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Title: Esseles-Class Civilian Starbase
Post by: Corey on February 23, 2015, 09:16:55 PM
For all the people concerned about controlling and trading through uncolonizeable gravity wells, this is how you do it. As we explained in the last news post, each faction has both a military and civilian starbase. While all of them have their own unique military starbase, the Esseles functions as the standard civilian starbase for all Imperial-derived factions (of which the New Republic is one).

The Esseles-class was typically built by using existing orbital bodies, such as moons or large asteroids, and building infrastructure around them to create large cities. Ingame, this means that while it has very few defensive capabilities aside from a handful of turbolaser batteries and fighter squadrons, it has several upgrades which can increase tax revenue, trade, culture propogation and other such helpful economic boosts.

Fun fact: Although somewhat obscure, the Esseles-class Space Station (Hosk station being the most 'famous' example) is still one of the few bits of the Expanded Universe which has already been brought into the new contunuity.