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Looks absolutely amazing. Spotted some initial bugs (to be helpful I hope, not nitpicking!)

1. The death clone of the Battle Dragon has a missing texture
2. Raid fleets just stay still, and don't attack
3. Bossk appears as buildable under the 'capital ship' tag for the Eriadu Authority
4. In the Endor Aftermath GC, when playing as the Eriadu Authority (if relevant) the AI doesn't seem to attack or move when you jump into battle. They just stay still
5. Governor Lobax Resuun has a MISSING text file under what he commands

Did you try the patch? It adjusts some of the balance (though Vong units are still better 1v1).

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Re: 'New Jedi Order compilation' mod
« on: February 02, 2018, 12:49:54 PM »
New patch just released for the New Jedi Order Compilation mod, with fixes, balance changes and new GC events:

Thanks again to all who contacted me with bugs and issues.

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Re: 'New Jedi Order compilation' mod
« on: February 01, 2018, 06:49:58 AM »
Thank you for letting me know about these issues - there is a patch coming

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Re: 'New Jedi Order compilation' mod
« on: January 30, 2018, 03:49:32 PM »
Thanks so much for offering feedback. I'm going to release a small patch in the next week (hopefully in the next few days) to address these issues.

I released a submod adding them to Imperial Civil War yesterday! Check it out:

The submod has been in development for almost a year and this is the first of many packs adding content from the Yuuzhan Vong War/New Jedi Order era.

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Re: 'New Jedi Order compilation' mod
« on: January 19, 2018, 03:28:12 PM »
I think they are - but I plan to largely replace mine with the Vong Invaders mod units when that is released. They are much more modern.

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / The New Jedi Order Compilation mod
« on: December 26, 2017, 10:09:14 AM »
I'm getting close to the first release of the NJO submod, and am now posting overviews of the GCs.

'25 ABY: Vector Prime'

New Republic - Dubrillion
Preatorite Vong (Yuuzhan Vong) - Helska IV
Osarian First Force (Dissidents) - Osarian

Vector Prime*, Helska IV, Artorias, Belkadan, Sernpidal, Gree, Dubrillion, Destrillion, Vonak, Osarian*, Plooma, Rhommamool*, Nav Point: OM-1*
*space only. Nav Point: OM-1 is the staging ground for Commander Warshack Rojo's taskforce.

The Yuuzhan Vong forces in this GC represent the vanguard forces of the Praetorite Vong, so they do not have access to the large capital ships they will deploy when the war begins in earnest. They have a useful Level 3 starbase analogue at Vector Prime, from which they can build all of their ships (representing their forces entering the galaxy) - the largest of which being a Matalok Interdictor. The New Republic have no capital level shipyard, but they start with the Mediator, a powerful new battlecruiser, as well as an old Bulwark III. They can recruit the ISD-II Rejuvenator from Nav Point: OM-1 as well. In addition, the space map over Dubrillion is mostly taken up with the asteroid field and race course known as Lando's Folly - inhibiting the movement of capital ships. The New Republic faces a small threat over Osarian, whose government have hired mercenaries to attack Princess Leia.

Han Solo and Chewbacca (Millenium Falcon); Mara Jade Skywalker (Jade Shadow); Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo (TIE Advanced X1s); Leia Organa Solo (Lambda-class shuttle); Commander Ackdool (Mediator-class battlecruiser Mediator), which spawns Wurth Skidder (XJ X-wing); Lando Calrissian (Lady Luck); Luke Skywalker (XJ X-wing); Commander Warshack Rojo (ISD-II Rejuvenator)

Nom Anor; Prefect Da'Gara; Yomin Carr

Special Units
In addition to their usual roster, each faction has units unique to a particular planet, scenario or campaign.

New Republic: Can recruit three TIE Hunter squadrons from salvage on Destrillion. Starts with three Escort Carriers over Destrillion. Belt Runner station over Dubrillion. Can recruit Z-95s from Osarian, when that planet is captured from the dissidents. Can recruit Y-Ties and X-ceptors from Dubrillion. Can build a Shieldship from Dubrillion.

Yuuzhan Vong: Can recruit Praetorite Vong infantry from Helska IV. Can build a Dovin Basal unit that can destroy a word (build limited to 1).

See ModDB for the latest updates:

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Planet-Specific Shipyards
« on: October 21, 2017, 02:21:47 PM »
My New Jedi Order Compilation submod is based on planet-specific build lists. Major planets like Corellia, Mon Calamari, Hapes, Sullust, Bothawui and Kuat have their own rosters to supplement the New Republic’s core unit roster. Some of them have so many ships they are essentially full faction rosters in their own right (and it all fits on the build bar!)

Check it out on ModDB:

I've posted lots of updates for my Thrawn's Revenge submod, the 'New Jedi Order compilation' mod. Check them all out over on Mod DB. Work is going very well, and I'm hoping to release the first pack of four GCs soon - covering the first year of the Yuuzhan Vong war.

Thanks for the help and offers of help with this. The problem is now solved.

Thanks for testing it - I have had another player report the same crash I had. So there is an underlying problem... somewhere

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / Vector Prime GC: pre-alpha release!
« on: August 08, 2017, 02:26:16 PM »
Vector Prime GC pre-alpha release!

I have released a pre-alpha (and very small) version of the first GC of my submod: '25 ABY: Vector Prime'!

This is a small-scale demo released with the purpose of hoping somebody might know why some of the new ships sometimes crash the mod right at the start of a battle (before the UI appears) when they are in the reinforcement box. I'm new to modding, and any guidance or advice would be much appreciated!

Other than this bug, the mod should be stable - so enjoy the demo!

Please bear in mind the GC is not complete, and this is a proof of concept. I *strongly* recommend installing this on a fresh copy of Imperial Civil War.

The download is on ModDB:

ps. This is a submod for Thrawn's Revenge and is not the responsibility of Corey and the team.

I've coded several new units into the game for my New Jedi Order compilation sub-mod, all working fine. But for some reason whenever they are in the reinforcement box after something else has jumped into the battle first the game crashes. Any idea on what might cause this strange bug?

They are fine if they all jump in at once, they are fine (bizarrely) jumping in after something else, provided another battle has taken place.
But, if one of my new units jumps in after something else, in the first battle of the GC, it crashes to desktop.

Even more strangely, if you start the game and play one GC and successfully load a skirmish map (i.e. without having one of the new units jump in after something else), and then start another GC and have a new unit jump in after something else, there is no problem.

Thank you to anyone who has a suggestion...

The submod will be unplayable with this bug, so I really hope somebody can help. Much appreciated!

It will be an addon/submod requiring Thrawn's Revenge to play, and adhering to the rules set out by Corey and the team. But, while it will be a submod, I am aiming for it to be very large in scope.

Imperial Civil War Community Mods / 'New Jedi Order compilation' mod
« on: April 23, 2017, 02:09:17 PM »
I'm in the early stages of creating a New Jedi Order mod.

I am not a modeller, but using Imperial Civil War as a base, with Yuuzhan Vong ships from the z3r0x mod I have replaced the Empire with the Yuuzhan Vong and begun updating the New Republic faction for this era. I plan to release a dozen small GCs focused around specific events (perhaps releasing the first GC, '25 ABY: Vector Prime' as a demo). I have many plans, but my focus now is on implementing the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong faction (especially ground units, structures and a few more ships to pad out their roster), overhauling the New Republic (including adding the Mediator), and polishing the Vector Prime GC. That GC is almost done, but I will be adding the Osarian/Rhommamool conflict which I have not started yet.

Each GC will be distinct, with highly localised and GC-specific units.

I can't take credit for anything except creating some icons and coding - all of the models are from others, but so much NJO era stuff exists for FOC, I thought I should just collate it into a mod: hence, the 'New Jedi Order Compilation' mod.

I have many plans ahead, but am keeping focused on the earlier material for now, so that hopefully I can have many smaller releases, with batches of a few GCs at a time. Updates and images to follow!

The site won't let me post images yet, but I will as soon as that is possible.

I've been experimenting with adding different light and heavy shipyard models and altering the garrison units, they all appear fine, but for some reason they spawn in the middle of the map. The model I'm using doesn't have any hardpoints and the XML still has the reference to the hangar hardpoint. Is that why? I fear that if I delete the XML reference to the hardpoint the garrison units will stop spawning entirely.

Thanks if anyone can help solve this - I just want them to spawn around the new space station model!

Discussion, Suggestions & Feedback / Exploding Galloffree transports
« on: March 12, 2017, 05:23:32 PM »
In almost every fleet shot of the Rebel Alliance in the original trilogy and Rogue One we see Galloffree transports (including in pitched fleet battles). They must serve some combat purpose and I'm trying to make a little submod to give Galloffrees some military purpose in space combat.

I want to make a few different buildable variants for use in space battles.

1) one that act as a fleet tender, restoring health to nearby ships. There would be an incentive then to deploy them in fleet battles, have them close to the action and protect them.

2) a bomb ship. I remember reading that sometimes the Alliance basically packed transports with proton torpedoes/explosives and had droids fly them to take out Imperial ships. I plan to use the self destruct feature to do this.

3) possibly one that collects salvage from destroying enemy ships. Is it possible to make salvage collection only occur within a certain radius of the ships with the salvage special power? (Again so it incentivises the player to keep the Galloffree in the action)

4) possibly one that uses the bribe power to simulate a boarding action against Imperial ships

I'm using the 'variant of exising ship' XML to create the basic, buildable Galloffree with the Marauder's text as the base. The trouble I'm having is that it still fires weapons like the Marauder and spawns an A-Wing squadron. How do you stop it doing both of these, as I want the transports to be unarmed.

Thanks if anyone can help!

Fair enough. Easy to add ISDs and VSDs to the NR in a submod anyway. When the next version comes out I might make a single Bellator buildable for the NR from Fondor or something like that.

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Those working on this mod do so in their own free time and for no pay.
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