Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
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Hello everyone!

We are looking for people willing to perform voice overs (VO) for a large number of space units and hero units. These will initially be for Imperial Civil War's upcoming 2.2 release (March 29th!! :0), but there should be no reason that accepted contributors won't see their work in action in any of our other Star Wars mods.

Audio submissions are required to be:

  • Around 10-20 seconds long
  • In a .wav, .mp3, or .ogg format
  • In one file, one email per person
  • Entered by Saturday, March 10th. Anything later will not be reviewed.

What to say:

  • Practically anything! When you submit a file to us we'll be checking for your mic quality and anything you can do that you wish to show off.
  • You don't have to, but you could say some lines you'd hear in-game like "Our shield generator is down!" or "On our way."
  • Use the time allotted for your audio clip to show off any accents or voices you think you can do well. If you can do multiple, fantastic! Show them all off!  ;D
  • Do NOT attempt to voice for specific units. That is what the selection process will deal with on our end. Feel free to do an Imperial, EoTH, or other faction voices but do not try for specific units.
  • Refer to the two lists below for additional helpful information.

If you're interested, please email an audio snippet (that follows the rules) to [email protected]. Every entry within the boundaries of the rules will be reviewed.

Factors that will improve your chances of being accepted:

  • A decent mic quality (no popping and minimal background noise). This is a big plus.
  • You're not too quiet, but not too loud that you blow out your mic either lol
  • No mic popping
  • Good accents! From American to French, any and all are enjoyable!
  • No mic popping
  • No mic popping

Things to keep in mind:

  • You will not be able to pick who you voice. Still, dress (or voice act) for the job you want!
  • Your submission should act as a short demo of what you got. Do not expect it to be used anywhere apart from selection.
  • Mic quality should be a higher priority than your ability to perform accents or voices, but still, show off anything you can do!
  • Selection will not be given until after the submission due date.
  • If you've got friends that are into voicework, Star Wars, and/or our modwork, be sure to tell them to send us something too!
  • Feel free to show off multiple different voices or accents you are confident with; you don't have to show off only one.  8=)
  • Again, only send one file, one email to the provided address. You've only got one shot, so do your best!

If you're picked, you will be promptly notified by email AND be told who you'll be voicing along with some directions by March 17th at the latest.

If you are selected, you will be expected to submit your final lines as soon as you can and may be asked to redo certain lines.

Thank you all, and good luck! All submissions will be greatly appreciated!  ;D

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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
Show your support for them by enabling ads on this site!