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Title: 2.2.5 Overview and MP Preview
Post by: Corey on June 23, 2018, 09:20:02 PM
2.2.5 Patch Overview - Coming June 28th
We'll soon be releasing 2.2.5, which we hope will be the last major patch necessary for 2.2, after which we'll be moving on to full production for 2.3 (more information on that later). Below is an overview of the major changes coming in the patch. The manual will be releasing with it, available as a separate download on ModDB and included within your steam workshop files if you subscribe there. The ModDB download will be updated with the new changes and all previous patches.

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- Multiplayer GC Support Added: Thrawn Campaign available as New Republic and Imperial Remnant
- New VO for dozens of units, across all factions
- Yevetha Re-Enabled in GC and Skirmish
- Empires at War and Black Fleet Crisis GCs Re-Enabled
- Several tactical maps added or updated for galactic conquest planets
- New Skirmish map: Smuggler's Ring
- Some updates to ingame tech tree dialog screens
- More AI tweaks, should fix AI skirmish issues with upgrading and building units
- Squadron count changes for several EotH ships (reflected in all tooltips)
- Hapan fighter spam nerfed
- Added a fix to prevent infinite loops causing game freezes when returning to galactic from tactical battles.
- Removed ground spawns from space-only planets for Yevetha in progressive GCs
- Stat display supported in mission log for all GCs and factions
- Added plot elements for building Wedge in the Lusankya for all applicable GCs, changes to Rogue Squadron spawns.
- Fixed issue where Carnor's era change speech would happen at the same cue as Palpatines (era changes would go on unaffected though)
- Removed Eri Palle
- Event added for Sil Sorrannon's revolt in BFC, which removes Yevethan heroes if you take too long winning the GC
- Fixed NR starting credits in Crimson Empire and Shadow Hand
- Fixed issue where Normal was getting more bonuses than Hard in some ways
- Fixed Ashik, Pellaeon, Skipray FoW reveal for Skirmish
- All EotH units have full stat readouts in text tooltips. Will be applied to other factions in 2.3 after feedback.
- Standardized Z-layers for ships of the same class (still randomized)
- Artillery health from 300->100 (MPTL, SPMAT, Plasma Mortar
- More ground units switched to hardpoints for inaccuracy checks
- Miy'til, TIE Raptor and ARC-170 lasers brought into line with other fighters
- TIE Defender health 25 -> 30, Shield Refresh 1 -> 3, added flyby sound effects
- Yevetha plex soldier icon changed
- Fixed Kariek ground map causing a crash
- Fixed Megamaser Texture

I've also begun a multiplayer preview playthrough on Corey Loses, which you can watch here:
Title: Re: 2.2.5 Overview and MP Preview
Post by: Arvenski on June 27, 2018, 06:42:47 PM
Hapan fighter spam nerfed
Poor Hapans. They probably needed the nerf, though. Their fighter spam can be kinda crazy right now.

Squadron count changes for several EotH ships (reflected in all tooltips)
This sounds interesting. The EotH feels fighter spammy in 2.2, so maybe these changes will help balance things out again.
Title: Re: 2.2.5 Overview and MP Preview
Post by: Wellen_Lieutenant on June 29, 2018, 06:52:24 AM
I really can't stop thinking about how awesome the VOs are. The really grainy radio filter was super helpful in adding more fitting VOs for some ships. Bob did a great job with the lancer, and I haven't gotten to the Allegiance yet, but I know it's pretty darn cool from the CL playthrough.
Title: Re: 2.2.5 Overview and MP Preview
Post by: DecSco on June 29, 2018, 10:59:09 AM
I've played the hell out of v2.1 and I just wanted to leave a big THANK YOU here.
Great mod, especially because I started playing shortly after diving into the EU, starting with the Thrawn trilogy.