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Title: Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans
Post by: Corey on May 07, 2018, 07:18:21 AM
Release Wrapup

It's been just under a month since the release at 2.2, so we wanted to take a moment to talk about common problems, what's coming in patches, and also release on of those patches. Overall we've been happy with the release of 2.2 so far. There's a lot still to be done and worked out, but the goal with 2.2 was to establish a new basic starting ground for the updates we want to make going forward, and we feel like we've accomplished that. There have been a few issues which we'll talk about today, but very little that's entirely gamebreaking, and very little that we're not confident we can fix. Before we get into direct plans though, we want to address some of the most common problems that have come up.

Before we get into it though, as always I have recorded a video version of the update, which can be seen just below. The information in both is the same, so pick whichever medium you prefer:

Issue: I get a crash/perception parsing error when the game starts/a Galactic Conquest starts/I can't build any units with the filters

This is generally caused by another mod having installed its AI or Scripts folders to the base data folder, which will interfere with other mods. Because a lot of features in TR heavily rely on being able to use our own AI and scripts, this can cause several issues. To resolve this, you just need to go into your Forces of Corruption data folder (not the mod's) and delete the folder named Scripts if it's there, and then into the XML folder and delete the AI and Enum folders if they're there. Sometimes only one of those three will be present.

Issue: Some planets blink red and can't be accessed.

This has actually been one of the most common reports we've received, however this is not a bug- this is what a locked planet in EaW looks like. these are planets which have story elements tied to them (generally emergent factions or era progression). It's kind of ugly, but there's unfortunately not much else we can do with them, the functionality wasn't really intended to be heavily used by PG, so it does look kind of weird.

Issue: When I try to load games, they'll sometimes crash.

This is basically a base game issue caused by memory accessibility for the program. The bad news is, it's not something mods can fix as it's a base game issue, the good news is the Steam version of EaW is hopefully being patched soon to address it. This does unfortunately mean the GoG and retail disk versions will, much llke with the selection freeze bug, continue to have the issues, so we may have to make certain larger GCs where it's especially prone to occurring, like Empire's End, Steam only. Mitigating this is also why certain things like extra VO and planet preview images were left out of the initial release, and will be patched in afterwards. We'll have to make some choices about how exactly to handle that for the versions of EaW where the issues will persist. We do however recommend getting EaW for Steam (it goes on sale fairly often) to get the most stable experience as mods continue to push the boundaries of the engine, since it's currently the only version of the game receiving official patches from Petroglyph.

Issue: I ran 2.15 fine, but 2.2 often lags on the galactic map in larger GCs

EaW can only use a single processor core, so even the best computers will start to struggle with larger maps that have a lot of active factions on them. 2.15's largest map was about 90 planets with 3-4 active factions, counting the player, whereas int largest in 2.2 is 138 planets and up to 6-7 active factions, so there's a lot more going on that the processor has to keep up with. This is also why we have such a wide array of GCs- regardless of computer strength, you should be able to find a good amount that run smoothly for you. We are also playing with some other factors, like AI modifications, hyperspace speed, etc to reduce how much has to be processed at once, so you may see some back and forth during patches on this front while we experiment- this is one of the things that we'll be actively playing with  even after the last "full" patch for 2.2.


Since release, we've been working on fixing various bugs which have arisen, and for the most part we seem to have handled the biggest ones in the 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 patches. Because Steam workshop has automatic updates, we've been testing them in smaller chunks on Steam and the ModdB releases will be updated with larger patches less frequently, to make sure people have the most straightforward installation processes. Tonight, some time after this post goes up, (May 7th) we'll be releasing 2.2.3 to both Steam and ModDB, which on top of the fixes already handled by 2.2.1 and 2.2.2, has some more experimental lag changes, focuses on stabilizing some of the era change edge cases where the script controlling some spawns would sometimes not work. The full patch notes for all patches can be found both in the download description when it goes up, and here ( (the same changes apply to both the Steam and ModDB versions).

As we approach 2.2.5, which will be the last major patch for 2.2 before moving onto the new content for 2.3, we will have a couple primary focuses. The first and foremost is addressing any remaining major issues with era progression, which once we're comfortable it's all working properly, will include adding in other forces to some of the emergent faction events (Hapans are pretty powerful, but things like Zero Command were left kind of bare-bones to make sure they weren't causing problems before we flesh them out more). Second, we'll be trying to find out what's wrong with the Yevethans so we can re-enable them and the Empires at War & Black Fleet Crisis scenarios. Third, we'll be starting to overhaul some of the documentation in the mod, to make it more consistent and informative. In the super-short term, this will involve removing some information about weapon loadouts for ships- they'll be added back in 2.3 with full information on hardpoints, but they will be handled differently and we want to make sure translating the mod into other languages is as easy as possible, so doing it this way makes the most sense long-term. Finally, we'll be working on adding some multiplayer GC maps to the mod. This was left out because there are many features the mod relies on which can't be used in MP, so we have to basically use entirely separate unit sets for it, among other changes. We'll be starting with just one or two Empire vs New Republic scenarios, but we'll expand this when possible.

After that, it's on to 2.3 where we'll be adding the Corporate Sector Authority as a playable faction and beginning the ground overhaul, as well as working on Fall of the Republic, or Clone Wars mod (and Ascendancy for Sins, of course), so there's plenty to look forward to. If you want to keep track of development as it goes, in addition to these news posts, I also do preview playthroughs and other videos on my YouTube channel, which can be found at

Title: Re: Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans
Post by: tlmiller on May 07, 2018, 09:54:26 AM
Question.  Why 2.2.5 instead of 2.2.4?
Title: Re: Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans
Post by: turtle225 on May 07, 2018, 11:33:29 AM
If the Corporate Sector Authority is getting its own faction, what does that mean for units like the Munificent and Lucrehulk in other factions?
Title: Re: Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans
Post by: Slornie on May 07, 2018, 11:57:43 AM
Munificent will probably remain with the Pentastar Alignment since the design belonged to the Banking Clan based on Muunilinst, which is inside PA territory.  Lucrehulk may or may not remain available to Zsinj after CSA become a thing (it could legitimately still be available if he conquers the territory as now).
Title: Re: Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans
Post by: Corey on May 07, 2018, 03:13:32 PM
Question.  Why 2.2.5 instead of 2.2.4?

There will be a 2.2.4 in between them.
Title: Re: Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans
Post by: Decepticon141 on May 09, 2018, 10:43:04 PM
Love the attention to details Corey. Having only read a few of the books following Episode 6, I am really enjoying getting to dive into the history of many of these Admirals and Moffs both in the game and Wookieepedia.

With that said, regarding details. I respect you don't want to dump a million unit types into the game. (Although who wouldn't love that)

You have also touched on, in one of your youtube videos why you haven't implemented the production of a Mon Calmari Cruiser for any faction who controls Mon Calmari. That attention to detail I really wish you would reconsider. Playing Greater Maldrood and rocking a SSD Executor Class or two after fighting your way to Kuat would make the GC far more realistic while fixing any balancing issues. (Beladar SSDs are too op? Go take over one of the two factories in the galaxy!) Would also make controlling one of those special planets mean so much more. When I play now, "JOY I just took Mon Calmari"...and I really only gained a nice defensive point? The THIRD way it would help is getting rid of the sour jealously Pentastar, Maldrood, Zsinj etcetera have, not having the fun ship stealing like the DL and Era 2 Empire. Everyone wants more toys, in the spirit of the true Empire conquer to gain tech!

That's my piece, I was a Patreon for some time last year and look forward to helping out again when I can. Keep up the great work Corey!
Title: Re: Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans
Post by: Tsubodi on May 15, 2018, 08:53:35 PM
Hi Corey,
So first of all great work on 2.2!
I do have some comments though, positive and negative.

Firstly, the Dauntless Cruiser is a great addition to the New Republic Fleet, finally they have a fast and agile warship that can give and take a beating, and punch through enemy lines to take out their screening ships and open a path for your bombers.
The boarding crafts are also great and allow you to diversify your fleets.
Having CC2200 Interdictor's for the NR also gives you greater tactical options, not having too covet the one Interdictor in the Corusca Rainbow.
The Orinda Campaign really is the game of cat and mouse it should be, well done.

Having the boarding craft only available for the Empire in Era 2 severely limits your ability to acquire other warships, especially in later eras where adding say Bothan Assault Cruisers and Star Cruisers could help make up for the fact that your generally outmatched by such ships when facing the NR.
Although the Orinda Campaign is great and there was commentary before the release about the Empire being overbalanced by being able to deploy 2 SSD's onto the field, I beg to differ. First of all, this should be Era 4 not Era 5, the New Republic having fast, agile and deadly Bothan Assault Cruisers make battles unbalanced. Secondly, whilst playing as the NR, I found that by fortifying your most dependable planets with Ion Cannon, Golan's and B-Wing swarms, with the better protected Star Cruisers in defensive positions and Bothan Assault Cruisers for flanking manoeuvre's it was possible to delay an SSD's entry into range whilst taking out the rest of the Imperial Fleet, then continue to hit the SSD with your Ion Cannon and bombers whilst manoeuvring your capital ships behind it. Conversely, as the Empire your HV guns are limited in delaying an NR Fleet's entry into firing range, and whilst say having either a Belator or Executorn backed by a significant fleet and Golan's, if the NR jumps in with sufficient numbers, even if you wipe out their fleet your SSD would have minimal shields, at which point the Lusankya jumps in and it costs you your SSD to take it out. This is where the unit count of the SSD's comes into it. I didn't realise they has such a high unit value, and found myself fighting the Battle of Orinda with both the Reaper and Dominion present, just like it was fought. Then to my horror I realised I couldn't deploy both ships onto the field. I know you can just deploy 2 Belator's onto the field, but would suggest lowering the unit values of all SSD's to address the issues i've raised and allow for a realistic Battle of Orinda.
Finally, some minor points. The cap on mining facilities can be quite frustrating, especially if your playing a progressive campaign as the Empire and want to build Palpatine for instance, i'd suggest increasing this. The calculator that comes up when you meet the victory conditions also seems to be faulty, as after absolutely decimating my opponents in one campaign I got a score of 0. Last but not least, it would be good to have at least 1 hero per faction that can give you a discount in the GC's as I know this varies.

Some food for though too. I know your fond of adding more factions in the various Warlords, the CSA and working on the Republic at War mod. However, i'd dare say that having a large GC for the Yuuzhan Vong war would be more satisfying than battling the Warlords, CSA and Chiss. I know this would require developing all the YV units, but perhaps some of them could be obtained through some collaboration with the people developing YV mods? Thrawn's Revenge is without a doubt the best EaW mod ever, but this would be the icing on the cake!
Title: Re: Release in Review, 2.2.3 Release & 2.2.5 Plans
Post by: IamAnubis on May 16, 2018, 12:03:40 AM
Hi, Newbie here :S

Firstly can I add my appreciation for all of your hard work on this mod! I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoy playing through the EU the way I remember the stories!!

Secondly, is the 2.2.3 patch available away from steam? I don't have a steam version of EAWFC (although I am considering it!) and I was wondering if you were going to upload it here.

Thanks in Advance and please keep up all your hard work.