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Title: [Sale] Sins of a Solar Empire - Stardock All-Star RTS Sale
Post by: Corey on June 11, 2018, 05:24:46 PM
Hey everyone, for those of you who are Imperial Civil War fans but have wanted to check out Ascendancy as well, Stardock is currently holding their All-Star RTS sale until the 20th, which includes Sins of a Solar Empire and all DLC. They've also been kind enough to give me an affiliate link through Corey Loses, so if you use this link ( ), a percentage of the purchase goes towards me as well. Weève been recommending Sins for years, otherwise we wouldn't be modding it, so this is a great opportunity to pick it up if you want to get a great game and help support my work as well. Two other Stardock games, Offworld Trading Company and Ashes of the Singularity, are also available for the same sale price in the Stardock store if those interest you. All purchases give keys that can be redeemed on Steam.

Since Petroglpyh has been patching EaW on Steam, and many people still only have the Disk or GoG version, we'll also try to post when EaW goes on sale so people can pick up a cheaper copy of the game.