. Even if Rax's fanatical group had succeeded in driving the main Empire into self destruction on Palp's cult instructions, the vast majority of the Warlords and governors would have ignored him or gone even further in seceding from the Empire proper to evade his control. He wouldn't have had the forces to bring them all to heel to herd them to destruction and he can't manipulate people not following his orders.
This is further a problem in the new timeline as the Disney version of the Empire doesn't discriminate against Aliens and women as the old EU one did, eliminating some of the main issues that helped destabilize the Empire in the Mid and Outer Rims in the old EU. Finally the fact that both sides did not attack each other after Jakku since the New Republic did not push in like in the old EU makes this make even LESS sense as that leaves the Empire and it's Warlords in possession of nearly all the economic and industrial systems ensuring a strong economic core.

The Lounge / Re: Could Japan have won the pacific war?
« on: February 13, 2018, 02:23:12 PM »
Had the fighting in the Pacific died down after a Japanese victory in the summer of 42, with Japan being recognized by the US and other Allied powers (which were in no condition to oppose Japan in the Pacific at this point) as ruler of a Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere involving most Pacific islands west of Midway and north of Australia (including New Guinea and Indonesia, and any already held or soon-to-be-seized territory in China and Manchuria), I honestly wouldn't expect the USSR to declare against Japan in late 45.  They'd have had 3 years at that point of uncontested fortifying of their new holdings, along with having successfully secured the time and territory required to develop the resources to support their expanded military.  The Soviet Pacific fleet was of minimal strength, and couldn't have possibly stood up to an IJN that hadn't been smashed by US naval power - hell, even in late 45 in the real history the Soviet Pacific fleet was a pathetic thing consisting of only a few dozen light ships, and while the Soviets were able to push Japan out of Korea and Manchuria they were in no position to invade Japan itself.
Recall too that the only reasons the USSR attacked Japan in 1945 was as part of a deal with the US and because they saw an opportunity to create a puppet government in Manchuria to back up their goals in the region. If Japan is victorious in the Pacific these two reasons do not exist in that alternative scenario.

The Lounge / Re: Could Japan have won the pacific war?
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:08:54 PM »
Winning in the sense of conquering the US was never on the table.  Winning in the sense of hurting the US enough that it wouldn't keep fighting over control of the Pacific?  Still highly unlikely, I think, but Midway going the other way would've made it at least a possibility.

What I do think the video is wrong about is that the Japanese would not have been able to take Midway Island had the naval battle gone their way.  Yes, US troops managed to take islands defended by larger numbers of Japanese troops later on in the war, but this was done under cover of naval and air supremacy that could support landings and diminish the ability of Japanese land forces to concentrate strength effectively.  The US garrison was about equal in number to the Japanese landing force brought along, and I see no reason to simply assume that Japanese naval and air dominance couldn't have supported their own troops just as effectively - if Japanese forces were as pathetic as this video makes them out to be, they'd never have conquered the Philippines as easily as they did (23,000 US troops killed/captured there).

Now, even had Midway fallen, Hawaii by this point was already too heavily defended by land-based planes to make a naval invasion feasible, so Midway would've been as far as the push east went - Japan afterward would have likely tried to consolidate control over Pacific islands to deny the US potential bases among them to support a counter-attack.  Forcing the US to accept de facto Japanese control over the Pacific at this point would not have been beyond the realm of possibility, especially as the US and other allies were trying to concentrate their efforts on the European front and things weren't going the Allies' way there yet either.

I would bring up a couple points here, had Midway been a total IJN victory, the follow up operation later in the year specified Hawaii as a priority target for acquisition along with the Aleutian islands. Without its carriers a combined IJN CV force of six to eight CVs could suppress the islands air garrison while the IJN BBs and CAs bombarded it. Had they been inclined to commit fully to it, Japan could have taken Hawaii, they just wouldn't be able to hold it. Each success they had in the Pacific also only fueled US desire  for revenge. There was no scenario where Japan goes to war with the US that would end favorably for them.

Star Wars Discussion / Re: First Order's Origins?
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:57:14 PM »
What do you guys think made the First Order from Jakku to TFA? I love Rae Sloanes character and since she's involved with the FO I really want to get some more story on her. Also I wanna know how Kylo Ren joined and how Snoke came to power (leave your 'Snoke is ...' theories at the door please.).
Bad writing, virtually no development and zero originality. That's the Origins of the First Order

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Character Study Carnor Jax
« on: February 11, 2018, 10:22:44 PM »
Very informative, Xizer. I really enjoy these; thanks for posting them!

Thanks, I enjoy doing them

I mean the new republic was a pretty diversified goverment thanks to all the races that banded together during the civil war yet in the mod only human soldiers fight when in legends all of them fought together, I think it would be cool to have different units like wookiee soldiers, twi'lek troops etc... that the big difference between the republic and the empire is that the republic fights as a union of all kind of people and not just one.

Delta was working on some alien troopers to represent the variety of species in the NR for a sub mod we were working on, but due to schedules the project is currently shelved.

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Proposing ideas for Zero Command
« on: February 10, 2018, 11:28:57 PM »
Bumping this again because I've drawn up some more ideas, these ones are a bit more simple and less "what-if"-ish.

3. Other than Teradoc, the other Warlords don't really own a named task force(s) like the NR or the EOTH, so ZC having a set of named ships that have their own special function adds a bit to the factions much needed uniqueness.

Slight correction here, Kaine had Scourge Squadron, Crimson Command was originally Zsinj's task force.

The Lounge / Re: Last Person to Post Wins
« on: February 10, 2018, 11:23:22 PM »
The Sequels arent the best but they are oke its something new. But i agree that the IR ...... First Order* are a bit boring with the Starkiller base. But yeah youre right its not the the place for discussing

Something new? Pray tell how. It's rehashed Rebs v Imps. I'll grant you that it is new in regards to utterly contradicting both itself and the film's established lore. The new films have no soul and are just pathetic chart check boxes.

Star Wars Discussion / Re: Character Study Garm Bel Iblis
« on: February 06, 2018, 11:17:07 AM »
Excellent as always. Somewhat even more interesting as Bel Iblis is a so well written and complex character. I noted you mentionned Etahn A'baht. I hope you will give such treatment. I've made a bio for him (among other characters such as the ones you did but in French) and found him a very interesting character.

Etahn will indeed have his time as I too like him

Star Wars Discussion / Character Study Garm Bel Iblis
« on: February 05, 2018, 03:14:32 PM »
Proud and Stubborn, noble and self-sacrificing. Both descriptions fit Garm Bel Iblis, Senator, Idealist, Solider, Militant. He was all of these thing- but also a very tragic figure who has lost more than nearly everyone in the Lore, yet internalized it all due to his nature and pride. Bel Iblis was born and raised on Corellia and like many Corellians came to prize independence and belief in one’s ideals above all else. He also believed fiercely that those ideals and independence had to be protected. To that end Bel Iblis decided to devote himself to the public service as a zealous patriot of both Corellia and the Republic. He joined the Corellian Sector military and then the Republic Defense Force to gain experience in arms and tactics. His time in the military bolstered his reputation among his fellow Corellians and he decided that the best way he could serve his world was in the Senate. Bel Iblis was a naturally gifted speaker and extremely charismatic with people he met in his early running days still recalling vividly the presence he seemed to command even at that early stage of his life.  Bel Iblis won his Senate seat in a landslide and immediately made an impression on his fellow representatives in the senate with his steadfast incorruptibility-a rarity for a senator and even more so from Corellia which had a long history of smugglers and lawlessness compared to the rest of the Core. Most notably was his immunity to flattery, Bel Iblis was not in it for his own glory, though that is not to say the man had no ego. Far from it, Bel Iblis was very proud of his abilities and prowess and could take slights poorly and once he got an idea in his head he’d see it through regardless more often than not out of stubborness.
One of the first major events that tested him was his decision to keep Corellia out of the Clone Wars due to the nature of Chancellor Palpatine’s emergency powers greatly concerning him. Garm opposed nearly every addendum to the Constitution that steadily eroded the Senate’s power and gave it to Palpatine. What’s more he did so publicly, gaining him little love outside of his home Sector who saw him as abandoning the Republic. Resolute in this decision to both spare his world and oppose to the best of his ability within the law Palpatine’s gradual ascent to total control Garm joined with 2,000 other Senators to voice his concerns with the Chancellor near the end of the Clone Wars. When Palpatine ascended the Throne and created the Empire, Bel Iblis was not murdered or incarcerated on trumped up charges like most of the petitions members, mostly due to Corellia holding one of the largest defense forces and shipyards in the Galaxy with Garm being beloved in his home. Needing the shipyard and not yet ready to deal with full on rebellion so early, Palpatine tolerated Bel Iblis for the moment, while marking him. Bel Iblis for his part still believed he could work within the system rather than outright armed rebelling and so resumed his post as Corellian Senator in the now Imperial Senate under protest.
Any other man might well have hunkered down, or at least PRETENDED to-like Senator Organa but not Garm. He remained as fiercely vocal as ever of the new Emperor’s policies. His protests were often alone in the senate but growing more visible due to his standout nature. Added to his isolation was that his own wife was firmly pro Imperial and this put grievous strain on the marriage. Rather than take the easy route and play along with Palpatine, Garm continued to be a voice of protest and restraint in the public eye, much to his wife’s chagrian. Despite this, Bel Iblis still greatly loved Arrianya and planned for the two of them to go on a second honeymoon in an effort to rekindle their marriage.  It was round this time that Mon Mothma, Bel Iblis and Bail Organa had finally agreed that trying to remove Palpatine within the law was never going to succeed and that the time for armed rebellion had indeed come. Finally after nearly fifteen years, Palpatine dubbed the time had come to deal with this irritant, he had a popular replacement set up in Fliry Vorru who unlike Bel Iblis turned a blind eye to smugglers and Black Sun gaining much support from their corrupt constituents to usurp Garm. The Senator prepared a speech for an event at the political center on the planet Anchoran, in which he would denounce the Empire and reveal Palpatine's dark motives. Bel Iblis was extremely nervous about the speech, as his pro-Imperial wife would be present. Just before he was scheduled to address the congregation, he received a message in his office from "an agent ‘Aach’ the alias of Bail Organa's prime messenger and agent. The message told Bel Iblis to meet with Aach at the building's northeast exit immediately; worried, Bel Iblis complied and rendezvoused with Aach, who relayed a message from Organa: he had discovered information pertaining to the location of a top-secret Imperial project overseen by Grand Moff Tarkin.
Their meeting was interrupted by a large explosion in the Treitamma Political Center, as agents of the Empire had planted explosives in Bel Iblis' office, intending to kill him. Aach wrestled Bel Iblis to the ground in order to avoid the blast, and the Corellian Senator was distraught at the loss of his wife and children.

Having now lost everything and being marked for death by the Empire, Bel Iblis went into hiding aiding the new Rebellion alongside Mon mothma with his military skills and resources, bail financed the Rebels, and Mon Mothma was it’s face. However Bel Iblis saw Mothma taking more and more roles and responsibilities for herself and mistaking this as ambition as he had seen from palpatine Iblis became wary of Mon Mothma and gradually began to have doubts about her intentions with the rebellion. Further Mon Mothma was far less willing to face more extreme aspects of warfare Bel iblis endorsed for victory, leading to repeated arguments and strain between them that Bail would facilitate. Then came the destruction of Alderaan, the death of Bail and Mon Mothma began to siphon off more and more power for herself, and Bel Iblis suspected that, should they overthrow Palpatine, she would take his place. Bel Iblis stayed on the with the Rebellion for several months, losing many friends and finding his name on an Imperial arrest list. Sometime later, Mothma gave the go-ahead for an Alliance attack on an Imperial garrison on a world in the Grycia system without seeking the approval of Bel Iblis or any of her other military advisors. Before the attack was enacted, Bel Iblis called Mothma out for her actions at an Alliance conference, requesting that she postpone and reconsider the attack. Mothma overruled him, but a livid Bel Iblis questioned her motives in ordering the attack, claiming it was simply part of a grab for power on her part. The two traded thinly-veiled insults, with Bel Iblis eventually stating that none of his troops would have a part in the attack. He felt that Mothma's Intelligence was flawed, as his own sources informed him it was in fact a heavily fortified Imperial Ubiqtorate base, which his men would be unable to deal with due to the firepower assigned to the base. For his dissent, Mothma told Bel Iblis that the Rebellion no longer required his services. He stormed out of the chamber and took his loyal supporters, including Sena Leikvold Midanyl and another aide, Irenez, away from the Alliance in a fury, certain he would soon be vindicated when Mon Mothma declared herself Empress.
Bel Iblis conducted a personal war against the Empire, but with ever smaller resources he was beneath galactic notice, he largely sat out the Rebellion, Black Sun and Zaarin insurrections always waiting for when he would have to fight Mon Mothma. When the Emperor and Vader died at Endor and the New Republic gradually took Coruscant and half the Galaxy Bel Iblis was sure Mon Mothma would crown herself, thanks to a broker he acquired six Katana dreadnoughts finally gaining some actual punching power. However, he still hunkered down, only launching occasional raids against Imperial targets, still stubbornly set on Mon Mothma’s ‘inevitable’ power grab. It had been nearly a decade since he left the Rebellion to fight his own private war against the Empire, five years since Endor and three years since the New Republic had claimed Coruscant, yet Mon Mothma had not declared herself Empress. He kept tabs on the Galactic situation in the New Republic through his Bothan contacts who did their best to further foment distrust of Mon Mothma for their own ends. By now everyone in the General’s army knew that mon mothma had been sincere in her desire to bring back the Republic and did not intend a coup, deep down even Bel Iblis knew it, but couldn’t admit it aloud. Further he couldn’t bring himself to come crawling back, begging to be let in to those he had forsaken after admitting he was wrong. His pride was too strong and so it took the combined forces of Thrawn, Karrde, Han, Lando and Leia to finally more or less force/trick the old Corellian into a situation where he would be asked back. Bel Iblis force was instrumental in the Katana fleet skirmish allowing the New Republic to capture the remaining 14 dreadnoughts and was welcomed back to the New Republic as a reluctant hero. Still the rift between Mon Mothma and himself was deep with old wounds, Bel Iblis now understood why Mon Mothma had gathered so much power and responsibility to herself, not for power’s sake, but because she truly felt that the more she assumed the less she had to put others in danger, the more she didn’t have to extend trust where it might not be secure. Bel Iblis had inadvertently caused much of this himself. Some of the New Republic military command resented the old general for abandoning the Rebellion at it’s most dire time out of what they considered ego. As such Garm was shuttered out of most of the command decisions upon his return. Feeling he deserved this and also not willing to double the burden on Mon Mothma he remained quietly to the side until the siege of Coruscant under Thrawn. It was this pivotal moment that Mon Mothma came to personally request Garm back, Garm for his part quickly saved her having to formally request, by cutting it short with friendly acceptance and thanks ‘due to the situation’ much to Mothma’s gratitude. The stubborn old soldier had finally both let go of his stubborn pride and his regrets. The New Republic was to benefit greatly from his return, he defended the capital, toured the front, shored up the NR forces fighting skillful rearguard actions against Thrawn but unable to ultimately turn back the Grand Admiral in each encounter they had Thranw emerged victorious. After the Thrawn crisis ended, Bel Iblis was placed in command of Coruscant’s sector forces. He was in overall command of the capital during the Warlord’s attack on the capital, faced with overwhelming odds and wanting to spare the civilians, Bel Iblis recommended evacuating the capital for the present. Again, displaying great personal courage and skillful tactics Bel Iblis managed to evacuate the capital under siege successfully with minimal losses. Tragically this was in vain for the local populace as the Warlords destroyed much of Coruscant in the following Imperial Mutiny much to the old warrior’s regret. During Shadow Hand Bel Iblis operated with the fleet encouraging the hit and run attacks he had perfected over his private war large scale. Following the final death of the Emperor and the subsequent conquest of the short lived Crimson Empire Bel Iblis once again resumed command of Coruscant where he would remain until under Pellaeon and Daala the reunified Empire launched a massive final assault after their initial success in Orinda campaign.
Bel Iblis, along with Etahn A’Bhett and Gial Ackbar counterattacked the Imperials. Bel Iblis fought Daala in the deep Core, soundly defeating her in a series of engagements leading to the complete collapse of the Imperial Forces in the Deep Core and allowing A’bhett and Ackbar to focus solely on Pellaeon. Bel Iblis then advocated for a full-on push to finish the Imperials in the mid rim helping Ackbar and A’Bhett drive Pellaeon’s outnumbered forces back to 8 sectors around Bastion.
The old General was also involved in trying to solve the Caamas crisis, determined not to let everything he had fought for dissolve into chaos, the General threw his full efforts into obtaining a copy of the document and preventing premature civil war among the factions. Bel Iblis was tasked with infiltrating the Imperial Ubiqtorate base at Yaga Minor for a copy. The old General agreed, knowing full well the risks, deciding he personally would ride the ship into the base, he outfoxed Booster Terrik in acquiring his ‘Errant Venture’ and nearly pulled off a successful bluff. Exposed he did just as he had always done, refused to give up and sacrifice everything in pursuit of what he felt was right. Luckily the old warrior and his crew were not required to make that sacrifice as Admiral Pellaeon arrived and ended hostilities.
Bel Iblis, unlike Ackbar and many others who had been in the Military of the Rebellion most of their lives-did not retire. He had no family left, no homeworld since Corellia more or less refused him due to it’s now pro Imperial/isolationist stance and now no comrades of his generation left as Mon Mothma and Jan Dodonna passed away shortly after Peace with the Empire was achieved. He had avenged his family, fought his entire life for the ideals of freedom, personal rights and justice sacrificing everything along the way and now that peace had been achieved this hero was not able to enjoy the fruits of his labors. The military was the only family he had left such as it was, Bel Iblis would continue to serve until he died, it was not only his nature, it was all he had left.
Unfortunately even the peace he had fought so hard for would not last, extra galactic invaders-the Yuuzhan Vong, Political corruption, traitors and internal strife burned down the New Republic around him. Micro managed by politicians and placed under the overall command of an officer technically his junior in both rank and seniority Bel Iblis grew more and more irate at the conduct of the war. The man who had defied Palpatine at great personal cost to prevent what he saw as galactic ruin was not about to stand by as political squabbling destroyed chances of victory.
At Coruscant Bel Iblis was one of the few commanders who opened fire on the kamikaze transports loaded with refugees by the invaders. The old soldier, realizing that he couldn’t save them, was willing to shoulder the burden of mass murder to save those on Coruscant, however most New Republic vessels did not fir eon the transports-which promptly crashed into the planetary shield collapsing it and allowing the Vong to begin sacking the capital resulting in around one trillion deaths. Bel Iblis had had enough, he ordered a retreat for his own fleet and more or less went rogue. Operating on his own outside command channels and refusing to acknowledge the Advisory Council at all, Bel Iblis had basically become a Warlord. Ever stubborn in his pursuit of what was right, Bel Iblis did as he saw fit, which while no doubt saving many lives both under his command and vicinity of his protection led to much fracturing galaxy wide as much of the NR fragmented in confusion. Eventually the political situation stabilized and a new head of state was elected on Mon Calamari who encouraged the military to run the war. Bel Iblis immediately returned to the command structure, thankfully not falling prey to his old doubts. The old warrior led task forces and helped coordinate the counteroffensives at Ebaq 9, Bilbringi and Coruscant helping drive back the invaders. Once again peace had been achieved, but for Iblis the victory was somewhat hollow. The war had left deep rifts among the species of the galaxy, whole scale power changes had occurred, many systems liberated by the Empire returned to it. More sectors had suffered irreversible damage, 365 trillion beings had perished and the Jedi themselves were fractured. It was not too long before his home world, the Imperial Remnant and many of his comrades found themselves on opposite sides of the second galactic civil war. Bel Iblis once again did what he felt was right and rode this conflict out as he had many of the others, stubbornly and fiercely.
Faced with peace once again and now very advanced in age, Bel Iblis could have retired but with nothing outside the military and very little in the military, Bel Iblis, Senator to a dissolved Senate, Corellian denied his home world, Father to murdered children, husband to a murdered wife, General to an eternally reforming military, he stubbornly marches on, devoted to duty and honor, for they are all he has left. As great as Bel Iblis reputation grew, he never was a supreme commander and was often shunted into lesser roles due to inter service rivalry and Mothma loyalists. He never remarried or even dated again, one can only imagine the true depth of the loss he felt, but his ship’s name was perhaps the best giveaway- Peregrine- from the Corellian legend of a man who wandered forever, unable to ever find his way home. It’s the mythical equivalent of Bel Iblis himself, a man who has sacrificed everything for how home-Corellia and the Republic-but can never return home to either in truth. Bel Iblis is proud and stubborn, because his pride in his service is his coping with the loss he constantly suppresses, his stubborn devotion to duty is his only home left to this Hero-who sacrificed everything else for his ideals.

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